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The Saker: “Russia And The Next Presidential Election In The US”

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Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

Intro: not a pretty picture

Let’s begin with a disclaimer: in this article, I will assume that there will be a US Presidential election in the Fall. Right now, it appears to be likely that this election will take place (there appear to be no legal way to cancel or delay it), but this is by no means certain (see here for a machine translated and very interesting article by one Russian analyst, who predicts a diarchy after the election). Right now, the state of the US society is both extremely worried (and for good reason) and potentially explosive. It is impossible to predict what a well-executed false flag attack could do to the US. There is also the possibility of either a natural disaster (hurricane, earthquake, etc.) or even an unnatural one (considering the condition of the US infrastructure, this is almost inevitable) which could precipitate some kind of state of emergency or martial law to “protect” the people. Finally, though at this point in time I don’t see this as very likely, there is always the possibility of a coup of some kind, maybe a “government of national unity” with the participation of both parties which, as Noam Chomsky correctly points out, are basically only two factions of what could be called the Business Party. There might come a point when they decide to drop this pretense too (just look at how many other pretenses the US ruling elites have dropped in the last decade or so).

Alexander Solzhenitsyn used to explain that all governments can be placed on a continuum ranging from, on one end, “states whose power is based on their authority” to, on the other end, “states whose authority is based on their power“. In the real world, most states are somewhere between these two extremes. But it is quite obvious that the US polity currently has gone very far down the “states whose authority is based on their power” path and to speak of any kind of “moral authority” of US politicians is really a joke. The (probable) upcoming “choice” between Donald “grab them by the pussy” Trump and Joe “creepy uncle” Biden will make this joke even more laughable.

Right now, the most powerful force in the US political system must be the financial sector. And, of course, there are many other powerful interest groups (MIC, Israel Lobby, the CIA and the ridiculously bloated Intel community, Big Pharma, the US Gulag, the corporate media, Oil, etc.) who all combine their efforts (just like a vector does in mathematics) to produce a “resulting vector” which we call “US policies”. That is in theory. In practice, you have several competing “policies” vying for power and influence, both on the domestic and on international front. Often these policies are mutually exclusive.

Last, but certainly not least, the level of corruption in the US is at least as bad as, say, in the Ukraine or in Liberia, but rather than being on the street and petty cash level, the corruption in the US is counted in billions of dollars.

All in all, not a pretty sight (see here for a good analysis of the decline of US power).

Yet the US remains a nuclear power and still has a lot of political influence worldwide and thus this is not a country anyone can ignore. Including Russia.

A quick look at Russia

Before looking into Russian options in relation to the US, we need to take a quick look at how Russia has been faring this year. The short of it would be: not too well. The Russian economy has shrunk by about 10% and the small businesses have been devastated by the combined effects of 1) the economic policies of the Russian government and Central Bank, and 2) the devastating economic impact of the COVID19 pandemic, and 3) the full-spectrum efforts of the West, mostly by the Anglosphere, to strangle Russia economically. Politically, the “Putin regime” is still popular, but there is a sense that it is getting stale and that most Russians would prefer to see more dynamic and proactive policies aimed, not only to help the Russian mega-corporations, but also to help the regular people. Many Russians definitely have a sense that the “little guy” is being completely ignored by fat cats in power and this resentment will probably grow until and unless Putin decides to finally get rid of all the Atlantic Integrationists aka the “Washington consensus” types which are still well represented in the Russian ruling circles, including the government. So far, Putin has remained faithful to his policy of compromises and small steps, but this might change in the future as the level of frustration in the general population is likely to only grow with time.

That is not to say that the Kremlin is not trying. Several of the recent constitutional amendments adopted in a national vote had a strongly expressed “social” and “patriotic” character and they absolutely horrified the “liberal” 5th columnists who tried their best two 1) call for a boycott, and 2) denounce thousands of (almost entirely) imaginary violations of the proper voting procedures, and to 3) de-legitimize the outcome by declaring the election a “fraud”. None of that worked: the participation was high, very few actual violations were established (and those that were, had no impact on the outcome anyway) and most Russians accepted that this outcome was the result of the will of the people. Furthermore, Putin has made public the Russian strategic goals for 2030,which are heavily focused on improving the living and life conditions of average Russians (for details, see here). It is impossible to predict what will happen next, but the most likely scenario is that Russia has several, shall we say, “bumpy” years ahead, both on the domestic and on the international front.

What can Russia reasonably hope for?

This is really the key question: in the best of situations, what can Russia really hope for in the next elections? I would argue that there is really very little which Russia can hope for, if only because the russophobic hysteria started by the Democrats to defeat Trump has now apparently been completely endorsed by the Trump administration and the all the members of Congress. As for the imperial propaganda machine, it now manages to simultaneously declare that Russia tried to “steal” COVID vaccine secrets from the West AND that Russian elites were given a secret COVID vaccine this Spring. As for the US Dems, they are already announcing that the Russians are spreading “disinformation” about Biden. Talk about PRE-traumatic stress disorder (to use the phrase coined by my friend Gilad Atzmon)…

SIDEBAR: Although I have no way of knowing what is really taking place in the delusional minds of US politicians, I am strongly suspecting that the latest hysteria about “Russia stealing COV19 vaccine secrets” is probably triggered by the conclusion of the US intel community that Russia will have a vaccine ready before the US does. This is, of course, something absolutely unthinkable for US politicians who, (sort of) logically conclude that “if these Russkies got a vaccine first, they *must* have stolen it from us” or something similar (see here for a good analysis of this). And if the Chinese get there first, same response. After all, who in the US legacy media would ever even mention that Russian or Chinese researchers might be ahead of their US colleagues? Nobody, of course.

I would argue that this mantric Russia-bashing is something which will not change in the foreseeable future. For one thing, since the imperial ruling elites have clearly lost control of the situation, they really have no other option left than to blame it all on some external agent. The “terrorist threat” has lost a lot of traction over the past years, the “Muslim threat” is too politically incorrect to openly blame it all on Islam, as for the other boogeymen which US Americans like to scare themselves at night with (immigrants, drug dealers, sex offenders, “domestic terrorists”, etc.) they simply cannot be blamed for stuff like a crashing economy. But Russia, and China, can.

In fact, ever since the (self-evidently ridiculous) “Skripal case” the collective West has proven that it simply does not have the spine to say “no”, or even “maybe”, to any thesis energetically pushed forward by the AngloZionist propaganda machine. Thus no matter how self-evidently silly the imperial propaganda is, the people in the West have been conditioned (literally) to accept any nonsense as “highly likely” as long as it is proclaimed with enough gravitas by politicians and their legacy ziomedia. As for the leaders of the EU, we already know that they will endorse any idiocy coming out of Washington or London in the name of “solidarity”.

Truth be told, most Russian politicians (with the notable exception of the official Kremlin court jester, Zhirinovskii) and analysts never saw Trump as a potential ally or friend. The Kremlin was especially cautious, which leads me to believe that the Russian intelligence analysts did a very good job evaluating Trump’s psyche and they quickly figured out that he was no better than any other US politician. Right now, I know of no Russian analyst who would predict that relations between the US and Russia will improve in the foreseeable future. If anything, most are clearly saying that “guys, we better get used to this” (accusations, sanctions, accusations, sanctions, etc. etc. etc.). Furthermore, it is pretty obvious to the Russians that while Crimea and MH17 were the pretexts for western sanctions against Russia, they were not the real cause. The real cause of the West’s hatred for Russia is as simple as it is old: Russia cannot be conquered, subdued, subverted or destroyed. They’ve been at it for close to 1,000 years and they still are at it. In fact, each time they fail to crush Russia, their russophobia increases to even higher levels (phobia both in the sense of “fear” and in the sense of “hatred”).

Simply put – there is nothing which Russia can expect from the upcoming election. Nothing at all. Still, that does not mean that things are not better than 4 or 8 years ago. Let’s look at what changed.

The big difference between now and then

What did Trump’s election give to the world?

I would say four years for Russia to fully prepare for what might be coming next.

I would argue that since at least Russia and the AngloZionist Empire have been at war since at least 2013, when Russia foiled the US plan to attack Syria under the pretext that it was “highly likely” that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against civilians (in reality, a textbook case of a false flag organized by the Brits), This means that Russia and the Empire have been at war since at least 2013, for no less than seven years (something which Russian 6th columnists and Neo-Marxists try very hard to ignore).

True, at least until now, this was has been 80% informational, 15% economic and only 5% kinetic, but this is a real existential war of survival for both sides: only one side will walk away from this struggle. The other one will simply disappear (not as a nation or a people, but as a polity; a regime). The Kremlin fully understood that and it embarked on a huge reform and modernization of the Russian armed forces in three distinct ways:

  1. A “general” reform of the Russian armed forces which had to be modernized by about 80%. This part of the reform is now practically complete.
  2. A specific reform to prepare the western and southern military districts for a major conventional war against the united West (as always in Russian history) which would involve the First Guards Tank Army and the Russian Airborne Forces.
  3. The development of bleeding-edge weapons systems with no equivalent in the West and which cannot be countered or defeated; these weapons have had an especially dramatic impact upon First Strike Stability and upon naval operations.

While some US politicians understood what was going on (I think of Ron Paul, see here), most did not. They were so brainwashed by the US propaganda that they were sure that no matter what, “USA! USA! USA!”. Alas for them, the reality was quite different.

Russian officials, by the way, have confirmed that Russia was preparing for war. Heck, the reforms were so profound and far reaching, that it would have been impossible for the Russians to hide what they were doing (see here for details; also please see Andrei Martyanov’s excellent primer on the new Russian Navy here).

While no country is ever truly prepared for war, I would argue that by 2020 the Russians had reached their goals and that now Russia is fully prepared to handle any conflict the West might throw at her, ranging from a small border incident somewhere in Central Asia to a full-scaled war against the US/NATO in Europe.

Folks in the West are now slowly waking up to this new reality (I mentioned some of that here), but it is too late. In purely military terms, Russia has now created such a qualitative gap with the West that the still existing quantitative gap is not sufficient to guarantee a US/NATO victory. Now some western politicians are starting to seriously freak out (see this lady, for example), but most Europeans are coming to terms with two truly horrible realities:

  1. Russia is much stronger than Europe and, even much worse,
  2. Russia will never attack first (which is a major cause of frustration for western russophobes)

As for the obvious solution to this problem, having friendly relations with Russia is simply unthinkable for those who made their entire careers peddling the Soviet (and now Russian) threat to the world.

But Russia is changing, albeit maybe too slowly (at least for my taste). As I mentioned last week, a number of Polish, Ukrainian and Baltic politicians have declared that the Zapad2020 military maneuvers which are supposed to take place in southern Russia and the Caucasus could be used to prepare an attack on the West (see here for a rather typical example of this nonsense). In the past, the Kremlin would only have made a public statement ridiculing this nonsense, but this time around Putin did something different. Right after he saw the reaction of these politicians, Putin ordered a major and UNSCHEDULED military readiness exercise which involved no less than 150,000 troops, 400 aircraft & 100 ships! The message here was clear:

  1. Yes, we are much more powerful than you are and
  2. No, we are not apologizing for our strength anymore

And, just to make sure that the message is clear, the Russians also tested the readiness of the Russian Airborne Forces units near the city of Riazan, see for yourself:

This response is, I think, the correct one. Frankly, nobody in the West is listening to what the Kremlin has to say, so what is the point of making more statements which in the future will be ignored equally as they have been in the past.

If anything, the slow realization that Russia is more powerful than NATO would be most helpful in gently prodding EU politicians to change their tune and return back to reality. Check out this recent video of Sarah Wagenknecht, a leading politician of the German Left and see for yourself:

The example of Sahra Wagenknecht is interesting, because she is from Germany, one of the countries of northern Europe; traditionally, northern European powers have been much more anti-Russian than southern Europeans, so it is encouraging to see that the anti-Putin and anti-Russia hysteria is not always being endorsed by everybody.

But if things are very slowly getting better in the EU, in the bad old US of A things are only getting worse. Even the Republicans are now fully on board the Russia-hating float (right behind a “gay pride” one I suppose) and they are now contributing their own insanity to the cause, as this article entitled “Congressional Republicans: Russia should be designated state sponsor of terror” shows (designating Russia as a terrorist state is an old idea of the Dems, by the way).

Russian options for the Fall

In truth, Russia does not have any particularly good options towards the US. Both parties are now fully united in their rabid hatred of Russia (and China too, of course). Furthermore, while there are many well-funded and virulently anti-Russian organizations in the US (Neo-cons, Papists, Poles, Masons, Ukrainians, Balts, Ashkenazi Jews, etc.), Russian organizations in the US like this one, have very little influence or even relevance.

The Saker: "Russia And The Next Presidential Election In The US"
Banderites marching in the US

However, as the chaos continues to worsen inside the US and as US politicians continue to alienate pretty much the entire planet, Russia does have a perfect opportunity to weaken the US grip on Europe. The beauty in the current dynamic is that Russia does not have to do anything at all (nevermind anything covert or illegal) to help the anti-EU and anti-US forces in Europe: All she needs to do is to continuously hammer in the following simple message: “the US is sinking – do you really want to go down with it?”.

There are many opportunities to deliver that message. The current US/Polish efforts to prevent the EU from enjoying cheap Russian gas might well be the best example of what we could call “European suicide politics”, but there are many, many more.

Truth be told, neither the US nor the EU are a top priority for Russia, at least not in economic terms. The moral credibility of the West in general can certainly be described as dead and long gone. As for the West military might, it is only a concern to the degree that western politicians might be tempted to believe their own propaganda about their military forces being the best in the history of the galaxy. This is why Russia regularly engages in large surprise exercises: to prove to the West that the Russian military is fully ready for anything the West might try. As for the constant move of more and more US/NATO forces closer to the borders of Russia, they are offensive in political terms, but in military terms, getting closer to Russia only means that Russia will have more options to destroy you. “Forward deployment” is really a thing of the past, at least against Russia.

With time, however, and as the US federal center loses even more of its control of the country, the Kremlin might be well-advised to try to open some venues for “popular diplomacy”, especially with less hostile US states. The weakening of the Executive Branch has already resulted in US governors playing an increasingly important international role and while this is not, strictly speaking, legal (only the federal government has the right to engage in foreign policy), the fact is that this has been going on for years already. Another possible partner inside the US for Russian firms would be US corporations (especially now that they are hurting badly). Finally, I think that the Kremlin ought to try to open channels of communication with the various small political forces in the US which are clearly not buying into the official propaganda: libertarians, (true) liberals and progressives, paleo-conservatives.

What we are witnessing before our eyes is the collapse of the US federal center. This is a dangerous and highly unstable moment in our history. But from this crisis opportunities will arise. The best thing Russia can do now is to simply remain very careful and vigilant and wait for new forces to appear on the US political scene.

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Maybe they’ll elect Putin for president instead of Trump.
Now that would be suspicious…


They will give Putin an oscar for the best secondary role.


nobody cares for your pedo-movie industry and your faggot Oscars any more
just takes to watch last Oscar “event” with Rick Gervais to understand that nobody really cares about those Pedowood actor morones


I have at least an emo teen here that cares.

Peter Moy

Good opinion piece. It really shows the utter insanity and paranoia of US policy towards Russia. The video with Sahra Wagenknecht was probably the most common sense video I’ve seen from A German politician and shows just how much Germany is being stepped on by the US. Another good point is the amount of annual military spending: NATO – $1 TRILLION, Russia – $60 Billion, and Russia is the THREAT to peace in Europe. Demented, deranged, war mongering, hypocritical hubris from Washington and NATO HQ in Brussels. Wahnsinn! Wahsinn! Wahnsinn!


Yes, like Russia, Germany does have history of opposing the “international clique” and its “colony of slaves… enforcing a policy of financial blackmail, to squeeze the last ounce of substance out of its people… forced also to take their last rights away from them.” (Hitler’s words) That’s why the military occupation is now indefinite.

However, the US has similar history of challenging banker gangsters, so The Saker is correct to suggest opening more lines of communication.

Charles Homer

Here is an interesting look at how Americans feel about being American:


It is fascinating to see how pride in being American varies with gender, ethnicity, age and education but, even more surprisingly, how pride in being American is impacted by political leaning, even when Congress and the White House are controlled by “the other’s party”.

johnny rotten

Thi is Broadway today, en plein aircomment image comment image


On short: Russia is weak, has a fragile economy, things could go even worse. But let’s be optimist and hope that America will fall… eventually!


US is failing look around,daily protests, deeply divided population, 50m unemployed, Fed spending trillions to prop things up.


Fed spent 4 trillion and preparing the fifth, still the Dollar is strong. If any other country printed that much in 4 months it was doomed. No wonder why alliens attack USA in every movie.


The dollar is only strong relative to other fiat currencies, if you look at gold price rise that shows its falling in real value

Raptar Driver

The dollar has no real value.


Define “real value.” If you mean some kind of usefulness, then no money has value. If you mean it can be traded for goods and services which are useful, then Federal Reserve Notes do still have some value. Not ending up like Saddam, Gaddafi, or other people who challenged the debt money racket is “useful,” and the banksters are still able to “trade” that.

Raptar Driver

Real value meaning intrinsic value, paper doesn’t possess this.


Okay… So, what…? Money’s “intrinsic value” is irrelevant to being a medium of trade. Precious metals have intrinsic value as industrial material, but does that mean everyone who trades metals uses its “real value”?

Digital fiat currencies and mined cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value at all, even less value than paper money, but does that mean, for example, Bitcoins are worse as a medium of trade than paper dollars?

Raptar Driver

Yes correct none of these fiat applications have any real value. Isn’t it dangerous to run an entire economic system based on hope and pretend and belief?


Isn’t much of human social interaction “hope and pretend and belief”? If you are not in an industry which can use the intrinsic value of, say, precious metals, don’t you hope someone else will trade it for something you can use?

The only way a common medium of trade to have its intrinsic value always matter to everyone is to have it be something universally useful, like salt. Romans paying in salt is where we get the word “salary.” Can you think of a modern equivalent?

Raptar Driver

Fiat money is dead. We shall hear the trumpets play later.
There are all kinds of possibilities now the simplest way to go is gold, Silver, nickel real nickel. How about platinum, copper, all kinds of metals have in intrinsic value. Perhaps we can refine it from there.


So, how does anyone get paid to mine metals if only metals are good as money? Borrow it from banksters? Steal it? Just suffer pointless austerity forever?

Fiat money is fine. What really matters is the government or other leadership controlling the money’s quantity: Does it serve the people? Or does it only serve a small minority?

Raptar Driver

Well jeez They could just be paid in the medals they’re being asked to mine or Any medium of value would work.
The fact is the gangsters like fiat money because they can completely control it For their benefit. This is much more difficult when we’re talking about precious metals or anything that has Inherent value like oil for instance.



cechas vodobenikov

dollar expected to lose 35% of its value in 2-3 years per Yale academics

Jim Allen

150 million unemployed since the crash of 2006.


He would deny it even if they enter his own apartment to make protests.


The Federal Reserve Note, like all banker gangster money, is an extortion racket. No one uses it unless their country is forced to, the people dying to apply the force need to be ignorant of that fact, and that’s why the banksters will fail. Either people wake up and stop fighting for the rich-get-richer wars, or people remain so ignorant, they cannot compete against wiser opponents.


Putin is still begging to have the sanctions lifted and take loans from banksters.


Russia’s national debt-to-GDP is still exceptionally low at around 13% (for comparison, the US is around 104%), and Russia has not backed away from the policies which prompted the sanctions (e.g. standing with Syria against terrorists and their backers, standing with Crimea and Donbass, standing against Epstein-style family values, etc.).


Russian debt is low because they are no more allowed to take loans from Western banks, their GDP growth was 1% in 2019. Syria came one year after the sanctions were imposed. What’s between Epstein and Russia btw, wasn’t Putin kissing little boys bellies before sending them to Epstein?


A steady GDP just means that Russia’s economy is successfully deflecting the sanctions by restructuring towards domestic consumption and friendly nation trade.

Russia was involved in Syria before the sanctions by dismantling the “Assad gassed people because reasons” story that Bibi, Obama, Al-CIA-da, etc. were trying to sell. Russia then arranged to have Syria’s chemical weapons destroyed which ended all effective pretense of another “Saddam has WMDs.” It was about six months later when Obama’s people like Nuland, Zionist billionaires like Soros and Kolomoisky, etc. got their anti-Russia coup in Ukraine.

And Putin’s policies like the Dima Yakovlev Law restricting international adoption of Russian children and stabilizing the corrupt oligarchs’ conflict zones in places like Syria reduces the number of children vulnerable to getting set to Epstein’s island or where ever else the creeps gather.


cool story mate

cechas vodobenikov

projecting your feminized insecurity again porky…u money worshippers have no economy everything in your fake nation is produced in other nations…u automatons r farcical…so weak and insecure u cannot produce regime change in Cuba, so fearful and neurotic, u fear North Korea….LOL


90% of Russian exports are natural resources. That’s a banana republic.


Faker is just full of shit, and have lost what little he had of credibility, because this Faker never ever debates the real force behind this agenda/s, never, and always deflects this to be about what, thats why I dont go there anymore, because his rants are just farts in an storm.
I can belive a lot of things but an war, full fledged all out war against Russia or China, is not in my mind, despite the hype, I dont belive that, because both nations are capbabel to pulverise the UssA, and I mean it, damage it beyond recognition and the sheeps inside will do the rest, them selfs while their citys are been burning down to the ground, noone else can do that except Russia and China, most people dont think that, but the Military knows this better than the shitheads in the banana republic Moronika.

First, tell me, Faker, what Tribe is arming, founding and giving the so called UkroNazis their leverage, Faker, when will you ever be honest, not that I expect anything because Faker is obsessed, and denies reality, and again, North Europa is doing this against Russia because of our century long occupation of certain people whom to this days have highjacked our Gov, that happened right after ww2 up to the present, they own the MSM, and its their MSM that is their main weapon, and on top of it, despite that, not everybody bites into this idiot propaganda we are spoon feed thru the tribes MSM, never forget that.
Germany is an basket case, and I dont even bother to watch an whateverkneckt drool something because eventually the Germs have been whiped for so long there is nothing left, and those few that are stil standing is constantly attaced by the tribes MSM and shitheads like Faker, yeah, you know the drill, hitleri/hitlera, etc etc, so, and then we have the even worse rat packs in the BallTicks, an region that nobody cares about and their own people, more or less have runned away from and whats left are just an joke aka stupid bitches.

The truth is, the election between Creepy Joe the Bideet and Trumpstein the ConDon, ugh, is what I classify as utterly meaningless, means jack shit whom comes or goes, nothing will change, the only variable I can imagine is the eCONomy, that is the real deal, wars, maybe, bot not to be expected, the EU maybe stupid but not that stupid etc, etc.

But, since I dont bite into this nonsense, I have an recomandation, in this days of what some call and I agree, the world wide epodemic of collective dementia. of course selective, but never the less, this recomandation I will give you is not because of what this book was about, the deal is to differentiate, between Sovjet and Russia today, but as an warning for what direction the people in the imperial banana republic and its minions/vassals is been dragged into, do read it, I will someday debate that if you need to be aware of how this book resonates with what happens today in the UssA, and that book is, the Children of the Arbat, by A. Rybakov.
This, is not for bashing Russia, this is an warning to the west, we have just begun, this war rethoric and hyping is an side track, the real deal is the Scamdemic and the color revolution in the UssA, the patriot acts, the killing of disidents, even blacks, this days, and the cencure of alternative voices, the militarisation of the police, the black sites, etc to an neo-faudalism and corruption witch is self forfilling their own prophecys and is creating thru all the virtual PC-ism to crush any kind of diviation from the rule, an rule of fear.

This what I have mentioned above is the sole reason for me to never trust Faker and people like him, liars and is covering over the truth, this is an war on our consciousness and freedom, and right now, they are winning.
Lord have mercy upon us all, and for the future of our children, they will be given the full force of this darkness, I am lucky, I will be dead and gone by then, but my prayers goes to the unborn, indebted already to their eyeballs and chained to the wall in the coming decades and maybe centurys of slavery, all this because of our cowardness, I dont blame anyone else than our self, we reap what we sew, it goes both ways.
Its all up to us.


cechas vodobenikov

u r a faker—obviously…nobody trusts fake amerikans…projecting your feminine insecurity


You really believe Russia and China have nothing to fear from the banker gangsters? The winners of the previous world wars…?

If that were true, why haven’t the banksters been hit with an “invading Poland” or “attacking Pearl Harbor” moment? The banksters keep setting those up in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Korea, the South China Sea, South Ossetia, etc., yet Russia and China keep refusing to take the bait and keep asymmetrically absorbing the provocations.

That’s because they will lose taking the bait. In conventional forces, Russia and China are geared towards regional defense; the banksters’ New World Order countries are geared towards global offense. And in nuclear forces, the banksters control nuclear capability in the US, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, (let’s be honest) “Israel,” and God knows where else.

On this analysis, The Saker is correct.

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