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The Russia-Iran Deal About S-300 Makes Pentagon Nervous

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The Russia-Iran Deal About S-300 Makes Pentagon Nervous

This article originally appeaared at Politrussia, translated from Russian by Anonymous Info Agency exclusively for SouthFront

The deal between Russia and Iran about air defence system S-300 is making Pentagon nervous, said CNN. How the American news channel said in their reports, Washington understands that if Teheran have contemporary weapon systems the “effect of surprise” will be lost for US and Israel if they decide to hit Iran.

“Inclusion of Russia in Europe and Middle East is making USA angry. At the same time 5000 military NATO personnel, conducts the biggest military drills from the time of Cold War in Europe. The drills must show the capability of NATO’s army to attack and act in fight” – said reporter Barbara Starr for InoTV new agency.

“S-300 in the hands of Iran means that American and Israeli jet fighters will be unable to cross Iranian airspace without being detected if they want to attack Iranian nuclear facilities. If they attack on the complex S-300 this will be a signal for Iran for incoming attack” – American news channel reports.

At the same time American reporter said, that delivery of the S-300 complex is legal and it did not brake any sanctions.

“While US claims that the contract for delivery is under the sanction of the UN resolutions, the government of Russia does not deviate from its position.” – it is said more in the report of Barbara Starr.

Moscow also understands the fragility of US claims. Yesterday Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said: “US sanctions do not apply to Russia” – and gave advice to his American colleagues to read again in details the contract between Iran and Russia.

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