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The Saker: “From 2018 to 2019 – a quick survey of a few trends”

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The Saker: "From 2018 to 2019 – a quick survey of a few trends"

Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

The year 2018 will go down in history as a turning point in the evolution of the geostrategic environment of our planet.  There are many reasons for that and I won’t list them all, but here are some of the ones which I personally consider the most important ones:

The Empire blinked.  Several times.

This is probably the single most important development of the year: the AngloZionist Empire issued all sorts of scary threats, and took some even scarier actual steps, but eventually it had to back down.  In fact, the Empire is in retreat on many fronts, but I will only list a few crucial ones:

  1. The DPRK: remember all the grandiose threats made by Trump and his Neocon handlers?  The Administration went as far as announcing that it would send as many as THREE(!) nuclear aircraft carrier strike groups to the waters off the DRPK while Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea.  Eventually, the South Koreans decided to take matters in their own hands, they opened a direct channel of communications with the North, and all the US sabre-rattling turned into nothing more than hot air.
  2. Syria in April: that was the time when the US, France and the UK decided to attack Syria with cruise missiles to “punish” the Syrians for allegedly using chemical weapons (a theory too stupid to be even worth discussing).  Of 103 detected missiles, 71 were shot down by the Syrians.  The White House and the Pentagon, along with their trusted Ziomedia, declared the strike a great success, but then, they also did that during the invasion of Grenada (one of the worst assault operation in military history) or after the humiliating defeat of Israel by Hezbollah in 2006, so this really means very little.  The truth is that this operation was a total military failure and that it has not been followed up by anything (at least for now).
  3. The Ukraine: we spend almost all of 2018 waiting for an Ukronazi attack on the Donbass which never happened.  Now, I am quite sure that some will argue that the Nazi junta in Kiev never had any such intentions, but anybody with even a basic knowledge of what took place in the Ukraine this year knows that this is pure bull: the junta did pretty much everything to execute an attack except the very last step: to actually order it.  Putin’s open threat that any such attack would have “grave consequences for Ukraine’s statehood as such” probably played a key role in deterring the Empire.  Oh sure, the Ukronazis might well attack in January or any time after that, but the fact is that in 2018 they did not dare do so.  Yet again, the Empire (and its minions) had to back down.
  4. Syria in September: this time, it was the Israeli hypostasis of the Empire which triggered a massive crisis when the Israelis hid their strike aircraft behind a Russian Il-20 large turboprop airliner resulting in the loss of the aircraft and crew.  After giving the Israelis a chance to come clean (which, predictably, they didn’t – they are, after all, Israelis), the Russians got fed up and delivered advanced air defense, electronic warfare and battle management systems to the Syrians.  In response the Israelis (who had issued many threats about immediately destroying any S-300 delivered to the Syrians) had to basically stop their air strikes against Syria (well, not quite, they did execute two such strikes: one totally ineffective one and one in which the Zionist crazies again hid behind an aircraft, but in this case, no one but TWO civilian aircraft (more about this latest ziocrazy stunt further below).  The Empire backed down again.
  5. Syria in December: apparently fed up with all the infighting amongst his advisors, Trump eventually ordered a full US withdrawal from Syria.  Now, of course, since this is the USA, we have to wait and see what actually happens.  There is also a very complex kabuki dance being executed by Russia, Turkey, the US, Israel, Iran, the Kurds and the Syrians to stabilize the situation following a full US withdrawal.  After all the years of huffing and puffing about how “Assad The Monster must go” it is quite amusing to see how the western powers are throwing in towels one after the other.  This also begs the obvious question: if “The City On The Hill And Sole Superpower On The Planet, The Leader Of The Free World and the Indispensable Nation” can’t even deal with a weakened Syrian government and military, what can this military successfully do (besides provide Hollywood blockbusters to a gullible US public)?
  6. Various smaller defeats: too many to count, but they include the Khashoggi fiasco, the failure of the war in Yemen, the failure of the war in Afghanistan, the failure of the war in Iraq, the failure to remove Maduro from power in Venezuela, and the gradual loss of control over an increasing number of EU countries (Italy), Nikki Haley’s ridiculous antics at the UNSC, the inability to gather up the intellectual resources needed to have a real, productive, meeting with Vladimir Putin, the disastrous commercial war with China, etc.  What all these events have in common is that they are a result of the inability of the US to get anything done, truly done.  Far from being a real superpower, the USA is in a full-spectrum decline and the main thing which still gives it its superpower status are its nuclear weapons, just like Russia in the 1990s.

The Saker: "From 2018 to 2019 – a quick survey of a few trends"All the internal problems resulting from the infighting of the US elites (roughly: the Clinton gang vs Trump and his Deplorables) only make things worse.  Just the apparently never ending sequence of resignations and/or firing from the Trump Administration is a very important sign of the advanced state of collapse of the US polity.  Elites don’t fight each other when all goes well, they do so when everything goes south.  The saying “victory has many fathers but defeat is an orphan” reminds us that when a gang of thugs begins to lose control of a situation, it rapidly turns into an “every man for himself”, everybody blames everybody for the problems and nobody wants to stay anywhere near those who will go down in history as the pathetic losers who screwed everything up.

As for the US armed forces, they have been tremendously successful in killing a very large amount of people, as always, mostly civilians, but they failed to get anything actually done, at least not if one understands that the purpose of war is not just to kill people, but is the “continuation of politics by other means“.  Let’s compare and contrast what Russia and the US did in Syria.

On October 11thPutin declared the following in an interview with Vladimir Soloviev on the TV channel Russia 1: “Our objective is to stabilize the legitimate authority and create conditions for a political compromise“.  That’s it. He did not say that Russia would single-handedly change the course of the war, much less so win the war.  The (very small!) Russian task force in Syria achieved these original objectives in just a few months, something which the Axis-of-Kindness could not achieve in years (and the Russians did that with a small fraction of the military capabilities available to the US/NATO/EU/CENTCOM/Israel in the region.  In fact, the Russians even had to quickly create a resupply system which they did not have because of the purely defensive Russian military posture (Russian power projection is mostly limited under 500-1000km from the Russian border).

In comparison, the USA has been fighting a so-called GWOT (Global War on Terror) since 2001 and all it can show is that the terrorists (of various demonstrations) only got stronger, took control of more land, murdered more people, and generally seemed to show a remarkable ability to survive and even grow in spite of (or thanks to) the GWOT.  As Putin would say, what would you expect from “people who don’t know the difference between Austria and Australia“?

Personally, I would expect them to take full credit for the victory and leave.

Which is exactly what the USA has done.

At least that is what they are saying now.  This could change 180 degree again.

As for Afghanistan, the USA spent more time there than the Soviets did.  Does that no strongly suggest that the US leaders are *even more* incompetent than the “stagnation” era Soviet gerontocrats?

The failure to subdue or even contain Russia

Putin’s speech on March 1st to the Russian Federal Assembly was truly a historical moment: for the first time since the Empire decided to wage war on Russia (a war which is roughly 80% informational, 15% economic and only 5% kinetic but which can turn 95% kinetic in one hour or so!) the Russians decided to openly warn the USA that their strategy has been comprehensively defeated.  You think that this is hyperbole?  Think again.  What is US military power based on?  What are it’s main components?

  • Airpower (air supremacy)
  • Long-range standoff weapons (ballistic and air-breathing)
  • Aircraft carriers
  • Anti-missile defense (at least in theory!)
  • 800-1000 (depends on how you count) bases worldwide

The deployment of what are without any doubt the most sophisticated air-defense systems in the world supported what are also probably the most formidable electronic warfare (EW) capabilities currently in existence have now have now created what the US/NATO commanders refer to as a “Russia’s anti-access/area denial (A2/AD)” capability which, so do these US/NATO commanders say, can pop-up over the Baltic Sea, over the Eastern Mediterranean, the Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere (might show up on the La Orchila island in Venezuela in 2019).  Furthermore, in qualitative terms Russian tactical airpower is newer and at least equal, if not superior, to anything in US or NATO tactical aircraft holdings.  While the West in general, and especially the USA, have a much larger number of aircraft, they are mostly of the older generations, and various encounters between Russian and US multirole aircraft in the Syrian skies have shown that US pilots prefer to leave when Russian Su-35S show up.

The deployment (already in 2018!) of the Kinzhal hypersonic missile has basically made the entire US surface fleet useless for an attack against Russia.  Be it the aircraft carriers or even various destroyers, cruisers, amphibious assault ships, (mostly ill-fated) littoral combat ships, transport ships, etc. – they now are all sitting ducks which the Russians can blow out of the water irrespective of any air-defenses these ships, o or their escorts, might have.

Likewise, the deployment of the super-heavy thermonuclear armed intercontinental ballistic like the Sarmat and the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle have made all of the US anti-ballistic missile efforts completely useless.  Let me repeat this: ALL of the US ABM efforts, including the billions spent on research and development, have now been rendered completely useless.

[Sidebar: it is important to clarify something here: none of the new Russian weapon systems provide anymeans to protect Russian from a US nuclear (or conventional) strike.   “All” they do is to make darn sure that the US leaders are never under the illusion they have been pursuing since Reagan’s “Star Wars”, i.e. that they could somehow escape a Russian 2nd-strike (counter-strike) retaliatory capability if it decided to strike Russia.  In truth, even without the Sarmat or the Avanguard, Russia already had more than enough missiles (land, air and sea based) to  wipe-out the USA in case of a retaliatory counter-strike, but the US politicians and force planners began pursuing this pipe-dream of anti-ballistic missile defense in spite of the fact that it was rather clear that such a system could not work (a few “leakers” might be acceptable with conventional weapons, but a few “nuclear leakers” are more than enough to extract a terrible price from any attacker delusional enough to think that a 90% or even 98% effective “shield” is enough of a protection to risk attacking a nuclear superpower).  So you could say that these new Russian capabilities (including the short(er) range Iskander tactical missiles) are a type of “delusion destroyer” or a “reality reminder” who will burst the bubble of US illusions about the risks of a war against Russia.  Hopefully, they will never have any other use.]

Finally, the deployment of a new generation of advanced and very long range standoff missiles by Russia has given Russia the huge “reach” advantage of being able to strike any US target (be it a military force or a base) worldwide, including in the United States (which now is almost never mentioned in the western media).

Now take a look at the list of key components of US military power above and see that it has all been transformed into, basically, junk.

What we have here is a classical situation in which, on one side, one country’s force planners made fundamental, strategic miscalculations which directly defined what kind of military force the country would have for at least two, possibly three, decades, while, on the other side, the force planners made the correct decisions which allowed them to defeat a military force whose military budget is roughly ten times bigger.  The most severe consequence of this state of affairs for the USA is that it will now take at the very least a decade (or more!) to reformulate a new force planning strategy (modern weapons systems sometimes take decades to design, develop and deploy).  The ill-fated Zumwalt, the F-35, the Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) aircraft carrier – these are all obscene examples on how to spend billions of dollars and be left with major weapon systems disasters which only further weaken the US armed forces.

The Saker: "From 2018 to 2019 – a quick survey of a few trends"There is a simple reason why the USA became a superpower in the 20th century: not only was the US mainland protected by huge oceans, all of WWI and WWII were fought far away from the USA: all the potential competitors of the USA had their national economies completely destroyed while the USA did not even lose a single factory or research/design bureau.  Then the USA could use its immense industrial powerbase to basically provide a world-wide market with goods which only the USA could built and deliver.  And yet, in spite of such huge advantages, the US spend almost all its history beating up one defenseless country after another to ensure full submission and compliance with the demands of Uncle Shmuel (the AngloZionist variant of Uncle Sam).  So much for being “indispensable” I suppose…

Thanks to the globalists, the US industrial base is gone.  Thanks to the Neocons and their arrogance, the US is in one form of conflict or another with most of the key countries on the planet (especially if we ignore the existence of US-supported and run comprador elites).  The infinitely dumb and self-defeating submission of the US to Israel has now resulted in a situation where the USA is losing control of the oil-rich Middle-East it used to run for decades.  Finally, by choosing to try to submit both Russia and China to the will of the Empire, the Neocons have succeeded in pushing these two countries into a de-facto alliance (really a symbiotic relationship) which, far from isolating them, isolates the USA from “where it is happening” in terms of economic, social and political developments (first and foremost, the Eurasian landmass and the OBOR project).

2019 prospects for the Empire: problems, problems and even more problems

Well, 2018 was an exceptionally nasty and dangerous year, but 2019 could prove even more dangerous for the following reasons:

  • The Saker: "From 2018 to 2019 – a quick survey of a few trends"Unless the USA changes political course and gives up on the suicidal russophobia of Obama and Trump, a military confrontation between Russia and the USA is inevitable.  Russia has retreated as far as she possibly can, there is nowhere else to retreat and she therefore won’t.  There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that if the US had actually targeted Russian units in Syria (which, apparently, Bolton wanted but Mattis, apparently, categorically rejected), the Russians would have counter-attacked not only against the US missiles, but also against their carriers (especially ships).  I have it from a trusted source that on the night of the attack, the Russian MiG-31K with the Kinzhal missile were in the air ready to strike.  Thank God (and, possibly, thank Mattis) this did not happen.  But as I said in my article “Every click brings us closer to a bang!” each time WWIII does not happen following a US strike on Syria this emboldens the Neocons to try yet once more, especially since “Assad The Monster Must Go” remains in power in Damascus while one after the one each western politician which decreed that Assad must go, goes himself.
  • It is pretty obvious that Israel has gone absolutely, terminally and, possibly, suicidally insane.  Their little stunt with the Russian Il-20 was already a disaster of immense proportions which, in a normal country, would have resulted in the immediate resignation of the entire Cabinet.  But not in Israel.  After hiding behind a Russian military turboprop, they now decided to hide from the Syrian S-300 by hiding behind two civilian aircraft!    See for yourself:

  • I don’t think that it is worth pondering here that Israel is the last openly racist state on the planet, or that the Israeli leaders are evil, immoral, insane and generally batshit crazy maniacs.  That you either understood for yourself or you are hopeless.  What is important here is not how evil the Israelis are, but how stupid and totally reckless they are.  Simply put, this is how this works: the Israelis are evil, stupid and completely delusional, but they own every single US politician which means that no matter how insane and egregious the actions of the Israelis might be, the “indispensable nation” will *always* cover them and, when needed, cover-up for them (cf.USS Liberty or, for that matter, 9/11).  Right now there is nobody in the US political class with any chance of being elected who would dare to do anything other that automatically worship anything Israeli (or Jewish, for that matter).  The real motto of the USA is not “In God we trust“, but “there is no light between the U.S. and Israel” (yet another reason why the USA is not a real superpower: it is not even really sovereign!).
  • The Empire has some major problems in Europe.  First, should the Ukronazi protégés of the USA ever find the courage (or despair) to attack the Donbass or Russia, the resulting chaos will flood the EU with even more refugees, many of whom will be most unsavory and outright dangerous characters.  Furthermore, the anti-EU feelings are becoming very strong in Italy, Hungary and, for different reasons, even Poland.  France is on the edge of a civil war (not this time around; my feeling is that the Gilets Jaunes will eventually run out of steam; but the next time around, which will happen sooner rather than later, the explosion will probably result in the overthrow of the French CRIF-run regime and a massive anti-US backlash.
  • In Latin America, the Empire has been massively successful in overthrowing a series of patriotic, independent, leaders.  But what is missing now is the ability to make these pro-US regimes successful by being economically or politically viable.  Amazingly, and in spite of both a massive subversion campaign by the USA and major political mistakes, the Maduro Administration has remained in power in Venezuela and is slowly but very resolutely trying to change course and keep Venezuela sovereign and independent from the USA.  The key problem of the USA in Latin American is that the USA has always ruled by using a local comprador elite.  The USA has been very successful in this effort.  But the USA has never succeeded in convincing the Latin American masses of people of its benevolence and this is why the word “Yankee” remains a slur in every Latin American country.
  • In Asia, China is offering every US colony an alternative civilizational model which is becoming increasingly attractive as the PRC is becoming more economically powerful and economically successful.  It turns out that the usual mix or arrogance, hubris and ignorance which allowed the Anglo countries to dominate Asia is now losing its power and that the people of Asia are looking for alternatives.  Truth be told – the USA has absolutely nothing to offer.

The bottom line is this: not only is the USA unable to impose its will on countries which are considered “US allies” (if the NorthStream ever happens – and I think that it will – then this will mark the first time that EU leaders told the US President to get lost, if not in so many words), but the USA obviously lacks any kind of project to offer to other countries.  Yes, “MAGA” is all fine and dandy, but it does not have much traction with other countries who really don’t care about MAGA…

Conclusion in the form of a Russian saying

There is a saying in Russian “better to have an horrible end (than to have to live through) a horror with no end” (лучше ужасный конец чем ужас без конца).  There is very little doubt that the decline of the AngloZionist Empire will continue in 2019.  What will not change, however, is the ability of the USA to destroy Russia in a nuclear attack.  Because, make no mistake, all that the new fancy Russian weapons provide is the capability to punish (retaliate against) the USA for an attack on Russia, but not the capability to deny (prevent) such an attack.  If the Neocons decide that a nuclear holocaust is preferable to a loss of power in the USA, then there is nothing anybody can do to prevent them from playing out their own, sordid, version of Götterdämmerung.  I have recently had to spend a few days in Boca Raton, were a lot of that new US “aristocracy” likes to spend time and I can tell you two things: life is good for them, and they sure ain’t giving up their privileged status as “leaders of the planet”.  And if somebody tries to take it away, there is no doubt in my mind that these people will react with a vicious outburst of Samson-like despair-filled rage.  So the only question remains this: will we (mankind) be able to take away the nuclear button from this class of parasites without giving them the chance to press it or not?

I don’t know.

So, will it be a horrible end or a horror with no end?

I don’t know either.

But what I know is that the Empire is cracking at all its seams and that its decline will only accelerate in 2019.

The Saker

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The Saker dodged the logistics of what to do about the Jews continuing their airstrikes on Syria. I’ve addressed it in great depth. It needs to be addressed and corrected. Preferably by taking down IAF fighters on an as needed basis if they persist with the airstrikes on Syria.

The SADF is the most experienced and one of the best equipped air defense forces per capita on the planet. It’s unfortunate that their air force isn’t more robust. But they have 3 battalions of top end S-300s that probably aren’t much different than S-400s, that should be capable of getting the job done if they work properly against modern NATO fighters.


it serves no purpose to harp about israel in this context – when the moronic state is finished, israel will be finished as well since israel has not evolved a way to survive without the moronic states. so the syrian war and the west’s failure to accomplish what they set out to do, is the start of a complete discontinuation of israel and a new diaspora for the people of israel. the moronic state might be able to protect israel’s flanks for some time but not for long and then adieu israel and palestine will rise from the israeli ashes like a phoenix – a suppose that it will be a horror with no end for the israelis, but and if so, well deserved.


People like you have been saying this type of thing for 75 years. Exactly how is all of that going to transpire? Specifics please.


Magic apparently.

Because just like Neo-Cons and MSM journalists seem to have forgotten that Russia and China have nuclear weapons and that therefore any war with them becomes a nuclear war, so do the Israel bashers who want Israel to be gone gloss over the fact that Israel has a massive nuclear arsenal and it will glass over any country that will attack its existence. And they think without the US Israel’s nuclear arsenal will magically disappear as well. While we only have to look at South Africa and North Korea, countries that despite being the recipient of sanctions still managed to build and maintain their nuclear arsenal.

If North Korea could build a nuclear arsenal, despite being under crippling sanctions and a population that was starving, why should Israel not be able to maintain its nuclear arsenal without the US? After all, they built it despite both presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy trying their best to have them not do. They made sure that Israel was not allowed to buy weapons grade uranium. The Israelis just stole some. Without the US the Israeli economy would take a serious down turn and its conventional military would take a nosedive. And Europe is sure as hell not going to pick up the slack. But I reckon that if the Israelis would have to disband half of their 12 armored divisions, or have them all fall to the same state of neglect as the North Koreans do to theirs, just to pay for the nuclear weaponry, then they will. And it doesn’t take 12 armored divisions to beat the Palestinians in Gaza and the Westbank down.


“Israel has a massive nuclear arsenal and it will glass over any country that will attack its existence.”


What happens when tiny Israel uses it’s first nuke preemptively against a force with nukes and gets nuked backed?

Tommy Jensen

Israel´s Iron dome intercept all attacks……………………..LOL.


You’re a habitual liar.

Ricky Miller

He’s just a jokster. He actually uses humor to agree with us most of the time, all devil’s advocate style. And I agree with you generally, Israel’s nuclear arsenal is impressive but vulnerable to first strike. Israeli missiles are of limited range and vulnerable to ABM defenses.


I don’t think that I’m alone in not finding his lies and stupidly funny. Israel is also extremely vulnerable to a response strike to their own first strike from a competing nuclear power.


and you are the resident moron – find another template for your fastidious rants


I’m a truther telling the truth that you don’t want to hear. Which is why you’re harassing me with stupidity.

Andrej Kiska

10, out o 1000 PALESTINIAN GARRAGE rockets last year ……LOL.LOL.LOL.

Tommy Jensen

The 990 landed either in a desert or in their own heads. Not our fault but you will probably blame Israel for this too……………..LOL.

Chris Saunders

How is the weather there in Ashkelon Shlomo?


100 icbm:s from the Caspian Sea and the iron dome will be the iron doom – hepp and that would be a larf, so, Mr Putin, you know what to do!


Which nuclear armed force would you be talking about? The Russians? They have no desire nor intent to attack Israel. That leaves Israel’s nearby neighbors, who have no nukes. Therefore Israel’s nuclear deterrence suffices to deter anyone from invading it. Even if they can carry out a successful conventional invasion, they would still get obliterated in return.

As for what happens when Israel does nuke a nuclear armed power, like Russia, then MAD gets applied. This is why Israel is so obsessed with Iran not getting any nukes, because then its own nuclear arsenal would become useless.


I can see Russia and possibly Pakistan participating in a UN mandated regional force to address the Jew problem. Russia’s nuclear doctrine provides for a nuclear response to a nuclear first strike against allies. Which could apply for such a force. I’m sure that using nukes is part of their Syria war participation. Including against NATO and Israel on an as needed basis.

And it’s unlikely that MAD would apply in an Israel/Russia nuke desert dust up. Israel would quickly cease to exist if necessary, while Russia would continue with minimal comparative per capita damage.


as everything else, a slow process which is taking on heft and power as times go and when the moronic states no longer can protect the illegal settlers in palestine, they are in for a few surprises and hard hard blows.

in fact, I’m not certain that trump would be prepared to go out of his way to protect israel and that he actually is rather peeved at the idea that israel after a close 100 years still hasn’t managed to come up with an economical viable way of life and still relay on handouts from the moronic states and money collections by the various ngo’s, organisations a people that funnel masses of money into israel every years. money that are needed to make the moronic state habitable and functioning again and which was trump’s second election undertaking.


Another dodge. You have no plan.


you don’t read very well or thoroughly, I can’t say which or what is ailing you but bit of faith won’t harm one bit!

but a start for people like you is the bds-movement, arranging collections of money in tins for the palestinian people, arranging lectures about the palestinian issue and the highly questionable legality of lloyd-george’s promise to herzel,chief thief and murderer, to settle in palestine und zu weiter. but and as is painfully obvious, this is not for you so maybe a handful of tranquilizers will help.


You’re reply is nonsensical and what you’re suggesting wouldn’t be remotely effective.


a handful of barbiturates for you or a quick lesson in how you can emulate the ostrich’s typical behaviour and stuff your ‘ead into the sand wld be recommended


You’re an idiot making a fool of yourself.

Chris Saunders

Well said.

You can call me Al

Sorry Verner, but regards Israel’s economy, I think you are incorrect. Israel do not really need the US money.

Just have a look at this – https://tradingeconomics.com/israel/gdp

My view only.


nah – israel can’t make ends meet and rely on huge subsidies from the moronic states and cash from collections by various groups, mostly jewish, ngo’s and synagogues and private donations running into billions. israel has not managed to develop a viable economy during its 70 years of illegal existence and that is why it is necessary to stop financial transactions of funds collected in one country and then transferred to israel as cash survival means.

and in addition and since the illegal israel has forfeited its right to continue to be recognized by its peers, a country that at one stage recognized israel is now free to de-recognize israel and close its tel aviv embassy and require israel to close its embassy. there are many countries around that can’t see israel as a useful part of the world and would indeed contemplate to de-recognize israel.

hence, work for a de-recognition agenda!

no more financial subsidies to israel from abroad!

and then the bds-movement of course.

it can’t go wrong if you’re interested in discontinuing israel, a country that made evil its business plan, is running a concentration camp (like theresienstadt) and murders and steals with impunity, so far, but not much longer, finish israel now!

John Brown

Without their USSA slaves Israel would not last 10 seconds.

See former congress woman and American hero says USSA Congress forced to sign loyalty oath to Racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire dictatorship Israel, above their oaths to America, its Israel not America first. Its not an oath of loyalty to Britain above America. So its the Zionist empire not the Anglo Zionist empire. So its the racist supremacist global Jewish slave empire dictatorship. Congress forced to sign loyalty oath to Racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire Israel part 1 https://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/10/29/how-soon-can-we-get-aipac-owned-traitors-out-of-congress/ The only Member of the sitting US Congress we can document so far that has refused to sign the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to put Israel first even before America is Representative Walter Jones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqzDSrR4L4w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mWR5OaRO8k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_BobWq2sq0&t=8s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOp1b1obC04 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImFMcbF2MYY https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f55865fb69c1ef63394088d6108d0229b9671a10180006effaf42b9e90b875de.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/65272ba33698043a57e8677e4dfb9b290550d79a0d39a7be6eeff14a12a9f86e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e13b8bb9a5a25fd33bc47742b6f6dd77910dcfca90857294f6eaeb0c3eaa6929.jpg Who rules America?? https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x34eicw part1b Despite AIPAC’s efforts to get him un-elected he was re-elected Congress anyhow, unlike the great and fearless American Hero former US Representative Cynthia McKinney, a true American Patriot who tells the truth, the whole truth. Representative McKinney refused to sign this AIPAC Loyalty Oath to put Israel first even over America, which of course would be a direct violation of the Oath of Office any Member of Congress takes upon being seated. Why is it such a serious matter to get these signers of the AIPAC Loyalty Oath out of Congress? The reason is obvious, without these Traitors who are sellouts to AIPAC and Israel, America could not have been transformed into a virtual province of Israel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImFMcbF2MYY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImFMcbF2MYY https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f55865fb69c1ef63394088d6108d0229b9671a10180006effaf42b9e90b875de.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/65272ba33698043a57e8677e4dfb9b290550d79a0d39a7be6eeff14a12a9f86e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e13b8bb9a5a25fd33bc47742b6f6dd77910dcfca90857294f6eaeb0c3eaa6929.jpg Who rules America?? https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x34eicw

John Brown

Part 2 Nor could America have been transformed into an Israeli slave-state, provider and war-fighter for Israel with an endless supply of American Soldiers to use as Israeli cannon-fodder in their quest to expand and create “greater Israel”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOp1b1obC04 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mWR5OaRO8k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImFMcbF2MYY https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2ba743d3099a50a48552252e6612f90f6010badbb32239d63c34e24fa6f013ba.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/942928e4a2d7f53201f69fd469a245125e1da4dd5e27cae3a20a128041ee71d4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f1524003ca53343e9fe2a1bebaa2d60329325dc88d3d29bc551dbc771fc32958.jpg Very few Americans know of this treasonous betrayal by all but one Member of Congress. This betrayal is a very serious, grievous violation of their Oath of Office and also American espionage laws and it constitutes Treason. Why do we know for certain this signing the AIPAC Loyalty Oath is Treason? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImFMcbF2MYY We know this for certain because Treason is the capital offense of betraying one’s country and aiding or abetting an enemy of one’s own country, people and one’s government. Yes, but isn’t Israel an important ally of America? Who rules America?? https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x34eicw part 3a No, quite the contrary. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b3388358879d49f26c655ba0eef38cb4b339280231c5d873b1f1c6eeff8d904b.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2fyROhUxcI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImFMcbF2MYY The only reason the average American does not yet know this is because the Major Mass Media is controlled by six media moguls who answer to run Israeli linked large American investment house that works through Switzerland. Together these six media mogul who are all traitors have essentially created an illegal New Monopoly, a true News Cartel that does little more than feed the American public a continuing stream of USG propaganda, USG big lies and USG false-narratives. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqzDSrR4L4w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_BobWq2sq0&t=8s Who rules America?? https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x34eicw


It is our job at Veterans Today and the rest of the Alternative media of the Internet to get the truth out to everyone and expose this USG propaganda, these big USG lies and USG false-narratives. Soon unless stopped the Internet, which is the World’s New Gutenberg Press, will bust the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM) and this truth will dissipate to every America. This will bring an end to the espionage done against America in America by AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC and other Israeli-linked foreign espionage fronts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImFMcbF2MYY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqzDSrR4L4w Who rules America?? https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x34eicw

You can call me Al


Tony B.

By people like both of you STOPPING THE STUPID INFIGHTING AND JOINING TO GET THE ROTHSCHILD CABAL, THAT OWNS PRACTICALLY EVER NATION, DESTROYED OFF THE EARTH. All you are doing is making their divide and conquer tactic ever easier for them.

Chris Saunders

He argues with everyone on these forums and always tries to get in the last word. If this chump could just focus his energy on something productive it would help much more than a combative attitude. We all agree about the kikes and shlomos, shmuels and shysters, but our efforts must be more positive and active . .

Tony B.

Maybe his purpose is to keep the divisions from healing together as one force aimed in the proper direction.


You’re a disinfo peddler. I don’t argue with everyone and there are numerous people here that I agree with and up vote everyday. Which puts you in the “kikes and shlomos, shmuels and shysters” category.

Chris Saunders

. . . I rest my case.


I’m a truther telling the truth that you don’t want to hear. Which is why you’re harassing me with false accusations.


Jensen is a moron talking out of both sides of his mouth peddling a ton of rubbish.

Tony B.

“Tommy Jensen” sounds like a generic fake name pulled out of the air.

Ray Douglas

If I may interject please? Once the head of the snake is severed then the rest is harmless. Destroy America and job done?

Ray Douglas

One thing the Syrians can do is to change the approach to their airports so as to land from overland and not from the Mediterranean sea. All planes that is no matter what direction they come from.


The Syrians shouldn’t have to change anything. The Jews shouldn’t be attacking.

Ray Douglas

No, they shouldn’t have to but it would be a wise move. It would prevent the US/Israel from using passenger planes as shields to attack Damascus. It would provide some safety for innocent civilians going to and from Damascus on business. If it were not safe then people might not go to there to do business. But and more importantly, it would expose Israeli planes to missiles. Now, that would be worth something. Wouldn’t it?


I don’t disagree that your reasoning makes sense. But it wouldn’t have to get to that if the IAF fighters were taken down when the human shields aren’t in the way. These IAF fighters are tracked from take off to landing. 90% of their flight time they’re vulnerable to anti aircraft missile strikes. Whether from a ground based system like the S-300s, or an aerial platform like Syria’s fleet of modernized Mig-29s loaded with air to air missiles capable of taking down IAF fighters.

Jaroslav Belicka

Go Russia, Syria, Iran.. Go with God’s help.


A big Amen to that! And Hezbollah too!

Paul Barbara

It would make such a huge difference if the American public and military learnt the TRUTH about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. It can be found in Peter Hounam’s book ‘Operation Cyanide’, and to a lesser degree in ‘Dead in the Water’, a documentary Peter Hounam was commissioned to make: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjOH1XMAwZA


No country has done more for the Jews in their entire miserable history than the US. And the Liberty, 911, endless Yinon plan wars, and a mountain of debt are their answer. The US needs extinction grade dejudification.

Tommy Jensen

TheSaker forget purposely that we also have our Space laser army and ships that can hit any target anywhere in a second and that everybody admire an American and want us to stay.

We Americans have a huge responsibility to protect you guys, but we also must defend ourselves against our enemies for freedom.

Tony B.

You are obviously not a real person but a computer spreader of insanity to keep Americans from reading the writing on the wall. Probably Pentagon stationed.

Carne João Pasta


Chris Saunders

He’s too stupid to be stationed in the Pentagon. His IP address shows some psychiatric institution off the coast of Wales . .

Andrej Kiska

shalom Shlomo, do not give up. sabbath is in 48 hours here. your suffering will end. shalom shalom.

Paul Barbara

‘..everybody admires an American and want us to stay..’ If you believe that (or indeed any of what you posted) I have a bridge to sell you in the Sahara.

Paul_Barbara8 briefly

Dušan Mirić

Looks like Mr Trump is cutting their fingers one by one (not to press THE button).

Tommy Jensen

Trump has actually done a lions leadership against Washington´s hyenes. Thats why they howl so much. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aca7f5484a4560758cef26f31ea74c0ec83299f3340298034f0ac4d6c849dc6a.jpg


duanmiri why

Chris Saunders

A well written article by The Saker. Well researched and well expounded.

Ray Douglas

An excellent article. it seems we are all dependent on the American working class to disarm the elites. But one thing for sure is, they won’t surrender to votes.

Ray Douglas

However, you forgot China in a war. I don’t believe they would stand idly by.

Ray Douglas

Also, it is not Israel that controls America but Americas Jews.


Disengagement must be practiced and trip wires should be avoided.


Obi Juan

Only a conman as the sucker can make somebody believe that Russia is strategically “compiting” with an empire like USA. Russian GDP is only 8% of the american, nothing to say that the USA power is multidimensional: financial, economic, ideologic, military… Meanwhile this person make articles about Russian army power, he forgets to talk about Russian people hardships, no a surprise this Putin fanatic lives in USA, he doesnt care about Ruissian every day people lives.


I think that Russia’a best defence against a nuclear strike from the US/NATO is to make it crystal clear to all the relevant parties that in the event of such an attack they will immediately despatch nuclear missiles targeting Tel Aviv, Haifa and Dimona. Put an end to Rothschild’s little Seat of Satan project once and for all.

Robert McMaster

The US will keep getting away with it. They are bullish, full of bravado. They exercise the initiative. Russia is timid,cautious, always on the defensive, on their back foot. All the potential of Russian military and political strength is just that – potential. Reality is the Americans aggressively impose themselves harder and faster than Russian and China can get their act together to do any thing about it. The Russians strategically hope the US will stumble, that external forces will conspire to punish. They will just sit and wait to cleanup afterwards. But, this just lets the machine stay alive, unchallenged.

Russia and China could today permanently overthrow the US and its elitist allies. The US and Europe are very fragile, could not sustain many blows, their populations would explode. China and Russia could easily bring about the force that would impose shatter this debt-ridden, over-extended system.

But, they don’t do it. And the double-down Americans see that Russia and China lack nerve. So, they press on. Recklessly perhaps. They hold few real cards. But bluffing is part of the game and they make it work.

Nigel Maund

On the face of it, another excellent article by the Saker. However, he may not have understood what Trump’s careful scheme of deception is all about. The FISA release sue very soon and the 50,000 indictments to be released when the legal cases are boiler plated will smash to smithereens the long emplaced “architecture” of the Rothschild and Rockefeller controlled “Deep State” and their Privately Owned Central Bank (the FED) inaugerated in 1913 at the clandestine meeting on Jekyll Island. If the FED is shit down the Deep State destroyed in 2019 – 2020, war is off the table for a very long time. Trump will then contract the horrifically overextended US military bases a d rationalise their Global Structure tailored to a rebuild of the US Infractruscture and Economy which Trump is rightly focused on. Over 40 years of Rothschild’s controlled puppet Administrations have gutted the manufacturing and academic / technical base of the USA. The people are also waking up ………at long last!! The Saker takes no account of all this whatsoever, hence, in my opinion, the entire thrust of his essay is flawed. Remcontrol e,mber against a deeply emplaced and extremely corrupt US administrative architecture built up over 105 years since 1913, one can neither move fast or make any mistakes. The Rothschild’s clan has a collective wealth of some 500 US$ trillion and comtrol all but 4 of the world’s privately owned central banks. To defeat then takes, strong support by the patriots including elements, of the US military, great planning and skill in execution, patience to move when the time is right and a 1st class very well thought through “Battle Plan” to succeed. The risks and stakes are sky high for all of us!!

Radom Persey

I wish he would do a report on how the US is internally cracking up and how most people view the government as illegitimate to some degree. Also, do you people on here hate Americans, or just hate their corrupt government and the evil corporations running the show?

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