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The Reason Why SouthFront Seeks for Donations

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Dear Friends,

As you know, as long as SouthFront has been operating (already more than a year), there has never been a request for funding, never any advertisement in any way, shape or form and the project has not been involved in any commercial activity at all. As project leaders, we agreed from the start to work with the absolute minimum of means and tools, taking those funds that were needed from our own pocket, spending our own time, as did also our many partners across the world. As before, we will continue to apply all of our efforts to reach the same general goals. We continue to hold to the principle not to place ads on our pages, and keep it for information about our partners and allies – those that selflessly propagate the truth and oppose the pseudo-democratic global utopia.

Last month we were hit by very aggressive cyber-counter-actions, that most likely originated from the newly formed U.S./N.A.T.O. – backed cyber-warfare division, whose goal is to spread their propaganda throughout the world. Our loyal readers will already know about the problems that we have had with YouTube, during much of May, where they proceeded to block two of our channels, that had had tens of thousands of subscribers as well as millions of views, without providing us any explanation. Simultaneously, we experienced attacks on our previous website, the censure of our Twitter links, and a type of throttling by Google. These facts, along with others, forced us to completely re-organize our project, increase our security and create new ways of distributing and broadcasting information.

Unfortunately our own resources are drying up, which is why we are writing to all of our friends for support. If you feel this project is helpful and necessary, if it contributes and supports true freedom of speech and the exchange of opinions in a democratic world, please support us. Right now, every cent is important for the project. We are also fully committed to show complete transparancy of what is done with any donations or support of any kind.

These are our goals:

  1. Provide alternative points of view
  2. Break the information blockade and media bias
  3. Promote human justice and peaceful dialogue between the nations in conflict
  4. Prevent the escalation of conflicts that can lead to wars with the threat of use of nuclear weapons
  5. Reduce the flow of media disinformation
  6. Build a community of constructive and progressive authors freely sharing their views with people from all over the world

You can help SouthFront HERE.

Support SouthFront


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