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The Saker: “The other new revolutionary Russian weapons”

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Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the March 1st, 2018, speech of President Putin to the Federal Assembly, had a tectonic effect on the world public opinion. Initially, some tried to dismiss it as “Russian propaganda” and “bad CGI”, but pretty soon the reality hit hard, very hard: the Russians either had already deployed or were about to deploy weapon systems which were decades ahead of anything similar in the West and against which the West had no defensive measures.

For those interested in a good summary about these weapons, please check this rather well done RT video:

Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Air Force Gen. John Hyten, bluntly speaking of hypersonic weapons declared under oath that:

“Our defense is our deterrent capability. We don’t have any defense that could deny the employment of such a weapon against us, so our response would be our deterrent force, which would be the triad and the nuclear capabilities that we have to respond to such a threat.” 

In plain English this means the following: there are only two ways to deter an attack – denial or punishment.  Denial is when you prevent your adversary from striking you; punishment is when you make him pay dearly for the price of this attack.  Punishment is a very tricky and undesirable situation, not only because it gives “escalation dominance” to the other side, but also because using nuclear capabilities against a peer or even higher than peer nuclear superpower like Russia basically entails collective suicide.  Think of this in simple, practical terms. Say Russia disables or even sinks a US Navy carrier with a couple of hypersonic missiles. What would you do as a US President?  The Russian Navy simply does not have as lucrative (and highly symbolic) target as a US aircraft carrier anyway, but even if you decided to strike at the Admiral Kuznetsov or the heavy nuclear missile cruiser Petr Velikii, would you risk using nukes even though the Russians might reply in kind?  There is currently no US cruise missile capable of hitting, nevermind sinking, either the Kuznetsov or the Petr Velikii (who both have advanced air defenses which can easily defeat even a swarm of subsonic US anti-ship missiles, especially if they are escorted, which they will be).

The bottom line is this: the recent Russian advances in missile technology have basically made the US surface fleet pretty much useless in a conflict against Russia (and probably against China too).  At the same time, Russian advances in air defenses have not only made the entire US ABM system basically useless, it also denies the USA the cornerstone of all its tactics: air superiority.  This reality is slowly but surely sinking in.  This means that many billions of US tax dollars have gone to waste.  Not only that, but the entire US military strategy is now obsolete.

But there is more bad news for the AngloZionist Empire: in a recent interview by General Iurii Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Space Industry named six weapons systems which, in his opinion, have no counterpart in western arsenals. These include two almost never (or very rarely) mentioned before:

  1. The “Sarmat” heavy MIRVed ICBM
  2. The Sukhoi Su-57 aka “PAKFA”, the 5th generation jet fighter being developed for air superiority and attack operations
  3. The revolutionary T-14 “Armata” main battle tank
  4. The long-range S-500 air defense system
  5. The mobile anti-satellite system “Nudol
  6. The ground-based mobile jamming system for satellite communications “Triada-2S

While the first four systems listed have been known for a while, very little is known about the Nudol ASAT or the Triada-2S jamming systems.  A couple of years ago, in 2015, The Washington Free Beacon wrote one article about the Nudol system entitled “Russia Flight Tests Anti-Satellite Missile Moscow joins China in space warfare buildup” but I did not find anything at all in English about the Triada-2S.  There are a few articles published about these two systems in Russian however, and I will summarize them here beginning with the Nudol system.

The Nudol weapons system

The Saker: "The other new revolutionary Russian weapons"

Artists’ representation of the Nudol weapons system

One Russian blogger posted what he says was a drawing of the Nudol system taken from an internal calendar of the Almaz-Antey Corporation. This is what Nudol is supposed to look like (see image). While still interesting, this image really reveals very little about Nudol. A transporter erector launcher (TEL) and two missile containers, just like in the S-300V, not much to go on. A Russian source identifies Nudol as part of a much larger system code-named “A-235/RTTs-181M/OKR Samolet-M” which is formed by integrating three separate systems, a long-range, intermediate range, and a short range. If true, this would indicate that while the Nudol missile launcher is mobile, it would probably have a targeting datalink from both mobile and fixed Russian air defense radars. In fact, the same source confirms that these systems will be fully integrated into the massive Don-2M (and, probably, the Voronezh and Darial) early warning radars.  It appears that the Russians had been working on initial concepts for such a weapon system since the 1990s and that 30 years later, this system is still in development.  However, some parts of it, such as the Nudol itself, seems to be near completion.  It is also interesting to note here that the S-500 “Prometheus” system also mentioned by General Borisov, which is supposed to replace both the S-300s and the S-400s in the Russian armed forces also reportedly has (low-orbit) anti-satellite capabilities (along with anti-ballistic and anti-aircraft missile capabilities). While the specifics are still unclear, what appears to be happening is that the Russians have decided to build a multi-layered but fully integrated air defense, anti-ballistic and anti-satellite system and now that the USA has fully withdrawn from the ABM Treaty, they are preparing to deploy it in the ABM and ASAT segments in the next couple of years.

The Triada-2S system

It appears that, again, we are not dealing with one system here, but two: the mobile anti-satellite complex Rudolf and the mobile complex of radio electronic destruction of communication satellites Triada-2S.  Russian sources refer to Rudolf as a mobile “strike” system implying the physical destruction of the targeted satellite while the Triada-2s appears to be destroying the satellite’s electronic communications (called “electronic suppression” in Russian terminology). Just as in the case of the Nudol, these systems appear to still be in the development phase and have not been accepted for deployment yet. It is worth mentioning here that the late Soviet Union had already developed some anti-satellite capabilities, including the ASAT rocket 79М6 (fired from a MiG-21D interceptor) and the Rokot/Nariad-V land-based rocket/missile system. This is all highly classified stuff and the specifics remain unclear, but the fact that work is continuing on these systems and that General Borisov has decided to publicly mention these systems indicate that the Russians are making a determined effort to develop a robust anti-satellite capability.

Porubshchik-2 – the newly revealed ASAT

In a recent article by RIA Novosti news agency yet another ASAT system is described: the Porubshchik-2. RT picked up on this article and posted this article in English.  While the RT article focuses mostly on the new electronic warfare capabilities of this aircraft, the Russian text puts more emphasis on the fact that this EW aircraft will have ASAT capabilities.  This system is still in development, but at the very least these show that the Russians are now developing a full array of anti-satellite systems.

Let’s add this all up

The Russian plan to counter the US military threat is becoming clearer and clearer with each passing day.  I would summarize as follows:

The Saker: "The other new revolutionary Russian weapons"

Click to see the full-size image

By targeting US space-based capabilities Russia is aiming at an exceedingly important and currently extremely fragile segment of the US armed forces and the impact of that cannot be overstated. It is already well known that the US military has almost no practice operating in a highly contested electronic warfare environment and that, in fact, US EW capabilities have stagnated over the years. In the age of advanced communication and network-centric warfare, the disruption or elimination of any meaningful segment of the US space-based capabilities would have a dramatic impact on US warfighting capabilities. Just like US tactical air is practically completely dependent on AWACs support, all the branches of the US military have grown accustomed to enjoying advanced command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities (C4ISR) and this is what the Russians want to deny them (and you can bet that the Chinese are working along the exact same lines).

This is not to say that Russia has achieved anywhere near full-spectrum dominance over the United States but it does mean that the United States has totally failed in its efforts to achieve anything near full-spectrum dominance over Russia and, therefore, over the rest of the planet. It is important to understand that while, for the USA, it is crucial to achieving superiority, for Russia it is enough to deny that superiority to the USA. Russia, therefore, has no need to achieve anything even remotely resembling full-spectrum dominance over the USA/NATO – all she needs to achieve is to make it impossible for the Empire to make her submit by force or threat of force.

The big problem of internal competition

Just as I had predicted in my article “Making Sense of the Russian 5th Generation Fighters in Syria” there is now high-level official statements indicating that Russia might only produce a limited amount of Su-57s. The reason? That the 4++ generation Su-35S is already very good good and much cheaper than the Su-57 and that Russian money should go towards developing a 6th generation multirole fighter. In other words, the main threat to the Su-57 program is not foreign competition (the Russians want to offer the Su-57 for export!), but internal competition. The same thing happened to the MiG-35 program (and before that to the MiG 1.44 project): they were beaten by Sukhoi. The MiG-35 appears to finally have been selected as a frontal aviation fighter, but the overall pattern is clear: unlike the USSR, Russia cannot afford to develop many similar or overlapping weapons systems at the same time. Some weapons systems will be produced in limited quantities while others might be canceled altogether.

Something similar will probably happen inside the Russian ASAT programs: projects will compete and not all will be deployed. Still, what is clear is that the Russians are working with a great deal of intensity on a number of different technologies whose purpose will be to take out US space capabilities in the early phases of any conflict. In contrast, the USA has spent so much money on very lucrative but useless weapons systems, that to restart a full-scaled ASAT program will take a lot of time (even if Trump has already declared that he wants to build “space forces” – check out this excellent commentary by Philip Giraldi on this topic), probably decades.

Modern weapon system developments have a huge “inertia”: they are hard to start, hard to develop and hard to stop once started.  This is especially true for a profoundly corrupt and delusional Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) like the US one (see my review of Andrei Martyanov’s excellent book on this topic here).  Considering the current crisis of the AngloZionist Empire and the trade/sanctions war Trump is currently waging on most of the planet, the chances of the US force planners correcting their past mistakes and adequately reacting to the new reality is probably very close to zero.  Trump’s attempt to develop space forces is therefore yet another case of too little, too late.  The gap between the advertised and the actual US military capabilities will only get bigger in the foreseeable future.

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AG Korvin

Air-launched anti-satellite two-stage missiles were a thing in the 80s already. Their development halted when a treaty forbid their use. The basic concept is to field a very fast large-frame fighter which can approach the maximum possible height and doing so with carrying a large missile. In the US the candidate was some of the Skunk Works reco planes and the F-15, while in the CCCP it was the MiG-25 / MiG-31 Foxbat / Foxhound. Of the latter, the centerline pylon is capable to mount such a missile.

But ground-based anti-satellite missiles? It has to be a very crude and dangerous tool, as in the space there is no oxygen and air pressure to capitalise on traditional explosive warheads. Even anti-ICBM high-altitude missiles are tend to use small-diameter nuke warheads, but what is gonna be used against satellites? Whatever is used actually, in my opinion it is physically not possible to deliver these by such a small missile like the SA-8 derivatives like the S-300/400/500. Or is it?


There’s a rumor that the s500 will be armed with nukes. I can’t find the article, but I know I read it in the last 4 months or so.

John Whitehot

several high-level soviet made SAM system had an option of a nuclear warhead (S200 for ex.), to destroy bomber formations in one hit. It’s likely that such type of device has been designed for S500 (which means it’s also retrofittable to S400 and 300)

AG Korvin

Surely, as back in the day the Soviets had a dedicated air-defence arm, (войска ПВО, voyska protivovozdushnoy oborony, voyska PVO) and they operated the depth air defences, both SAMs and aircraft. These aircraft were lesser known (like the Sukhoi Su-15 “Flagon”) and reportedly this air-defence arm already used nuke warheads from the late 60s. It is no wonder, as for example the AEGIS SM-3 also packs nukes.

I think these hyped-up news are avtually no news for those in the trade.


From what I’ve read, an s-400 type missile just won’t cut it. It would have to be something based around the a-135 missile, which is basically what the s-500 is replacing. How they mount the thing on a mobile transporter-erector I have no idea, that missile is huge. From memory, the long-range s400 missiles reach up to 30kms, whereas NEO is 160km plus.

John Whitehot

afaik the S300V (SA12 Gladiator/Giant) has been designed to be able to hit satellites at least in Low Earth Orbit, with its larger variant missile.

Satellites remain well outside the capability of the system you mention like the OSA.

A compromise in design could be made, by building a smaller missile with no warhead, so that internal weight is entirely taken by guidance (I imagine semi-active would be lighter) and fuel.

Such missile would have to destory satellites simply by impacting them.

The US has experimented and deployed “kinetical energy” only weapons, but the results aren’t very encouraging. A warhead ensures destruction, whereas the damage of a simple impact cannot be predicted, which is something that a military keen on accomplishing its missions does not like much.


Geez- fools talking like they know anything. Satellites are taken out by traditional directional FRAGMENTATION warheads. And NO, an explosive needs neither (external) oxygen nor air pressure. Indeed air pressure actually WEAKENS the force of an explostion via friction.

Why is it that ‘weapon junkies’ are always scientifically illiterate. Thir dribble always proves they think what they see in ‘action movies’ (all those red-yellow ‘explosions’) represents real life.

A ground to space missile has TWO problems- fuel to get out of the Earth’s gravitational well, and manoevering when in the vastly reduced atmosphere of space. A ground to space missile can either go straight for the target, or enter orbit first and slowly move in orbit to the target. Both are trivial with today’s tech.

Satellites are the ultimate sitting target – tho the best the first world powers own have manoevering abilities to avoid simple strikes. The manoevering of an anti-satellite missile becomes much weaker as the atmosphere runs out. The direct missile thusly needs to be highly certain where the target will be- and as I said the juicy targets will move first. The indirect missile uses an adjusting orbit, but will still be playing cat-n-mouse with the more important targets.

But no matter how the missile travels, it takes out its target with KINETIC FRAGMENTATION, not a chemical or nuclear blast as scientific illiterates would have you believe. The chemical explosition is used only to give directional momentum to the fragments- as with a frag grenade..


And those fragments left behind, do they pose a danger to other satillites, including friendlies?


Yes. The Chinese already tested back in 2006 (IIRC) a fighter launched anti satellite missile that struck its target – this being at relatively low orbit. They also tested one a few years back that attained higher orbit – where the military comm/intel satellites float.

The US has tested high altitude fighter launched anti satellite missiles as well, but I’m pretty sure as Starlight pointed out – the higher altitude satellites require much greater targeting ability. I don’t believe any country has done a true test that would prove capable of hitting high altitude satellites but the potential is there – I have to believe this is due to the repercussions from conducting such a test, not because it isn’t currently possible.

Mattias Dahlström

As you probably know satellites have a very limited amount of propellant on board for trajectory adjustment (often He gas).

You can call me Al



You would imagine so.

You can call me Al

As a total side issue, we have had 4 x red admirals in the garden and now they have suddenly dissapeared.


The S500 will have the capabilities of shooting down ballistic missiles and intercepting low orbiting satellites. Since satellites are not maneuverable, kinetic energy would debilitate the satellite.


We all know the Saker operates out of the JEWISH homeland of Florida, USA, just down the road from one of America’s largest military intelligence bases. Every prediction the Saker has ever made has proven to be complete LIES (don’t believe me, go to his site and read his old posts). He exists to sell fake optimism to sheeple on our side. And SF is in lockstep with this project- tho the Saker at least is forced these days to admit the many crimes of Putin (all of Putin’s votes at the UNSC supporting the wars of the West).



This video, ignored by jewish controlled outlets like this one, shows an Israeli trained death squad in Cameroon executing two women and their young children. The soldiers themselves PROUDLY film the execution. The reason for the filming. Well they state their jewish trainers told them how the jews film the sniping atrocities in Gaza, and by showing the world that jews are above the Laws of Man, jews become more powerful and feared.

Indeed Putin purposely invited the king of the jews, the leader of Israel responsible for creating the policy of mass sniping unarmed protestors on their own land, to Russia to celebrate jew power over the Russian people.

Putin has stated again and again that jewish atrocities are JUSTIFED because jews are the “master race” and must never be confined by law.

This video depicts one of the worst atrocities in Human History. All jew controlled media are currently on lock-down over the events in Cameroon- because these atrocities are directly orchestrated from Israeli, French and American military bases there.

You think SF ever wants to hurt the Americans and the Israelis with TRUTHFUL REPORTING? Think again. SF will NEVER report on jewish atrocities. The jews are close to creating another Rwanda level genocide in Cameroon, ready to pick up the pieces and turn Cameroon into a jew slave colony (as Belgium did to the Congo 100 years ago).

The jew sniping atrocities in Gaza, lauded by every major world leader incluing Putin, have set the worst demonic example possible (BY DESIGN) to every would-be Hitler. Now these Hitlers, each backed and financed by jews, are rising across the planet.


Maybe you should create an article in the appropriate place if your so concerned. Not here.


I call that guy Mr. Wordsalad. To be ignored surely. Have a great day James.

Joe Kerr

Any source for your claims of what Putin said? Nah, didn’t think so. Without Putin, Syria would’ve turned into another Libya… and that’s why the zionist controlled western MSM has been singing its anti-Russian aria in contralto. Perhaps that’s the real reason for your anti-Putin hysteria.


Hey Starlight…Long time no see…You are blaming Putin… But that is Deception and not the Whole Truth Right? Who is Paying the Israelis All those Tax-Dollars? Who Has been Protecting This Beachhead all those Decades….Was it Putin? Who Made this Beachhead Possible After WWII & the Balfour Declaration? It wasn’t Putin… It were 80 Million American Zio-Christians, ZioNazis, Rothschild & his Bankster Friends… U.S.A…U.S.A…..U.S.A…

PS Have you found any of the links of ALL your statements already? You promised to send them many Moons ago… but I haven’t seen any yet…


Perhaps it is time to give Peace a try and rebuild America?


Unfortunately the ziofags will double down.


You’re right, I’ve heard it suggested, that Russia would have to obliterate the UK, to prove to the US that they were serious.

Tommy Jensen

As Russia dont dare to do that we can just buld new military bases in front of the Russian´s noses……………………………..LOL.


The problem is a big lawless bully like the U$ has no interest in peace.


Trumps election is a hint at the vast ‘underground’ forces inherent in the basic population of America. The ‘Elites’ hold on power is weaker than most think. For an example, just look at how strenuously the ‘Elites’ media arms are agitating against Trump. Yet, he holds on to a robust plurality of support among the population of America.
We may not soon enter the Golden Age of Peace in America, but many, many of us here will settle for less War.


I believe the time has come for the silent majority in the US and in Europe to take back their countries from the corrupt ‘deep state’ globalists and their cohorts.


Better do it quick, before the world does it the way the US does it, mass murder.


Do we get to bomb it, before the rebuild, can we do an Iraq on the USA?

Matt Lazarus

Unless you are yourself a country or well-armed militia that can can call upon large enough armies and air forces to invade the US, it’s highly unlikely you can do an Iraq on the USA. What individuals and groups around the world can start doing is boycotting US products — this means, for example, not flying on US airlines, not flying on airlines that fly US-built aircraft, stop going to Starbucks and McDonald’s, don’t buy anything from Amazon, don’t travel to the US. Don’t stay at US-branded hotels (Hilton, Hyatt, Holiday Inn, etc.), don’t rent from US car rental agencies, don’t use US credit cards. If US fruits, vegetables, meat, or other food products are sold at your supermarket, just don’t buy them.

There is probably much that can be added to this list. The important thing is to simply start doing it and letting others know you’re doing it.


This doctrine seems perfectly in character with the old Soviet naval doctrine. Where the Americans wanted to gain superiority over the seas, and use to attack the enemy from this position, the Soviets merely sought to deny their enemy the uses of the seas. Both as an area to launch offensive operations from, and as a means of resupply. I wonder how the war in the Pacific would have gone if the Japanese would have applied this principle instead of trying to meet the USN as a similar blue water navy. Pearl Harbour aside, their biggest success against the USN was the use of kamikaze as area denial rather then naval superiority.


Japanese imperial navy was designated as a blue water navy to control Pacific and defeat the US navy. The Japanese had numerical and qualitative superiority at the beginning of the war, however, they were not decisive enough to inflict a mortal blow on the US, same as Germany against Russia. As the war progressed US and Russia were able to outperform their enemies economically and militarily.

Japan did not have significant land mass deep in the Pacific, aside from some islands, their ability to deny the sea and constrict US supply areas was limited, therefore they had to use their naval resources.


The big advantage the Allies had over Imperial Japan then was that they could read the Japanese codes. An early form of Communications Dominance. By denying America the “High Ground” of satellite observation and communications, the Russians are, at the least, leveling the playing field.


The codes serve them well about the time of the battle of Midway, the big advantage US had was its economic prowess that built hundreds of ships every year without any armed harassment, while bombing Japanese infrastructure with B29’s.
The Russians can jam or kill satellites, taking it beyond “ leveling the playing field”.


It was aircraft carriers that defeated Japan.
Interestingly the US is now like Japan, and has lots of the weapons that won the last war, but few of the weapons that will win the next war.


I know, Japan had carriers as well, they could not replace their losses as the Americans did, since their shipyards and military infrastructure was bombed by B29’s.

Joseph Scott

No, it was submarines and mines that defeated Japan. The historiography does like to praise the carrier overmuch, and that is part of how the US got it’s carrier obsession, but the the majority of the blockade of Japan came from subs and mines (the latter often deployed by sub). The carrier already displayed all the vulnerability is shows now, and had the Japanese or Germans had more sufficient forces and building capacity, this would have been even more apparent.


Yeah something like 2% of US ships were submarines but those accounted for 90% of Japans merchant marine losses. I find Russia building diesel boats brilliant. Nukes can go and go but flipping expensive.


The US blockade had stopped Japan buying fuel, attacking and securing oil supplies was the only option they had, and the US knew that.
The US provoked the war with Japan, to reduce unemployment and to pillage.


The US may have triggered it with that blockade, but it was going to come regardless. If Japan wanted to expand its holdings, and it did, it would have to nap European colonial possessions at some point. And as long as Europe was in turmoil due to WWII, THAT was Japan’s window of opportunity. Since the US would not allow that, war with the US was inevitable. I reckon that it would have come within months of the Pearl Harbour attack anyway. If only because if they had waited another year US naval strength in the Pacific would have skyrocketed. Within a year of Pearl Harbour the first Essex class carrier joined the USN, the first of so many it would tripple USN carrier fleet strength. The Japanese could never hope to compete against that industrial output. Of all the Japanese leaders at least Yamamoto understood this. And this was probably why he went along with the war despite his misgivings.


The Sukhoi Su-57 dubbed “F-35 Killer” was just canceled.

Tudor Miron

Keep dreaming.


Nah dude, It’s done. It’s dead. They announced it’s no needed for now. No serial production. We are in shock. They tried so hard and got so far…RIP
Probably no international contracts to sustain mass production…

Tudor Miron

Read above.


India is out of the game…maybe China? No? Pakistan? Turkey please… Saudis, do you need some junk?


A contract for 12 planes has been signed, with deliveries expected in 2019.


Yes, that’s all. 12 SU-57 to be delivered in 2019. There are flying 300 F-35, 2500 ordered by USA and over 1000 ordered by other nations, that is 4000 billions in contracts just by now.


F35 is an expensive piece of junk, US can load up on the junk, other nations are getting smarter and reducing or cancelling their orders.
Russia has Suk 30SM, 35S that can take out F35 relatively easy, plus deadly surface to air missile layered defense that is effective against stealth.


…but the F-35 Killer dude….it’s so buried. So much of a recycled article about the ballistics just to forget of the actual news.


The F35 killer is Suk 35S.
The F35 killer is S300 and S400, quite a few killers that are cost effective, don’t you think?

I saw an article in Business Insider about a Wasp class amphibious ship that showed a F35 laden with missiles and bombs externally….Lol, without the stealth protection the F35 is a clumsy, poorly maneuverable aircraft that can be shot down from the air or ground.
As far as the renown avionics and datalinkages to other systems, Russia can use their EW warfare capability and render them useless.


The F35 is a Prius.

John Whitehot

every current 4th gen plane is a f-35 killer. wake the fuck up.


Yes but the F35 has such poor range, they would need to be parked very close to Russia, and still not be able to reach areas deep inside Russia.
Of the 300 F35’s built, quite a few are not actually mission capable, they plan to make them work at some time in the future?


Why do you think they planed to send it deep inside Russia? I’m not even a fan of this airplane of which main purpose was to sell, with 1000 of them already ordered from varies countries, that would be half of the entire Russian fleet.

John Whitehot

lol it just started entering service.




These New Weapon Systems made Trump & the Deep State realise to Back Off… But I do not Forget that the Cold War could very well have been a Hoax…to have a Good excuse for “Spending” Trillions…



Developments in the Middle East will be interesting… will it become a Joint Operation to push IsraHell into the Mediterranean and will IsraHell use the Samson-Option as Emergency Scenario & Back up Plan….Your Elites won’t be there to go down with the Ship, Israelis remember that…a Complete Boycot of IsraHell…including the suspension of U.S. Tax-Dollars on this Beachhead Might be a better Option… it Will Slowly Bleed to Death….



The Americans don’t know how to back off, they either crash through or crash.
Sadly in the end the US will have to be nuked, because they just won’t stop killing people.


Inside the U.S. There are also things going on… Perhaps Americans turn out to be Beyond Saviour…and turned into Zombies waiting to be Saved by their Lords in Washington… Who already Have Prepared Walmarts, Fema-Camps & Underground Tunnelsystems for them…and other nice places to spend the rest of their lives…But it could very well be that an Angry Mob with Pitchforks is waiting just around the Corner… for Civil War II

Raptar Driver

Better than a nuke would be to just stop buying U.S. debt and trading in dollars.


It seems Russia with a limited defense budget is capitalizing on Soviet research and development concepts from several decades ago, utilizing the latest advances in rocketry and radar, to develop some of these super weapons.

paul ( original )

Yes it is all going in the right direction. Now as Stalin might have said; what is needed now is quantity which has a quality of its own.


Stalin might have contemplated that durin WW2, when USSR was producing simple and relatively effective weapons in large quantities of offset German qualitative weapon advantage; today the focus is on an effective layered defensive and offensive capability using state of the art technologies


In what way was a Pz1, 2, 3 or 4 more advanced than a T34?
The Germans copied the T34 to make the Panther, and again for the King Tiger. The Germans didn’t understand sloped armour design, while the Soviets led the way.
The Soviets made great engineering masterpieces, then learned how to manufacture these tanks simply.
That is true genius.


That’s where China comes in, give them the drawings and specs, and they will build bombs like iPhones, a bomb or 2 for every single American.


I think Russia’s success is due to it having lots of scientists and engineers, the US has lots of bankers and brokers.

Pave Way IV

Russian ASAT? Hah! Bring it on.
US Space Forces® are always on the guard for sneaky Russian attacks.
comment image
“Capt. Mad Dog ready for Russian beat-down, sir!”

Manuel Flores Escobar

Russia have kalibr cruise missile ( land attack range 2700km) and KH-101( 5000km range)…well it is enough to destroy air bases and wipe off US&Allies air superiority!…thas all!…preferible be installed in Subs aiming air bases in Mid east and EU…allies without air support are nothing!


The Russians will probably provide the Syrian government coalition with enough of these capabilities once they finish clearing the border areas of non state terrorists, which isn’t far off, to make the triad of the US, Nato and the baby rapers realize that continuing the Istaelistan Kurdish secessionist project is an effort in futility.

Once the US pulls out, the Turks won’t be far behind. Which will leave only the occupied Golan left to clear of the IDF, Mossad, Shin Bet and Jew squatters and land thieves remaining to get rid of. Probably in conjunction with the Palestinian protection force shaping up at the UN by bypassing the US UNSC veto with UNGA 377A Resolution procedures.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x