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The Pentagon Has Closed Ten Bases In Afghanistan Amid Hastened Draw Down

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The Pentagon Has Closed Ten Bases In Afghanistan Amid Hastened Draw Down

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Amid ongoing US negotiations with the Taliban which are aimed at reaching terms that would allow for a complete American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, which is Washington’s longest running war in history, at least ten US military bases have been closed since last FebruaryThe Washington Post reports.

This also comes after President Trump controversially ordered the Pentagon earlier this month to initiate a drawdown of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq of up to 2,500 from each nation.

The Pentagon Has Closed Ten Bases In Afghanistan Amid Hastened Draw Down
US military file image: small base in west-central Afghan province of Parwan.

While the military has not formally confirmed the closure of the bases, which remains classified given the sensitive security nature of troop departures, the WaPo report cited both top US and Afghan officials.

The future status of the shuttered bases remains unclear in terms whether they were handed over to Afghan national forces, or if they were simply vacated or possibly destroyed.

“Little is known about what remains of those bases, many in Afghanistan’s most volatile provinces where U.S. support for Afghan operations has been critical in pushing back the Taliban,” the Post report reads.

Some have been completely handed over to Afghan security forces. Others may have been vacated and left in place in a way in which they could be occupied again in the future if U.S. and Afghan officials consider it necessary. It is also unclear how much equipment — more difficult to move than people — is left at each of the closed installations.”

As of the start of 2020, this US had up to 14,000 troops in Afghanistan, but this number has since been gradually reduced:

The Pentagon Has Closed Ten Bases In Afghanistan Amid Hastened Draw Down

In the case of small special forces bases in Syria that were vacated within the past two years – some reportedly had equipment there destroyed by departing US troops while some were promptly taken over by Syrian Army and Russian forces.

The fact that at least ten bases in Afghanistan have been closed is a good sign, however, suggesting the US is actually serious about disengaging from what many have seen as an “endless” occupation and war which has bore little fruit for US interests and has remained very unpopular in US public opinion.


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I daresay the US and NATO bearers of so called, ‘Democracy’, will soon all be returning after the Christmas holidays.

There are more Afghan villages to destroy.

Fog of War


Whats the Hurry ? I dont think the Taliban gave them a deadline.

Tommy Jensen

A clear proof that we in US mean peace for freedom!

Assad must stay

Good close down all of dem

Peter Moy

Big f*cking announcement for the uniformed, misinformed, naive, gullible, brainwashed, totally ignorant masses – in other words most Americans and their overseas lapdogs and little worms in NATO. Closing these tiny bases only means that the troops will be deployed to some other country most of these dupes can’t even locate on a map. Now back to probably the worst “democracy” imaginable and the start of the holiday shopping season.

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