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The Saker: “Russia Will Establish An Unofficial No-Fly Zone Over Syria”

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Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at his blog

Today Defense Minster Shoigu announced measures which went far beyond what I had hoped for.  Specifically, Shoigu has announced that Russia will

  1. Supply S-300 air defense systems (with a 250km range) to the Syrians in the next two weeks.
  2. Russia will deliver advanced automated air defense management systems which will *dramatically* increase the Syrian air defense capabilities and prevent future “friendly fire” incidents.
  3. Russia will use her electronic warfare capabilities to suppress satellite navigation, onboard radar systems and communications of warplanes attacking targets on Syrian territory in the regions over the waters of the Mediterranean Sea bordering with Syria.

This is a very flexible and elegant solution for the following reasons:

  1. It establishes a de facto air exclusion zone over Syria, but not a de jure one.  Thus, the Russians will have the flexibility to decide on a nation by nation and aircraft by aircraft basis which aircraft should be suppressed/engaged and which ones to only track and monitor.  This will give Russia a very powerful negotiating position with all the actors of this war.
  2. It goes without saying that while these new capabilities will be deployed in Syria in response to the Israeli actions, they will also dramatically boost the Syrian capabilities against any potential aggressors including the USA and US client states.  The S-300s will make it possible for the Syrian to detect and even track the Israeli aircraft right after their take-off and while still in Israeli air space.
  3. While the Russians have not indicated which automated air defense management system they plan to deliver to Syria, it is likely that this is one which is typically used to control the engagement of S-300 and Buk air defense systems, the Poliana D-4.  The delivery of this system will dramatically increase the air defense capabilities of the Russian task force in Syria making it much harder for Neocon à la Bolton to target Russian forces.

I have to admit that I am surprised by the magnitude and quality of this response.  Clearly, the arrogance of the Israelis did not pay off and this time their usual chutzpah was met with a great deal of Russian anger (albeit carefully controlled anger).  For Bibi Netanyahu, the Russian reaction is an absolute disaster because it undermines his entire policy towards Syria (and Lebanon and Iran).  The Israeli strikes (over 200, of which they bothered to notify Russia in only about 10% of the cases) did not yield any tangible benefit for Israel, but has now fundamentally undermined Israel’s relationship with Russia.  As I have said it many times, for all their self-serving propaganda about being so smart, the Israelis are actually pretty incompetent being blinded, as they are, by their quasi infinite arrogance.

However, please keep in mind that in warfare there is no such thing as a magical silver bullet.  For one thing, the Israelis will still have the option of attacking targets in Syria (be it by using aircraft, or missiles, including sea based), but the difficulty of successfully executing such an attack will increase by an order of magnitude.  The same also goes for the US/NATO/CENTOM/etc.  One option would be to go for a saturation attack by using very large number of missiles since the Syrian and Russian capabilities are still limited by numbers: even in an ideal situation (excluding EW capabilities), that is even if the kill ratio of Russian missiles is 1:1, the Russians will only be able to shoot down as many enemy missiles as their supplies allow.  The US+Israeli missiles supplies in the region are far bigger.

Second, both the US and Israelis have very sophisticated EW warfare capabilities and rest assured that they will use them if needed.  Yes, the Russians are qualitatively ahead of other countries in this field, but one should never under-estimate the capabilities of the bad guys.

Third, the AngloZionists will now do one of three things: either pretend that they don’t care and basically accept the situation on the ground like they did in South Ossetia and Crimea, or try to negotiate some kind of deal with the Russians, or react with hysterical threats and provocation in the hope that the Russians will blink.  While we can hope for option #1, we also have to realize that options #2 and #3 are far more likely.  In other words, this is far from over.

Finally, this latest news conclusively debunks the notion that Putin is a doormat or sellout and that the Russians are either unable or unwilling to oppose the AngloZionists.  All those who have accused Putin of being Israel’s shabboy goy are going to be busy removing eggs from their collective face.  The fact that the Russians took their time to analyze what happened and prepare a response was not a symptom of their weakness, but of their responsible behavior in a most dangerous situation.  Furthermore, the Russian response also shows that once national security issues are at stake, the Atlantic Integrationist 5th column still has to yield to the Eurasian Sovereignists.  This, by itself, is a very good and reassuring development.

The Saker

Full video of the announcement:

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To HELL with zionism and their fake Jew Talmudic,satanic,doctrine.They have murdered millions of Christians,with their created world wars.They were always the winners in every war they helped to start.


What did they win? They are still stuck in that stolen land. I see they try hard but they won nothing so far. They are parasiting for centuries so… what did they really win? The hatred of the world. That’s all.


and not a day of peace or acceptance by anyone, including puppet Arab regimes. The whole region, Christians, Muslims, Druze all hate the Zionist parasites,

Zionism = EVIL

Zionists criminals are pushing the world towards an abyss and must be eliminated. Their whole narrative is fake and created by Hollywood FX con men.

Daimler (NSDA-PARTY)

Well, they always try to dominate, but the six gorillion sopabars and lampshades were sacrificed by Jewish bankers in New York to bring the Jews to Israel and to strenghten the Zionist movement inside Jewish communities.comment image


It seems you and some of your psychiatric ward mates need a heavier dose of those wacko meds, and please, stop watching all those videos! They really mess with your lncest lnfeated mental disorders…

Real Anti-Racist Action

The time for the great awakening is happening now! Even Russian generals are waking up and joining the movement opposing the coming Jewish faults Christ who will reign from the Temple the Jews are fixing to start building within the next few years. We as a united whole demand the withdraw of any and all support from the Lucifatarians.comment image


Billions of Dollars? For IsraHell the Next Ten Years? That sounds pretty optimistic…I wonder if IsraHell will be around in Ten Years..

Zionism = EVIL

Time to shoot down some Zionist scum.


The S-300 that SAA is getting have a range of over 150 kms and are the most upgraded version that Iran received, technically they can shut down the airspace over all of occupied Palestine. The SAA should use them freely if a Zionist intruder comes near occupied Golan or Southern Lebanon. It is great that Hezbollah will now also learn how to operate the S-300, they already have enough experience with Pantsir S1 in Syria and have downed many Zionist drones and missiles in flight.


I spoke to a guy who’d been on the second to last Gaza flotilla.

Total leftie.. but confirmed what Harold Covington said about Israel. It’s best described as “an open air madhouse”.

The Jews would never survive without their domination over America.


Americans like most Europeans are getting fed up with Jews, their lies and ripping off our people. Here in Europe no one likes the Jew parasites who are tail wagging the American brainwashed idiots.


All Arab nations are united to kick out the terrorist financers US, UK and Israel from Entire Middle East.

Tommy Jensen

The Arabs suffer from the same as we do: Unity.


oh please the saudis and the jews are bffs


It has been proposed that the Sauds are crypto-Jews. Someone has written about the founder of the Saud dynasty being a Jew who “converted” to Islam. I wonder if there is more evidence for the hypothesis. If it’s true, it certainly does explain some recent events rather better than other possible motives for the cosy relationship between Israel and KSA in the recent past.


Considering the fact that one family is owning a whole country, it is highly likely


I am not talking about UK and US stooges.

John Whitehot

the way to go is probably the one Nasser and Qaddafi adopted.

Israel and its family of lackeys was never enraged more than at those kind of people.

they must have done something right.


The Israeli regime are threatening Putin that if you supply the S-300 and Syria use it then we will destroy it. Putin has given so much courage to Israeli regime that they have forgotten their status.


Yeah finally….MO’ MISSILES… !!! Shoot’m Birds

Tommy Jensen

So TheSaker is happy because Russia get VERY POWERFUL NEGOTIATING POSITION with the new delievered S-300 systems??

Russia could charge $10 million for each future Israel airfighter squadron access to Syria. Saying 200 new Israeli strikes inside Syria gives Russia $2 billion……………………………..LOL.

If Israel was allowed by Russia before, why not again again. Just business folks. Just business.


pfffft, you think this is a joke. Fifteen people, who had nothing to do with the games the F-16s were playing, died. Go stand in front of those families and talk all kinds of nonsensical BS to them. You are just a punk.

Wait and see what else happens dummy. A bunch of no limit Israel supporters, like yourself, are playing cute and saying the most stupid stuff I have heard in a while. Keep up the stupid.

Albert Pike

It might have been a bit more then just games:

“Assad was the target of the attack on Latakia. NATO’s Israeli partnership attempted to assassinate him while he would travel to Russia by the Latakia airport.”

If you read this one, which came out on the 16.09. , just hours before the F16 played their games, then their story here is more like a defence for an assassination…

Manuel Flores Escobar

Israel only have 3 main airbases of 11 in total….so just only 2 Russian warships armed with kalibr misisile can damage such Runways……and IAF remain on ground….of course F-35 could take off ( have VTOL capacities)…but later have to land like a Helicopter and turn vulnerable if satellite gives glonass coor of the spot to warships….

Tommy Jensen

US have bases in Israel and all over nearby.

John Whitehot

israeli f-35s don’t have VTOL capability.

F-35C has VTOL, israel has F-35A.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Then israeli F-35 will be on ground too!…unless USA supply them F-35C…

John Whitehot

at least on the ground they won’t risk colliding with flock of birds, or ufos, or santa claus and so on..


“As I have said it many times, for all their self-serving propaganda about being so smart, the Israelis are actually pretty incompetent being blinded, as they are, by their quasi infinite arrogance.”

Spoken like a true Zionist appeaser eh?

al quaida

Now the angle the “anti-zionists” (who I’m increasingly suspecting to actually be hasbara trolls) are taking is that there is a rift between the Russian military and Putin.

John Whitehot

if i could i’d tell you where the only rift is, enlarging every day more.

Douglas Houck

The latest (Russia Establishes No-Fly Zone over Western Syria):
“The Russian military has established a no-fly zone over the Latakia province of western Syria, Russian Senator and former Air Force commander Viktor Bondarev stated on Monday.

“The establishment of a no-fly zone over the Russian military base in Latakia will prevent a repeat of the IL-20 aircraft tragedy,” Bondarev told the Russian Federation’s Council this evening.

“After creating a no-fly zone in Latakia, it is necessary to announce that any unauthorized objects in the sky over Hmeimim Airport will definitely be eliminated,” he added.
see: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/breaking-russia-establishes-no-fly-zone-over-latakia-province-diplomat/

I can see all of this in anticipation of all the threatening comments by the US, France, UK, etc about they might take actions in Syria just because. They will have to rethink their strategy. Russia is saying enough of this unilateral, illegal militray action. US hegemony is over.

Tommy Jensen

Its a alarming that this was not the case before.

So Latakia and Hmeimim Airport were free prey for all kinds of drone, artillery, missile attacks only with land defences.

So its only the exact Russian military base areas who will be defended. Syria is like an African Wild Beast group hunt after meat.


didnt’t the russians already sell the s300 to syria then never delivered it bowing to jew pressure, just saying

Tommy Jensen

Imagine the old days when white farmers promised their slaves protection, but discovered there was more money in selling them as hunting prey to rich bored guys.

Peter Moy

Some good news from the Russian Ministry of Defense. Hopefully this S-300 deployment keeps enemy aircraft from Syrian airspace. There is an interesting article on the website: http://www.defense-blog.com concerning the very recent intercept of a US F-22 Raptor by a Su-35 over Syria. There is an image generated by the Su-35s Infrared Search and Track (IRST) system that shows what appears to be an F-22. If this is in fact legitimate, then stealth technology can be overcome and defeated. Check it out ~ Greetings from 3rd World, USA.


S300 are useless . They only way how to keep Western “partners” out of Syria is to start shoting them down, no matter if with S300 or with SU-35 fighters.
Russian military is prepared for that. Seems that the bottleneck is Putin’s passion for Jews and his hesitation.
Putin is the bottleneck and West knows how to abuse it.
But if Putin gives not any order to shoting down israeli scums, they will keep attacking until next “tragedy” occurs.
Putin is not acting good at the moment. Shoigu and other commanding generals should revolt against Putin.

S Melanson

I want to thank Saker for a good article with good analysis and discussion.


Yeah, I am pretty surprised myself. However, as I have been writing the past few days, the Russians are really PISSED OFF. Israel has done, probably, long term damage to it’s relation with Russia. Nobody likes BS and I concur on that with The Saker.

Hey, they did it this time.

S Melanson

There has been debate by posters here at Southfront on what may be a conflict between the Russian military and Putin. I am right now evaluating this as it does seem the military is at odds with Putin’s position of restraint in diplomacy – below is example supporting my concern Putin as been sidelined and the military is in the drivers seat – and the implications:

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented, “It’s a different situation,” when asked whether Russia will retaliate against Israel as it did against Turkey in 2015. “Back then, the Turkish jet deliberately targeted our aircraft. Here, rather, it appears to be a chain of tragic situational circumstances because Israeli jets didn’t hit our [plane],” Putin explained at a press conference with Hungary’s President Viktor Orban.

He added, “Our attitude to the tragedy is outlined in the Defense Ministry statement, which was fully coordinated with me. Regarding our retaliation measures, they will be first and foremost aimed at providing additional security to our servicemen, our [military] objects in Syria. And those will be steps that everyone will notice.”

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/p

Putin says ‘Our attitude to the tragedy is outlined in the Defense Ministry statement, which was fully coordinated with me.’

The Defence Ministry statement(s):
“The guilt for the downed plane lies fully with the Israeli party,” Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Liberman in a phone conversation following the incident. Shoigu stressed that Moscow had repeatedly warned Israel against strikes on Syria via different channels.

“We consider these provocative actions by Israel to be hostile. The 15 Russian military service members died because of the irresponsible actions of the Israel military. It’s absolutely contrary to spirit of Russian-Israeli partnership. We reserve the right to respond appropriately,” the Russian Defense Ministry stated.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/p

The Russian Military has held this position from the outset and this has not changed. So let us compare to Putin’s statement reported in the same article:

‘Back then, the Turkish jet deliberately targeted our aircraft. Here, rather, it appears to be a chain of tragic situational circumstances because Israeli jets didn’t hit our [plane]’

Clearly Putin’s statement is contradictory to the position of the Defence Ministry. Yet Putin states he coordinated with the Defence Ministry. It is of interest that Putin felt the need to say explicitly he coordinated with the Defence Ministry as it is typically left unsaid and implicitly understood in prior incidents – but not this time and the statements are so contradictory it places such coordination in doubt.

Consider also that Putin did not meet with the high level Israeli delegation sent to make the case the blame lies with Syria and not Israel. The link to the article below comments on this disastrous meeting. Note that the article below is consistent with other articles and events unfolding – I rely on multiple sources and checked against events unfolding before accepting a position on a matter.


In the article it states Putin refused to meet the delegation and only senior leaders of the Defence Ministry attended. This is at odds with Putin’s rather conciliatory statement above and the fact he talked at length with Netanyahoo by phone about mending relations – odd response to refuse to meet a delegation intended to ‘mend’ relations. The Defence Ministry certainly gave the Israeli delegation a treatment very different from past meetings with Putin.

That Putin is in full control is the assumption in early articles which argued the Israeli/Russian relationship is strong and friendly and so the incident with the downing of the IL-20 will blow over and no lasting damage to relations. If Putin is not in full control, these predictions are not valid and events unfolding are giving every indication of continuing escalation with concrete actions – note the S-300 will give added protection to the SAA which was absent in Putin’s statement pertaining only to added security for Russian personnel:

“… Regarding our retaliation measures, they will be first and foremost aimed at providing additional security to our servicemen, our [military] objects in Syria. And those will be steps that everyone will notice.”

Consider the thesis of the movie Sum of all Fears where the military went rogue and the Russian President claimed he ordered the attack when he in fact did not do so and would have opposed such. This situation has similarities and suggests Putin has at the very least a weakened hand on the reigns of power with an increasingly forceful military – this is inflamed further by Israel’s hard stance in defiance of the Defence Ministry’s position – the Israeli position seems more in line with Putin’s conciliatory statement and Israel may have assumed this would be the position of the military as well given Putin in control.

So the initial belligerence of Israel may be understandable but once it was clear the Russian military had a very different view, hostile to Israel, it is notable that Israel has not changed its stance, yet.

This is important support for my opinion the situation is different and volatile. Putin has demonstrated consistently restraint in diplomacy and if he is weakened by a emboldened military leadership, the likelihood of escalation goes up. Based on Ministry of Defence response so far, there is certainly an escalation happening that is missing the typical restraint of Putin’s diplomacy. Add to this the Israeli response we have two sides escalating.

Note this is illustrative of the process I use in connecting dots – this also helps weed out fake news and errors in reporting. I invite commentary and thoughtful rebuttal. I especially ask for Tudor Miron to weigh in on this.

Note, I will post on how the Israeli relationship with Russia has been deteriorating for some time and was not strong or good as often reported and so this situation is not so surprising.


President Putin, right from the get go, told everybody that there would be changes that everybody would see. That has been conveniently ignored by many. The Russian reaction is a disaster for Bibi et al.


Ehm. Firstly, Putin as Jew appologist came with version of “mistake”.
It was Shoigu who reserved “response”.
So IMHO it was Shoigu and other generals who make delivery of S300 for SAA possible.
Secondly. S300 is only a system. Jews were not afraid of S300 before downng IL20 and they will not be afraid after delivery of another S300 hardware to Syria. On Saturday, 2 F16 were intercepted over Libanon. Today, US F22 Raptor was intercepted by Su35 even with mocked dogfight. Jews will be afraid S300 only after first israeli jet will be shot down
Thirdly there is not simple solution to the problem. Each reaction makes counterreaction.
There is a risk of huge escalation in Syria including nuclear war.
So please. Start thinking before naive commenting …

John Whitehot

while you as a jewlicker haven’t got an upvote on your bs since trolls left their post.


My name is Jewlicker, my job description is I lick Jews for a living. My role model include mohels, Talmudic Jesus and Moses. Cutting baby peen is Kosher. It is not molestation… it is child love.





S Melanson

Yes Putin did say that and the changes are most definitely visible for all to see. I also did not ignore this as I referred specifically to Putin’s statement. In doing so, I pointed out Putin mentioned changes to enhance security of Russian personnel and assets in Syria. But the changes go much further as the S-300 and electronic management systems provided to SAA will enhance the security of Syrian personnel and assets.

This is an important distinction because Israel convinced Putin not to supply Syria with S-300 and has vowed to attack any S-300 systems deployed by the SAA. Now Syria is getting the S-300 which Bolton states is major escalation while Israel says no change to policy, meaning airstrikes continue despite S-300 – setting the stage for a major incident.

Given its huge implications, Putin would have definitely included the Syrians and not just Russian if the S-300 was part of the changes he envisioned. The nuances, context and details need to be evaluated as that is how you get a more complete picture of the situation.


I get you Melanson. Your post was fine by me. It is the other retards that don’t get it. I wish you well.

S Melanson

I also wish you well and look forward to your future posts.


Many have voiced the same concerns as you. While I do understand the points you make and why, I tend to disagree. I believe the military to be very close to Putin. Now, not to push any certain scenario, I think you might like to take a look at the possible scenario postulated on Fort Russ. While it requires one to believe that the Russians may be lying, it is non-the-less possible. The author gives very good reasoning and raises points which I was skeptical about before I read his scenario. The reasons given by the Russian military about the IFF just don’t compute, and seem illogical for this situation. If viewed in this light, Putin’s actions may not be so strange. I think you might find this article interesting… https://www.fort-russ.com/2018/09/full-analysis-russian-disinfo-campaign-blames-israel-for-il-20-plane-downing-yet-exonerates-france/

S Melanson

I read the story and it is an interesting alternative view to consider. There is some debate on what really happened, for example:


This incident is complex and requires a lot of digging to get at the truth so I am withholding judgement for now. Note that the French denied having anything to do with the downing of the IL-20, they did not deny firing missiles. Apparently UK fighter jets were involved as well.

I also point out that claiming Russian disinfo must meet a high bar to accept given the Russian’s rely on a reputation for honesty when depicting events. Further, if the Zionist faction in Russia is as strong as many here at Southfront allege, the deception has a high chance of being discovered and exposed, assuming Israel truly wants to be absolved of blame.

If you find further articles that lend support to the French angle in this incident, I would appreciate you passing on to me. Thanks


Thank you for the link also. Yes, regardless, there are unanswered questions. I agree that the Russians tend to have a reputation for truth/accuracy. However, when the outcome could be very detrimental for all, expediency can be necessary and the Russians are very pragmatic. There are still many questions in relation to the IFF that the Russians saw the need to respond to…and I am not thoroughly convinced…as their explanations seem to have changed from the first briefing. However, the French and British roles seem to be easier to see…an ambush, but what would be the impetus? An attack on a NATO vessel by Russia? I do not see Israel as wanting to expose the truth, if in fact the truth is not now known…as that would be, in my mind, the opposite effect they were working towards. All this is, of course, supposition. Those that know the truth have either told it or there is a strategic goal in play. The one thing that will tell the truth, no matter what, is the missile fragmentation projectile damage to the Il-20. Every type of missiles’ fragmentation projectile is different and as traceable as fingerprints. When we see the remains of the aircraft, then we will know for sure. That is, if we see them. As in the case of the MH17, there are no pictures in the western press of the pilots cabin for a reason. 30MM cannon holes. Again, thanks for the addition links, all data and viewpoints are appreciated. Your approach is welcomed and refreshing.

hope springs eternal.

Thank you for your posts sir. They are very thoughtfully worded and i appreciate the spadework you do in reading from various sources. IMHO Russia should have seen the writing on the wall long back. cache’s of Israeli equipment and underground med facilities for the terrorists. Repeated bombings. Yes, there is a clear difference between Putin and the military and rightly so. Russia should now “up the ante” and provide not just one, but atleast 3 fully outfitted S300’s and different locations if they are to neutralise the Zio threat. Note Bolton has already called the providing S300’s to Syria as a grave escalation.

S Melanson

It is my understanding the Russians are providing S-300 systems sufficient to enforce no fly zone over territorial Syria, Lebanon, coastal waters and can project into Israel herself. Of significance is the additional electronic management systems and integration with the Russian systems for a seamless comprehensive air defense system coverage. The Russians are not messing around that is for sure.

I think the Russians saw the writing on the wall quite early on. The views expressed here by Southfront posters argue that Putin is controlled by a zionist faction and so Israel acts with impunity. Their is some truth to this I think but I would say moderates Putin’s diplomacy as opposed to control. What we have now is the zionist overplaying their hand and now paying the price. GOOD.


I think that your rift conjecture is off base and inaccurate. The President’s job is different from the military’s. Russia goes to great lengths to maintain cordial relations with everybody. That’s Putin’s job. Harsh adversarial statements by him to the contrary are counter productive. It’s a hard cop soft cop approach, Putin is the diplomat, the military are the implementers. They’re both on the same page, their public approach is just different due the requirements of their respective positions.

S Melanson

A well argued alternative take on the situation. Thank you.

Rakean Jaya

Thank you for your opinion based on deep analysis.


Interesting thoughts, but I don’t think Putin has as many internal coup threats as Trump.
The timing of his statement “it appears to be a chain of tragic situational circumstances because Israeli jets didn’t hit our plane”, was the day after the event.
Israeli jets were certainly out of bounds attacking any targets so close to the Russian air base, and so likewise was the French ship.
Both involved in an attempt to draw Russia into retaliation, giving the nato armada a “good reason” to counter strike.
The trap that neither Putin or the Russian military fell for.
A measured response was created, the S 300, hopefully achieving a stable Syria.

S Melanson

I do not think this is anything close to a coup, well hopefully not. I think that Putin had to retreat from his initial conciliatory remarks that were dissident to his Defense Minister’s remarks. I think the Zionist faction in Russia is in big trouble and are wisely staying silent while Russian military vents their anger. I hope the Zionist influence is crushed and Putin freed of their hooks and daggers.

As for the S-300, Israel has vowed not to change strategy/policy even with S-300 systems in place. This sets the stage for a major incident. Will Israel back down? I doubt Russia or Syria will back down.


Check out my reply to ‘al quaida’.

S Melanson

I will have to take a look at the article by Shahna and thank you for the heads up. Of interest is the silence regarding the role of the UK in this incident – they certainly were up to something they want to keep from the public. Regardless, they really stirred up the hornets nest,

al quaida

Do you have confirmation that the French frigate conducted a missile attack? Russia said they detected launches, but I haven’t heard anything since. Where did the missiles hit?


That and what type missiles did they launch? I think there is more than meets the eye here. Israel also stated that the French launched missiles. The French have denied it.


Sorry I don’t have the link but.
In “Fort-Russ.com”, is an article titled “The SAA will have many improvements beyond the S 300”. In the comments is one by Shahna, with a link, check it out.
The French ship, British and Israeli jets, were trying to pull off an assassination of Assad !

John Whitehot

“There has been debate by posters here at Southfront on what may be a conflict between the Russian military and Putin.”

this is the wettest dream of every single zio-licker on this planet.

it’s also their worse nightmare, because:

the Russian armed forces have never had a commander in chief they love and respect more than president Putin.

of course, no western, israeli or arab media will say so.

I could also talk about the first Chechen war, how it was conceived, funded and planned under Eltsin’s administration – but out of respect for those that have been involved in it, i prefer to remain silent, hoping and praying that the responsible still surviving live the rest of their lives in humiliation.

also, i inform you that neither of the links you have posted works.

S Melanson

Thoughtful post and it is sad I must say. Thank you for pointing out the link problem, I am still relatively new to disqus. I will edit my post to include working links.

S Melanson

I have now fixed the issue with the links.


Excellent analysis Mr. Melanson!

I feel precisely the same! To strengthen your conclusion, I must add that Israel will have to prove that Russia has erred this time in her game of chicken thinking that Israel will blink first for having much on her plate. Russia will soon learn about this mistake of forcing Israel into a corner where she will have no choice but to challenge so called Russian “prestige” which will no doubt cost Russia allot more then 15 servicemen and far more credibility then she can afford.

Too bad that Russian pride and arrogance was allowed to dictate such a fall to her demise – Israel simply has no other choice but to hold on to her right and freedom to defend herself against Iran, Hezbollah and Syria which will likely be the next target. Russia stands to lose more then she could imagine

S Melanson

I am looking at the incident as possibly unintended to go as far as it did. The outcome is problematic for both Russia and Israel. The advanced systems will undoubtedly have Russian operators involved so Israel attacking the Syrian air defences will provoke a Russian response.

If Israel attacks Hezbollah or Iranian targets without degrading Syrian air defence systems, they face a far more robust air defence system than prior to this incident – this fact means Hezbollah and Iran benefit from the upgraded systems and this is a serious problem for Israel and her future security – for this reason alone, this is a terrible development for Israel.

For Russia, the problem is increased likelihood of escalation and full blown hot war in wider ME conflict dragging in Russia and US – Putin diplomacy aimed at avoiding this but Russian MoD had enough of the restraint and seem prepared to accept the increased risk. Will Israel back down? Unless Iran quits Syria, Israel may take on the risk given her long term security interests.

Overall, I think Russia and Israel were a long time on a collision course. While the deconfliction agreement meant Israel could strike Iranian targets (and Syrian) without Russian interference and face only Syria’s antiquated air defence systems, the Russian intervention has been a big problem for Israeli objectives in the region such as those within the framework of the Yinon Plan. Russia’s failure to convince foreign powers to leave Syria – Iran particularly, must have upset Netanyahu for sure. The destruction of Israeli proxies and the buffer zone along the Golan Heights with no Iranian exit from Syria would further concern Israel. Lastly, the deals worked out between Russia and Turkey would be highly displeasing – not to mention that the Astana Trio includes arch-enemy Iran. All considered, Russia was not playing much the good Freind to Israel when you take a look at past events leading up to the IL-20 incident.

I point out that even if the IL-20 was not shot down, the targeting of sites in Latakia so close to Russian bases would be viewed by Russia as highly provocative as a message from Israel of her growing displeasure with Russia – Israel would absolutely have known that targeting so close to Russian bases would be viewed by Russia as unfriendly – the IL-20 takedown however upped the ante to hostile.

So all considered, I wonder what the mission goals were and what actions were intended and which were not planned. The IL-20 take down may have been unintended but Israeli pilots may have acted to endanger the plane when the opportunity presented itself – after all, the mission seemed to me a provocation aimed at Russia and so the pilots were likely holding some pretty strong anti-Russian sentiment. The pilots may even have intended their actions to scare the Russian crew and did not expect the outcome. Regardless, the outcome has set in motion events hard to reverse.


I agree with your observation. I too wonder what the future brings, though I am more certain that since Israel has far more at stake, Israel will be allot more aggressive and assertive to act in her preemptive defence and believe that she has a far better advantage. This advantage however is shrinking daily now with Russian radars and more advanced anti air capabilities at Israel’s doorstep. I really hope Israel teaches the Russians a lesson since Israel can not tolerate Russia impeding Israel’s freedom of movement even within her country , especially with hostiles such as Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and others amassing more threat capabilities to Israel and her citizens. This development has become the most serious existential threat to Israel in decades and I simply don’t see Israel not acting to prevent this eventuality to deter not only Russia, but every other enemy connected to this disaster. It’s nit a matter of if but when

S Melanson

Yes the security situation for Israel is deteriorating and I have posted on ways Israel could pull out of this and have a future. Many posters here have very strong anti-Zionist opinions and highly critical of the creation of the ‘Zionist’ Jewish State of Israel. These opinions have gone so far as to promote eradication of jews. I pushed back on this in my posts when I see such sentiment and usually the response is fairly positive.

I said in an earlier post that the collision between Russia and Israel was a long time coming as the relationship has been going south for some time despite claims by experts/pundits to the contrary. Basically, Russia was not Israel’s freind and quite frankly, I would say Russian policy has contributed significantly to Israel’s growing security threats. I see the IL-20 incident as bringing what was simmering under the surface out into the open.

I have admired Russian diplomacy and posted many times on this but not this time. I considered the Russian agreement with Israel as insulting to Assad, Iran and Hezbollah. Yet at the same time, Russia has been a poor partner, if not dangerous, for Israel. I have posted several times my criticism of the Russian approach as it is one that has no friends – the problem is the charade that Russia is a partner – Russia is not and should have anticipated Israel would eventually cause an incident hostile to Russia even if not intended but opportunity presented itself. Russian diplomacy has been laid bare and at least Russia has committed to one side and we know where they stand.

Israel taught Russia a lesson already and the world for that matter – revealing the ugly side of Russian diplomacy. Now Israel needs to strike a new path to dig herself out of the tough predicament. I may post some suggestions soon as I want a good outcome for all.


Bigfoots have an ET/ED nexus and may be capable of serving as intermediary liaisons with the ETs/EDs that they’re involved with. If I have another encounter with them yelling or making other noises in the woods. I may run an IFF operation and go looking for them.
comment image
comment image


Stereo digital recorder of the type mentioned in the field guide:comment image


From the field guide:
comment image

This is what I encountered last summer on an ET/ED contact recon op looking for a LZ to bring an off planet ship in for pick up and return. I’m estimating that the creature or creatures were at a distance of 100 to 250 feet from me. If it happens again, with my equipment upgrades I won’t deescalate and disengage. But will attempt a meet and greet if it’s reasonably safe to do so. Depending on how the contact develops.


I bought a GoPro Hero6 Black action bodycam for future ET/ED contact work. This is an external stereo shotgun mic upgrade of the type that I’m planning to run with it for life form, field drive and other audio of the type that I’ve encountered:

comment image



Wind muff and weather guard:

comment image


This is the 360 lumen Nitecore Action Camera Light that I bought for my Hero6 Black:
comment image?v=1510847795

John Whitehot



It could have been me making noise on a mountain trail Richard.
I wanted to scare away mama bear and cub that I saw in the area.
Never a good idea to surprise mama on a trail. :)


With the equipment that I have and my experience using it. I’ve lost my fear of wildlife. Stuff that’s not supposed to be there has become a concern as I keep running into it.


Bear attack is the government’s go to cover story for any type of non conventional hostilities involving injuries. Even when all of the evidence indicates something unexplainable. David Paulides, who was a San Jose, CA police detective for 20 years, and a bigfoot researcher funded by Silicon Valley wealthy businessmen, and a MUFON investigator. Has written a series of books on the wilderness missing persons phenomenon. His videos are on Youtube. Whatever is doing it is the same type of thing that I’m encountering.

Deception is a common theme when encountering non conventional sentient intelligence activity. So I approach it with an abundance of caution and preparation. When the government is sending in teams of Green Berets on some of these missing person cases, they’re not looking for bear.

Floyd Hazzard

Both you and Poo-tin are embarrassed and shamelessly settler. I think there’s a realization sesetti in that the settler position is untenable and others in high places in Russia are starting to push back, do something is starting to give. In reality you you and Poo-tin that are wiping eggs of your faces and for the same reason. You two are both full of $#!+.


I agree with all of the Russian air defense upgrades for the Syrian government coalition’s operations. Improving Syria’s fleet of Mig-29s so that they’re capable of dealing effectively with threats would also be helpful. Resolving the misuse of Lebanon’s airspace by the IDF is another issue that needs attention.

Darwin K. Hoop

Kudos to Russia, The Saker and Southfront.

Carlos Correia

im no christian but my family is and my education is based on that creed, but today i understand my grandmother, she always said “never trust a jew, look at jesus, he trusted them but the death sentence was given by them”. They are religion fanatics that say the bible is guiding stone, i say, the bible only shows the true colors of Jews. if they claim Palestine is their land… Macedonia should claim half of the world, learn history pig zionists

John Whitehot

“look at jesus, he trusted them but the death sentence was given by them”

Jesus did not trust jews, he accepted that they were going to execute him far in advance of when it happened, yet refused to budge to their requests.


Jesus, a fanciful piece of way-back propaganda that enslaved billions of people across the planet for thousands of years enriching a few Jews to such an extent that they wage relentless wars using Christian soldiers to murder Muslim’s. Jesus never existed, however, in the Jew narrative of his supposed existence, he was a Jew, as were the people who propagandised his being. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. His disciples all Jews, his betrayer,a Jew. The Rock he supposedly founded his church on, A Jew. So forth and so fukin on and on. A Jew construct, to harness ordinary people to do their bidding.

John Whitehot

you can think whatever you want.

the only ones saying that Jesus didn’t exist are jews anyway.


It was fukin Jews who brought him into existence. And they most certainly do accept him as a historical figure. If they didn’t their little fantasy would peel off like sun-bleached paint from a south facing wall, here in the N-hemisphere. What the Jews do not accept is that ‘Jesus’, was Yahweh’s son and anointed ‘prophet’. How the fuck could they? Since it was their made-up bullshite-story to seduce Greece and Rome to enslave their people. Anyone who believes that fairytale which has been enforced with unbelievable nonsense over the past 2,000 years should start reading the Bible where all is revealed…………..


I am pleased but it only a good beginning, because I know Israel,itself or via U.S.Puppet, will keep pushing

Their GOAL is still World domination

THAT will never change until either the House of Rothschild and/or Israel is/are destroyed


Hey Mr. Saker, arent you tired of making bullshits ?
What no fly zone are you refering to?
Over whole Syria or over West part of Syria, controilled by SAA and Assad government (Latakia, Damascus and maybe including Lebanon airspace)? If you mean Syria as a whole, it is bullshit again.
Last time a washed your head with your “IL20 shot by mistake” analysis.
Seems, like you are wrong again.
There will be never any Russian no fly zone above Raqqa and east Euphrate river. Any self-reflection from your side ?


Where are all the delusional idiots that kept spamming on every article how Putin and Russia work for Israel, how its its a grand plan and so on? The fact that Russia has already delivered S300 and EW systems to Syria in a matter of days should tell you the seriousness of the situation and on what side the Russians are on. Its a very smart move as before the delivery would have been a major escalation but with this foolish attempt by the west to instigate a hot war, Russia played it beautifully. Checkmate again whether its Ossetia, Syria, Ukraine/Crimea, seems the west can’t keep up.


i love how Putin is winning the war and always REACTS to someone else’s escalation!
Chess master!
Now, Russia can shoot down Israeli jets and not be blamed for it hahaha. Because its the syrian’s who will be doing it!
This is poetic justice because Israel is now contained! Iran and Hezbollah can now transport weapons much easier and build missile bases more safely! This is far worse than just shooting down an Israeli jet or 2 in response! Just consider the ability Iran has to now arm Hezbollah, Iraq and Syria! And these countries are now battle hardened! We can assume Syrian forces are like special forces now due to their battle experience! Israel is in BIG trouble!

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