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The Saker: How I Became a Kremlin Troll


This post originally appeared in The Saker’s blog

Dear friends,

Today, with the kind permission of Phil Butler, I am posting the full text of my contribution to his book “Putin’s Praetorians: Confessions of the Top Kremlin Trolls“.  There are a couple of reasons for that.  The main one is that I strongly believe that this book deserves a much bigger visibility than it has received (this is also why, exceptionally, I am placing this post in the top “analyses” category and not elsewhere).  Please read my review here to see why I feel so strongly about this book.  Frankly, I am rather shocked by the very little amount of reviews this book as generated.  I don’t even know if somebody besides Russia Insider has bothered writing a review of it or not, but even if somebody has, it is still a crying shame that this most interesting volume has been so far ignored by the alternative media including the one friendly to Russia.  So by posting my own contribution here I want to bring back this book to the “front page”, so to speak, of our community.  Second, I want to ask for your help.  Right now the Kindle version of the book has 15 reviews on Amazon and only 1 review for the printed paper version.  This is not enough.  I am therefore asking you to 1) buy the book (Amazon wants reviews by purchasers) and 2) write a review on Amazon.  Guys – that is something most of you can do to help, so please do so!  We need to show the world that there is what I call “another West” which, far from being russophobic is, in fact, capable of producing real friends and even defenders of Russia.  So, please, do your part, help Phil in his heroic struggle, get the paper version of the book and review it on Amazon!

Thanks a lot for your help, hugs and cheers,

The Saker

How I became a Kremlin troll by The Saker

By birth, experience, and training, I truly had everything needed to hate Putin.  I was born in a family of “White Russians” whose anti-Communism was total and visceral.

My childhood was filled with (mostly true) stories about atrocities and massacres committed by the Bolsheviks during the revolution and subsequent civil war.  Since my father had left me, I had an exiled Russian Orthodox Archbishop as a spiritual father, and through him, I learned of all the genocidal persecutions the Bolsheviks unleashed against the Orthodox Church.

At the age of 16, I had already read the three volumes of the “Gulag Archipelago” and carefully studied the history of WWII.  By 18 I was involved in numerous anti-Soviet activities such as distributing anti-Soviet propaganda in the mailboxes of Soviet diplomats or organizing the illegal importation of banned books into the Soviet Union through the Soviet merchant marine and fishing fleet (mostly at their station in the Canary Islands).  I was also working with an undercover group of Orthodox Christians sending help, mainly in the form of money, to the families of jailed dissidents. And since I was fluent in Russian, my military career took me from a basic training in electronic warfare, to a special unit of linguists for the General Staff of the Swiss military, to becoming a military analyst for the strategic intelligence service of Switzerland.

The Soviet authorities had long listed me, and my entire family, as dangerous anti-Soviet activists and I, therefore, could not travel to Russia until the fall of Communism in 1991 when I immediately caught the first available flight and got to Moscow while the barricades built against the GKChP coup were still standing.   Truly, by this fateful month of August 1991, I was a perfect anti-Soviet activist and an anti-Communist hardliner.  I even took a photo of myself standing next to the collapsed statue of Felix Derzhinsky (the founder of the ChK – the first Soviet Secret police) with my boot pressed on his iron throat.  That day I felt that my victory was total.  It was also short-lived.

Instead of bringing the long-suffering Russian people freedom, peace, and prosperity, the end of Communism in Russia only brought chaos, poverty, violence, and abject exploitation by the worst class of scum the defunct Soviet system had produced.  I was horrified.  Unlike so many other anti-Soviet activists who were also Russophobes, I never conflated my people and the regime which oppressed them.  So, while I rejoiced at the end of one horror, I was also appalled to see that another one had taken its place.  Even worse, it was undeniable that the West played an active role in every and all forms of anti-Russian activities, from the total protection of Russian mobsters, on to the support of the Wahabi insurgents in Chechnya, and ending with the financing of a propaganda machine which tried to turn the Russian people into mindless consumers to the presence of western “advisors” (yeah, right!) in all the key ministries.  The oligarchs were plundering Russia and causing immeasurable suffering, and the entire West, the so-called “free world” not only did nothing to help but helped all the enemies of Russia with every resource it had.  Soon the NATO forces attacked Serbia, a historical ally of Russia, in total violation of the most sacred principles of international law.  East Germany was not only reunified but instantly incorporated into West Germany and NATO pushed as far East as possible.  I could not pretend that all this could be explained by some fear of the Soviet military or by a reaction to the Communist theory of world revolution.  In truth, it became clear to me that the western elites did not hate the Soviet system or ideology, but that they hated Russian people themselves and the culture and civilization which they had created.

By the time the war against the Serbian nation in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo broke out, I was in a unique situation: all day long I could read classified UNPROFOR and military reports about what was taking place in that region and, after work, I could read the counter-factual anti-Serbian propaganda the western corporate Ziomedia was spewing out every day.  I was horrified to see that literally everything the media was saying was a total lie.  Then came the false flags, first in Sarajevo, but later also in Kosovo.   My illusions about “Free World” and the “West” were crumbling.  Fast.

Fate brought me to Russia in 1993 when I saw the carnage of meted out by the “democratic” Eltsin regime against thousands of Russians in Moscow (many more than what the official press reported).  I also saw the Red Flags and Stalin portraits around the parliament building.  My disgust by then was total.  And when the Eltsin regime decided to bring Dudaev’s Chechnia to heel triggering yet another needless bloodbath, that disgust turned into despair.  Then came the stolen elections of 1996 and the murder of General Lebed. At that point, I remember thinking “Russia is dead.”

So, when the entourage of Eltsin suddenly appointed an unknown nobody to acting President of Russia, I was rather dubious, to put it mildly.  The new guy was not a drunk or an arrogant oligarch, but he looked rather unimpressive.  He was also ex-KGB which was interesting: on one hand, the KGB had been my lifelong enemy but on the other hand, I knew that the part of the KGB which dealt with foreign intelligence was staffed by the brightest of the brightest and that they had nothing to do with political repression, Gulags and all the rest of the ugly stuff another Directorate of the KGB (the 5th) was tasked with (that department had been abolished in 1989).  Putin came from the First Main Directorate of the KGB, the “PGU KGB.”  Still, my sympathies were more with the (far less political) military intelligence service (GRU) than the very political PGU which, I was quite sure by then, had a thick dossier on my family and me.

Then, two crucial things happened in parallel: both the “Free world” and Putin showed their true faces: the “Free world” as an AngloZionist Empire hell-bent on aggression and oppression, and Vladimir Putin as a real patriot of Russia. In fact, Putin slowly began looking like a hero to me: very gradually, in small incremental steps first, Putin began to turn Russia around, especially in two crucial matters: he was trying to “re-sovereignize” the country (making it truly sovereign and independent again), and he dared the unthinkable: he openly told the Empire that it was not only wrong, it was illegitimate (just read the transcript of Putin’s amazing 2007 “Munich Speech”).

Putin inspired me to make a dramatic choice: will I stick to my lifelong prejudices or will I let reality prove my lifelong prejudices wrong. The first option was far more comfortable to me, and all my friends would approve. The second one was far trickier, and it would cost me the friendship of many people. But what was the better option for Russia? Could it be that it was the right thing for a “White Russian” to join forces with the ex-KGB officer?

I found the answer here in a photo of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Vladimir Putin:

The Saker: How I Became a Kremlin Troll

If that old-generation anti-Communist hardliner who, unlike me, had spent time in the Gulag, could take Putin’s hand, then so could I!

In fact, the answer was obvious all along: while the “White” and the “Red” principles and ideologies were incompatible and mutually exclusive, there is also no doubt that nowadays true patriots of Russia can be found both in the former “Red” and “White” camps. To put it differently, I don’t think that “Whites” and “Reds” will ever agree on the past, but we can, and must, agree on the future. Besides, the Empire does not care whether we are “Red” or “White” – the Empire wants us all either enslaved or dead.

Putin, in the meantime, is still the only world leader with enough guts to openly tell the Empire how ugly, stupid and irresponsible it is (read his 2015 UN Speech).  And when I listen to him I see that he is neither “White” nor “Red.”  He is simply Russian.

So, this is how I became a Kremlin troll and a Putin fanboy.

The Saker

The Saker: How I Became a Kremlin Troll



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  • wwinsti

    “To put it differently, I don’t think that “Whites” and “Reds” will ever agree on the past, but we can, and must, agree on the future. Besides, the Empire does not care whether we are “Red” or “White” – the Empire wants us all either enslaved or dead.”


    • Gary Sellars

      He hit the nail right on its fucking head!!!!

    • Orcbuu

      And if you would grab history by its neck, you will realise that this is going on forever. The enemys of the russian people are often changing(not that russian people chose there enemys) but its always the same shit, they always want to kill rape or enslave the people, Divide and conquer.
      I dont get why so many people do not understand this.
      If you know History you will know what will come next.

  • cynic

    Maybe White and Red could merge as Blue?

    • Arthur Smith

      No, blue is west-worshipping “liberals”. Also, no self-respecting russian intellectual would care for “BeSiK” (disrespectfull abbreviation of colors belyi-siniy-krasnyi, meaning “imp”), which is a flag of lowly traders and vlasovian scum.

      Anyway, the matters are much more complicated than just reuniting those two camps.

  • pet

    The Saker is a faker.

    • ruca

      So, you’re a pet. A gerbil? What’s Anthony Wiener really like?

      • Orcbuu


      • pet

        Believe me, I wouldn’t say so if I didn’ know.

        • Orcbuu

          What is so convincing to you, to make this statement?
          Do you have prof for that?

          • Rakean Jaya

            Of course he didn’t have, their expertise are spouting nonsense and claiming

    • Иосиф Сталин

      i agree

  • Michael Qiao

    if you compliment putin on even one thing, no matter how small, you will be called a Kremlin pro Putin troll

    • Daniel Castro

      You don’t even need to be pro-russian, yo ucan be entirely russophobic, it is enough you acknowledge russians make weapons which are not vastly inferior to USA weapons, then idiots will call you kremlim troll and communist… In their twisted minds they see russia as great threat against NATO, and at the same time they believe russians weapons would pose no threat to western weapons… brainwashed pro-west zombietrolls are dumb as fuck!

  • RichardD

    Great article by the Saker

    a large Eurasian falcon with a brown back and whitish head, used in falconry.
    an early form of cannon.

    I think that Trump may be cut from the same mold as Putin. And I’m hopeful that both men will work together to get the planet’s security situation stabilized to improve our ability to normalize working relations with positive ETs to assist in our safe and peaceful transition into becoming an ET civilization ourselves sooner rather than later.

    I’ve located some storm damage permanently closed riverside forest service roads in a 14,000 foot elevation mountain range that are legal to hike on, and for an electric mountain bike as well. For bringing supplies in to set up a temporary research station for overnight and multi day ET/ED contact work. I’m planning to run an ET contact recon op tonight to look at the roadway, campsite and light ET scout ship landing zone near the campsite on a section of the abandoned paved roadway that isn’t washed out. And where there’s enough of a break in the overgrown tree canopy to bring a small scout in for landing. The elevation is low enough so that it should be accessible year round without snow depth being a major obstacle.

    Tonight I’m going to make the 10 mile round trip hike to the LZ on foot, and should return to the roadblock parking area around dawn. This is a laboratory verified image from the Gulf Breeze case: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/us9DDSkv1ig/hqdefault.jpg

  • Derapage

    The US Empire does not care whether we are “Red” or “White” the US Empire simply wants us all either enslaved or dead. Follows scenes that self exemplify the situation

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, ah…. the Trolls, buhu.

    God this is getting pathetic, I dont bother to explain anything, expect for one thing, it took a while to see it, whom and by what means, the total control over our MSM is one thing, but this censure thing isnt new, Goolag have done this for years, and their algorithm is been altered for years, and again, this isn’t only about Russia, if you think that then you haven’t payed attention at all.

    When it comes to Islam, the situation is much worse, religion in particulate, do notice how and what they present to you when you do search, what sites comes up first, and regarding Islam its easy, when it comes to physics, where they do the same, its harder, and a large part of it is hidden, simply not in the search results at all, I can type thing where there are no results, religions have disappeared etc, etc, historical events drowned in well pissers, from ancient times to the present, I have never read so much utter nonsense as I read this days, in every aspect.
    And its not about Russia/Putin, witch is any way beyond bonkers, and for me, the western MSM is largely irrelevant when I know its propaganda, the same scrap book now, as before,nothing new at all.
    To me, Russia per day. isnt doing anything wrong, pussyfooting a little to much, but otherwise, I dont have anything, domestically we may have some issues, but thats Russian internal politics, witch is starting to be, eh….. to amercinaised, aka,to western.
    Like going to an doctor, costs sky rockets this days for the ordinary Russians, be care full, Russia.
    Inflation is another statistic scam, where the overall level is never been given to people, they lie about everything, all the time, incl whats Inflation and above all, how they measure it, its so bad and faked its stunning.

    All in all, Russia is OK, but to me it was Yugoslavia that kicked my eyes open, its was there the itch come forth, and got worse every year after and when the scam AGW came, I knew.
    Its was then, not that I didnt knew history, but the lines in the sand become clear, the problem, openly.
    The key word is Imperialism, fascism and wars.
    And in the comment fields, the level was impressively bad, and the rest is history, like AGW witch we debated an decade ago, years before it came more international and popped up everywhere, it was then I realized the scale of the MSM corruption to how rotten “science” is this days.

    I could go on for hours.

    I think they whine about everything, and do notice they never go into details about what the Russian Trolls are a problem in, other than commenting, what is it, do enlighten us infidels, some few words,, huh, Clinton lost, freaks, grow up.

    I even notices they whines about the time, CET, is an hour from GMT.
    Narrative witch I guess they have no clues about, and I follow that one, hehe, while the wankees sleep.
    In an sense everything is becoming clearer, what I whines about some years ago, is now been confirmed by Goolag them self, stacking, is exactly what I talk about, and others dont exactly impress me either, the systemic algorithms are the same, their stacking remarkable similar to Goolag and that makes me wounder, are they in fact an genuine different search engine at all, just another name for the same systems, huh.
    Boycott them to oblivion.
    They need us, we dont need them.


  • Davide

    Thank you very much I appreciate the intelligent people.