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MAY 2021

The Russians Are Coming: Agreement With Sudan For Logistics Naval Base Officially Published Online

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The Russians Are Coming: Agreement With Sudan For Logistics Naval Base Officially Published Online

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On December 8th, the Agreement on the establishment of a logistics center for the Russian Navy on the territory of Sudan of December 1st, 2020 was officially published on the Russian government website.

The document can be viewed on the following link.

The significant provisions in it are as follows:

  • the number of personnel (military and civilian personnel) of the base is not more than 300 people;
  • Simultaneous presence at the base of no more than 4 ships, including ships with a nuclear power plant;
  • the Russian side has the right to import by any available means everything that is necessary for the operation of the facility, including ammunition and weapons;
  • the territory of the base is subject to the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, outside the base – it is decided by the competent authorities of the parties;
  • the security of the external perimeter of the base is ensured by Sudan, internal, including the water area and air defense – by the Russian Armed Forces with the right to use weapons;
  • for the protection and defense of a point of the Russian Armed Forces, they can use electronic warfare equipment without notifying the Sudanese side.

The text of the most important agreement between Russia and Sudan has been published.

This document, signed on July 23, 2019 in Khartoum and on December 1, 2020 in Moscow, authorizes the creation of a logistics center for our Navy on the territory of the African state. It also defines the basic principles for the stay in the city of Port Sudan on the Red Sea for Russian military personnel, warships and other naval equipment.

The agreement says that the presence of a Russian naval point on the territory of Sudan meets the goals of maintaining peace and stability in the region, is defensive in nature and is not directed against other states.

It has been established that these agreements will be valid for 25 years. They can be automatically renewed for subsequent 10-year periods, we quote, “if none of the parties at least one year before the expiration of the next period notifies the other party in writing through diplomatic channels of its intention to terminate it.”

The document defines the rules for the entry of our naval equipment into the territorial waters and port of an African state. The logistics center located there will be able to simultaneously house up to 4 combat units of the Russian Navy, including warships with a nuclear power plant. But under one tough condition – their crews must comply with nuclear and environmental safety requirements in a foreign country.

The number of personnel at the logistics center is named – no more than 300 people. But the object itself can be quite extensive, including the coastline, water area and the area of ​​the mooring front.

The Sudanese will be engaged in external protection of its borders. They will also, on a commercial basis, provide the point with electricity, fresh water, fuels and lubricants, food and other material resources. However, the document does not exclude the delivery of everything necessary for our sailors and warships from Russia.

The logistics center for the Russian Navy in Sudan can be quite extensive. Include the coastline, water area, and the area of ​​the quay front

The protection of the water area of ​​the naval point and the protection of its inner territory will fall on our servicemen. Therefore, the agreement stipulates that they have the right to carry weapons at the facility. But outside the naval station, it will be allowed to have such an arsenal on hand and even more so to use it by the Russian military only upon agreement with the Sudanese authorities.

And one more important point. It is clear that our warships located in Port Sudan and the very point of material and technical support of the Navy will require protection not only from sea and land, but also in the sky. The agreement provides for the presence of our air defense systems there.

Russian anti-aircraft missile systems should also cover the Sudanese naval base in the city from air strikes. In addition, Russia will free of charge help develop the infrastructure of this base and the armed forces of the African state as a whole. This is also reflected in the agreement.

This is quite a significant agreement between Russia and Sudan and it shows the success of Moscow in spreading its influence in Africa.

At the same time, it should be reminded that the US still designates Sudan as a state-sponsor of terrorism.


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  1. verner says:

    should worry the jews in palestine and their accord with certain arab states, which in practice means the participants to the accord are between Iran on one side and a Russian force on the other should the participants engage in something contrary to the interest of Russia (keeping Iran reasonably safe and sound). with today’s weapons, Russia can lay waste the entire infrastructure for the operation of the oil industry in saudi and the uae in seconds flat – mohammed bin salman better behave and certainly a spaniard in the israeli works – what a larf and netanyahu will soon be visiting Moscow to reach an understanding on the future of the base.

    1. occupybacon says:

      Who will protect the little green from the Sudanese pirates?

      1. ruca says:


        1. occupybacon says:

          Maybe they will ask Erdogan.

      2. Lone Ranger says:

        Pirates are getting worried…

        1. ruca says:

          Best watched without audio

        2. occupybacon says:

          Rusty but still big guns for a pirate vessel.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Nah, you are mixing it up with the U.S. Navy…
            Biggest pirate organization on sea…

          2. occupybacon says:

            Those rusty guns don’t look american at all.

          3. Lone Ranger says:

            They arent, and they arent rusty either.
            Its only your LSD fueled delirium…

          4. occupybacon says:

            Anyway, is there any pirate boat in the vid?

          5. Lone Ranger says:

            The one smoking and burning…

          6. occupybacon says:

            Those are drilling targets.

          7. Lone Ranger says:

            That was a real pirate ship, a Somali one.
            Truth to be told the crew was arrested before they started shooting, so nobody died.

          8. occupybacon says:

            Too many rounds to not be a drill.

          9. Lone Ranger says:

            Comeon, they had some fun ?

          10. occupybacon says:

            Fun yes, why not.

          11. JIMI JAMES says:

            Poor ship,rusty and black.

          12. Vassa says:

            Perhaps they are romanian, might romanian navy… almost as mighty as somalians. They even look like…

          13. occupybacon says:

            I bet, they still use Russian guns.

          14. cechas vodobenikov says:

            bacon=romani Ukrainian…

        3. Simon Ndiritu says:

          The Russians here are having fun after finally having an opportunity to fire their weapons at real targets

        4. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

          It’s not Allahu Akbar anymore, it’s Peter The Great!

          1. Lone Ranger says:


        5. Best tactics to stop migrants in Mediterranean ?

      3. JIMI JAMES says:

        little grey colour dyed hato soldiers,more like it!
        Little greens,micron’s is france (period)

        1. occupybacon says:

          In Crimea it was easy, all the Ukrainian high ranks were secrwt agents of Moscow. They jyst ordered their subofficers to guard the guns so other soldiers won’t reach them. So the main role was played by these officers, little green was for plan B.

  2. Lone Ranger says:

    Pimpeo will cry and rage ?

  3. Laurent Parodi says:

    These forward deployments are useful for stability and diplomacy in peace time. In war time they will be targets just like US bases in the middle east and Europe.

  4. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Hmm, this should mean Russia could dock permanently a floating nuclear power plant.

    1. namulit emperor says:

      They also could dock the soon finished modernized Admiral Nakhimov then, with her huge arsenal of modern weapons…

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