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JUNE 2023

The Long-Term Strategy For The Collapse Of The Chinese Economy

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The Long-Term Strategy For The Collapse Of The Chinese Economy

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The Long-Term Strategy For The Collapse Of The Chinese Economy

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The Long-Term Strategy For The Collapse Of The Chinese Economy
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The People’s Republic of China, after its powerful economic rise, is considered a new “great power” and a guarantor of stability. China, due to its wide network of investment flows, is more inclined to peacefully resolve conflicts in its neighboring regions and maintain the status quo in the world.

Western experts have repeatedly made forecasts that China will soon meet the fate of the USSR, that the Chinese economy will collapse, but none of the forecasts have come true to date, so today everyone is convinced that China’s economic power is something of a constant, that other political actors should put up with this factor. However, in fact the situation is different.

Firstly, a frequent cause of misconceptions about the state of domestic politics in China is the lack of relevant information about it. The causes may be Beijing’s closeness to the outside world and the lack of objective expertise in the field of Chinese studies. Indeed, Anglo-Saxon sources view Beijing exclusively as a threat and an enemy that “will surely fall soon”, while in Russia, for example, the situation is the opposite, where propagandists seek to please a stronger partner and idealize its policies too much. There is no denying that Chinese lobbyists and the overseas offices of Chinese media also contributed to that.

Secondly, there has been a sustained and deliberate strife against China, aimed at bringing down its economic and military capabilities. These measures have been implemented for a decade as part of an entire anti-Chinese strategy.

The Long-Term Strategy For The Collapse Of The Chinese Economy

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The first part of this strategy dates to the Arab Spring in 2011. Many are not fully aware of the impact that anti-government protests and the overthrow of several political regimes in the Middle East have had on the world community since then. Nevertheless, even the PRC has been largely affected. Bashar al-Assad, Hosni Mubarak, Muammar al-Qaddafi, and Omar al-Bashir were all associated with huge Chinese investments. The puppeteers who instigated popular unrest and overthrew rulers undesirable to Western elites also destroyed infrastructure built with Chinese money. China’s reputation was torn apart and the CCP found itself at a complete strategic disadvantage. Beijing’s “soft expansion” was literally trampled and burned by rebel groups and radical Islamists.

According to some reports, China unofficially supplied the Gaddafi regime with weapons worth $200 million, and the volume of investments it lost in Libya officially amounts to $18 billion – and that’s not counting the fact that Libyan oil accounted for 26% of total oil exported to the Celestial Empire. In 2011, China even threatened to send warships and landing units to support the regime of Bashar Assad, but still did not dare to go to the end – because America has already implemented its containment strategy off the coast of China itself.

It was time for the second phase. China clearly needed to modernize its military-industrial complex to protect its investments and respond to challenges near its borders. Since 2012, the South China Sea gradually began to become a full-fledged battleground: the U.S. Navy rapidly increased its presence in this conflict-ridden region, while “peaceful Chinese fishermen” were sinking Vietnamese border ships and killing Indonesian fishermen. Japan and Taiwan have embarked on sweeping defense reforms. It became increasingly popular in the media and among experts that national movements in such regions of China as Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia were a growing threat to China’s territorial integrity.

Due to this factor, Beijing entered into a U.S.-imposed cycle of large-scale rearmament and the creation of entire branches of the military from scratch, which required enormous resources for development and production. Many might say that the Chinese have almost endless financial resources and can afford any modernization project, but this is not true. China is now already reducing the rate of spending growth, although it is still a long way from achieving qualitative and quantitative parity with the Western coalition.

The Long-Term Strategy For The Collapse Of The Chinese Economy

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In addition, there is the necessity to narrow the technological gap. The Chinese weapons cannot compete with the latest U.S. developments; the PRC is mainly engaged in buying or plagiarizing obsolete technology from the former Soviet Union. This is especially evident in the aviation industry, where China tried to buy the Ukrainian Motor-Sich plant in order to obtain technology for the production of aircraft engines. By the way, the Ukrainians, not without instructions from American supervisors at the time, deceived Beijing and nationalized the factory, leaving the Chinese without money and without aircraft engines.

The Long-Term Strategy For The Collapse Of The Chinese Economy

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The third blow to China was the crisis in the production of the key industry of the coming “digital world” – microelectronics. Microchips are an integral part of any modern technology, and leadership in their production means leadership in the entire global economy. The peculiarity of this industry is its rapid development, and factories are constantly in need of more and more advanced units for chip production. China has factories as well as rare-earth metals as raw materials, but the equipment for production is created in only two countries, the Netherlands and Japan. Japan’s position on its adversary in the region is clear, and the Dutch ASML, which was the only partner of the Chinese companies in the supply of equipment for chip production, broke off relations with them after pressure from the United States. At the moment, China is stuck in the development of all innovative industries for several years, as it cannot modernize the most important component of any machinery. The U.S. is also cutting off Chinese industry from innovation through other companies, for example, Google has deprived Chinese technology giant Huawei of access to its services. As a result, we see that without Western technologies and patents on them, without technical support, China’s huge industry seems unpromising.

The latest crisis factor for China is the difficult situation in the energy sector, as mentioned above. Since the spring of this year, China has faced energy supply disruptions. In the fall, the situation worsened, temporary power outages at factories began, the regularity of maritime supplies in the escalation described above was called into question, and the energy infrastructure in Central Asia is at risk after the fall of the regime in Afghanistan. The suspension of coal shipments from Australia following a series of diplomatic scandals has been another severe blow to China’s energy sector, which in the context of a trade war with the U.S. should, on the contrary, work harder than usual.

Of course, at this point we are not talking about the unconditional defeat of the PRC in the global confrontation; even the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, has recently stated the formation of a world order with three centers of power – the United States, China, and Russia. Nevertheless, there are doubts that Beijing will be able to maintain its stabilizing role in Eurasia and the Pacific, therefore, its weakening would only lead to new escalation points and give the US new opportunities to generate chaos in the world.


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It is clear that the cesspit dweller who wasted time to write this load of shit, better off in the cesspit, is clearly a Zio terrorist US arse licker. I would not waste time even to point out the glaring untruths in the pile of shit

Icarus Tanović



you stupid cunt, the Chinese worship the west. You couldn’t say that up front? and instead wrote all this lower caste crap?…….I’ll smack you Jensi for being foolish. Be upfront and not behave like a nigger.

S Balu

Ahson Indian Dalit boy one point I agree with you is Chinese worship not only the west But just like Indians who would do anything to be with whites By the way Ahson have you managed to wash your smelly brown stained dhoti?


At least yous coming around to reality dalit man. Finally no?….lol…….Chinku worships the hillbilly and you know it. They put you on their small cock like a primitive man no? Chinese mistreatment of pakistan is legendary. They not giving you anymore money. CPEC fucking fizzled out along with BRI. No motherfucker even talks about it anymore. Its over fool.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ahson
S Balu

Ahson Stop fantasizing and stop defecating in the street Wash your brown stained smelly dhoti please Remember you can be good Indian Babu


Quick digression no?…..lol…..you dalit Punjabi…..bhungi. Ashamed now aren’t you?……piece of shit. I warned you about your future didn’t I? There ain’t nothing there other than reversion. Your grandpa was a lower caste sikh no? He converted on Independence Day didn’t he?….😝

Last edited 1 year ago by Ahson
S Balu

Ahson Indian Dalit boy absolutely but first wash your brown stained smelly dhoti once you confirm this I will revert back ok But you need to prove with a certificate that you have washed your dhoti and you will not defecate in the streets of Bombay


you now realize what a fucking idiot you are……CPEC and BRI and OBOR and your sucking up to the Russians ain’t worth diddly motherfucker. Them Chinese treat yous like a low cost anti-india jihadi slave. Both hate islam. Russia kills jihadists like cockroaches in Syria. And your China’s fukkin thrown 3 million uighurs in the can…….lol…….stupid bankrupt bastard.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ahson
S Balu

Ahson Indian Dalit boy Absolutely but how did you know Did they CONFESS to you whilst you were rendering services to them as rent a boy

Ivan Freely

“Western experts have repeatedly made forecasts that China will soon meet the fate of the USSR, that the Chinese economy will collapse,…”

LOL They’re confusing themselves for China. A lot of drivel especially with the semi-conductor and the defense budget part.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ivan Freely
john mason

One can’t feel sorry for the victim, in this case China who know what and how this is happening but don’t do anything to bring the arbitrators to justice. China should use the same tactics that the West uses against the West and lets see how they like having terrorists occupying their country.

Last edited 1 year ago by john mason

Where did you get your info?

u.s wasted trillions in its forever wars, in comparison china’s investment losses in ME is peanuts. Even the 85 billion $ worth of mil eqpt loss in afghan, is bigger.

with regards to semicon tech, the dutch is no match to asian nations in semicon nanometer technologies, taiwan, korea and china. Google alternative exist, even duckduckgo is superior to it for instance.

Same with other industrial production. With its 1.4 billion disciplined hardworking work force, no one in the world or coalition can match this productivity power house. An aggressive war might do it but china can defend itself right now.

And what has the western pirates got to counter, aside from bloody wars, propaganda? covid-2,3 and 4 that backfire grandly and only destroy and only force the rest of humanity to hate the hegemon more and more?

With its perverted leaders and populace, west has just become too weak and incompetent.

China and the rest of the world want to engage in productive activities but understand the intents and desperation of the western imperialist whitey gang. This time it is different, than a century or two ago.

There is a time for reckoning..


When you stand in Manhattan you feel the gravity of the place, vis-a-vis the rest of the USA. It’s like a black hole sucking in all the cultural energy.

Likewise the Middle Kingdom absorbs surrounding cultures and in the long run, the whole world becomes Chinese.

The only real threat to China’s ultimate centrality amongst all nations is China trying to be “western”. If China stays true to its eternal identity it will gain power, not through conquest but through absorption.

The West was aggressive, historically. Blitzkrieg. When this force falls into the vacuum of China, it too will be absorbed.

China has the largest middle class in the world. It is its own market. If the West isolates China, and China stays true to its fundamental identity, China will develop alternate energy sources and thrive. Only if China becomes impatient and seeks to adopt the blitzkrieg model of empire will it fail. The great Khans conquered much land but ultimately collapsed back to the center. If China remains the Middle Kingdom all will be absorbed ultimately. It’s just a matter of time.


Again, yous nothing in front of China either……lol……get lost fool.


People are presenting facts and you are using repeatation like a fool, Muhammadan fool 🤣


that don’t make no difference. Fucking 30,000 were born in da same day to replace them.

S Balu



The whole article is full of such thinly disguised anti-China talking points. Who wrote this junk??? Some policy wonk in a NATOista think-tank????

Peppe il Sicario

A curse on all those who censor!!!!


This is a poorly written article meant to undermine confidence in China’s ascent. The US is in unrecoverable domestic political shambles and internationally is already shooting blanks except for the dollar’s status as reserve world currency. This too will be soon gone and the US will become just another Brazil. The future belongs to China. That is certain.

Ivan Freely

The funny thing, it’s not like the Chinese population would be reading this article. I see it less as undermining Chinese confidence but more as a pitiful attempt to boost the writer’s own confidence.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ivan Freely

CPEC is a fail. It’s unfortunate that this happened. In case anyone was wondering CPEC was the BRI flagship project in corrupt Pakistan and its died a quiet death over the last few years. Heck nobody even mentions BRI or OBOR anymore. It’s very disappointing:


S Balu


S Balu

007 You miss counted there were 31 as you were adjusting your dhoti after defecating in the street

peter mcloughlin

It is dangerous to see the fate of China as that of the USSR. Proponents fail to see the pattern of history, and that the global apocalypse skillfully avoided for more than half a century is nearly upon us. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/


Hah, Google is going to ruin China, who the fook write this garbage???


Stop spamming garbage you broken and retarded NATO bot.


Stop spamming idiotic garbage you broken and retarded NATO bot .


China will not collapse it will grow and lead the, world as the largest economy, this constant predicting that it will fall is “Western” wishful thinking.

Icarus Tanović

What a load of bullshit. First, there was pro Chinese statement ‘forecasts about USSR fate didn’t came to fruition’, and after that sentence guy started dumping load of shit all over the place. Just wonder which one zio parasite or wahhabi pathogen wrote this?

Last edited 1 year ago by Icarus Tanović

“According to some reports”, this article is an unmitigated load of horseshit.

Γιάννης Ραχιώτης

Very poor arguments! A childish analysis. Looks like trying -between the lines- to indicate something to specific circles.

Rodney Loder.

Taiwan is a top chip producer bigger than Netherlands and Japan, I don’t think Chinese industries will collapse any time soon, China was a loser due to the Arab Spring 2011, but remember how close Medvedev was to Obama and Cameron it was the Arab Spring that made the Russians realise that the US was organizing secession in the Siberian Arctic region, fortunately Vladimir Putin was able to arrest the situation and China then became the big winner as the two great Nations then saw the need to team up, there is nothing to rival their power, the article is not accurate.

But l can’t understand why Russian mercenaries support the zino pig Hafter after Muhammar Gadaffi put up such a magnificent stand which turned the tide of history and greatly enabled Assad to hold on to the new political epoch that Gadaffi created.


The text doesn´t speak about the partnership of Russia and China to confront the west neader the fact that the U.S is in decline.

Arch Bungle

China is nothing like the USSR.

China is so fully integrated into the global economy that a collapse of China would mean an immediate collapse of the Western economies.

As for weapons superiority compared to the US, China requires only 50% of the level of sophistication that US weaponry may have in order to do more than double the damage. Weapons parity is not required for China to dominate a US threat to the mainland.

And ultimately, no other state on earth is capable of surviving a collapse like China can, since modern China was born from collapse.

Last edited 1 year ago by Arch Bungle
Paul Citro

It is all about war and confrontation. The possibility of peaceful co-operation is never mentioned. How come no one is pushing for that? Maybe because endless war is too profitable.

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