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JUNE 2021

The Saker: “The Warmakers”

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Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

Between the US strikes on Syria in April and the recent developments on the Korean Peninsula, we are in somewhat of a lull in the Empire’s search for a new war to start. The always helpful Israelis, in the person of the ineffable Bibi Netanyahu, are now beating the drums for, well, if not a war, then at least some kind of false flag or pretext to make the USA strike at Iran. And then there is the always bleeding Donbass (which I won’t address in today’s analysis). So let’s see where we stand and try to guesstimate where we might be heading. To be honest, trying to guess what ignorant warmongering psychopaths might do next is by definition a futile exercise, but since there are some not negligible signs that there are at least a few rational people still left in the US White House and/or Pentagon (as shown by the mostly “pretend strikes” on Syria last month), we can assume (hope) that some residual degree of sanity is still present. At the very least Americans in uniform have to ask themselves a very basic and yet fundamental question:

Do I want to die for Israel? Do I want to lose my job for Israel? How about my pension? Maybe just my stock options? Is it worth risking a major regional war for such a “wonderful” state?

A lot depends on whether the US military leaders (and people!) will have the courage to ask themselves this question and, if they do, what their reply will be.

But, first, let’s begin with the good news:

The DPRK and ROK are in direct talks with each other.

This is indeed a truly great development for at least two reasons. First, of course, the main and objective one: anything which lowers the risks of war on the Korean Peninsula is good. But there is a second reason which we should not discount: Trump can now take all the credit for this and claim that his (empty) threats are what brought the North Koreans to the negotiating table. I say – let him. In fact, I hope that they organize a parade for Trump somewhere in the USA, with confetti and millions of flags. Like for an astronaut. Let him feel triumphant, vindicated and very, very manly. MAGA, you know?!

Yeah, that will be sickening to the thinking (not to mention counter-factual), but if a little bit of intellectual nausea is the price to pay for peace, I say let’s do it. If Trump, Bolton, Haley and the rest of them can feel that they “kicked ass” and that their “invincible military” is what brought “Rocket Man” to “give up his nukes” (he never said any such thing, but never mind that) then I sincerely wish them a joyful and highly ego-pleasing celebration. Anything to stop them from looking for another war to start, at least for a now.

Now the bad news.

The Israelis are at it again

Amazing, isn’t it? The Israelis have been whining about “imminent” Iranian nukes for years, and they are still at it. Not only that, but these guys have the nerve to say “Iran lied”. Seriously, even by the already unique Israeli standards, that is chutzpah elevated to a truly stratospheric level. If it were just Bibi Netanyahu, then this would be comical. But the problem is that Israel has now fully subjugated all the branches of the US government to its agents (the Neocons) and that they now run everything: from the two branches of the Uniparty to Congress, to the media and, now that Trump has abjectly caved in to all their demands, they also run the White House. They apparently also run the CIA, but there still might be some resistance to their lunacy in the Pentagon. The USA is now quite literally run by a Zionist Occupation Government, no doubt about it whatsoever.

So what are these guys really up to? Listen to the one man who knows them best, and whose every single word you can take to the bank, Hezbollah General Secretary Nasrallah (ever wondered why Hezbollah, which has not committed anything even remotely looking like a terrorist attack since the 1980s is called the “A-Team of terrorists”? Just saying…):

The first event is the Israeli blatant and manifest aggression against the T-4 base or airport on the outskirts of Homs, that targeted Iranian forces from the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution of Iran who were present there, hitting them with a large number of missiles, causing 7 martyrs among its officers and soldiers and wounding others. This was a new, significant and important event. Maybe some people do not pay attention to its importance and magnitude. In this operation, Israel has deliberately killed (Iranian soldiers). This is an unprecedented event. In the past, Israel has struck us [Hezbollah] for example in Quneitra, and it turned out that coincidentally Guardians [of the Islamic Revolution] officers were with us. Israel declared hastily that they did not know it, and thought that all (targeted soldiers) were Hezbollah’s. This is an event that has no precedent since 7 years, it is unprecedented since 7 years, that Israel openly targets the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution in Syria, killing deliberately, in an operation that caused a number of martyrs and wounded (…) I want to tell the Israelis that they must know – I wrote that statement accurately and I read it to them – they must know that they have committed a historic mistake. This is not a simple blunder. They committed an act of great stupidity, and by this aggression, they entered in a direct confrontation with Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran. And Iran, O Zionists, is not a small country, it is not a weak country, and it is not a cowardly country. And you know it very well. As a comment on this incident, I stress that it constitutes a turning point in the situation of the region. What follows will be very different from what preceded it. This is an incident that cannot be considered lightly, contrary to what happens with many incidents here. It is a turning point, a historic turning point. And when the Israelis committed this stupid act, they had some assessment (of the situation), but I tell them that their evaluation is false. And even in the future, since you have opened a new path in the confrontation, (you should ensure) not to be wrong in your evaluations. In this new path you opened and initiated, don’t be wrong in your assessment, when you are face to face, and directly (in conflict) with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I can only agree with this evaluation. As does The Jerusalem PostNBC News, and many others. Regardless of how crazy this notion might sound to rational people (see below), there are all the signs that the Israelis are now demanding that the USA start a war against Iran, either by choice or more likely, to “stand by our Israeli allies and friends” after they attack Iran first.

Israel is truly a unique and amazing country: not only does it openly and brazenly completely ignore international law, not only is it the last overtly racist country on the planet, not only has it been perpetuating a slow-motion genocide against the Palestinians for decades, it also constantly uses its considerable propaganda resources to advocate for war. And in order to achieve these goals, it does not mind allying itself with a regime almost as despicable and evil as the Zionist one – I am talking about the Wahabi nutcases in the KSA. And all that under the high patronage of the United States. Some “Axis of Kindness” indeed!

What is their plan? Actually, it is fairly straightforward.

The Israeli plan “A” (failed)

Initially, the plan was to overthrow all the secular (Baathist) regimes in power and replace them by religious nutcases. That would not only weaken the countries infected by that spiritual rot, it would set them backwards for many decades, some of them would break up into smaller entities, Arabs and Muslims would kill each other in large numbers while the Israelis would proudly claim that they are a “western country” and the “only democracy in the Middle-East”. Even better, when the Daesh/ISIS/al-Qaeda/etc types commit atrocities on an industrial scale (and always on camera, professionally filmed, by the way), the slow-motion genocide of Palestinians would really be completely forgotten. If anything, Israeli would declare itself threatened by “Islamic extremism” and, well, extend a couple of “security zones” beyond its borders (legal or otherwise), and do regular bombing runs “because Arabs only understand force” (which would get the Israelis a standing ovation from the “Christian” Zionist rednecks in the USA who love the killing of any Aye-rabs and other “sand niggers”). At the end of all this, the Zionist wet dream: unleashing the Daesh forces against Hezbollah (which they fear and hate since the humiliating defeat the IDF suffered in 2006).

Now I will readily agree that this is a stupid plan. But contrary to the propaganda-induced myth, the Israelis are really not very bright. Pushy, arrogant, nasty, driven – yes. But smart? Not really. How could they not realize that overthrowing Saddam Hussein would result in Iran becoming the main player in Iraq? This is a testimony of how the Israelis always go for “quick-fix” short-term “solutions”, probably blinded by their arrogance and sense of racial superiority. Or how about their invasion of Lebanon in 2006? What in the world did they think they would achieve there? And now these folks are taking on not Hezbollah, but Iran. Hassan Nasrallah is absolutely correct, that is a truly stupid decision. But, of course, the Israelis now have a “plan B”:

The Israeli plan “B”

Step one, use your propaganda machine and infiltrated agents to re-start the myth about an Iranian military nuclear program. And never mind that the so-called “The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” was agreed upon by all five of the UNSC Permanent Members, and Germany (P5+1) and even the European Union! And never mind that this plan places restrictions on Iran which no other country has ever had to ever face, especially considering that since 1970 Iran has been a member in good standing with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) while Israel, of course, is not. But the Zionists and their Neocon groupies are, of course, quite exceptional people, so they are constrained by neither facts nor logic. If Trump says that the JCPOA is a terrible deal, then this is so. Hey, we are living in the “post-Skripal” and “post-Douma” era – if some Anglo (or Jewish) leaders say “highly likely” then it behooves everybody to show instant “solidarity” lest they are accused of “anti-Semitism” or “fringe conspiracy theories” (you know the drill). So step one is the re-ignition ex nihilo of the Iranian military nuclear program canard.

Step two is to declare that Israel is “existentially threatened” and therefore has the right to “defend itself”. But there is a problem here: the IDF simply does not have the military means to defeat the Iranians. They can strike them, hit a couple of targets, yes, but then when the Iranians (and Hezbollah) unleash a rain of missiles on Israel (and probably the KSA) the Israelis will not have the means to respond. They know that, but they also know that the Iranian counter-attack will give them the perfect pretext to scream “oy vey!! oy, gevalt!!” and let the dumb Americans fight the Iranians.

You might object that the USA does not have a mutual defense treaty with Israel. You are wrong. It does, it is called AIPAC. Besides, last year the USA established a permanent US military base in Israel, making it a “tripwire”: just claim that “the Ayatollahs” tried to attack the US base with “chemical weapons” and, bingo, you now have a pretext to use all your military forces in retaliation, including, by the way, your tactical nuclear forces to “disarm” the “genocidal Iranians who want to wipe Israel off the map” or some variation of this nonsense.

You might wonder what the point of all that would be if Iran does, as I say, not have any military nuclear program?

My answer would be simple: do you really think the Syrians have been using chemical weapons?!

Of course not!

All this nonsense about Saddam’s WMD, the Iranian nuclear program, the Syrian chemical weapons or, for that matter, Gaddafi’s “Viagra armed raping soldiers”, and before that the “Racak massacre” in Kosovo or the various “Markale market” atrocities in Sarajevo for that matter: these were just pretexts for aggression, nothing more.

In Iran’s case, what the Israelis fear is not that they will be “wiped off the map” (that is a mistranslation of words originally spoken by Ayatollah Khomenei) by Iranian nukes; what really freaks them out is to have a large, successful Muslim regional power like Iran openly daring to denounce Israel as an illegitimate, racist state. The Iranians are also openly denouncing the US imperialism and they are even denouncing the Wahabi dictatorship of the House of Saud. That is Iran’s real “sin”: to dare defy openly the AngloZionist Empire and be so successful at it!

So what the Israelis really want to do is:

  1. inflict a maximum amount of economic damage upon Iran
  2. punish the Iranian population for daring to support the “wrong” leaders
  3. overthrow the Islamic Republic (do to it what they did to Serbia)
  4. make an example to dissuade any other country who dares to follow in Iran’s footsteps
  5. prove the omnipotence of the AngloZionist Empire’s

To reach this objective, there is no need to invade Iran: a sustained cruise missile and bombing campaign will do the job (again, like in Serbia). Finally, we just have to assume that the Zionists are evil, arrogant and crazy enough to use nuclear weapons on some Iranian facilities (which they will, of course, designate as “secret military nuclear research” installations).

The Israelis hope that by making the USA hit Iran really hard, they will weaken the country enough to also weaken Hezbollah and the other allies of Iran in the region sufficiently and break the so-called “Shia crescent”.

In their own way, the Israelis are not wrong when they say that Iran is an existential threat to Israel. They are just lying about the nature of this threat and why it is dangerous for them.

Consider this:

IF the Islamic Republic is allowed to develop and prosper and IF the Islamic Republic refuses to be terrified by the IDF’s undisputed ability to massacre civilians and destroy public infrastructure, then the Islamic Republic will become an attractive alternative to the kind of repugnant Islam embodied by the House of Saud which, in turn, is the prime sponsor of all the collaborator regimes in the Middle-East from the Hariri types in Lebanon to the Palestinian Authority itself. The Israelis like their Arabs fat and corrupt to the bone, not principled and courageous. That is why Iran must, absolutely must, be hit: because Iran by its very existence threatens the linchpin upon which the survival of the Zionist entity depends: the total corruption of the Arab and Muslim leaders worldwide.

Risks with Israel’s plan “B”

Think of 2006. The Israelis had total air supremacy over Lebanon – the skies were simply uncontested. The Israelis also controlled the seas (at least until Hezbollah almost sank their Sa’ar 5-class corvette). The Israelis pounded Lebanon with everything they had, from bombs to artillery strikes, to missiles. They also engaged their very best forces, including their putatively ‘”invincible” “Golani Brigade”. And that for 33 days. And they achieved exactly *nothing*. They could not even control the town of Bint Jbeil right across the Israeli border. And now comes the best part: Hezbollah kept its most capable forces north of the Litany river so the small Hezbollah force (no more than 1000 man) was composed of local militias supported by a much smaller number of professional cadre. That a 30:1 advantage in manpower for the Israelis. But the “invincible Tsahal” got it’s collective butt kicked like few have ever been kicked in history. This is why, in the Arab world, this war is since known as the “Divine Victory”.

As for Hezbollah, it continued to rain down rockets on Israel and destroy indestructible Merkava tanks right up to the last day.

There are various reports discussing the reasons for the abject failure of the IDF (see here or here), but the simple reality is this: to win a war you need capable boots on the ground, especially against an adversary who has learned how to operate without air-cover or superior firepower. Should Israel manipulate the USA into attacking Iran, the exact same thing will happen: CENTCOM will establish air superiority and have an overwhelming firepower advantage over the Iranians, but other than destroying a lot of infrastructure and murdering scores of civilians, this will achieve absolutely nothing. Furthermore, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is no Milosevic, he will not simply surrender in the hope that Uncle Sam will allow him to stay in power. The Iranians will fight, and fight, and continue to fight for weeks, and months and then possibly years. And, unlike the “Axis of Kindness” forces, the Iranians do have credible and capable “boots on the ground”, and not only in Iran, but also in Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan. And they have the missiles to reach a very large number of US military facilities across the region. And they can also not only shut down the Strait of Hormuz (which the USN would eventually be able to re-open, but only at a cost of a huge military operation on the Iranian coast), they can also strike at Saudi Arabia proper and, of course, at Israel. In fact, the Iranian have both the manpower and know-how to declare “open season” on any and all US forces in the Middle-East, and there are plenty of them, mostly very poorly defended (that imperial sense of impunity “they would not dare”).

The Iran-Iraq war lasted for eight years (1980-1988). It cost the Iranians hundreds of thousands of lives (if not more). The Iraqis had the full support of the USA, the Soviet Union, France and pretty much everybody else. As for the Iranian military, it had just suffered from a traumatic revolution. The official history (meaning Wikipedia) calls the outcome a “stalemate”. Considering the odds and the circumstances, I call it a magnificent Iranian victory and a total defeat for those who wanted to overthrow the Islamic Republic (something which decades of harsh sanctions also failed to achieve, by the way).

Is there any reason at all to believe that this time around, when Iran has had almost 40 years to prepare for a full-scale AngloZionist attack the Iranians will fight less fiercely or less competently? We could also look at the actual record of the US armed forces (see Paul Craig Roberts’ superb summary here) and ask: do you think that the USA, lead by the likes of Trump, Bolton or Nikki Haley will have the staying power to fight the Iranians to exhaustion (since a land invasion of Iran is out of the question)? Or this: what will happen to the world economy if the entire Middle-East blows up into a major regional war?

Now comes the scary part: both the Israelis and the Neocons always, always, double-down. The notion of cutting their losses and stopping what is a self-evidently mistaken policy is simply beyond them. Their arrogance simply cannot survive even the appearance of having made a mistake (remember how both Dubya and Olmert declared that they had won against Hezbollah in 2006?). As soon as Trump and Netanyahu realize that they did something really fantastically stupid and as soon as they run out of their usual options (missile and airstrikes first, then terrorizing the civilian population) they will have a stark and simple choice: admit defeat or use nukes.

Which one do you think they will choose?


Going nuclear?

Here is the paradox: in purely military terms, using nukes on Iran will serve no pragmatic purpose. Nuclear weapons can be used in one of two ways: against military assets (“counterforce”) or against civilians (“countervalue”). The point is that by the time the Neocons and their Israeli patrons come to the point of considering using tactical nuclear forces against the Iranians, there won’t be a good target to hit. Iranian forces will be dispersed and mostly in contact with allied (or even US forces) and nuking an Iranian battalion or even a division won’t fundamentally alter the military equation. As for nuking Iranian cities just out of savagery, this will only serve one purpose: to truly get Israel wiped off the map of the Middle-East. I would not put it past the Neocons and their Israeli bosses to try to use a tactical nuclear weapon to destroy some Iranian civilian nuclear facility or some underground bunker with the very mistaken hope that such a show of force and determination will force the Iranians to submit to the AngloZionist Empire. In reality, this will only infuriate the Iranians and strengthen their resolve.

As for the currently “macronesque” Europeans, they will, of course, first show “solidarity” on the basis of “highly likely”, especially Poland, the Ukies and the Baltic statelets, but if nuclear weapons start going off in the Middle-East, then the European public opinion will explode, especially in Mediterranean countries, and this might just trigger yet another major crisis. Israel wouldn’t give a damn (or, as always, blame it all on some totally mysterious resurgence of anti-Semitism), but the USA most definitely does not want the Anglo grip on the continent compromised by such events.

Maybe a Korean scenario?

Is there a chance that all the huffing and puffing will result in some kind of peaceful resolution as what seems to be in the works in Korea? Alas, probably not.

A few months ago it sure looked like the USA might do something irreparably stupid in Korea (see here and here) but then something most unexpected happened: the South Koreans, fully realizing the inanity of Trump’s reckless threats, took the situation in their own hands and began making overtures to the North. Plus all the rest of the regional neighbors emphatically and clearly told Trump & Co. that the consequences of a US attack on the DPRK would be apocalyptic for the entire region. Alas, there are two fundamental differences between the Korean Peninsula and the Middle-East:

  1. On the Korean Peninsula, the local US ally (the ROK) does not want war. In the Middle-East it is the local US ally (Israel) which pushes the hardest for a war.
  2. In Far-East Asia all the regional neighbors were and are categorically opposed to war. In the Middle-East most regional neighbors are sold out to the Saudis who also want the US to attack Iran.

So while the risks and consequences of a conflagration are similar between the two regions, the local geopolitical dynamics are completely different?

What about Russia in all this?

Russia will never *choose* to go to war with the USA. But Russia also understands that Iran’s security and safety is absolutely crucial to her own security, especially along her southern borders. Right now there is a fragile equilibrium of sorts between the (also very powerful) Zionist lobby in Russia and the national/patriotic elements. In truth, the recent Israeli attacks in Syria have given more power to the anti-Zionist elements in Russia, hence all the talk about (finally!) delivering the S-300s to Syria. Well, we will see if/when that happens. My best guesstimate is that it might already have happened and that this is simply kept quiet to restrain both the Americans and the Israelis who have no way of knowing what equipment the Russians have already delivered, where it is located or, for that matter, who (Russians or Syrians) actually operate it. This kind of ambiguity is useful to placate the pro-Zionist forces in Russia and to complicate AngloZionist planning. But maybe this is my wishful thinking, and maybe the Russians have not delivered the S-300s yet or, if they have, maybe these are the (not very useful) S-300P early models (as opposed to the S-300PMU-2 which would present a huge risk to the Israelis).

The relationship between Russia and Israel is a very complex one (see here and here), but if Iran is attacked I fully expect the Russians, especially the military, to back Iran and provide military assistance short of overtly engaging US/Israeli/NATO/CENTCOM forces. If the Russians are directly attacked in Syria (and in the context of a wider war, they very well might be), then Russia will counter-attack regardless of who the attacker is, the USA or Israel or anybody else: the Zionist lobby in Russia does not have the power to impose a “Liberty-like event” on the Russian public opinion).

Conclusion: Accursed are the warmakers, for they shall be called the children of Satan

The Israelis can eat falafels, create “Israeli kufiyeh” and fancy themselves as “orientals”, but the reality is that the creation of the state of Israel is a curse on the entire Middle-East to which has only brought untold suffering, brutality, corruption and wars, wars and more wars. And they are still at it – doing all they can to trigger a large regional war in which many tens or even hundreds of thousands of innocent people will die. The people of the USA have now allowed a dangerous cabal of psychopathic Neocons to fully take control of their country and now those, who Papa Bush used to call the “crazies in the basement” have their finger on the nuclear button. So now it all boils down to the questions I opened this article with:

Dear US Americans – do you want to die for Israel? Do you want to lose your job for Israel? How about your pension? Maybe just your stock options? Because make no mistake, the US Empire will not survive a full-scale war against Iran. Why? Because all Iran needs to do to “win” is not to lose, i.e. to survive. Even bombed out and scorched by conventional or nuclear strikes, if Iran comes out of this war still as an Islamic Republic (and that is not something bombs or missiles will change) then Iran will have won. In contrast, for the Empire, the failure to bring Iran to its knees will mean the end of its status as the world Hegemon defeated not by a nuclear superpower, but by a regional conventional power. After that, it will just be a matter of time before the inevitable domino effect breaks up the entire Empire (check out Richard Greer’s excellent book “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” for a very plausible account on how that could happen)

Okay, unlike Russia, Iran cannot nuke the USA or, for that matter, even reach it with conventional weapons (I don’t even think that the Iranians will successfully attack a US carrier as some pro-Iranian analysts say). But the political and economic consequences of a full-scale war in the Middle-East will be felt throughout the United States: right now the only thing “backing” the US dollar, so to speak, are USN aircraft carriers and their ability to blow to smithereens any country daring to disobey Uncle Sam. The fact that these carriers are (and, truly, have been for a long while) useless against the USSR and Russia is bad enough, but if it becomes known urbi et orbi that they are also useless against a conventional regional power like Iran, then that’s it, show over. The dollar will turn into monopoly money in a very short span of time.

Wars often have “Nietzschean consequences”: countries which wars don’t destroy often come out even stronger than before they were attacked, even if it is at a horrendous price. Both the Israelis and the Neocons are too dialectically illiterate to realize that by their actions they are just creating increasingly more powerful enemies. The old Anglo guard which ran the USA since its foundation was probably wiser, possibly because it was better educated and more aware of the painful lessons learned by the British (and other) Empire(s).

Frankly, I hope that the ruling 1%ers running the USA today (well, they are really much less than 1%, but never mind that) will care about their wealth and money more than they care about appeasing the Neocons and that the bad old Anglo imperialists who built this country will have enough greed in themselves to tell the Neocons and their Israeli patrons to get lost. But with the Neocons controlling both wings of the Uniparty and the media, I am not very hopeful.

Still, there is a chance that, like in Korea, somebody somewhere will say or do the right thing, and that awed by the potential magnitude of what they are about to trigger, enough people in the US military will follow the example of Admiral William Fallon and CENTCOM commander at the time who told the President “an attack on Iran will not happen on my watch”. I believe for his principled courage, the words of Christ “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God” (Matt 5:9) can be applied to Admiral Fallon and I hope that his example will inspire others.

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LR captain

were F**ked – US/Israel will use nukes if Assad regains full control over the country. they are just too unstable.

im going to go stock up on canned soup and print off some schematics for home made water purifiers and power generators.


Israhell and a Brotherhood of approximately 100 million NeoCon-Crypto-ZioChristian-Psychopathic-Fucktards in the U.S. are out for Salvation by “the Lord of Israhell” a.k.a “Lucifer”

Lazy Gamer

“Lets doh it” lol
The US, and Israel to a lesser extent, created their enemy in Iran. Now that Iran has a capability, they will have to double down lol


The Saker’s Sanity… what a relieve at least someone that still writes objective sharp analysis… mister Paul G. Roberts… perhaps you can follow his example… the U.S. will stay IsraHells Bitch… till the second cummin’ of Christ…

Paranam Kid

Hopefully we won’t have to wait till Christ’s “2nd cummin’ “.
By the way, his 1st cummin’ did not result in kids (as far as we know), it only resulted in a religion. What will his 2nd cummin’ spawn?


This is what they think of it themselves….


US-Navy Revert Shia

What a load of (((((AngloZoinist Biblical BULL-SHIT))))))) FROM THE(((((( JAILED Mr. SCOFIELD & his Rothschilds (((((comment image comment image comment image comment image SCOFIELD-REFERENCE BIBLE))))) ordered & paid for by Zio Communist Rothschilds HOMO THIEF’S


The second one is a lot better… it explains how the Elite is using Religions to make us fight eachother…..

David Adams

ISRAEL IN THE BIBLICAL SENSE IS NOT A GEOGRAPHICAL TRACT OF LAND !!! The theological argument for Zionism is not only bunk from a secular point of view, but is also a wholesale fabrication from a scriptural perspective, representing a continued rebelliousness against Yahweh and his Torah, and the teachings of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus the Christ) in the New Testament.

Zionism redefines the true essential nature of the People of Israel, and substitutes for it a completely contradictory and opposite character – a materialistic worldly nation. The truth is that the Jewish faith and Zionism are two very different philosophies. They are as opposite as day and night. Zionism’s goal was and is to change the nature of the Jewish people from that of a religious entity to a political movement. From Zionism’s inception the spiritual leaders of the Jewish people stood in staunch opposition to it.

Paranam Kid

I am not sure why you replied to me like this, but I can assure you that I fully agree with your comment. Furthermore, Zionism, or Ziofascism to be more precise, does not even have any justification for what is has done since the fraudulent creation of ‘Israhel’.
Thus, the Ziofascists conflate their purely racist political ideology with an honourable religion so as to maintain their legitimacy. Israhel of course has compltely delegitimised itself with its apartheid & genocide policies.

The modern geographical location of the country is here to stay, but the political system of the country has no legitimacy, and like apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany, needs to be dismantled completely and rebuilt from the ground up into a truly democratic country with equal rights for ALL its citizens. And that means the West Bank and Gaza will have to be merged with Israhel into a new state, because the 2-state solution is definitely dead – there are now too many settlers in the West Bank who cannot be brought back to Israhel and at the same time they would not accept to live in a totally independent Palestine where they would be a minority.

S Melanson

This article brings up some interesting points but determination/perseverance are necessary to plod through to the end of the article which is in need of some serious editing to tighten arguments.

For me, the most interesting point in the article is quoting Hezbollah on the significance of IDF deliberately targeting Iranian military personnel. The Saker provided a good lead up to the quote that built up my interest and the quote itself, being quite ominous, left me intrigued as to why this profound statement from Hezbollah (made in a televised address on April 8) had only now come to my attention nearly a month after the fact. I also was intrigued as to what insights Saker would provide. To my surprise, Saker not only fails to provide fresh insights, he makes false attributions.

Saker oddly refers to Nasrallah’s speech as an evaluation. It is not an evaluation, it is a clear warning to Israel of the consequences of its actions given the relevant historical context. Saker then states the Jerusalem Post and NBC are in agreement with Nasrallah’s ‘evaluation’. This is a missattribution as the Jerusalem Post article reports on the speech for what it is, a warning to Israel and does not comment on the veracity of the threat or how Israel should respond. The article does however quote other Hezbollah officials that had some very interesting things to say: (1) Hezbollah does not believe a direct confrontation between the USA and Russia will occur in Syria despite the rising tensions (2) Hezbollah does not plan to ‘open a new front’ with Israel and does not expect Israel to start a war in Lebanon ‘for now’. I recommend reading the Jerusalem Post article (Saker provides link below the quote in the article above).

Given the title ‘The Warmakers’, and that, according to Saker, ‘every single word [of Hezbollah] you can take to the bank’, the two statements above I refer to seem to be highly relevant. For example, that a new front will not be opened for now suggests they are waiting for completin of clearing most jihadi pockets in Syria before considering taking on Israel, which may explain the restraint in response to Israeli provocations to date. This has been discussed at length in comments to Southfront articles. Nasrallah’s warning also suggests that Israel will pay and I assume this will be once Syria has vanquished the jihadist groups.

Note that The Jerusalem Post is showing journalistic integrity as they quote the Hezbollah leadership without interjecting opinion, taking out of context etc. In fact, Hezbollah comes across quite well – very direct, well spoken and measured in their public statements, and they show a level of restraint that sets them apart from the typical bombastic ‘terrorist’ organization – I do not agree that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization.

To close off, a few other observations:

For Israel, Hezbollah is the ‘A-team of terrorists’ has little to do with the voracity of their public statements, it is because of the sound thrashing they gave the IDF in 2006.

Regarding Israeli Plan A, I was unaware Iran is a secular regime.

True, Plan A is a stupid plan, but it is not and was never the Israeli (or US) plan. Call Israeli’s what you like, but they are not stupid. Further, the crude name calling has no place in any serious article.

The ‘illiterate’ know they are making their enemies more powerful. How else to justify feeding the ravenous military industrial complex after the fall of the Soviet Union.

On a positive, I found the discussion of Russian internal tensions over policy towards Israel very interesting and would like to see more discussion of this.


Thank you – much appreciated.

PS “Secular Baathist” excludes Iran – Iran is neither Arab nor Baathist.

US-Navy Revert Shia


S Melanson

Yes, true. Sometimes one forgets Iran is ethnically Persian which is distinct from Arabic.

Thank you for your supportive reply.

Steve Bell

Plan A, the overthrow of Assad, has been an Israeli agenda item from the start. Why do you think the SAA found Israeli made weapons in the Douma tunnels? “Assad will be gone in 6 months” is what Shimon Peres said in 2011, just as the attempt at unseating Assad began. Arrogance can be just as bad as stupidity.

S Melanson

I do not dispute this as it is clearly the intent. But a plan has objectives and then the strategy (means) to achieve those objectives. I believe that what Saker describes are means to an end, as they are not in of themselves the objectives of ‘Plan A’. I should have been clearer on this in my original post.

The burning question is for what purpose is this agenda to takedown Syria and other nation states? – as described by retired US General W. Clark in a March 2007 interview

Good point on stupidity and arrogance – could It be said that arrogance makes smart people stupid! That said, I question assertions that the US were foolish and poorly implemented their interventionist policies of regime change due to the chaos that followed that seemed to empower US enemies.

After Iraq and Afghanistan, did not the lessons get learned, or is the US really stupid. I find the consistency of the disastrous aftermath of US interventions one after another (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc…) suggest such outcomes are intentional. The current project in Syria is instructive – compare Russia/Syrian liberation of cities versus US (and proxies) ‘liberation’ such as Raqqa.

Yes, these countries are being taken down, but the method is particularly brutal. Why?


Good criticism & complementation to this article…thanks

S Melanson

Thank you.


May i complement you on your high level of insight on the matters of geo-politics?
I am of the opinion that your contributions elevate the standards of this forum.
Hope to read more from you!
P.S. Forgive the lateness of my reply.

S Melanson

No need to apologize for a late reply, I have at times replied to posts even a month or more after the comment was posted. What is more important is what you say and I greatly appreciate your supportive words. I think there is a growing handful that post high quality comments and are making a difference. I will write more and hope you do as well.

Terry Lawrence

“countries which wars don’t destroy often come out even stronger than before they were attacked, even if it is at a horrendous price.” Think USSR, Vietnam or both Koreas.


Saker; we thank you.
Your statement that hit me the hardest was;
“The Israeli’s like their Arabs fat and corrupt to the bone, not principled and courageous”………….
“Iran by its very existence threatens the linchpin upon which the very survival of the Zionist entity depends, the absolute corruption of the Arab and Muslim leaders worldwide”.
That generally sums up the difference between the Arab Sunnis and the Caucasian Shia of Iran.
While the combination of NATO (US) and Israel could no doubt take out Iran,
but Iran would take out Israel and Saudi Arabia completely on their way down.
Thank God for saner minds like Admiral W. Fallon, ” an attack on Iran will not happen on my watch”.

Khazar Agent

Mr. Saker is great analyst. He has only one weakness: He never heard and never understand Khazaria Empire, importance of conversion from Phallus adoring religion to Judaism in Khazaria Empire and consequences of demise Khazaria Empire. He doesn’t understand that Khazaria Empire is today Russian Federation (part). He doesn’t understand that Khazar folks have not right to murder Semitic folks. He doesn’t understand that Palestinians are Semitic folks and descendants of real Hebrew people. He doesn’t understand that word “JEWS” was invented in 18th Century nad later used in falsification of older books. Without these knowledge, it is impossible understand events of 20th Century and todays events.

There is appeal to here readers and writers: Please use original word: KHAZARS. With this original word everyone will understand this brutal zionist scam. Zionism may be defeated without one shot, simply use original word KHAZARS and miracle will happen.


But I have one question…: Where are all the Jews protesting against those Evil Khazars… it is their Leaders that shepherd the Jews and Crypto-Zio-Christians… the Jews control the Narrative… the Jews that will make themselves heard at least show good will…


Don’t blame Khazars for everything, Zionism is 100% jewish. Read about ancient Jews, Maccabean revolt, something they still celebrate (when they slaughtered Greeks and all non-fanatical Jews), Kitos War – they killed 1million people/ non jewish civilians/ all over the Roman empire back in 115AD, which is incredible number for that time, for no other reason but religious terrorism (something they invented). They were vile, they still are: sick, fanatical psychos, who believe they are ‘the chosen people’ and they should rule the world.



Every road leads to The Talmud. Apart from being Goyim, we all are Amekalites!

Paranam Kid

Excellent analysis, as most of your articles.
I personally believe that a 1st direct attack on Iran the country – not its forces in Syria, that has already happened – both Iran and Hezbollah will respond immediately with a missile rain on the entire geographic spread of the Ziofascist entity. The destruction, chaos and deaths that causes will force the US & Ziofascist psychopaths in Washington and Jerusalem to stop.

The Ziofascist entity is effectively the weak underbelly of the Empire-in-decline, and Iran should use that to the full.


A subplot in the article, but still: instead of comparing Iran to Serbia, I would compare Serbia to Israel: incapable of talking to their neighbours, military far superior to their fellow republics of the SFR Yugoslavia, arrogant – in short: the classical behaviour of the “Complex of the victim”.

Daniel Martin

Interesting how one can identify a fact twisting Croat by listening how he spews vitriol over the Serbs comparing them to “Isreal” Tell me boy, when did the Serbs openly commit any aggression or use force against any of their neighbors from a starting point as a deliberate plan? The only country that has done that on a historically proven basis, where the nazi collaborators and allie the Croatian NDH, which murderd 750 k Serbs,Romas and jews in their concentration camps across the NDH between 1941-1945 one of the most known deathcamps was the notorious Jasenovac concentration camp. So if we should compare any country in the former Yugoslavia to Israel today it should be Croatia not Serbia.


As I said: victims complex (a psychopathological condition). Btw: I was writing about SFRYu (not about the Serbian kingdom)


False parallels drawn by Z1. The “Z” in his nomen identifies him as a zionist. The number 1 reveals that he has pretensions to be the no 1 zionist.


I thought it had something to do with the first of the last (ones)… what do you think?


You mean the first of the last generation?


More sth. like the first of the f… up

US-Navy Revert Shia

Reading 99% of the comments people who read this real news Outlet are Not Believers in GOD Look no-1 is going to drop a Fucking Nuke On Syria Or Iran maybe a small Mini Nuke like ISISraHELL Dropped last week in Syria That’s About It, The AngloZionist Neo-Cons Do Not Believe in God Or Isa-Ibn-Mary (A) & The Day when all will be On Trial in Divine Court This is all they have & will not Kill themselves….Pictured below is a Mini Nuke We Used In NAM PEOPLEcomment image


If No.1 starts to Nuke shit…. I hope they will Completely Nuke No.1 of the Face of the Earth…whatever the consequences…if you Nuke… you better Nuke it Bloody Good… Completely clear the Surface…

Manuel Flores Escobar

Warmongers failed in North Korea…not only that South Korea or japan feared Nukes..also a new Vietnam with Ho chi min route from China and Rusia to supply NK…Iran is the same case.. they havent Nukes…but Iran can cut off Ormuz strait, launch hundred or thousands of ballistic missile and receive weapons from Caspian in a new Ho chi min route!…Ormuz closed is the atomic bomb vs western economy!

Manuel Flores Escobar

Netanyahu can sleep calm …while Israel dont build&Links Arab gas pipeline( gulf states+Egipt to jordan-Haifa-Cyprus-EU)…otherwise Putin will allow a Shia army+Palestines+SAA near Israel borders..beside the supply of sofisticate weapons( S-300,Pantsir S2+BastionP+Iskander+Smerch)…to them!…

achiles Greeko

Destruction. of. devil-israel is. unavoidable. Devil-israelis. are. hated worldwide

achiles Greeko

n. the. coming. months. zionist. will. be. attacked. everywhere. especially. in. England. and. USA

Brother Thomas

Excellent analysis.

Brother Thomas

The greatest deterrent to an all out attack on Iran (or Syria) would be if Israel was guaranteed to get hit hard in the process. The US and Israel are both unable to withstand casualties. This might then increase the prospects of peace.


Just Obliterate Israhell with Randomly fired Missiles, Rockets, Mortars… basically anything that says BooOM! When they start their little war… Light’m up…Tel Aviv should turn the night into day…


Hezbollah proved that, the number of body bags returned to isreal made the nappy wearing IDF fill them to the brim, and the rest to wail. Isreal begged for a cease fire!


Eh, Saker again talking about apples, but then for the sake
of his argument splits them into two groups and then proceeds to describe them
as apples and oranges. Yes, the Saudis, Iranians, Hezbollah, Uighurs, Turks,
Albanians, Bosnians, Rohingya, Tatars etc. are all one anti-Christian family
with disagreements, as usual. None of them are Russian friends. Here are a few
links that will show how right he is about his beloved Iranian fundamentalist
On the other hand, the fact that Russia has made itself free
of natural friends and allies and that it finds itself in the most unfavorable
company with Iranian and Turkish Islamists with whom it had NO POSITIVE historical
interaction, is a different subject. Is it necessary to glorify one of the most
primitive regimes in the world to show how precarious the world situation is? And, how does it
square that the Iran’s security and safety is absolutely crucial to her own (Russia’s) security, but
Armenian, Ukrainian and Kazakhstan’s is not. Take look at the map! I do not necessarily
have to be pro-Jewish if I say that I would prefer to be a goy servant to the
Jews (as the theory goes) rather than have my head chopped on the pedestal of “the
prophet” Muhammad.


“how does it square that the Iran’s security and safety is absolutely crucial to her own (Russia’s) security”


You can call me Al

A simple question here. Do you know any people from the following or have you ever been to any of the lands that your so called anti-Christian family come from; namely Saudis, Iranians, Hezbollah, Uighurs, Turks, Albanians, Bosnians, Rohingya, Tatars ?


The Jews are in the Headchopper-Sponsoring Business… they Pay those Extremist Takfiri, Wahhabi, Headchopping, Psychopathic Mercenaries… together with the United Kingdom, the U.S.S.A., Wahhabistan, France & some other Motherfuckers….so basically those are the real Terrorists RIGHT? Bring on your war…..I will love Killing them KidKillers…


You are deluded, not heard that US and isreal are supplying and funding those headchoppers? Not heard about US funding headchopper terrorists called White Helmets? Who has been bombing Syria each time Assad’s troops were about to defeat ISIS et al? Who benefits most from weakened Iraq, Libya, Iran and Lebanon?

Look up “Project for A New American Century” and “The Oded Yinon Plan” and you may find out some facts!

Enjoy your enslavement, it appears you are and have been a slave for a while.


Another superb appraisal of the problems in the Middle East.


For all this madness to stop, Russia should let Iran get hypersonic long range missiles that can hit aircraft carrier groups. Like the West is equipping all its friends properly. Russia should do the same.

The Anglo-zionists are using another set of rules in this game, to even the playing field Russia should use the same rules.


This is a long read by the Saker. What is the point of trying to absolve
the COWARDS OF RUSSIA? More or less we all understand by now that we
should not place any of our hopes in Russia. Certainly not the Putin’s

David Adams

??Iran does not have a nuclear bomb and is signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
?? Israel has nuclear weapons and refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty making Israel ineligible for US foreign aid
??Iran has not launched an aggressive war since 1775, when Karim Khan Zand sent an army against Omar Pasha in Basra in neighboring Iraq.
?? Israel has and continues to violate the sovereignty of neighboring nations
??Modern Iran has not occupied the territory of its neighbors.
?? Israel has and currently is
??All the people ruled over by Iran can vote in national elections and even Iranian Jews have a representative in parliament.
?? not everyone under Israeli rule have voting rights.

For Israeli Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Iran provides the monster needed to rationalize and divert attention from his own disastrous and brutal policies in the West Bank and Gaza. Also is it a much-needed distraction from the five corruption investigations he is currently under. During the 1980s, the monster was Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

Israeli Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to plunge America into an insensible, senseless and uncalled for war with Iran. If Benjamin Netanyahu wants to fight a war with Iran he should use his own citizens of Israel to fight and die. How does a war with Iran based on falsehoods, fabrications, and lies benefit any American ?

The warmongering, anti-Arab, racist war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu is the government leader of a foreign nation that has its own agenda which is contrary to US interests. Iran hasn’t invaded anyone or, indeed, started a war in more than 200 years.

“It’s often been observed that the first casualty of war is the truth. But that’s a lie, too, in its way. The reality is that, for most wars to begin, the truth has to have been sacrificed a long time in advance”
–L. Neil Smith

David Adams

??Iran does not have a nuclear bomb and is signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
?? Israel has nuclear weapons and refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty making Israel ineligible for US foreign aid
??Iran has not launched an aggressive war since 1775, when Karim Khan Zand sent an army against Omar Pasha in Basra in neighboring Iraq.
?? Israel has and continues to violate the sovereignty of neighboring nations
??Modern Iran has not occupied the territory of its neighbors.
?? Israel has and currently is
??All the people ruled over by Iran can vote in national elections and even Iranian Jews have a representative in parliament.
?? not everyone under Israeli rule have voting rights.

For Israeli Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Iran provides the monster needed to rationalize and divert attention from his own disastrous and brutal policies in the West Bank and Gaza. Also is it a much-needed distraction from the five corruption investigations he is currently under. During the 1980s, the monster was Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

Israeli Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to plunge America into an insensible, senseless and uncalled for war with Iran. If Benjamin Netanyahu wants to fight a war with Iran he should use his own citizens of Israel to fight and die. How does a war with Iran based on falsehoods, fabrications, and lies benefit any American ?

The warmongering, anti-Arab, racist war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu is the government leader of a foreign nation that has its own agenda which is contrary to US interests. Iran hasn’t invaded anyone or, indeed, started a war in more than 200 years.

“It’s often been observed that the first casualty of war is the truth. But that’s a lie, too, in its way. The reality is that, for most wars to begin, the truth has to have been sacrificed a long time in advance”
–L. Neil Smith

David Adams

Those who believe that Israel is behind the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria hiding behind a “false flag” designed to implicate the Syrian government have very good reason to believe in such a scenario.

False flag refers to covert operations designed to deceive; the deception creates the appearance of a particular party (group or nation) being responsible for some activity, disguising the actual source of responsibility.

Israel created the modern “false flag” terror attack by bombing civilians while disguised as Arabs. Tellingly, the motto for the Jewish intelligence service wasn’t anything noble or honorable, it laid out their snakey method of engagement: “By way of deception, thou shalt do war!”

Israel has been caught red handed in numerous false flag operations. Not once, but several times. There was no investigation so how come immediately after the alleged event the US and Israel immediately blamed the Syrian government. It doesn’t seem odd that every time Trump talks about pulling troops out of Syria surprise surprise there’s a alleged chemical attack ?

The Syrian government and the Syrian people do not want the US in Syria also victory was in Assad’s grasp so why the hell would they commit a crime that would only prolong the US presence in Syria ? Assad would have to be the stupidest motherfucker on the planet.


I liked many aspects of the article, while some I do not agree with. Israel has many problems in the US that are growing, not diminishing. Let me lay some of them out as briefly as possible.

In the 60’s through the early 2000’s, two things have changed regarding Israel. During that period, Israel was highly regarded amongst ordinary Americans. Second, the US population was not casualty averse. Today, both of these factors nolonger exist. Israeli hard cores are not only telling a large portion of the US Jews that they are not really Jews but, Americans are increasingly appalled and disgusted with the IDF and BN. Daily, this negativity grows. Israel does not have carte blanche anymore. In fact, even in Congress, people are turning a very deaf ear to BN. There are jokes going around now about his curtain act regarding the revelation of Iranian nuclear secrets. He is becoming an irritating laughing stock.

Also going on by the daily, are the increasing number of my fellow citizens that are beyond sick and tired of the global domination party. I think this is why President Trump talked about getting out of Syria and the ME in general. There is not even a week of support for operations against Iran. Nearly everybody I know has zero patience for this, in light of everything going on over in the US. I am beginning to see that most of the current US moves in the ME, are tailored to sell a major line of crap, to those whom have been our ‘allies’ there. As I saw firsthand in 83′ during the Cold Ex op in Norway, being an ally doesn’t mean anything, because the knife is always there no matter how close we portray ourselves to be friends and allis. Israel, especially BN and Co., better wake up before they find themselves truly alone. I wish well to all.

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