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JULY 2020

The Saker: “Maduro 1: Abrams 0: but this match is far from over…”


Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

Maduro wins the first round

The standoff between Venezuela and the AngloZionist Empire last week-end has clearly ended in what can only be called a total defeat for Elliott Abrams.  While we will never know what was initially planned by the demented minds of the Neocons, what we do know is that nothing critical happened: no invasion, not even any major false flag operation.  The most remarkable facet of the standoff is how little effect all the AngloZionist propaganda has had inside Venezuela. There were clashes, including some rather violent ones, across the border, but nothing much happened in the rest of the country.  Furthermore, while a few senior officers and a few soldiers did commit treason and joined forces with the enemy, the overwhelming majority of the Venezuelan military remained faithful to the Constitution.  Finally, it appears that Maduro and his ministers were successful in devising a strategy combining roadblocks, a concert on the Venezuelan side, and the minimal but effective use of riot police to keep the border closed.  Most remarkably, “unidentified snipers” did not appear to shoot at both sides (a favorite tactic of the Empire to justify its interventions).  I give the credit for this to whatever Venezuelan (or allied) units were in charge of counter-sniper operations along the border.

Outside Venezuela this first confrontation has also been a defeat for the Empire.  Not only did most countries worldwide not recognize the AngloZionist puppet, but the level of protest and opposition to what appeared to be the preparations for a possible invasion (or, at least, a military operation of some kind) was remarkably high, while the legacy corporate Ziomedia did what it always does (that is whatever the Empire wants it to do), the Internet and the blogosphere were overwhelmingly opposed to a direct US intervention.  This situation also created a great deal of internal political tensions in various Latin American countries whose public opinion remains strongly opposed to any form of US imperial control over Latin America.

In this respect, the situation with Brazil is particularly interesting. While the Brazilian government fully backed the US coup attempt, the Brazilian military was most uncomfortable with this.  My contacts in Brazil had correctly predicted that the Brazilian military would refuse to attack Venezuela and, eventually, the Brazilians even issued a statement to that effect.

Alas, there are still plenty of US puppet regimes in Latin America to mindlessly do whatever Uncle Shmuel wants them to (Colombia would be the worst offender, of course, but there are others).  But that is not the main problem here.

The main problem is that the Neocons cannot accept defeat and that they are likely to do what they always do, double down and make a bad situation even worse.  The head of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, has warned that the US has deployed special forces in Colombia and Puerto Rico in preparation for a possible invasion.  Uncharacteristically, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made intelligence information public, which described in some detail what kind of plans the Empire and its allies had, even before this past week-end’s confrontation.  See for yourself:

In fact, the leaders of the Empire and their puppets are not making any secrets about their determination to overthrow the constitutional government and replace it with the kind of comprador regime the US already imposed in Colombia.  Pompeo, Abrams and Pence have been particularly hysterical in their threats, but the entire “Lima Group” is still at it:

As for the Russian UN Ambassador, he was very clear on what Russia expects to happen next:

The Neocons are not even content to threaten Venezuela, and John Bolton could not help himself and publicly threatened Nicaragua as being next in line for a US-sponsored regime change.  He even spoke of a “Troika of Tyranny” reminiscent of the famous “Axis of Evil“.

This is all hardly surprising: US politicians always resort to infantile comic-book kind of language when they want to give their threats a special gravitas.  Next we will be told that Maduro is a “New Hitler” and that he is “genociding his own people”, possibly with chemical weapons (“highly likely”, no doubt!).  If not that, then Maduro will be distributing Viagra to his forces to help them rape more women.   To those puzzled by the fact that presumably adult politicians use the kind of language one could find in grade school, I can only say that this just reflects the state of the political discourse in the USA, which has been dumbed-down to an incredibly low level.  Be careful, however, because while US politicians are rather comical in their infantile, ignorant, illiteracy, and while they have an almost perfect record of embarrassing failures, the past decades have also shown that they are quite capable of murderous rampages (in Iraq alone the US invasion resulted in over one million dead Iraqi civilians) or of wrecking even a very prosperous country (which Libya under Muammar Gaddafi definitely was).

Next, the Empire will probably strike-back

There is a small chance that Abrams & Co. will conclude that the situation in Venezuela is a total mess and that the Empire cannot capitalize on it in the short to middle term.  This is possible, yes, but also highly unlikely.

The truth is that Mr MAGA and his Neocon puppet-masters have failed, at least so far, at absolutely everything they tried. And if taking on China, Russia, Iran or even Syria is no easy task, Venezuela is by far the most fragile country in what could be called the “Resistance countries”: Venezuela is far away from it’s allies (except Cuba), it is surrounded by more or less hostile countries (especially Colombia), it’s economy is crippled by US sanctions and sabotage and its armed forces are dwarfed by the immense firepower the Empire has available in the region.  Add to this the truly demonic mindset of Neocons like Abrams and the future for Venezuela looks bleak.

The good news is that the Colombians and the rest of the Lima Group “friends of Venezuela” probably don’t have the military power to take on Venezuela by themselves.  The preferred option for the USA would be to use the Colombians like the KLA was used in Kosovo or how al-Qaeda (and derivatives) were used against Syria: as boots on the ground while the US provides airpower, electronic warfare capabilities, intelligence, bomb and missile strikes, etc. The US also has immense naval capabilities which could be used to assist (and, of course, direct) any military operations against Venezuela (I highly recommend this analysis by my friend Nat South who describes in some detail the US naval capabilities and operations in the region).

My gut feeling is that this approach will not work.  As is often the case, the US has all sorts of impressive capabilities except for the main one: a military force capable of providing the boots on the ground (as opposed to a non-US proxy).  The problem for the US military would not be so much getting in, as staying inside and getting something done before leaving – what the US called an “exit strategy”.  And here, there are really no good options for the US.

It is therefore far more likely that the US will use the weapon which it truly masters better than anybody else on earth: corruption.

There is big money, really big money, all around the Venezuelan crisis: not only oil money, but also drug money.  And there are a lot of truly evil and corrupt people involved in this struggle who will use that corruption-weapon with devastating effect against the constitutionally elected government.  And, just to make things worse, Venezuela is already devastated by corruption. Still, there are quite a few factors which might well save Venezuela from being reconquered by the Empire.

First, while US Neocons are too arrogant to bother with anybody’s opinion except their own, and while the various US agencies primarily talk with the immensely wealthy rulers of Colombia and the rest of Latin America, it does appear that a strong majority of Venezuelans support their elected government.  Furthermore, US leaders simply don’t understand how hated the “Yankees” are in Latin America (at least among the masses, not the comprador elites) and how fantastically offensive the appointment of a felon like Elliott Abrams as Envoy to Venezuela is to the vast majority of the people of this continent.

Second, Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro did empower, for the very first time, the masses of the Venezuelan people, especially those who lived in abject poverty when Venezuela was still a US colony.  These people are under no illusion about what a Guaido regime would mean to them.  And while most of the supporters of Chavez and Maduro are not influential or wealthy, there are a lot of them and they will probably fight to prevent a complete reversal of all the achievements of the Bolivarian revolution.

Third, Latin America might well be changing, just like the Middle-East did.  Remember how, for years, the Israelis could attack their neighbors with quasi-total impunity and how poorly the Arab armies performed?  That suddenly changed when Hezbollah proved to the entire region and even the world, that the “Axis of Kindness” (USA, Israel, KSA) could be successfully defeated, even by a comparatively tiny resistance with no air force, no navy and very little armor.  As I never cease to repeat – wars are not won by firepower, but by willpower.  Oh sure, firepower helps, especially when you can fire from far away with no risk to yourself and your victim cannot fire back, but as soon as big firepower is met by big willpower the former rapidly fails.  There is a very real possibility that Venezuela might do for Latin America what the Ukraine did for Russia: act as a surprisingly effective “vaccine” against the AngloZionist propaganda.  An indigenous leader like Evo Morales, who has declared his full and total support for the elected government of Maduro, is an inspiration to the people of Latin America far beyond the borders of Bolivia.  The Russian ambassador to the UN got it right: there are already other leaders after Maduro which the AngloZionists want to eliminate and replace by a pliable puppet à la Guaido or Duque Márquez.  At the end of the day, this is a typical dialectical problem: the more brutal and overt the US aggression against Latin America is, the more successful coups or even invasions the US organizes, the stronger the anti-Yankee feelings generated among the people of the continent.  Think of it this way: the US has already terminally alienated the people of China, Russia and Iran, along with most of the Arab and Muslim world, and thanks to that alienation, the leaders of China, Russia and Iran have enjoyed the support of their people in their struggle against the AngloZionist Empire.  Could something very similar not already be happening in Latin America?

Conclusion: focus on the right question

To defeat the Empire’s plans for Venezuela, it is crucial that we all keep hammering over and over again: the choice is not between Maduro or Guiado, the choice is not between poverty under the Chavistas and prosperity under the AngloZionists.  This is how the agents of the Empire (whether paid or simply stupid) want to frame the discussions.  The real issue at stake here is the rule of law.  The rule of law inside Venezuela, of course, and the rule of law internationally.

First year law students are often taught that the purpose of the law is not “justice” per se, but to provide a mechanism to solve disputes.  That mechanism is, admittedly, a highly imperfect one, but it is understood by civilized people as being preferable to the alternative.  The alternative, by the way, is what happens in every time a so-called “humanitarian intervention” is launched: a humanitarian disaster.

Yet, this is the typical modus operandi of the Neocons (and of all imperialists, really). First, chose a country for destabilization, then use your control of the international financial markets and trade to trigger an economic crisis; then, send your “democracy promoting” spooks and agents of influence to foment protests or, even better, violent disorders; then send some “unidentified snipers” if the legitimate government does not use enough violence to quell the protests, then denounce the leader you want replaced as  “monster” “animal” or even “new Hitler” and threaten to overthrow him.  After that, declare urbi et orbi that it is “highly likely” that the “new Hitler” will massacre his own people, add a false flag op if needed, and then declare a “coalition of the willing” composed of “friends” of the country you want to occupy who will take action due to the “ineffectiveness of the US”, ditch any thoughts about international law and only speak of “rules-based order“.  Check out how Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov explains the meaning of this substitution:

When you listen to the supporters of Guaido you will always hear them talking about how terrible Maduro is, how horrible the economic situation of Venezuela really is, how corrupt the members of the regime are, etc. etc. etc.  This is all a smokescreen.  Even the accusation that the last elections were stolen by Maduro is just another smokescreen.  Why?  Because even if Maduro did steal the election, Guaido did not have the right to declare himself President, Trump had no right to recognize him as such, and the Empire had no business threatening a military intervention or even a violation of the sovereign border of Venezuela under the ridiculous pretext of bringing in humanitarian aid while, at the same time, keeping the country under draconian (and fully illegal) sanctions.  The solution to a crisis brought about by a violation of law cannot be a wholesale abandonment of the very core principles of law, but such a solution can only be a restoration of law and order by legal means.  Kinda obvious, but so many seem to forget this, that it is worth repeating.  And here, I will again post a graphic which really says it all:

The most powerful tools in the arsenal of the Empire are not it’s nuclear forces or its bloated, if generally ineffective, armed forces.  The most powerful tool in the Empire’s arsenal is its ability to frame the discussion, to set what is focused upon and what is obfuscated.  The Empire’s legacy corporate Ziomedia even dictates what words should or should not be used in a discussion (example: never speak of “illegal aggression” but speak of “humanitarian intervention”).

The Saker: "Maduro 1: Abrams 0: but this match is far from over…"

This is why we must speak of “true sovereignty“, of “international law“, of “constitutional procedures” and of “aggression” and “threat of aggression” as war crimes.  We need to continue to demand that basic fundamental principles of civilized societies (such as the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”) be upheld by governments and by the media.  We need to deny the rulers of the Empire the right to declare that they have the right to completely ignore the most sacred principles of the post-WWII international order.  We need to continue to insist that a just international order can only be a multi-polar one; that a single World Hegemon can never deliver justice and that there shall be no peace if there is no justice.  Finally, we need to ceaselessly demand that each country and each nation live according to its own traditions and beliefs and reject the notion that a single political model must, or even can, be applied universally.

These are all principles which the Neocons hate and which they would love to bundle together under a single all encompassing concept, like George Orwell’s “crimethink“.  Mostly, the Neocons like to use the “anti-Semite” and “anti-Semitic” to dismiss these principles, and when that fails, then “terrorist” is always available for use.  Don’t let them do that: every time they try that trick, immediately denounce it for what it is and continue focusing on what really matters.  If we can force the Neocons to deal with these issues we win.  It is really that simple.

It is impossible for me to guess how this conflict will play itself out.  Will the brazen arrogance of “the Yankees” be enough to seriously red-pill the people of Venezuela and the rest of Latin America?  Maybe.  My hope and my gut feeling is that it might.



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    • You can call me Al

      Good to see you back; where have you been ?. We have all been asking about you, yeak Ok we were slightly worried…..well the girls were.

      PS Could you please clarify that you mean the political and elitist scum from the above Countries ?.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        Slightly worried that them feckers got me hehehe? I have been training for Potential incidents the last two moons…up in the Sierra Nevada, Las Alpujarras & Sierra Cazorla region….told you had to empty the head remember? The Alpujarras …only three Main entrances….blow up a couple of bridges…cut off a mountainpass…and you will create a perfect Stronghold…Loads of Geo-Engineering up here in Spain….Planes have been Dumping tons of stuff on my head…coughed my lungs out..Legs got heavy…Bees died….Got caught up in a created snowstorm….had to make a Bivouac on top of the Sierra Nevada cause I couldn’t see shit….Big Fun…30 Kilo’s of Axe, Basha & other Gear on me Back…going up & down Mountains…Good training for what might come…Unhook yourself from Society so easy….

        PS Danone is Stealing all my Creek-Water up here through popes in the Mountain and Sella it for €0.79 per 1.5 Liter….be back soon, we can go for a drink with Florian by then…

        • You can call me Al

          Take it easy there and stay strong. Take samples as I can find a few labs.

          Get to Cordoba and chill out.

    • Jacob Wohl

      Maybe you need to be boycotted from this disqus thread. Using an image of an Native American while you’re clearly not one. You’re just another antisemitic, pro-Hitler troll.
      Israel exists because 6-10 million jews were exterminated in Poland during WW2 by the Nazis. And it’s the Jewish people’s ancestral homeland. Get over it.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        And who might you be Mister Jacob Wohl? Your psycho-analysis sucks btw….

        • Jacob Wohl

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          • Hasbara Hunter

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          • Jacob Wohl

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            You Dumbass shit piece of Cocksucker….I’m up in Spain Asswipe…Training for what is about to come…..what do you think to accomplish ZioNazi?

          • Jacob Wohl

            Accomplish? IDF will expel Iran from Syria and topple Assad if they need to.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Bring it on….all you folks are Loudmouthed pieces of Shit….the U.S. is Nothing anymore…just like the U.K…France & IsraHell….Just start….You folks need to start…The World is tired of you Folks and will respond Hard & Ruthless

          • Jacob Wohl

            IDF has already brought it on. They destroyed dozens of iranian UAVs, UAV command centers, 3 Syrian SAMs in 2018, eliminated 300 iranian proxies, and in 2019 they destroyed 2 Pantsir SAMS, and eliminated dozens of iranian proxies.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            So? In a War people Die….you Fuckers don’t even noticed that you are being played with….this is a War of Intelligence & the Long Haul….. you Dumb pieces of shit will lose

          • You can call me Al

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          • Concrete Mike

            These israeli “victory” are in the end insignificant.

            Syria has won on the ground you lost

            Syria has shot down hundrers of millions of dollars worth of missiles, for what??? Your little list is a couple million being generous.

            So Mr hedgefund manager….how can that be a win a profit for israel???

            Uncultered swine!

          • Jacob Wohl

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          • Jacob Wohl

            Israel has nukes just so you know. And they have hundreds of the Arrow 3 – the most advanced anti-ballistic missile interceptor in the world. Israel can unleash massive nuclear attacks against its enemies and at the same time can defend itself very well against massive nuclear attacks.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            I’m still waiting for a Nuclear War….I only have heard Loudmouthed Bullshit up till now….

          • Concrete Mike

            Arrow 3 missile will do nothing when i shove a 2″ wrench up your nose!!
            We know what israel has because it has an army a fucking fascist gloaters like you vomitiing bs on every media platform 24/7.

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            So you tell us all your job is to run a ponzi scheme and then you expect us to beleive you.

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          • Jacob Wohl

            Wow, so civilized.

          • Sinbad2

            “Look me up, I’m actually somebody :)”
            I know I see you scurrying for cover if I turn on the kitchen light late at night.

          • Concrete Mike

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          • Concrete Mike

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          • Jacob Wohl

            I’m just trying to advocate for a safer Israel, a stronger USA, and a safer/stronger and unified Middle East. With Assad and Iran in the Middle East, Israel is in danger.

          • Concrete Mike

            Peice of shit, your here everyday preaching.more wars, more death and bombs, and now you have the audacity to come back and say….dummm im just trying to advocate for a safer america and israel.

            That statement there is false. Israel is menace america as long as its nuclear weapons program has not been reingned in.

            A nuclear armed and belligerent israel is the problem. Your leaders a leading you jews that have nothing to do with this to be slaughtered.

            Israel is so small claiming its for defense is false as it would destroy the land. These nukes are for intimidation and offensive purposes.

            Israel and its political leadership, are going to be the death of us all if this goes on.

            You see im smart i blame the leaders not the people.

            America will be safe once it minds its own business.

            All that money wasted.on wars…think of all the infrastructure we could have built…

            Thats the difference between you and me. Im a builder a creator. Your a parasite…you dont build anything, you dont lead anything you follow.

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            So go shed your crocodile tears, just remember.


        • You can call me Al

          HE IS A TROLL. Look at his comment count (hover over the the icon); there are loads with exactly the same description of themselves.

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      • Concrete Mike

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        • Jacob Wohl

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          • Concrete Mike

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  • “Not only did most countries worldwide not recognize the AngloZionist puppet”

    I can’t believe that I fell for the Neocon line, ‘only Cuba, Syria, Russia, China, and Iran support Maduro, over 50 countries recognize Juan Guaidó’

    I didn’t consider the fact that since there are almost 200 member states in the UN and Maduro already was the President, countries don’t have to ‘affirm’ Maduro, they have to ‘recognize’ the new guy, otherwise it is assumed they still affirm the existing guy.

    Everything the Neocons say is a lie, everything the Neocons say is a lie, ahh …

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    preliminaries of a global war. first they covered europe that is going into war, starting from within along with Eurasia, now they preparing south america and turn has the area around china. Good plan wonder when words become fireworks.

    • Hasbara Hunter

      Up till now it has been just Loudmouthed Bullshit from Chickenshit Cowards….Yeah we are going to Nuke the Whole World….sure U.S…..go play with your British, IsraHelli & Frog Buddies….now Piss Offfff

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        yes but the writing is on the wall. Who will kick each others ass, is left to be seen. In this kind of war is brewing, no will be left unharmed.

  • Snowglobe

    If Pence, Bolton, Pompeo and Abrams are not removed by Trump, then Trump is finished too. He was voted in to end the wars.

    The internal propaganda wars might then become a physical civil war. Until now there have been efforts to avoid this.

    • verner

      a veterans humongous demonstration in washington, say 1 to 2 million vets , would and could wrestle control of the country from the present corrupt and criminal cabal occupying state department, cia, pentagon and other relatively vital institutions for the society. I won’t mention donny since he, by and large, still thinks he can be the unchallenged commander in chief being subverted at every step on the way by mic’s loyal followers, like fatso, bedbugcrazy bolton and ever evil abrams and rotchild man mnuchin, whose loyalties are not with the american people but with the deep state and the mic.

      the veterans can do something about it – all it takes is a few dedicated leaders and battleskilled veterans and the present cabal woud be toast, fatso hanging from a lamppost on pennsylvania avenue and then bedbugcrazy, abrams etc. i sight to behold!!

      • Snowglobe

        I agree with you, but like most I have hoped that it could be done without a blood bath.

        I have no problem with traitors and treasonous being hung from lamp posts. Do you think that the US has enough lamp post though? ;-)

        I saw this recently and and found it encouraging.


        • verner

          lampposts for the inner circle of corrupt and criminal deep staters in washington – sure no problem. start with fatso and bedbugcrazý bolton and abrams and mnuchin and a few others, obama, clinton x 2, bush jr plus his cohorts of warmongers and you’re halway where you want to go.

          • Snowglobe

            Lampposts should be reserved for Brennan, Schumer, Feinstein and Pelosi as well. It can be a nice little garden party. ;-)

      • Tony B.

        This thing with the veterans was tried after WW1, when the government reniged on their benefits. What they got when they marched on Washington was machine gunned, with Gen. MacArthur in charge. You people, not Americans, live in some sort of dream world about the power of the people in the U.S.

        • verner

          a demonstration in washington dc can hardly be met with machine gun fire today even if it’s veterans doing dthe demonstration, but bet your broad behind that the national guard would be standing by in the very near neighbouhood. but any other way you can wrestle power from the corrupt and criminal cabal that today a) has sold out to israel and b) does everything primarily for its own benefit.

          I would say it’s of vital importance that the cabal is destroyed and power returned to the people’s people. the veterans can do it, since they are as badly treated today as they apparently were after ww1. go for it veterans. a general like patton and a few more of his ilk will do the trick.

          • Tony B.

            There are no generals like Patton, period. Decades ago all high officers in the American military were asked, on an official form, if they would kill Americans who would not give up their guns to the government. All those who said they would not were washed out of the service. This is not new, it was done under daddy Bush and Clinton.

            I repeat, you are clueless about what goes on in the U.S.

            What about your own country? Since such actions seem so easy and simple to you, how about your own?
            Obviously, words are still cheap for someone who apparently has nothing but time to spout off on these sites. Actions are something else again.

    • The Farney Fontenoy

      Not a chance, the US public are waaaay too distracted to have any understanding of what’s going on internationally, the Zionists have managed this by creating the ‘QAnon’ entity & attacking Trump with the Russian meddling nonsense-thus his supporters rally to his defence, not realising this is designed to get the MAGA hats circling the wagons facing the attackers, with their backs turned to what is really going on, by the time they realise they’ve been duped, Trump will be finishing his second term.

      • Snowglobe

        If the Vets know, that is all that really matters.

  • verner

    well it is over – moronistan (aka usa) can continue and will continue to starve the people in venezuela but the attempt to unseat maduro is just not on any longer – to much visibility and too many opposing the unseating of an elected president and if you allow it or support it, what says you’re not on next time around.

    • You can call me Al

      Something is happening, which is huge, but on the peripheral… maybe it all in my mind, but if you read the following, regards what this will do to help Venezuela as opposed from the heading, it could be a game changer:


      Secondary one – https://www.rt.com/business/452774-venezuela-pdvsa-moscow-office/

      • Snowglobe

        Agreed. Something is happening.

      • goingbrokes

        If true it fits very well with the current scheme to plunder oil-producing countries. If Saudi is drying up the race is on. If Saudi oil fades the oil price will rise and that cannot be allowed to benefit countries hostile to US!

  • Robert McMaster

    Russia hopes the US will blunder in, impose its military, that there is lots of fighting, that a jackass stooge government is set up, that it looks awful, costs a ton of money, that the place become unruleable, full of angry and bitter people, that it becomes an US owns it basket case, UK gets blackeyes across the world.

    Russia wants the double downers in the US to get ever entangled in so many scraps thye can’t manage, become vulnerable. That the rest of the world hardens against the US. Frightens the EU off. Hubris, arrogance, dead weight and debt brings the empire down. Don’t forget to invade Mexico too!

  • jm74

    The irony of it all when the US uses the phrase “troika of tyranny”; troika is a Russian word.

    • Concrete Mike

      Remember 10 years ago some dude was the auto czar? During financial crisis in usa??

      These amerinazis make no sense!!

    • goingbrokes

      It’s intentional, use russian words in a bad context, give it a bad association…

      • jm74

        Logical explanation.

  • Jacob Wohl

    The Venezuelan Army will surrender faster than the French Army in WW2 once they see swarms of USAF planes and tomahawk missiles coming at them.

    • Hasbara Hunter

      Yeah Rape & Pillage….pick all the Little Guys Carpetbomb their Countries back to the stone-age, plunder its Resources….ship the kids to Rothschild for Snuff-Movies using the Clinton Foundation….Rob all the Gold…send in your Contractors to rebuild what you have Bombed….those days are gone…..the USRAELI-Empire of Evil is about to come down….

    • Concrete Mike

      Thats what you said about Syria shithead!!

      No one wants your “revolutuions”!

      Shut the fuck up and go home flamer!

    • bcbingram

      Ain’t going to happen, you will feel better when you STOP watching those fake NEWS Channels.

  • Dušan Mirić

    Commercial slogan for Club-K missiles is “Every nation have the right for self defense”. Russians shuould start send it to Venezuela right the day before yesterday

  • iosongasingsing

    The nazi Jew Elliot Abrams is member of the council of the holocaust americam museum. The jews of America ask he leaves becouse he had a criminal role in Latin America genocide. They can not say that it is an anti-Semitic term to call him a satanic beast.

  • bcbingram

    99% of the speak concerning attacking Venezuela comes from outside writers with their ‘click bait’ headlines, in their own attempt at gathering more readers.