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Opinion: The Maidan Pushed Russia to Become Superpower Number One

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Opinion: The Maidan Pushed Russia to Become Superpower Number One

Rally on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv, Ukraine Photo: http://kiev.vgorode.ua/

Written by Jiri Vivadil; Appeared in Bulgarian at A-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

After the parliamentary elections in Russia which led to victory for “United Russia”, and after repeated failures of the most prominent European opponent of Putin – Chancellor Angela Merkel (now losing the regional elections in Berlin) I did not even want to write anything. Support for Putin’s policies in Russia is comprehensive. Conversely, support for opponents of the policies of Angela Merkel, leader of Germany and the EU, is so strong that it probably could not be greater. To all is clear that in order to have balance in the world, a world without wars as are waged in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, without jihadists, whatever the US and the EU like to call them, it is necessary to create a fortress of reason as objectively Russia and its allies are. I do not want to provoke a negative reaction in the disappointed supporters of the ending world of Euro-Atlantic values, ​​and would prefer to be silent if the stupid comments by Mikhail Romantsov had not appeared.

Libor Dvorak, Efim Fishtein and other “Rude Pravo” (the body of the Czechoslovak Communist Party under communism) can not even reach them. I will not dwell on all of them, but will limit to the so-called political scientist Michael Romantsov (lecturer at Charles University, a descendant of beloemigrants), who has for years received tens of thousands of dollars for his fiction. But if someone compares his writing with what really happened, all will wonder why this man is even getting money. Everything has happened entirely differently.

Putin should have been long removed from people who rose up against him, the sanctions have been the end of him, and the economic should have destroyed him. None of this happened, but televisions continue to invite the fool Michael Romantsov again and again. And a year later, he will again be proven to be wrong. The reason is clear. He is not a neutral observer. In its reasoning he inserts a tremendous hatred for Putin, which grows stronger as Putin gains more and more success. But here’s the reality. Two years after the Maidan, orchestrated by American and European “global” politicians, who wanted to humiliate and weaken Russia, the West is decomposing. Merkel got the fate of Cameron and Hollande is politically dead. The European Union members are at each other’s throats because each has its own vital interests. A fight between Mediterranean countries is starting, and these are three regional European countries – Italy, France and Spain, and Greece, where ever the always smiling Tsipras has yet to lift the blood pressure of many people. Of course, this group is much more important from an economic and political point of view, than the Visegrad Four, which apart from the migrant quotas, has no other important topics.

Moreover, the Austrian Chancellor protested against the Visegrad countries refusal to recognize the quotas, and Theresa Mae rubbed the nose of Robert Fico, who decided to block the agreement with Britain if Britain does not guarantee a protection of the Slovaks. Mae was right. Slovakia should be happy to sign a contract with the UK, otherwise it will collapse. And Germany began fighting against Merkel to obey and leave. Whatever she does, she has already lost. If she change her migration policy, it will mean political defeat, but if she do not change, that would be just stupid. Either way Merkel will have to leave. The EU will become a circus, where everyone is only working on how to get rid of Merkel. And will Hollande be replaced by Marine Le Pen, will Hofer remain president of Austria, will the Austrian Christian Democrats unite with the Free, will Wilders win in the Netherlands, etc. At the same time Russia is calm, strong and cohesive because of Western sanctions, and because of its discriminatory removal from the Olympic Games in Rio. It is strengthening its position in the Middle East, where the most important geopolitical clash is located, for the right to have the final say in world affairs.

Obama, Merkel, Cameron, and Hollande wanted to crush Putin using the Maidan. Its as if they have secondary education. Did Napoleon or Hitler defeat Russia? Merkel, Obama, Cameron and Hollande acted like complete idiots. Should Putin have allowed Crimea to become the largest military base of NATO and the US? Should he have left the Russian population to fend for itself? Deceased Social Democratic German chancellor Helmut Schmidt, the most noble and most popular of all German chancellors, said that Crimea is an integral part of Russia. So did Gerhard Schroeder and Helmut Kohl. All French right-wing Republicans led by Sarkozy say that Crimea is an integral part of Russia, not to mention Marine Le Pen. All opposition political parties in Italy say that Crimea is an integral part of Russia and Prime Minister Renzi considers friendship with Russia to be an honor. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is constantly in Moscow, despite Obama providing billions of dollars. Five years ago when the West was acting normal and not being belligerent against Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg were flooded by tens of thousands of demonstrators protesting the results of the elections which were won by “United Russia”. Now everything is quiet. Romantsov is inventing amazing reasons for this, beginning with the weather and ending with the idea that everything is a set up.

The real reason, however, is clear as day. Russia is surrounded. NATO is preparing to attack her, or is close to it. The Olympics was the last treacherous step towards unfairly punishing Russia in the field which is dear to it – sports. In WADA there are only representatives of the West. Nothing happened to American athletes overstuffed with doping, but the Russians were never even given a chance to defend themselves. Russia condemned the rejection and today it is united as never before. Anyone who was on the side of the West during these elections was seen as a traitor to the Motherland. In the eyes of Moscow and Petersburg, Putin and Medvedev do not need points. But every Russian, except for a few anomalies, know that Russia is a world power and that it should never be humiliated by the West. If two years ago, the West had not decided to humiliate and weaken Russia by using the Maidan, it would just be a super regional force. And of course, if there were demonstrations in Moscow and Peterburg, Clintonites and Merkels would have been ecstatic. But when you are stupid nothing can be done. Today, Russia is superpower number one in the world – recognized, beloved, despised and respected. On the one hand all of this is because of your idiotic Maidan, and on the other – thanks to the ideal chess play of Vladimir Putin. Everything is going just fine.

Author: Jiri Vivadil “Parliamentary list” Czech Republic

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Come on guys, don’t exaggerate! Militarily Russia is a big power, but economically it is still a dwarf.

Paul Jones

Check out debt in Europe and the USA check out Russias debt, a very strong independent self sufficient clever dwarf compared to the lunatic asylum of the USA

Real Anti-Racist Action

While your statement does have a lot of truth to it. Truth is China has been number one in many regards, who is an ally of Russia. Also, the US production and European production continues to plummet year after year as the Zionist have planned.
Also, the UK-pound is crumbling and the USD is really worthless, only the world is in denial about this, and this denial alone keeps it afloat.
Only precious metals and crypto currencies have true value.


Good analysis, agreed!

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