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The OSCE’s Pitiful Special Monitoring Mission In Ukraine

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The OSCE’s Pitiful Special Monitoring Mission In Ukraine

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The situation in Eastern Ukraine is at the brink of a hot military conflict, and it is unknown which drop cause the glass to spill over and hostilities to begin.

Monitoring the situation and tracing what is transpiring at every single moment is a vital part of the Organization For Security and Co-Operation in Europe’s (OSCE) job.

It’s Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) in Ukraine does that, by way of independent experts inspecting various location, including by drones.

A recurring problem is that the SMM’s drones are continually being jammed. Incidents are frequent and are being reported throughout.

Since 21 March 2021, the SMM’s long-range UAVs have been experiencing increased levels of GPS signal interference on take-off and landing, affecting both of their GPS receivers, in areas near their base in Stepanivka, located approximately 25km west-north-west of the contact line near the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

On April 6th, a long-range UAV even failed to take off, for the first time since October 2014.

Both Kiev and the DPR have the capability to jam such signals and could interfere with the SMM’s work. Accusations are frequently exchanged that the enemy is conducting such covert operations.

Indeed, 305th electronic warfare battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has its Bukovel-AD stations in the areas of Stepanovka and Bogdanovka.

According to the DPR, the reason for their deployment is so that the drones could not detect the weapons of the 53rd and 10th brigades of the Ukrainian army.

On the other side, Kiev accuses the DPR militia of using radio interference equipment, provided by Russia.

According to the claims, the DPR uses Russia-produced R-330M1P “Diabazol” and R-330Zh “Zhitel” systems, in the areas of Gorlovka and Yenakievo.

It is hard to specifically point the finger at either side, and it is likely that both parties use every chance to impede the enemy’s movements.

The SMM’s drones are also reportedly targeted in order to hide specific equipment deployments or undertakings.

It is undisputable fact that the OSCE plays a vital role in the area, but its observers are frequently being stopped at checkpoints, and its endeavors are being impeded.

Earlier, a child was killed by a Ukrainian drone in the DPR, and the SMM’s observers managed to get to the location and establish the facts nearly 4 days later to confirm the incident.

This also stands testament to the general inadequacy of the OSCE. As far as media and the collective West are concerned, the situation is clear: Kiev is the victim, the Eastern Ukrainian republics and Russia are the aggressors. As such, the fewer pieces of evidence to prove otherwise are present, the better.


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It’s not like it’s not been fucking obvious since 1948, when the Rothschild neocolony of Ziojew terrorist invaders in Palestine was recognised, that these kind of entities, including the UN and all of its dependencies (Unesco/Unicef/OPCW/IAEA/etc.) are outfits to covertly advance the global interests of the terrorist Ziocorporate globalists of the US/EU.

Should’ve been obvious since Rockefeller donated the land for the UN HQ and, in case there were still doubts, the moment the UN joined the US-led terrorists to attack Korea in 1950.

Apart from Ziocorporate world order designers, only the Russians and Chinese can see any value in these international organisations to promote their own business and partnership with the Zioterrorists.

China and Russia still onboard with the WHO’s plandemic and not too opposed to the WEF’s “Great Reset” either.

Black Waters

The OSCE it’s a western oligarchic creation, it has no intention to bring peace nor stability to a conflict zone. But i’m starting to think that it serves as an intelligence tool for NAziTO and The U.S gestapo.


The OSCE and OPCW are just two of the UN organisations that are laudable on paper. BUT in reality they have the agenda of US hegemony for a One World Order that will entail everyone being on a single database.

The goal is for 21st century warlord corporations to effectively rollout a ‘Pay us to Live’ life styles similar to feudalism, with a tithe on the value of all that we do, be it work or leisure’.

In the last few decades there has been a slow but steady stream of regulations that impinge on all that we do. Licences, permits, fees, laws, fines etc. Small business’s are now suffocating under the deluge of ‘ must to this and you cannot do that’ edicts from increasingly Woke local councils and government.

Its a return to the middle ages in Europe and the lack of personal freedoms in that period of ‘indentured servants’ and complete submission to those who lived in the ‘Castles’.

Even in my early lifetime, it was unusual for the ‘working classes’ to own a car. Then came the 70’s and 80’s when older cars gradually became plentiful and affordable, and the 90’s when a decent older car could be bought for little money. A few hundred pounds today can buy a 7 year old ish car that is still very drivable today.

Per Jensen

Right, but what powerful global international organisations, media and public institutions are NOT controlled by the US?


Mmmm, that’s a tough question. :)

jabirujoe .

And how about you Fritz, did you see anything?https://www.eng.kavkaz-uzel.eu/system/uploads/article_image/image/0001/17566/view_OBSE.jpg


They have been compromised by the US Reich,that piece of trash John Bolton once threatened the then head of the OPCW,he said we know where your kids live,that is the language of a Mafia gangster,thats what that bastard is,they did the same with the duma incident in Syria,you can’t believe a damn word they say. https://theintercept.com/2018/03/29/john-bolton-trump-bush-bustani-kids-opcw/


Anyone have any up to date info on how many troops the Ukrainians have moved on to the line of contact ?

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