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The Saker: “Can the EU become a partner for Russia?”

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Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

The re-nomination (albeit somewhat reshuffled) of the “economic block” of the Medvedev government has elicited many explanations, some better than others.  Today I want to look at one specific hypothesis which can be summed up like this: Putin decided against purging the (unpopular) “economic block” from the Russian government because he wanted to present the EU with “known faces” and partners EU politicians would trust.  Right now, with Trump’s insane behavior openly alienating most European leaders, this is the perfect time to add a Russian “pull” to the US “push” and help bring the EU closer to Russia.  By re-appointing Russian “liberals” (that is a euphemism for WTO/WB/IMF/etc types) Putin made Russia look as attractive to the EU as possible.  In fact, the huge success of the Saint Petersburg summit and the Parliamentary Forum is proof that this strategy is working.

This hypothesis is predicated on one crucial assumption: that the EU, under the right conditions, could become a partner for Russia.

But is that assumption warranted?  I personally don’t believe that it is, and I will try to lay out the reasons for my skepticism:

First, there is no “EU”, at least not in political terms.  More crucially, there is no “EU foreign policy”.  Yes, there are EU member states, who have political leaders, there is a big business community in the EU and there are many EU organizations, but as such, the “EU” does not exist, especially not in terms of foreign policy.  The best proof of that is how clueless the so-called “EU” has been in the Ukraine, then with the anti-Russian sanctions, in dealing with an invasion of illegal immigrants, and now with Trump.  At best, the EU can be considered a US protectorate/colony, with some subjects “more equal than others” (say, the UK versus Greece).  Most (all?) EU member states are abjectly obedient to the USA, and this is no surprise considering that even the so-called “EU leader” or “EU heavyweight” – Germany – only has very limited sovereignty.  The EU leaders are nothing but a comprador elite which doesn’t give a damn about the opinions and interests of the people of Europe.  The undeniable fact is that the so-called “EU foreign policy” has gone against the vital interests of the people of Europe for decades and that phenomenon is only getting worse.

The Saker: "Can the EU become a partner for Russia?"

Welcome to Europe!

Second, the single most powerful and unified organization in Europe is not even an EU organization, but NATO.  And NATO, in real terms, is no less than 80% USA.  Forget about those fierce looking European armies, they are all a joke.  Not only do they represent no credible force (being too small, too poorly trained, under-equipped and poorly commanded), but they are completely dependent on the USA for a long list of critical capabilities and “force multipliers“: command, control, communications, intelligence, networking, surveillance, reconnaissance, target acquisition, logistics, etc.  Furthermore, in terms of training, force planning, weapon systems procurement, deployment and maintenance, EU states are also totally dependent on the USA.  The reason?  The US military budget totally dwarfs anything individual EU states can spend, so they all depend on Uncle Sam.  Of sure, the NATO figurehead – the Secretary General – is usually a non-entity which makes loud statements and is European (I think of that clown Stoltenberg as the prefect example), but NATO is not run by the NATO Secretary General. In reality, it is run by the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), who is the head of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) and these guys are as red, white an blue as it gets.  Forget about the “Eurocorps” or any other so-called “European armies” – it’s all hot air, like Trudeau’s recent outburst at Trump.  In reality in the EU, as in Canada, they all know who is boss.  And here is the single most important fact: NATO desperately needs Russia as justification for its own existence: if relations with Russia improve, then NATO would have no more reason to exist.  Do you really think that anybody will let that happen?  I sure don’t!  And right now, the Europeans are busy asking for more US troops on their soil, not less and they are all pretending to be terrified by a Russian invasion, hence the need for more and bigger military exercises close to the Russian border.  And just to cover all its bases, NATO is now gradually expanding into Latin America.

Third, there is a long list of EU governments which vitally need further bad relationships with Russia.  They include:

  1. Unpopular governments which need to explain their own failures by the nefarious actions of an external bogyman.  A good example is how the Spanish authorities blamed Russia for the crisis in Catalonia.  Or the British with their “Brexit”.  The Swedes are doing even better, they are already preparing their public opinion for a “Russian interference” in case the election results don’t turn out to be what they need.
  2. Governments whose rhetoric has been so hysterically anti-Russian that they cannot possibly back down from it.  Best examples: the UK and Merkel.  But since most (but not all) EU states did act on the Skripal false-flag on the basis of the British “highly likely” and in the name of “solidarity”, they are now all stuck as accomplices of this policy.  There is *no way* they are simply going to admit that they were conned by the Brits.
  3. EU prostitutes: states whose only policy is to serve the USA against Russia.  These states compete against each other in the most abject way to see who can out-brown-nose each other for the position of “most faithful and willing loyal servant of the USA”.  The best examples are, of course, the three Baltic statelets, but the #1 position has to go to the “fiercely patriotic Poles” who are now willing to actually pay Uncle Sam to be militarily occupied (even though the very same Uncle Sam is trying to racketeer them for billions of dollars).  True, now that EU subsidies are running out, the situation of these states is becoming even more dire, and they know that the only place where they can still get money is the USA.  So don’t expect them to change their tune anytime soon (even if Bulgaria has already realized that nobody in the West gives a damn about it).
  4. Governments who want to crack down on internal dissent by accusing any patriotic or independent political party/movement to be “paid by the Kremlin” and representing Russian interests.  The best example is France and how it treated the National Front.  I would argue that most EU states are, in one way or another, working on creating a “national security state” because they do realize (correctly) that the European people are deeply frustrated and oppose EU policies (hence all the anti-EU referendums lost by the ruling elites).

Contrary to a very often repeated myth, European business interests do not represent a powerful anti-russophobic force.  Why?  Just look at Germany: for all the involvement of Germany (and Merkel personally) in the Ukraine, for all the stupid rhetoric about “Russia being an aggressor” which “does not comply with the Mink Agreements”, North Stream is going ahead!  Yes, money talks, and the truth is that while anti-Russian sanctions have cost Europe billions, the big financial interests (say the French company Total) have found ways to ignore/bypass these sanctions.  Oh sure, there is a pro-trade lobby with Russian interest in Europe. It is real, but it simply does not have anywhere near the power the anti-Russian forces in the EU have.  This is why for *years* now various EU politicians and public figures have made noises about lifting the sanctions, but when it came to the vote – they all voted as told by the real bosses.

Not all EU Russophobia is US-generated, by the way.  We have clearly seen that these days when Trump suggested that the G7 (or, more accurately, the G6+1) needed to re-invite Russia, it was the Europeans who said “nope!”.  To the extend that there is a “EU position” (even a very demure and weak one), it is mostly anti-Russian, especially in the northern part of Europe.  So when Uncle Sam tells the Europeans to obey and engage in the usual Russia-bashing, they all quickly fall in line, but in the rare case when the US does not push a rabidly anti-Russian agenda, EU politicians suddenly find enough willpower to say “no”.  By the way, for all the Trump’s statements about re-inviting Russia into the G6+1 the US is still busy slapping more sanctions on Russia.

The current mini-wars between the US and the EU (on trade, on Iran, on Jerusalem) do not at all mean that Russia automatically can benefit from this.  Again, the best example of this is the disastrous G6+1 summit in which Trump basically alienated everybody only to have the G6 reiterate its anti-Russian position even though the G6+1 needs Russia far more than Russia needs the G7 (she really doesn’t!).  Just like the US and Israeli leaders can disagree and, on occasion, fight each other, that does not at all mean that somehow they are not fundamentally joined at the hip.  Just think of mob “families” who can even have “wars” against each other, but that does not at all mean that this will benefit the rest of the population whom all mobsters prey upon.

The Ukrainian crisis will only benefit anti-Russian forces in Europe.  There is a very high probability that in the near future the Ukronazi regime will try to reconquer Novorussia (DNR/LRN).  I submit that the outcome of such an attack is not in doubt – the Ukronazis will lose.  The only question is this: to whom will they lose:

  • Option one: they lose to the combined forces of the DNR and LNR.  This is probably the most likely outcome.  Should this happen, there is a very high probability of a Novorussian counter attack to liberate most of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, especially the cities of Slaviansk and Mariupol.  Since past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, we can be pretty darn sure of what the reaction in Kiev and in the West will be: Russia will be blamed for it all.  The AngloZionists will *never* admit that the Ukronazi regime lost a civil war to its own people because the Novorussians will never accept a Nazi regime ruling over them.  Thus, a Novorussian victory will result in more hysterical Russophobia.
  • Option two: the Ukronazis succeed in their attack and threaten to overrun Donetsk, Lugansk and the rest of Novorussia.  Putin simply cannot allow this to happen.  He has made that promise many times and he has recently repeated it during his “open line” with the Russian people.  If the Russians are forced to intervene, this will not be a massive ground invasion – there is no need for that.  Russia has the firepower needed in the form of missile and artillery strikes to destroy the attacking Urkonazi forces and to impose a no-fly zone over all of Novorussia.  If Kiev pushes on and launches a full-scale attack on Russia proper, the Ukrainian armed forces will be totally disorganized and cease combat in about 48 hours.  This scenario is what I call the “Neocon dream” since such a Russian intervention will not be imaginary, but quite real and the Kremlin will even confirm it all very publicly and probably recognize the two Novorussian Republics just like what happened in 08.08.08 when Saakashvili decided to invade South Ossetia.  So, AngloZionists will (finally!) have the “proof” that Russia is the aggressor, the Poles and Balts will prepare for an “imminent” Russian invasion and I think that there is a pretty good chance that NATO forces will move into the Western Ukraine to “stop the Russians”, even if the said Russians will have absolutely no desire (or even possible motive) to want to invade the rest of the Ukraine or, even less so, Poland, Sweden or the Baltic statelets.

I will admit that there is still a small possibility that a Ukronazi attack might not happen.  Maybe Poroshenko & Co. will get cold feet (they know the real condition of the Ukie military and “dobrobat” death squads) and maybe Putin’s recent not-so-veiled threat about “grave consequences for the Ukrainian statehood” will have the needed effect.  But what will happen even if this attack does not take place?  The EU leaders and the Ukronazi regime in Kiev will still blame Russia for the Ukraine now clearly being a failed state.  Whatever scenario you find more likely for the Ukraine, things there will only get worse and everybody will blame Russia.

The crisis in Syria will only benefit anti-Russian forces in Europe.  It is becoming pretty clear that the USA is now attempting a reconquista of Syria or, at least, a break-up of Syria into several zones, including US-controlled ones.  Right now, the USA and the “good terrorists” have lost the war, but that does not stop them from re-igniting a new one, mostly by reorganizing, retraining, redeploying and, most importantly, re-branding the surviving “bad terrorists” into “good ones”.  This plan is backed by Saudi money and Israeli firepower.  Furthermore, Russia is now reporting that US Special Forces are already working with the (new) “good terrorists” to – you guessed it – prepare yet another fake chemical attack and blame it on the Syrians.  And why not?  It worked perfectly already several times, why not do that again?  At the very least, it would give the USA another try at getting their Tomahawks to show their effectiveness (even if they fail again, facts don’t matter here). And make no mistake, a US “victory” in Syria (or in Venezuela) would be a disaster not only for the region, but for every country wanting to become sovereign (see Andre Vltchek’s excellent article on this topic here).  And, again, Russia will be blamed for it all and, with certifiable nutcasts like Bolton, Russian forces might even be attacked.  As I wrote already many times, this is far from over.  Just as in the Ukrainian case, some deal might be made (at least US and Russian military officials are still talking to each other) but my personal opinion is that making any kind of deal with Trump is as futile as making deals with Netanyahu: neither of them can be trusted and they both will break any and all promises in a blink of an eye.  And if all hell breaks loose in Syria and/or Iran, NATO will make sure that the Europeans all quickly and obediently fall in line (“solidarity”, remember?).

The bottom line is this: currently, the EU is most unlikely to become a viable partner for Russia and the future does look rather bleak.

One objection to my pessimism is the undeniable success of the recent Saint Petersburg summit and the Parliamentary Forum.  However, I believe that neither of these events was really centered around Europe at all,  but about the world at large (see excellent report by Gilbert Doctorow on this topic here).  Yes, Russia is doing great and while the AngloZionist media loves to speak about the “isolation” of Russia, the truth is that it is the Empire which is isolated, while Russia and China are having a tremendous success building the multi-polar world they want to replace the Empire with.  So while it is true that the western leaders might prefer to see a liberal “economic block” in the new Russian government, the rest of the world has no such desire at all (especially considering how many countries out there have suffered terrible hardships at the hands of the WTO/WB/IMF/etc types).


The AngloZionist Empire is not based in the USA, or in the EU, or Israel, or anywhere else on the planet.  It is a trans-national entity with regional variations and which includes different interest groups under its umbrella.  You can think of it as a gigantic criminal gang racketeering the entire planet for “protection”.  To think that by presenting a “liberal” face to these thugs will gain you their support is extremely naive as these guys don’t care about your face: what they want is your submission.  Vladimir Putin put it best when he said “They do not want to humiliate us, they want to subdue us, solve their problems at our expense”.

However, if the EU is, for all practical purposes, non-existent, Russia can, and will, engage with individual EU member states.  There is a huge difference between, say, Poland and Italy, or the UK and Austria.  Furthermore, the EU is not only dysfunctional, it is also non-viable.  Russia would immensely benefit from the current EU either falling apart or being deeply reformed because the current EU is a pure creation of the US-backed Bilderberger types and not the kind of Europe the European people need.  In fact, I would even argue that the EU is the single biggest danger for the people of the European continent.  Thus Russia should use her resources to foster bi-lateral cooperation with individual EU member states and never take any action which would strengthen (or even legitimize) EU-derived organizations such as the EU Parliament, the European Court of Human Rights, etc.  These are all entities which seek to undermine the sovereignty of all its members, including Russia.  Again, Putin put it best when he recently declared that “either Russia is a sovereign country, or there is no Russia“.

Whatever the ideology and slogans, all empires are inherently evil and inherently dangerous to any country wanting to be truly sovereign.  If Russia (and China) want to create a multi-polar world, they need to gradually disengage from those trans-national bodies which are totally controlled by the Empire, it is really that simple.  Instead, Russia needs to engage those countries, political parties and forces who advocate for what de Gaulle called “the Europe of fatherlands“.  Both the AngloZionist Empire and the EU are undergoing the most profound crisis in their history and the writing is on the wall.  Sooner rather than later, one by one, European countries will recover their sovereignty, as will Russia.  Only if the people of Europe succeed in recovering their sovereignty could Russia look for real partnerships in the West, if only because the gradually developing and integrating Eurasian landmass offer tremendous economic opportunities which could be most beneficial to the nations of Europe.  A prosperous Europe “from the Atlantic to the Urals” is still a possibility, but that will happen only when the current European Union and NATO are replaced by truly European institutions and the current European  elites replaced by sovereignists.

The people of Russia, EU and, I would argue, the United States all have the same goal and the same enemy:  they want to recover their sovereignty, get rid of their corrupt and, frankly, treacherous elites and liberates themselves from the hegemony of the AngloZionist Empire.  This is why pushing the issue of “true sovereignty” (and national traditional values) is, I believe, the most unifying and powerful political idea to defeat the Empire.  This will be a long struggle but the outcome is not in doubt.

The Saker

PS: just as I was sending this article away I came across this article by Paul Craig Roberts “Is Europe Too Brainwashed To Normalize Relations With Russia?” – make sure to also check it out!

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The EU should look to the east.
Should they consider the next Trump Twitter serious
Along with additional tariffs?


EU could look any direction they want…..but they can’t change thing.


Not even “look”, cause the REAL MASTERS (BILDERBERG Group) give them and send them an admonition.
The E.U. is just another Soviet Union (~ 4 minutes):


Empty talk.
As long as Germany is occupied (as long as they have Angela by her Stasi balls) nothing will change.

BTW is that the “Saker” the guy who was writhing articles against Putin?
What is he after this time and who is paying this guy ?!


I totally agree with you.


.. And not only you.



Promitheas Apollonious

and you think if they change one stooge with another it be any different? And none has no one from the balls, are employees of a system doing their jobs and following orders. .

Brad Isherwood

Empire Masonic went 2 world wars to keep Germany from unite with Russia.
NATO at Russia’s border = Germany Isolated.
Sanctions on Russia reveal that Russia is isolated to some %….forced to stay in Eurasia zone.
China – http://www.machinedesign.com/motion-control/china-s-plan-become-robotic-powerhouse
Is positioned for the Future….US Tariffs/economic war vs China Global Capital activity.

Russia is faced with convert it’s Nation to techno juggernaut like China,
Or be selective in this….keeping Russia a land of Freedom with zones of high technology.
Unless The West can break the China/Russia economic bonds,
Both have Great Futures to look forward to,….as the West rots from the head due to Immigration, UN Agenda 21,…and Greed of the 1% who are as insane as Georgia Guidestones.


I agree with all you have said.
Just to add
I don’t see how “the West can break the China/Russia economic bonds”.

Val Shadowhawk

I the Saker needs to more accurately name the enemy here. ‘UkroNazis’ are Neo Bolsheviks. The same filth, that started the ‘Red Revolution’ in 1917 by assassinating the Tsar Nicholas and his family at Ipatiev.

paul ( original )

The Saker always gives interesting analyses. What I would like to do here
is just recount the evidence of my own eyes. I am not given to
fanciful theories of a conspiratorial nature or exaggeration. So
this is what I am seeing. I live in an off the beaten track North of
England town. I have lived here for many years. It is the sort of
place that for centuries has had a settled and stable population.
For the many decades I have lived her all the faces I saw while on
the street were white. In the past few months all this has changed.
Now, and quite suddenly, whenever I go out I see many young African
faces. This seems very strange to me.

Let me go a bit further. The town I live in is not the sort of place that
is economically attractive. So it is not really the sort of place
people would readily choose to come to. So my suspicion is that
quietly people are being moved into the area. I think something
rather sinister is going on and I the hand of government could well
be involved.

So this is what I see.

Promitheas Apollonious

Very good analysis but……… Every one seem to make this kind of analysis always leaving UK out and specifically the part of UK that has created and own the colonies as well calling all their policies since they exist internal as well as external. City Of London.

Yes the political leaders of europe are just errand boys of the hard core of NWO, but so is US, politicians. US is not the leader of anything beside been the colony that breeds the armies for them as well the main military arm of NWO. When I see someone to so methodically and in detail analyzing a situation and conveniently using selective memory and over look historical facts I know it does not do it because he lacks the knowledge but intentionally.

So what gives?


Yep… With the UK and the USA is like Israel and the Big-Idiot in North-America.
What the USA do now, is a copy/paste of the British Empire METHODS.
The UK is the HQ of the Rothschild Dynasty.
And ISRAEL isn’t a country, is a PRESTIGE-OBJECT of the Rothschild-Clan, so as the Pyramids were for the Ancient-Egypt’s Pharaohs.

[Even the MOSSAD is a copy/paste of the British MI6, only that the MOSSAD is like a Shanghai-Adidas T-shirt or a Hong-Kong RoLLex-watch compared to the ORIGINAL.
When the MI6 “works” it’s always “an accident”, you never had such embarrassing video-clips like that of MOSSAD in Dubai, when 16 israeli agents go into a hotel to killand old Palestinian .. and all the security-cameras have them filmed (LOL!)].

Uk and USA/or alternative Rothschild’s Israel and the USA are like
John STEINBECK’s “Of Mice and Men”
UK / Israel =George Milton, the little pragmatic a##hole.

and the USA = Lennie Small, the big, strong but retarded useful-idy0t, with his mouse..


The City of London that is the Square Mile semi autonomous zone in London UK is an arcane but very influential state within a state. Its ancient history is somewhat akin to the Vatican City I my opinion. It has its own police force and rules of governance, planning and fiscal arrangements that are ‘ jewdiciously ‘ utilised to spin a spiders web of usury around the globe..




The Saker is based in the major extremist jewish Homeland that is Florida, USA- and his handlers are based at America’s largest military intelligence facilities also located in that state. Indeed when Russia recently promoted its new nukes, and had a video of them targeting Florida, many dribblers mocked Russia for seeking to eliminate such a ‘harmless’ part of the USA- not knowing just how important the military facilities located in Florida actually are.

The Saker lives just down the road from US military intelligence for the same reason the Skripal false-flag poisoning happened a few miles from Britain’s major biological and chemical warfare unit. There are NO coincidences.

On the Saker blog is a regular series of articles written by a french jew posing as an Iranian- and needless to say this fake Iranian NEVER discusses the preparation for war on Iran, or the millions of Iranians about to die.

Compare with Charlie Chaplin, the british jew who made it big in Hollywood. He spent the years leading to WW2 screaming about the danger of Adolf Hitler and the nazis. But Saker’s tame (fake) Iranian never expresses even the slightest concert about the imminent fate of his nation.

So the Saker dribbles about the EU as the standard DISTRACTION and MISDIRECTION 95% of his output is ordered to focus on. I invite everyone here to go to his blog and read his dribble from years back, and then compare the predictions his dribble contained with what actually came to pass. Luckily for the Saker, he knows the dribblers who hero worship him haven’t got the brains or integrity to fact check the Sakers OWN words with the actual history that followed.

Funnily enough the other 5% of his output is summarising the actual facts, admiting they are truly terrible and put Putin in the worst possible light, but then concluding that even so it doesn’t matter.

The Saker takes a MOCK anti-zionist position as a classic PIED PIPER psy-op. He has a vile jew troll regular in his comment section, Vot Tak, whose whole tactic is to spew random harmless anti-jewish nonsense with the classic jew troll homophobe component , and then attack any comment that uses actual facts to dissect Putin’s operations. The end result is that the permitted comments on the Saker blog are all of the form “the Saker is a genius”. Hilarious.

The ‘wordiness’ of the Saker dribble impresses the hard of thinking who think any argument must be WEIGHED and not analysed. The jewish controlled mainstream media uses this tactic with their magazine and ‘proper’ newspaper articles. Saker just follows in their footsteps.

FACTS matter. A very little time ago, Putin voted at the UNSC to BAN weapon sales to the people defending Yemen, then immediately started offering the most advanced weapons of war to Saudi Arabia and the other wahhabi controlled nations attacking Yemen. This UNSC ban means if Iran is openly caught helping their fellows in Yemen, Putin is fully onboard with this jusifying the USA directly bombing Iran.

FACTS matter. It was Putin’s vote at the UNSC for a no-fly zone over Libya that gave NATO the legal ability to destroy that nation.

FACTS matter, but never to the Saker. Oh, the Saker is definitely pro-Russia in the same way the jewish Hitler, and nation he rules (Israel) is pro-Russia. But neither the Saker nor the jews are pro-Russian opposition to the Deep State. No, Russia must takes its place in the jew dominated NWO, and happily sit back as the jews grenocide Iran, and place every muslim nation under wahhabi rule. That is the plan.

Promitheas Apollonious

I very good description of your self. Subconscious it is a bitch isn’t it?

As for the saker, his aim was and is, to convince the people that he deserves to get 300.000 euro because is the one fighting for them, just like jones does. I will not be surprised at all, if he is financed by the same ones who finance alex jones.

And what he does is called reverse psychology. Use 60-90% truth and then direct it to mean exactly the opposite and feed the zombie minds of this world, creating followers, who will send him money to be their knight in white armor.


King Salomon heard the complains of two parts in a TRIAL.
1) Told the first one “You are right!”
2) Told the second one “You are right!..”
As a close friend whispered the King in the ear “But Your Majesty, only one of them can be right..” , the King turned to him and said “You are right, too!”..
The TRUTH could be somewhere in the middle ;)..

Promitheas Apollonious

only if the truth is a matter of opinion and not based on common sense law.

S Melanson

“Reverse Psychology”. Yes, exactly! That last paragraph really says it all, could not have said it better. This applies equally to PCR who has accepted his new psyop assignment to undermine Assange.


“The Saker: “Can the EU become a partner for Russia?””

NO, it cannot, you Intel- ex_CIA analyzer.
First of all because THE BILDERBERG-Group ( Rockefeller -Connection” forbids it.

And the “STRATEGISTS” that advise the Rockefeller Foundation and their C.F.R + Bilderberg, is the Strategy-THINK-TANK STRATFOR in Jew-York.

The CIA, NSA and FBI just apply, like faithful and good trained dogs, the Rockefeller orders. ( SOROS and his “Orange Revolutions” is just a subcontractor of the Rockefellers )

And the PRIME-GOAL of this THINK-TANK called “STRATFOR”, is loud and clear declared: for the sake of the USA interests and Wall-Street’s greed, the USA HAVE TO take care that no approach between GERMANY and RUSSIA can be possible.

Separately Russia and Germany aren’t a decisive threat for the US-hegemony, but TOGETHER they crush financially, economically and MILITARY the ah so invincible USA.

German Technology and Russian Military know-how merged, is a disaster for the USA.
And Germany Industrial Power + Russian RESOURCES combined are the end of the American Industrial exports, of the US-DOLLAR PONZI-scam.Would be the end of the FED /Jekyll-Island Era.

GERMANY is STILL an OCCUPIED country and Angela Merkel is just a Bilderberg ( and CIA) asset, a “Supervisor of the Germany Colony”, blackmailed with her Commies-past as a Honecker-STASI-informant / code-name ERIKA or IM-Sekretär)

HERE is STRATFOR and the cynical J€w George Friedman that leads it (~4 minutes):

Anja Boettcher

Yep, but we will free ourselves.

And then, when finally a peace axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow is achieved, the Anglosaxon vermin will never be capable of messing up the European continent again.

As it is not only the current gang, but the current gang relies on 500 years of Anglosaxon divide and rule games and has their elites as its base.


Russians are me Brothers…..European Parliament & Russian Government…just listen to what your Citizens want or pack your gear…can do things the Good Way.. or the Bad Way….

Brother Thomas

Excellent analysis, though somewhat overly pessimistic. Trump’s natural instincts are towards a rapprochement with Russia if he is given any breathing room.

I also would inject caution into the various “sovereignist” movements that seem very much like far-right nationalists reminiscent of the Nazis in 1922. Let’s not make a pact with the devil. The US Empire is already in advanced staged of self-destruction so far better to be patient and ride out this phase of history.


I hope not, and by all the available logic, never. Let the US die its death. (I didn’t read this article)

Wise Gandalf

USA is not EU.

The cooperation with EU is the best way for Russia.


A partner in what? US hegemony? If the US could demur and eat the humble pie, then yes. Can the US eat the humble pie?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x