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JUNE 2023

The Saker: “The US Aggression Against Venezuela as a Diagnostic Tool”

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Written by The Saker; originally appeared at The Unz Review

The Neocons never cease to amaze me and their latest stunt with Venezuela falls into this bizarre category of events which are both absolutely unthinkable and simultaneously absolutely predictable. This apparent logical contradiction is the direct result of a worldview and mindset which is, I believe, unique to the Neocons: a mix of imperial hubris and infinite arrogance, a complete lack of decency, a total contempt for the rest of mankind, crass ignorance, a narcissist/sociopath’s inability to have any kind of empathy or imagine another guy’s reaction and, finally, last but most certainly not least, crass stupidity. There is so much which can be said about the latest US aggression on Venezuela that entire books could be (and will be) written about this, but I want to begin by look at a few specific but nonetheless very symptomatic aspects:

“In your face” stupidity or bootcamp-like deliberate public humiliation?

Remember the almost universal reaction of horror when Bolton was appointed as National Security Advisor? Well, apparently, either the Neocons completely missed that, which I doubt, or they did what they always do and decided to double-down by retrieving Elliott Abrams from storage and appointing him US Special Envoy to Venezuela. I mean, yes, of course, the Neocons are stupid and sociopathic enough not to ever care about others, but in this case I think that we are dealing with a “Skripal tactic”: do something so ridiculously stupid and offensive that it places all your vassals before a stark choice: either submit and pretend like you did not notice or, alternatively, dare to say something and face with wrath of Uncle Shmuel (the Neocon’s version of Uncle Sam). And it worked, in the name of “solidarity” or whatever else, the most faithful lackeys of the Empire immediate fell in line behind the latest US aggression against a sovereign nation in spite of the self-evident fact that this aggression violates every letter of the most sacred principles of international law. This is exactly the same tactic as when they make you clean toilets with a toothbrush or do push-ups in the mud during basic training: not only to condition you to total obedience, but to make you publicly give up any semblance of dignity.

The Saker: "The US Aggression Against Venezuela as a Diagnostic Tool"

MAGA? really?

This is not just a case of history repeating itself like a farce, however. It is hard to overstate how totally offensive a character like Elliott Abrams is for every Latin American who remembers the bloody US debacle in Nicaragua. US vassals now have to give up any type of pretend-dignity in front of their own people and act as if Abrams was a respectable and sane human being.

I believe that this kind of “obedience conditioning by means of humiliation” is not just a case of the Neocons being idiots, but a deliberate tactic which will, of course, backfire and end up hurting US puppets worldwide (just like the pro-US Russian “liberal” opposition was eviscerated as a result of being associated by the Russian public opinion with the US policies against Russia, especially in the Ukraine).

Finally, these appointments also show that the senior-Neocons are frightened and paranoid as there are still plenty of very sharp junior-Neocon folks to chose from in the US, yet they felt the need to get Abrams from conservation and place him in a key position in spite of the strong smell of naphthalene emanating from him. This reminds me of the gerontocrats of the Soviet Politburo in the worst stagnation years who had to appoint the likes of Chernenko to top positions.

The one thing the Mr MAGA’s administration has in common with the late Brezhevian Politburo is its total inability to get anything done. My wife refers to the folks in the White House (since Dubya came to power) as the “gang that couldn’t shoot straight” and she is right (she always is!): they just can’t really get anything done anymore – all their half-assed pseudo-successes are inevitably followed by embarrassing failures.

As I wrote in my article “The good news about the Trump Presidency: stupid can be good!” these folks will only precipitate the collapse of the AngloZionist Empire, which is a very good thing. The bad thing is, of course, that the Neocons are negating any chance for a gradual, phased, collapse and are, instead, creating a dynamic in which a sudden, catastrophic, collapse becomes much more likely.

The Saker: "The US Aggression Against Venezuela as a Diagnostic Tool"

Now we have all seen the latest antic from Bolton: showing up with a yellow pad with “5,000 troops to Colombia” written on it. Again, this might be a case of Bolton being senile or not giving a damn, but I doubt it. I think that this is just another oh-so-subtle way to threaten Venezuela with a US-led invasion. And, really, why not?

If the Empire thinks it has the authority and power to decide who the President of Venezuela should be, it has to logically back up this stance with a threat, especially since there is no US authority, moral or otherwise, left.

The obvious question here is how this threat will be received in Venezuela and that largely depends on how credible that threat is. Now, “5,000 troops” could mean anything, ranging from a infantry brigade combat team to the typical US mix of as many putatively “special” forces as possible (to make every service happy and give everybody a piece of the expected (but never achieved) “victory pie” – many careers in the US depend on that kind of stuff). At this point in time, I rather not speculate and get technical about how such a force could be structured. Let’s just assume that it will be an overall credible and well-packaged force and try to speculate how the Venezuelans could react to it.

The state of the Venezuelan military

Here I am particularly lucky as I have a close and trusted Latin American friend who is now a retired Lt-Colonel who spent many months in Venezuela working with the Venezuelan military in a capacity which I cannot disclose, but which gave him quasi-total access to every unit and military facility in the country and who, just a couple of years ago, shared with me his impression of the Venezuelan military. Here is what he told me:

A military, any military, is always the product of the society which produces it and this is also true of Venezuela. It would be silly to admit that the Venezuelan economy is a total mess while expecting the Venezuelan armed forces to be a shining example of professionalism, honesty and patriotism. The sad reality is very different.

For one thing, much of the Venezuelan military is hopelessly corrupt, as is the rest of society. In a country whose economy is imploding, this is hardly surprising. Furthermore, for years both Chavez and Maduro have fought an uphill battle to remove as many potential traitors and class enemies (in a Marxist sense of the word) from the Venezuelan military and replace them with “socially close” (a Bolshevik concept) elements from the poorer sections of society. Truth be told, this was a partially successful strategy as seen by the fact that during this latest coup attempt the Venezuelan military overwhelmingly supported the Venezuelan Constitution and the legitimacy of Maduro. And yet that kind of loyalty often comes at the costs of professionalism and at the risk of corruption as seen by the case of the Venezuelan military attache to the US who clearly was a US agent. I am afraid that the current situation in Venezuela might be similar to what it was in Syria in the very early stages of the AngloZionist war against this country when scores of top officials of the Syrian government proved to be traitors and/or US agents. In Syria the government eventually re-took control of the situation, but only with a great deal of help from Iran and Russia and after almost being toppled by the US-run Takfiri forces.

The Saker: "The US Aggression Against Venezuela as a Diagnostic Tool"

The good news here, according to my friend, is that the Venezuelan special forces (army special forces, jungle infantry troops, “Caribe” counter insurgency units, airborne units, etc) are in a much better shape and that they could form the core of a resistance force to the invasion, not unlike what the Republican Guard eventually did in Iraq. But the biggest difference with Iraq is that in Venezuela the majority of the people are still backing Maduro and that any invasion force should expect to meet a lot of resistance of the type which the US encountered in Iraq after the invasion of the country. Also, there was a fragile truce of sorts between Hugo Chavez and various Left-wing guerillas who agreed to stop their military operations, but who also kept all their weapons “just in case”. This “case” has now happened and we can expect that any US invasion will trigger an immediate re-emergence of a Left-wing guerilla force which, combined with popular support and the key role of a core of patriotic Venezuelan special forces could form a very dangerous combination, especially in the mid to long term.

Keep in mind that corrupt officers don’t like combat and that while they might aid a US invasion force, they will only do so as long as things seem to go the easy way, but as soon as things go south (which is what always happens to US invasion forces) they will run as fast as they can. So while the endemic corruption now will be a problem for the Maduro government, it will become a problem for the US as soon the legitimate government is toppled.

Comparisons are necessarily tricky and crude, but with this caveat in mind, don’t think “Syria” but rather think “Iraq” when considering the possible outcomes of a US invasion.

The state of the Venezuelan people

This is really crucial. Hugo Chavez’ reforms alienated a lot of Venezuelans, especially those who made their fortunes by servicing US interests and who became your typical Latin American version of a comprador class. Much of the middle-class also got hurt and are angry. However, these same reforms also empowered huge numbers of destitute and poor Venezuelans who, for the first time, felt that the government stood for their interests and who remember what it was like to live in abject poverty under a US-backed regime. These folks probably have no illusion about what the toppling of this government would mean for them and they are likely to fight hard, if not necessarily competently, to keep the little rights and means they acquired during the Chavez years. There is even what is sometimes referred to “Chavistas without Chavez” which some describe as potential back-stabbing traitors while other see them as more pragmatic, less ideological, faction of Chavez supporters who decry Chavez’ mistakes but don’t want their country to turn into a Colombia-style US colony. Whatever may be the case, Hugo Chavez’ pro-popular policies left a very profound mark on the country and you can expect that a lot of Venezuelans will take up arms and resist any US/Colombian invasion.

The Saker: "The US Aggression Against Venezuela as a Diagnostic Tool"

Would you trust that face?

Here I think we can all express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr MAGA whose appointment of Elliott “Iran-Contra” Abrams has done more than any government sponsored propaganda to clearly and bluntly explain to the Venezuelan people who is doing what to them and why.

Seriously, Ron Paul or Tulsi Gabbard speaking of democracy is one thing, but having gangsters and psychopathic thugs like Pompeo, Bolton or Abrams in charge really sends a message and that message is that we are dealing with a banal case of highway robbery triggered by two very crude considerations:

  • First, to re-take control of Venezuela’s immense natural resources.
  • Second, to prove to the world that Uncle Shmuel can still, quote, “pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business“, unquote.
The obvious problem is that 1) nobody takes the US seriously because 2) the US has not been capable of defeating any country capable of resistance since many decades already. The various US special forces, which would typically spearhead any invasion, have an especially appalling record of abject failures every time they stop posing for cameras and have to engage in real combat. I assure you that nobody in the Venezuelan military cares about movies like “Rambo” or “Delta Force” while they carefully studied US FUBARs in Somalia, Grenada, Iran and elsewhere. You can also bet that the Cubans, who have had many years of experience dealing with the (very competent) South African special forces in Angola and elsewhere will share their experience with their Venezuelan colleagues.
The Saker: "The US Aggression Against Venezuela as a Diagnostic Tool"

President Macrobama?

Last but not least, there are a lot of weapons in circulation in Venezuela and which the various popular militias and National Guard would be more than happy to further distribute to the local population if any invasion appears to be successful.

The State of the Empire and its puppet-President Macrobama

Well, here the famous “insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting different results” is the best possible description of US actions. Just look at this sequence:

Does all this not look boringly familiar?

Does this bizarre mix of Neocons, gerontocrats and deepstaters really, sincerely, believe that this time around they will “win” (however you define that)?!

More relevantly – has this recipe ever worked in the past? I would say that if we accept, for argument’s sake, that the goal is to “restore democracy” then obviously “no”. But if the goal is to wreck a country, then it has worked, quite a few times indeed.

Next, a few misplaced hopes

I am getting a lot of emails suggesting that Russia might do in Venezuela what she did in Syria. Let me immediately tell you that this is not going to happen. Yes, there are a lot of Russians in Venezuela, but the “Russians are not coming”. For one thing, I will never cease to repeat that the Russian intervention in Syria was a very small one, and that even if this small force proved formidable, it was really acting primarily as a force multiplier for the Iranians, Hezbollah and the Syrian government forces. And yet, even the deployment of this very small force necessitated a huge logistics effort from Russia whose military (being a purely defensive one) is simply not structured for long-distance power projection. Syria is about 1000km from Russia. Venezuela is about 10 times (!) further. Yes, I know,a few Tu-160 visited the country twice now and there are Russian advisors in the country and the Venezuelans have a few pretty good Russian weapons systems. But here, again, this is a game of numbers. Limited numbers of Russian-made combat aircraft (fixed and rotary wing), air defense missiles or even large numbers of advanced MANPADs or assault rifles won’t do the trick against a determined US-Colombian invasion. Finally, there is no Venezuelan equivalent to Iran or Hezbollah (an outside ally and friend) which would be capable and willing to deploy real combat forces for actual, sustained combat against the invader.

Next comes terrain. Yes, much of Venezuela is difficult to access, but not for jungle-experienced forces which both the US military and the Colombians have. Furthermore, there is absolutely no need to invade the entire country to topple the legitimate government. For that all you need is to control is a few key facilities in a few key locations and you are done. For example, I don’t see the USAF or USN wasting any time in air-to-air combat against the (few) Venezuelan Sukhois – they will simply destroy them in their hangars along with their runways and air combat management radars and command posts. So the terrain will not prevent the Empire of suppressing Venezuelan air defenses and as soon as this is done, you can expect the usual mix of bomb and missile strikes which will create chaos, wreck command and control capabilities and, basically, disorganize much of the military. Finally, US forces in Colombia and USN ships off the Venezuelan coast will enjoy a safe harbor from which to launch as many strikes as they want.

Next, hopes that Russia and China will somehow resuscitate the Venezuelan economy are also ill-founded. First, neither country is interested in pouring money into a bottomless pit. It is one thing to sign contracts which are likely to eventually produce a return on investment and quite another to dump money into a bottomless pit (as the US and Europe have found out in the Ukraine). Second, the Venezuelan economy is so deeply enmeshed in the US-UK run international financial system that neither China nor Russia can do anything about it. That is not to say that US sanctions, subversion and sabotage did not play a major role in the collapse of the Venezuelan economy, they sure did, but it is equally true (at least to Russian specialists) that many of the Chavista reforms were botched, a lot of them were a case of too little too late, and that it will take years to refloat the Venezuelan economy.

Finally, we are comparing apples to oranges here: the task of the AngloZionists is to destroy the Venezuelan economy while the Chinese and Russian task would be, at least in theory, to rescue it. Destroying is so much easier than building, that the entire comparison is logically flawed and fundamentally unfair.

I really mean no offense to the supporters of Hugo Chavez and his ideals (I very much include myself in this category) but anybody who has been to, or near, Venezuela will tell you that destitute Venezuelans are not only running out of the country in large numbers, but they also contribute to destabilize the neighboring states. So we should have no Pollyannish notions about all the reports about the economic and social collapse in Venezuela as only “US propaganda”. Sadly, much of it is true even if often exaggerated, lopsided and missing all the very real successes of the Chavez reforms, hence the continuous popular support, in spite of it all, the Maduro government continues to enjoy. Still, the overall picture is very bleak and it will take Venezuela consistent and correct action to recover from the current plight.

So is there still hope? Yes, absolutely!

I recently replied the following to a friend asking me about a possible Russian intervention in Venezuela “I place my own hopes not in the Venezuelan military, or in Chinese or Russian help, but on the amazing ability of the Americans to f*** up. At the end of the day, that is our biggest ally: the US stupidity, ignorance, arrogance and cowardice“.

Think of what currently passes as a “policy” of the US in Venezuela as a diagnostic tool.

Not just to diagnose the moral degeneracy and mental pathology of the leaders of the AngloZionist Empire, but also to diagnose the very real state of despair and chaos of the Empire itself. Under Obama, for all his faults and weaknesses, the US succeeded in subverting a list of crucial Latin American countries (like Brazil or Argentina) but now, with Mr MAGA, it can’t even do that. The kind of antics we see from the Pompeo, Bolton & Abrams gang is amazing in its crudeness and, frankly, makes a supposed “indispensable nation” look absolutely ridiculous. These losers already had to fold several times, in spite of equally hyperbolic threats delivered with maximal gravitas (think DPRK here), and yet they still think that crude bullying methods can yield success. They can’t. Immense firepower is not a substitute for brains.

In its short and blood-soaked history, the US has pretty much always acted like some criminal enterprise run by brutal gangsters, but in the past some of these gangsters could be extremely well educated and intelligent (think James Baker here). Today, their guns are still lying around (albeit in various states of disrepair), but they are wielded by ignorant retards. Yes, ignorant retards with guns can be very dangerous, but they can never be effective!


Right now the US, backed by its various colonies and vassal states, appears to be ready to deliver a death blow to Venezuela and, truth be told, they might be able to do just that. But, for whatever it is worth, my gut feeling is that they will fail again, even against the weakest countries of the Axis of Resistance. That is not to say that Venezuela is not in a heap of critical problems. But I believe that in spite of being in a critical condition, Venezuela will be able to bounce back, just like Syria did. After all, the Syrian example proves that it *is* possible to resist a superior invading force while at the same time successfully engaging in critically needed reforms. Yes, today’s Caracas is in very bad shape, but the city of Aleppo was in a much worse shape until it was liberated, and now quasi-normal life has returned to it (in sharp contrast to the US liberated devastated city of Raqqa which still lies in ruins). Yankees (to use the usual Latin-American expression) are just like their Israeli overlords: they are capable of devastating violence but they have no staying power: if things don’t go their way fast, really fast, they run and barricade themselves somewhere faraway from danger. In our case, they might even do what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan: build obscenely huge embassies, create a special zone around them, and sit tight while the country is engulfed in a bloody civil war. This way, they can provide CNN & Co. with footage of a “peaceful neighborhood” while still claiming that the Stars and Strips are still proudly flying high over the enemy’s capital and that “these colors don’t run”. This would be a disastrous outcome for the Venezuelan nation and this is why we all have to try to prevent this, by speaking out before the US further wrecks yet another country.

Hopefully the memory of past completely failed, humiliating and bloody invasions will convince the right people at the Pentagon to do whatever it takes to prevent the US from launching yet another stupid and immoral war of choice on behalf of the Neocons.

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Nations that can’t feed themselves are not good fighters either so better not include countries like Venezuela, North Korea, South Africa in a “Axis of Resistance”


you would be surprised….take Yemen for example..they are doing just that “RESISTING” for how long i do not know.. and in this case Maduro does Have a lot DIE Hard followers in his country so in any case it will be a bloody mess for all those involved if it comes to that.


You got me with the Houtis. However Houtis are not fighting real soldiers. But you didn’t got me with the die hard supporters, all the communist countries had die hard commies still they couldn’t but notice how the families of the capitalists are more happy than their own families.

You can call me Al

Maduro has also had the support of the left wing rebels / militia. I am not sure what will happen, but I can hope that the Yankers walk into a quagmire due to their arrogance….. however they will probably just pay some Colombian as cannon fodder as is their usual trick.




Those militias set up by the state after Chavez disarmed the rest of the citizens, have 0 experience in combat and most likely they don’t have the will to put up a real resistance against a well armed foe.

Tommy Jensen

N. Korea is not on the hungry list. Pure MSM bs.



Tommy Jensen

You are living in the past. The world has past these fake/selected MSM news. Even youtube are now filled with real North Korea.


Show me, master.

Tommy Jensen

Every idiot can show video´s from US about their America´s homeless, destroyed Detroit or paint the lux life in Las Vegas. Here is a neutral average North Korean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB3QZHkTSOs Next a message from its children to you and western fake reality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po8qomSRHus&feature=youtu.be Your response: “Muahhh man, this is not what I bla bla bla…..”.


How lazy can someone be to peak the most recent video from the first page of Russia Today and say “Here is a neutral average North Korean.” what a bad example for the rest of the little trolls….a vid which btw, I guess you didn’t even noticed it’s only about Pyongyang, the capital, where first class citizens only can stay. They need special permit to leave or to enter their own capital.

The second video must be a joke, kinda Russian fun, that makes you want to be the 1st suicidal nation from 219 countries.

Tommy Jensen

I also predicted your reaction. Working with liberals is working in negative, always up the hill and against the wind. You can pull a stupid camel down to the river, but you cannot force it to drink..LOL.


Writing ‘lol’ doesn’t make you sound funny or happy, your ‘joke’ with the camel is actually so sad that i can only guess how sad your life is.


If this were simply a political movement movement they were fighting I would agree however the Bolivarians are a grassroots nationalist movement that spans the entire region and for whatever reason the Trump administration chose an elitist of Spanish descent as their acclaimed president to led the counter revolution.

US imperialism does not go over well with the people of Latin America ….. especially with the USA’s choice of president.

That being said Venezuelans are not the Viet Cong. They are an urban people not the hard scrabble farmers and fishermen the Vietnamese were. The danger however is if this war does get into the jungles expect a lot of support as well as fighters from all over the region. This could be a long and dirty regional war.

Floyd Hazzard

They went to Libya they took the oil and Gold. They went to Iraq, they took the oil and Gold. They went to Ukraine, they took the gold. Brazil is lost. Egypt is lost. If everyone, especially those that can defend weaker nations are whimping out, of course they will continue to think that anything of value anywhere belongs to them. The weak kneed will come to their senses when they have no more allies, and the enemies are at their gates, but by then it will be too late. I don’t care how big you are, after your external support is unplugged, you are finished. I’m absolutely surprised that there are no flotillas of Chinese and Russian vessels in Venezuelan waters yet. A line should be drawn with Venezuela.

Tony B.

Saker makes the same mistake here as just about everyone. He treats this as a U.S. government decision making body. No, not so in most any nation today. The real decisions are those of the Rothschild cabal in its City of London, the U.S. government being just one more prostitute service to the cabal. Trump (Drumpf), just like his father, has been a cabal prostitute his whole life, he will do whatever THEY demand regardless of where his big mouth is. The same goes for the rest of the tired old names the people have to forever hear, all little helpers of the great Satan HQed in “The City” which still has its steel chain of criminal finance as the only finance tightly around the balls of all of them.

Floyd Hazzard

I can sense that Venezuela has been sold down the river from this. This is the same dude that lays out all the different scenarios as to why Russia would continue to allow Israel to bomb Syria. The Ruskies are like shrimps, no guts, no backbones, and heads full of $#!+.


It all really comes down to this; who really gives a sh*t! All of this hype, love for mankind, sovereignty etc.. are all words to appease the brain dead public, they even have Venezuelan citizens supporting a derelict to oppose their government when the obvious perpetrator is the US who support Guaido. Biggest load of BS dished out. Where is the visible support for Maduro? ALL countries are too gutless to stand their ground against the most evil and vile nations, US, UK, France and Israel and they control the EU/NATO. It surely seems like a global suicide mission and a major suck-up to the US and its’ cohorts. Nuclear war? Unlikely and Biological war is by far a greater reality but where are the voices?

Tommy Jensen

It all happens behind in dark: AI and globalism for the Solomon Temple.

jim crowland

thank you USA for helping Venezuela get rid of a genocide led by criminal maduro and his gang of drug trafikers


Um, you will find that Abrams appointed by the Trump idiot in the VZ affair was also intimately concerned with drug trafficking in the Iran-Contra affair, financed in part by Latin American drugs trade (like other CIA dealings). He was convicted, later pardoned by Bush Sr.


Maybe the Saker has been reading my comments. Because for once I pretty much agree with everything that he says. Not that I’ve written a great deal about Venezuela, I haven’t.

So what can be done about the rather depressing picture that he paints? Well for one, Trump appears to me to be fundamentally against what the neocons want to do here, and he is the president. Other than capitulating to the Jews on some Israel related issues like Jerusalem and the Iran deal. He hasn’t demonstrated much of an appetite for new, or even existing war.

He knows that the US economy has been sucked dry by the vampire Jews to the point of collapse. And that his support rests on his ability to prevent that. And that a war with Venezuala would be a drain on everything that he’s trying to do domestically. This doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t approve it. But that’s far from a certainty. And his pattern up to this point is brinkmanship to obtain concessions, not get embroiled in a disaster.

The one area that I disagree with the Saker is the Russian’s ability to play the spoiler. They may not be willing to directly confront NATO like they are are in Syria. But they do have the ability to provide the Venezuelans with sufficiently advanced equipment to inflict more damage on the US military than they’ve suffered since Vietnam. And to insure that even if the current government does fall to an invasion. That the puppet government has a lot of trouble getting stood up and establishing control over the country, like in Afghanistan.

Venezuela is in a bad position to resist an invasion if one is ordered. It’s clearly low hanging fruit on the ziocon tree of victim states. But the US is also suffering from a severe case of overreach. And getting involved in another long grind for an already overextended economy and military garrisoning over half of the planet. Will make it even more difficult for Trump to accomplish what he’s trying to do as far as correcting all of the damage that the Jews have done.


The one area that I disagree with the Saker is the Russian’s ability to play the spoiler. They may not be willing to directly confront NATO like they are are in Syria. But they do have the ability to provide the Venezuelans with sufficiently advanced equipment to inflict more damage on the US military than they’ve suffered since Vietnam. And to insure that even if the current government does fall to an invasion. That the puppet government has a lot of trouble getting stood up and establishing control over the country, like in Afghanistan.

Venezuela is in a bad position to resist an invasion if one is ordered. It’s clearly low hanging fruit on the ziocon tree of victim states. But the US is also suffering from a severe case of overreach. Venezuela isn’t Panama or Grenada. It’s unlikely be a quick and easy regime change. And getting involved in another long grind for an already overextended economy and military garrisoning over half of the planet. Will make it even more difficult for Trump to accomplish what he’s trying to do as far as correcting all of the damage that the Jews have done.

There’s a very real possibility that a war with Venezuela could drag out for a while, and Trump’s already tenuous public support would plummet in the process. And Trump has got to be looking at that possibility/probability that would result from doing something that he’s repeatedly stated that he’s fundamentally against.

Fred Dozer

Trump is so two faced. he make most good people vomit.


US Indirect Interventions :



US Direct Interventions :


Zionism = EVIL

These evil old Jews like Abrams will keep on spreading wars until their deathbed. Zionist cancer is destroying the planet and humanity.

El Mashi

You forgot to put in the conquest of Northern Mexico, Florida and Louisiana.


Panama and Columbia should be put on notice that if there is war. That they will be on the reciving end of reciprocal devastation commeseurate to what happens to Venezuala until attacks on Venezuala originating from their territory is discontinued.

Venezuala doesn’t need Hezbollah or Iranian type help. It’s military is big enough to defend the country. It also has a fairly advanced air force that needs to be armed with enough firepower to hit Panama city and US bases there very hard if a war starts. And to take out US Navy capital ships.

The Venezuelan army needs the weapons to destroy Columbian military bases used to support an invasion. And to shut down Columbian civil infastructure in response to it’s own cities and infastructure being destroyed. The statements coming out of Columbia indicate that they’re disinclined to support a war. Hopefully it stays that way.

Panama needs to make the same decision.

Zionism = EVIL

These disgusting old evil Jew scum like Elliot Abrams don’t die and keep on creating wars for Zionism and global plunder. This bastard like the other demented Jew scum Kissinger is responsible for thousands of deaths in the Contra wars and other CIA drug ops.


“there are plans to considerably improve the Iskander-M’s performance characteristics to enable it to operate in any weather conditions and reliably breach any advanced missile defense systems”

– Russia’s Iskander-M tactical missiles to carry various types of warheads –



“The deal includes orders for 92 T-72 tanks and the Buk-M2, S-125 Neva/Pechora missile system and S-300 air-defence systems and also the BM-30 Smerch rocket artillery system. …

In May 2006, the government of the United States announced an embargo of military material and equipment to Venezuela; no American-made weapons or technology can be sold to Venezuela by any country or company. …

However, the Russian Federation has continued sending arms to Venezuela despite the US embargo.[76][77][78] Russia has agreed to sell more than $4 billion (£2 billion) worth of armaments to Venezuela since 2005”

– Armed Forces of Venezuela –



“In May 2006, the government of the United States announced an embargo of military material and equipment to Venezuela; no American-made weapons or technology can be sold to Venezuela by any country or company.”

if this is true (and i dont doubt it for one second) then it means they were planning to take out Venezuela for a long time!

“Russia has agreed to sell more than $4 billion (£2 billion) worth of armaments to Venezuela since 2005”

$4 billion since 2005 is not much at all! in fact its very bad!

interesting times ahead!


With the end of the Start treaty, these are now legal to export, fly below the minimum altitude that Patriots can intercept, and can cover most of the Caribbean from Venezuela with an accuracy of 3 meters. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/ba/Club-K001.jpg

– 3M-54 Kalibr –



is this picture real?

i mean…. i have seen animated (CGI) videos of this setup in containers but not in real! Are u sure this actually exists?


Dude i dont think this is real! The container with the missile system in your picture is photoshopped into the picture! That container in ur picture is a CGI container but the rest of the picture is real!

look below, its says “(Artist’s impression)”




Click the link idiot, and read the Wikipedia article.


1. i did click the link IDIOT! and it said “artists impression”! 2. THEY HAVENT DONE THIS YET!!!!!!

IT SAYS “ADVERTISED IN 2010” (with fucking mock up models)

Why the fuck would they show a scale model, a photoshopped CGI launcher tubes and a CGI ship!!! BECAUSE THEY HAVENT DONE IT YET!!!!! IDIOT!!!


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/520808f9e07e4c5ec6431185a05098c133e9a6a95acbd1dde80b9c6ef0a050a8.png https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/3M-54_Kalibr


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2d3db8de843734ef744b2d04cc9785c27de6b8924a6153a710fa3d31f9313b12.png https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/3M-54_Kalibr












Your reading comprehension and or misrepresentation issues are your problem not mine. The artists impression is clearly for the ship picture, not the containers picture. ://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b28011bcd4680873a2f86c5d198d561387dbc5220ae4ed54b02d08e813cddf5d.png


Your reading comprehension and or misrepresentation issues are your problem not mine. The artists impression is clearly for the ship picture, not the containers picture. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b28011bcd4680873a2f86c5d198d561387dbc5220ae4ed54b02d08e813cddf5d.png


DUDE…. Show me another photo of the container with launch tubes! DO IT!!!

the fucking mach airshow was a model!! u can see the fucking concrete ground and the runway of sorts

also that picture u claim to be real is CGI’d! Launch tubes are not real!

To prove my point, show me another photo! Go on show me a non-cgi photo of these damn containers with launch tubes!

u cant and u know why? its all fake! its a representations of their plans to build these!


You haven’t disproven anything that I’ve written. And are clearly misrepresenting what is in the article as saying something that it doesn’t. If you want to disprove the article. Then go ahead and try. So far you haven’t.


lol, your article that YOU sent has: 1. a model 2. an artists impression 3. a photo that YOU believe to be REAL!!

2/3 are definitely fake!

Also, the link that YOU provided and that YOU seemed to leave out of ur cut out snap shot of the text, says “advertised in 2010 and first shown at the maks airshow! in 2011”

The model was the maks airshow (look at the background)!

u live in a dream world dude! ive seen the video of these. they are cartoon 3d animation!

im a graphic designer! those launch tubes are cgi! Vector graphics! i KNOW its fake!!


Now you admit that you’ve misrepresented what’s in the article.


who gives a fuck about the article! im telling YOU it doesnt exist!


So stop ur dreaming!


LOL, coming from a self admitted fraud.


RichardD State ur claim right now…. do these cruise missile containers exists as of right now??

YEs or NO??


Now you’re trying to divert attention from your lies.


Wow, u playing ur semantics game! Yes or NO??

Do these containers with cruise missiles exists???? U were the one posting the picture with a link!



Why don’t you call up Rosoboronexport and find out?


Club-K container missile system is designed for engagement:

surface ships of different classes and types; land and shore-based targets.”

– Club-K Container missile system –


“JSC Rosoboronexport (Russian: AO Рособоронэкспорт, Rosoboroneksport) is the sole state intermediary agency for Russia’s exports/imports of defense-related and dual use products, technologies and services.”

– Rosoboronexport –



FAKE!!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f7074f0ec947914e31d152f0c9d3f6c13392e0f67c09e84020ad6bae8fad5e48.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/42a91da8084383783e902512d7bb0903034e63db488ed76701b6bc89821fe0fb.jpg




hahahahaha u thought it was real!!!

You fuckin moron!!!


So you think the Russia’s state defense sales company is selling something that doesn’t exist? I’ll go with Wikipedia and Rosoboronexport rather than a head case like you with an anal axe raping fetish.

“Russia’s military-industrial complex is offering an ominous weapons system in the international arms market called the Club K cruise missile system.”

– Club K: Container Missile System –

https://www.learning-history.com/club-k/ https://i2.wp.com/www.learning-history.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Club-K.jpg?fit=850%2C564&ssl=1








Is this real? Have at it. I’ve had these within a few hundred feet of me bushwhacking off trail 10 miles in from the pavement:



hahahaha u send me this?? I told u THIS IS NOT MADE YET!!!











I gave you an answer. I’ll go with Wikipedia and Russia’s state defense sales company rather than a moron head case like you with an anal axe raping fetish.





https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/54f9f14c320f9772d87905230739f752cb5ceb2eb967d167d08cd1afd95ccefc.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b3292d39e4459fb5692c058d20fe48201b73be1c2a3303c2b8d294193dcddedd.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dcca8eb977ae33cba38c4ca994dc99d4b551bb09e76ce35109ce6d71aebe88c8.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c41ffe7cb6ee4087fbcb1f98e318bc6d56812e4cb6e7f3b1f6b87d4b5425a912.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/42a91da8084383783e902512d7bb0903034e63db488ed76701b6bc89821fe0fb.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/713a9741ebeb155625196e360a30c4cb1c6e70d83ed8923287191c84546da1d6.jpg



hahaha u are sacred too answer my question AND u are scared to find a REAL picture of the containers with launch tubes THAT ARE REAL!




Like I said, I’ll go with Wikipedia and Russia’s state defense sales company rather than a moron like you with an anal axe raping fetish.


hahaha RichardD thinks this is REAL!

hahahahahha Fuckin moron!



This should be a target on an as needed basis:

Panama Canal https://media.buzzle.com/media/images-en/photos/countries/1200-40134700-panama-canal.jpg


Wait a minute! if someone attacks the panama canal, this will hurt China and Venezuela! Do u realise this?

Didnt u know that China bought the panama canal?? This is an important trade route for china and how they trade with many south american nations!


The Chinese can build a canal in Nicaragua that isn’t going to house a US base to attack it’s neighbors.


a holder of two passport employed to destroy a country where the employer has no particular reason to be – meddling in the affairs of a sovereign country is a no no – but if you have an 18 years long failed ruinous mission to hide, a nearby reasonably innocent but largely socialistic country in your own perceived backyard, is a perfect object to fudge the realities of the last 18 years. and then you find this holder of two passports, one american and one israeli, to do the dirty work and the holder willingly oblige for future services to be rendered.


the only reliable way to defend venezuela will be to provide a few long range nuke-tipped missiles, since they most certainly will keep the destitute states away. but then the morons will instigate more snctions and kill even more innocent venezuelans (remember the ever evil madeleine albright who happily starved 500000 iraqi kids for the sake of israel)

El Mashi

The FARC should declare solidarity with Venezuela. Venezuela and Cuba negotiated between Colombia and the FARC. Now, Colombia has shown its true colors of a corrupt narco state and vassals of the United States.

Quenten Bruce

The hateful spitballing here is ridiculous. That commentators cant challenge or respond to the Saker in a reasonable or enlightened way is pitiful. What greater power or spirituality would want to save a bunch or rabid anti zionist and anti imperialist like this? Saker, can you articulate in a the simplest terms the common means and simple counters to and of zionism and imperialism?

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