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The Migrant Tug Of War At The Belarus-Poland Border

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The Migrant Tug Of War At The Belarus-Poland Border

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The Migrant Tug Of War At The Belarus-Poland Border
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The migrant situation along the Belarus-Poland border is getting heated.

On November 9th, thousands of migrants are sitting at the separation line, with Belarus authorities reportedly attempting to push them into their neighboring country.

Warsaw accused Minsk of trying to spark a major confrontation, with video clips showing hundreds of migrants walking towards the Polish border and some trying to breach the fence using spades and other implements.

Poland accused Belarus of “fully” controlling migrant groups who were attempting to enter Polish territory. Warsaw said they were used for hybrid attacks against the EU country.

Initially, the migrants began to set up tents along the border, showing that they are not going back, and are organizing a sit-in, until they are allowed to pass.

The group, estimated at between three and four thousand people, reportedly consists mostly of Iraqi Kurds.

Migrants attempted to cut a part of a barbed-wire fence, while others attacked the fence with a spade.

The Belarusian state border committee confirmed that many migrants and refugees were moving towards the Polish border. It also said Warsaw, which has stationed more than 12,000 troops in the region, was taking an “inhumane attitude”.

Belarus’ social system is incapable of supporting newcomers that are hoping to survive on social benefits rather than immediately find a job and start contributing. It is not surprising that these migrants want to move further West and not remain. At the same time, there are surely those who have decided to stay and set up shop and attempt to integrate.

Poland in this case is not the final destination of these migrants, but rather a midway point, it is the EU’s eastern border for them, and a way to reach Germany, and the other Western European countries. These are countries with larger communities where they could fit, and they can be taken care of, without the need to actually attempt to adequately integrate into society.

When in Belarus, they would have to adhere to Minsk’s rules, in which actions such as various harassments of local women or other incidents will not be taken as lightly as they are being taken in Germany, for example.

Warsaw is much more conservative, and its values are much closer to those of its eastern neighbor than to those of Western Europe.

The situation is similar in the other Baltic countries. Lithuania said it was moving additional troops to its border with Belarus to prepare for a possible surge in attempted crossings from the latter, while Latvia described the situation as “alarming”.

Finally, the governments are fully aware that offloading these migrants to Germany or other Western country is a feat in itself, as they, too, are beginning to understand the failure of the “multi-kulti” agenda.

After all, videos show that most of these migrants are clean, 20–30-year-old males who do not appear to be running from certain death, tattered from the long road to sanctuary. They have seen the example of a carefree life, free of responsibility and with a relative lack of any rules that they compatriots are enjoying in the EU. Germany and the other Western European countries are already disillusioned that workers are coming, it’s only more mouths to feed.

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Tommy Lee

I agree with Poland. It takes two to tango, and Belarus either needs to deport or absorb them, rather than trying to pawn them off on a hostile foreign country. If these eastern countries want to accuse the EU of being inhumane, then they they need to put their money where their mouth is.

Chris Gr

Turkey did the same to us.

Per Dørup Jensen

20-30 years old males, fleeing from war? It should not be exactly this age-group being in most danger. Sure, they are not islamist/terrorist supporters fleeing from the the secular Assad-government?

Chris Gr

Either jihadis or just lumpen proles.


I said a long time ago,any Syrian Man of combat age is either a terrorist or a coward,any Syrian man should be defending his country against foreign and domestic terrorist trash.

El sion

Poles say that Russia wants to restore the Russian Empire. Is it bad that the Russians want to return their historical lands. Poles, you should know this. Kievan Rus, Polotsk Rus, Chernihiv Rus, Subcarpathian Rus. Vladimir-Volyn Rus, Novgorod Rus, Suzdal Rus, etc.

What’s wrong with Russia returning its historical lands? Or do the Poles hope to continue to exist under the control of German and American masters? By the way, Tsar Peter the Great bought Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from Queen Ulrika of Sweden. There is a document about this transaction in the Moscow Archive. The Baltic idiots have not yet bought themselves from Moscow. But Moscow doesn’t need these idiots, Moscow needs its own legitimate lands.

Jim Allen

There’s probably a million thing’s wrong with Russia taking it’s “ancient territory back.” Most are that Russia isn’t interested in that. Russian Federation didn’t annex Crimea, and hasn’t annexed the Donbass region, or Georgia, or Chechnya, or, Armenia, or Belarus, or the Baltic States. Where Russia own’s the port’s, probably doesn’t rent, or lease the facilities, either. In the case of Crimea the Federation had reason to annex Crimea to protect it’s interest’s, when Ukraine’s puppet Government got sketchy with the lease of it’s huge, and long established military base, and it’s only warm water port. The fact Crimean’s are Russian, and advised Crimea was joining the Federation, Russia caved to Crimea’s demands, and walked Crimea through the legal process to separate from Ukraine, and join the Federation legally under International Law. Russia even paused the process briefly to change Russian Law that obstructed Crimea’s entrance into the Federation. Not a shot fired, despite Ukraine’s military stacked up at the Crimean border in preparation to invade. In the same manner, it attacked the Donbass. But, were stopped, and driven back. Every night for a long time. Pooroshenko puppet received instruction from the man personally. To: Attack the Donbass, kill as many people as possible, take control of the resources. Most of Ukraine’s natural resources, and raw materials are located in the Donbass region, including a huge operating gold mine. Operation’s were shut down by the Donbass. The people are Russian, most are Russian citizen’s, and given Ukraine’s refusal to abide the Minsk Accords, it signed on to carry out it’s part in, and violating the terms on a daily basis for year’s, with US/NATO backing, and arm’s supplied continues. Russia matches the arm’s supplied to Ukraine, maintaining a balance, to this Putin told Trump, if he didn’t stop arming Ukraine, he would arm all US enemy’s. Which he’s proceeded to do. There’s more than sufficient reason to justify Russia, taking the Donbass by force of arm’s. There’s nothing the West, or Ukraine could do about it, and Donbass would be secured in hour’s, Ukraine’s military would be destroyed, unable to even defend itself. US/NATO force’s, Western countries with interest’s in Ukraine would evaporate, the Cabal would return as it’s interest’s are to restore their country to it’s original borders, and destroy Russia. What the Cabal wants is the territory, but without the current resident’s, that are largely Russian, and have been living there for about 900+ year’s. Yet Russia hasn’t taken military action despite Ukraine’s belligerence, broken word, and continued attack’s. It seem’s Russia desire’s Ukraine to answer the problem in a diplomatic manner, and continue peacefully. The Donbass is willing to comply, but not about to surrender to military force, which it’s successfully defended itself against. Ukraine, with US backing, and encouragement, is the aggressor. At some point Russia will intervene on behalf of it’s citizen’s, if Ukraine continues. Ukraine has been destroyed from the inside starting with Yanukovich, (probably mispelled) the corrupt leader of Ukraine, the robbed it blind then sold the country out to the Cabal, that put the country under US/NATO control, and continued to plunder. Closing the industry still operating, selling off arable land’s to foreign interest’s, attacking Russian civilian population’s, and running up a huge gas bill it refused to pay. Gas was cut off for nonpayment, Putin loaned Pooroshenko the money to pay the bill, (billions) who then stole the money. Russia sued, won, and was repaid. Partially with 16 Tu-160 strategic bomber’s that had been parked on the tarmac for year’s. Ukraine’s stealing gas from the pipeline passing through the country in transit to Europe continues. This will stop in 2024. To take Ukraine would be a huge financial drain on Russia’s reserve’s to raise it to self-sufficiency again. It was a huge investment to bring Crimea to this point, and was reached in only 5 year’s. Including the brand new Kerch straight bridge, built in 6 year’s. Russia appears to prefer Ukraine be independent as Russia isn’t trying to take over the world.

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