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JULY 2022

The People Vs. Navalny: Flag Carrier Of Western-Funded Anti-Russian Opposition Finally Faces Some Justice

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UPDATE (2.02.2021): Moscow City Court ruled that Aleksei Navalny will serve two years and and almost eight months in prison after being found guilty of repeatedly violating the terms of a suspended sentence, handed down for the embezzlement case in 2014.

In fact, his suspended sentence was converted into a real one. He was originally sentenced to three-and-a-half years, but has already served almost 10 months in house arrest.

Therefore, for two proven in court criminal offenses involving huge embezzlement of funds, dozens of violations of the terms of suspended sentence, the hardcore contempt of court, the active and public work in the interests of foreign states against the Russian nation he faced a slightly more than 2.5 years in a general regime jail.

Aleksei and Oleg Navalny were convicted of stealing about $500,000 from two Russian firms, one of which was affiliated with French cosmetics company Yves Rocher and of laundering part of the amount. Under this case, Aleksei Navalny was conditionally sentenced to 5 years. Since then, Navalny has repeatedly violated the terms of sentence additionally to being involved in other money laundering schemes via his ‘Anti-Corruption Fund’ (currently under investigation), and actively worked in the interests of foreign states to destabilize the situation in Russia.

It is interesting to note that Yves Rocher (that suffered from the money stealing scheme of Navalny brothers) said that it considers the Navalny case to be an ordinary story, under which normal corporate defense procedures were applied. The company said that the guilt of the Navalny brothers was confirmed by the courts of several instances, and considers the case closed.

This statement goes contrary the position of Navalny that lied that Yves Rocher does not consider itself to be the victim party and has no claims towards Navalny. Thus, the Navalny team and MSM tried to present the money stealing case as a ‘political persecution’.

This case shows that the Russian state is probably among the most tolerant and democratic states around the world. In particular, in any Western state, such person like Navalny would easily face a life sentence or even a death penalty (in the leader of the ‘democratic world’ – the United States).

For years, Russian authorities have demonstrated a very soft position towards apparent tools of Western intelligence services that have been working to destabilize and destroy Russia. Nonetheless, recent actions of the so-called ‘non-system’ (pro-Western, neo-liberal, anti-Russian clique) opposition in Russia passed all the existing red lines. Thus, the Russian state made this very soft, but the widely expected step in defending its national interest against the foreign pressure.

The question is how would Moscow react to the propaganda and diplomatic pressure, potential new sanctions (already announced) and attempts to stage provocations and chaos in the country that are expected to start under the pretext of protecting ‘anti-corruption activist Navalny’.

It is expected that this weekend forces behind the Navalny group will try to stage violent riots in Moscow and other large cities of Russia. The real scale and outcome of this attempt will show the real influence of the Western forces and their local allies in the country.

The People Vs. Navalny: Flag Carrier Of Western-Funded Anti-Russian Opposition Finally Faces Some Justice

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On February 2nd, Alexey Navalny’s court hearing began in the Moscow City Court. The plot thickens, and the moment of truth looms near.

Will the neo-liberal flag carrier of the Western influence in Rusia, Alexey Navalny face justice, or his hundreds of violations be swept under the rug, as his foreign supporters wish?

The Moscow City Court has increased security measures. Several Rosgvardia and police vehicles are parked at the Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad metro station. The riot policemen blocked the nearest passage to the court. Only court staff and those who live in the area are allowed in.

Initially, the hearing was supposed to take place at 10 am, but it was postponed to 11 at the request of Navalny’s lawyers, who asked to give them time to coordinate their position with him.

There was a small demonstration. Specifically, a woman who lied down on the snow in sign of protests, and anti-riot police officers just carried her away so she doesn’t catch a cold.

A true atrocity of the regime, in the words of MSM. A video reference below:

It can be stated that one hundred million viewers have remained spectators. The staggering numbers of YouTube never materialized into a powerful support group at the Moscow City Court.

Near the courthouse, approximately 200 people gathered, whom the police asked for a long time to free the sidewalks, and then proceeded to arrest them. Some were pushed out of the security perimeter without the use of force, some fled to the courtyards, about a hundred were detained for disobeying police demands.

Diplomatic vehicles, including the embassies of Great Britain and Bulgaria, arrived at the Moscow City Court. According to an RIA Novosti correspondent, representatives of Switzerland, Latvia, Poland and Austria are already in court.

More than 15 employees of embassies of different countries and about 80 Russian and foreign journalists are expecting the start of the court hearing of Navalny’s case in the Moscow City Court.

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the diplomats who came to the trial on Navalny should not interfere in the internal affairs of Russia.

“<…> And even more so to allow any actions that would somehow be associated with attempts to put pressure on an independent court,” Peskov explained.

Peskov also said that Moscow is not ready to listen to statements from abroad on the situation with Navalny.

“We are ready to consistently and patiently explain everything, but we do not intend to react to any mentoring statements and do not intend to take them into account,” the president’s press secretary explained.

The Simonovsky court is considering the issue of canceling the suspended sentence for Alexey Navalny and replacing it with a real one. The meeting is held in an away format in the Moscow City Court.

Navalny was detained on January 17 at Sheremetyevo upon his return from Germany – there he was undergoing treatment after an incident with an alleged poisoning.

After that, he was taken to the police department in Khimki, where the next day, the court imprisoned the opposition figure for 30 days.

The reason for his arrest was the violation of the probationary period as a convict in the Yves Rocher case. He was assigned to the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center. As stated in the FSIN, Navalny was detained for violating the probationary period as conditionally convicted – on December 29 last year he was put on the wanted list.

Navalny has two conditional convictions: in the Kirovles case – it is connected with the embezzlement of more than 16 million rubles and in the Yves Rocher case – with the theft of more than 30 million rubles.

Navalny’s defense asked to attach to the case a letter from the Charite clinic about the completion of treatment and the ECHR’s decision on the blogger’s case.

“Please attach the original certificate from the Charite clinic dated January 15. It follows from it that Navalny finished treatment on January 15, at the time of the examination he was feeling well, until the 15th he was followed up on an outpatient basis. After being discharged from the hospital, he gained 100% of his body weight. having recovered to the pre-incident levels,” said Navalny’s lawyer Vadim Kobzev.

The reading of the accusations against Alexey Navalny, and the list of violations took longer than 10 minutes.

The list is as follows:

In 2017, he had the following violations, and their respective punishments:

27.03. – administrative arrest for 15 days;

11.04. – a submission was sent to the Simonovskiy District Court to impose an additional obligation “not to commit administrative offenses” on the conditionally convicted Navalny AA;

01.06. – warning about the cancellation of the conditional sentence;

06/12 – administrative arrest for a period of 30 days;

29.06. – warning about the cancellation of the conditional sentence;

03.08. – an administrative fine in the amount of 300,000 thousand rubles;

04.08. – The probationary period under the sentence of 2014 was extended for a year.

In 2018, and 2019 he had the following violations:

Failure to show up for registration at UII on set days without a valid reason. 50 cases. Moreover:

05/15/2018 – administrative arrest for a period of 30 days;

08/27/2018 – administrative arrest for a period of 30 days;

09/24/2018 – administrative arrest for a period of 20 days;

07/01/2019 – administrative arrest for 10 days;

07/24/2019 – administrative arrest for 30 days.

In 2020, he had the following violations:

From January 2020 until his hospitalization (20.08 – Omsk, 22.08. – Berlin) Navalny systematically violated the conditions of the probationary period:

– In January 2020, Navalny came to the Penitentiary Institute only once (01/23/2020), after being discharged from the hospital – not once. Must appear for registration at least twice a month;

– 6 times the obligation to appear on the set day was violated (13.01, 27.01, 03.02, 16.03, 06.07. 17.08).

Based on these facts, Navalny was warned about the possibility of canceling his conditional sentence. All of this took place prior to his alleged poisoning, and he wasn’t even arrested.

It is quite a lengthy list.

Finally, Navalny’s report of “Putin’s palace” turned out to be entirely fake.

And Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t even own it.


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Lone Ranger

High Treason…


“State Treason” [275 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation]




The evidence is out for all to see. Prosecute like any other fool and be done with it.

Lone Ranger


johnny rotten

The Russian people versus the western oligarchies, but sooner or later it will be all the peoples of the world against the western oligarchies and their Jewish masters, for now let’s enjoy the disgust of the insignificant traitor, even if it will change little.


The nazi wannabe wank even drop out of usa school,got a fake soros certificate too, what about its right hand man,that little p00f caught on video rantinf with the other p00f! Desperate homosexual fools,got no future nor hope as they whom condone illegit protests!

Ivan Grozny

Like in the soviet times – a small visit out back, with a nice gentleman carrying a markarov pistol. But, maybe not – it’s rather messy, 15 years of hard labour will suffice!


Russia has some pristine Arctic islands like Sverdrup with many seals and polar bears and he should enjoy living there.


Yeap, make him turn large rocks into smaller rocks for the rest of his pathetic life.


He upset Arkady Rotenberg, russian slaves are in hands.

Rhodium 10

He has built a Hotel-Palace like Kol Gali in Tatarstan and there Dozens similar in Spain ( Paradores nacionales)….West are not slaves?..take a look to Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Zuckber, Jobs..etc…


You are talking about innovators in technology, Arkady and the other jewish billionaires from Moscow are just leeching Russia’s resources.

Rhodium 10

There are many companies along USA&EU who supply weapons, civil infraestructure, goods, service ..etc.. to the state…are they also leeching their country resources?…AK Rotenberg built the Crimea bridge..which cost 4BM….this similar bridge built in Spain or another EU country would have cost no less than 7-8BM and of course nobody ask about links between that companies and the politcal party who rule the country.


Ohh, he made that bridge too? Btw he also prints school books for the Russian kids. They couldn’t learn in school wirhout this rich man. The bridge between Sweden and Denmark is 2 km shorter but twice taller and 1/3 is underwater tunel. Guess how much it was?

Rhodium 10

Are you enginner?…you dont know how much a budget can increase depends of many factors!…for example 20km of High speed train railway can cost between 3BM or 6BM…20km of Bridge in mud deep terrain with twin highways and 2 railways..I can say without doubts that in my EU country will cost not less than 6-7 BM.


Don’t get mad at facts(don’t be Russian) , check that bridge cost.

Rhodium 10

Man…my brother in law is a civil works engineer who works for the state!…I asked him about the Crimea bridge…among other questions he told me that the cost is cheap taking in account that there are many pillars that hold the bridge because is a double motorway and double railway.


And he didn’t hear about other bridges, like the one I mentioned.

Rhodium 10

I asked him about Crimea bridge not about world wide bridges!…he told me that is in fact 2 separate estructures ( the railway and the motorway)..therefore it is cheap accord its Budget!


But you can check for yourself the other bridge. There are plenty of pics and data on google. You can’t value a product without comparing with other products. But seems like olygarchs ass lickers can.

Cheryl Brandon

Most of the repurces are in the hands of thE STATE


Say again please?

cechas vodobenikov

bacon pole/ukrop=robots…want to learn to be slave


Another slave of Rotenberg


Frankly, this idiot Navalny is a nobody but a pathetic CIA and BND creation and if he had not staged the airplane “poisoning” stunt to buy some new goodies in Germany, no would have even heard of the moron. He should just be sent to an Arctic island for R&R permanently with no access to any communications. A colder version of Gitmo would suffice for him and the CIA rent a crowd that can fit in a phone booth.

Hasbara Hunter

Navalny is just another bought & paid for ZioNazi-TraitorPuppet…working for MI6 & the British ZioNazi Crown…just put him in front of a firing squad to get rid of the filth…



Taking into account the fact that Putin is definitely pro-Western Ziocorporate terrorist globalist financialism and world order as long as his team can rule Russia with the support of his close Jewligarchs, the whole Navalny saga looks like a fucking bad circus.

There’s much more than enough evidence to strip Navalny of Russian citizenship and ban him from entering Russia, but Putin refuses to stop giving Western Ziocorporate media fuel to publish more bullshit.

There was a time when RT truly questioned the bullshit, like the Zioterrorist 9/11 self-attack, now they just go with the flow of good cop, bad cop crap.

Black Waters

Nice try.


You’re welcome.


No they actually respect the law of the land,somethiung you failed to take heed:

Jens Holm

Your words is Your real mistake.

He speaks about taking in things from the west and make them to own ones.

“Pro East” is remaining in the dark. I have writtten many times of the in a way very simple things needed.

1) Structure for Russia, where You choose being centralized says Moscow runs everything with long and strong arms as some kind of octopussy. 2) Russia made into Regions with strong Region Centers and a limited very strong state in Moscow for upperthings like military forces and fx – very important – for education of all in Russia to the middle class level. Russia hardly has a middle class. 3) Something between them. It fx could be less power to the Regions and more to the local Caounties(oblasts).

RUSSIA HAS NONE OF THAT. They cant even collect tax for fx a good healtcare or pension !!!! Instead things works by ineffective corruption with grabbers on all level, whcih acytually control the state or most of it.

Naming it as the usual crap with Jewish Oligarcs makes no sense, but of course they set the standard for those bad habits.

And Second one is education for all or at least many many many more to the level, where they can handle advanced methods well and also can be updated.

As written before too, it makes no sense at all, that Russia might even produce more scientists if what they invent and has knowledge about cant be produced and distributed. A way is to make parts of those high ranked scientists into teachers for people clever enough to be middleclass.

But Russia just simply has no skills for productions systems and distributions. Thats here random Navalnev is correct. As a minimum Russia has to be inspired very very much and make those good habits, which are well known in west.

And that cant be done be some cheap tricks but is a tradition, which takes many years to make into vitals as normal procedures. Its not there.

And its even worse. Some Russian producers actually has tryed to take expertice in fx from Boing. And what happen next: Those Producers are named and punished as spyes. That horrible to treat the own country like that.

The other version of course is the Russian producers “goes west” and are allowed to know how to produce and distribute. Thatseemes even worse then bad, because those many in theory clever people often get much better and well organized paid jobs – and never some back.

erwin vercauteren

you are a real pathological Russia hater and a mythmaker but the saddest of all his that you consider your myths and fantasies as facts its clear you have never been in Russia and knows absolute nothing about what is now going on in Russia and in general with the average Russia man and women Russia is the only country that thrives from all the European nations even with sanctions and backstabbing from the west and their double standards Putin has brought Russia back to his glory and this without looting other nations riches and natural resources like the US UK France etcetera USA is a pile of shit crumbling under addiction poverty homelessness and a rescession worst than 1929 on the edge of civil war, or it will become a new 4reich together with their favorite false nation of Ziosrael ( hitler would be proud to see the continuation of his project implemented by the Yankee demorats i

Jens Holm

I tell what happens and has happend much better then You because we do have own sober journalists there as well as that narrowminded filth You serve right here.

I take it again: Which information dont we have You have – Thats NONE

This is not about hate but which kind of information You are served, which makes Russia in stagnation and even declining. .

Instead as presenting Russian as almost heroes about those sanctions, You as a minimum should tell the very good reasons for it.

And we dont loote. We raise people to ask questions, so they choose and think better themself – We make all go to school, we educate much more people, we let people find and choose their skill, we also allow us to reward hard work.

I agree about all those homeless are a very bad solution. But as a minimum You should should mention others has many more with no roof and fx in Syria for the same reasosns are against Assad and Putin.

Syria had about 20 mio. inhabitants. Now more then 6 mio are not even in the copuntry and around 4 mio are internal refugees. You probatly also think its a lie even Russia are transporter in th UN and UNICF programmes.

Its seemes You also has no idea about how USA was in 1929. Here You again forget most of the world acrually collapsed too.

Ypu also forget the unimplyment rate has gone up all over the world and it maionly is about Corona. Here You also forget Joe Biden actually try to get a billion or trillion help package to solve sopme of the massive problpæems we have – or will have.

Ypou write I hate Russia. You certainly dont love USA and You deny to understand we dont see Russia can grow if they have no input.

Navalnev is very much against corruption. You seemes to support correption and random political courts. I dont.

…But according to what You are told the uSA is the most corrupt and Russia more clean and smell better then the behind of a baby. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/65c23018f2869b07145b88485e3f2d217d24cc1865b66d6c4f61ab863b5cb615.png

I give You advices for the future, because You seemes not even allowed to be able to know about it. I have not invented what works here. But I do support most of it and try to correct mistakes home as well as for my country.

You represent the opposit and not even know it. Your szystem is outdated as kosygin or Krustjof in a t34 tank. OIt would be fine if it was a museum, but You are are a country with so many poor people and so much is low standards.

You are even forbidden to make changes. Well You vant paint the tank, Kosygin or Krustjov and thats it.

cechas vodobenikov

dumb racist–dinkmark greater income/wealth disparities than Russia—no middle class: only low paid cheese farmers.. dinkmark: 28% university grads Russia: 55% universe grads most recent PERLS study Russian children #1 Dinks, amerikans lower than #40 your rehab failed—LSD induced hallucinations bad comedy

Jens Holm


Jens Holm

Its so pathetic funny strange, You even can use a well known Russian propaganda media against west to confirm Russia is correct and well oriented in these matters :( + 1/2 a babana, if You have tail.

erwin vercauteren

jezus christ dude did you read or heard your delusional psychotic rambling you really need a visit to the shaman you act like a real pathetic useless and frustrated idiot this is off course the reference of all those neoliberal scumbags with the IQ of peanut and Wikipedia as their university degree keep watching Cartoon Network that is more appropriate for your level of cognitive processing


Fuck off, you eminent PhD in antineolibelism and cheerleading for whomever you think is gonna save the world from it. Really sad your 2 bootlicking neurons got so upset for a few words I put in there you had to stop to spew your bullshit.




Not royalty get your fact rights,royals are russian not nazis,brainwashed harry you know hes the traitor too,either way no freedom for cia liars ,beware caveat empetor/falkse prophet! Fool truth not,the gimp goes to jail serves him right,Commonwealth don’t accept trash,nor should russia or china if they know whats best for societys,brexit remains,nazis are out!

Hasbara Hunter

Queen Elizabeth, Rothschild, Bill Gates, Rockefeller & 43 American Presidents all belong to the same inbred ZioNazi-Family


Elizabeth is russian blooded,the others are as you say,but not her (period) Did she serve for the Commonwealth in ww2 yes she did,allied with CCCP!

Hasbara Hunter

King George V betrayed his cousin Nicholas II….Queen Elizabeth is a Pineal Gland Sucking Elitist Parasite & should dangle next to her brother in law Rothschild for crimes against humanity….


Elisabeth is German according to her original surname.


A name inherited from her ancesters doesn’t make her german at all…so I call BS on that.

Jim Allen


Hasbara Hunter

45 different individuals… Grover Cleveland was re-elected….Maarten van Buren was Dutch so probably not related to King John of England…that makes 44 (incl. Joe Biden)

Jens Holm

You probatly prefare fat people with big feet in windy areas as well. Hip Hip.

Jens Holm


Jens Holm

(ANO) TV-Novosti (Under Russia Today TV UK Limited)

cechas vodobenikov

only dumb dane believes fake dane/German news—controlled by CIA: Udo Ulfkotte

Jens Holm

RT America is a U.S.-based pay television and internet-based news channel which is part of the RT network, a global multilingual television news network based in Moscow, Russia, funded and controlled by the Russian government.

The channel is registered as a “foreign agent” with the United States Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). A 2017 report by the United States Intelligence Community characterized RT as “The Kremlin’s principal international propaganda outlet” and said that RT America had been set up as an autonomous nonprofit organization to avoid FARA’s registration requirement. RT America claims that it reaches 85 million people in the United States, but this figure is disputed.

Jens Holm

V wery good Volker and Jimmy also dont like propaganda. Maybee they are gunslingers from the wild West themself.

Peter Moy

This no good, rotten, slimy Juan Guaido wannabe looks like he could use some shyster New York or Washington, DC liars, I mean lawyers. Now we’re waiting for an official communique from his pimps.

Lone Ranger

Bye Analny… #Rurapenthe

John Wallace

Where is Splatz the mouth from the bedroom. Strangely quiet , must have shoved the dildo to far down the throat. Little boy should stick to playing with your prick . Try and make it grow , unlike your brain is capable of doing.

tzatz John Wallace • 2 days ago Navalny is real … thousands are in jail … tomorrow MORE THOUSANDS will come out against the Putin Crime Cabal .

Black Waters

I want life sentence for that neo-nazi parasite of Nalv0ny!!! Life sentence!!!

Ivan Freely

I hear there’s a new variant of the v1ru5 making it’s rounds. You never know who gets it and succumbs to it. ;)

Proud Hindu

Haha china mamtu…..struggling because of declining population.

According to The Economist, a study by the University of Washington projects that the global population will peak in 2064 and then fall steadily to an estimated 8.9 billion in 2100, which is lower than the UN’s estimate of about 10.9 billion. Figures aside, the general trend here is that with economic growth and education, birth rates will fall more quickly. In the long term, the only region that will see a net increase in population is the African continent south of the Sahara desert.

The study notes that many countries will see a population decline of at least 50% — in particular, China’s population will fall from 1.6 billion now to 730 million by the end of the century. Such a significant decline in population will not be good news for China’s long-term economic and social development, because it would not be a natural result of economic and educational progress, but mainly from the mandatory one-child policy going back to the 1970s. It was difficult for this short-sighted, short-term policy to self-correct or reverse once it became a social norm.

John Wallace

Are you going to be here and see if is true or will you be just another pile of cow dung on the road. Me thinks you are full of shit so my bet is on the cow dung. Where are the beetles when you need them.


faithless genocide wannabe,let it be the first to die,they want it so they will get it. Plenty of desperate mongrels whoms idea of the better world ressembles masons!

Jens Holm

Studies like that often makes no sense. A lot can happen in the population parts.

Its also stupidity to assume the chinese worries as well as for my country. Facts are we produce more and more by less and less people. Having less to share with might need less of everything for ther ones actually are alive.

Too many studies are still in the level, where more soildiers makes a big army and power in the world. Its not like that anymore.

It makes more sense to predict the dry land will spread out, so normal agriculture of today is not possible. We see more and more rivers hardly reach the oceans and are given less and less rain from above as well.

So I predict how many chinese only for 5 years.

cechas vodobenikov

dane produce more cheese—must buy electricity from Germany, created by Russian gas

cechas vodobenikov

does u of wash credit US empire in 10 years–Galtung, Jameson, Orlov, Hedges do

Proud Hindu

Drink less vodka

cechas vodobenikov

too much bad LSD in Mumbai ghetto—low caste Dalit

Jens Holm

Russia is more and more some funny farm.

None her would be surpriced if Putin asked for help in west and demanded Monty Pyton and Kafka at once.

Ivan Grozny

Sorry for people who are not familiar with danish, but you really deserve this one: “Du er fuldkommen uden for pædagogisk rækkevidde. magen til nonsens skal man virkelig lede længe efter!”

Jens Holm

Thats the opposit around Norbert Strade.

cechas vodobenikov

dane humor sado masochistic…danes = beggar US colony Russia no debt, positive balance of trade, vast reserves dane have cheese reserves


In days like these under the dark and sinister shadow of the Putin regime, I’m just glad that there are freedom-loving people like Aleksei Navalny, E.U. President Ursula von der Leyen, renowned geo-political analyst Tommy Jenson, VZ president-in-waiting Juan Guido, Belarus president-in-waiting Svetlana Tikhanovskay, Mossad chief יוסף מאיר כהן‎; and the pregnant insights into the human condition of South Front correspondent Genghis Gobi for their darting and dashing about in defense of other people’s freedoms.

Lost Empire

Send the prisoner and foreign agent Navalny immediately to Kolyma, not in a prison in Moscow. In US the penalty for collaborating with an enemy nation is inprisonment or death penalty

Jens Holm

The real issue is they dont dare any changes by votes. They not even respect 70% as in krasnodar.

We ledt anybody try to be PM members as well as local PMs. All by that are in the open and tell us, what they want or wish for and wont – inside the constitution.

By that we have heard communists as well as nazis in all details and hardly any vote on them. Both them and we know their correct seize, because they cant see they are kept or forced down as well as they they are not allowed to speak in the medias.

We do have an extreme neoliberal party in Our Parlament. They get less then 3%, so it makes NO SENSE people here again and agaikn tall we are neoliberales. We do have old liberales too they represent 20%. It still dont fit into the lies written here everyday that we follow, what after few Yoers was very outdated decades ago.

But we are Kapitalist and some with a nicer face then others. DEnmark is member of EU, where important parts of course is Kapitalisme. In the other hand we also has many many Socialdemokrats, which do pretty well making a better balance among ud.

So when You write “opposition”, You deny to understand what internal opposiotion wish and want for. We have opposition in the open and they do have influence if they have good ideas here and there – and they have.

cechas vodobenikov

LGBT jensy want sex with Navalny—upset…dane US colony…EU =amerikan colonial creation—even UK knows this…soon Italy and other civilized nations will exit…jens again suffers hallucinations you need rehab —too much LSD

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Waste of the limited amount of MI6 money there is.


The outrage should be the UK Regime + Deep-State waste a shitload of taxpayer money on this POS [+ the POSs in HK as well] but forces Austerity on the UK commoners + wreck the NHS [like they did+do for decades] in times of an pandemic.



Dick Von Dast'Ard

Sadly for Navalny and his spouse, highly likely Bill Browder will get him murdered whilst within prison using contract killers.

John Tosh

I wonder why the Western intelligence agencies always choose losers like Navalny or Gaido… never anyone sensible… I guess they are a dying breed. The end of the Western intelligence culture is here.

Lets see what replaces it!

Rodney Loder

The idiots miscalculated, sucked in Jew maggots, anyhow, notice the Jew /Freemason Western media is shifting the blame of the Myanmar genocide on to the military away from the maggot Suu Kyi, – what rubbish ! There was no problem with the Rohingya People changing their names when they embraced Islam before the maggot Kyi was lifted out of detention and into being defacto ruler of the country by the queer maggot Obama. True the military didn’t mind going along with the carnage but it was the Buddhists that initiated it, something they will regret as damnation is awaiting. The Jew / Freemason Western media are saying the the Military has reversed course, maybe not, the influence the maggots are trying to exert could be not even considered by the Military, probably Xi Jinping is egging them on as an example of the way things can go.


in norway (not a country to emulate in general) but they did put quisling up against the wall and shot him dead – as traitors generally deserve, it would be a fitting end for navalny.


Just killing him is not an option, it would make him an undeserved phony martyr, he’s not only a phony he’s in reality a ‘Criminal’ embezzelment fraud corruption + state treason…he should be punished for all his crimes in throwing him in jail like the harsh ‘Black Dolphin’ supermax prison…the fake outrage by his western handlers + MSM would be at least less than if he would simply killed.




SF, it looks like you’ve got a bot problem. That may be spamming your threads with malware click bait.


Adomz EDM




Adrian Szymankiewicz





In this interview investigative reporter Harry Vox describes the Jew World Order in detail. How it works. How he believes that Mossad obtained Covid 19 from a US level 4 bioweapons lab and attacked China, Iran and many other nations with it in a covert operation to roll out the scamdemic as a depopulation control consolidation project.

He states that Alex Jones came to New York in 2004 to meet with him for a few days. And that every time that Alex Jones now says Chicom if you insert Jew that you’ll get a more accurate picture of what’s happening.

Cheryl Brandon

Navalny is just another pawn a cow prod to dig Russians and propagndize Russians

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Should count himself lucky not convicted of attempted insurrection.

Assad must stay

hahahaha i am so happy the piece of shit got jailed

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