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The Safest Way To Donate Cryptocurrency

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The Safest Way To Donate Cryptocurrency

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Dear Friends,

As you may know SouthFront was blocked by all financial platforms/systems that are under the U.S. control. That’s why we are forced to use crypto wallets to receive your donations.

We were informed that some crypto platforms block transactions to crypto addresses of SouthFront.

We urge you, DO NOT USE crypto.com, coinbase.com, bitfinex.com. Your transfers will be blocked.

SouthFront recommends using ‘COLD WALLETS‘.

These wallets are set up on your devices (PC or mobile devices). Thanks to ‘cold wallets’, your crypto funds are kept on your devices only and nowhere else.

We recommend the following most famous ‘cold wallets’:

  • for BTC: https://electrum.org/#home
  • for BCH: https://electroncash.org
  • for XMR: https://www.getmonero.org/downloads/

The safest crypto currency is MONERO (XMR).

To buy crypto you may use crypto exchanges like:

  • https://bittrex.com, https://www.kraken.com
  • or services like https://www.portis.io/
  • or even this very simple exchange only service: https://prostocash.com/en/.

Then, you may transfer funds to your ‘cold wallets’. We also recommend using exchanges that are not legally located in the U.S., but, for example, in Japan, Hong Kong, Europe or offshore.

The safest way to donate is to make a payment through your ‘cold wallet’, and not directly from an exchange service. In this case, the exchange platforms have no access to the address of the final recipient, which means they will not be able to track the payment and will not be forced to follow any administrative directives.

If you have any problems with your transaction to SF crypto accounts, please write us: info@southfront.org , southfront@list.ru.

If you prefer sending funds to our non-public crypto addresses for greater safety, please write us: info@southfront.org , southfront@list.ru.

The SouthFront Team is grateful for your support and patience. 2022 began with the escalation of conflicts and unrest in different world regions. Today, objective information is a valuable resource. We believe that together we are able to overcome any challenges.

Yours sincerely,

SF Team


BITCOIN (BTC): bc1qv7k70u2zynvem59u88ctdlaw7hc735d8xep9rq
The Safest Way To Donate Cryptocurrency
BITCOIN CASH (BCH): qzjv8hrdvz6edu4gkzpnd4w6jc7zf296g5e9kkq4lxThe Safest Way To Donate Cryptocurrency
MONERO (XMR): 49HqitRzdnhYjgTEAhgGpCfsjdTeMbUTU6cyR4JV1R7k2Eej9rGT8JpFiYDa4tZM6RZiFrHmMzgSrhHEqpDYKBe5B2ufNsL

The Safest Way To Donate Cryptocurrency

PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION etc: write to info@southfront.org , southfront@list.ru

Support SouthFront


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Ive had a number of financial institutions not only block but cancel my accounts. That means to me that South Front is a source I want to stay in touch with. The electron Cash works for me. Thanks South Front.

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Install bitcoin core on your pc… from bitcoino.org

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