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The Saker: “Does the Next Presidential Election Even Matter?”

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The Saker: "Does the Next Presidential Election Even Matter?"

U.S. President Barack Obama and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden head toward the Capitol Platform during the 58th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 2017. More than 5,000 military members from across all branches of the armed forces of the United States, including reserve and National Guard components, provided ceremonial support and Defense Support of Civil Authorities during the inaugural period. (DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos)

Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

Just by asking the question of whether the next Presidential election matters, I am obviously suggesting that it might not. To explain my reasons for this opinion, I need to reset the upcoming election in the context of the previous one. So let’s begin here.

The 2016 election of Donald Trump

The first thing which, I believe, ought to be self-evident to all by now is that there was no secret operation by any deep state, not even a Zionist controlled one, to put Donald Trump in power. I would even argue that the election of Donald Trump was the biggest slap in the face of US deep state and of the covert transnational ruling elites this deep state serves. Ever. My evidence? Simple, look what these ruling “elites” did both before and after Trump’s election: before, they ridiculed the very idea of “President Trump” as both utterly impossible and utterly evil.

As somebody who has had years of experience reading the Soviet press or, in another style, the French press, I can honestly say that I have never seen a more ridiculously outlandish hate campaign against anybody that would come even close to the kind of total hate campaign which Trump was subjected to. Then, as soon as he was elected, the US neo-liberals (who are not liberals at all!) declared that Trump was “not their President”, that Trump was put into power by Putin and that he was a “Russian asset” (using pseudo-professional jargon is what journos typically do to conceal their abject ignorance of a complex topic) and, finally, that he was a White racist and misogynist who will deeply divide the country (thereby dividing the country themselves by making such claims).

The fact is that for the past four years the US liberals have waged a total informational war against Trump and it would be absolutely unthinkable for them to ever accept a Trump re-election, even if he wins by a landslide. For the US Dems and neo-liberals, Trump is the personification of evil, literally, and that means that “resistance” to him and everything he represents must be total. And if he is re-elected, then there is only one possible explanation: the Russians stole the election, or the Chinese did. But the notion that Trump has the support of a majority of people is literally unthinkable for these folks.

Truth be told, Trump has proven to be a fantastically incompetent President, no doubt about that. Was he even worse than Obama? Maybe, it really all depends on your scoring system. In my personal opinion, and for all his very real sins and failings, Trump, at least, did not start a major war, which Obama did, and which Hillary would have done (can’t prove this, but that is my personal belief). That by itself, and totally irrespective of anything else, makes me believe that Trump has been a “lesser evil” (even if far more ridiculous) President than Obama has been or Hillary would have been. This is what I believed four years ago and this is what I still believe: considering how dangerous for the entire planet “President Hillary” would have been, voting for Trump was not only the only logical thing to do, it was the only moral one too because giving your voice to a warmongering narcissistic hyena like Hillary is a profoundly immoral act (yes, I know, Trump is also a narcissist – most politicians are! – but at least his warmongering has been all hot air and empty threats, at least so far). However, I don’t think that this (not having started a major war) will be enough to get Trump re-elected.


Because most Americans still like wars. In fact, they absolutely love them. Unless, of course, they lose. What Americans really want is a President who can win wars, not a President who does not initiate them in the first place. This is also the most likely reason why Trump did not start any major wars: the US has not won a real war in decades and, instead, it got whipped in every conflict it started. Americans hate losing wars, and that is why Trump did not launch any wars: it would have been political suicide to start a real war against, say, the DPRK or Iran. So while I am grateful that Trump did not start any wars, I am not naive to the point of believing that he did so for pure and noble motives. Give Trump an easy victory and he will do exactly what all US Presidents have done in the past: attack, beat up the little guy, and then be considered like a “wartime President hero” by most Americans. The problem is that there are no more “little guys” left out there: only countries who can, and will, defend themselves if attacked.

The ideology of messianic imperialism which permeates the US political culture is still extremely powerful and deep seated and it will take years, probably decades, to truly flush it down to where it belongs: to the proverbial trash-heaps of history. Besides, in 2020 Americans have much bigger concerns than war vs. peace – at least that is what most of them believe. Between the Covid19 pandemic and the catastrophic collapse of the economy (of course, while the former certainly has contributed to the latter, it did not single-handedly cause it) and now the BLM insurgency, most Americans now feel personally threatened – something which no wars of the past ever did (a war against Russia very much would, but most Americans don’t realize that, since nobody explains this to them; they also tend to believe that nonsense about the US military being the best and most capable in history).

Following four years of uninterrupted flagwaving and MAGA-chanting there is, of course, a hardcore of true believers who believe that Trump is nothing short of brilliant and that he will “kick ass” everything and everybody: from the spying Russians, to the rioting Blacks, from the pandemic, to the lying media, etc. The fact that in reality Trump pitifully failed to get anything truly important done is completely lost on these folks who live in a reality they created for themselves and in which any and all facts contradicting their certitudes are simply explained away by silly stuff like “Q-anon” or “5d chess”. Others, of course, will realize that Trump “deflated” before those whom he called “the swamp” almost as soon as he got into the White House.

As for the almighty Israel Lobby, it seems to me that it squeezed all it could from Trump who, from the point of view of the Zionists, was always a “disposable President” anyway. And now that Trump has done everything Israel wanted him to do, he becomes almost useless. If anything, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of them will try to outdo Trump’s love for everything Israeli anyway.

So how much support is there behind Trump today? I really don’t know (don’t trust the polls, which have always been deeply wrong about Trump anyway), but I think that there is definitely a constituency of truly frightened Americans who are freaking out (as they should, considering the rapid collapse of the country) and who might vote Trump just because they will feel that for all his faults, he is the only one who can save the country. Conversely, they will see Biden as a pro-BLM geriatric puppet who will hand the keys of the White House to a toxic coalition of minorities.

So what if Trump does get re-elected?

In truth, the situation is so complex and there are so many variables (including many “unknown unknowns”!) that make predictions impossible. Still, we can try to make some educated guesses, especially if based on some kind of logic such as the one which says that “past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior”. In other words, if Trump gets elected, we will get more of the same. Personally, I would characterize this “same” as a further destruction of the US from within by the Democrats and their “coalition of minorities” combined with a further destruction of the US Empire abroad by delusional Republicans.

I very much doubt that it makes any sense at all to vote for that, really. Better stay at home and do something worthwhile with your time, no?

Now what about a Biden election?

Remember that Biden is now the de-facto leader of what I would loosely call the “anti-US coalition”, that is the “coalition of minorities” which really have nothing in common except their hatred of the established order (well, and, of course, their hatred of Trump and of those who voted for him).

These minorities are very good at hating and destroying, but don’t count on them to ever come up with constructive solutions – it ain’t gonna happen. For one thing, they are probably too stupid to come up with any constructive ideas, but even more important is the fact that these folks all have a hyper-narrow agenda and, simply put, they don’t care about “constructing” anything. These folks are all about hatred and the instant gratification of their narrow, one-topic, agenda.

This also begs the question of why the Dems decided to go with Biden in spite of the fact that he is clearly an extremely weak candidate. In spite? I am not so sure at all. I think that they chose him because he is so weak: the real power behind him will be in the hands of the Schumer-Pelosi-Obama gang and of the interests these folks represent.

Unlike Trump who prostituted himself only after making it to the White House, the neo-liberal Dems have *already* prostituted themselves to everybody who wanted to give them something in return, from the Ukie Nazis to the thugs of BLM, to the powerful US homo-lobby. Don’t expect them to show any spine, or even less so, love for the USA, if they get the White House. They hate this country and most of its people and they are not shy about it.

What would happen to the US if the likes of Bloomberg or Harris took control? First, there would be the comprehensive surrender to the various minorities which put these folks in power followed by a very strong blowback from all the “deplorables” ranging from protests and civil disobedience, to local authorities refusing to take orders from the feds. Like it or not, but most Americans still love their country and loathe the kind of pseudo-liberal ideology which has been imposed upon them by the joint actions of the US deep state and the corporate world. There is even a strong probability that if Biden gets elected the USA’s disintegration would only accelerate.

On the international front, a Biden Presidency would not solve any of the problems created by Obama and Trump: by now it is way too late and the damage done to the international reputation of the United States is irreparable. If anything, the Dems will only make it worse by engaging in even more threats, sanctions and wars. Specifically, the Demolicans hate Russia, China and Iran probably even more than the Republicrats. Besides, these countries have already concluded a long time ago that the US was “not agreement capable” anyway (just look at the long list of international treaties and organization from which the US under Trump has withdrawn: what is the point of negotiating anything with a power which systematically reneges on its promises and obligations?)

The truth is that if Biden gets elected, the US will continue to fall apart internally and externally, if anything, probably even faster than under a re-elected Trump.

Which brings me to my main conclusion:

Why do we even bother having elections?

First, I don’t think that the main role of a democracy is to protect minorities from majorities. A true democracy protects the majority against the many minorities which typically have a one-issue agenda and which are typically hostile to the values of the majority. Oh sure, minority rights should be protected, the question is how exactly?

For one thing, most states have some kind of constitution/basic law which sets a number of standards which cannot be violated as long as this constitution/basic law is in force. Furthermore, in most states which call themselves democratic all citizens have the same rights and obligations, and a minority status does not give anybody any special rights or privileges. Typically, there are also fundamental international standards for human rights and fundamental national standards for civil rights. Minority rights (individual or collective), however, are not typically considered a separate category which somehow trumps or supplements adopted norms for human and civil rights (if only because it creates a special “minority” category, whereas in true “people power” all citizens are considered as one entity).

It is quite obvious that neither the Republicrats nor the Demolicans represent the interests of “we the people” and that both factions of the US plutocracy are under the total control of behind-the-scenes real powers. What happened four years ago was a colossal miscalculation of these behind-the-scenes real powers who failed to realize how hated they were and how even a guy like Trump would seem preferable to a nightmare like Hillary (as we know, had the Dems chosen Sanders or even some other halfway lame candidate, Trump would probably not have prevailed).

This is why I submit that the next election will make absolutely no difference:

  1. The US system is rigged to give all the power to minorities and to completely ignore the will of the people
  2. The choice between the Demolicans and the Republicrats is not a choice at all
  3. The systemic crisis of the US is too deep to be affected by who is in power in the White House

Simply put, and unlike the case of 2016, the outcome of the 2020 election will make no difference at all. Caring about who the next puppet in the White House will be is tantamount to voting for a new captain while the Titanic is sinking. The major difference is that the Titanic sank in very deep water whereas the “ship USA” will sink in the shallows, meaning that the US will not completely disappear: in some form or another, it will survive either as a unitary state or as a number of successor states. The Empire, however, has no chance of survival at all. Thus, anything which contributes to make the US a “normal” country and which weakens the Empire is in the interests of the people of the USA. Voting for either one of the candidates this fall will only prolong the agony of the current political regime in the USA.


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peter mcloughlin

Trump did not start “a major war”. But the biggest war for the US is yet to come. The current presidency is moving towards confrontation with China, and Russia, as the two are becoming more closely aligned. But this process was not initiated by President Trump, but back in the 1990s. The journey can be long, the traveller can doze off, only to wake to the nightmare of doomsday – nuclear Armageddon.


but poor trump is led to the slaughter by the hidden hand in the disjointed states of A’s murky history.


Trump isn’t going to start a war with a peer opponent. Including coming to Israel’s aid against a robust regional coalition armed with advanced nuclear and conventional weapons.

The key to moving ahead with this is to get the US out of Iraq. Which will result in a US and probably Turk withdrawal from Syria, and the end of the Syrian war. Which will allow a regional coalition against Israel to form. Possibly including one or more NATO members. With the ability to nuke Israel into oblivion in response to an Israeli first strike against regional coalition members.


Target israel and blue states with first strike. No war.


Its a sorry state of affairs when the quality of a presidential candidate becomes who is the lesser of 2 evils.

Ivan Freely

Short answer: No. Both candidates are controlled.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans are extraordinarily incurious and stupid–they cannot tell you how their political , legal system differs from others, nor r they aware of how their distorted national character differs from others…all historians, sociologists observe that amerikans have always despised politicians that possessed principles…Tocqueville observed that political parties were devoid of principles….Ostrogorski examined political parties in Europe and the USA–while all /European formations possessed principles, none in the USA did. Immoral people require immoral leaders to conduct immoral wars. Ostrogorski wrote: “of all peoples in an advanced stage of economic civilization amerikans r least accessible to long views, always and everywhere in a hurry to get rich, they give no thought to remote consequences, they see only present advantages. amerikans do not remember, amerikans do not feel. amerikans live in a materialist dream”
And these idiots actually believe voting matters—no surprise

Brother Ma

How true and yet these ignorant brutes “rule ” the world.Sad.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Biden makes a direct unveiled threat at the electorate…

He tweeted: “It didn’t have to be this bad. But month after month, as other leaders in other countries took the necessary steps to get the virus under control, Donald Trump failed us.”

He also added that if you put the wrong person in the office, you’ll see things that you would not have believed are possible.

Assad must stay

if i decide to vote at all, it will be for jo jorgensen (libertarian party)

The Objective

A lengthy article based on pure imagination. The Saker imagines that Clinton would have started a war, but doesn’t say with whom exactly, how, or even why. This guy tries to defend a racist warmonger. What I think make people like the Saker prefer Trump is that Trump is the kind of racist president white Americans want.
You really want us to buy the idea that the American people will let Clinton start a war with Russia? You are probably looking at Syria. The Syrian project was implemented during Obama’s tenure and Obama’s Whitehouse seeked a nofly zone which Russia prevented. Obama backed off from attacking Syria because of Russia. But as soon as Trump came on board he was shooting smart missiles at Syria over Russian objection. He also withdrew the U.S from the Iran deal.
Hillary Clinton shared similar views with Obama. Twos things are certain:
1) she wouldn’t have destroyed the JCPOA
2) She wouldn’t have started a nuclear war with Russia cos hardly any Americans will support a nuclear Holocaust of the U.S.
Even if she did start a conventional war with Russia in Syria (which Trump is far more likely to do than Hillary) it isn’t going to get any support in the U.S due to the risk of a nuclear war, and also, it’ll most likely be far less destructive than a war with Iran as both Russia and the U.S will manage to desescalate as they did when your idiot Trump nearly started that war.
When you say Obama started wars and Trump hasn’t started any, your comparison is clearly biased cos Trump is still in his first tenure, whereas Obama did complete 8 years. You can only accurately make this comparison when Trump does 8 years as president without a war. Do you think that is possible with all the crisis he has started in the middle east?(assassination, JCPOA, Kurdistan, Deal of the century, Military deployments, Iraq). Quite unlikely. I can’t see how Trump will avoid a war without humiliating himself and America. I think he really intends to start one, but not until he is reelected.
I will repeat my assertion: the only reason people like the Saker who claim to be anti-war considers Trump a better candidate than Biden is because Trump is a more racist president. Just observe his actions and appointments. Compare to people like Bush, and you don’t need anyone to tell you Trump is very racist.
I don’t want to comment about what he Saker says on the BLM movement, though he is widely out here too. But I’ll note that only 17% of the propesters are Black, according to a recent finding.

cechas vodobenikov

r u stupid? obama bombed 8 muslim nations illegally 100,000 + times, employed the espionage act to silence journalists/ whistleblowers more than all US presidents combined and was such a racist that he deported more Latinos in 1 term than bush did in 2 and far more than trump has…liberals have always been the most fascist class in amerika

The Objective

Obama bombed 8 Muslim nations? What a vague statement. Do you mean drone strikes here and there or an invasion? The only major damage in Obama’s wars is Libya. And how does silencing journalists equate to war?
Most Americans are dump or warmongers or both. I agree with the saker where he says the Americans want a president that win wars. But what he forgot or refused to say is that Americans also want a “White supremacist” president.
Trump is a greater warmonger than Obama. Here’s why:
1) he deploys more hardware and troops in the middle east than Obama (deployments make war more likely)
2) he wants a complete capitulation of Iran with his 12 outrageous demands that leave the Iranians no option than war in the future.
3) he assassinates a high-ranking Iranian general and threatens to bomb Iranian cultural sites. Imagine what happens if Iran had killed many US soldires in that retaliatory missile strike.
4) he is the only US president of recent to have launched kinetic attacks on Syria.
5) he escalates tensions in Iraq more than Obama ever did, dramatically increasing the chances of a third Iraq war.
6) His deal of the century and the relocation of US embassy to Jerusalem
7) His sanctions wars on Iran, Venezuela, Lebanon, Syria, China, and Russia. Most wars start by economic wars, of which sanctions is.
8) His endorsement of Israeli aggression. Bolton reveals Trump is willing to back an Israeli strike on Iran.
9) his pulling out of important international treaties
10) his saturation of the middle east region with massive arms sales.

Compare these to Obama’s actions, and don’t forget Trump is yet to serve a second term if he wins.

What both you and the Saker haven’t mentioned is, “how will the current US-Iran crisis end”? I think one of the following options will happen:
1) Trump loses the election and the next administration eases tensions with Iran. A likely outcome.
2) Trump wins, pressures the E3 and the JCPOA finally collapses. But Iran refuses to negotiate a new deal (certainly not after the assassination of soleimani) which means Iran continues to advance its nuclear program. Then what? Don’t forget Israel.
3) Trump humiliates himself by returning to the JCPOA – a highly unlikely outcome.

This options are more likely to end in a war, unless a Democrat wins. That’s what I think.


The deep state hated the election of Trump. When they realised that they didn’t have control over the population through the media, they created the term ‘fake news’. Now when you Google info other than the main narrative, all you get is MSM. Total information control. PS, Trump is a massive tool.

S Melanson

The article starts well but begins to meander into sweeping statements that only scratch the surface of fast moving events and the powerful elites driving these events.

The liberals controlled the MSM and as former president G.W. Bush said in an interview that the MSM has greatly diminished influence compared to the past. One reason is Trump used social media to circumvent MSM to get out his message. The term fake news was not used by the left, it was used against them by exposing MSM duplicity and bias during the 2016 presidential campaign. Once elected, Trump would call out reporters as spreading fake news and label CNN and others as fake news. This did a lot of damage to the MSM and the retaliation was to co-opt the term fake news and apply that label to alternative news sources and use the social media giants as enforcers. This is not going over well with the public and the battle to control the narrative rages on.

Trump is also continuing Obama’s Asia pivot based on the assessment that the main threat is not Russia, it is China. For example, a troop drawdown in Germany will see a proportion of the troops deployed in US bases in proximity to China. While Russia is still subject to provocative acts, they are becoming less frequent with far less hysteria in media reporting. At the same time, US military shows of force aimed at China are intensifying. I also point out that the missile attacks on Syria were largely symbolic and the US is gradually reducing its footprint in Syria and Iraq.

Will the election matter? I think it will matter a great deal. Two powerful elite factions, each with their own swamp, are in a power struggle. Trump represents one faction while Biden represents the other faction. Who gets elected will be a litmus test for which faction has the upper hand.


If Trump is reelected (and he probably will be) the various leftist coalitions will riot again, as they can’t stand not getting their own way. They are like spoiled children with no emotional maturity.

If the Dem-puppet Biden is elected (and hell freezes over) he’ll only accelerate America’s decline by giving far-left radicals everything they want i.e. reparations, more welfare, less police/more crime, ban assault weapons and encourage more racist BLM/Antifa violence.

Either way, America is screwed. Such a great future to look forward to…

Trap Is Not Gay

The puppet in charge is only going to shake his head.

Whoever the president is, he’s going to keep the mess, maybe go further, with censorship, propaganda, ‘sting operations’, fake news, stupidest ‘celebs’, etc.

That’s what I’ve said, in normal conditions people realize the JewSA is ruled by Jews, only the fools think the JewSA is a “normal country” and “Jews are just a minority persecuted for free”.

cechas vodobenikov

trump while incompetent is less fascist and racist than other presidents —that stupid amerikans admire the corporate capitalist BLM demonstrates their stupidity
“the monolingual inevitable confuses style with content”. George Simmel
“amerikan radicals both black and white adopted radical style without any radical content”. Christopher Lasch
“the easiest group in the US to manipulate are blacks”. George Soros (Bild: 2014). BLM—100 million$ ford foundation, 33$million Soros
u can obtain their credit card—that’s revolutionary!
Chomsky describes the current childish tantrums and vandalism in the USA as “devoid of any political content”


The US needs to be dejudified by outlawing Judaism. Which will make the other problems easier to solve and trouble makers easier to deal with. Israel needs to be replaced with a unified Palestine. And Judaism abolished globally to create a Jew free planet. By enacting and ratifying a UN Convention abolishing Judaism similar to what was done with torture and slavery. Which will have the same effect globally that dejudifying the US will have nationally. It’s time to get rid of these blood sucking Jew baby rapers once and for all.

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