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JUNE 2023

The Recognition of the Armenian Genocide was a Heavy German Slap in the Face for Erdogan

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The Recognition of the Armenian Genocide was a Heavy German Slap in the Face for Erdogan

Originally appeared at Memoriabg, translated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront

The German Bundestag approved a resolution for the recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire in 1915. Most of the Senators voted ‘yes’, one Senator voted against, and one abstained.

The recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Germany, is in a way, an answer from the side of Berlin to Ankara for the problems with the immigrants created by Erdogan, according to the President of the Institute for the Middle East, Evgeniy Satanovski.

“The Germans decided to give not direct, but indirect answers. In this case, justice manifests not because of the reason for which it must manifest itself, but because of the Turkish-German political speculations,” said Satanovski in an interview for Rusarminfo.

The expert thinks that Erdogan’s threats and his attempts to prevent the adoption of the resolution of the EU have fuelled the Senators’ eagerness to vote ‘yes’.

“Erdogan received a heavy slap in the face, he lost. He was trying to frighten Germany, particularly Merkel, but the Germans do not like to be blackmailed. By voting for recognition of the Armenian Genocide with a deadly majority, they wanted to send a clear message to Turkey,” stated Satanovski.

Despite this, and regardless of the goals of the Bundestag, its decision will strongly cool off relations between Ankara and Berlin, and it will close even the theoretical possibility for Turkey’s membership in the EU, thinks the expert.

In the last few months, the political authorities of Turkey, headed by the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, repeatedly announced that the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Germany will seriously affect the relations between the two countries. A few days before the voting, in connection with plans for voting for the resolution by the Senators, the Bundestag began to receive threats and insults and in the eve of the discussion of the documents, the Turks living in Berlin joined in a packed demonstration outside the walls of the Bundestag appealing to the Parliament to vote against it.

Following the Bundestag’s decision, Erdogan announced in Kenya, where he is visiting: “This resolution will seriously affect the Turkish-German relations.”

He pointed out that after his return to Turkey, a decision will be made for the steps which his country will take in response to the German decision.

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