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The Saker: “The Systemic Collapse of the US Society Has Begun”

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The Saker: "The Systemic Collapse of the US Society Has Begun"


Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

I have lived in the United States for a total of 24 years and I have witnessed many crises over this long period, but what is taking place today is truly unique and much more serious than any previous crisis I can recall. And to explain my point, I would like to begin by saying what I believe the riots we are seeing taking place in hundreds of US cities are not about. They are not about:

  1. Racism or “White privilege”
  2. Police violence
  3. Social alienation and despair
  4. Poverty
  5. Trump
  6. The liberals pouring fuel on social fires
  7. The infighting of the US elites/deep state

They are not about any of these because they encompass all of these issues, and more.

It is important to always keep in mind the distinction between the concepts of “cause” and “pretext”. And while it is true that all the factors listed above are real (at least to some degree, and without looking at the distinction between cause and effect), none of them are the true cause of what we are witnessing. At most, the above are pretexts, triggers if you want, but the real cause of what is taking place today is the systemic collapse of the US society.

The next thing which we must also keep in mind is that evidence of correlation is not evidence of causality. Take, for example, this article from CNN entitled “US black-white inequality in 6 stark charts” which completely conflates the two concepts and which includes the following sentence (stress added) “Those disparities exist because of a long history of policies that excluded and exploited black Americans, said Valerie Wilson, director of the program on race, ethnicity and the economy at the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning group.” The word “because” clearly point to a causality, yet absolutely nothing in the article or data support this. The US media is chock-full of such conflations of correlation and causality, yet it is rarely denounced.

For a society, any society, to function a number of factors that make up the social contract need to be present. The exact list that make up these factors will depend on each individual country, but they would typically include some kind of social consensus, the acceptance by most people of the legitimacy of the government and its institutions, often a unifying ideology or, at least, common values, the presence of a stable middle-class, the reasonable hope for a functioning “social life”, educational institutions etc. Finally, and cynically, it always helps the ruling elites if they can provide enough circuses (TV) and bread (food) to most citizens. This is even true of so-called authoritarian/totalitarian societies which, contrary to the liberal myth, typically do enjoy the support of a large segment of the population (if only because these regimes are often more capable of providing for the basic needs of society).

Right now, I would argue that the US government has almost completely lost its ability to deliver any of those factors, or act to repair the broken social contract. In fact, what we can observe is the exact opposite: the US society is highly divided, as is the US ruling class (which is even more important). Not only that, but ever since the election of Trump, all the vociferous Trump-haters have been undermining the legitimacy not only of Trump himself, but of the political system which made his election possible. I have been saying that for years: by saying “not my President” the Trump-haters have de-legitimized not only Trump personally, but also de-legitimized the Executive branch as such.

This is an absolutely amazing phenomenon: while for almost four years Trump has been destroying the US Empire externally, Trump-haters spent the same four years destroying the US from the inside! If we look past the (largely fictional) differences between the Republicrats and the Demolicans we can see that they operate like a demolition tag-team of sorts and while they hate each other with a passion, they both contribute to bringing down both the Empire and the United States. For anybody who has studied dialectics this would be very predictable but, alas, dialectics are not taught anymore, hence the stunned “deer in the headlights” look on the faces of most people today.

Finally, it is pretty clear that for all its disclaimers about supporting only the “peaceful protestors” and its condemnation of the “out of town looters”, most of the US media (as well as the alt media) is completely unable to give a moral/ethical evaluation of what is taking place. What I mean by this is the following:

By repeating mantras about how “Black anger is legitimate” the US liberal media is basically placing a seal of approval on the violence and looting. After all, if Black “anger” is legitimate, and if “White privilege” is real, then it is quite “understandable” that this “anger” “sometimes” “boils over” and leads to “regrettable” “excesses”. Just take a look at this image of Biden kneeling down before a Black demonstrator:

The Saker: "The Systemic Collapse of the US Society Has Begun"

Of course, Biden and his supporters will claim that Biden was only kneeling before a cute little girl and her peacefully protesting father, but when combined with the attacks against Trump’s “law and order” rhetoric by Biden and his supporters (including four former US Presidents!), I believe that these kinds of photo-ops are sending a very different message: keep “protesting” as we are on your side which, coming from a guy like Biden, the ultimate symbol of the 1%er elites and a perfect example of “White privilege”, just goes to show that the hypocrisy of US politicians really knows no bounds or limits.

I have to note here that these riots also represent a potential danger for both factions of the Uniparty in power: for the Demolicans the riots probably represent the very last chance to prevent a Trump-reelection, but if the Demolicans are too obvious in support of the riots, then it could backfire against them and turn all the frightened “law and order” types against them. But if they do not support the riots, then the Demolicans will alienate their core constituency (a hodgepodge of various “minorities” pushing their narrow identity-politics agenda). Likewise, for Trump this is an opportunity to show his “law and order” credentials and promise the White people and the relatively fewer Blacks of his base that he will protect them. However, if he is too direct about this and if Trump orders what might be seen by many as unfair or excessive force (of which there has been a lot almost everywhere), then he risks pushing many moderate Republicrats over the edge and side with the Demolicans (or, at least, withhold their vote). In other words, both factions of the Uniparty feel that the riots are both an opportunity and a threat and this is why neither faction can come out and speak truthfully about the real causes of the riots.

The Saker: "The Systemic Collapse of the US Society Has Begun"The exact same message of weakness and even submissive impotence is, I believe, sent every time a cop kneels when confronting even peaceful demonstrators like on this photo. While this might be intended as a message of compassion, and maybe even an apology, the only thing the rioters will see here is a powerful sign of surrender of the local authorities and I find that extremely dangerous.

Yes, there are plenty of racist, violent and otherwise incompetent cops in the USA. And yes, many of my Black friends reported feeling singled out and treated rudely by cops. But having extensively traveled the world, I want to assure you that the US most definitely does not have the worst cops out there. In fact, I believe that most US cops are decent people. Much more importantly, these cops are the “thin blue line” which protects society against criminals. And while I do believe that US policemen ought to be better educated, better trained, better led and better supervised, I also realize that there is also no short term alternative to them. It is all very fine to dream about educated, peaceful and non-racist cops, but if you remove the existing police force from the equation, there are no other alternatives (the national guard or the regular armed forces do not qualify and don’t have the correct training to deal with civilians anyway), especially in those states which have successfully killed the 2nd Amendment by means of what I call “death by a thousand regulatory cuts” (including NY and NJ).

Then there is what Solzhenitsyn called the “decline of courage” in the West: the vast majority US politicians have basically lost the ability to criticize Blacks, even when it is quite obvious that many of the current problems of the Black population of the US are created by Blacks themselves: I think of the truly vulgar, obscene and overall disgusting “rap culture” with which most Black youth are now “educated” in since early childhood or how many Black youth have been brainwashed into considering gang members and street prostitutes as the measure of what “looking cool” looks like in terms of clothes, language and overall behavior. I believe that it is pretty obvious to any person who lived in the US that Blacks are very often (mostly?) the cause of their own misery: I can tell you that my Jamaican and Sub-Saharan African friends (who live in the USA) have told me many times that a) they think that US Blacks have opportunities which they would never have in Africa or Jamaica and that b) local Blacks often resent Africans and Jamaican Blacks because the latter do so much better in the US society. I can also testify to the fact that I have seen a lot of anti-Latino feelings from US Blacks. As for how Blacks often feel about Asians, all we need to do is remember the LA riots in 1992. Finally, I do believe that many (most?) people in the US know that the strongest and most frequent form of racism in the US will be anti-White, especially from politically engaged Blacks.

I can personally attest that there is plenty of anti-White racism in the USA. Not only did I experience it myself (I lived in Washington, DC from 1986-1991), but it has been amply documented by people like Colin Flaherty whose books “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It” and “Knockout Game a Lie?: Awww, Hell No!” are excellent primers on Black on White violence and racism. Yet, anybody daring to suggest that US Blacks themselves are at least partially responsible for their own plight will immediately be labeled a “racist”.

To those of you who live outside the USA, I would recommend this simple thought experiment: just take 20-30 minutes and watch the footage of BOTH the “peaceful protests” AND “the violent riots” and look carefully not only at what the folks you see in the footage are wearing, but also how they speak, how they act, what they say and how they say it and ask yourself a simple question: would you want to hire any of these guys and pay them a decent salary? I very much doubt that many of you would. Frankly, most of these rioters are unhirable, and “racism” has nothing to do with this.

The fact is that what is sometimes called the “MTV culture” is, in reality, nothing else than a systematic glorification of criminal mayhem. Forget about rap hits like the famous “Fuk Da Police” or “Kill d’White People“, I would argue that 99% of rap is a glorification of all the worst problems of Black communities in the US (drugs, violence, promiscuous sex, objectification of women, alcoholism, glorification of criminal behavior in the streets and in prisons, etc.). Yet most US politicians seem to be paralyzed and feel the need to pretend like they are absolutely charmed by this so-called “Black culture”. But it is even worse than that.

Combine an emasculated ruling polity which does not dare to call a stone a stone and which promotes a (pretend) “culture” which glorifies violence and hatred against all non-criminals, including law abiding Black who are called “Toms” and who are also singled out as in this “beautiful” rap which includes the following “verses”: “Then you got niggas that’s blacker then the night, Running around town saying their best friends are white, Niggas like that are gonna hang up from a tree, And burn them up alive and let everybody see” (check out this “beautiful” rap here and for the full lyrics, a truly fascinating read, here). Next, throw in a completely dysfunctional state which is owned and operated by a tiny gang of obscenely rich narcissistic bastards (of all races, very much including Blacks), add to it a total absence of any real social opportunities, then toss in the COVID pandemic and the worst recession in US history with record high levels of unemployment even among those who would be employable (folks with dropped down pants, excessive tattoos, past felony convictions and a comprehensively non-professional attitude would not even get a job even if the economy was booming). Then, you get a relatively localized “spark” (like the murder of George Floyd by a gang of arrogant imbeciles in uniform) to start a fire which will instantly spread throughout the entire country, especially since there are so many other groups besides Blacks who want to “piggyback” their personal agenda on top of the one of Black Lives Matter or Antifa (I am, of course, referring to the real cornucopia of Trump-haters which never accepted his election).

Conclusion 1: this is not the US version of the Gilets Jaunes!

Some might be tempted to say that what we are seeing in the US is a US version of the French Gilets Jaunes. I assure you that it is not. For one thing, the Gilets Jaunes had a pretty clear political program. US rioters do not. Next, the Gilets Jaunes were mostly peaceful and much of the violence was instigated by the French police forces (including the use of fake rioters). While there are definitely peaceful protesters in the USA, neither BLM or AntiFa have truly denounced the riots (and why should they when the US media and politicians don’t have the courage to do that either?). Finally, the French ruling classes and media did not show the kind of “understanding” of the riots which did take place although Macron did pose with two “gangstas” in an effort to look “cool” (which failed):

The Saker: "The Systemic Collapse of the US Society Has Begun"
Not only Biden, in Europe too…

Conclusion 2: this is not a revolution or a civil war

Some are now fantasizing that what we are witnessing today is either a revolution or a civil war. I believe that this is neither.

For a revolution to take place there must be a force capable of changing not the person(s) in power, but fundamentally change the regime, the polity, itself and replacing it with another one. Declaring that “Black lives matter” or looting stores or even demanding that the police be defunded, does not have this kind of potential capability.

For a civil war to take place you need at least two sides, each with a clearly identifiable political agenda. Since the real power in the US is hidden from the public awareness, there is no potential for a “the people vs the rulers” kind of civil war in the US. A “Right/Conservative vs Left/Liberal” civil war is also not possible, because both the US Right and the US Left are, in reality controlled by a deep state which is neither liberal nor conservative. Finally, a “rematch” between North and South is not possible either because the modern US is not really split along North/South lines anymore. In terms of geography, there is somewhat of a “Big cities vs rural USA” split, but it takes place in both the north and the south of the country. Instead, what we do observe is a social breakup of the US into “zones” some of which will be doing much better than others (big cities with a strong Black population fare the worst, mostly White small towns fare best; that is even true within the same state). In some of these zones, we will see more of this kind of acts of self-protection:

This kind of confrontations, even if they are not violent, are yet another illustration of the state being simply unable to take charge and protect the people.

Conclusion 3: this is an insurrection which has initiated the systemic collapse of the US society

I call what is happening today an insurrection: a violent revolt or rebellion against the authorities as such. When you burn a police precinct you do not “protest” against the actions of a few cops, no, what you are doing is expelling the cops from your neighborhood (I know that personally. In Argentina I lived in a suburb of Buenos-Aires in which the police station was attacked so often that it closed and was never rebuilt). And since in a civilized society the state should have the monopoly on the (legal) use of force, you are basically rejecting the authority and legitimacy of the state which operates the police force. This insurrection is most unlikely to remove Trump from office (hence it is not a coup or a revolution), but the anti-Trump faction of the ruling elites have now clearly adopted the strategy of “worse is better” simply because they realize that these riots are probably their last chance to blame it all on Trump (and Russia, why not?!) and maybe, just maybe, defeat him in November.

Right now all we see can only be called a mob-rule (technically referred to as an “ochlocracy“). But mobs, no matter how violent, rarely succeed in achieving tangible political results as they act ‘against something’ and not ‘for something’. This is why the real (behind-the-scenes) ruling classes need to instrumentalize this mob-induced insurrection to their political advantage. So far, I would say that neither the Demolicans nor the Republicrats have succeeded in this. But there is a very long and potentially extremely dangerous summer ahead and this might well change.

Irrespective of whether either faction will succeed in instrumentalizing the riots, what we are seeing today is a systemic collapse of the US society. That is not to say that the US will disappear, not at all. But just like it took the Soviet Union a decade or more to fully collapse (roughly from 1983-1993), it will take the US many years to fully crash. And just like a New Russia eventually began taking form in 1999, there will be a New US coming out of the current collapse. Total and final collapses are very rare, mostly they just initiate a lengthy and potentially very dangerous transformation process, the outcome of which is almost impossible to predict.

However, just as the Russian people had to stop kidding themselves with silly dreams about “democracy” and had to tackle the real problems of Russia, so will the people of the US have to find the courage to deal with their real problems, frontally and deliberately. If they fail to do that, the country will most likely simple further disintegrate into numerous and mutually hostile entities.

Time will tell.

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What we are seeing is pre-planned Cultural Marxist theater. And if you want to know why it is happening, you will merely have to wait to see its end result.

Hasbara Hunter



Jens Holm

I see none of that. They do have problems.

Hasbara Hunter

You are goin’ down boy…Sheeple everywhere are wakin’ up….resistance is finally growin’…was about fuckn time….hahahahaha

Jens Holm

You are not even allowed to understand the systems and tools, which we use as Democrasies.

And even they work as it do in USA right now in its finest and worst hours, Yóu deny things about what we in Western Economics are.

You also NEVER show anthing better. NEVER.

Its seemes You know even less about Your own crimerates then we do too.

Hasbara Hunter


MAJORITY RULE & just an ILLUSION of having something to chose…43 American Presidents are all descendants of King John of England…what an “unbelievable” coincidence…

In a REAL Democracy every NEW LEGISLATION should be ratified by its People through a referendum… BRUSSELS is an Autocracy…We Europeans did NOT ELECT them ZioNazi-Puppeticians up there!

Jens Holm

Majority rule and Democracy are not same thing at all

Hasbara Hunter



Jens is just another product of an ‘idiotracy’ who wil cry ‘ Why Me’ when the revolution comes for him, HH.

jade villaceran

democracy? if you have a hollywood movie like the usa and a class A propaganda, usa is champion of it, just like how everybody else think, good us government only exist in hollywood, in realty they are the bad guys waging wars left and right. freedom is just an illusion in usa, if you travel around world, you will think american is just for themselves and not for everyone because they have policy in many countries that the americans are untouchables and exemptions in any crime

Jens Holm

USA was made for escape from someone like You. They even killed the indians for it.

No wars before USA was made is news to me. Where was it?


Cogent analysis – one of the best I’ve read so far – regarding the ongoing mayhem.

Jens Holm

I love sciance fiction too.



Old man ,you are getting better and better everyday.

Jens Holm

I hope so. I am mixted up withold crap too.

Tom Tom

Feel free to educate us.

Jens Holm

Democrasy is not what You assume in Your context, because its forbidden and haram.

Yopu are raised to that, but we are raised to a different system – And it do work.

So educate is its works – and even with need for corrections I see npne better for my possibilities and living standards.

We right now see the limits for the american version, but fx Sanders has shown, that good reforms and repairs are possble without changing vital thinking.

So we wait. We see the American version of Democrasy hopefully reagain. TRump and some Riots are not the runners of USA even with proposed miliatry use by Trump.

So far Trump is neutralised. The next level hoåpefully will be some reforms, where not only the police should be in focus.

So I wait.

The Objective

you entertain me with you language, though I have to struggle to make any sense of what you are saying.
This guy, thesaker, is clearly racist. The whole world cannot be wrong about America’s institutionalized racism. Famous black Americans like Martin Luther King, Malcon X and others have struggled hard against racism in America. Not all whites are racists, but certainly a majority are. Some months ago, CNN released a report based on a study that blacks are about 3.5 times more likely to be shot by the police than whites. Thesaker is trying really hard to hide white racism in America. Has he forgotten the white supremacist group that Trump recently labelled a terrorist organization? Is there any such group for blacks or any other ethnicity in America?
Shame on racists. Hating someone for his color. If you guys don’t like been called the racists that most of you are, then why not give it up instead of trying to talk your way out of something so obvious?


Last year 9 unarmed black men were killed by police, 23 white. 8 of those 9 assaulted the police. Blacks are arrested more because they commit more crimes.
Call me racist but I find Americans blacks to plausibly have an average IQ around 85 and higher than average testosterone, aggressiveness, impulsiveness, and strength, like muscular 12 year olds. The blacks have mostly themselves to blame, yet for sure they are taken advantage of.


Not based on facts. IQ is determined by opportunities. Many African Americans have excelled in academia and medicine if they were given opportunities. Racism is a self fulfilling vicious cycle and that is why it has to be broken. The average ignorant white racist person in West Virginia or the south is no different in terms of low IQ.

The Objective

Yeah, you have a point. Blacks have themselves to blame for letting the “your white men” take them from Africa during the slave trade.
The most Violent race in the world today is the WHITES.
The started WW1, WW2, and most likely WW3. Their socities are rotten with immorality – all the porn, drugs, rapes, pedophiles, gays, and much more. You call black Americans immoral and I think uncivilized. If you really believe what you say, then know that they copied it from the whites. I am a Nigerian, and i know how much blacks dislike western culture due to their sexual perversion. Look at the naked dresses even in their churches.

You are a RACIST SAKER. I have read two of your articles regarding what is going on in America. There is some truth to what you say – American blacks are wilder than the African black, but so are the whites. However, there are some points you made with certain tones that gave your racist identity away. I am not surprised as your origin is Russia. And to think of all the things you post on your blog about Christianity. This is pure hypocrisy.

You even claimed that blacks have a behavior that make them unsuitable for jobs, like the rap music, and so on. Your governments deliberately underfunded any public institutions in black communities, and underdeveloped their neighborhoods. What result did you expect from such decades of partiality? How much do you know regarding white treatment of blacks from the early nineties? What you see today is an expression of suppressed anger that is been there for decades. Many whites even demonstrated along the blacks. These demonstrators certainly perceive the exact thing you are trying to defend.

I also consider you a propagandist. You claim to support Iran, but you are a fan of Donald J. Trump. You claim Hilary Clinton would have started a war with Russia over Syria. And you still think that Trump is better than Hilary Clinton in terms of peace. Well, your better option, Trump, has now torn up the nuclear deal with Iran and both are on a collision course now.


White armies have also murdered more people than any other race I can think of today.


And you have added what? Absolutely nothing of any value to the analysis of events. Pointless and immature trolling.

Jens Holm

Yes I have done it several times today and several 100 times the last Year too.

USA and West is not as You descriebe at all and therefore dont collaps as You predict.

You compare with Your own one string systems, which we by Democrasy dont have. We have many more deciders and even if some might die or are replaces Our whole systems dont drown in burning buildings and making more shoes.

You not even has a language and a vocabiulary for, what we are. When I read here its too often as if You try to descriebe a car by the things You know about a horse or a cow.

There are no need for any analyses in this. The USA system, where we danes a quite diffewrent version of it, will repair and renew itself.

Sowhat You see is democrasy handle things and You have no idea about the results, because You dont know, whats going on.

You look at Trump and the Rioters only. They hardly repåresent not even the moderate Republicans at all.

And as often, You never see 275 middle class americans as well, because You hardly has a middle class where You are or if You are, show them no respect for making 55.000 dollar for each america every year.

I never describe Islam as only 3 important things for muslims, because I knpow there are 5 incl. the Mecca Cola one.

And I dont add things back from the times of Adam and his clay Lady, Noah as drunk or for that matter Moses and his little vessel in the Nile.

I would if people here was 5 ot 8 years old knopwing nothing about it. You seemes to insist I should go back to Your level filled up with false and faked crap starting some dispute from my early childhood and to a very stupid fgrown up one acting like an illitarate baby. I dont …

Ypu understand nothing, because You insist understading. Yoou have no reltions to, what facts are.

Jens Holm

Saker normally is a highly unreliable source and why uis very well descriebed by many sources at Internet.


Saker is far more knowledgeable than you on geopolitical issues. A lot of the time your posts are not even understandable.

Jens Holm

Saker is a very clever propaganda malker of the worst kind.

Its a waste to argue with people like You.

Tommy Jensen

Typical isnt it? The less people know, the more they act as judges………LOL.


Including most real judges, Tommy :)

Lazy Gamer

There is a force that stokes racial tensions just before the elections. That one seeks to influence who the winners will be. Some politicians even border exhorting rioting just to ensure a political result.

There is also another force that seeks to divide the people. It pretends to fight for equality by promoting special considerations. Every fucken sheeple is going to be identified in one of these special categories like black, gay, poor, indigenous, autistic, gender confused, continental origin, survivor of a massacre, persecuted religion, etc. Every one of these wont have the self respect to be treated equally and is abhorrent to the common man’s concept of fairness. They will be asked to be treated specially. By encouraging these divisions and making them systemic, control and internal fighting is easy and assured.

The current crisis is easy. But what complicates it, is that it came at the heels of the pandemic. Opportunists and those in need will always loot when given the chance. The four policemen should naturally be tried in court. The looters should definitely be charged also. The Senate should draft stronger laws pertaining to the conduct of police during arrests. They should also draft laws on protests. Defining the bodies responsible, their powers, tools, specific limitations and prohibitions and defining what is covered by a peaceful protest and what is not.

Finally, there is another motivation. This one exists in both govt and protesters. While pursuing the above considerations have other tertiary objectives which are mysterious.


This wouldn’t be happening if there wasn’t a scamdemic lockdown. There are a lot of confused people right now. But much of the population has figured out that virus is being overplayed and misused to do bad things to society. And they’re using the murder as an excuse to push back against the scamdemic injustice that they’re being victimized by.

The police kill 3 or 4 people on average everyday in the US. More of them white than any other race. Most of the killings are unnecessary. But the lying Jew media doesn’t bull horn them 24/7 like they do on rare occasions like now.

The media and political establishment hates America first and have fought it every step of the way. But there is something more nefarious going on. And I think that Alex Jones has got part of it right. Which is a two stage depopulation omnicide. First to 500 million, and then extinction. And the Russian, Chinese and Indian governments are progressing with this just like NATO. It’s a very dangerous situation. And Jews and Zionists are at the core of it.

Jens Holm

Great part of the world already was under a mild declining. I think You forget to add the Russians and oil prices to it.

Ypu dont see mention how this is a world thing. It is. Many other parts of the world is hit very hard. That goes for China,Russia too.


Systems to make average Americans poor and ignorant enough to riot predate the lockdown; the banksters crashing the economy every 7-10 years also predate the lockdown. Federal Reserve Act America was going to face a collapse like the Atheist Soviet Union did because the banksters’ systems are inherently contradictory and not sustainable. “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” (James 1)

The “everyone is in on the NWO” theory makes no sense either. Iran has been warning us about false flag attacks like 9/11 and hoaxes like some of the Syria chemical attacks, so why would its officials act like COVID-19 is serious if it’s actually not? The banksters are trying to frame China for the virus, deaths, economic crash, etc., so why would its officials act like COVID-19 is serious if it’s actually not?


I’m a 62 year old American. My life has seen one government fabricated crisis after another. I’ve come to expect this from an improperly run government.

You’re contradicting yourself by saying the NWO theory makes no sense by pointing out that China and Iran are behaving like they’re part of the NWO.


So, the NWO grows its middle class, defends anti-NWO Christians, and exposes the NWO’s scams…? Logic, please…?

”We are opposing to those people… that ‘world elite’ which plans to establish technogenic based neo-slavery system seriously and forever. Under such world disorder, there will simply be no place for majority of people. Every ordinary fighter realizes it here. That’s what has started here; that’s what has started here in Novorussia… After Russia disintegrates, we will get world structure ruled literally by the devil.”
~ Donbass militia member Gennadiy Dubovoi, 2014

Harry Smith

Poppadop, imagine the UFC big stars fight. There are people came to the show. Two UFC stars, their teams, referee, TV, different technicians like plumbers or electricians which make the show possible. You know, all that stuff. And of course the building owners. So what we have? A lot of ordinary people that give their money, 2 fighters with 7 digits paychecks despite they won or lose, mass-media that make money on the people watching the show on TV, UFC tournament owners that make money on the show too. And the big boys: building owners who take money from the tournament owners. So what is in the rest? Ordinary people are the only ones who pays money. All other persons are making money on this stuff.
The current international situation is the same. World power’s elites are UFC stars. Vassal states elites are UFC star teams. Technicians are international corporations. Mass media are TV. Referee is UN. IMF is the cashier and so on.
The fight between World power’s elites is the fight who’s paycheck will be bigger. It’s not about ordinary people freedoms or wealth. No matter who will win, the ordinary people will be the only ones who will pay the show.

Tom Tom

Yep! Greed.


In real life, some “world power’s elites… pay the show” just like ordinary people. Dubovoi’s prime minister, Alexander Zakharchenko? He was a mining electrician before the Maidan coup and before he was elected. He was also assassinated two years ago; Soros’s “neo-Nazis” left a bomb at the restaurant he was having a lunch meeting in.

Again: Heard the “they are all in on it” theory before, but real life does not back that up.


What does that have to do with Russia, Iran and China acting like NATO with the way that they’re handling the scamdemic, or the US Government being a serial crisis fabricator?


Russia, Iran, and China have a history dismantling the “serial crisis fabricator.” Check out the video “Russia Today Declares 9/11 Was An Inside Job!,” any of Dr. Kevin Barrett’s PressTV segments on 9/11, or anything related to the “Syria gassed people because reasons” story.

Have you considered that those countries’ officials treated the “scamdemic” like a serious threat because it is a serious threat? Look into the 2019 Military World Games, how the US had 100+ military personnel in and around Wuhan, and two weeks after the Americans left, the COVID-19 diagnoses started.

Not all “scams” are equal. Why treat this as a total hoax when you have not ruled out a false flag attack…?


Do the math. 90% of the deaths are coming out of NATO countries that account for 10% of the planet’s population. Which are massively fraudulent statistics. You can’t have a global pandemic justifing imploding the global economy when 90% of the population isn’t dying. 80,000 people die in China from the flu every year. 5,000 have died from the virus.


Based on China’s growing middle class and NATO’s shrinking middle class, is it possible that China’s contagion control and treatment measures are also better? Burr and Feinstein on the Senate Intelligence Committee have already been caught using their advanced warning, not to prepare American health care and social welfare, but for insider trading.

As for the economy, the banksters crash their economies every 7-10 years regardless. Curtis Dall, President FDR’s son-in-law who was working on Wall Street during the Great Depression, called this “the calculated ‘shearing’ of the public by the World Money powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of supply of call money in the New York money market.”

Just because the banksters are using COVID-19 as an excuse for their overdue crash does not mean the virus’s contagiousness and mortality rates are not a real threat.


If they were 90% of the planet would have a problem, that currently doesn’t exist. What is it that you don’t want to deal with about that the high death rate statistics are lies?


Here’s an example: China’s 4,638 COVID-19 deaths divided by 84,174 recorded infection cases (times 100%) means a death rate of 5.5%. Compared to regular influenza’s 0.1%, that is high. Where are the lies and where is your evidence?


Boy are you one stipid troll. .1% is estimated cases not tested cases.


You are about halfway to a completed argument. What estimated cases for COVID-19 are you comparing, and why is such a comparison valid…?


You can’t have a rational fact and evidence based debate with an idiot who doesn’t want to have one. Why is comparing estimated cases for the flu to tested cases for the virus valid? .1% is for the flu using estimated cases. Using tested cases it’s 5% to 10% for the flu depending on whose statistics you’re using.


Remember when I asked “why is such a comparison valid?” The testing programs for COVID-19 are much more aggressive than those for influenza, so how do you compensate for the broader COVID-19 tests lowering the death-to-test rate?


That’s a dodge. You didn’t answer the question:

“Why is comparing estimated cases for the flu to tested cases for the virus valid?”


First: I admit that comparing tested cases to tested cases would be more valid if the testing programs were comparable. They are not. People are getting COVID-19 testing with any symptoms or no symptoms at all; is that what people normally do with influenza testing?

Second: Yes, some health care systems are… stretching the definition of death due to complications with COVID-19… However, your sources only touch on the US and Europe; the banksters largely control those countries systems. What about countries the banksters largely do not control?


You’re a purveyor of fraud trying to make the scamdemic look worse than it is by comparing the higher tested cases death rate for the virus to the lower estimated cases death rate for the flu.

The 90% of the population outside of NATO only accounts for 10% of the virus deaths. If NATO countries accurately reported the same death per capita that non NATO countries do there wouldn’t be a scamdemic.

You’re clearly peddling scamdemic fraud and fabricated hysteria.


In addition to different reporting methodologies, each country also has different contagion controls, health care availability, social welfare systems, etc. For example, while American officials were figuring out how to make money off the virus and blame China for it (which they did), Chinese officials were figuring out how to contain the outbreak to Wuhan and Hubei province (which they did).

Just because the numbers and responses are different between countries does not prove COVID-19 is nonthreatening.


What is proven is that the reporting of death statistics in the outlier countries with the highest death rates is fraudulent by up to 90%. You ignore and down play the fraud. When the norm is that few die from the virus. I don’t ignore the fraud or downplay the extent of the fraud. Or the fact that the norm is that the virus poses little threat.

The Chinese didn’t contain the virus. It spread to the entire country and planet. They just didn’t over report the deaths. You embrace the fraudulent death statistics to portray the virus as being more dangerous than it is. You’re clearly a fear monger misrepresenting the data and cheerleading the scam.


You realize that your pushing of the “every single country’s leadership is in on the New World Order” theory is also “fear mongering,” right?

But yes, Rich, as far as China’s available information is concerned, “only 5% of those who test positive for the virus die of it” if almost anyone who shows any symptoms or comes into contact with someone showing symptoms gets tested.

Do you think China’s testing for influenza is that extreme? Because if not, having comparable testing situations would drive the death-to-test rate for COVID-19 higher since people with less serious cases would not be getting tested.


Are you a Jew and or a Zionist?

It isn’t surprising that a purveyor of fraud like you adds false accusations to your list of malign behavior. Copy and paste with links the source of my alleged quote:

“every single country’s leadership is in on the New World Order”

You can’t so you won’t. If you even attempt to justify your misquoting of what I’ve written it will be with some twisted misrepresentation.

In addition to the smallpox blanket geriatric genocide that mass murderers like nipples Cuomo and his ilk killed. How many excess deaths occurred from people with morbidities going untreated as result of the virus scam government mismanagement and msm fear mongering that you’re cheerleading?


Good grief… So, which countries do you believe are working against the NWO, and how are they responding to COVID-19…?


The far greater threat to society than a grossly exaggerated disease that is responsible for less than 1% of the deaths on this planet. Is using it as an excuse to implode the world economy and massively restrict people’s rights and freedoms.

According to your own statistics only 5% of those who test positive for the virus die of it. Which correlates to only 5% of the reported virus deaths in countries that include every deceased person who died with the virus in their virus death statistics, had it as a causal factor of death. Which is in line with the Italian death certificate reclassification.


Deaths per million China 2, India 5, Indonesia 7, Pakistan 9, Nigeria 2, Bangeldesh 5, Japan 7, Ethiopia 0.2, Philipines 9, Egypt 11, DRC 0.9 These nations account for 4.2 billion of the planet’s 6.5 billion people, 65% of the planet’s population has less than 10 deaths per million. The numbers bring reported in the west are massive fraud. comment image https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/


– Dr. Birx Confirms Anyone Who Dies WITH Coronavirus, Regardless of Any Underlying Health Condition, is Being Counted as a COVID-19 Death –


“The President of the German Robert Koch Institute confirmed on March 20, 2020 that test-positive deceased people are counted as “corona deaths” regardless of the real cause of death: “We consider someone with a corona virus infection to be a corona death … said the RKI President when asked a journalist (see video below).

According to experts, the number of deaths is severely relativized, since the patients die in many cases from their previous illnesses and not from the virus. Data from Italy show that over 99% of the deceased had one or more chronic medical conditions, including cancer and heart problems, and only 12% mentioned the coronavirus on the death certificate as a cofactor.”

– RKI relativizes “corona deaths” –


“I want to stress that they have died having coronavirus, not because of it”, the head of the country’s Civil Protection Department, Angelo Borrelli said at a briefing.”

– Italy’s COVID-19 Death Toll Surges by 627 to 4,032 Over Past 24 Hours – Health Official –


“Prof Ricciardi added that Italy’s death rate may also appear high because of how doctors record fatalities.

“The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus. …

“On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity – many had two or three,” he says.”

– Why have so many coronavirus patients died in Italy?

The country’s high death toll is due to an ageing population, overstretched health system and the way fatalities are reported –


“Spanish Minister of Health Salvador Illa stated that every dead person, that tested positively to SARS-CoV-2, is considered as a SARS-CoV-2 death.”




“Washington epidemiologists have admitted that multiple victims of gunshot wounds who had also been diagnosed with coronavirus have been counted as COVID-19 deaths, …

The state is currently counting anyone that dies with COVID-19 in its death toll.

“We currently do have some deaths that are being reported that are clearly from other causes.”

– Washington State Is Classifying Several Shootings as COVID-19 Deaths –



Yes, circa 24,000 people in the UK died from flu during the 2018/2019 winter flu season. There was no hysteria then.


To the extent that there is a tragic over mortality event occurring in the UK. It looks like it’s not coming from inflated virus death statistics caused by shifting other deaths into the virus category. But from people not getting treatment who need it because of the medical system dysfunctionality resulting from the fabricated virus crisis.

Tommy Jensen

Quite impressing they know that much in Donbass.


South Front got its start covering the War in Donbass, but Dubovoi and the Donbass militias would have folded a while ago without Russian support. And I don’t mean just the plausibly deniable government military aid like MANPADs or counter-battery radar.

Private individuals and organizations in Russia have been sending aid to Donbass, the refugees who moved to Russia got job opportunities to send money back, Russian media has been defeating the neo-slavery narratives so less people fight Donbass, that kind of thing.

Tommy Jensen

Excellent. You know from the general news its sometimes difficult to see where the official Russia stand. Is it controlled opposition diplomacy or what.
But if Russian media are actively supporting the narrative also in relation to Donbass it makes me more calm. That we are not only a small handful of Spartans :-D.
Thanks for yr reply.


No worries, sir. Thank you for the questions. And if you want to see what Russian or Russian state media has been putting out about the coup and aggression against Donbass first hand, check out RT’s documentary, “Mosaic of Facts.”


Scamdemic. LOL Got to love it. I posted a quick blurb early on about this “pandemic” nonsense my mistake, the audience was mostly made up of Sheeple.

Ashok Varma

Excellent and honest comment. Jews in their worst form as Zionists have destroyed the very soul of US society with their endless greed and penchant for evil. Unless the Talmudic cult of Jews is eliminated no part of the world is safe as the American people are sadly witnessing.


Your sensible comment sums up the grim situation that the Zionists and their infestation of western societies has created. US has been their primary target since the end of the second world war with their nefarious control of financial levers, media and now social platforms which are being used to poison American and western societies. The Zionists now are feeling the winds of resistance in the Muslim and Eurasian lands, hence China, Russia and Iran being their key targets now. The brutality and general dehumanization of US society can be directly traced to Zionist police tactics and their militarization of police forces on the Palestine occupation model. Now the US population has to face the same police brutality and Trump wants to turn the military guns on Americans. It will be a disaster.


Anytime that the police are overwhelmed and the military has to intervene to restore order it’s going to be a disaster. But it prevents a larger disaster that would occur from not intervening and allowing the chaos to escalate.

You can argue that if the government falls and is replaced that it will be better. But I’m not aware of any case where that has happened where the replacement government didn’t have to use the police and military to restore order.

So there really is no alternative to using the police and military to quell lawlessness and crime. The only question is which government is going to be the one using the police and military to maintain order and protect society from criminals that will victimise society if left unchecked.

I voted for Trump based on America First and stopping the JWO forever war. He has done as good of a job with the economy as probably anyone else could of under the circumstances. People can and do disagree with how he has done it. But few would argue that he hasn’t provided a stable and functional economy.

And he hasn’t started any new wars. But he hasn’t stopped any of the existing ones. Despite half hearted and ineffective efforts, which have included a lot of flip flopping.

The biggest complaint that many people have with his handling of the scamdemic is that he hasn’t done enough to stop it. But again it’s a continuation of the entrenched Zionist political establishment thwarting his efforts at doing so every step of he way. With the lying Jew media suppressing the truth about the scam and bullhorning the fear porn. And the democratic governors locking down their states to create the current crisis. And justifying it with fraudulent statistics. And fueling the deaths with smallpox blanket tactics of sending virus positive patients to nursing homes to increase the infection rate and resulting fatalities.


How many people a day does the “system” kill through abortion? And is a racial or gender policy enacted in that dark corner of the human psyche? Dress it up in pink and call it choice, not murder


So the Saket is being black people for the problems they face in the u.s…. very disappointing. So I guess all the targeted sabotage that the u.s. govt did to them is to be memory holed i guess.


Anyone with the most rudimentary powers of observation and reason blames black people for their so-called problems.


If the govt did to you people what it does to the blacks you’d be the ones protesting, my only wonder is why didn’t they do this earlier. On the other hand this is the best time to do it, when the system is weakest and more likely to capitulate to our insane demands for equality.


What has the government done to blacks?
American blacks have been given every opportunity and favoritism.
And they have still failed.


The “every opportunity and favoritism” provided Black Americans is similar to American exceptionalism as a whole, meaning they are both imaginary.


Our culture was poisoned by white music labels that only pushed drug, titty music, the crack/cocaine sentencing disparity, the Biden crime bill, targeted incarceration, European immigrants got free land while blacks were left landless and in ghettos despite black labor building the country, endless police killings with no punishment, redlining, gentrification, bombing of black wall street’s and destruction of others, prosecutor’s office never punishes police and lightly punishes whites compared to blacks…… I can go on but you get my point


Just as I thought, you have nothing but dubious assertions, dubious assertions of cause and effect, and outright lies. It is a hill-of-beans, and I think you know it.

Listen, your problems are due to your behavior–how you conduct yourself in this world. And your behavioral problems are genetic in nature. I am not going to pretend otherwise–and neither should you.


I see, you ignore your acts of sabotage on black people then justify our predicament on “genetics’ . This is typical white supremacist victim blaming. It is this behaviour that ends up delegitimizing the system that you love so much. Sit back relax and watch the system collapse.


The “system that I love so much” has been shitting all over white people at least since they ‘integrated’ the schools. I would love to see it collapse. But that is not what is happening–it is just repositioning itself to shit down my throat.


Well welcome to the party, it’s been shitting on us since we were kidnapped from Africa 400 yars ago. You are just getting pissed on


“Thank God My Granddaddy Got on that Boat”

Muhammed Ali, 1974


Hehe…. Youre getting desperate, your gotcha reply is pol tier.


It was a pithy response, in my view. The reader can decide for himself.


Didn’t Muhammad Ali oppose the “slave master” class’s war in Vietnam, and probably would have gone the way of JFK and Dr. MLK if it weren’t for all the brain damage he got from his “bread and circuses” blood sport…?

Jens Holm

Thats very incorrect. I dont. I relate to the muslim incommers in Denmark.´

More then 50% are doing fine and more or less are like the rest of us and by that support it well even many so far arre low paid taxpayers.

So we do blame the rest only. Even we – as a contrast to USA – give them free schoold, free education, a place to live , clothe and free medical care – THEY insist in no change.

And its exact the same for the Southerners supported by General Lee and Ku Klux clans and neonazis.

By that it is both ways and a lot of laws should be changed.

The black – just as muslims here – are learning each other to remain as in old days and even pretend they still are slaves and they all has no responsability.

Milliojs of black in USA are doing fine and even “too fine” like Bill Cosby. They and other miinority rapprorts are ignored. USA is made for the strong and independent to have a possibility for a good life. Most people emmigrated for that.

So if You are not in that kind of Kapitalisme, You will be defined as user and will be if You are raised to be. And thats a very important part of it.

As a black poor You can go up to the next level and by that effort to give the next generation an education or own small business. And in next generation, You can improve that position and be in the middle class.

USA as other countries always has is bUttom and top. USA is made by that cpntrast, but we see none who has no bottom.

So USA should do like Sanders has asked for for many years – or important parts of it. The Skandinavian model makes the bottom much smaller and the middle class much bigger.

It also replace the solutions for many to social workers instead of heavy armed police handcuffing people for non paid parking tickets. I do prefare that.

We include as many as possible well, they know and do support “the system”. Thats expensive but I see that investment giving a lot more back then we see in USA as norms.


good american

Bill Cosby isn’t doing too fine, isn’t he still in jail?

Jens Holm

It was 3 years in 2018. I hope so.


The Saker never said Black people were 100% responsible. The bad music, for example, is in large part due to record and music corporations funding it, and musicians like Micheal Jackson have pointed out the corrupt, non-Black (particuarly Zionist) elements running the music industry. However, even with all that knowledge available, some Black people still create bad music; shouldn’t they share some of the responsibility…?


The rap I listen to is by indippendent rappers, compare the rap on SoundCloud compared to the trash on mainstream, very different. Since blacks are economically compromised there are too many willing sell outs and these sellouts become portrayed as spokesmen for the community but they are slowly becoming exposed. Better late than never I guess.


Agreed, the work away from big, virulent music labels is generally better in quality and message. The Internet and alternative media challenge more bankster systems than just racket wars.

In any case, those “economically compromised… sell outs:” You recognize the external stressors placed on them and that “the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin” (John 19), but the sell out is still guilty of a lesser sin, correct? Wouldn’t you hold a Black sell out responsible as you would a White sell out…?


Definitely the black sellout is guilty of aiding the oppression of his own people. There’s a a saying that white supremacy always discards it’s tools. Once they are discarded they are rejected by black and white alike , misery is what follows


“Black and White alike:” Precisely. The same is true of garbage media, even outside the US. Remember the “quality music” of Pussy Riot and how their financiers tried to spread it to Russia…?


What is the relevance of rap music to the ongoing protests in the United States? That is where you and Saker got it wrong. Saker is a big propagandist. I used to enjoy his articles but he got it wrong this time.


The bad rap promoting immoral or even criminal behavior is also propaganda; it’s just conducive to the riots and mindless violence.

Alberto Garza

rap music provokes violence like rape and the killing of cops


Did you read my comment or you just want to write about what is on your mind? I asked about ongoing protests and rap music and you are talking about rape? Most of the ongoing protests including looting and violence are by white men if you have been watching the news of late. Except you have been listening and stuck to Saker who has his own agenda.


Saker is quite correct in pointing out that the so-called “authorities” literally genuflecting before the angry mob is very dangerous.

‘Taking a knee’ is a display of submission which has been in use for thousands of years. The angry mob – which has the mentality of a predator- will see this, and correctly sense fear- which they will exploit.

As a Christian with no king but Christ, I will never genuflect before anyone or anything else. Cops and guardsmen who are doing this before the mob are pathetic cowards.

The so-called “authorities” are emboldening the mob by design, they want the mob cancer to metastatize into the suburbs, to force a armed confrontation between the mob and civilians who have organized for their own self-defense in absence of real authority. They will then spin this, as they always do, against the mob’s victims and use it as a pretext to confiscate arms.

Jens Holm

Saker is a propaganda organ like cancer.

They they sell You good bread and suddenly they live like rats in Your home trying to decide whats right and wrong. The only good solution are cats whatever color then have.

But thats a problem too.


Wait, so the police and guardsmen who were allegedly respectful and/or intimidated by the mobs would be the same ones “to confiscate arms”…?


Aside from the conditioning they receive to treat protected (privileged) minorities with deference, and the wrong-headed assumption that appeasement is a useful tool to defuse anger, the sad morale of the US police and military don’t bode well for the role that (((they))) intend to be used to disarm the middle class and cement (((their))) control of the American Empire…

Most – if not all – of these kneeling cops and guardsmen will abandon their posts when the order for arms confiscations comes down; not out of observance of 2A, but because of weakness. Oath-keepers will defect because of constitutional concerns, but there will be plenty of remaining police and soldiers who will attempt to enforce such an order.


I’m sorry, Phoron, was Chauvin’s knee-to-neck “detainment technique” part of his “treat… minorities with deference” conditioning? Or do Whites in police detainment get treated worse than Floyd was…?

Why would the bankster oligarchs even move militarily against more Americans via gun confiscation? The Saker was correct: The US is not at an ideological tipping point for a revolution yet. There is no need to confiscate guns because not enough people would use them for anything threatening the banskters.

The continuing erosion of belief in the banksters’ policies, especially foreign policy and racket wars, is a serious threat, but would military action to control anti-war dissent be best under the cover of “gun confiscation”?


Chauvin is but one guy, and since we know now that Floyd George and Chauvin both knew one another, things are looking suspicious that there’s more to the arrest than simply police racism/brutality, and quite possibly some kinda personal antipathy at play here.

That being said, I think you make some good points. Consider though that the usual suspects do intend to use the police to disarm the middle class. Whether they find it possible to implement is another story.

An unleashed mob forcing armed confrontation with the middle class would be a great pretext to move forward with gun confiscation tho, wouldnt it? The old strategy of creating a problem so the ‘good government league’ can offer up their “solution”… Again, whether or not it’s politically or operationally feasable is another matter.


Yes, Chauvin and Floyd knew each other, but any personal conflicts between them were never proven… not that I’m aware of, anyway…

And I still do not understand why “disarm the middle class” is such a key objective for the banksters. As President John Adams said, “The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people.” Do you really think the “minds and hearts” of most middle class gun owners are in a place to truly challenge the bankster empire? Don’t too many of them still believe bankster myths like “Trump is going to drain the swamp, just don’t mind him trying to lie you into the swamp’s wars”? Here is a funnier take on President Adams’s sentiments:

“Look, if the slaves want guns, let ‘em be! / Our supremacy doesn’t depend on weaponry. / With schools, media, money and meds, we control every / aspect of your lives through ideological hegemony. / But if you think you need guns to stop tyranny, / then whatch’a waiting for? We’ve already stripped you of your / liberty, privacy, civil rights and dignity… You want some more?!”
~ “The Great Gun Debate,” Juice Rap News


Well, ‘the Banksters’- meaning US Banks, with the notable exception of Wells-Fargo – have been showing their support for gun control by scaling back their business with gun manufacturers and dealers in recent years. That being said, banksters are just one aspect of a larger apparatus – encompassing infotech and media – which over the decades has been steering the US into the direction of left-liberalism.

Much of the White middle class – particularly in the outlying suburbs and rural areas – correctly apprehends the fact that banks arent their friends, and neither are the other two members of the Big Gay Trifecta, MSM and silicon valley. They will vote Trump in 2020 because they correctly realize there is no other option. If nothing else, a Trump vote is an expression of defiance against the surging throngs of liberal, urbane masses who have declared a racial and cultural war against them five decades ago. Most realize that the insurgent Trump faction doesn’t have enough power nor time to drain the swamp; but correctly understand that it’s buying them a few precious years before the critical mass of the left-liberals is reached.


You are correct that banksters, banker gangsters are just one part of these neo-slavery systems, but check out Rivero’s “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars.” They can be focused on as leadership of these systems because they control the money which controls the other parts – armed forces, propaganda, industrial production, etc.

As for “Trump in 2020… there is no other option,” this is precisely why many of those gun owners will be allowed to keep their weapons. The minds behind those triggers are as powerless as Trump to drain the swamp. It was obvious that a billionaire reality TV celebrity who dodged the Vietnam draft, not because he knew the war was wrong, but because he did not want to fight would become another puppet president. You see, Phoron, unlike Trump’s time in pro wrestling, the swamp’s violence is real.

It was also obvious that framing this as a left versus right issue is objectively wrong since the banksters own both sides as you portray them. Remember how “lefty” Obama backed the Syria proxy war, backed the Ukraine proxy war, supported a coup in Latin America, etc.? When “righty” Trump came in, he did the exact same thing.

You call this “buying [much of the White middle class] a few precious years” when really it’s just backing a bankster agent and pretending that is a good choice. Why confiscate these people’s guns and make them into more genuine enemies? Right now, many are likely to take up arms defending President “Big Fan of ‘Israel'” [Trump’s words].

Raptar Driver

They should abandon their posts, they are up- holding an evil, corrupt system that needs to fall.

Jens Holm

I kinfd of agree. As number one they should have a good election system.

Raptar Driver

The only good election system is a direct democracy system.

Jens Holm

I dont think so. Too much will be like facebook groups with no expertice.


a bit premature to foresee the disintegration of the disjointed states of A, it’s well under way but with a police force armed to the teeth and the national guards at the tip of the fingers nothing much is about to happen, another week and george floyd will be in the past and business as usual till the next wanton act by the arm of the authorities – the one thing which could change the situation in favour of the deplorable and under-educated obese populace is an uprising by the million of vets having been screwed royally by washington dc for the last 75 years.

Jens Holm

This article is about USA and not Turkey, Iran, Syria or Iraq.

Vets hasnt been schreewed. They all has signed contracts supported by lawa and constitutions. Parts of that could be changed ti the better. But they did sign contracts down to insulin and hear aid.


Domestically, the US can continue like this for a bit longer, but the banksters cannot allow that internationally. Didn’t you notice that Iran and Venezuela defied the sanctions and blockades to deliver Iranian oil to Venezuela, and the empire did nothing to stop it?

The banksters will keep pushing Americans into bigger extortion racket wars, and that stress will either rally people to the banksters’ cause, hasten the US collapse/reformation, or some combination of both.

Alberto Garza

venezuela is destroyed socialism killed its economy like it always does.


Check out Chossudovsky’s interview, “Venezuela: From Oil Proxy to the Bolivarian Movement and Sabotage. Abysmal Poverty under US Proxy Rule (1918-1998).” Poverty levels were actually worse before the Bolivarian Revolution.

Venezuela’s populist government spending is fine; in fact, acting for the good of the people as a whole is what good governments do. The main problem with the Venezuelan economy is now the banksters’ sanctions.

I know the “Iraq has WMDs” people said differently, but surely you are not still believing them…

Tommy Jensen

I noticed Mnuchin got extremely upset when some newpaper said the Venezuelan people survived by trading gold dust and nudgets like in the good old Alaska days.

Venezuela has gold and there is a lot of independent single man and small companies digging gold……..out of any central bank controle……………….LOL.

Bobby Twoshoes

Poor Biden, with social distancing he can’t grope little girls anymore.

Jens Holm

Typical evil talk only. You probatly paid him for it too using tax reduction as well:)


Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Jens Holm

I look down. You are right. Mine is not in fire – yet :)

Tommy Jensen

Always. But you have these liberals who want it to be everything else than a cigar.
Try the weather, designed to spread its seed to create, to please and to comfort us, for example.


What we are seeing is a leftist Tet Offensive.

Tom Tom

Exactly. Should pop off any day now. Lock and load for one target rich environment. See any blue helmets and they are fair game.

Alberto Garza

yes watch the project veritas infiltrated antiifa article they are led by a sedish woman and received money from george soros .


I have been aware of the group for over 20 years. It is larded with Jews and appears to operate with the assistance of, and in concert with, fellow-travelers at the highest levels of the FBI and other government agencies, even FEMA. A sympathetic ‘media’ is, of course, a given.

Tom Tom

Thanks, Saker. Best analysis I’ve seen yet. The main issue for the U.S. is too much debt.
This house of cards will collapse, and the globalists will bring in foreign military to the U.S.,
but ultimately anyone who does come in will leave on bloody stumps.

Re American blacks, many have woken up to the fact the Demoblicans use them for their hidden socialist agenda. American blacks consist of 13% of the entire population, yet commit more than half of all murders in the U.S., and 90% of all murders of black Americans. I feel sorry for any cops in D.C., NYC, or any other city with a higher percentage of American blacks. Blacks can and do succeed everywhere, but the demoblicans pander to the poor blacks, using them. The violent riots have nothing to do with George Floyd. There are peaceful protests for Floyd, but the riots are by Antifa/BLM, paid for by George Soros organizations, with organization arranged by the Democratic National Committee, using their Muslim Brotherhood networks they use to raise money through criminal acts, in this case, to organize this violence.


Trump has “too much debt,” but he’s still “rich,” isn’t he? This is because he can continue getting more debt. When a lender can provide infinite debt, it’s not the debt that becomes the main issue; the problem is doing whatever the lender wants. In this case, the US’s lenders, the private banksters want the US in more regime change wars.

Those wars are why the fear of “foreign military to the US” makes no sense. Remember Soros’s Maidanites in Ukraine? They can’t beat the Donbass militias; they need more American troops there, not the other way around. How about the “moderate” terrorists in Syria? They can’t beat the Syrian and Russian government forces; they need more American troops there, not the other way around.

At best, I could see the banksters faking an invasion to drum up support for bigger regime change wars. Maybe get some Ukrainians, dress them up like Russians (“Remember, yes Russian”), and attack something in the US. They could use the mainstream and controlled alternative media to blow it out of proportion, activate stronger censorship to hide the truth, and get their “new Pearl Harbor” that way.

Tommy Jensen

Its planned the way that local authorities are employed and paid to do the dirty work. You cant find an more evil way to split the society.


Think what we saw this year alone explains everything. Congress giving out trillions to their buddies and peanuts to the people who do the work. And then tax the hell out of them. crony capitalism which benefit only the few and their sycophantic Zionist morons.

Lone Ranger

U.S. is going downhill, slowly but steady, since the CIA killed JFK and the military industrial complex took charge.
Every Empire falls, it’s the turn of the U.S. Empire…


I would also count the Vietnam War protests, desertions, and corrupt officer fraggings as another example of people’s faith in Federal Reserve Act America eroding. The bankster oligarchs recognized this, too, hence why they had Nixon normalize relations with China and used their corporations to try and jump super powers to there.

As Napoleon said, “Money has no motherland,” and neither do the banksters.

However, China’s Confucianist principles bounced back, it grew its middle class, allied with Ex-Communist, Christian Russia, etc., so the banksters were stuck with the US they left to rot. They have some options to revive the US into the puppet power they need, but yeah, things are not looking good for the Private Bankster Empire…

Swift Laggard II

money does not care for your superficial neat categorizations of evil murica and christian russia. just shows how shallow your understanding of life is


Is the Private Bankster Empire built on money? Or is the only reason countries use the money because of violence? The banksters’ wars are a clearer indicator of policy than their money. Atheist Soviet Russia, for instance, got billions of dollars worth of military aid via the Lend-Lease Act, and when General George Patton wanted to finish the war against the Soviets, he got into a minor car “accident” and died.

After the Communists collapsed under their own corruption and corrupt oligarchs went to jail, some “Western” oil companies are still doing business with Russia and Russia has been American astronauts’ ride into space, but that does not change how the US getting thousands of ethnic Russians slaughtered in Donbass or “Israel” getting a Russian Il-20 shot down with 15 airmen inside are in a series of McCollum Memo style provocations intended to spark a regime change war.

Assad must stay

its the ghost of the soviet union getting revenge on US from beyond the grave lol

Alberto Garza

its the radical left that took over hollywood and the media and the deep state they are trying to stage a coup against trump the radical left is a thrreat to the whole world.

Jens Holm

It seemes You have forgotten MVarty as well as Hoover in that.


It is not a ‘systemic collapse’, Mr. Saker. It is a planned, orchestrated event. Good grief.

Rhodium 10

Poverty is what have caused Riots and looting under cover of alleged racism and police brutality( which have always existed in USA)

Swift Laggard II

[By repeating mantras about how “Black anger is legitimate” the US liberal media is basically placing a seal of approval on the violence and looting.]…..false logic. approving legitimate black anger does not in any way legitimize violence and looting. just another razist born too late when lynchings are out of fashion. These are the maga folks who think murica was ever great, when they were lynching and segregating

Raptar Driver

Remember though in the United States black people are the biggest racists.

Jens Holm

Well, the blacks also are not one group. Only children 3 years old see that.

You find a lot of racisme or seggregation in USA among most minorities.

Blacks always are named because they actually was brought in as slaves.

When I was very Young we still had good contact with one of my Grandgfaters siblings. They did talk about it because of the “negro riots”. My Grandfathers brother mentioned he, his wife and the ones, they were aming – Portland Oregon – had no racisme.

He implyed many in hios late days. There was no difference. If people could workand did, they were – acording to him – all well paid.

Swift Laggard II

like your mother i guess


drop dead deadbeat.

Jens Holm

Thats right. You va to be able to seperate those 2 things.

Swift Laggard II

white tone deaf razists like this author think they can tell black people even how they should feel about every aspect of their lives, including why they should not protest when they are murdered. total nonzense

Tommy Jensen

As a white American I just want black people to think! Try to THINK about your liberal situation and do something about it……without looting a Nike Shoe shop and Cap shop.
Basket ball, boxing and big cars with cigars are NOT the way to solve the worlds problems.

Democrats and Liberals are the roots of racism. Jump out of it by adopting Gods principle which is the Constitution’s principle.
By “All men are created equal” belief, all talks about privileges and rights blow away.


Let’s be honest, Tom: More Americans need to think, period. It was not just Black Americans or Democrats in Iraq wondering where the weapons of mass destruction were, you know…?

Tommy Jensen

I know. The sheeple are just difficult to get into. I know it from family, friends, work pals.
They refuse to hear it in the first place. I have conservative collegues who declare they only wants to discuss what is stated in WP, NYT, FT.
If finally you get through once with something simple and obvious, it can take 6-12 mth before they mentally can accept it as reality. Then they run back to the burning shelter again because here is warm and here is hay every day.
When the shelter is burning, its waste of time, they are just in the way.

Therefore I try with one liners. “We are all created equal” and all bs is closed :-D.

Raptar Driver

Saker misses it agian. Apparently living here 24 years is not enough to really see the dynamics that are going on here. He’s only seeing a thin veneer and he is wrong. Go back to Russia dumbshit.

Jens Holm

Yes it has been like that since I remember. My sister was an active communist. They were not even allowed to understand anything in USA by searching for information. They had a paper, which they told us everything abiut USA from.

She also had a book, wher we thing by thik saw Russians has invented almost anything on the whole planet.


nah he’s on the spot it’s you that need another lobotomy – urgently.

Jens Holm

Maybe he can use Yours. Its never used.


Raptar, your comment is not a sensible argument. It’s a claim with a red herring as its only “evidence” followed by an ad hominem attack. It encompasses major problems with “Iraq has WMDs” America.

Blas de Lezo

Dum Russians, they might be good at chess but they have no idea about how resilient US society is.
They already lost Libya, will lose Syria and continue to pushed out out of the ME, Putin is too weak.

Trap Is Not Gay

More taxpayer money to Israel, goy

Ron Chandler

The saker is a boot-licker.


Every empire collapses eventually, and most of us here knew this would happen sooner or later. Still it is shocking to witness it now that it’s actually happening. I’m just glad I’m not an American.

I suspect as the author points out, this collapse will take few years to be fully realized. Personally I think the US will have to break up into several states along political and racial lines.

An interesting question would be, what will happen to the US military and all its assets and bases?

Assad must stay

i think US is one more black person getting killed by cops away from complete and total chaos

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