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The Saker: “The Headless Chicken and the Bear”

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The Saker: "The Headless Chicken and the Bear"


Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

Introducing the headless chicken

The EU has a major problem: it is run by a comprador class which is entirely dependent on the United States. Okay, that by itself is not the problem I am referring to. The problem I am referring to is one we could call the problem of the decapitated chicken: a decapitated chicken can run without a head, but it sure does not know where it is running or why. This happens to all comprador classes when their beloved masters suddenly vanish. This is exactly what happened to the European ruling classes when Trump came to the White House: they “lost their head” and they began running all over the place, obviously achieving nothing. Now that the Neocons gave Trump the boot, the EU rulers are desperate to show the new US leaders that they only hated Trump, not the US, and what better way to show your complete submission than by barking at the Asiatic Mordor of the East known as “Russia”?

This latest PSYOP was apparently organized in the US last fall, while Trump was still in power, at least nominally. This makes sense, just like the huge “Patriot Act” was carefully prepared months, if not years before 9/11 happened. This time around, some US intelligence agency (probably the CIA) then passed the baby to the German BND which was supposed to act as an intermediary to give the US “plausible deniability”. The big problem is that the Germans apparently screwed things up, and the plan was a flop: the latest sacral victim failed to die (again!). As for Putin, he used his executive power to allow Navalnyi (who was on parole) to immediately fly to Germany for treatment as soon as the Russian medics stabilized him. From there on, everything went south and Navalnyi’s curators scrambled to save whatever could be saved.

They produced a movie about Putin’s palace in Crimea, only to have Russian reporters film the location and prove that this movie was a total fake. Then they sent Navalnyi back to Russia figuring that if the Russian authorities arrested him huge protests would follow or, alternatively, if the Russians did nothing, Navalnyi would be able to create chaos during an important election year in Russia. This resulted in another flop, not only were the crowds in Russia small, their behavior was deeply offensive and even frightening to most Russians who have seen enough Maidans and color revolutions to know how this stuff ends. As for Navalnyi, he was arrested immediately upon landing, and his parole was revoked.

Of course, all this was reported very differently in what I call Zone A, but while this made it possible for the authors of this PSYOP to conceal the magnitude of their failure, in the rest of the world and, especially, in Russia, it was pretty clear that this ridiculous buffoonery had failed. That outcome presented the EU headless chicken with a major problem: on one hand, we protest about “Putin murdering his own people with combat gasses” while on the other we are about to complete North Stream 2 (NS2), which we need to remain competitive; if we continue, we will lose NS2 and we will alienate Russia even further, but if we stop acting like an idiot on suicide watch, our overseas masters will make us pay. EU leaders obviously failed agree on a plan so, just like a headless chicken, they ran in all directions at the same time: they publicly protested, but also sent as top official, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the European Commission Josep Borrell, to try to appease the Russians. Borrell actually did a decent job trying to placate the Russians, but this time something went very wrong. Not only was Foreign Minister Lavrov very blunt in his public comments, the Russians also expelled 3 EU diplomats for participating in the demonstrations even while Borrell and Lavrov were talking. This is when the proverbial bovine excreta hit the fan, at least in EU whose “watchdog media” (here I use the term “watchdog” as meaning “immediately barking at anybody daring to stray from the official propaganda line”) went crazy and accused Borrell of caving in to the Russians. Some even demanded Borrell’s resignation. As for Borrell himself, he did what all western officials do after a visit to Moscow: he changed his tune as soon as he came back home. Finally, Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, added that “The task [of Borrell] was to carry out a public flogging, which, I think, they planned very carefully, it was a cascade of topics: talks about rallies, talks about journalists, and making [Alexey] Navalny the main theme of the discussion”. According to Zakharova, this plan failed because Russia insisted on discussing the “real issues“.

Interestingly, the Russians did not expel any US diplomats (at least not yet) in spite of the fact that these officials all agreed that the origin of the PSYOP was from overseas and in spite of the quasi-certainty that US officials must have been present, at least in the Moscow and Saint Petersburg protests. To its credit, the US embassy in Moscow did recommend to all US citizens that they stay away from illegal demonstrations. This is an ongoing crisis and by the time this analysis is posted, things might have changed dramatically. My purpose today is not to look at the US or the EU, but at what I believe is a major shift in Russian policy.

At this point, we should not see the expulsions of the 3 EU diplomats as anything more than just a “shot across the bow”, a way to indicate that the winds have changed. But these expulsions are not big enough to qualify as a real, painful, retaliation. Why?

Because the real slap in the collective face of the EU was the press conference of Lavrov and Borrell in which Lavrov was truly uniquely direct and candid. For example, Lavrov bluntly said ” We are proceeding from the assumption that the EU is not a reliable partner, at least at the current stage. I hope that in future strategic attention will be given to the EU’s fundamental interest in its closest neighbours and that the talks we have held today will promote movement to a more constructive trajectory. We are ready for this“.

Translated from diplospeak into plain English, this means 1) we are fed up with you and 2) we don’t need you.

This blunt statement is what triggered all the subsequent hysterics in Brussels about Borrell being ill treated by the Russians and Borrell’s subsequent declaration that “Russia does not want a constructive dialog” and that the EU must now decide if it still wants to get closer to Russia or if it wants to distance itself from a country slipping into authoritarianism.

In western parlance the degree of “democratism” or “authoritarianism” is solely defined by the willingness of a country to be a satrapy of the Empire. Under this definition, all sovereign countries are “dictatorships” and all AngloZionist satrapies are paragons of democracy.

Has the Russian bear had enough?

Just two weeks ago I wrote that With “Biden” in the White House, the Kremlin Now Needs to Change Gear and I believe that this is exactly what we are seeing today. Here is my evidence:

  • The tone of the Russian has changed and is much more direct and blunt
  • The fact that the three EU diplomats were expelled while Borrell was in Moscow was a very deliberate slap in the EU’s collective face
  • The tone of the Russian media has also changed, journalists and experts are all expressing their utter disgust with the EU and are calling for less words and more actions
  • The NS2 lobby in Russia (who advocated a policy of total non-confrontation at least until NS2 was completed) is rather absent from the public discourse. This might mean that this lobby has thrown in the towel or, alternatively, that the block I call “Eurasian sovereignists” does not consider NS2 as vital for Russia (they are correct, by the way) and that putting the squeeze on the EU is much more important (again, I agree with them here too).
  • The EU’s other anti-Russian vendetta, I am referring to the recent attempt at overthrowing Lukashenko, has also failed. However, this PSYOP was so rude and crude, and the EU acted with such arrogance that it really gave Russia no other option than to take action, not only by flying Tu-160s along the Belarussian border or by selling S-400s, but also by using highly symbolic diplomatic countermeasures.
  • The Russian Aerospace Forces (2 Su-24M, 2 Su-27s and 2 Su-30SM) have conducted mock missile strikes against USN ships as soon as they entered the southern waters of the Black Sea. Note: the same day Chinese aircraft conducted a mock attack on a US carrier in the Pacific.
  • Russia has now deployed both the Bal and even the formidable Bastion coastal missile defense systems. This, combined with the formidable capabilities of the Southern Military District and the Black Sea Fleet which turns the entire Black Sea into a shooting range and any hostile ship into an easy target for the Russians. Clearly, the Russians are fed up with the arrogance of the USN.
  • Defense Minister Shoigu has just announced a major increase in the production of high-precision and hypersonic weapons.

These are just a few examples of a much longer list of changes which are taking place before our eyes.

So far, the EU did not get the message at all. At least officially. But witnessing the infighting taking place not only over Borrell’s trip, but also about what to do about vaccines (The Lancet has just posted a major article entitled “Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine candidate appears safe and effective” which basically said that all the western nonsense about Sputnik-V being BOTH 1) unsafe AND 2) ineffective were lies) I can clearly see that the EU rulers are seriously worried. Right now it sure looks like the EU is losing the “COVID propaganda war” and that all these russophobic states (except the hardcore nutcases of 3B+PU) will have to now ask Russia for her vaccines. So far the only official EU reaction was to expel 3 Russian diplomats and somewhat protest. But these are clearly the opening shots of a much longer confrontation between Russia and the EU.

The crucial factor to consider here is this: while the aggregate power of the US+NATO+EU+5EYES is bigger than Russia’s, the mental paralysis of the EU leaders makes the EU alone already much weaker than Russia. Of course, since Biden’s administration is a who’s who of the most hysterical russophobes imaginable, chances are that the US will interfere and attempt to back the anti-Russian factions in the EU. Considering the tone used by Russian officials over the latest USN provocations in the Black Sea and the Sea of Japan, I don’t doubt the Kremlin’s determination to act both in words and with actions.

And then there are the subtle threats which the general public is rarely exposed to. The latest example is a highly specialized article entitled “Rationale for the combat use of aviation to disrupt an integrated massive air strike during a multi-domain operation of the enemy” which explains how Russia could disrupt and defeat a NATO attack. I won’t go into all the (very interesting) details here, but I will just say that the authors declare that Russia can go from a policy of deterrence by nuclear forces to a policy of (conventional) deterrence by having the means to “inflict comprehensive defeat (upon NATO countries) using all types of weapons within the deterrence of inflicting an unacceptable complex defeat on it with all types of weapons within the framework of preventive actions under the conditions of the danger of local war threatening the Russian Federation“. In truth, this is not the only Russian specialized article discussing the future of warfare, and what makes this one truly unique is that RT, of all places, decided to post an article about it entitled “Russian Air Force experts publish plan to neutralize NATO forces in all-out war with bombing strikes“. This really looks like the Kremlin wanted to make absolutely sure that western politicians (as opposed to western military analysts who read that stuff on a daily basis anyway) would think long and hard about what US military plans for NATO really would mean for the EU.

Then there is the outcome of the Polish military command staff exercise Winter-20 which resulted in, I kid you not, Russia completely defeating the Polish military in 5 days only! (For details, see herehere or here). Again, there is nothing really new here, the US and/or NATO have conducted plenty of exercises which had the “Russian hordes” defeating the “forces of democracy and progress”. And, again, the real difference was in the Russian coverage of this news: for the first time the Russians openly made fun of NATO and of the (always paranoid and insanely russophobic) Poles. In truth, the Russians always knew that the Polish military is as good on pompous ceremonies and parades as it is inept on the battlefield, but that kind of open contempt is something new, at least from the state supported media.

So far, the EU clearly is not coming to terms with this new reality. The latest (breathtakingly stupid) EU plan to try to scare “Putin” (here “Putin” is the collective Kremlin boogeyman, not necessarily VVP): Svetlana Tikhanovskaia has appealed to the wife of Navalnyi, Iulia, to become the “she president of Russia”. Yes, seriously. Iulia Navalnaia as President of Russia!

As for Navalnyi’s supporters in the EU, they have decided to create a Russian government in exile. Again, this is not a joke. By the way, the “Minister of Foreign Affairs” of this “Russian Government in Exile”, Leonid Volkov, initially declared that the illegal riots should be halted, only to be told otherwise by his handlers. He immediately made a required 180 and declared that protests will resume. This is how Maria Zakharova bluntly, and very officially, reacted on Facebook to his “change of mind”: (minimally fixed machine translation)

NATO doubles down

On February 4, 2021, Volkov declared that the protests in Russia were canceled and will resume in the spring and summer. “We will not hold a rally next weekend…The wave of protest must end at a high point. Because if we continue to decline, it will be terribly demotivating and frustrating for everyone… We will prepare well and hold something big both in the spring and in the summer. We will never give up our demands.” Then, on February 9, 2021, Volkov changed his mind and announced that the campaign will continue in February. “We’ll make it much trickier” he added. What happened between February 4 and 9 and forced the “opposition” to radically change tactics? Everything is quite simple – on February 8, 2021, an online meeting with Volkov and Ashurkov took place at the Permanent Mission of Poland to the EU in Brussels, in which EU countries, the United States, and Britain took part. And in fact-this was a meeting of the NATO countries. The NATO members instructed the “opposition”, and in fact their agents of influence, how to continue “more cunning” to conduct subversive work. Too much money and resources have already been invested by the West in this story to wait until spring. They clearly understand: in the spring, the information campaign pumped up by Westerners will be blown away. They can no longer juggle the topic of “chemical weapons” without presenting the facts – they are pinned to the wall. So they double down.

As for Navalnyi and his supporters, Zakarova was even more direct, saying “stop calling them opposition, they are NATO agents!”.

As I have explained many times, western politicians double down not when they feel strong, they double down when they feel weak and when they place their hopes in the willingness of the other side not to seriously further escalate.

And, just to make sure that the Empire can win the battle for the “hearts and minds” of the Russian people, the Brits are now counting (again) on Pussy Riot to release a song in support of protests. Again, while this does sound like a joke, it is not.

Now comes the best part: there are a lot of signs that the EU will, again under the pious pretext of “solidarity” follow the 3B+PU politicians and, if not recognize such a government in exile, at least treat its members as real officials. That is also supposed to also terrify the Kremlin, I guess. But if that is the best the EU can come up with, VVP and the people of Russia, can sleep in peace.

So where do we go from here?

Making predictions is a tricky thing when dealing with both 1) countries with limited agency/sovereignty and 2) countries led by incompetent/delusional politicians. The many theories of deterrence out there all assume what is called a “rational actor” and a truly sovereign state. What is certain is that the Empire and its EU protectorates will only increase what I call “petty harassment measures” to try to offend and humiliate Russia (stuff like this crap). In response to such “ankle biting” Russia will do two things: drop any pretense of diplomacy and denounce these “ankle bites” for what they are (provocations) and further turn to Zone B (aka “reliable partners”) for partnerships. Russia will also bluntly spell out to the Europeans the risks they are taking with their ill-conceived sabre rattling along the Russian border. Sadly, this probably means that, just as the Chinese Navy recently, the Russian Aerospace Forces and Navies will have order to engage any aircraft or vessel threatening Russia (so far these are only rumors, but they are persistent and seem to have strong backing in the Duma). This is a very dangerous development as western politicians, being primarily ideological (and, therefore, delusional) creatures will always prefer to play a game of (headless) chicken hoping that the other guy will back down. The fact that the “other guy” (both Russian and Chinese) in the past did, indeed, back down and show restraint only further encourages western politicians to double down forever no matter what. For these reasons I would call the probability of an actual military clash between US/NATO and/or Russia/China as “likely in 2021”. As for the future of NS2, I always assumed that EU politicians can count their Euros and realize that the EU needs that project way more than Russia. Frankly, I am not so sure now: counting on the mental abilities of a headless chicken is probably not a good idea! Neither is counting on the courage of the type of politicians whom Boris Johnson once called “supine invertebrate protoplasmic jellies“.

It appears that Russia and the EU are on a direct collision course. Frankly, I welcome it, in spite of the obvious dangers. Why? Because nothing except a real confrontation can bring EU politicians down to the real world back from the La-La land they currently live in. The Russian bear needs to smack down the headless chicken. Hard.


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My big fear is that Putin will harness the resurgent blue tuna shoals in UK waters and like the giant squids, control them with mind control devices to interdict freedom of navigation and thus in effect, impose a food blockade on these isles while poisoning the NS2 pipeline with Novichok


yeah, novichok in the NS2 and why not in the NS1 as well, brilliant idea. might give the bureaurcrats in brussels a severer headache than the one they have right now.

Jihadi Colin

No, Putin will unleash his mind controlling shape shifting twelve armed Antarctic squid in Loch Ness.


If “The tone of the Russian has changed and is much more direct and blunt”, then it is about time. The US under Zionist control is focused on destabilizing Russia to covet its immense wealth and it is time the Russian heartland paid attention to Anglo-Zionist long term devious agenda. Russia’s recent solidifying alliance with Iran is a mutually reassuring sign as well as closer ties with China, which is now giving the dying US hegemony, the shirt shrift. Somehow, the Zionist deep state is convinced that Russia is a low hanging fruit that they can pick on.

As Mr. Saker has bluntly put it, The Russian bear needs to smack down the headless US chicken. Hard.

johnny rotten

The EU is not Europe and much less the European peoples, it is simply the revival of the Funk Plan, Nazi finance minister, as such it is destined to do the same as its predecessor, Russia has acquired overwhelming military superiority, is really able to completely disarm NATO and all the European national armies in less than a couple of hours, being wide, the only hope for the Europeans must be placed in the magnanimity on the Russian side, which limits itself to striking only strategic objectives and limited civilian objectives such as ports and airports to establish Europe as an off-limits zone for petulant Yankees, otherwise it could be in no time at all in the same situation as Nazi Germany in the aftermath of WWII.


What the Saker misses is that the NS2 is an agreement between Russia and Germany, and the Americans have tried their best to stop it ever since by all means including using the EU, a puppet in their hands. If the Russians stop the NS2, like the Saker wishes, they will make a huge favour to Washington, that is what the Americans want, I hope they will not follow his advice. This time I have to say the Saker, IMHO a great military analist, has disappointed me.

Albert Pike

It only looks like NS2 doesn’t fit. Don’t forget Standard Oil was the biggest shareholder in IG-Farben, and Nasi/Nazi-German planes would have not been able to fly without American deliveries of pre-products for the IG-Farben production of Tetraethyllead, because they would have no aviation fuel. Similar stuff happend in Soviet Russia when 33.grade mason Henry Ford build all those factories, which where then usesd for the T34 production. Same with the (jewish) Koch-Brothers, which were prepping Hitler and Stalin with their refineries for a long war. So stuff like NS2 is historically not so unusual…

Jihadi Colin

I am very glad that arch Putin worshipper the Saker, who defended Putin’s (indefensible) “restraint ” for years, has at last changed tack. Russia should have taken an aggressive posture at the time of the Ukranazi Maidan coup in 2014 at the very latest. Failure to do so was a blunder for which Russia is still paying.


Meanwhile, Russia has many foreign policy wins, the West is weaker and no major wars have started. I’d say that the last 6 years post-maidan have gone as well as possible.

Tommy Jensen

We dont really know. To tell the fact, we dont know a shit about what we talk about as we dont have the broad picture in their chair.

Hasbara Hunter

Checkmate! Dumbf*ck AngloZioNazis….all your actions have been countered by intelligent moves from Russia… the West is done but too friggin stupid & arrogant to realize it yet…



Tommy Jensen

What was it I said 6 years ago? What did I say and recommended to Putin, Lavrov and Shogun several times 6 years ago??
I said dont run after EU trying to please them. Dont try to be an equal partner loving all what we Americans do. Be proud of yourself and act as if Russia dont need them and couldnt care less about them. THEN they will be interested…………………LOL.
I said that and I was right again again. But they wouldnt listen and had to pay a heavy price up until today for not listening to my advices!!

cechas vodobenikov

is saker buying LSD from tommy; let headless chicken entertain, empire chicken collapse. no need to slap dead headless kuritza

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Well it seems to me that the U.S. is desperate to have Ukraine pumping Russian gas through it.
Russia should pass a Countering Russia’s Adversaries Through Tariffs Act. (CRATTA)


Biden Administration Jew pedophile mass rape cultists
comment image


What The Saker doesn’t address in this article, but should, is the Jew part of the problem.

My view is that the way to move ahead is by getting the US and NATO out of Iraq. And winning the Syrian war. So if there is going to be an increase in Russian military activity. I suggest that it occur in Syria with the aim of winning the Syrian war. And if there is going to be an upgrade in Russian military preparedness. I suggest that it occur in Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and the Israeli occupied territories. In preparation for clearing the Israelis out of the occupied territories, and deterring US intervention in the process on Israel’s behalf.

A good place to start in deterring US intervention. Would be working with Iraq on the removal of NATO from Iraq in a manner that doesn’t result in the US using Isis or other pretexts to attack Iraq. As the US has reportedly threatened to do if they get kicked out of Iraq by the Iraqi government.

Jim Allen

That would be redundant.
How would he have addressed “the Jew part of the problem,” anyway ? It’s a continuous thing, and everyone is familiar with it’s presence, ain’t like it changes day to day….


In a way he did by pointing out that the new crop of US Government officials includes neocon Russiaphobs. Many of which are Jews and almost all of which are Zionists.

Redundant or not, the fact remains that Jews and Israel are at the core of many of the problems that he writes about. And not addressing it doesn’t help solve it. Not everyone is familiar with how much of a problem that Jews are as the author.

Jim Allen

I’d say those that aren’t familiar with the pretenders, and how they’ve oozed into everything, at this point don’t want to be……
But then,…… there’s the sheople’s…
Blind to the glaringly apparent, bigger than life.


Yes, you have a valid point. But age is an issue. And you can only absorb so much so quickly. And a percentage of the ostrich crowd does pull their head out of the sand from time to time and look around to see what’s happening.

And the worse that things get. The more of those who don’t want to know or don’t care. Will decide that they better start paying attention.


Saker misses fact (proven by russiagate bs) that globalists plan is US vs Russia war to enable China global takeover. Under that angle, all the madness actually becomes deliberate, rational policy

Trap Is Not Gay

Go back to the NSA, paid shill.

These stupid LIES against China, are futile.

China is NOT the USA, shill.

Diana Cornwell

Russia under Putin still is selling Russian oil and gas for dollars and euros, or NATO currencies. Check.

Just like the Soviet Union sold Russian oil and gas for US dollars at the height of the Cold War (instead of asking for gold or rubles in payment) thereby aiding and abetting the evil empire by propping up the petrodollar system.

Putin enabled Turkey (de jure NATO country) and Israel (de facto NATO entity) to defeat de jure Russian ally Armenia in Karabakh and encircle both Russia and Iran by establishing military bases and NATO presence in the Caucasus.

Putin collaborates with the Turks (NATO) in Syria and sells the Turks (NATO) sophisticated strategic arms (S-400s) and builds nuclear power plants in Turkey (NATO territory).

Putin does not demand the US (NATO) to leave Syria (Russian ally). Putin does not ask Israel (de facto NATO ally) to stop bombing Syria (Russian ally).

Could the alternative media be part of the same psyop as the perfidious MSM?

We ask the Saker. (But he does not answer.)

Thank you.

Trap Is Not Gay

The Unz Review has made insinuations in the past that Putin “worked” for Jews.

Also, Ron Unz is Jewish.

Be careful with any data coming out from the USA, specially from the “Right” and the fake “Alternative” media.

Those not CIA, are hasbara themselves, they run the three sides (Left, Right and Alternative).

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x