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JUNE 2023

The Reality Of Cancel Culture: Psychology Professor ‘Canceled’ For Calling Out ‘Justice Warriors’

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The Reality Of Cancel Culture: Psychology Professor ‘Canceled’ For Calling Out 'Justice Warriors'

Drawn by Joe Heller. Click to see full-size image

The current state of public rhetoric and culture in the United States is at a concerning state.

Gad Saad, a Lebanese-Canadian evolutionary psychologist and professor in the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, and author of more than 300 pieces for Psychology Today was canceled for taking aim at “everybody’s favourite” Seth Rogen.

Gad Saad is quite popular, visiting shows such as Joe Rogan’s and Sam Harris’.

Recently, he published an article titled “The moral hypocrisy of celebrities — the case of Seth Rogen,” on Psychology Today.

It was taken down the publication website, but it can be found on other outlets.

In Saad’s professional view, “Seth Rogen and other champagne socialists do not live out their convictions. They are vacuous parasitic virtue signallers who wear Che Guevara T-shirts from the luxury of their Malibu homes. Be the former and reject the latter.”

Against the background of sharply aggravated competition for access to large Hollywood budgets, Rogen since 2007 began to position himself as an active socialist.

According to legend, vehemently poured into MSM, Rogen grew up in need, but his parents raised him in conditions of social justice in a cruel capitalist world.

Against the background of his politicization, active support for (failed) projects of the Obama administration and constant participation in the news agenda, the aspiring artist gradually acquired stellar status.

His talent was truly revealed during his four years in the Trump White House. Not a day passed that he did not speak out on the topic of the capitalist-chauvinist-racist.

Currently, Rogen’s fortune is estimated at a modest $80-90 million and is growing from year to year. For a real socialist must have the means to cope with the blatant injustice that surrounds him.

Then Saad comes into the picture, and focuses on Rogen in his post, and then a feud begins on Twitter.

This is how Saad’s article describes Rogen:

“Let me explain yet again the source for all of the platitudinous virtue signaling. The truly privileged elites know that deep down they are frauds. They suffer from existential guilt. Hence, one of the ways by which they assuage the guilt albatross around their necks is to demonstrate to the world that they are truly compassionate, truly loving, truly caring, truly profound. Hence, they love all “undocumented” immigrants. They love Mother Earth. They love the ozone layer. They love BLM. They love socialism. They love inner cities. They hate the gentrification of neighborhoods. They love mentors of color. They cherish diversity. They love LGBTQ movies. They adore queer architecture. They are better than you. More caring, more cultured, more empathetic. This permits them to sleep better at night. See, I’m not a fraud. I may be a gargantuan parasitic hedge fund bullshitter but I really care. I may be an overpaid BS actor but I fight for solar panels. Those fly over rubes deserve their lot in life. They are racists who bed their siblings. We are science supporters who fight against Mother Earth rapists whilst flying in our private jets. It is a classic ego defensive strategy that permits the ruling class to exist within their fractured selves. Save this thread. Memorize it. I’m offering you a deep psychological explanation of our times.”

He also spoke on the matter in a video:

His article was taken down, because he “assailed” Seth Rogen.

And he immediately responded, with a fact-based response.

Seth Rogen, also didn’t keep quiet, calling his video “stupid” and more.

Saad kept it somewhat civil, thanking Seth Rogen for watching the video, and then some.

“Thanks for watching. Many young people are socialists when they are driven by immature impulses of utopia. They then grow up. You are a grown man with tons of money. Your current stances are rooted in vacuous empty signalling rooted in a desire to belong in Hollywood. It takes zero courage to hold your stances within the entertainment ecosystem. You espouse bullshit rhetoric that wins you points at the cool kids’ parties but you are otherwise as ignorant as my out-of-order toaster. I’d be happy to chat with you on my show as you have a very large platform and as such you have the opportunity to actually make a difference. Stop succumbing to the herd mindset. Learn how to think critically. Learn the meaning and implications of socialism vs. capitalism. You are among the MOST privileged people in the history of humanity. And yet you walk around as though you are a Che Guevara revolutionary. You are the product of capitalism. If you are such a socialist, send me some of your money. I’m trying to build an interdisciplinary research institute. Live out your convictions. If you are a socialist, you have no business being the beneficiary of the most capitalist industry in the most capitalist country in the history of humanity. Don’t be a hypocritical fraud. Cheers amigo.”

Saad showcased the current situation of cancel culture, and the prohibition of “virtue signaling.”

This is also showing of the state of cannibalism between those who attempt to push the same narrative, and would like to prove who the “true believers” are. Not only is there a witch hunt for Trump supporters and conservatives, but there is also an inquisition out for the “heretics” that present themselves as “neo-liberals” but are “fake” ones. Gad Saad is presumably a conservative, and right-winged, and Seth Rogen is a left-winged activist and socialist. It is however, confusing which is which.

In conclusion, Gad Saad said the following:

“I heard back from an associate editor at Psychology Today,” he wrote on Twitter. “The email was truly breathtaking. In explaining the hypocrisy of the ruling class and in my interaction with Seth Rogen, I used terms such as ‘hypocritical fraud’ and ‘vacuous parasitic signalers.’ This was apparently unacceptable. To frontally criticize a public figure for proclaiming to love socialism whilst benefiting from the most capitalist industry in the most capitalist society ever should apparently be tackled with gentle words and ’empirical evidence.’”

“What is the empirical evidence that would be required to critique him? I should have perhaps stated that Rogan’s position was ‘problematic but noble’ and that I would be conducting a 6-month longitudinal psychoanalysis of his motives for having such a fractured incongruity between his stated beliefs and his daily reality.”

“I have been writing for Psychology Today, since 2008 (312 articles). This is the first one that they’ve ever pulled. I have generated nearly 7 million readers for them, but the use of ‘parasitic’ is simply unacceptable to them,” Saad wrote. “My book is titled ‘The PARASITIC Mind.’ I know the editor in chief personally. I know many of the senior editors. What is transpiring is truly chilling. OK, well, get ready. I’m activating my honey badger.”

“P.S. — My article that was pulled had become one of the five most popular on their site in 30 minutes. But apparently it was too triggering to be ‘mean’ to Seth Rogen. It’s not empirically-based polite language. We have truly entered a dangerous reality.”

Gad Saad also keeps busy in mocking the Biden administration’s token “diversity” appointments.

Maybe Seth Rogen makes his next movie about a professional stoner, who simply sucks up to whoever is in power at the current moment, and can then white knight whatever cause brings in the profits.

Surely to be a blockbuster.


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johnny rotten

Obviously, only in a Fake Nation where everything is false could a false socialism be born, continue to commit suicide Yankees, we are the ones who enjoy the show.

Lazy Gamer

Saad has made an error. A hypocrite lives with at least the same set of values or norms but acts differently. What he doesnt take into account is that there are a lot of people who profess one set of values but live another. This incongruity is not necessarily hypocritical but can also be cold calculating deception. If u know an opponent lives under a set of values, u can use these values solely for the purpose of gaining an advantage. This person recognizes that what he is doing is right as he is leveraging all information that he knows. There is no hypocrisy there but only pragmatic advantage. OTOH A hypocrite will know deep down what he is doing is wrong as he is convicted by his own values. Whether Seth is one, is too early to tell. But his professed activism on SOME misguided issues is annoying for such an actor that my kids will be watching.

Tommy Jensen

True strong words. But offensive to the targets. What to do? Nothing. Someone appoint these turncoats because they are useful in a destructive political game.

cechas vodobenikov

wonderful for amerikan cocktail parties where caviar is socialist and burgers are capitalist


Social Justice Warriors–>S.JW->JW.S==JeWS

Peter Jennings

The cancel culture is a cancer culture that will inevitably eat itself. Nothing will be enough.

When one looks back at history and the utterly stupid things people have done over the centuries from proving innocence by drowning ‘witches’ to see if they float, to hanging monkeys thought to be spies, it’s hard not to think that the public of the time must have been uneducated morons that would believe anything they were told.

However, when one looks at current events, it’s difficult to see any difference between the public attitude of modern times and that of the medievil. Same fish food, but a different bowl.

Gaven Rank

In fact, there are many psychologists now who are very controversial and it’s better to think about where you are going to go if you are going to go to therapy. I myself just went through several and found only here https://www.linkedin.com/company/calmerry competent help and therapy. I recommend to check them out and contact them if you need it. You can’t just leave your psyche if it needs support.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gaven Rank
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