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JUNE 2023

The Pentagon’s Secret Army Is No Surprise But A Potential “ArmyGate”

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The “largest undercover force the world has ever known” has been recently unveiled by a Newsweek investigation. This revealing of a secret Pentagon project was expected to stir the US domestic news pot.

Newsweek’s report was the result of a two-year investigation involving examination of over 600 resumes and 1,000 job postings and more.

The deep investigation revealed there are nearly 60,000 people belonging to an American military Secret Undercover Army working with “masked identities and in low profile”. They are part of a broader program called “signature reduction.”

This clandestine “army inside the Army” carries out both domestic and overseas tasks, operating as a military brand or under civilian covers. Their approaches are various: both on the ground and online with web-operations, often hiding in private businesses and consultancies.

The newest and fastest growing group in this army is online and   never leaves its keyboards. These are cutting-edge cyber fighters and intelligence collectors who assume false personas online, employing “nonattribution” and “misattribution” techniques.

In general, such a practice has already become a tradition among the intelligence and military of the leading world states. These proxies enjoy the capabilities of using both the resources of state official bodies and also operating beyond the local laws.

They are not under official control of national legislative bodies, and are usually financed by funds raised from various “gray” area activities, such as oil smuggling, precious metals and stones trade, activities by close to government PMCs etc.

Obviously, this is very profitable, but impossible without strong ties to military leadership.

De facto, this project is under the control of a few dozens of US top generals and politicians. Governance of the structure is based on the netcentric principles.

However, even when such activities are covered by high-ranking bureaucracy, problems related to legality, national taxation and financial legislation arise.

It is said of such operations in the clandestine community that they are “tacit, illegal—and ineffective.” It reflects their true essence – getting an excess profit.

Such a subtle game requires a combination of specific skills that could be possessed only by joint teams of civilian lawyers, bankers, IT-specialists and managers, empowered by military professionals.

This is especially important for various cyber security or cyber-warfare operations, since hackers require high payments, and are usually not recruited through public channels.

Despite the fact that the story is nothing new, in the US, there are certain rules that are the result of the social contract between elite groups and the people. At the same time, there is an unspoken agreement within the elites on the inviolability of the main parameters of their military and security wings. Thus, this scandal, currently being blown out of proportion, may become a new “ArmyGate” or similar charade.

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jens holm

You also dont seeme to understand how USA has its militaries as well as their intelligence even its mistakes are visible too.

They are ordered by their Goverment for the big picture BUT they are independent in doing how. By that they are very strong in, what they doo.


jens holm

Thats my rap poetry – “too” rhymes with “doo” : its mistakes are visible too. very strong in what they doo.

and jens likes poo.


Jens Assholm

What’s ‘T’ ?

jens holm

T is for Turd. My new signature.


jens holm


jens holm

Its a fake. Monsanto take them all, where I live, but they pollute as well.

jens holm

Fake again


jens big picture =boyfriend no clothes or CNN….for weak jens, weak cowardly amerikans strong

jens holm

ha ha

john wooh

None(brain) of you, Proud shit eating HIndu and Jens Homoanus.

So u are Western paid troublemakers on this site, how much do you get paid for???

john wooh

Stop eating shit and drinking piss its not good for your health, take a room with “None of you” and “Jens Hole” show them your kamasutra skills, maybe Jens will give u Asylum in Denmark and the Romanian Gipsy(None of U) can show you how pogressive he lives in Bucharest i.redd.it/pbqr3g1rmfo01.jpg

Proud hindu

8 Chinese sent to hell in factory explosion yesterday

john wooh

So what im not asian, im not a paid troll like u isnt it too late(05.00a.m.) for a hindu??

I bet, like i said 10times before ur not a hindu. I never change my name its always just “John Wooh”!

your only purpose is to distract people from doing constructive things, u little worm!

I am unbuyable nobody/nothing can buy me, because money is for me irrelevant.

I only listen to my heart and balls, do u have a heart/balls u piece of shit

Last edited 2 years ago by john wooh

dalit already live in hell—maybe a few Chinese will descend to teach you manners with left hand

Simon Ndiritu

It’s very low of you to celebrate misfortunes of your competitors. Instead improve yourself. I haven’t seen a Chinese celebrating how the ‘indian variant’ is mowing Indians leading to shortage of wood to cremate the dead, Or how a quarter million farmers have killed themselves in the recent past.

jens holm

Solve Your own problems. I heard Hindus from next month will be burried vertical bacause of no space and no more firewood.


dalit too poor to pay for propaganda, must steal from amerika

jens holm

They probatly pay him for not writing anywhere else.

mike l hutchings

so the American version of the secret police is here….LUCKY US but what to call them, they need a name the SS has already been taken. we are known by our deeds so this league of operators will have to earn it…


This is the true meaning of ‘karen’ or ‘karin’. They’ll be everywhere watching and waiting to dob on their own people.

jens holm

It seemes forgotten others do exact same things. They and we are just smaller.

China Is Right

In other words, the Pentagoon is informing the people that spies on them for the Jews and the people should conform and keep paying the taxes (that go to free wars).


Last edited 2 years ago by China Is Right
jens holm

It always has been systems like that. You give Your friends or not enemies, what You thibk You can give being usefull for them. And those are giving back and also let information spread. You even on purpose spread false information and let them take the blame.

Its well descriebet during time. Making networking like tha can be found in ancient times.

And of course You BIAS is there naming it as Pentagon is the only ones. The Pentagon seemes t be the biggest ones, but they would not work well (or bad) if they didnt have the rest of us.

In that Pentagon is not the center SPIDER. We all do networkin being Our own as well.

US Army

The “largest undercover force the world has ever known” ?

Most western media will simply ignore this… move along, nothing to see here, let’s talk about Greta and Navalny.

concrete mike

Of course msm will ignore this. They call the russian vaccine sputnik vee. They dont even know roman numerals LOL. CBC=UBC Ukrainian broadcast corp

Florian Geyer

I am certain that the UK has such a force of de facto terrorists, economic, political and kinetic.

A UK General is on the record very recently as saying that the British forces ” need to re-learn their dark arts’.

The drum beat of WW3 is getting ever louder, Mike.

jens holm

Of course they have and alwas has had. Today warfare and crimes raoidly change by internet and we within hours can be with anything all over.

So if they and we are attacked by “dark arts”, we has to defend or even eliminate thise threats.

jens holm

I dont think we did.

Their number one came out untested as so many other russian products. This time their vaccine was fine and they were lucky.

I only see us name the russian vaccine 2 – the light version – as “vee”.

It seemes You ignore we also after hip hips has downgraided to western vaccines – after in use making very few to die.

jens holm

None here ignore this. You say.

But You forget those organs and people are made to be our helpers and friends and not Yours, so we live with what we think is their god parts as well as we try to change or remove their bad parts.

And Your “Greta and Navalnej in Krasnodar”. Those are not even allowed to talk about ponly to talk down and censur away from Minsk all the way to Vladivostok.

Ronkedors has taken over for even. They probatly even will decline their states more from theirgraves being oracles from Moscow and Minsk.


4500 dalit killed by covid yesterday

Proud hindu

50000 Russians dead in Chechen war

john wooh

Millions of Hindus sterilized by their American friend Bill the Psychopath Gates!!!

jens holm

Haha. Or else they had taken over Pakistan, Bagla desh and hri lanka by outnumbering.

Indi already is the second largets muslim countryin the world.

The Truth

Britain robbed India of $45 trillion & Thence 1.8 billion Indians died from deprivation


Eminent Indian economist Professor Utsa Patnaik (Jawaharlal Nehru University) has estimated that Britain robbed India of $45 trillion between 1765 and 1938, however it is estimated that if India had remained free with 24% of world GDP as in 1700 then its cumulative GDP would have been $232 trillion greater (1700-2003) and $44 trillion greater (1700-1950). Deprivation kills and it is estimated that 1.8 billion Indians died avoidably from egregious deprivation under the British (1757-1947). The deadly impact of British occupation of India lingers today 71 years after Independence, with 4 million people dying avoidably from deprivation each year in capitalist India as compared to zero (0) in China.

Last edited 2 years ago by The Truth
The Truth

Using Indian census data 1870-1950, assuming an Indian population of about 200 million in the period 1760-1870, and estimating by interpolation from available data an Indian avoidable death rate in (deaths per 1,000 of population) of 37 (1757-1920), 35 (1920-1930), 30 (1930-1940) and 24 (1940-1950), one can estimate Indian excess deaths of 592 million (1757-1837), 497 million (1837-1901) and 418 million (1901-1947), roughly 1.5 billion in total or 1.8 billion including the Native States.

Despite a very high birth rate, the Indian population did not increase between 1860 (292 million) and 1934 (292 million). This is indicative of massive avoidable deaths from imposed deprivation that can be estimated as 745 million (1860-1934) or an average of about 10 million Indian avoidable deaths from deprivation per year.

Last edited 2 years ago by The Truth
jens holm

There are so many relatives in that. The Britts moved millions to other colonies, so there is a forced or non forced immigration as well.

It ,mainly was fir farming new land – coffee, tea, palm oil etch.

But You are right too. When so many countries was helped by medication, doctors and nurses and often by religios groups, the population rapidly started for human western reasons.

jens holm

Calculating like that dont make any sense. Most likely the Nazis by him also won WW2 and had exterminated any Jew and arab in the whole world years ago.

Your wisheds for greater and greater by him also makes no sense. If the Britts wasnt there the indians instead had killed each other more then they actualy did.

Its alos forgotten that Brits develloped irrigatin and by that made a lot more of food and India foinanced the Brittish warfare in the Mddle east includiing trains, weapons, uniforms and food.

Thats not pludering but using the develloped parts if needed. Tru colonies weremeant as productives, but the Brittish Empires again and again has been recalculated. It was MINUS.

The only should have tryed to take and keep Bengal and a few other places. Mr Patniak also assume the Indians themself would devllop things. Thats an assumption only. India hardly develloped at all for many many centuries apart from the attcs by the colonitakers, which sometimes was awfull.

jens holm

You probatly counted them Yor self tpo. Im so impressed. Much as you were born with strange numbers of fingers and toes in Your calculations.

I also wonder if it wa the first or second Chechen war or both:(


If one studies the Jews’ modus operandi, like in Bolshevik Russia, post-Revolution France, Maoist China*, and East Germany, etc. one will find that this is a symptom of the Jew virus rising to power.

It is the same Jew behavior Orwell warned would would come about in his fictionalization of the Jews’ Protocols, “1984.”

*Mao was surrounded by Jew minders. Look it up.

Tahuan Tinsuyo

Know thyself…..not. Keep on chasing your phantom tail.

jens holm

Thts not Jewish at all.

You semes to be infected by someone about it. People like You living in windy zones soon will get three leags as well.


In other words, traitors to their own people. Doing the dirty work of their masters to undermine any true democracy.

jens holm

Traitor is a relative as well as “own people”. I live in it and see many complicated matteres solved well and also some nasty bad ones.

But I see none propose anything better. I link for that would be nice,

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