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The Refugee Crisis and the Mediterranean Sea – The Largest Graveyard in Modern History

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Written by Peter Koenig; Originally appeared at Global Research

In June 2018 alone, more than 500 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. Their boats were refused access to land in either Malta, or Italy. They were force-driven back by gun-boats to the North African shores they came from, mostly Libya, but many boats capsized and countless refugees didn’t make it.

The Refugee Crisis and the Mediterranean Sea – The Largest Graveyard in Modern History

FILE IMAGE: Darrin Zammit Lupi

These are de facto murders, high crimes against humanity, committed by the very European Union. The same “leaders” (criminals, rather), whose forebears are known to have raped, exploited, tortured, ravaged peoples and their lands of Asia, Africa, Latin America over the past 1000 years of abject colonization. Europeans have it in their genes – to be inhuman. This can possibly be extended to the ‘superior’ greedy white race in general. At least to those who make it to political or corporate high office in the formidable EU or exceptional US, or to those who appoint themselves into the European Commission. We should call them “The Heartless Bunch”.

This is the so-called West, now led by the United States of America – basically the British empire transplanted across the Atlantic, where they felt safer between two shining seas, than as a rickety island in the Atlantic, just in front of the enormous, contiguous land mass called Eurasia. The Old Continent, alias Europe, was given by the new trans-Atlantic empire, the new masters of the universe, a subservient role. And that was in the making for at least the last 100 years, when the new empire started weakening Europe, with two World Wars.

Today’s European (EU) leaders are puppets put in place by the Atlantist elites, to make sure that the rather educated Europeans do not go on the barricades, that they are debilitated regularly by free market corporatism creating unemployment, taking their hard worked-for social safety nets away, saturating them with fake news – and gradually oppressing them with growing police states, with a massive militarization – and finally using the articulately planned flood of refugees from the very US-EU-NATO destroyed countries – destroyed economically and by wars – as a further destabilizing weapon. Greece should serve as a vivid example of what’s really going on and is planned, starting with “inferior” southern EU states, those bordering on the strategic and economically important sea way – the Mediterranean Sea.

You think I’m crazy? – Start thinking again and connect the dots.

The refugee death toll in the Med-Sea in 2017 was about 3,200, 40% down from 2016, and more than 600 up to end of April 2018, and another more than 500 in June. This figure is bound to increase drastically, given the European closed-border policy – and more. The EU is contracting among others, the Libyan Coast Guard with gun boats to chase refugee vessels back to the Libyan shores, many sink – and saving those thrown into the sea is ‘forbidden’ – they are simply left to die. That’s the rule. Malta, a little island-appendix to Brussels, but important as a refugee transit, has issued strict bans on private fishing boats and NGOs trying to rescue refugees.

As a consequence, the by now well-known German NGO “Lifeline” boat with 234 rescued refugees and migrants on board from Africa and the Middle East – miserably poor, sick, desperate people – struggling for sheer survival, many with small kids, who wanted nothing more than their children to have a better life – was rejected by Malta, turned back into the sea, under guidance of NATO and EU hired military-type private contractor gun-boats. Eventually Portugal offered her safe shores for the refugees. Malta has a Partnership for Peace (PfP) Agreement with NATO, i.e. obeys NATO orders. NATO, a killer organization, has, of course, not a shred of humanity in its structure, nor in the blood of the people at its helm – anywhere in the world.

Imagine – in this context, an EU summit took place at the end of June 2018 to “arrange” and agree on how to handle the refugee crisis in the future, in other swords, how to keep them out of Europe. None of the countries, other than Germany, were even considering accepting some of these poor souls out of sheer humanitarian reasons, to give them shelter, food and medication. The discussion even considered where to build a wall – yes, fences were discussed to keep them out – Europe a xenophobic free-port for the rich, acting in questions of migration as a carbon copy of Trump. They deserve each other, Trump and Brussels, trade wars not withstanding – let them shred each other to pieces.

Well, this almost happened during, before and after the now-called “mini-summit”, with Madame Merkel almost losing her Chancellor’s job, as she, against all odds, represented the most humanitarian view of all the 28 neolibs. This did not go down well with her partner party, the ultra-conservative Bavarian CSU. Calls for her resignation abounded. The German Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, was about to resign over Merkel’s alleged refugee ‘generosity’ – in which case the highly fragile right-left coalition would have collapsed – and who knows how Germany may have continued to govern. Perhaps new elections would have had to be called, and then only god knows what might have happened. The empire could not allow this uncertainty to prevail, because Washington needs Germany as the chief-slave driver to lead Europe into total disarray and serfdom. It worked. Germany is alive and saved – and ticking.

Instead, the European refugee / migrant policy is in shambles. The EU are literally out to kill refugees, as a means of dissuasion? – Mass-murder as a means of discouraging the desperate to seek shelter in those very countries that were instrumental in destroying their livelihoods, their families, their towns, their infrastructure, their education and health facilities – their youth? Generations of young Middle Eastern and African people are gone, destroyed.

Did these high-ranking EU officials in Brussels mention their own huge responsibility for the refugee floods with one single word? – No, of course not. Not with one breath. Has the conscience in one single head of these fake, neolibs-neonazis, as it were, self-serving EU heads of state been awakened by this very fact of guilt for what they are to confront? – Has it caused sleepless nights? I doubt it. They are far from this level of human compassion, they are monsters.

Then, there was and is Italy, with her strange new coalition, a coalition of convenience. The leftish 5-Star Movement in alliance with the right-wing Lega Norte, selling their human conscience to be able to reign, giving away their responsibility for migration to the xenophobic, narcissistic, and yes, close to fascist Lega Norte – which is adamant not to receive migrants. They would boycott any result that would force Italy to take in refugees, or even build border transit camps. In the end, they reached a toothless agreement; a non-agreement, rather; an accord that obliged none of the parties to do anything. Everything is voluntary. Period. And Macron said that this was the best refugee summit the EU ever had. So much for dismal brainlessness.

All was voluntary. The only agreement they could book for themselves, is to build refugee camps in North African countries for the shipped-back survivors. Fortunately, every North African country, from Egypt to Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco said no. Having seen what happened in such literal slave camps in Libya, they had at least the compassion for these desperate human beings to prevent this from reoccurring. Compassion, a term, a feeling or sensation, the Europeans are devoid of.

However, no Israeli- Trump- Brussels-type wall or barbed-wire fence will keep the desperate in their economically, or by war, or western terrorism destroyed countries. The west, and only the west, is responsible for the endless destructive chaos, torture and lawlessness in these nations that the west wants to dominate, for myriad reasons – to steal their energy, minerals; for their strategic location, and finally on the way to total full spectrum world hegemony. This, the west will not achieve. That’s for sure. Evil will not prevail in the long run. Darkness will eventually cede to light. That’s the way nature works. But on its way to collapse, Evil will maim and kill millions of lives. Countless children will have no future, no parents, no education, no health services, no drinking water. They will be made to slaves as a means for their survival, to be raped and exploited or eventually killed. The European crime is of infinite dimension and nobody sees it, let alone stops it.


Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization around the world in the fields of environment and water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research; ICH; RT; Sputnik; PressTV; The 21st Century; TeleSUR; The Vineyard of The Saker Blog; and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.

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These aren’t refugees, they are migrants. Calling them refugees is a psychological tactic meant to install pity in us so we keep on accepting them. The only thing they flee is poverty in Africa and the promise of the good life in the land of milk and honey in Europe. Understandable, but I fail to see why we should give free housing, money and healthcare to the destitute of Africa when we don’t even give that to our own people. They should be sent back to Africa without mercy. Not because we want to be cruel, but because we want to be kind in the long term. The more we keep accepting, the more will keep on trying to make the crossing, and as a result the more will drown. If they get the message that fortress Europe is finally closed, maybe then they will stop coming, and then the drowning will finally stop. Like it happened after Europe made the deal with Turkey. Remember how many people were drowning there almost every day?

Also, if you can find the money to pay people smugglers thousands of dollars to get yourself into Europe, why not use that money to make something of your life in Africa instead?

Malesa Yishamin

ill till now Europe stealing diamonds and gold from Africa… so, eat what you cook., bcoz its never *stop coming*.


I’m not stealing anything from Africa. I’m just a guy living in Europe. Sue the corporations who are doing it. Why should I be made to pay for their greedy behavior. Also, without the locals who mine it, sell it and often inflict terrible suffering on other locals nothing could be stolen from Africa. Africans are to blame for Africa’s problems as well. If not more so.

Malesa Yishamin

absolutely agree, but to stop this coming all, Europe should help Africa to build good life in Africa.


You can’t help these people and they wont help themselves. They will just keep leeching until Europe is just like Africa. That is the problem with multiculturalism, it drags everyone down to the lowest level.

Panthera Pardus

” Europe should help Africa to build good life in Africa.”

– everything which is in Europe is built by Europeans for Europeans – ditto for other continents.
Why in 2018 – the Africans are not able to build “goid life” for themselves?

Panthera Pardus

My hearth is bleeding for “Europe stealing diamonds and gold from Africa” .. as if the local African warlords/dictators do not get their share of the business – right?

Dušan Mirić

Because, sometimes all village is engaged in collecting of money, and the “migrant” is their investment


Well, why not set up a collective business instead? Rather then send one guy over here to leech off our social security? If you can raise capital to buy people smugglers, you can raise capital for something really constructive. And yes, that business might fail, but that guy may end up a slave in Libya, or drown in the Med, or disappear in Europe and not send anything back either.

Dušan Mirić

I was also thinking that way, then a acquaintance from the USA has a long talk to trying to explain illiteracy and poverty some people are coming from which we are not able to understand from our point of wiev


That makes sense. It seems like instead of employing a whole industry of thousands of people to take care of socalled refugees in Europe, we would be better served in sending these do-gooders to Africa to educate and train the people there. If they can learn to read and basic business skills they can finally use their resources to better themselves. They will be happy, the do-gooders will be happy, and the rest of us will be happy as well. No more immigrants plus it will be cheaper as well. Everybody wins!


These weren’t murders, these were encouraged suicides. Encouraged by the likes of MSF and friends. The only sad part about this is that it weren’t 50.000 that drowned.

paul ( original )

I am certain in my own mind that sufficient have landed so as to change the future of Europe for ever. The true crime against humanity has been committed against us. But then again we don’t matter .

Real Anti-Racist Action

Just like the Asian hordes that invaded under the Khans and so forth.
The Moorish invasions from Africa into Europe.
The Arab/Jewish invasions of Europe. And on and on.
It had always been about genociding indigenous Japetic tribes for 10,000 years.comment imagecomment image?cb=1465402506

Wise Gandalf


no god, no his plans

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

They are not “refugees” or “migrants” or “asylum seekers.” They are invaders, and should be treated as such.


I am surprised. With such extensive knowledge and experience the author is misguiding the readers, loading the blame on Europe, ignoring the real culprits. A spade is a spade, Peter. You are using the drama to shift the attention from the real culprits behind this crime and drop it onto the Europeans. Well, well, we know that this is not exactly the way it happened. We also know that some NGOs encourage some naive people from Africa to go to Europe for “greener grass”, they spent about 2 months in Syria where they have a chance to chose to become mercenaries and if they don’t they are loaded on the ships and delivered to Europe. I don’t wonder whose “invisible hand” is behind it.


“These are de facto murders, high crimes against humanity, committed by the very European Union.”
I had to stop reading after that stupid comment. Liberals have a wide definition of murder and I am sorry to see Southfront echo that ignorance and liberal propaganda.

Pave Way IV

Ghaddafi (from the grave): “Remember when I told you stupid fuckers that the Libyan state was the only thing keeping Europe from being overrun by swarms of economic migrants from Africa? You can’t just let in a few hundred thousand in to keep wages low, then make futile attempts to keep the rest out. 740 million Europeans, 1.3 billion Africans.

The U.N. laughed at me. Then NATO had me assassinated. All the gunboats in the Mediterranean are not going to help you now. Enjoy your new citizens.”
comment image

Real Anti-Racist Action

The UK-Empire is not part of the continent of Europe, it is an island just as Australia is not part of the continent of Asia, it to is an island. Millions of Europeans have been killed by the evil-UK trying to shove the Norwegian/English mix off of their European continent. In every single war the UK has fought against Europeans.
#1 It is not Europeans who first colonized, the racist-African-Moors genocided enslaved and conquered millions of Spanish and French and Italians and Goths and so forth.
#2 The racist-Asian-Mongols genocided away 120,000,000 indigenous Japetic tribes of Russia and Europe over a 300 year period of genociding indigenous cultures.
#3 Millions of Shemitic-Arabs/Jews spent hundreds of years invading and mass killing millions of Europeans expanding their ‘Caliphate of Shemites’ into Europe.
This article written is 100% anti-Japetic bigotry.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Russia has made a great movie about the largest invasion and genocide in earth history.
The Asian-supremacist 300 years of of anti-Japetic genocides of Russians and Europeans at the hands of Asians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTHmSiswINw

Real Anti-Racist Action

The world needs more Russians like the great Kolovrat!!!
700 million ethnic-Europeans, 1.3 billion ethnic-Africans. 5 billion brown people on earth.
clearly Europeans have always been earths true global minority. Blacks are the 2nd majority, and brows are earths global majority in every corner of the world they are always expanding, just like the hordes invasion of Russia and Europe.

AM Hants

Soros NGO funded cruise liners.

paul ( original )

SouthFront is a broad forum and publishes many viewpoint. So I don’t fault it
for giving us this rather silly article. It was exactly the sort of
piece you would expect from someone who worked for the World
Bank and the World Health Organization.
It drips with blame, accusation and virtue signalling anti European

Africa is a big place. So if they truly feel the need to flee, and I don’t
believe them, then they could avoid the Mediterranean all together.
They could go to Egypt , South Africa, Morocco and many other places.
But no, the only place they are intent on is Europe with its easy
benefits. The point is probably if these people turned up in any
other African country they would be told to piss off.

Panthera Pardus

Someone should inform the writer of this snowflake essay that we are in 2018.
Many African countries are run by African dictators ( in some cases with truly record period of holding power) or by African corrupt governments since the time of decolonization – if these African countries are in ruins the African cannot blame any other but themselves.

Of the African who died trying to get in Europe to live at the cost of the European tax payers I could care less – and by the way sometimes are from Pakistan or Bangladesh ( the latter I truly despise ) , so strong is the attraction to get social benefits.

hugo rainer

Sebastian Kurz and the axis of evil . ( Mussolini Achse der Willigen)

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