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The Russian Army Will Receive 2,000 ‘Armata’ Tanks


The Russian Army Will Receive 2,000 ‘Armata’ Tanks

Originally appeared at RG, translated by Mario Kuoljok exclusively for SouthFront; Edited by Desi Tzoneva

In the framework of the state programme of armaments, research and production, corporation Ural Vagon Zavod (UVZ), will supply the Russian army with 2,000 tanks of the T-14 ‘Armata’ type, the head of UVZ, Oleg Sienko, told Interfax.

“There is an agreement, according to which we must supply the army with more than 2,000 units. And now we begin to supply the Defence Ministry with the first batch of 100 tanks,” said Sienko at the opening of the Baku arms exhibition, ADEX-2016.

The head of the UVZ said that now that the tank has passed the state tests, what remains is the completion of deliveries to the armed forces; training programmes and trained crews are also needed.

“It is clear that this is a machine for a professional army. The Ministry of Defence has embarked on a contract basis for the military. Therefore, we hope that more people will be trained and then the supply will be expanded,” said Sienko.

The ‘Armata’ is the first fighting vehicle of the third post-war generation. It is equipped with remote-controlled weapons in an unmanned tower and a four-level security system. Electronic warfare and special coatings reduce the visibility of the tank in the thermal and radar ranges, active protection intercepts all types of anti-tank ammunition, and a 125 millimetre (mm) gun fires guided missiles.

The first T-14s will go to armies at Voronezh and in Moscow.



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