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The Saker: “The World Has Gone Absolutely Insane!”

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The Saker: "The World Has Gone Absolutely Insane!"

Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

We all know that we are living in crazy, and dangerous, times, yet I can’t help being awed at what the imperial propaganda machine (aka the legacy ziomedia) is trying to make us all swallow. The list of truly batshit crazy stuff we are being told to believe is now very long, and today I just want to pick on a few of my “favorites” (so to speak).

First, of course, comes the “Novichok Reloaded” scandal around the alleged poisoning of the so-called “dissident” Alexei Navalnyi. I already mentioned this absolutely ridiculous story once, so I won’t repeat it all here. I just want to mention a few very basic facts:

  • Navalnyi is pretty much a discredited non-entity in Russia. “Putin” (because this is how the imperial propaganda machine always personalizes the evils of Russia: “Putin” did this or that, as if Putin was personally in every alleged Russian evil deed) had absolutely and exactly zero reasons to harm Navalnyi in any way. I would even add that IF Navalnyi was poisoned in Russia (which I do not believe) then the FSB screwed up by not offering him 24/7 protection, especially in the current political climate (i.e. struggle for the completion of North Stream 2).
  • The Empire always likes to produce a “sacrificial lamb” to symbolize the putative evil of the nation which dares to resist. In Iran it was Neda, in Kuwait the infamous “incubator babies”, in Syria anonymous kids killed by Russian gas, and in Russia it was Nemtsov (did not really work) and now Navalnyi (I wonder who the sacrificial lamb will be in Belarus (Tikhanovskaia?). The FSB should have seen this coming, especially after Nemtsov.
  • There is exactly zero evidence that the mineral water bottle which the Germans claim contained traces of, what else, “Novichok”, ever was anywhere near Navalnyi or even that it ever was in Russia. No such bottle was found by, or mentioned to the Russian investigators. This bottle was, allegedly, hidden from the FSB by Navalnyi supporters, and secretly brought to Germany. What that means in terms of “chain of custody” is self-evident.
  • As I have mentioned in my past article, if what the German authorities are claiming is true, then the Russians are truly the dumbest imbeciles on the planet. Not content to use this now famous “Novichok” gas against Skripal in the UK and after failing to kill Skripal, these stupid Russians decided to try the very same gas, only “improved”, and they failed again: Navalnyi is quite alive and well, thank you!
  • Then there is this: according to the imperial propaganda machine, Novichok was so horribly dangerous, that the Brits had to use full biosuits to investigate the alleged poisoning of Skripal. They also said that they would completely destroy the dangerous Skripal home (though they never did that). The self same propaganda machine says that the Novichok used on Navalnyi was a more powerful, improved version. Okay. Then try to answer this one: why did the Russians NOT put on biosuits, why did not a single passenger suffer from any side effects (inside a closed aircraft cabin!)? How is it that this super-dooper Novichok not only failed to kill Navalnyi (who, allegedly, ingested it!) but also failed to even moderately inconvenience anybody from the many people Navalnyi was surrounded by on that day?

I could continue to deconstruct all this nonsense, but that would take pages. I will mention two thing though:

First, the Russians have requested any and all evidence available to the Germans and to the Organization for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – but they got absolutely nothing in return. Yet the EU is demanding an investigation (which is already under way in Russia anyway!) as if the Russians did not want the exact same!

The Saker: "The World Has Gone Absolutely Insane!"

After being exposed to an improved Novichok and after weeks in coma in intensive care, here is Navalnyi trotting down stairs feeling great

Second, Navalnyi apparently has an immunity to otherwise deadly Russian biological agents, just take a look at him on this post-Novichok photo:

[By the way, the first time around the Brits also never gave the Russians any information, nevermind any kind of evidence. Apparently, to hide some super-secret secrets. Yeah, right!]

Next, I absolutely have to mention the absolutely insane situation around Belarus.

To make a long story short, the EU wants to sanction Russia for intervening in Belarus while that self-same EU is intervening in every possible imaginable manner: from the Poles who treat Tikhanovskaia as a modern False Dmitri the Fifth (see here for a summary of Polish-run False Dmitris), to the promise of a special “Marshall Plan for Belarus”, to the coordination of all the protests from Poland. The EU refuses to recognize Lukashenko as the winner (in spite of the fact that there is exactly zero evidence suggesting that Lukashenko lost) and refers to Tikhanovskaia as the “Leader of Belarus” (whatever that means).

As for our US American friends, having learned exactly nothing from the abject failure of their Guaido coup in Venezuela, they now want to repeat exactly the same with Tikhanovskaia in Belarus. As a result, Tikhanovskaia has been re-christened “Juanita Guaido”

But the worst are still the Europeans. Not only are they prostituting themselves to the leaders of the Empire, the following countries were the first to declare that they will not recognize Lukashenko as the leader of Belarus: Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia (which is no surprise, they all compete for the title of most pro-US colony on the planet), but also putatively mentally sane countries such as Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Denmark. The case of Germany is particularly amazing, because Germany will now be placed under immense pressure to cancel North Stream 2, something which the entire German industry opposes. Eventually, the US, Canada, the Ukraine, the UK and the entire EU joined in and also refused to recognize Lukashenko as the leader of Belarus.

What is especially amazing to me is that these EU imbeciles apparently don’t care that without North Stream 2 they will have to purchase US gas, at much higher prices, which will make the EU economy less effective than the US one. And I thought that prostitutes are always acutely aware of the money they can make: not the European ones, apparently.

Still, I think that the “top honor” in this category goes to Poland which, while condemning some undefined Russian intervention in Belarus, runs the NEXTA Telegram channel which runs videos like this one: (in Russian – no, not in Belarusian, they know that 99.9999% Belarussians speak Russian):

Oh, but it gets better.

NATO seems to be trying to frighten Russia with maneuvers in Poland and B-52 flights over the Ukraine and the Black Sea (see here for a full analysis). As for the Poles and Ukronazis, they apparently believe that the Russian bear covered himself in poop and ran away at full speed.

What I am going to say next is not a secret, every military person who looked into this issue knows and understands this: NATO, and I mean the combined power of all NATO member states, simply does not have the hardware needed to wage a war against Russia in Europe. What NATO does have is only sufficient to trigger a serious incident which might result in a shooting war. But once this war starts, the chances of victory for NATO are exactly zero. Why?

Well, for one thing, while coalitions of countries might give a thin veneer of political legitimacy to a military action (in reality, only a UNSC resolution would), in purely military terms you are much better off having a single national military. Not only that, but coalitions are nothing but the expression of an often held delusion: the delusion that the little guy can hide behind the back of the big guy. Poland’s entire history can be summarized in this simple principle: strike the weak and bootlick (or even worse!) the powerful. In contrast, real military powers don’t count on some other guy doing the heavy lifting for them. They simply fight until they win.

Yes, the Europeans, being the cowards that they are, do believe that there is safety in numbers. But each time these midgets gang up on Russia and start barking (or, to use Putin’s expression, start oinking) all together, the Russians clearly see that the Europeans are afraid. Otherwise, they would not constantly seek somebody to protect them (even against a non-existing threat).

As a direct result of this delusion, NATO simply does not have the equivalent of the First Guard Tank Army in spite of the fact that NATO has a bigger population and much bigger budgets than Russia. Such a tank Army is what it would take to fight a real war in Europe, Russia has such an Army. NATO does not.

The other thing NATO does not have is a real integrated multi-layered air defense system. Russia does.

Lastly, NATO has no hypersonic weapons. Russia does.

(According to President Trump, the US does have super-dooper “hydrosonic” weapons, but nobody really knows what that is supposed to mean).

I would even argue that the comparatively smaller Belarusian military could make hamburger meat of the roughly three times larger Polish armed forces in a very short time (unlike the Poles, the Belarusian are excellent soldiers and they know that they are surrounded by hostile countries on three sides).

As for the “armed forces” of the Baltic statelets, they are just a sad joke.

One more example: the Empire is now sending ships into the Black Sea as some kind of “show of force”. Yet, every military analyst out there knows that the Black Sea is a “Russian lake” and that no matter how many ships the US or NATO sends into the Black Sea, their life expectancy in case of a conflict would be measured in minutes.

There is a popular expression in Russia which, I submit, beautifully sums up the current US/NATO doctrine: пугать ежа голой задницей, which can be translated as “trying to scare a hedgehog with your naked bottom”.

The truth is that NATO military forces currently are all in very bad shape – all of them, including the US – and that their only advantage over Russia is in numbers. But as soon as you factor in training, command and control, the ability to operate with severely degraded C3I capabilities, the average age of military hardware or morale – the Russian armed forces are far ahead of the West.

Does anybody sincerely believe that a few B-52s and a few thousand soldiers from different countries playing war in Poland will really scare the Russian generals?

But if not – why the threats?

My explanation is simple: the rulers of the Empire simply hope that the people in the West will never find out how bad their current military posture really is, and they also know that Russia will never attack first – so they simply pretend like they are still big, mighty and relevant. This is made even easier by the fact that the Russians always downplay their real capabilities (in sharp contrast to the West which always brags about “the best XYZ in the world”). That, and the fact that nobody in the Western ruling classes wants to admit that the game is over and that the Empire has collapsed.

Well, they apparently can hide these truisms from most of their public opinion: Trump promises super-dooper missiles and big red buttons, and his supporters immediately wave (Chinese made) US flags! But I assure you that the Russians (political leaders and even the general public) know what the real score is.

Yet the Empire still refuses to deal with Russia in any other way except insults, bullying, threats, accusations, sanctions, and constant sabre-rattling. This has never, and I mean never, worked in the past, and it won’t work in the future. But, apparently, NATO generals simply cannot comprehend that insanity can be defined as “doing the same thing over and over again, while hoping to achieve different results”.

Finally, I will conclude with a short mention of US politicians.

First, Trump. He now declares that the Russians stole the secret of hypersonic weapons from Obama. This reminds me of how the Brits declared that Russia stole their vaccine against the sars-cov-2 virus. But, if the Russians stole all that, why is it that ONLY Russia has deployed hypersonic weapons (not the US) and ONLY Russia has both two vaccines and 2 actual treatments (and not the UK)? For a good laugh, check out Andrei Martyanov’s great column “Russia Steal Everything”.

And then there is Nancy Pelosi who, apparently, is considering, yes, you guessed it – yet another impeachment attempt against Trump? The charge this time? Exercising this Presidential prerogative to nominate a successor to Ruth Ginsburg. Okay, Pelosi might be senile, but she also is in deep denial if she thinks impeaching Trump is still a viable project. Frankly? I think that she lost it.

In fact, I think that all the Dems have gone absolutely insane: they are now considering packing both the Supreme Court and the Senate. The fact that doing so will destroy the US political system does not seem to bother them in the least.

Conclusion: quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat!

We live in a world where facts or logic have simply become irrelevant and nobody cares about such clearly outdated categories. We have elevated “doubleplusgoodthinking” into an art form. We have also done away with the concepts of “proof” or “evidence” which we have replaced with variations on the “highly likely” theme. We have also, for all practical purpose, jettisoned the entire corpus of international law and replaced it with “rules-based international order“. In fact, I can only agree with Chris Hedges who, in his superb book the “Empire of illusions” and of the “triumph of spectacle”. He is absolutely correct: not only is this a triumph of appearance over substance, and of ideology over reality, it is even the triumph of self-destruction over self-preservation.

There is not big “master plan”, no complex international conspiracy, no 5D chess. All we have is yet another empire committing suicide and, like so many before this one, this suicide is executed by this empire’s ruling classes.

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confirmation bias

johnny rotten

What the Saker still does not understand and overlook is that it is not true that the world is going crazy now, the reality is that the masks are simply falling off, centuries old, the mistake of the Saker is that of all Westerners, the having believed in those masks, and not being able to see beyond those masks, otherwise, the insane madness that they can only now see would have recognized it for a long time, but many free thinkers had denounced who or what was behind the fiction, however, no one had recognized their truth, now the fruits are being reaped and they are bitter fruits for the stupid believers of the Western collective lie.


Good point!


Since 80’s I have been going to the (former) Warsaw Pact countries…what strikes me is how the psychological and physical (i.e., health) states have reversed vis a vis US/UK/EU, same in media confidence, all roles reversed!


more accurate to say that now no one bothers with the masks as they are that arrogant and think they are that powerful, hence no need for politeness or diplomacy. Even the lowest serfs now think they are gods.

cechas vodobenikov

agree– -the anglosphere has become emotionless and robotic
“the danger in amerika previously is that everyone would be slaves; the danger today is they they will become robots”. Erich Fromm

Assad must stay

Hahahaha such a good article I love it


Great analysis. Thanks!


You are clearly Putin’s puppet. How much does he pay you?

It’s all useless drivel. Russia would be nothing without oils and gas.


You know when liberals like you speak all I can hear is “oink oink”


No infact you and you mental dislexic homosexual fraternity of the soros goymz uniteds are the nocando assfloggeds whom combined wealth reaped in no substantial develepoments as in airport upgrades taking care of civilisations,building the longest brodge in all of european continent,against all odds and those lame sancitons you deplorables performed illegally,yet to be iun surplus unlike you demented failed neo -libetral luciferian isis worshiping fascist scumtards,no,
P00FS BEGONE,have no guts yoiu have no right incest,hope you enjoy your new found corona as to be expected,meantime mayt the real men deal with productivety,no fuiture in fascim nor lgbtq,cursed be thy cursed.like the spawn of incests whom devildlgge in your begotten souls,pfft!

Oh yeah I never argue with idiots nor loser bums,every dog has its day,either way your finished:


Jimi, did you forget again to take your mental medication? You don’t sound good.

cechas vodobenikov

yet u robots are diagosed 30+% mentally ill and have consumed more than 80% of the legal psychotropics, 66% of the anti-depressants on earth in the past decade—no civilized nation has more than 6% diagnosed w mental illness
obviously u stupefied “overconformist semi automatons” (David Riesman) cannot feel pure please (Zizek)…u consume more marijuana, coke, meth, heroin, hallucinogens per capita than all nations—u also narcotize your self w food to increase your famous obesity and alcohol…murikans, Germans,Australians, French, Italians all consume more alcohol per capita than Russians per 2020 UN data


I guess you didn’t take your medication or vodka.

Jaime Galarza

Your argument is an ad hominem?


Are you seriously expecting me to respond to that incoherent gibberish?

Jaime Galarza

At least he gave you facts. You, on the contrary, only insult. Is it so difficult to debate? I know it requires some brain power, but, come on, it isn’t that difficult either.


You can read that shit?

Steve Standley

the really funny thing that indicates “libertyisgreat” has his head in his ass is just that. His name. He’s too stupid to know that our ruling elites have taken “liberty” away. We’ve been a tyranny in the legal sense since the Patriot act and the NDAA. there is no more freedom here. You can be arrested and detained without due process for anything the gov currently doesn’t like. People are being arrested by federal police in uniforms with no indication of who they are, and in vehicles that are unmarked. Our ruling elites along with the mainstream media are currently fomenting racial conflict, just like the CIA did in Yugoslavia, with an aim to replace the shabby facade of a “democracy” we have with the real face of our government, a fascist oligarchy controlled by moneyed interests. Censorship is rampant. Due process is GONE. And it’s going to get even worse. So yes, Libertyisgreat is a satire of himself and he doesn’t even know it. lol

Jens Holm

Zorro againcomment image

Actually its Mossad trying to camouflage themselves in unisecks for múslim men and women.

Muhammed was the first one wearing it, but it was not allowed to bring pictures


Yeah man. You are the living proof of what the author has written in the article.


That’s makes zero sense.


Yeah, I understand that it is difficult for zero brains to make sense of logical things.

cechas vodobenikov

of course–for puritanical idiot gringos that cannot think….”nothing can thrive in amerika unless inflated by hyperbole and gilded with a fine coat of fraud. amerikans cannot think except by means of slogans–they identify garbage as quality. The stupidity and ignorance of amerikans has long been atopic of hilarity in Europe”. Paul Fussell. Ph.D Harvard…1992…highly decorated WWII combat veteran


Name one Russian modern device, product, drug, etc that is being used by billions of people around the world for the benefit of humanity?


AK 47


Was the first gun invented by Russia ? Does AK help humanity?
Is anyone using Russia vaccine outside of Russia today?
Who was the only country to land man on the moon? Is the Russia the number one in space launches and satellites?

Making it and inventing it is two different things. I can invent an iPhone in US but then ask low paid Chinese workers to make it for me based on my design and specifications.

US was the FIRST to invent electrical power generation, telephone, telegraph, steam engine, airplanes, combustion engine, mass production of automobiles, etc


But they have oil and gas,they also have a mountain of GOLD https://youtu.be/ntG50eXbBtc?t=4LOL!!


Well oils and gas are very cheep and Russia is still OK.


What modern device has Russia invented that is used by billions of people for humanity’s benefit?

Jaime Galarza

Caterpillar tracks, electrically-powered railway wagons, videotape recorder,
radio, helicopter, solar cell, transformers, television, tetrol cracking, synthetic rubber, grain harvester.


You are so dumb. These are things they make now after we invented them. Russia and China copied or stole the design just like nuclear weapons.

Caterpillar is an American company. Google (American company) who was the first to invent all these items.

Jaime Galarza

Did I insult you? By the way you respond, you seem to be one of those insecure teenagers. How do you know that “These are things they make now after we invented them.”?Just because you say so? Are you so brainwashed that you believe the propaganda that you have invented everything? Of course Caterpillar is an American company? So what? Does that mean that that company invented the caterpillar tracks? Your reaction is so American; that is, you jump to conclusions without first doing some research. It’s funny that you, a product of a cheap culture, wants to compare with very old civilizations. Know your place! You are just beginning. You barely have two hundred and fifty years as a country. And you think you can teach much older civilizations? It’s because of your stupid arrogance that you are about to disappear as a relevant force in world affairs. And nobody is going to miss you. https://www.rbth.com/articles/2012/03/16/russias_12_top_inventions_that_changed_the_world_15089.html

Black Waters

Whether you agree with what he wrote or not, the point that you are insinuating that “Putin” pay him is clearly evidence of your paranoia promulgated trough the propaganda of the U.S, that also shows that you lack critical thinking and you lack the capability of thinking by your own, you need a babysitter to put ideas inside your head without evidence or any sense of logical behaviour.

An empty vessel can only be filled.


Putin pays everyone to keep them from going against him and anyone that tries to go against him is poisoned. It’s a very simple formula. Not hard to figure out. That’s what dictators have been doing for thousands of years.

Black Waters

It makes no sense at all in real world politics, more knowing how the CIA and the British secrets service works, if you poison your opponent your a giving him influence and free press, that’s really dumb and even a peasant like me can figure it out, would you be so naive to think that the same guy who was rebuilding Russia with success for the last 20 years will be so naive to do this? Hahaha. Either you are a troll or a victim of the U.S propaganda machine.

There’s no question about this because it simply lacks common sense and logic, The U.S propaganda projected on their own civilians and promulgated by Obongo (since it began to take effect, 2010/2012) it’s based on the same principles that Goebbels, trough repetition and bombarding, it can only succeed when you control most of the media, so the narrative could be the same script to achieve success on the masses.

It looks like Nazi germany was a children school for the post U.S doctrine, now being modernity.


You think China virus kills every one? Some die and some don’t even know they have it. Same thing with different types of poisons. They affect people differently. They want to use things that are hard to see or determine cause of death like a bullet in the head or an explosion. It failed this time but worked in other times.

cechas vodobenikov

more envy from the failing plywood LGBT/BLM empire


BLM actually is Marxist like Russia so they are your friends.

Jaime Galarza

Can you explain in what way Russia is Marxist? Have you read Das Kapital?


Marxism-Leninism was official state ideology of USSR until 1991. Putin want to bring back the old USSR.

I don’t read anything from Russia and never will. Until you have free press, free speech, freedom to practice any religion, multi culture society, ability to immigrate to Russia and become a full equal citizen with equal rights, capitalism, open society, allow people to say anything against gov’t and think what they want, then I’ll be interested to learn what you have to say until then, Russia will be forever a third world place to me.

Jaime Galarza

Who told you that Putin “was” to bring back the old URSS? Have you read what Putin thinks about communism? Of course it’s evident you don’t read anything from Russia. I doubt you read anbything at all. A cultured mind doesn’t have your attitude. Your ignorance is so enormous that is almost magnificent. One wonders how someone who doesn’t read anything from a country can give opinions about that country. And if you haven’t read Das Kapital, what do you know about Marxism? That you believe that a militaristic olligarchy is “free press, free speech, freedom to practice any religion, multi culture
society, ability to immigrate to Russia and become a full equal citizen
with equal rights, capitalism, open society” shows how brainwashed you are. It’s interesting to have an insight into the mind of an ordinary American. Interesting and sad.


God Bless Americans. They have strongest opinions about things they have no clue about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLYuwxuJUNA&pp=QAA%3D

Black Waters

He’s a troll, he can only do what the text from his provider told him to copy-paste :D

AM Hants

How little you know.


I live in a free society where I can read or say thing, so I know a lot.

Jens Holm

As usual well written Russian propaganda.


It’s the truth which you western humanoids will never hear from your propaganda media

Jens Holm

Saker is a well known propganda media:)


CNN, MSM, WaPo are the most renowned propaganda media.

Jens Holm

I dont know WaPo nd see none of those 2 as propaganda medias. They bring now and then bring stuff which is completly wrong or faked.

So You has to read hose carefull as well as others and reflect. And that the good thing for Denmark as well. We have several medias and can compare – and are learned not to eat anything. A good start is the level for what people actually learn and therefore know.

We name it as free speech. By that it make sense You cant just say CNN, MSM and WaPo are propaganda because we can be told by other media, they are, when they are.

I dont know about You but I see so many here name Our systems as propaganda because they are totally unfamiliar with how world works. It works by ´CHOOSING.

Sometimes there also is more then one truth.

If You are a muslim You have a lot of things You cant even debate. If You are not in western ecpnomy, You often dont understand a thing and dont acept Our facts are based well – even they are visible and are doung pretty well.

A very tempting is what that kind of people describe for USA. Its always the poor ones – which they have even mpre poor themselves AND the richest parts(which they often has themselves too). But the real well educated middleclass USA making the high GSP dont dont exist.

And why. Uts because Arabs as well as fx Ryssians by 1000 yars of tradtions based on politics and religion dont have it themself.

I dayly meet You – like Your comment – dont see we have a lot of structures which You dont have an by that fx cant collaapse as we are told every day here. “The dollar will collapse”. And whats to compare with? Lira, Rubel, Rial?

And a reason for that also is goodle translate. So many translate from a ´more simple language, which has no idea about Our world and by that even in how many wordss and how we use them is not there at all.

Real english is not some arabic, urdu or farsi translated to english perfect sentenses. And its the other way around. You loese a lot in translation and many times You dont understand and make fatal arrors for the whole context.

We see it very much for muslim incommers even some go to school here. They understand low level very nice Lawyers and Doctors English BUT it dont cover most of the rest. If You dont yúderstand the context You are in and actually is limited, You – even with a good education from here – cant be a Leader or even a Leader on the high levels.

And by that You unfortunatly only can be leader of a pizzavbar or kiosk known for being exelent for tourists too.

Thats ny “Joh Waine” version of it.

So a start will be to do factchecking and You will see who has a high score i reliability better.

cechas vodobenikov

projecting your insecurity stupidity again Jenny–obviously u have only lived in your US colony dinmark, and have no experience living in nations that possess an actual culture…Heidigger, Ellul, Foucault, Battaile, Kojeve all observed that you were being coca colonized by amerika—“It is not Russianism that will destroy Europe but Americanism”. Martin Heidegger —he described amerikanism as “putrefaction”
obviously u r putrified!

cechas vodobenikov

u r well known idiot at SF

Jens Holm

This is not the whole world. I often see me as representative for a world You dont know and deny to know even bby liniting Yourself as much as You can.

And thats the difference. Ypou not even know Your enemy and by that cant fight and defeat the enemy well.

…And I am a nice one trying to upgrade You.

cechas vodobenikov

u r an idiot that consistently embarrasses herself at SF…I obtained a doctorate in USa and have spoken at conferences inCopenhagen—not impressed…

Jaime Galarza

You must be the stupidest Dane, You give a bad name to your countrymen. You enjoy embarrassing yourself. I’ve never seen a specimen like you who writes pure gibberish and think he is teaching philosophy


No, Saker is well known for exposing the truth about the western insanity :)


Saker is well known for exposing western insanity :)


Its considered propganda media only by western propganda media :)


No future in fake deutchbonds bot:


But it is true that 2020 is the first year that finally NASA can fly its rockets with american engines!! Prior to that, they needed russian engines. Otherwise no space missions!


It is not so much that the western propaganda changed. Actually the Russian status changed from a “partner” and an ally, like during the destruction Yugoslavia, to the status of an enemy. Was it really so hard for the Russians to predict where the things will be going? For all intents and purposes the Russian elites, for the most selfish reasons, allowed the country to be used as much as possible against its closest friends and then be discarded. The Saker and others did not have problems with the same propaganda working against the North Koreans, Cubans, Serbs, Nicaragua, Myanmar and others for decades. The other problem with Saker and others like him is that they are all oblivious to the central role of the Russian political and oligarchical elites played in the last three and a half decades in bringing Russia in its current predicament.

Fog of War

Saker is alright sometimes, but he has a very narrow view point in which Russia and the Soviet Union never do, or did, anyhting wrong. He also deingrates other European nations, and people, constantly ignoring the fact that they are under massive mental and political control. Take his ramblings with a grain of salt.

cechas vodobenikov

True during Yeltsin only
“Putin’s great innovation is that he reduced the wealth of the oligarchs by half and redistributed it to social programs for the people. He did not like the patrimonial relations produced by Yeltsin…” Ivan Szelyeni (NYU). New Left Review 2015
income/wealth disparities far lower than USAEurope (gini-coeffecient)…while all European nations have contracted by 10-20%, USA by 30% in the past 6 months–Russia expected to grow 3% 2021
obviously u r stupid…Russia is self sufficient and enjoys a positive balance of trade w all nations and imports more wheat than all


I agree with the last paragraph. It’s time to move on and deal with the zioblock behavioral aberrations in damage mitigation mode. Both for the unfortunate citizens in these failing nations. And for those watching who may be at risk of negative consequences from the progressing implosion/s.

I’m working on my mortgage broker and mortgage banking license applications. And shopping for a mortgage banking performance bond. To transition out of transportation into finance. Where I’ve previously worked in International finance. Including privately at the head of state clientele level. And can work remotely in the US and elsewhere on an as needed basis.

Fog of War

” To transition out of transportation into finance. Where I’ve previously worked in International finance. Including privately at the head of state clientele level in crisis management. And can work remotely in the US and elsewhere on an as needed basis. ”

You actually think there will be work in the upcoming months ? More ‘merikan exceptionalism. The world is going to hell, but not here in good ole ‘merika, so you think.


I never said that things were good here. Almost 1 million people are filing for unemployment benefits every week. The recovery is a lie. The locked down sectors of the economy that they allowed to reopen only resulted in a partial reopening of those sectors. Because a lot of businesses went out of business in the interim. And a lot that did reopen did so at reduced levels with layoffs. Because there wasn’t as much business as before the lockdowns.

Overall the US economy as a whole is collapsing. The partial reopening slowed the collapse, but didn’t stop it. The add on effect to the essential sectors that weren’t forced to close, from the non essential sectors that were forced to close. Caused the essential sector of the economy to contract also. Essential businesses have also gone out of businesses or scaled back with layoffs.

There are sectors of the economy that are doing better then others. A lot of people are relocating and there’s a lot of work in real estate because of it. With all of the people filing for unemployment. A lot of people are selling houses because of it. Many are buying houses to either get out of the cities or to relocate for reemployment purposes. They all need mortgages.


comment image

– Number of initial unemployment insurance claims made per week in the United States from January to September 2020 –


Steve Standley

In this zionist controlled world, the truth is not only anti-semitic, it’s pro-russian. Vladimir Putin is one righteous man; anyone who has followed him with an interest in truth regardless of where it falls knows this. The west is about to come under the direct control of the budding theocracy of Israel. Putin is the real champion of the people of God.

Jens Holm

If this is a zionist controlled world, I love it and will defend it as well as I can.

I compare to others – and its no way…


SS generals said the same things too. They sweared to defend the insane and genocidal third reich!!

Jens Holm

I look at facts. Western Economics are doing just fine for me and billions.

You can always go back and predict things. The Communists proclaimed world revolution.

I work for a system, which has taken us from relative poor after WW2 and to now. I see nothing better. Thats why I work for it and also accept it mitakes here and there, where I do comment for improvements.

We have relative freedom but also are raised to responsability for it. We work hard and it actually pays off. WE are taxed but also gets back. I look inside where I live. I look aouside in the street. I look at hospitals. I look how old we get.

We are winners in most of that which also is shown by the GPS is Our Western Economic systems.

If You have links for something better or even ideas to improve it, You should give them and spread them out.


Just fine? In what western emisphere are you living? In my country we are at

1. minus 1 million jobs
2. 42% youth unemployment
3. -25% GDP
4. roads are NEVER asphalted and full of holes
5. migrants come in at 1000-3000/month ( during winter they cannot, the Mediterranean isn’t forgiving )
6. big problems with EU migrants too, romanians and bulgarians in particular ( the formers are renowned for rapes, kidnappings, robberies, while the latters for more organized and high level criminal businesses )
7. we have the gender mayhem


Jens Holm

Western hemisphere is not the same as western economics and affiliates at all.

I can only only say You mainly has decided that by Your own bad choises insisting in them too.

If You are and old Yugo of some kind the problems certainly are made by Yourself and local neighbors too. Its the same for parts of the old Comecons.

You are afraid You loose Your own ID even it has been relative bad for many many years.

I dould make a long list for changes, which are needed even I dont know Your exact country. And You are lucky because You actually can copy my more wealthy part and by that dont have to make the many experimantal mistakes we have done ubtil we reached 59.000 GDP and fx trust Our Goverment so we have kept Corona down and has an “A” in economics.

A good start would be to put many of those unimployed into education for middleclass jobs as well as they for almost nothing should repair things, which can be improved by simple tools.

Another common one is cleaning for all levels of corruption. I dont know if You have that. A good one often is to mae a better income tax system and get in more money. Dont believe they have all money. They do have some Your problems are You have a low income and by that almost are impossible to plunder for the rrich ones. But more sober control.

And rewrite Your history books. So many “eastern” history books are falsifications made after WW1 and often by communist selecting enemyships which is not there as well.

If You really want to know aboút what I think and think I know, You can write more. I do know things but is no expert.

cechas vodobenikov

Yugoslavia, Russia etc produce vehicles–u produce zero….US vehicles r rarely observed in Europe, Latin amerika…oven Sweden produces vehicles–u produce bad cheese and potatoes…what is your national debt? where do your students rank? Nearly as low as Americans—Northern Irish #6, Russian children #1 (PERLS 2019). and u are declining along w Swedes—but not Finns that rank far better than u incompetents


Either write in clear english or your own foreign language, but at the moment you make no sense, dude.


the blind mice only can smell the shit in the cheese..

cechas vodobenikov

sure u idiot—all highly indebted …USA 120% of GDP debt…Russia/China vast reserves….loser


The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Are you blind?

Fog of War

You are an idiot sometimes.

cechas vodobenikov

u could not defend yourselves from the Nazis in WWII

Arthur Deodat Jr.

It would be amusing if an information would emerge that bottle wasn’t spiked by chemical warfare agent Novichok but VX.
Since VX was invented in UK that would mean that behind the poisoning was English Boris, queen or anybody from UK.
I guess that victims of Tokyo subway poisonig (1995) shuld blame Germany, since sarin (GB) is german invention.

John Brown

about to come under the direct control of Israel??? Are you on drugs??? .

What was once the West was totally conquered by the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship at least 80- plus years ago

Steve Standley

lol i said “direct control” bro. The globalist movement (ie, the rise of the Jewish Messiah to global power) is just about upon us. But yeah, this goes back a long way. I’d say the Federal Reserve act was the beginning of the end. Now it’s going to be formalized.

John Brown

Ok, you mean the anti-christ Satan and his Satanic Jews openly ruling in public for all to see.

Yes this is true.You got your terms mixed up.

Satan and his satanic Jews with their racist supremacist global Jewish Satanic slave empire dictatorship have been ruling directly for at least 100 plus years, but publicly, no.

You are right about the, “in the open”, “in public part”.

Steve Standley

lol yes the Jewish Messiah is the antichrist mentioned in John. and yes they worship Satan, or Remphan, or Moloch, or whatever name he’s using now; the star god. and you don’t even have to believe in God to surmise that this is happening. You must understand that THEY believe it and they’ve been working toward it for centuries. These people behind this are malevolent and supremacist.


Ya, they’re evil and need to be gotten rid of. The US is just a slow learner.

Steve Standley

Unfortunately, the US is absolutely bombarded with lies about this and many other subjects. People have been heretofore devoted (many) to their careers. If you love the truth enough to see it, it has probably cost you a lot of time in investigation. Let’s hope there is an awakening.


I’ve been blocked on Infowars, Antiwar, Veterans Today, had comments on Gateway Pundit taken down, and have been blocked and had comments deleted on more sites than I can remember. Exposing Jew crime and evil is almost impossible, including with my own family, they don’t want to hear it and don’t care what the truth is. It’s an indication of how severe the Jew problem is and the extremes that Jews and Zionists have gone to to suppress the truth.

All of these “truther” sites talking out of both sides of their mouths are running cover for the Jews. I really don’t have a lot of respect for them.

Steve Standley

Yup. soon enough, no one will be able to ignore it. And it will tear us all apart, and that is the best case outcome. the worst case is that they lock us all down in a national security state, use lists compiled from social media etc, and pick us off one by one. Then the truth dies with a whimper.


It’s all easily accessible on the internet if you put the time in. The Jews were able to cover up their crime and evil before the internet with their near monopoly over the MSM. Jewoogle is getting increasingly worse with the pro Judaic censorship. So they’re trying to do to the internet what they did with the MSM. Jewbook and JewTube are in the same category.

I’ve said from the beginning that the scamdemic in my opinion is a Jew world order order out of chaos operation. Where they crash the system in an effort to increase control over what remains of it. And the reason that they did this is their failing global hegemony project.

With the NATO, Israel, GCC zioblock being unable to stop the progressing Russian/Syrian government coalition victory in Syria. And NATO being unable to compete with China economically with Chinese economic growth consistently outpacing the US and EU. So I think that these are the main reasons for the blatant takedown.

Alex Jones paints a different picture. And I think that there’s a lot of truth to it. And that much of the how the take down is being done is outlined in his work. Having said that. I view him as a Judeaophile, Zionist and disinfo peddler for the Jew world order.

However, he does present a lot of original material based on open source information and a lifetime of extensive research. He also has government connections. Whether they rise to the level of being a CIA mockingbird mouthpiece and front I don’t know. It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the case. Though I don’t know that it is. And he may be what he says that he is.

A lot of his material fact checks and I agree with the conclusions that he draws. A lot of his China bashing doesn’t fact check and is clearly disinfo that’s part of a blame shifting effort from the Jews to the Chinese. Particularly his claims of Chinese control of the US MSM. Which clearly isn’t the case. And it’s obvious that the MSM is a Jew operation that the scamdemic couldn’t be carried out without it.

The parts that I think that he’s gotten right is the structure of the fascism that the Jew World Order is trying to get in place with their color revolution in the US. He also describes where he thinks that they’re trying to take humanity with this fascist system if they can get it in place. Which is some type of post human era omnicide project where humanity is killed off to extinction, and replaced with some type of manufactured slave species caste system. Ruled over by Jew world order types where they’re immortal “gods” and we’re all dead and replaced by clones.

I don’t think that this is as far fetched as it appears. Given the advances in technology. And my ET contact work, experience and research. It looks like these types of civilizations are already part of the cosmology of our universe. One example would be the testimony from the Travis Walton case.

The question is what to do about it? Educating people who aren’t aware to be aware can help. If it helps them not to go along with the “new normal”. And to make adjustments in your own life so that it isn’t destroyed in the process and a population of people who can resist the fascism and work towards positive change is maintained.

Steve Standley

No need to qualify your view on alex jones with me. I view Alex Jones now as a gatekeeper (you know, this is described in protocols…). But he WAS a leading truth teller/whistle blower. The interviews with Aaron Russo were pivotal in my understanding of this thing, and in pointing in the right direction. Russo was an insider who’s best interest was to shut his mouth, but he was a good man so he sort of sacrificed himself. Figuring this out is partly a matter of understanding who tells the truth and who doesn’t. I think Jones could be accurately describing what they intend to do, because as a gatekeeper he must tell some truth, but he will never tell you it’s the Zionists.

more on Jones: Then the Gergen and Bohemian Grove stuff began to show what these people are. You know there is a mountain of data to confirm and further show that many of the ruling elites are spiritually as corrupt as hell.

A truth teller that i love is obviously Julian Assange. with the podesta emails, you see all kinds of evidence of corruption, murder, pedophilia (pizzagate), and so on. and we all know Seth Rich was the source.

Of course we could go on and on here with evidence.

I woke up over 9/11 and tower 7. If people can wrap their head around what was done there, then they are on the road to truth. BTW, there are vids with Rabbis proclaiming that 9/11 was in the Zohar and indicated the “moshiach” was nigh. And this is probably why tower 7 went down. these people are supremacist, malevolent, and machiavellian. However (you probably know this) they will say what they really think among themselves, so youtube is littered with disclosures meant for zionist jews. If people take the time to watch them they will know. You probably subscribe to zionistreport. I also actively look for vids from their “holy” people. I also read the Israeli papers. These are solid methods of finding out what is really going on.

Anyway, you, RichardD, must be a lover of truth, because we both know there is a long path to understanding here.

I gave up my career as a university professor and scientist because a year ago I became certain that nothing I did in my profession was going to amount to anything, considering what is coming. I think we both know they plan on establishing a religious autocracy. They are bringing in the “moshiach”; the biblical antichrist. You don’t have to believe in God to see it because THEY believe it and they are making it happen.

Cheers, RichardD.



Jones has done a lot to out the problem issues. But he’s a Zionist shill who’s covered up the 911 Jew nexus. When it’s plain for all to see. So you have to fact check his info to ferret out the blame shifting. With 911 it was Arabs, with the scamdemic it’s Chinese. Both are opposed to Jew world order machinations.

I haven’t delved into some of the info that you have. I find it repulsive and spend my time on other things. Though we’ve reached identical conclusions.

I’ve done an informal study of the Dr. Woods 911 directed energy theory. My calculations show that the debris pile should have been an average of 4 stories deep throughout the entire primary collapse site. It’s only about 33% of that. If that much. And there’s not enough room in the basements for the rest. Most of which were intact anyways afterwards. And the debris outside of the primary collapse site is minimal, less than 5% of the building’s volume.

The one study on 911 debris volume done by a scientific team has been scrubbed from the internet. I drove a semi for 20 years. Concrete dumpsters for demolition debris transport have a common formula for material volume per ton that can fit in one. The weight and type of the construction material that went into the WTC complex, primarily concrete and steel, is available online.

That allows basic calculations for the spatial mass of the collapsed buildings using demolition debris removal trucking industry standards. This can be applied to the WTC city block dimensions that are available online to give you an estimate of the debris depth that the destroyed buildings should have generated. It’s not there.

Conventional explosives may have been part of the stage craft. But something dematerialized much of the structures before they hit the ground from the looks of it. Woods calls this dustification. There is a huge smoke plume. Whether it contains enough material to account for roughly 2/3rds of the WTC, I don’t know.

What I can tell you is that I have what is probably a beam weapon entry wound scar below my left eye. That is an inch and a quarter in diameter and 1/3rd on an inch deep at the center. From some ET contact work conflict.

The wound is cauterized with white scar tissue. But there was no heat involved during the attack that resulted in the injury. So it’s not a thermal technology. It’s some type of dematerialization technology. Either from something out of a terrestrial sequestered technology program. Or from off planet. I don’t have conclusive proof one way or the other. I never saw the shooter.

So this type of technology is present on this planet at this time. And scaled up could have been used during the 911 WTC attack.

Steve Standley


William Binney has confirmed that the energy/heat weapons have been under development, and for use on the public. You probably know that. In fact, that is HIS focus now. Because it’s shocking.

All the dirty evil crap i looked into was an examination of the methods and means of co-opting and controlling leadership and moneyed elites. Epstein of course fits that modus operandi also. It really does go to pedophilia and child/rape/murder.

It’s about sorting out and promoting the depraved ones, it’s about blackmailing the ones in power. It’s about setting them up and getting something on them. and it’s about funding them

the FED is the thing that pisses me off the most. They have control of money creation, and they’ve been robbing the american public blind. This kind of deceit touches every single one of us.

On 9/11, i’m sure you know that a paper was published on nanon-thermite. the editor caught hell for it, but it got in. Also, university of alaska study concluded buildings fell at near free fall which was physically impossible without explosively/thermally taking out the columns.

The crap keeps piling up. We are going to have to stand up one day. Stand up hard. I think the time is close. When christians are no longer allowed to recognize Christ, shit will definitely hit the fan, and that’s what their “holy” people have for us. Noahide laws. Already passed in the US. Enforced by decapitation. Sounds far out, but if you listen to what they say to each other, that’s the plan.

anyway, there is so evidence in the atmosphere but it is all broken up by a massive avalanche of lies.

It is heartening for me to see that other people get it. Thanks RichardD.

Captain Freedom

So if I got that right, this means that if you’re against the evil to- to- totalitarian regime of putin youre literally immune to chemical warfare? I has an idea: Mike Pompeo should send an army of “dissidents” right to the front lines of Syria, to counter the horrible chemical barrel bombs that keep destroying gazillions of hospitals and moderate headchoppers!!! Assad wouldn’t stand a chance!!!! Oh and send BLM to protect Taiwan against chy-na, because they seem to be immune to the chy-nese virus

Todd Allen

According to President Trump, the US does have super-dooper “hydrosonic” weapons, but nobody really knows what that is supposed to mean

It is the frightful sound of billion dollar toilet flushes.


comment image


Supply chain breakdown countermeasures.


How is your H2O situ? :)


comment imagecomment image


I’m 62, I have to get off planet for a longer life. I’m deviating from that work at this time to try to help stabilize the rapidly deteriorating situation here. Because I still have 30 or 40 years of life left here and it’s my current home.


comment image


Bioweapon therapeutic countermeasures.


The list of truly batshit crazy stuff we are being told to believe is now very long.. It has always been out of this world but the cgi now uses nothing of reality and its all painted art form. It sbeen a long time since I found anything of substance in the vast majority of “news”. Heck all speeches are also just as crazy.. This is kubrick gone wild.

cechas vodobenikov

prekrasni—-pereyam (change) from the legendary KINO also covered by Louna, Alisa….

chris chuba

Letting Putin have Belarus is the same as letting Hitler have Czechoslovakia. Appeasement did not work in 1936 and it will not work now. The righteous Protestant and Catholic West must finally rally itself and crush the demonic Russian Federation. (not serious, just flying with the bats, it’s very bumpy, we fly into each other a lot)

cechas vodobenikov

good satire!

cechas vodobenikov

Saker lives in USA and has lived in Europe and protested against Soviet government when he lived in Russia—while his politics are peculiar (he is a monarchist), his observations are frequently accurate

Porc Halal

“Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia which is no surprise, they all compete for the title of most pro-US colony on the planet”..for a second I was tempted to protest this allegation due to the fact I was convinced that this place is reserved to Romania…but thinging more profound I realised that actualy Romania is a slave to Germany in the first place…

The Farney Fontenoy

*Sigh* the Saker goes on yet another meandering stroll through the bleeding obvious, there is virtually nothing here that no one didn’t know or couldnt figure out themselves. But tellingly, some very obvious issues are completely ignored, this is happening so consistently I’ve come to the conclusion the ‘Saker’ is a gatekeeper, and not even a good one.

Baby Rani Deb

One thing the neo Kissingers of the world don’t seem to understand with Russia. The more you stick your nose into Russian affairs, the more they solidify behind Putin. Russians have an Asian way of thinking. That is leadership is given to the strongest and most able. Putins predecessor was neither able nor strong and the effects of his mismanagement are still felt today.

Putin is here for the long run and the more pressure they try to put on, the stronger his grip becomes.

Chinese puzzle.

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