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The Saker: “It All Depends On Your Values”

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The Saker: "It All Depends On Your Values"

Sputnik / Mikhail Klimentyev

Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

This has been an interesting week for Russia.  First, and contrary to my own expectations, Iulia Skripal has been allowed to make a recorded statement on video where she is seen writing a statement in English and Russian.  This falls far short of even the basic British obligations to allow consular access to both Skripals, but it is a sign that the Brits are finally starting to feel the pressure.  This is just a small first step, but thank God for small things. Now let’s just hope that the pressure to free both Skripals will not abate.

Second, the St Petersburg Economic Forum has started to what promises to be a big success: 14’000 participants, including many top western business and even representatives of the British oligarchy (to the great despair of The Times).  Now that the “economic block” of the Russian government is firmly in the hands of the Atlantic Integrationists and even Alexei Kudrin declares that the impact of the economic sanctions to only 0.5% of the Russian GDP, and against the background of US arrogance gone berserk (see Pompeo’s 12 point ultimatum to Iran or Trump’s sudden cancellation of this planned meeting with Kim) thereby deeply frightening many European investors, Russia appears to be an island of comparative stability and predictability.  Turns out, there are billions of dollars to be made in Russia, who would have thought?

Third,  for all the saber-rattling heard over the past years from NATO, a former Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), General Breedlove, has gone on record that NATO is in no shape to fight Russia.  The Baltic statlets and the Swedes can continue to prepare for a Russian invasion if they want, but this nonsense is slowly losing its traction with EU politicians.

Finally, the President of Bulgaria has had to fly to Moscow to ask the Russian to re-start the “Bulgarian Stream”.  Yes, the very same “stream” which Bulgaria reneged on under EU pressure.  The logic of the Bulgarians is simple and irrefutable: if the Germans get to open their own “stream” then so do we.  Makes sense.

True, there was this latest idiocy by the Dutch who now are saying that it was a “Russian” unit which shot down MH-17.  I don’t know why they would bother coming up with this latest nonsense right now, this might be a desperate hope by some hardcore NATO Cold Warriors, but in the current political climate this is going largely unnoticed.

The key to it all?  Can you connect the dots?

As Roger Waters put it in his song Perfect Sense “Can’t you see? It all makes perfect sense, expressed in dollars and cents, pounds shillings and pence. Can’t you see? It all makes perfect sense“.  It is all about money.

No doubt there will be those who will greatly rejoice at these developments, after all, this could be the beginning of a much needed (for both sides) rapprochement between Russia and the EU and improving economic ties, along with the rapidly increasing energy costs, could provide the funds needed to implement Putin’s ambitious internal reforms and development program.  So what’s there not to celebrate?

Well, it all depends on your values.

If you want the Russian economy integrated into the western markets and financial sphere, if you believe that the correct economic path of development for Russia is western-style liberal capitalism,if you believe that the Zionist lobby in Russia does not exist or is not an issue, then you truly have cause to rejoice and, indeed, many have (including my friend Alexander Mercouris at The Duran).

But if you believe that morals, ethics should always prime so-called “pragmatic” considerations, if you believe that the correct path for Russia is to follow her own civilizational model, if you believe that there is a very influential and highly toxic Zionist lobby in Russia, then you have cause to worry.

In an ideal world or, at least, a less crazy one, this choice should not be as stark, but with the Neocons in absolute control of the USA and the US foreign policy decided in the Likud offices in Jerusalem, and with Israel and the USA taking turns bombing Syria (even today), that choice will have to be made.

True, to some degree, there are already obvious unofficial understandings between the US and Russia and between Israel and Russia over military operations in Syria.  And as I have argued many times (even if some pretend I did not), Russia has no obligation whatsoever to fight on behalf of anybody in the Middle-East.  However, what Russian ought to do, at least in my opinion, is to carefully evaluate the potential consequences of inaction, not because of Syrian or Iranian interests, but because of her own, Russian, interests.

The unofficial agreement between Russia and the Anglo-Zionist does make sense, but only in the short term.  In the long term it contains many possible dangers:

  1. First, the Israelis are clearly baiting Iran for a meaningful counter-strike.  And they are doing all they can to push the USA to attack Iran.  How long can the Iranian patience last?  How long can the (hopefully existing) rational minds in the Pentagon contain the “crazies”?  You tell me, I don’t know.
  2. The Israelis, clearly buoyed by the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem (along with a few vassal states) has now basically given up on their public image, which has been roadkill since many years already, and have decided to use even more grotesque violence than usual to make the Palestinians pay for having the audacity to exist.  This increase in violence creates a great deal of tensions in the Muslim world and Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has already called on all Muslim countries to condemn Israel.  He used very precise language (emphasis added): “It is the Muslim states that should take a stance against it (the massacre of Palestinians). Muslim states are the ones that should rise up but they do not because they have distanced themselves from the Quran and do not believe in holy book. By God’s grace Palestine will be freed from the vicious enemies. Al-Quds (Beit-ul-Moqaddas) is the capital of Palestine and the US and its minions cannot do a damn thing against the truth and the divine tradition regarding Palestine”.  The implication here is clear: it is an Islamic obligation mandated by the Quran itself not to collaborate with the Zionist entity, those who are now ignoring this imperative are acting like disbelievers.  That includes the Saudis and all their allies.  With that kind of language (which has tremendous support in the Muslim world at large, not amongst the Shia) how long will the current standoff be limited to Syria?  You tell me, I don’t know.
  3. As I have also argued time and again, the AngloZionists interpret every non-escalatory move by Russia as a sign of weakness, even when it is motivated by a sincere desire to avoid conflict, when it is pragmatic and even mutually beneficial.  The Ukronazis in the Donbass have a tactic they call “leapfrogging” in which they regularly seize a couple of houses here and there in the neutral zone while keeping the Novorussians under a more or less constant stream of artillery strikes and terrorist attacks.  They do that while trying to keep the shooting just under the threshold which would result in full-scale attack on Novorussia which, so they themselves say, will happen in the not too distant future.  That kind of “leapfrogging” under “petty fire” is exactly what the Empire is doing against Russia in Syria and elsewhere.  The difference is only that AngloZionist leaders do not promise a final attack on Russia.  Do you trust their word?  I sure don’t.

These are not what I would call minor issues which can be comfortably ignored and the purpose of analysis is not comfort but understanding.  Intelligence work is built on three components, the tripe “A”: Acquisition, Analysis and Acceptance.  First, you get the raw info, then you process it (primarily by rating the source and the info itself), and then you present it to those who will use it.  Most often, the problem is in the third “A”, that is when decision-makers are unhappy with what they hear and then put pressure on the second “A” (analysis).  In extreme cases, this can result in the 2nd “A” downgrading a perfectly reliable source.

That is the kind of stuff which starts dumb wars and results in surprise attacks.

[Sidebar: There is a natural desire in each one of us to see “our” team win, and nuanced arguments are easy to misrepresent.  For the dishonest, it is a no-brainer to present any criticism or concern as “betrayal” (we all know what happened to Cassandra).  And then there are, of course, those for whom any nuanced argument is too complex to process and who simply are not intellectually equipped to understand a balanced thesis.  Cheering is fun.  Honestly analyzing often takes courage.

I recommend that we avoid both extremes, the one of mindlessly cheer-leading and the one of defeatism, both are equally toxic and both are used by AngloZionist strategic psychological operations to weaken Russia in general and Putin and his Eurasian Sovereignist supporters in particular.   The words of Christ “ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32) have a profound spiritual meaning, but they can also be taken quite literally and He never said that that truth would be comfy, I would add.  In our case, you, the reader, are the third “A” and my role is only limited to try to honestly do the first and second “A”.

For independent analysts like myself, there is no point in doing what the CIA did about Iraq: have these words of Christ as a motto and then provide a hopelessly politically-correct “analysis”.  True, unlike the folks at the CIA, I am not paid (by you, in the form of your donations) to follow a narrow political agenda, neither do I depend on any oligarch’s financial support.  As for calling things the way I see them, I know each time in advance when this will get me a barrage of criticism and hate mail from those who follow a very specific political agenda (I have explained that here in some detail, check it out!).  The Empire uses the term “fringe extremist” while in the blogosphere what you mostly see is “out of touch”, but the goal is the same: a total dismissal.  Next time you see that language, ask yourself not only what actual arguments it contains (if any!), but also cui bono – who benefits from making it, and why.  Then think of the words of Christ quoted above one more time :-)].

I think that Paul Craig Roberts is fundamentally correct when he says that the Empire is escalating on all fronts against Russia, even if I do not share his pessimism (but neither do I dismiss it!).  First, with Trump turned into a rabid Likudnik, Putin’s plan of a “rapprochement” with the EU might work, NATO’s histrionics notwithstanding.  We will see soon as Europe is now facing a stark choice, either join the USA in even more sanctions on Iran, or not.  And “not” means de-facto join Russia in her support for Iran.

So which will prevail?  The cowardice and subservience of the European leaders or their greed?

As long as all this remains in the realm of economics, Russia will probably continue her current balancing act between her own short-term economic interests in the West and her long-term economic interests in the rest of the world.  But if Iran is actually meaningfully attacked by any combination of AngloZionist states, then Russia will have to chose.  Ideally, the Atlantic Integrationists will have to do what they did in the cases of Georgia and Crimea, look away and play along, while the Eurasian Sovereignists do what they did in both of these instances: immediately take action.  That does not mean fighting a war on behalf of the Iranians or “protecting” Iran, but that will mean a willingness to help Iran at all level short of war.  Which is what Russia has been doing in Syria.

There is a big difference between Iran and Syria though: the Russian public did support Putin’s argument that it is better to fight the Takfiris over “there” rather than right “here”.  But Russians are most unlikely to support any risks of war (nevermind a war itself) unless it directly affects Russian national interests.  On that Russians are split.

Some, like myself, think that Iran is, if not a vital, then at least a crucial partner (and, hopefully, ally) of Russia in the entire greater Middle-East.  It is also a country which, unlike Russia, has achieved true, real, sovereignty and thus, at least to some degree, a test-case for the rest of the planet (that is the real reason for the AngloZionist’s hatred and fear of Iran, not some non-existing military weapons program).  Others think that Iran is just a useful partner which should be engaged, but that the Iranians have too different an agenda to really become Russia’s reliable partner (the feeling in Tehran is often symmetrical).  Still, regardless of the doubts on both sides, I believe that Iran is vital for Russia because Iran has achieved what Russia is still after: full sovereignty.  No country which wants to become truly sovereign can refuse to help Iran in every possible way.

There is also the “minor” issue of international law by which neither the USA nor Israel consider themselves restrained and which they both constantly, and very openly and gleefully, violate. This set a terrible and very dangerous precedent for the entire planet and is yes another factor Russia cannot ignore.

And then there is Palestine.

Like it or not (I don’t), for the time being, Russia and the EU have chosen to be in the famous words of Yehuda Bauer, a “bystander”.  Some of us will deny that (good luck with that!), some will minimize it, some will explain that away on pragmatic grounds.  Who is right?

Well, again, it all depends on your values.

If you believe that the Palestinians are to blame, or if you believe that what is done to them is their problem, not yours, or if you think “let the Arabs or the Muslims solve this” – then all is well.

But if you believe in basic notions of Right and Wrong, if you believe that racism and genocide (even slo-mo genocide), should be abhorrent to every human being, then no, you cannot feel good about Russia’s stance on Palestine.

Iran has chosen to take a moral stance on this issue.  Russia, at least so far, has chosen a “pragmatic” one, for many reasons, including good ones (as I explained in some details here).  But that does not change the fact that the triangle Israel-Palestine-Iran presents a crucial spiritual, ethical, moral and civilizational challenge to Russia, one which she cannot ignore and one which most likely will determine her future.  Sooner or later, Russia will have to make a choice even if that choice is to remain a bystander.

The same can be said about Novorussia.  Russia cannot let the Donbass bleed forever and while in the past Russia has helped Novorussia a great deal, the fact that the Donbass is still bleeding cannot be allowed to last forever.

In the case of the Donbass, the problem is obvious: if Russia openly stops the daily Ukronazi attacks, the Empire will scream to high heavens about a “Russian aggression” (they will pretend that they did not come up with their so-called “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) doctrine).  Which will compromise the Russia-EU relations.  Hence the current Russian balancing act.

These are hard and painful decisions for Putin.  In the past he has shown tremendous courage and will-power when Russian vital interests were at stake and I hope and believe that he will do that again.  Time will show if Putin and the rest of Russia will decide whether moral, ethical and spiritual values are an integral part of “Russian vital interests” and whether they have to prime over “pragmatic” considerations or the other way around.  And maybe they will come to conclude, as I do, that moral, ethical and spiritual vales are pragmatic considerations and that the apparent choice between them is an illusion.

This choice also will determine the future of Russia and her civilizational realm.

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think like an american, write like one and expect others, to also think like you. You are a very confused puppy and a very shallow at this too.

There are many things Russians did worng but none of what you writting lately have any bearing to the reality.


the posts are getting longer and longer and are saying less and less. sorry to say.

Gregory Gregory

Yep, it was heavy going


I’ll keep it short…. FUKUS THEM SKRIPALS….


Putinist detected^

Tudor Miron

I’m supporting our president and voted for him to keep doing what he does. You guys have a problem with that?


Who even talked to u?

Tudor Miron

I repeat my question, as you clearly have problems understanding from first time. I support Putin, do you have problem with that? May I ask who do you support?


Oh, it is you who apparently have problems-lots of them-who talked to you?!? But to satisfy your curiosity-no I don’t support Putin. He is too pro-West, pro-EU. This naivety is exploited by Russia’s enemies. Also, he is unwilling to support Russia’s allies who have spilled their blood alongside russian soldiers.

Tudor Miron

I will ignore your tone, because I know that you would be way more polite talking into my face. I can understand that Putin’s politics is not good for you. May I ask who’s doing better than he does? Who do you support?


You still can’t seem to figure out that no one talked to you in the first place..You just jumped in saying “you have a problem with that?” and you make comments about my tone?? Anyway, I don’t know who would be better than Putin since he doesn’t allow patriotic opposition to run against him. Can you answer on the facts mentioned? -Putin appeasing the West -Putin refusing to support Russia’s allies


It could be that he is playing a very intelligent Game…. or he might be in the pockets of the Western Elites & Become an Elitist himself…. or he is Trying to avoid any Confrontations with the West because he knows the Empire is on its return and will destroy itself anyway…. look at Europe lookin’ for different Friends then the United States… Putin has done a good job in Syria… but on the Other hand Syria could have been the Trap and we were all fooled into believing their narratives… all I know is: those Are Treacherous Times with shitloads of Liars on All Sides…. leave all options open for Situations change by the day… tunnelvision isn’t a wise thing


I am literally praying that Putin has not sold off 100% to the western cabal. The problem is that most of “Russian” elites are pro-West since the times of the accursed Peter the “Great”.


I AM WITH THE RUSSIANS….they are good folks… I do not care that much for leaders unless they are good ones… a bit decent & a bit righteous…with truth comin’ from their mouths if they move their lips… otherwise it is better if they stay silent


Yep, just making the distinction that Kremlin-Putin etc is not identical to Russia or Russians in general..They seem to forget it..


In Russia there is a power struggle going on between Pro & Contra: Oligarchs & Israel, Western Empire VS. Russians that are done with them… isn’t it? The United States got something similar going on… it is this Emotion that makes these times very interesting

Tudor Miron

I have to point at another mistake (or delibirate desinformation?) of yours. Rusionic elites are pro western long before Putin arrived on the scene – starting from CCCP. Looking at above post its obvious that you know very little about what is really going on both in Russia and in the global politics. Putin acts within actual real possibilities. He’s not perfect by any means but there’s no one present that can do better.


“He’s not perfect by any means but there’s no one present that can do better” Thanks for unceremoniously confirming the basic idea of you being a pro-Putin cultist. Russian elites have been pro-Western since Peter the “Great” or as the russkiy narod used to call him, the antichrist.

Boris Kazlov

Piotr vielitky took from the West the good and built the Russian Empire, how is that being an accursed pro-western?

Boris Kazlov

And why accursed, you fool, both him and Catherine the Great created the apogee of the Russian Empire.


The apogee?? I am not sure you are even worth an answer since you called me a “CIA troll”-for your info and not bragging or anything, I sent a significant amount of money to the Donbass fighters while I try to consistently support Russia which where I live is considered not very popular with ramifications both in a personal & professional level-so I guess that makes me a very strange “CIA troll”..

But regarding your question. Pyotr “velyki” tried to purge all genuine elements of Russian culture and replace them with what he deemed a superior western culture. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in simplistic, childish terms of “he took the good”. What he did is help create a vehemently pro-Western class of “Russian” elites ready to betray their country of birth not only because of material gain but because they consider their compatriots as inferior subhumans..All the major disasters of Russian history stem from this. Unfortunately Putin while a patriot, is a by-product of this class and too western-oriented, despite his undeniable qualities and mostly good intentions. To sum up, for Russia to finally became not just a fully sovereign nation but fullfil the promise of becoming a unique civilization, it must get rid of the western admiration and carve its own path..

Boris Kazlov

Sorry, who built the Transiberian railway, if not the great czar?


Oh, he built a railway..So all his sins are forgiven and the colossal damage he did with his pro-West zealotry forgotten..pfff

Boris Kazlov

The railway proves that he expanded the Russian Empire, not like a pro-western but like an enlightened monarch, idiot


More name calling because you lack arguments? How surprising. You can call me anything you like-behind a keyboard like a coward-but you can’t change the fact that I know russian history better than you, which is quite sad honestly..

Boris Kazlov

How am I a coward because I type on a keyboard and you aren’t?, you think you know more about history than I do, and that could be true, it is not the amount of facts and words in your memory but your understanding of them that matters, and your understanding is sorely lacking.


” because he knows the Empire is on its return and will destroy itself anyway…. ” My feelings too but did you mean to say, is in decline and will destroy…


You are right thanks…no Return…

Boris Kazlov

Tough to understand what Russia’s strategy is and if they realize what they are up against. What is undeniable ia that the rogue empire is doing a great job of destroying itself, it should not be disturbed, but encouraged.

Tudor Miron

You still can’t seem to comprehend that when you posted “Putinist detected” it sounded like you have a problem with those supporting Putin. Next time, when you post in public comments section, don’t be surprised that someone reacts to your public posts. If you don’t want others to mess in your conversation that private messaging is the way to go. Regardless of your twisted understanding of good manners, when you openly and publicly state something – reaction is what you have asked for. What you call facts is merely your opinion. “he doesn’t allow patriotic opposition to run against him. “ – would you please give me some tangible examples? That’s another opinion that you state as a fact when I know from my personal experience that it is not true. We enjoy way more freedom than Europeans actually realize :)

“-Putin appeasing the West -Putin refusing to support Russia’s allies”

1 st statement is subjective at best. One half of Russia bashing team is demonizing Putin for not obeying to West while another half is trying to discredit him for not being aggressive enough :) Duterte style loud mouthing is not about Russia’s global politics. You guys should look elsewhere, 2 nd statement is laughable until you point to some country that supports its allies better.


What is laughable is your zealotry and blind support for Putin that leads pro-Russians like myself to react with disgust to your idolatry. Putin refused to arm Iran and Syria with air-defence systems (even long before 2015..). He let ukrops reach the vicinity of Donbass and Lugansk and daily fire at civilians, hoping that someday, somehow Ukraine will cure itself from the virus. It hasn’t and will not.

As for a country that supports its allies better-well, Iran comes to mind, it has sacrificed much more than Russia in Syria.

But go ahead and start complaining about how “Russia has no allies” when Kremlin leaves even your own people to die whether in Deir Ezzor or in Donbass..

You know what, that half of Russians that blame Putin for not standing up to the West are probably right and from what I gather talking with some of your folks that part is growing, even after the elections. Hopefully a truly patriotic principled leader will come into power once Putin leaves offcie once and for all-or leaves this world.

AM Hants

Have you noticed he cannot debate his argument, without resorting to the 5 D Media Disinformation Script?

Deny Disagree Derail Discourse Discredit


re: “Have you noticed he cannot debate his argument, without resorting to the 5 D Media Disinformation Script?”

Yep… Noticed that.

Just FYI for all the flamers on here: I’m a Putinista. Yep. Right here. Putin is the best. The guy is great. The guy is my hero. The guy should be made a saint. I wish we had a Putin running Australia… then we wouldn’t be in such a bloody mess down-under.

AM Hants

Ditto, wish we had a clone of Putin, running Westminster. Might get some honest Government in the UK, if that was poss.

Boris Kazlov

CIA troll detected

AM Hants

So soundbite scripted. What condition was Russia in, back in the lated 90s. when Yeltsin had flogged everything and more to the Rothschild controlled mafia? What state was she in, when President Putin first came to power in 2000?

You cannot see a difference between then and now?

Fortunately the people of Russia notice the difference, hence President Putin’s approval rating.


President Putin is a fear on evils that is why evils always do attacks on president Putin covertly in Syria. Mr. Putin just give time to evils to become wise but if still they don’t understand then Mr. Putin nutrilize them just with one stroke. Second don’t consider the Putin’s allies weak.


Yes, it’s all depend on the values.

The values on strongly support your allies (Serbia, Ukraine, Syria, …) against any threat. The values on helping your allies to be in good shape economically, scientifically, morally, …. The values on focusing on your own interest instead of collaborating with your ennemies.

That are the values that should have a leader of a nation. Obviously, it’s not Putin values.

Gg Gg

good but where is china in the analysis?

Boris Kazlov

China just does business, is concerned with its gigantic Silk Road project, needs peace, no terrorists blowing up their infrastructure.


turkey is invading latakia right now……..SAA firing missiles…turkey fighting back

Cicada 3301

russia has no values so nothing depends on them.


IsraHell got no Value… they Kill Kids… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b4bc701eb328780c30e8b35f810eb80d6d04c7ea0b2d12c8267e34f3587fab46.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ce3132049a3afeb53d694b9f693682bc736e3864c62fd49b27d269b05b3cc75d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0fe5f19bb9e2b41cd686b1368d8aa845d22232a9804e8ae92be678ff109a1016.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f851503d8a95f0911f5e040ac740bee08eec44e904cf3fa232806aa23344e555.jpg

Cicada 3301

ahhahahahhaha funny pics :D


Here another Funny Pig…One of Your Daesh Lieutenants… you’ll like it… I hope you end up like him..



Here are your kuffar friends. These people even in a time of extreme hardship are calling upon Ali not Allah so their shirk is clear and much worse than the shirk of the pagans. The pagans were closer to Islam than these people. Most of them died after heavy bleeding and now they enjoy another punishment in hell. https://youtu.be/kpi-H59Izqg?t=11s


You are just a ZioNazi Hasbara pretendending you are a Wahhabi Headchopper… so in fact you are even a Traitor to your Saudi Lapdogs bitch…

Cicada 3301

i am proud to be zionazi


There will come a day when the people come lookin’ for you… and the more people know… the worse it will get for you…so continue on your Quest… be my guest…even in your downfall you are so arrogant & stupid that you don’t even notice that you folks are diggin’ your own graves… just by admitting to your own atrocities and being proud of’m…hahahaha

Cicada 3301

this day will never come we own this planet


Sure you own this Planet… I know everything is in place… and you even bred the Human Species until they became the “Perfect Slaves” by killing everyone that dared to oppose… you’ve done a great job & your System has worked for Centuries….I’m just saying I’m your Enemy… and became that pretty fast…(only 8500 Psychopathic Elitist Rulers Control 7.624.776.743 peoples)… I’m just curious what will happen when 6 Billion of’m get to know the Truth…

Cicada 3301

they will never know the truth they are our slaves


Good for you….


stfu u pathetic virgin loser i troll u conspirasist air waster


No I fuck you up you little Fuckface ZioNazi…you are nothin’… a little cockroach hidin’ in the dark…you hide behind many names just like you people love to do…I am me and you are excrement…you have no honour… but are treacherous slime….

Tudor Miron

We know that you love killing kids and women. That’s your religion.

Tell us creature, who you are and where are you from? I once thought that you’re litte ukro nazi, but you’re also an IDF admirer. Who you are creature? Do you know what is the plan of your own masters for your kind? Do you know that your own masters are prepearing this planet for another and this time final holocaust? Do you realise that your masters are doing it by your own hands? Go on creature.

If you’re a Jew I will tell you this: Last time around we saved your sorry ass from Auschwitz-Birkenau ovens. Russians were giving their lives to save you from Hitler (who was financed by your own masters). This time around we may not be so eager even if we hate when children and woman are killed (be it Jewish or any other humans) this time we may think twice.

Cicada 3301

i am an american zionist i support nato/west and the state of israel

Tudor Miron

Are you Jew? What is your nationality?

Cicada 3301

i am american evangelican christian pro zionist

Tudor Miron

Сhristian? Same kind as those guys who’s throne seats under inverted cross? But do you know that for your friends Israel you’re a goyim – subhuman who’s only good to serve the chosen race? “All non Jewish men are animals and all non jewish women are whores” – that’s your friends religion. Anyway, Insect, you’re up for very rude awakening about your country and state of Israel. Your own masters are implementing the plan – it’s already in place and executed. US will be reformatted and Israel will be sacrificed to outraged humanity (as a used condom) by their own masters. Not so long now. Lets watch and see what happens, creature.

Cicada 3301

how many bottles of vodka have you drunk today ?

Tudor Miron

Harder, Insect. You got to troll harder. Got to work for those shekels.

Cicada 3301

you are just a drunk loser ruskie get ready for tougher sanctions


This is what you are https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b9da795ac4a95f41f43536a3463ed8d95734a3489173f7d8959a38213d1f8652.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/31ef2d2f6011b92e605aab910f9942c200c710f469723d201a1efd2bca1e2c4a.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4b6438c207592b5c858c7ceeb5d420975aca9cf93d5d5ba6ed749246ff674c21.jpg


He is bloody right…. it is one of the Theories of which there are many… they need to sacrifice in order to accomplish their fulfillment and official implementation of their New World Order….they think 500.000.000 people on this earth is more then enough…and with the many fuckfaces like you I see popping up these days… they could be bloody Right with their Number…

Boris Kazlov

Don’t know about him, but I already had two shots, that is why I am writing to such a disgusting subhuman.


That explains a lot. Rushing towards Armageddon with open arms.


craptor is that you? Drop the charade, you can’t even support your trousers. They need a crane to get you in the truck and mommy had to buy 3 funeral plots for your inevitable departure, were gonna cremate but doors too narrow. Plus there is 1st class, business and coach, but you ride freight.


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Boris Kazlov

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Boris Kazlov

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VeeNarian (Yerevan)

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Boris Kazlov

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Cicada 3301



Fuck your IDF… Kid-Killers https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5eccd5d5626e2c558c63cb65c020ef3030789ef5d2ad37c220c25a071c45a9e0.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a374ab38f7091d4bb24387082ccaaab16e277e5b6ba330fbc0584a99068e1e3d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0eba8bab9a9368ce26c7b05a57bffd32d0ba7abbde8bedcb1125561553fe4dbc.jpg


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Boris Kazlov

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pussys – shoot anything that is not armed. what comes around goes around IntellectuallyDeficientFags


TheSaker has been posting psy-op pro-zionist nonsense since day one. His current postings are all long winded dribble of the form “I’m ‘right’ because everything I predicted before has proven to be utterly WRONG”.

The daughter of the ‘poisoned’ spy was ALWAYS clearly the instigator of the false-flag, having been recruited by MI6 and promised the earth for her cooperation. Her dad, in comparison, had retired to a very settled life in the UK and was happy with how things were. But like most dads, he gave in to his daugters demands. So DRIBBLERS (like The Saker) who claimed Julia Skipal would never be seen speaking for herself were actually doing MI6’s work for them. She is NOT a victim, she is the instigator.

But this has been The Saker’s form of lies all along. Don’t believe me? Go read anything he wrote a few years back and compare with what actually then happened. TheSaker operates out of JEW CENTRAL, Florida USA, just down the road from one of the USA’s largest military intelligence bases, where his handlers reside.

But what is the larger game? Well its like the run up to WW1 and WW2. Endless, supposedly ‘anti-war’ comment happened during those periods from ‘trusted’ figures- but the comment was designed to lull people into sleep-walking into each of these global wars, so people would not act in time.

It is TheSaker’s job to do the same re:the rapidly approaching Iran War. From activity by civilian America bodies like film and TV, it seems the week containing the anniversay of 9/11 has been kept clear this year for some ‘mysterious’ reason- and since Trump’s people have ‘convicted’ Iran in a US court for the crime of 9/11 (earlier this year), I’d bet everything Trump is going to declare war on Iran on that date. What TheSaker will NEVER tell you is how a US presidential term works. Because of how broken the US sysem is, a president becomes a “DEAD DUCK” more than a year before the new election, and US presidential terms are short. Therefore the ideal time for a US president to launch a massive initiative is within his SECOND year of office.

The Saker correctly records that the depraved neo-nazi jews of Israel (and their world-wide jewish alliance) have gone ‘buck wild’ recently, completely unconcerned (for the first time in the history of the evil jewish state) in every way about their reputation. Jewish terror at the heart of UK politics has destroyed the position of classic (soft) anti-war figures like Ken Livingstone, and all famous showbiz jews in Britain are screaming their delight in the mass slaughter of unarmed protestors in Gaza. It feels like an exact reply of Hitler’s nazism, as the nazis felt a dminishing need to spin their actions as their power grew and war approached. Today world jewry openly calls for the ‘final solution’ in Iran.

The Deep State is NOT jewish, but FABIAN- but the jews are the ‘trusted butlers’ who think it is they who really control the household. And the jews are the force with the stranglehold on the law, politics and PR in the West- the three forces needed to arrange and sell another world war.

TheSaker invites you to waste your time in bottom-up analysis, so you’ll never try to see the bigger picture. He is ALWAYS wrong in his own opinions and prediction, as time always proves, yet claims his very hopelessness is why you should trust him. People like me get it right, but our message is so ‘hard’ most of you turn away from it.

But what is really happening? Well take the UK. People should have demanded that the terrorist “friends of Israel” organisations at the heart of the three main political parties (Labour, Conservative and Liberals) were declared as ILLEGAL organisations and its leaders arrested and prosecuted for terrorist offences. “Friends of Israel” have openly backed terror in Syria and Yemen, and have publicly celebrated the crimes against Humanity by Israel- recently putting out statements glorifying the mass murder of unarmed civilians in Gaza.

Today three jewish neo-nazis declared that the one-shot, two kills jewish snipers of Israel are “heroes” when they murder unarmed doctors, journalists, kids etc involved in protests in Gaza. These jews stated that Israel is entitled to MURDER any ‘SUB-HUMAN’ it designates as a target. These fould demonic jews were the three SUPREME COURT JUDGES of Israel. Not even the supreme court judges of the nazis ever dared to issue a public statement justifying the war crimes of Hitler- but the jews just did exactly this at the highest level possible.

This power cult has the ability to take the world to war (on behalf of other forces of course). In the UK again, all leading papers, like the Times, Guardian, Independent and Telegraph, scream for war against Iran (and Russia). Each is fully jewish controlled, of course.

Germany states that nuclear weapons are the greatest evil in the world, then designs and GIFTS three submarines purpose designed to carry jewish nuclear weapons, nukes targeted at every major muslim population centre on the Earth. The jews of Israel gifted nuclear warheads to the neo-nazi apartheid regime of South Africa, without a word of complaint from the leader of a single major power.

We all know conflict in the Middle East is driven solely by the depraved influence of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Yet these two depravities get all the support in the world, especially from Putin. Israel, with support from world jewry, openly calls for the total destruction of all industrialised muslim nations. Saudi Arabia openly calls for all muslims to fall under the control of anti-industrial wahhabi regimes. Get the big picture yet?

They emulate their prophet, Adolf Hitler- for it was he who first codified the idea of the ‘races’ that should be allowed industry, and those ‘sub-Humans’ for whom industry must forever be denied. So jewish nukes, and jewish poison gas and jewish plague weapons are “fantastic” and to be supported at all costs, but any effective Iranian weapon of self defense is cause for the utter destruction of Iran in the public words of all leading jews. When was the last time you heard a jew say the Iran needs nukes and is entitled to nukes cos Israel has nukes? When was the last time you saw a leading jew do anything real to assist the elimination and future banning of all jewish WMD? NEVER!

Such immoral hypocrisy is the engine of global war, for it defines master races, and sub-humans by definition.

In the UK, decent members of Britain’s main parties are now terrified of making any statement against the jewish state’s crimes against Humanity- to point out the neo-nazi nature of Israel (and the jews that support Israel) as it openly butchers innocent Humans across the globe is to guarantee explusion from that party. Not only did jews massacre unarmed protestors, but they did so knowing their fellow jews across the West had successfully shut down all possible public response by people sickened by this unspeakable evil.

What people forget is that Hitler’s network of nazis achieved the same in the years before WW2. To speak up against the nazis across the West (before the war) led to social and political and work penalties that just were not worth it for most, so people learned to keep their mouths shut. The silence allowed authorities across the planet to sell the idea that most approved of the nazi aims. Yes, this changed when the war started (tho recall after the war ended, for two decades to be anti-nazi in the USA was a very dangerous position to hold, and if you did so you were immediately labeled as a subversive ‘communist’).

There were NO major protests after the jews mass murdered the unarmed protestors, for everyone had long ago learnt that organised jewry would target and punish any identified protestor.

Far to little attention is given to the conditioning of Humanity in preparation for World Wars. Man is neither naive or stupid or war loving. But individual man and woman has a life to lead, and if a great evil makes the cost of opposing war at a private level too high (as world jewry has successfully worked to make the situation today), each man and woman will learn to keep their true opinions to themselves. And by being self-censoring, each man and woman will secretly fear that other men and women actually support the coming war. This is the psychology of the voiceless.

Jews state the absolute right to speak on your behalf. That is why they control all significant media outlets. And if you ignore the power and significance of this, you are the greatest fool in history. One man can be smart, but that intelligence counts for nothing if it has no greater impact. But a ‘stupid’ man in a daily position to spout his nonsense at a passive audience has true power.

The three jewish monsters who declared that jews have the right to murder anyone they wish in the Israeli supreme court can freely enter any nation of the West. They can enter any school in the UK, and freely preach jewish supremacy. Yet peaceful anti-war bodies in the UK can no longer speak at public venues as the british authorities order local councils to ban all anti-war public meetings. It is so in-your-face it seems unreal.

On a global scale, where’s the opposing force? Russia? The same Russia led by Putin, who invited the mass murdering racist king of the jews to party with him at Russia’s latest celebration? Israel plans to murder ONE MILLION+ innocent Humans in surrounding nations the very moment Trump begins his war on Iran. The one nation Israel will not directly touch is Iran, but that’s because Iran is to be exterminated by Britain, France and the USA.

Cicada 3301



Morons are proud of things normal people are ashamed of – Croatian proverb


I hope you’ll swim soon…light up them ZioNazis…


Word salad alert!


A pragmatic approach is the only way. We all have suffered because of the imperialism of the US, certainly others a lot more, but going to direct confrontation only gives them an excuse to use their full military power and with the ensuing war results in extreme destruction. We have to accept small provocations and losses as a part of the process of gradually weakening the US and building a multi-polar world based on rules.

Feudalism Victory

States dont have friends or morals they have interests.

Although they might as well annex more ukrainian territory. Slice it up with poland and hungary but include kiev in the russian slice.

Douglas Houck

Not clear who is on first and who is on second? Are the Europeans looking to Russia as a place to do buisness as the US has gone crazy and keep their energy costs down, or are they dangling economic benefits and trying to strip Russia away from Iran?

The last two permits for the Nordstream 2 are expected late this summer from Sweden and Denmark with the US making a last ditch effort to kill the project. I expect Russia to bide it time, as nobody is about to start a war, so as not to upset the Nordstream 2 project. I don’t believe in the end the Europeans can go against the economic might of the US and will buckle. Russia is looking for some sort of peace in the ME which is not that bad of an idea, but will have a hard time standing by and watching Iran go down.

The US will stay in the NE Syria with SA paying the bills. Israel is counting on Muqtada al-Sadr and the new government to be against Iranian influence in Iraq. Everything is to make Iran buckle under the pressure. Nobody is going to start a direct war though.

Vaules indeed.


As Muqtada al-Sadr, studied in Iran, was protected by Iran, I think Israel has its money on the wrong horse.


re: “I think Israel has its money on the wrong horse.”

I would like to think that that is the case. Hope he puts Iraq first that’s all (and a big part of that is ‘peace with Iran’ and stop the U.$. using Iraq as a ‘useful idiot’ to goad Iran (or whatever)).

AM Hants

Europe are sticking with Iran. Guess selling oil in Euros, was a good way to keep them sweet, when the US walked away.

Boris Kazlov

What economic might? Dollar against petroyuan, will lose. Russia is neighbor to Europe, looking at benefits murikan LNG cannot compete with Nordstream. Muqtada is no friend of U$AIPAC and will not sell out Iran, he is Shia.


Matthew 6:24 King James Version (KJV) 24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.


A delightful read for all that follow the “Big Game”.

Rex drabble

Getting tired of reading the same stuff written a different way,long winded and driven by the need to be right. Zionism,fifth column etc.At the end of the day,how does anyone benefit from these endless views on the subject? They dont.Just an opportunity for some to sound relevant.


It’s a simple game. Follow the rules that were set by the vampiric banksters or flip the board over and set a new rules against them.


I never bother to fight the HasbaRats, forget that, their duty is to obfusicate divert and fill the woid (RT is an briliant ex. where they are having an ball) with crap, countering issues with more crap, like this Robbinson shit head whining about Islam, and I woundeer what do this uh…. so called Alt-Rights “official speakers” whom is “fighting for free speache” thinks about Palestina, do ask them. I see only scumbags, Paki scumbags, scums whom should be hanging from the lap posts, no mercy, but somehow, Islam got into this image, and thats why the MSM pimps the Wahabis, as “the true Islam”, yeah, wounder why, huh, in this Shitpal days of an avalanche of sniveling drivel. This people, all tho some looks “hot”, dont impress me, creepy rats, by their constant attacks on Islam, they never debate anything else, the wars, the economic policys behind this massive scam called “refugees”, witch is been used and still is, to day, do this uh….. alt shit heads see that, of course not, their agenda is the same as ISISraels, and the MSM constant presentations of Wahabism as Islam, where to me both are fake as f…. 100% bullshit, are you still blind, huh, ignorance isnt an bliss, ignorance is an deadly sin, one of the few dead certain ends, and you learn nothing, whom makes everything happening, the MSM and the Politicians, Corruption and Greed, humped with Argoance and Ignorance an mass, yeah, what could possibly go wrong, huh, sheeps. Whom protects this people, Islam or your own Gov and Police thru so called Imigration politics, and then we have as in Norway/Sweden, PC-scums ruining everything, incl our economy where they by some obscure reason of more facistic than even Mussolini was, AGW is another briliant way, whom blamed Us for been chlimate deniers, when the same AGW cargo cult yappers, where payed by BP and Shell, the largest owners of Palm oil farms, etc, cutting down rainforests, yeah, and the Green little f…. sing hallelujah, saving the planet, and we pay for the whole shebang. Food crisys, when half of Wankee Corn goes to bioFuel, yeah, dunka, dunka, exually an waist of money as windmills are, another scam payed and subsidiced tthru their eyeballs, other wise they would never have been used in the first place, it dont work. Etc, etc, etc.

The same reasoning is how I treat and critisise Russia by, like doing that to my wife, you better have an bloody good reason, and stick to it or she will ram me down, hehe, but she is still my wife, get it “geniuses” as Trump is saying, its an game, nothing personal. And compared to Obamalama, Trump may even have an chanse to get an price for actually doing something right for once, hehe, but the problem is, as was under the Obamalama heavenly rule, run by CorpoRats, and some obscure yapping feaks, like this stunningly bonkers Pompeous shit thing running in circles and theatening everybody. And right now, they are running the show as always, nothing new.

Yeah, whom need enemys when you have freinds like this.

Yeah, go to ZeroH, for once have an good article and coments, and do read it for f… sake, even if it gives you head ace, because the UssA have to do something fast and radical, otherwise, they will crash, and again, its not dooms day, arrmagedon etc, its just wacking the Ponzi sceem of the face of this earth, the FeD,

I know it boils down to this, witch comes first, ww3 or default. Italians, well, you dont have anything left to loose, and unlike the stupid Spainians, you can do something, and hang the bankers. Anything, anywhere that is and have anyone from IMF, should drag this people out an hang them too. They, are our problem, they have been the force of much of this problems, even the uber rats over in Basel (BIS) admits that, but sudenly even they are ignored when the message dont fit the product. Yeah, what could possibly go wrong.

Get some balls, and get your head out of your own ass, Italia, pronto



Looks like The Saker is coming to his senses. How do I see “the values”? The problem with Russia is that it acts as an inferior party on the world stage. It lacks self-confidence and spirit of greatness. This is a dominant attribute of the current transitional period from the post-Gorbachev to the post-Putin era. The Russian establishment who is terribly short on spiritual values (they stem from the Soviet times) takes in account only the interests and aspirations of its so-called unpatriotic elites (if we attach such a designation to the oligarchs, foreign spies, brainwashed and brainless intellectuals, directors, corrupt politicians and ministers, and everybody else who thinks that the Hollywood is the center of the Universe), while the wishes and the interests of the patriotic population are of secondary value to them. It may be that they think that they are in the express lane to the Western-style paradise. However, they are slow learners, if they didn’t wake up by now, they never will. I already predicted that the whole house of cards that has been seemingly build from approximately 2014 (crisis in Ukraine) will simply collapse for the simple reason: you cannot build a new Russia (or any other country) based on historical revisionism and with the same oligarchs and economy, same politicians, same power structure, same social system, same same level of corruption, without national and ideological passion and values, no defined goals, no discernible promises to the people etc. The whole system is built around one man and everything depends on his whim. As soon as either Europe or the US or both together approach Russia again, after concluding that Russia cannot be defeated, Russia will under internal pressure simply cave in. It will be again as in the beginning of Putin’s tenure: with the west at any cost, to hell with everybody else. The true friends (if there are any left) will again be treated as before, and NO, there will be NO LASTING alignment with China. In the terms of the dialectic materialism, at this time Russia is sowing the seeds of its future tragedies. Sorry, my friends.

Tudor Miron

Honestly I don’t even waste my time reading Saker’s later articles. But I want to offer those who know Russian (its worth looking for translated version). Watch from 1:00 on :) https://youtu.be/UXSPv9sKQ7I


Values is an insignificant word, because it can go all ways.

If you want justice for all, people have to follow rules/Laws and get punished if not. Very simple. But todays geopolitics is about military arms and money. No Laws.

If Russia wants peace & prosperity in ME, it should supply appropriate arms to Syria, Lebanon, Irak and Iran, FOR SELF DENFENSE!! Like S300.

My argument is: it’s Russia’s long term interest to have prosperous, well armed allies in ME, who will stop ISraeli + Saudi massacring in the region, and so break NATO’s power too.

Every new ISraeli or US attack proofs, this should have been done already.

Russia should aim for an outright full victory in ME.

Just prolonging the agony in Syria, will not work. Russia needs to build strong allies!

Boris Kazlov

I agree wholeheartedly.



What are all these 1000.000 Russians doing in Israel? Getting rich from crime?


When you talk about “values” , it’s pretty clear that the party that has none whatsoever is the Anglo-Zionist Empire. They will aggressively lie , cheat , steal , and murder to achieve their goal of expanding their control to every square inch of the planet. Opposition to the Empire’s aggressive actions has two potential benefits for the opponents 1) They prevent , or at least delay , their country(s) being over-run by the Empire and 2) They’re doing the “right” thing by countering an obviously evil force , which will be noticed and supported by regular people worldwide , including those in countries within the Empire. Grassroots support will exist and expand for the opposition bloc to gain power. That grassroots support for the Empire , such as it may be , will only dwindle , so long as it persists with its evil practices.

That would seem to make the choice for the opposition easy , and it is easy , but only if the opposition is of sufficient strength , and Russia alone doesn’t meet that standard. Nor does Russia plus Iran. Add China to the opposition team , however , and now you’re talking. Russia and China acting as true and tight allies could successfully oppose every overreach by the Empire , with or without other countries as allies , but only if they acted in unison.

Russia and China together could act to make the world a better place by simply standing up to the Empire every time it bullies a weak target country ( militarily or otherwise ) , as Russia has tried to do along with Iran in Syria , only to get to watch as the country is subdivided by the Empire in the end. If China had been actively and forcefully allied with Russia in Syria , Syria would be free and within its original borders today.

China is the one who needs to shit or get off the pot , not Russia.


N. Americans will often throw their hands up and exclaim there is nothing I can do. This learned helplessness seems at the root of the anti-Putin crowd. Give up any hope, just grab a beer and whine, but there is nothing to be done.

It is a huge threat to F.uk.us and Co. that Putin is respected and admired! Why? I can guess, but it doesn’t really matter. I have ceased caring what my F.uk.us master thinks, but will engage in civil disobedience, that bothers them. So I love Putin. I could ramble on endlessly about his great characteristics. But mostly I love Putin, because F.uk.us hate him.

I have asked repeatedly who should we turn to if not Putin, silence. I have asked repeatedly what has F.uk.us done to inspire any confidence or trust in anything they say, in decades, silence. The threats to humanity, have never been so plain to see. Even the trolls extol the evil of their bosses.

So I will not succumb to apathy, I too want to see guns blazing in righteous correction of the balance of justice. If Putin acts it is carefully, I trust him to know when and if it’s time for a greater war.

As for the Saker, I still like him. Same question, who else is in his league?

Rex drabble

All that matters is Putin is WINNING


The Ethical choice is considered visionary. Most will choose the short term for an immediate benefit. It’s like playing a chess game and thinking about the next move only. You will end up losing to the opponent who sees 2 moves ahead. Iran will win the long game at the end and might be the saviour of the middle east. Russia is playing a dangerous game for its survival. Let’s hope that this is a strategy from Mr Putin and that he is smarter than what he acts like.

AM Hants

(SACEUR), General Breedlove, has gone on record that NATO is in no shape to fight Russia. – must read the article, because he was of a different opinion, before his retirement.

I was enjoying the article, till The Saker has to mention Zionist control of Russia. He seriously cannot leave it alone and comes across as a soft psy-ops agent, to get the Soros regime change script started. Now how does it start? No doubt there will be many sites devoted to the soft psy-op, media programme, between now and the next Russian election, in 2024.



I knew long time ago NATO didn’t have a Strong Army to fight formidable opponents… they are just build for Heists… looting gold & resources from small countries… their Soldiers don’t have a fighting Spirit….and Westerners don’t like to see many Bodybags returning Home…


re: “The Saker [had] to mention Zionist control of Russia.”

But he IS right on this account. All of the money figures in Russia ‘have fled’ to the Zio-Safe-Havens of U.K, U.$. and, of course, IsraHell. So he is accurate on this account.

AM Hants

They got slung out of Russia, when President Putin was cleaning out the oligarchs loyal to the Rothschild Mafia, over 7 years ago.

Some Saker articles I like, but, have problems when he goes on about Prime Minister Medvedev and the 5th Column. Switches me off, and just reminds me of soft psy-ops, with 6 more years to go.


re: “They got slung out of Russia, when President Putin was cleaning out the oligarchs loyal to the Rothschild Mafia,”

This is true, but, the Russian “Oligarchs ‘loyal to Rothschild” STILL OWN those illegally gotten assets. The Oligarchs fled Russia, but they still have ‘the cookie’ so to speak. The Oligarchs assets weren’t ‘nationalised’ and the Russian State has ‘no’ claim’ against them for corruption or fraud.

Basically the Russian Oligarchs ‘took off’ with the money and assets and set them selves up overseas whilst the Russian population did it tough.

If a person isn’t loyal to a country then generally they leave. This is what the (majority of) Russian Oligarchs did. Took the money and ran.

AM Hants

However, you also have to factor that Russia took back control of her national resources and those that refused the deal, well, Yukos, so comes to mind and what happened next?


Good point…

BUT, there are many ‘outstanding issues’ where the ‘theft’ of Russian property and resources was not properly addressed (and has still not been).

It was the insiders, corrupt officials, and those ‘with foreign backing’ that basically raped Russia of all her national treasures and prime property. This needs to be addressed before ‘the wheels of time’ cloud and muddy the waters of what was taken and who benefited at the expense of the Russian people.

Rectification of past wrongs is long over due. The longer it is ‘left’ the harder it will be for justice to be served. Those that were ‘granted’ Israeli citizenship are a prime example. something needs to be done about it.

AM Hants

Not just those that fleeced Russia, but, also so many other nations.


Novichok them all… then The UK can tell some Truth for once

Boris Kazlov

Well, they were allowed to keep their assets as long as they paid taxes and treated their workers fairly, no big difference with nationalizing them. IF they don’t play by the rules, they get the Yukos treatment. Bravo Putin, no return to state control of all the economy, just making it work to the benefit of Russian Federation.

AM Hants

Love these videos, when the soft psy-ops, media disinformation agents try to carry out their Soros funded scripts.

So respect this man and his team:

Putin handles corruption LIKE A BOSS… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co8s0egftsc&t=24s

Putin Calls Billionaire Oligarchs “Cockroaches” For Closing Factory Live On Camera… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GsDLrUieJg&t=50s

Putin Fires Corrupted Bureaucrats Like a BOSS: You are fired for moonlighting!… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxaa6e5DPls

Putin being a bad-ass… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wB9ZQ5doRi8

10 most firm Putin’s speeches. Talk without jokes… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTzLayd9zPg

Boris Kazlov

Dumb freak Saker insists that “Russia has no obligation whatsoever to fight on behalf of anybody in the Middle-East”. FYI Syria is an ally, Putin said that Russia is ready to defend allies, so who is right? Putin fanboy Saker is now in trouble to explain latest actioins form his fanboy, I post here because I would be censored in Saker’s blog. Russia has a destiny to oppose the empire’s civilizational model of degeneracy, if it backs down it is finished, this is a fight to the death.

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