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The Saker: “Reconsidering the Presidential Election”

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The Saker: "Reconsidering the Presidential Election"

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Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

In early July I wrote a piece entitled “Does the next Presidential election even matter?” in which I made the case that voting in the next election to choose who will be the next puppet in the White House will be tantamount to voting for a new captain while the Titanic is sinking. I gave three specific reasons why I thought that the next election would be pretty much irrelevant:

  1. The US system is rigged to give all the power to minorities and to completely ignore the will of the people
  2. The choice between the Demolicans and the Republicrats is not a choice at all
  3. The systemic crisis of the USA is too deep to be affected by who is in power in the White House

I have now reconsidered my position and I now see that I was wrong because I missed something important:

A lot has happened in the past couple of months and I now have come to conclude that while choosing a captain won’t make any difference to a sinking Titanic, it might make a huge difference to those passengers who are threatened by a group of passengers run amok. In other words, while I still do not think that the next election will change much for the rest of the planet (the decay of the Empire will continue), it is gradually becoming obvious that for the United States the difference between the two sides is becoming very real.


This is probably the first presidential election in US history where the choice will be not between two political programs or two political personalities, but the stark and binary choice between law and order and total chaos.

It is now clear that the Dems are supporting the rioting mobs and that they see these mobs as the way to beat Trump.

It is also becoming obvious that this is not a white vs. black issue: almost all the footage from the rioting mobs shows a large percentage of whites, sometimes even a majority of whites, especially amongst the most aggressive and violent rioters (the fact that these whites regularly get beat up by rampaging blacks hunting for “whitey” does not seem to deter these folks).

True, both sides blame each other for “dividing the country” and “creating the conditions for a civil war”, but any halfway objective and fact based appraisal of what is taking place shows that the Dems have comprehensively caved into the BLM/Antifa ideology (which is hardly surprising, since that ideology is a pure product of the Dems (pseudo-)liberal worldview in the first place). Yes, the Demolicans and the Republicrats are but two factions of the same “Party of Money”, but the election of Trump in 2016 and the subsequent 4 years of intense seditious efforts to delegitimize Trump have resulted in a political climate in which we roughly have, on one hand, what I would call the “Trump Party” (which is not the same as the GOP) and the “deplorables” objectively standing for law and order. On the other hand, we have the Dems, some Republicans, big corporations and the BLM/Antifa mobs who now all objectively stand for anarchy, chaos and random violence.

I have always criticized the AngloZionist Empire and the USA themselves for their messianic and supremacist ideology, and I agree that in their short history the United States have probably spilled more innocent blood than any other regime in history. Yet I also believe that there also have been many truly good things in US history, things which other countries should emulate (as many have!). I am referring to things like the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the spirit of self-reliance, a strong work ethic, the immense creativity of the people of the US and their love for their country.

It is now clear that the Dems find nothing good in the US or its history – hence their total support for the wanton (and, frankly, barbaric) destruction of historical statues or for the ridiculous notion that the United States was primarily built by black slaves and that modern whites are somehow guilty of what their ancestors did (including whites who did not have any slave owners amongst their ancestors).

Putin once said that he has no problems at all with any opposition to the Russian government, but that he categorically rejects the opposition to Russia herself (most of the non-systemic opposition in Russia is profoundly russophobic). I see the exact same thing happening here, in the USA: the Dem/BLM/Antifa gang are profoundly anti-USA, and not for the right reasons. It is just obvious that these people are motivated by pure hate and where there is hate, violence always follows!

To think that there will be no violence if these people come to power would be extremely naive: those who come to power by violence always end up ruling by violence.

For the past several decades, the US ruling elites have been gutting the Constitution by a million of legislative and regulatory cuts (I can personally attest to the fact that the country where I obtained my degrees in 1986-1991 is a totally different country from the one I am living in now. Thirty years ago there was real ideological freedom and pluralism in the US, and differences of opinion, even profound ones, were considered normal). Now the apparatus needed to crack down on the “deplorables” has been established, especially on the Federal level. If we now apply the “motive, means & opportunity” criterion we can only conclude that the Dem/BLM/Antifa have the motive and will sure have the means and opportunity if Biden makes it to the White House.

Furthermore, major media corporations are already cracking down against Trump supporters and even against President Trump himself (whom Twitter now threatens to censor if he declares that he won). YouTube is demonetizing “deplorable” channels and also de-ranking them in searches. Google does the same. For a President which heavily relies on short messages to his support base, this is a major threat.

[Sidebar: one of Trump’s biggest mistakes was to rely on Twitter instead of funding his own social media platform. He sure had the money. What he lacked was any foresight or understanding of the enemy]

Paul Craig Roberts has been one of the voices which has been warning us that anti-White racism is real and that the United States & Its Constitution Have Two Months Left. I submit that on the former he is undeniably correct and that we ought to pay heed to his warning about what might soon happen next. I also tend to agree with others who warn us that violence will happen next, no matter who wins. Not only are some clearly plotting a coup against Trump should he declare himself the winner, but things have now gone so far that the Chairmen of the JCS had to make an official statement saying that the US military will play no role in the election. Finally, and while I agree that Florida might not be a typical state, I see a lot of signs saying “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” with the word “domestic” emphasized in some manner. Is this the proverbial “writing on the wall”?


The Empire is dying and nothing can save it, things have gone way too far to ever return to the bad old days of US world hegemony. Furthermore, I have the greatest doubts about Trump or his supporters being able to successfully defeat Dem/BLM/Antifa. “Just” winning the election won’t be enough, even if Trump wins by a landslide: we already know that the Dem/BLM/Antifa will never accept a Trump victory, no matter how big. I also suspect that 2020 will be dramatically different from the 2000 Gore-Bush election which saw the outcome decided by a consensus of the ruling elites: this time around the hatred is too deep, and there will be no negotiated compromise between the parties.

In 2016 I recommended a Trump vote for one, single, overwhelming reason: my profound belief that Hillary would have started a war against Syria and, almost immediately, against Russia (the Dems are, again, making noises about such a war should they return into the White House). As for Trump, for all his megalomaniacal threats and in spite of a few (thoroughly ineffective) missile strikes on Syria, he has not started a new war.

By the way, when was it the last time that a US president did NOT order a war during his time in office?

The fact is that the Trump victory in 2016 gave Russia the time to finalize her preparations for any time of aggression, or even a full-scale war, which the US might try to throw at her. The absence of any US reaction to the Iranian retaliatory missile strikes against US bases in Iraq in January has shown that US military commanders have no stomach for a war against Iran, nevermind China or, even less, Russia. By now it is too late, Russia is ready for anything, while the US is not. Trump bought the planet an extra four years to prepare for war, and the key adversaries of the US have used that time with great benefit. As for the former world hegemon, it can’t even take on Venezuela…

But inside the USA, what we see taking place before us is a weird kind of war against the people of the USA, a war waged by a very dangerous mix of ideologues and thugs (that is the toxic recipe for most revolutions!). And while Trump or Biden won’t really matter much to Russia, China or Iran, it still might matter a great deal to millions of people who deserve better than to live under a Dem/BLM/Antifa dictatorship (whether only ideological or actual).

The USA of 2020 in so many ways reminds me of Russia in February 1917: the ruling classes were drunk on their ideological dogmas and never realized that the revolution they so much wanted would end up killing most of them. This is exactly what the US ruling classes are doing: they are acting like a parasite who cannot understand that by killing its host it will also kill itself. The likes of Pelosi very much remind me of Kerensky, the man who first destroyed the 1000 year old Russian monarchy and who then proceeded to replace it with kind of totally dysfunctional “masonic democracy” which only lasted 8 months until the Bolsheviks finally seized power and restored law and order (albeit in a viciously ruthless manner).

The US political system is both non-viable and non-reformable. No matter what happens next, the US as we knew it will collapse this winter, PCR is right. The only questions remaining are:

  • What will replace it? and
  • How long (and painful) will the transition to a new USA be?

Trump in the White House might not make things better, but a Harris presidency (which is what a “Biden” victory will usher in) will make things much, much worse. Finally, there are millions of US Americans out there who did nothing wrong and who deserve to be protected from the rioting and looting mobs by their police agencies just as there are millions of US Americans who should retain the ability to defend themselves when no law enforcement is available. There is a good reason why the Second Amendment comes right after the First one – the two are organically linked! With the Dem/BLM/Antifa in power, the people of the USA can kiss both Amendments goodbye.

I still don’t see a typical civil war breaking out in the US. But I see many, smaller, “local wars” breaking out all over the country – yes, violence is at this point inevitable. It is, therefore, the moral obligation of every decent person to do whatever he/she can do, no matter how small, to help the “deplorables” in their struggle against the forces of chaos, violence and tyranny, especially during the upcoming “years of transition” which will be very, very hard on the majority of the people living in the US.

This includes doing whatever is possible to prevent the Dem/BLM/Antifa from getting into the White House.

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Need an independent candidate. That will solve many things.
Not only in US, also in the country where “SF experts from 4 corners of the world” sit:))))) Voldemort will show its power

cechas vodobenikov

CIA has bureaucratized your mind


what u talking about?

Harry Smith

There was Rand Paul in 2016. But few Americans voted him.


BLM ANTIFA are simply the domestic us extension of the forces promoted by us State Department since Nixon…remember Khmer Rouge… even then, the Vietnamese represented a good counter force…Supported by Soviets/Russians… Somehow Russians in the end end up on the side for right.


comment imagecomment image


Thanks Saker. While America fights itself, the world breathes a bit easier.


Excellent analysis. It’s rare that I agree with every single point of an article, but I do with this one. So glad I don’t live in the USA, if I did I’d be either leaving or prepping for the collapse.


U.S. has become a grotesque parody of itself and lives on only through sheer inertia.

cechas vodobenikov

yes—the inertia is decaying rapidly into quicksand and silly quagmires

Антон С

Nice flag, the essence of all perversions. It’s good for sarcastic articles.

cechas vodobenikov

Andrey. (saker ) denies that the choice between coke and Pepsi is not freedom in USA….blasphemy
Johan Galtung predicts USA will collapse in less than 10 years….a generous man….BLM Antifaa idiots r collapsing themselves: too much meth not enough heroin

Rhodium 10

BLM&Antifa are just tools of US Deep State..like ISIS&Al Qaeda, Globalist,LGTB&Feminist org…

chris chuba

I was a bad boy and didn’t finish the Saker article. No. It does not make a difference in the ‘law and order’ issue either. One is evil and the other a buffoon but one advantage in our ‘sinking Titanic’ is that we have 50 airtight compartments and not just 8.

In both cases, we will get whatever chaos karma is imposing on us, some governors will run and hide and others will be forced to respond. The Resident of the White House will not make one iota of difference except for the ratings of CNN / FOX. Those Networks will continue to get rich at our misery.


You’re part of the evil or a fool. If Trump made no difference, the evil wouldn’t attempt to move heaven and earth to unseat him.

Harry Smith

Pardon me Chris, but looks like you have learned nothing from Mark and Patricia McCloskey case. Don’t underestimate the hate of BLM puppet masters.

Jim Allen

Titanic had zero airtight compartments. The compartments were all open at the top.
US has not 50 sealed compartments either, the seals are breached in almost every compartment. Which explains why it’s sinking. Damage control is non-existent, fire, and bilge pumps are offline, backup systems have been knocked out by Globalist (enemy) action. Main engineering is down, emergency power is failing.
When the boiler rooms flood there will be explosions. There are no lifeboats, on this sinking ship, distress calls go unanswered.


The US came extremely close to a complete collapse in 2009. It was Hillary Clinton who went to China and literally begged them to buy US debt to save US behind. Do some think that China will do it again?

The empire is destroying itself and the funny part is that they are too stupid to see it. They are so afraid of losing power abroad that they continue to keep military bases around the globe instead of greatly reducing the amount and re-investing the money back into the country. But, they just cannot do that as they still believe that they are the greatest. Corporate greed and political corruption are destroying the US. The best dictionaries out there should add to the definition of the word ‘moron’ by bringing up a picture of America.

The US is a sinking ship and the funny part is that it is being destroyed from within. The world’s biggest terrorist state is dying and no one will shed tears because of it.

Jim Allen

Those you say are destroying the country through greed is not accurate. These are the Globalists, they’re in power in US Government, and they’re following their own plans. The Globalist’s will not be harmed in the destruction, they’ve moved their assets offshore since 1975. The only thing left is to tie up loose ends, and genocide.
The Globalist’s have chosen a replacement for the protection US military provides.
Maybe. It appears China is the chosen replacement, as the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal will see Russia, and Iran destroyed at all costs.
China, however does not seem to be on board with the Globalist agendas at this point. Something appears to have changed in China’s association with The City of London. Or, it’s putting on a very convincing deception that China has broken away from the Globalist One World Government agenda, and it’s
90% de-population of the world, operations underway since 1992 scheduled to be completed by 2030.
Fooling the entire world is not easy, US Government has failed to keep it’s secrets, and has only managed to fool about a third of the US population, and portions of other countries owned, and run by the Zionist Khazar Atheists pretending to be God’s Chosen Ones. The rest of the world is well aware of the biggest terrorist organization, and supporter of terrorism in the world is US Government. Also, the most hated country on earth.

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