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JULY 2020

The Saker: “Debunking the Putin and Netanyahu/Israel work together canard”


Written by The Saker, originally appeared at his blog

This will not be an analysis or even a commentary.  Neither am I siding with, or expressing support for, the Turkish military operation in norther Syria.  Finally, I am not discussing the legitimacy (or lack thereof) of the Kurdish Independence movement.  All I propose to do here, is to draw your attention to a series of facts and logical imperatives which, in my opinion debunk and falsify the disinformation campaign aimed at convincing us that Putin and Netanyahu are working hand in glove or, even better, that Putin is a puppet of the Israelis.  So, with that in mind, here we go:

  1. Fact1: The creation of some kind of independent Kurdistan has been both an Israeli dream for decades and a crucial element of the Israeli plans to “reconfigure” the region.
  2. Fact2: The Turks could *never* execute that attack without Russia’s agreement.  Not only does Russia have some of her top-of-the-line integrated air defenses in northern Syria (the Khmeimin Aerospace Forces base and the Tartus naval base), she also has very powerful EW and SIGNIT capabilities.  The only way for Turkey to try to force their way through that air defense “cupola” would be to attack the Russian forces in Syria which would result in a war with Russia which Turkey has no chance in hell of winning.
  3. Fact3: The Russians also have a lot of weight with the Syrian government who also had to agree to let the Turks operate in their skies.  Remember that while the Syrians don’t have air defense systems as sophisticated and powerful as the Russians, they now have a pretty decent and effective integrated air defense system (as shown by how easily it defeated US cruise missile attack).  If the Russians really wanted to do Israel’s bidding, they could have also convinced the Syrian to defend their airspace.  Finally, the Syrians could move forces in an oppose the Turkish invasion.  None of that happened.

Instead, Erdogan gave the Russians (and, via them, the Syrians) assurances that this operation will be limited in scope and nature and that this is not an attack on Syria’s sovereignty.  Since the Syrians ALSO have a problem with the Kurds, what that meant in plain English is “no worries, we will disrupt and suppress the Kurdish attempt to built some kind of Kurdish independent state and then we will limit ourselves to limited, punctual, operations if and when needed.  This is all in your interests too.”  Which is quite true!

Now the Russians are telling the Kurds: “you need to make a deal with Syria, because if you do not, the Turks will smash you“.

To the Turks, the Russians are probably saying: “If the Kurds agree to some autonomy under a unitary Syrian state, then Damascus will be responsible for law and order in northern Syria, which is the best you can hope for“.

I believe that this is exactly what will happen next.  That is also, in my opinion, the only viable solution for the Kurds.

Bottom line:

A lot of folks are saying that “the US has back-stabbed the Kurds“.  That is quite true, of course.

But if Russia was defending Israeli interests, why is nobody saying that “Russia back-stabbed Israel“?

Because this hypothesis is based on a false premise, that’s all!

As for those who promoted it, I leave you to decide whether they were sincerely wrong or whether they were trying to acquire some public visibility by voicing these imbecilic rumors.

Finally, I already see that a lot of news sources are now saying that Erdogan is planning an annexation of northern Syria.  This is what I make of this hypothesis:

  1. Even if true, this still means that the Israeli dream of some kind of independent Kurdistan will never happen.
  2. Whatever Ergodan did or did not promise the Russians and the Syrians, he fully realizes that Turkey cannot afford to let an anti-Kurdish operation turn into a shooting war with Russia and/or Syria.  Thus whatever solution Ankara would want to impose on northern Syria, it would have to be agree upon with Russia, Syria and, I would argue, Iran.  Israel is basically irrelevant now, especially since the US forces have left.
  3. Finally, see for yourself what the Chinese write (as opposed to the AngloZionist legacy media) about this (emphasis added):

    Both sides noted the importance of ensuring the unity and territorial integrity of Syria and respect for its sovereignty.
    MOSCOW, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) — Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed Ankara’s military operation in northern Syria over the phone, the Kremlin said Wednesday.”Putin called on Turkish partners to carefully weigh the situation so as not to damage the overall efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis,” the Kremlin said in a press release.”Both sides noted the importance of ensuring the unity and territorial integrity of Syria and respect for its sovereignty” it read. Earlier in the day, Erdogan announced that his country had launched a military operation in northern Syria against the Kurdish forces that Ankara considers terrorists and separatists.


The truth is simple: while Israel does have an effective 5th column inside Russia, and while it is sufficient to carefully “massage” the public discourse inside Russia about Israel (most Russians have no idea about the real nature and policies of the last openly and proudly racist state on the planet, at least those who get most of their info from the very philosemitic Russian public media), that 5th column has failed to affect major Russian foreign policy decisions.

Yes, the Russians are all happy to smile and say good things about the Israelis, but that sure does not mean that they don’t understand whom they are dealing with.  Likewise, those who need to know do know about the hatred most Israeli decision makers have for Russians, Christianity or even all non-Jews.

Maybe one day the prediction that Russia will become an Israeli/Zionist puppet will come true.  Maybe. But “maybe in the future” does not mean that it already has.  Besides, even an infinitesimal chance qualifies as “maybe”, but that hardly means that we can be confident, or even hopeful, that it will happen.  If I play the lottery tomorrow, I might win.  But that is not a reason to say that I have already won or that I will win tomorrow.

Conclusion: the hypothesis that Putin/Russia are working with, or for, the Israelis cannot be sustained.  Facts have conclusively falsified it (in fact, any honest and competent analysis of past facts would already also have done so too).

As for myself, I consider that the task is done, I have now conclusively debunked that toxic canard and I won’t waste any more of my time with this nonsense.

Here is my concluding advice: I recommend you carefully take down the names of the individuals and media sources who spread that toxic nonsense and remember that they lied to you this time when, the next time around, they come up with the next form of sensationalism, click-baiting and disinformation (which they will, trust me, that is all they can really do).

The Saker



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  • Valerianus Maximus

    An excellent summary and overview of the situation from The Saker.

    • klove and light

      maximus from tel aviv….lol

      • Mike

        Fuck off idiot.

  • klove and light

    lololol……… why bother writing an article About bullshit if it is bullshit???

    this is Zionist Propaganda in its Modus Operandi at its best.

    ps. the Question is not the “current” Invasion of N.E. syria by Turkey, but rather the DOOR that opened this possibility.And the DOOR ( the Invasion and occupation of AFRIN and IDLIB ) was opened by PUTIN.Period.Fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    second Point.

    So the TAF airforce BLASTS russian fighter jets out of the sky OVER SYRIAN AIRSPACE…………with absolutely ZERO reprecussions on the Military side?????

    So IDF airforce through its direct and coordinated Actions , lead to the destruction of a russian Military Observation plane with 12 dead…………………………with absolutely ZERO reprecussions on the Military side??????

    The , by their own account, over 2000+ bombing Raids by IDF on syria without ANY reprecussions.
    The security council resolutions regarding Libya and the no-fly Zone…….YES from Russia-Zionist plan
    The security council Resolution regarding Jemen and Houthis…… an arms Embargo AGAINST the houthis the defenders, yes from Russia, but like ALL other members selling the most advanced weapons to the agressor state, Saudi Arabia. -Zionist plan
    S-300 System for Iran. Contract SIGNED in 2005.non-compliance by Russia for years-zionist plan
    Delivery 2016 only AFTER Iran announced the development of their own System Bavar 373.

    and most importantly LISTEN to the Iranians…what they say…I Quote just from last month Minister Zarif(was also posted here at southfront in an article)

    ” We know who our true Friends are.Might I remind everybody , that during the brutal Invasion of Iran by Saddam Hussein , not ONE Country sold us weapons.Not ONE.But all sold to Saddam.The Germans sold Saddam chemicals.The French Mirage jets.The RUSSIANS Migs and tanks The americans……………..”

    nobody will be able to trick the persians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Saso Mange

      There are people who fall for such story and for them this is important read, along with other events from recent history. It’s not surprising, maybe is necessity… Someone smart once said that there are, on average :D about 96% of dumb and/or less interested people in the world. They fall for every propaganda BS out there, especially if it feels good for their imaginary world view.

      • Tommy Jensen

        Well, from my part you guys are not delivering one single argument. Only smear words.
        At least KAL opens for an discussion on his arguments, you guys dont. This doesn’t look good in your own CVs.

        • Saso Mange

          What smear word did i use? If you want discussion based on insults and emotions instead of one with good arguments i am not sure why you even bother replying? You wont find that with me, i deal with facts not fiction and my reply here can be statistically proven to be correct. Even trivial things have to be officially described and adopted, after good academic debate and consensus.

          • Tommy Jensen

            Mike: “scumbag”, “fock off idiot”, “you are full of shet”, “retarded”.
            Saso Mange: “propaganda BS”, “fall for such a story”, “96% are dumb to read it”.
            going brokes: “no one is listening to you”, “you clutch at straws”, “you can’t see”.
            verner: “you don’t think”, “unable to find logic”, “learn to think!”, “quit troll factory”
            1691: “no need to feed a parasite”.

          • Saso Mange

            Why you take my words out of context? That was very naive and childish from you so please go and bother someone of your intellectual level. If you cant read then do not bother replying for God’s sake.

    • goingbrokes

      You’re clutching at straws, don’t see the big picture, and no one’s listening.

    • Mike

      Go away scumbag.

  • Angelo Cinarelli

    HAAHAHAHAHA, Hooooo really? Russia is agree if Turkey invade nord of Siria? I did not know. If Erdogan invade the North of Syria (temporary) not only Russia is agree, but also Iran and Syria are agree. Turkey can fight the criminal warmongers USA.

    • Saso Mange

      It would be so satisfying if, in the end, the result of Turkey’s invasion actually help Syrian government to take the country back. That’s great possibility since Iran and Russia are more close to Turkey than Turkey’s NATO partners. For now.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, for once I agree, despite some previous wipping I see this as what have evolved lately, and the silence from the ISISrael side, they may have created some fuzz lately, but compared to the previous years the level is going down, so in an sense much of what happens isnt a surpirce, I expected it and hope it comes true, so Syria can be stable.

    But, hehe, it is always an but, I wounder what happens with the thousands of the so called ISIS, witch we all know is an umberella for various rat packs, witch is manily created by the same people whom is once again involved, where the insane Imperial banana republics senatwhores and whorespondents, is whining about betrayal, of the Kurds, and the Kurds fighter the eh….. terrorgroups, witch is highly questionable in the first place to witch extent etc, since some of this is blended with other Kurdish/eh….. “arabs/ trukish/syrians” aka SDF etc, where as they all have betrayed the Syrian people, and the even more hideous whining about the so called fight against ISIS, after years of bombing sand dunes, nothing in fact happened, ISIS just got bigger and biggers, more and more sphisticated arsenal, and men, to the day, Russians entered, the situation turned 180 degs in an hart beat, bombing kilometer long rowns of tankers, witch the Turks uh… and others by an miracle managed to overlook, and sold it to ISISrael and many people wounder why I attack the scums of this earth ISISraels because they where an majore part of the cash flow to the same “terrorists” the Impisses claim they where fighting, yeah, did you get that, huh.
    Its not complicated, its just that one have to scrap an multilayered level of lies, some parts not even mentioned and if its just as an drive by shooting, if you dont read it, you dont know about it, like the Erdogan familys involvements in the Syrian war.

    But, again, if they, and I mean the Turks, since then a lot of things have occured like the idiotic coup atempt/s and whom eventually saved the Turks asses, and the economic situation that have evolved since, where most of it can be traced to the Imperial banana republic and its vassals, the region may as well thank Turks for making the end of this years of wars come to be an option, it is maybe the first time we indeed can see an end to it, and the Kurds have loost, they where betraying them selds and the region, and have no symphaty what so ever, they are the onces whom have to surended, be an part of the land and Syria.

    So, yeah, and even Trump, whom would have thought that, makes sense, sprinkling a bit drive,l we can live with, since most of it is for dommestic abuse, but what comes is stil just an hope, that they leave the region entirly, and stil there is an majore uncertanty, and thats the Al-CIAdas (ZATOs) happy head chopping friends, where do they go next, since its already be reported bombings of prisons where the keep the rats in leash and what is the destiny for this thousands of scums, that, is one of the burning qestions left, the rest, as said above isnt that much of an consern, but to the overall image, I wounder what comes next if they, the Impisses whom have made them, to what next senario are they going to be displaced.

    Blessed be, never the less, the peacemakers.


    • jerry

      the only true concept in your post was that it took a super power like Russia to turn the tide on ISIS. The US refused under both Obama and Trump, and just made a show effort. And tiny Israel wasn’t going to get into the fray between multiple Islamic factions, so was also almost completely on the side line.

      But it is also true that the Kurds with US support and Israeli intelligence did inflict real damage on ISIS. They just weren’t large enough to do the job Russia was able.

  • Saso Mange

    One of the most effective tactics used to shape public opinion is made around ”where there’s smoke there’s fire”. Zionist propaganda machine has abused that for years (evidence is all around, for example all sorts of accusations and empty words – from sex assault allegations over to state sponsored murders like that of inspector for Iraqi WMD’s).

    Now we all understand that it is very unrealistic for Russia and Israel to be cooperating on many issues but a lot of public falls for it. All that can be done is not to feed the fire.

    One of the largest hits to Israeli regional dominance was Russian support for Assad.
    But i feel stupid for saying things like ”Israeli regional dominance” since they are too tiny to be dominant anywhere outside of the prison which they’ve made for Palestinian people but they, Israeli politicians, they are unmatched in scheming and lies. Legacy of colonial project started by Herzl.

    • jerry

      one of the most effective tactics used to try and shape public opinion against Israel is the “where’s there’s smoke there’s fire” propaganda machine abused by the Israel haters for years.

      all sorts of accusations and empty words ranging from “Israel is Isis” to “Zionism is racism” etc etc.

      • Saso Mange

        Zionism is racism.

        • jerry

          that’s complete horse manure. That rhetoric was started by the Russians when they were throwing Jews in prison for trying to get to Israel.

          Zionism is anti-racism because it is anti-Supremacism.

          Zionism is the antidote to the Christian and Islamic supremacist concepts that had been oppressing and murdering the Jewish community for over 1000 years.

          Zionism makes no distinctions on race, and accepts all oppressed Jews from around the globe regardless of race.

          Israeli Zionist Jews are Black, Brown, and White. And most Israelis are indistinguishable from most Palestinians as far as “race” goes. Standing side by side, they look identical.

          • RichardD

            That’s quite the litany of hasbara lies. 99% of Israeli Jews are immigrants or descended from recent Zionist immigrants and most are anti Semitic racist AshkeNAZI Europeans with little or no discernible middle eastern, let alone Hebrew Jew DNA. Who’ve been victimizing and oppressing Palestinians, who are Semites, for the entire history of modern Zionism.

            “”Zionists looked forward to a practically complete dispossession of the present non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine, by various forms of purchase”.[21] Nearly 90% of the Palestinian population was emphatically against the entire Zionist program.[21]

            The report noted that there is a principle that the wishes of the local population must be taken into account and that there is widespread anti-Zionist feeling in Palestine and Syria, and the holy nature of the land to Christians and Moslems as well as Jews must preclude solely Jewish dominion. It also noted that Jews at that time comprised only 10% of the population of Palestine. …

            “nor can the erection of such a Jewish State be accomplished without the gravest trespass upon the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”.[citation needed] The latter statement was based on the assumption that an army of at least 50,000 would be required to establish Jewish ownership by force.”

            – King–Crane Commission –


          • jerry

            your percentages are baloney. at the time of the founding, some 700,000 Jews in Arabia were expelled by the surrounding nations for no reason other than being Jewish and most of them went to Israel.

            as for the reference to Jews purchasing land in Israel – nothing wrong with that.

            As for anti-Zionism in Arabia — yes. The Muslim Arab cultures are steeped in deeply rooted Islamic Supremacist concepts and their Jewish populations were heavily subjugated and discriminated against for nearly 1000 years. Bigoted concepts about Jews and Jewish character are today still taught in their schools and all over their media and movies etc. They see a non-Islamic state in their midst as an affront to Islam and are therefore “anti-Zionist.”

          • RichardD

            That’s a dodge and a lie, you haven’t disproven anything that I’ve posted. The King Crane commission report is an official US Government document that is publicly available.

          • jerry

            I proved you ridiculous percentage is false due to the 700,000 influx of Arabian Jews.

            I addressed the reports point about purchasing land — nothing wrong with buying land.

            And I acknowledged the jew-hate in Arabia, which is the root of the “anti-Zionism” noted in that report.

          • RichardD

            You’re a lying idiot who hasen’t disproven anything that I’ve posted. Though I’ve disproven a great deal of the hasbara propaganda and lies that you’re spamming these threads with with quality proof.

            Immigrants from Arab nations doesn’t disprove that 99% of Israeli Jews are immigrants or descendants of recent immigrants. It proves that they are immigrants you fool.

            Arab anti Zionism doesn’t disprove that 90% of Palestinians were against the Zionist project. And that an armed force of 50,000 would be necessary for the Jews to establish Israel over the objections of the Arabs who were 90% of the population at the time that the report was written. Or that the Zionists were planning a massive ethnic cleansing campaign to get rid of the Palestinians so that the Jews could take over Palestine.

          • Saso Mange

            Mossad was organizing attacks on Jewish communities in Arab world with intention to make them immigrate to Israel. Israel needed immigrants because they had no enough population in early 1950’s and 1960’s. There are numerous documented cases of Mossad orchestrated attacks in :
            Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Algeria and so on. Whats even more interesting is that Mossad organized attacks in Belgium, France, Britain too.
            ADL was registered terrorist and hate group. JDL was also registered hate group. Nowadays those two groups are shaping American public opinion to large extent and are registered as domestic instead of foreign groups.
            So, in short, Israel attacked Jews in other nations for the same reason why Zionists were cooperating with Nazis from early 1930’s, cooperation which resulted in ”Transfer agreement” and that was the so called ”final solution” – deportation of European Jews to Middle East, Ethiopia or Madagascar. Pick fell on Palestine because of resources and myth about God’s chosen race.
            Read something other than Hasbara myths please.

          • jerry

            this is total BS.

            First – it is true that early Jewish leadership worked a miracle by negotiating the saving of thousands of Jews from the Nazis. You can call that “cooperating” but the reality is that they saved every one of those people from torture and murder.

            Second, the ADL was never a “registered terrorist and hate group”. It has always been the exact opposite – from the first day until today. The ADL has done nothing but advocate against bigotry and racism.

            Third, The JDL has about 4 members and has zero influence over anything, even themselves. Most of their leadership has been murdered or committed suicide.

            Fourth, there were no Mossad attacks on Jews.

            There is a ludicrous Iranian allegation that Israeli was behind some bomb attacks in very poor Iranian communities where Jews lived to encourage emigration. That theory was put forth by the Iranian Mullahs and widely accepted by Iranians – even tho it makes zero sense because at the time of the bombing Iranian Jews were already emigrating and signed up for emigrating in HUGE numbers, and Israel was actually struggling to accommodate them. The Mullahs never the less imprisoned and I think executed Iranians they claimed must have been “agents” for Israel. Disgusting.

            The Egyptian Mossad “false flag” operation in the 1950s targeted Egyptian targets like Post Offices etc, not Jews – and had nothing at all to do with emigration. They blamed it on the Muslim Brotherhood to try and keep England in the Suez Canal zone. They knew the combined ARab armies were likely to attack again and believed keeping the British close would help stave off that attack.

          • Saso Mange

            No, that is true. Jews had no need to be saved from Germany at the time in which early Zionists were organizing the immigration. Palestine project started in 1897, officially. You are wrong by 4 decades.

          • jerry

            this is foolishness. every jew who escaped before the German killing machine became operation absolutely “needed to be saved.”

            you were speaking about the Zionists that saved the Jews from Germany by negotiating with the Nazis — not 4 decades earlier

            these people were heroes – and now we have so many wonderful souls alive and having children because of those efforts

          • Saso Mange
          • jerry

            yes — every single life they brought out of Germany was saved.

          • RichardD

            The way to deal with your evil cult and criminal organization that pedophile rapes 1,000 children every week worldwide with blood sucking Jew cannibal prostitutes is to outlaw it, close and demolish the synagogues and yeshivas, and replace Israel with a unified Palestine so that Jews go extinct and the planet is Jew free.

          • jerry

            well, at least you have revealed yourself as the hating racist crack pot that you are.

          • RichardD

            You’re the lying head case defending a pedophile mass rape cult:

            “metzitzah b’peh — requires a mohel, the person performing the circumcision, to suck blood from the incision on an infant’s penis. …

            According to the Health Department, 24 cases of herpes have been linked to circumcision since 2000. Two of the infants died and two others suffered brain damage.”

            – New case of neonatal herpes caused by Jewish circumcision –


          • RichardD
          • jerry

            straight KKK stuff. (none of those “quotes” are in the Talmud by the way)

          • RichardD

            Then disprove it. The Saker has a rabbi in Israel advocating Talmudic Jewish racism and murder of non Jews, preaching this criminal Jewish ideology on video tape with written quotes:

            – A Crash Course on the True Causes of “Anti-Semitism” –


          • jerry

            just proving more of your bigotry. I actually listened to the rabbi’s speech you referred me to.

            You claim that he argues for the “racist murder of nonJews”. But he never says anything like that.

            What he does say is — in war with the Jewish State, the lives of the Jewish soldiers are more important to the Jewish State than those of the enemy soldiers. There is nothing about murder and nothing “racist”.

            In fact – most Americans other than the most extreme Leftist would say the same — “in a war with the United States, the lives of US soldiers are more important than the lives of the enemy soldiers.”

            I live in the US, and I agree with that statement. It’s not that controversial. And it’s not “racist” and it’s not “murder”.

          • RichardD

            You’re a habitual liar who hasn’t disproven anything that I’ve posted.

            Killing non combatants is murder and a war crime. And the Jew cult leader’s brain washing spiel is full of Judaic racism where he calls non Jews snakes who should be killed and says that they’re inferior to Jews.

            “In late February 2019, a United Nations Human Rights Council’s independent commission found that of 489 cases of Palestinian deaths or injuries analysed only two were possibly justified as responses to danger by Israeli security forces”

            – 2018–19 Gaza border protests –


            “The Gaza War and the Killing of Non-Combatants in Warfare

            It is clearly forbidden by Torah Law to endanger Israeli soldiers to protect “innocent ” Gazans. This lecture by HaRav David Bar-Hayim deals with the reason why Rabbis are not speaking out on this life and death issue. …

            Next, here are key statements from the beginning of this lecture posted along their time-stamp so you can check for their authenticity:

            09:20 The Torah teaches that the life of a Jew is more precious than the life of a non-Jew.
            10:00 God (HaShem) prefers Jews to non-Jews and gives them a special status.
            11:00 The notion that Jews and non-Jews are equally precious to God contradicts the spirit of the Torah from beginning to end.
            16:40 According to Shimon bar Yochia (aka Rashbi) “the best of non-Jews should be killed in warfare” because just as Jews cannot know if a snake approaching you is venomous or not, Jews cannot know which non-Jew is a danger to then.
            25:16 Jews must assume that it is likely that any non-Jew they meet does not live by the Noahide Laws.
            Here an explanation is needed about the so-called “Noahide Laws”. According to Wikipedia (as use it as the hyper-politically-correct source) the Noahide Laws are a “are a set of imperatives which, according to the Talmud, were given by God as a binding set of laws for the “children of Noah” – that is, all of humanity”. Here are these laws as listed by Maimonides himself:

            Prohibition of Idolatry
            Prohibition of Blasphemy
            Prohibition of Homicide
            Prohibition of Sexual Immorality
            Prohibition of Theft
            Prohibition of Limb of a Living Creature
            Imperative of Legal System
            Sounds “kinda not modern”, but hey, that is no “worse” than the 10 Commandants, right? Wrong! Wrong for two crucial reasons. First, the penalty for breaking any one of these laws, at least according to Rabbi David Bar-Hayim, is death (listen to the lecture for yourself!).”

            – A Crash Course on the True Causes of “Anti-Semitism” –


          • jerry

            Israel has a far better record than the USA and most western nations in REDUCING the numbers of civilian deaths in close-quarter Urban warfare. Check out the numbers of Civilians we killed in Falujia, or in Afghanistan — many many tens of thousands.

            And EVERY nation on the planet tries not to increase the danger to their own soldiers out of concern for civilians.

            That’s why the USA for example was using so many drones under Bush and Obama – rather than send in ground troops — even tho such use increased civilian deaths.

          • RichardD

            The Gaza border protests that the video is referring to aren’t close quarters urban combat. They’re unarmed demonstrators in open farm fields and the UN report makes it explicitly clear that the shootings aren’t justified to protect Israeli security forces.

          • jerry

            You mentioned the Gaza War and collateral damage and on that issue the Israelis have done a FAR better job in reducing civilian deaths than most any other country on the planet.

            As for the current Gazan efforts to infiltrate the border – there has been very little “collateral damage” there. There have been mass attacks on the border, sometimes accompanied with Molotov cocktails, explosives, guns and knives – and there has been occasional live fire in response. (The UN actually refers to these as “peaceful” which certainly puts their credibility in the toilet. It’s no secret that when it comes to Israel, there is almost nothing that can be relied on coming from the UN.)

            the Israelis are not taking pot shots at people just standing in a field with a sign, as you try to describe it.

            This is the position of the Gazans — and what Israel is facing – they are willing to murder all of their own girls in an effort to murder Jews. http://www.thepolitics.online/2019/08/hamas-threatens-to-put-suicide-vest-on.html?fbclid=IwAR0cAIcNRHB8HSC8B6o-ejOnZz6h6I7Nf-S6bvZqOHTqXadxgLZ8ZUtABhM

          • RichardD

            You haven’t disproven anything that I’ve posted, including from the UN. Whereas I’ve disproven your lies over and over again. You’re a habitual chronic liar trying to divert attention from massive Israeli crimes against humanity by falsely claiming that:

            “there has been occasional live fire in response.”

            When the truth is that:

            – Israeli snipers have shot 6,392 protesters in lower limbs this year –


            99% of whom are unarmed demonstrators who pose no imminent threat to Israeli security forces justifying shooting them. And these are partial numbers, the total is much higher. And include dozens of medical personnel. In just one day the IDF criminals shot 19:

            “A Canadian doctor, Tarek Loubani, was one of 19 medical personnel shot on 14 May.”

            – 2018–19 Gaza border protests –


          • Saso Mange

            Jerry do you even think about what you are writing. Look at this please, your words :
            ”Zionism makes no distinctions on race, and accepts all oppressed Jews from around the globe regardless of race.”

            That’s Jewish supremacy for fuck sake man. Jews regardless of RACE!? Zionism teaches that Jews are the race, Jewish race. Please learn about Zionism before you try to preach about it.
            ”Jewish state” with other ethnicity groups being 2nd or 3rd grade citizens (which new state laws prove) is classic example of supremacy, racism and apartheid in the end.
            It isn’t enough to write catchy phrases in your defense. You can sell that shit to uneducated bunch but not to me.

            There are more than two million non-Jews in Israel. And there are million of security checkpoints all over the occupied land.
            No dictator in history had so many security checkpoint which are, by definition, contrary to every democratic value and to separation of powers as such.

          • jerry

            ”Zionism makes no distinctions on race, and accepts all oppressed Jews from around the globe regardless of race.”

            nothing at all “supremacist” about providing refuge to people in need.

            Your argument is like saying it is “supremacist” for a fire department to put water on the house that is burning, and not on all the other houses at the same time.

            There is a proven need for a refuge for Jews – providing that refuge does not suggest in the slightest that there is anything about Jews that is “better” than anyone else.

            There are no second or third grade legal set of rights for non-Jewish Israeli citizens. All citizens have equal rights.

            Security check points in the West Bank have nothing to do with supremacy concepts or “race.” It has to do with security check points given the multiple wars and attacks from the West Bank population.

            Security check points are not in any way “contrary to separation of powers” nor “democratic values”. The US and all other military occupations utilized security check points, and those checkpoints increase in number wherever attacks are more likely without them. In fact, they have been largely effective though not entirely — the killings of Israeli civilians (Jewish and non-Jewish) has gone down remarkably from the time of the Intifadha’s because of the checkpoints and the security wall.

          • Saso Mange

            ””Zionism makes no distinctions on race, and accepts all oppressed Jews from around the globe regardless of race.”

            nothing at all “supremacist” about providing refuge to people in need.”

            You still do not get it. That wall of text does not disprove my point.

          • Saso Mange

            Zionism is the definition of supremacism. Do not make me laugh. Heard about ”great minds think alike”. Well, no wonder why Zionism was always on the side of supremacism like that of South Africa.
            You can write BS as much as you want but even if you repeat a lie it wont make it became truth you know.

            I have to quote you, because you wrote beautiful joke :D Here it is :

            ”Zionism is anti-Supremacist” – Jerry. Ho ho ho

  • verner

    klove and light is a tel aviv based troll who can be discounted without even reading one word of the tripe he submits. and in fact the same applies to dear old zionism = evil, both disseminating fake news/info in a speed induced manner!

  • klove and light

    Russian and the United States have used their veto power at the United Nations Security Council to vote down a European statement against Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria.
    The council held a closed meeting on Thursday to discuss Ankara’s military incursion, which began on Wednesday despite widespread warnings by world leaders.

    Russia USA

    Two sides of the same coin.
    Zionist controlled

    • verner

      you don’t think and are apparently unable to find the logic in what goes on. stay at home, learn to read and learn to think! a) it won’t hurt and b) will do you a world of good and c) quit the tel aviv troll factory and d) throw away the yarmulke, pronto!

      • 1691

        Why don’t you ignore k& whatever? Are you feeding it? No need to feed the parasites.

    • Mike

      Your full of shit, either your retarded or you are disinfo troll.

    • jerry

      If only. It really would be great if the US and Russia embraced the concept of Zionism. Perhaps Israel could be left in peace.

      that would be spectacular. If other nations just left Israel alone so many problems would disappear.

  • verner

    the saker gets it right except that I would deem israel far far away from the russian interests. russia tolerates israel but no more and the fact that a large percentage of israelis have russian background is of little interest for Kreml since they actually deserted russia and placed themselves outside of russia’s sphere of interest.

    • S Melanson

      I agree with Saker as well. I think their is some split in the Kremlin regarding attitude towards Israel. Putin more amenable and Shoigu who is hostile and each has supporters and detractors.

      Also, Putin sees the large Russian population in Israel as creating a special bond between Russia and Israel and this can be found as a theme in Putin public statements over the past decade or more. This reflects adoption of a Eurasianist outlook – research Russia and foreign policy theoretical framework of Constructivism – Eurasian branch. Israeli foreign policy is Realism (offensive branch).

      If you examine these two theoretical frameworks, you can see how it explains Putin and Netanyahu complex relationship.

      • jerry

        agreed that Israel has a strong Russian cultural component. Lots of Russian speakers.

        Good waiters in Jerusalem speak Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English.

    • jerry

      Russia tolerates Israel because it is one of the few sane governments in the region. Russia has not been on the side of Israel only because the USA has been with Israel. Israel’s ties to the US have kept Israel from helping Russia at all, so that’s why there’s been a distance.

      One fallout from the Trump presidency – and from the possibility of an anti-Israel president taking his place — is that Israel and Russia are to some extent getting pushed together. Israel’s situation is too perilous for it to be not making alliances as best it can.

  • Harvey Swinestein

    Good article and well said!

  • RichardD

    “Israel is basically irrelevant now, especially since the US forces have left.”

    The US hasn’t left, they only pulled back from the border. Israel is far from irrelevant as long as the US is in Syria and providing air cover for US and SDF forces south of the border.

    The US and by extension Israel are almost certainly trying to co opt the Turks as Yinon plan partition partners in preparation for doing the same thing to Turkey that they’re doing to Syria if the Turks are stupid enough to take the bait.

    • verner

      turkey won’t ever do a deal with israel. erdogan hates israel and would much rather be part of the¨
      operation that finalizes israels existence, you might say that erdogan favours the one state solution and that is not israel being the one state.

      I further believe that trump is in the process to reclaim the powers that the two previous presidents
      handed over to pentagon, nsa, foggy bottom and so on. it was g w bush and dumb obama that gave up some of the executive powers to those institutions and which they now find hard to give back. trump is after all trying to put in play his election promises to end the wars and that is at least what appears to be the case. trump envisages himself as the undisputed commander in chief whose decisions shan’t be countermanded by the rabble (general so and so of pentagon, pompeo, bolton, abrams and so on) and that is where he’s going. and otherwise he’s a vain person who actually believes he can do better eye to eye than with a lot of guns, missiles etc although he is a bit in favour of sanctions.

      • RichardD

        If the entire Yinon plan regime change axis of terror war against Syria. Of which Turkey was and is the primary co facilitator along with the US isn’t a deal with Israel and the vermin Jew. I don’t know what is.

        Yinon plan A was regime change, that failed. The Turks and the rest of the Zionist axis of terror lost. Plan B was Kurdish Israelistan. That doesn’t work for the Turks and they’re putting a stop to it. I’d be very surprised if plan C isn’t co opting the Turks as partition partners.

        Erdogan is talking about spending $27 billion on a massive demographic engineering project in the northern Syrian areas under Turkish control. Zionist axis of terror members have been talking about this type of safe zone partition project from as soon as refugees started to become a problem early in the war.

        This has got replacing Assad must go with Syria doesn’t get the safe zone back until a Zionist axis of terror government is installed in Damascus written all over it. As a stepping stone to a secession referendum in areas under Turkish and possibly joint US control that are demographically engineered to pass it.

        So do I trust the Turks at this stage? No. Can something be worked out with them that works for both Syria and Turkey along the lines of what Lavrov is talking about? Maybe.

        My view is that moving the SAA and company across the river and up to the Turkish DMZ to finish getting the US out of the NE and decommissioning the SDF retreating in front of the Turkish advance. Would put the Syrians in a much stronger position to facilitate a normalization of relations with the Turks and a negotiated withdrawal of the Turks from along the northern border.

        While maintaining a Turkish military presence in Syria to help with clearing the IDF out of the occupied territories.

        As far as Trump goes. He’s facing defeat in 2020 if he doesn’t change course. And that’s what he’s trying to do. How effective he’ll be at getting anything done remains to be seen. Most Americans want out of the forever wars.

        The entire Zionist designed and administered US political system is built to fabricate and perpetuate them. It needs to be replaced with something better. The US and our planet should be dejudified by outlawing Judaism and humanely assimilating former Jews into Jew free societies.

        • Saso Mange

          Not every Jew is the enemy. That said I do agree with rest of your post, well said. Torah is not Talmud.

          • RichardD

            Why wouldn’t you want to outlaw a criminal organization like Judaism that institutionally mass rapes 1,000 children every week?

          • Saso Mange

            Oh. We’ve talked already about this I just realised its you man lol you have your opinion and I know its strong one so no need to discuss it really as we did long time ago.

          • RichardD

            I don’t recall it. But judging from the dodge you support pedophile rape. Taking children’s virginity at birth with blood sucking Jew cannibal prostitutes, infecting the children with venereal disease, brain damaging and murdering them during evil cult rituals carried out by a criminal organization. Which makes you part of the problem.

          • Saso Mange

            Oh don’t be silly. If i do not support the notion that all Jews are bad it makes me pedophile supporter? That logic is flawed man.

            Such behavior is actually helping Zionism to play on the victim card. You are helping them more than you know. FYI there are Jews who are true to Torah and not to Rabbinic evil of the Talmud.
            But as i said i have good memory and i do not want to waste time arguing about this all over again. Maybe you have memory issues ;)

          • RichardD

            I didn’t ask you if you thought all Jews were bad. I asked you why you wouldn’t want to outlaw an evil pedophile mass rape cult like Judaism that institutionally rapes 1,000 children every week worldwide? And you dodged the question twice. You claim that you answered the question months or years ago. I think that you’re lying and making false accusations.

          • Saso Mange

            And one more thing, can you provide proof for ‘institutional rape”. Any solid proof.

          • RichardD

            Can you provide proof that you ever answered the question? I don’t think that you can. Oral copulation with a minor is felony statutory rape:


          • Saso Mange

            Muslims also circumcise, not sure why Jews suck the blood but if it’s their way, regardless of how crazy it seems… It’s their life and i do not give a fuck, as long as it’s their own kids. Each to his own. That’s basic freedom. If they kidnap other peoples kids, then we have a problem.

          • RichardD

            So you are a pedophile supporter and a two faced hypocrite talking out of both sides of your mouth. It’s not basic freedom. It’s felony statutory rape that non Jews go to prison for every day.

          • Saso Mange

            Again you resort to smear, that is Zionist tactic.

          • RichardD

            It’s called truth, your hatred of it is your problem. You’re the blood sucking Jew pedophile supporter. You’re also a liar as well as a hypocrite.

            “Smear …

            2. damage the reputation of (someone) by false accusations; slander.”


          • Saso Mange

            Again, you look bad. This isn’t about me. You are doing a favor to Zionists, here take a shekel.

          • RichardD

            Exactly how is exposing Jew crime and evil and Zionist pedophile supporting shills like you doing the Zionists a favor?

          • RichardD

            What Jewish denomination doesn’t use the Talmud? I’m not aware of any. And I’ve looked.

          • Saso Mange

            I am not sure about that. Talmud is Rabbinical interpretation of Torah and many Rabbis pollute the Judaism in favor of Zionism. Hell, they even polluted Christianity as was well explained in now infamous letter to David Goldstein (oh those names).
            Sheperdic Jews have different approach i believe.

          • RichardD

            In other words you don’t know what you’re talking about and can’t prove that some Jewish denominations don’t use the Talmud.

          • Saso Mange

            Can you prove that all of them use Talmud? That is dumb argument you made there.

          • RichardD

            Yes, all of the Jewish denominations that I’m aware of use the Talmud. I haven’t seen a single one that doesn’t. That’s the proof. I’m not going to waste my time listing them. It’s like asking do all Christians use the bible? You’re the one making a dumb argument.

          • Saso Mange

            Torah is the Jewish equivalent of the holy Bible. Not Talmud.

          • RichardD

            The Talmud is the oral Torah that was later codified into a written form. The Hebrew bible is the Christian old testament. The Hebrew bible is combined with the Talmud to form the Torah. The Jews don’t use the Christian new testament.

          • Saso Mange

            That might be true but i still can not put all Jews in the same basket.

          • RichardD

            You support them raping their children. Taking their virginity at birth with cannibal prostitutes, infecting them with venereal disease, brain damaging and murdering them. Zionist pedophile supporters like you are part of the problem.

          • RichardD

            “The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.

            RICO predicate offenses …

            offenses covered under the Federal criminal code (Title 18)”

            – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act –



            § 2241. Aggravated sexual abuse
            § 2242. Sexual abuse
            § 2243. Sexual abuse of a minor or ward
            § 2244. Abusive sexual contact
            § 2245. Offenses resulting in death
            § 2246. Definitions for chapter
            § 2247. Repeat offenders …

            (c)Offenses Involving Young Children.—
            If the sexual contact that violates this section (other than subsection (a)(5)) is with an individual who has not attained the age of 12 years, the maximum term of imprisonment that may be imposed for the offense shall be twice that otherwise provided in this section.”

            – U.S. Code CHAPTER 109A—SEXUAL ABUSE –


          • Saso Mange

            That’s crazy, 12 years? Such lunacy.

          • RichardD

            You support raping, infecting them with venereal disease, brain damaging, and murdering children. Jew pedophile supporting miscreants like you are part of the problem.

          • Saso Mange

            You are just an arrogant hater which your constant accusation that i am supporting pedophiles proves. If someone has less radical view than you he must be radicalized. Do you even realize how great of logical fallacy you’ve just made in this thread?

          • RichardD

            You’re a pervert and a degenerate.

            Your words, not mine:

            “Jews suck the blood … It’s their life and i do not give a fuck, as long as it’s their own kids.”

          • Saso Mange

            Cherry picking won’t wash your stupid claims.

          • RichardD

            You’re a complete moron. It’s your statement supporting Jew pedophile rape, injury and murder.

            My statements are factual, there’s nothing stupid about them. You’re wasting my time talking out of both sides of your mouth with your two faced lies and false allegations.

          • Saso Mange

            You are ignored from now on. You lack both knowledge, reasoning and ability to talk in civilized manner.

          • RichardD

            LOL, coming from a depraved pervert shilling for Jew pedophile rape infecting children with venereal disease, brain damaging and murdering them. And allowing the sex offenders to continue their crimes 1,000 times a week with impunity. Talk about blame shifting by falsely accusing someone of being guilty of being uncivilized when you’re guilty of in spades.

            You’re a truth hater who doesn’t like having your face in your filthy lies and depravity.

  • Ole C G Olesen

    Correct Saker !— The wild card is Erdogan … where we do not know his real agenda or the consistency of his promises . Regarding Russia and the JOOs .. Well ..since the Majority of the TRIBE left Russia .. more than 3 million of them in the 50ties .. claiming to have been ” Victims ” of the system .. where the truth was .. they had been ” the System “… in the process transforming from fanatic Bolsheviks into rabbid Neo Cons ..the Danger to Russia has been sharply reduced . On the other side the danger to the West .. has increased considerably ever since syncroneous with their arrival in Western Lands.. as evidenced by the Deroute observed here… I must congratulate the reborn Russia to this fortunate chain of events .. whereas i lament the consequences for the ” West ” …. A shame they havent discovered it there.. TO THEIR DETRIMONY !

  • Mike

    That article is driving that idiot klove and light into a frenzy of illogic and stupidity. He should be lumped in with toronto tonto as the toe fungus that wont leave this site.

  • S Melanson

    This is a well written thought provoking article by the Saker and will encourage needed debate on the complex situation in Syria.

    I have predicted correctly the unfolding disaster for the Coalition in Yemen for over a year now – although surprised by the survival skills of MbS. This took a fair amount of critical thinking and connecting the dots but was doable.

    And then there is Syria…

  • Tommy Jensen

    My advise to the parties is, try to sink and get better to English. Manbij is not an Israeli issue.

  • Hos Ng

    if Turkey really helps Syria regain its sovereignty…then a large number of greedy opportunists would turn on the radical zioterrorists everywhere and the unraveling of the sabatean frankist sect would start.

  • jerry

    true that Russia follows it’s own agenda and has no inclination or obligation to help Israel. Israel is seeking a closer alliance with Russia now that Trump has shown even he can’t be trusted. (Duh)

    Israel has zero control over anyone other than itself. All the conspiracy theory bull crap is just that.

  • jerry

    It is true also that a free Kurdish state would be wonderful for the region, and is supported by Israel if it could come true somehow.

    That’s because the Kurds are among the more sane groups in the region – as compared to the religious zealotry driven Iran, Saudi Arabia, Hamas, Turkey, Pakistan, Hezbollah etc etc.

    Other than Israel the Kurds are among the most forward thinking in terms of tolerance of faith, promotion of education for women, freedom of speech etc etc. It would really help move the region into the modern world. Israel is hoping that such a free state would be a natural ally of theirs, or at least not an enemy like the others.