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The Ouroboros Has Bitten His Own Tail: The Agony Of The American Liberalism

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The Ouroboros Has Bitten His Own Tail: The Agony Of The American Liberalism

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The Ouroboros Has Bitten His Own Tail: The Agony Of The American Liberalism

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The Ouroboros Has Bitten His Own Tail: The Agony Of The American Liberalism
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U.S. President Joe Biden refuses the “America first” principle, which was proclaimed by his predecessor Donald Trump. This was announced by Jake Sullivan, US national security advisor, CNN reports. Biden even pointed out that this slogan makes America the last, not the first. This is a very interesting statement that shows the growing ideologizing of the Democratic Party and its policies under the Biden administration. The current president is doing his best to distance himself from the Trumps’ policies, who has acted largely in the realpolitik vein.

America once again prioritizes the ideas of liberalism, the values of which know no borders or cultural differences. The most economically advanced countries of the West honor, with some reservations, the provisions of this social and political current as sacred, immutable dogmas and sternly reject the views of those actors who are not joint and several with it. The United States of America has taken on the role of the core of this ideology, its carrier in the world, proclaiming that it is the United States that will spread liberal values to other countries on the principle of “be with us and you will become like us,” meaning that communion with the ideology will simultaneously open access to socio-economic and socio-cultural development at the level of Western countries.

The U.S. establishment’s statements on the expansion of the liberal ideas have mostly been that the spread of the American-style liberal democracy around the world is an undeniable good for the countries of the world, and that the United States is just as undeniably successful in advancing its ideas. However, many experts and ordinary people have strong doubts about the truth of these judgments. America will not become the liberal hegemon of the world, no matter how much the Democratic elites want it.

In one case, we can demonstrate it through the fact that the U.S. will not be able to act as the political and moral leader of the entire humanity because of the anarchic nature of international relations. America cannot shape and rationally manage the new world order alone, and the future of the world order lies in the field of multipolarity. Another argument is that liberalism has exhausted the limits of its natural growth, and its artificial imposition leads to failure every time. The latter is clearly illustrated by the fall of the U.S.-backed regime in Afghanistan.

To draw an analogy, let us recall American political scientist John Mearsheimer, who formulated American foreign policy strategy in a realistic and rational way. He believes that the values of liberal democracies are not universal, in its aspirations to spread them around the world aiming to strengthen its world leadership, the U.S. will not succeed but will only expose its national budget to huge costs. Interference in the domestic affairs of other countries has not led to the establishment of the “correct” political regimes in those countries from the U.S. point of view, nor has it strengthened the U.S. position there. Instead, such policies have increased military destabilization in various regions of the world, and the United States Army is once again carrying American democratic values there. A vicious circle of chaos and high state budget spending for purposes that are not in the American national interest.

As an alternative, Mearsheimer suggests that the U.S. changes its foreign policy vector to a more rational one, pursue a strategy of containment rather than one of pervasive penetration, and focuses more on building a successful domestic policy. Unfortunately, his voice of reason was not heard amid shouts of the triumph of progressive values. The unhealthy ideological situation in the United States has been conditioned over the past decades by what liberalism has become as a principle of domestic politics.

The ideology of political correctness asserted in the modern United States has begun to deny the classical liberal freedoms of speech, assembly, the press, and conscience. If one does not have the right to say something harsh about minorities, it is not freedom of speech. If there is positive discrimination, it is not universal equality of citizens before the law, but something akin to class privilege. If a man is afraid of looking at a woman the wrong way for fear of being accused of “harassment,” then there is something akin to class restrictions. The burning by feminists and “black activists” of books by Kipling or Mark Twain is reminiscent of the 15th century bonfires on which the Florentine monk Savonarola ordered the burning of Renaissance art.

Liberalism in its original sense was one of the great achievements of political thought, setting Western civilization in the right direction for social, state, and economic development. But every invention has a limit to its development, and liberalism exhausted this limit at a certain moment. American liberalism has ceased to be an ideological tool for achieving peace and justice in the world. Its proliferation has become its self-purpose, and this is the main problem with the modern U.S. liberal idea. Liberalism has become the opposite of itself; it destroys the results of its own activity in order not to stop its action. One of mankind’s oldest symbols comes to mind: the serpent Ouroboros, a symbol of the cyclical nature of history, biting its own tail. It seems very logical from this point of view that American Democrats are not making any attempt to get out of this cycle, because they are, in a sense, this very serpent.


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I will accept open border the day welfare is ended and there is no government/publicly owned properties.
You go first.

jens holm

I only see Biden do some needed repairs where most of them makes sense.

I can do that too not knowing if its liberalisme or not.


Repairs? Oh, helping resetters, bringing along the NWO. Well, bringing the world down in complete slavery isn’t ‘repair’. But maybe he should try repair his brain; and maybe you should too.

j lacan

night porter liberalism=cheese and LGBT


russia will fall to ruin


confused mullah nation w Russia


poor poor fool you should better be careful because we might be the ones taking you over soon and since you are servants as your flag says we are a perfect fit you can serve us


you will do a whole bunch of kneeling we will take a few things of yours forget russia having an airbase in iran forget russia having even a single stone occupied in iran you are not the peope for that you are cowards lowly ones be happy that we will own you in future we come in slowly and patiently dont worry

Last edited 5 days ago by farbat

serve us and you atleast serve god you miserables serve yourselves and you will continue to serve the devil take syria as a lesson of how russia can have a role in this world because the alternative would be a nuclear wasteland and you are the other side of the coin america is no different than you in fact they have much much less of a chance to have any future left

Last edited 5 days ago by farbat

you will give us a whole bunch of things freely without any fights am i not right you dont dare to fight us you dont dare to see your russia being blown up by your own nukes which might be hit one day and detonate you dont dare to take part in such a conflict this is why you pay iran back what you owe us and you owe us alot just look at the history


What on earth makes you bring up the Ouroboros? It’s an ancient and wise metaphor. It’s not in agony. It is above timely aberrations. Nothing to do with US nonsense. Also, there is no liberalism in the US.
If anything, it’s the cat that bites her own tail.


Should have used Chronos eating his son.

Rodney Loder.

American Liberalism never was a force for achieving ideological peace and justice in the world, the total cultural capitulation to jew maggot Freemason propaganda after the 2 nd. WW has worked out to be Fascist victory, and Liberalism defeate.
Churchill was narcissist to the n’ th. degreethe only way he could sustain an audience after losing his fortune gambling on the US stock exchange was to advocate war, Hitler to his dyingbday couldn’t understand this and in his last thought was convinced Churchill would ask Germany to assist in wiping out Communism.

Allah (swt) just took a different view and said “well if the Commies have to go you can too” so that’s where we stand today.

jens homl

please send 1 taco to my retired toothless hillbilly ex bf frizzy poko molo
mmm.obesenazi.no education.racist


Trump would have gotten america into WW3 and basically catered to money and Israel. Sounds american to me me me me me me…


Really? Trump wanted out of Afghanistan and setup the troop withdrawal. Of course, Biden tried to screw it up.
Trump wanted out of Syria but Donkey Congress, including some GOP leaders, threatened him with yet another impeachment if Trump removed troops from Syria.
The whole Russia-Ukraine, yeah, that sucks but both parties are in it but, at least, there is a large segment of GOP voters that oppose intervention in Ukraine and are not for antagonism against Russia.

jens voodoo astrologer

my ex bf frizzian aka polo molo permitted internet in Arkansas prison–they will parole him next year at age 79

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