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The Lies… and the Eyes… of Ukraine

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The Lies... and the Eyes... of Ukraine

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“Do not allow me to forget you.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Written by Brett Redmayne-Titley

Lviv, Western Ukraine.

The realities of this war, as I expected before arriving two weeks ago, have been slowly found on the faces, in the voices and deep in the penetrating eyes of those affected by it. These are the innocents, mostly, those who have a tale to tell and parse no words in telling it.

The next ninety-six hours would reveal their personal horrors.

After a five hour trip packed together into a cargo van filled with food and medical aid supplies, we arrive in Lviv, Ukraine. Now, I sit alongside my five other passionate colleagues at a long wooden table that is covered modestly and set in preparation for our welcome. We dig in, eating what we all thankfully admit is the finest spaghetti sauce ever served. We are very hungry. Our hosts are glad we’re here.

The meal is served in a huge white hall in front of the altar of an ancient Catholic church, dilapidated from age but still in use by our host, Roman, who is part of a worldwide Christian fellowship called Praise Chapel. I was invited by founder, John McGovern, who I had the great fortune of bumping into while doing refugee interviews at Warsaw’s Central Station, the arrival point for many escaping this war, and where three huge all-white tents staffed by other aid workers provide meals, sundries and shelter to all coming in from Ukraine.

Here I look for interviews with refugees, but only a few speak English.

In conflict zones, being a neutral, fact-based reporter is not possible. In the eyes of those affected, objectivity is perceived as instead being on one end of the polarities of this war; East or West. As such, the most important lesson learned from my time in Lebanon and Turkey is to ask many, many questions, while at the same time keeping one’s mouth securely shut.

And, to listen…and watch closely!

Many I meet, here in Lviv or while tramping the streets of Warsaw have experienced this war, but from its periphery west of the Dnieper River with Kyiv at its northern end near Belarus. This does not mean that they have not been affected or do not express strong emotions. But it is in the eyes of those interviewed who travel West that shows whether a person has indeed been internally afflicted by this war. The eyes being the mirrors of one’s soul.

As I interviewed many, it is their eyes that I focus on to confirm their many offered truths.  Each time I am reminded of what a hardened Hezbollah soldier told me in 2018 while standing on the war-torn Israel/ Lebanon border overlooking Israel’s stolen Palestinian farmlands.

“When one sees his first dead man he remembers it forever. When a man sees a man a die, sees that man take his last breath and then become still, it stays forever… in his eyes!”

I have seen those eyes. In Lebanon. In Turkey. In airports on the gaunt, sallow faces of many khaki clothed GI’s returning from war: Their “thousand-mile stare,” looking so intently at nothing, an unlit cigarette dangling unattended in the left hand,  slumped forward in deep, deep thought, chin perched on the right as their only support.

In the four days to come, I will see those eyes three times more.


On the trip to Lviv, Ukraine John McGovern’s son-in-law Paul who is our driver and a senior member of Praise Chapel sits next to James who is riding shotgun. He is a youngish veteran who has seen war and lost a close friend in Afghanistan. James is here to begin a sponsored military extraction of persons unknown since I don’t usually ask stupid questions.

Both Paul and James do indeed well understand the background and the reasons that provided little choice but for Russia to seek security from NATO expansion due to its national interests while also protecting the ravaged Eastern Ukrainians who are more Russian than Ukrainian in culture and language. As James, put it, “When the war started I thought Putin was a chess master. But, “he continued, “I have changed on that. Now he’s losing.” He admits that this opinion is not very popular at the family dining table back home in Georgia and that it is based on US intelligence provided. But, on one point we all agree: We hate this war.

Despite western media claiming that Zelensky’s family remained in Kyiv, Ukraine in support, this is not likely true. Putting two and two together from a conversation with my Christian dinner host just days before, it is quite likely that it was James and his team,  now waiting for him in Lviv, that had completed the “extraction”, of Zelensky’s daughter from Kyiv to Lviv two weeks before. James did not mind admitting he was here this time for a similar mission.

While our comrades in the other seats listen, decorum and a budding friendship created by my love of intelligent discussion, prevent me from challenging Paul and James on some of the information and opinions they share. Finer men I have not met, but pieces were missing in our dialogue and I keep these to myself, all the while fearing that a slip of the tongue in the wrong direction would turn friendship into acrimony as was illustrated very sadly in Part One, of this series.

I have yet to find safe passage to Eastern Ukraine so I have offered to our hosts at our dinner table my limited medical skills and a strong back in getting supplies to the east. Due to the dangers, Eastwards stockpiles of medical aid and food are piling up in Lviv. The dangers are not particularly Russian.

Zelensky, desperate for troops after suffering massive losses opened the jails of Western Ukraine to the criminals and next armed them in the outlandish belief that despite brutal incarceration they would actually side with Ukraine and direct their weapons eastwards. He claimed this was limited to those prisoners with battle experience, but this was not true as this would have been a very small subset since, other than criminally razing the Donbas, a sanctioned crime, this is Ukraine’s first recent war. Not surprisingly, many turned their weapons and their newfound freedom to the West instead for a renewed criminal opportunity. In war, medical supplies are often worth their weight in gold. So, relief supplies for the refugees have more than a Russian threat to contend with.

Despite so much media distortion to the contrary, Lviv, eighty kilometres from the Polish border, has only been affected by this war due to its proximity and use for the incoming military arms and foreign mercenaries stockpiled on the outskirts of the town. Lviv has been hit by the Russian rockets but these have been limited to purely military targets. There have been no civilian casualties as stated by the Mayor of Lviv in multiple Telegram posts censored by western media. But, when the rockets fall everyone knows it. They are huge explosions.

Three days before, I met with Michael, who is with another Christian group. He was in Lviv on the night of Biden’s Warsaw speech of March 26 when three Russian rockets destroyed a munitions industrial area and an oil and lubricant facility. Sources indicated that these were also used to store Western supplied munitions. “It shook us out of bed”, Mike said to me on the Sunday. This was not surprising since Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov  on March 13 warned the U.S. that pumping weapons from a number of countries it orchestrates isn’t just a dangerous move, it’s an action that makes those convoys legitimate targets.”

I also spoke to one aid worker in Lviv who was in the nearby village of Deliatyn in the Ivano-Frankivsk region 50km from the Romanian border, on March 18, when Russia reportedly used for the first time a hypersonic missile that screamed in at Mach 5.5 with a direct hit on a deep underground bunker containing Ukrainian missiles and aircraft rockets donated by the west. Reportedly, over 200 incoming mercenaries were also housed there for initial training. The blast as seen on video was colossal. Said, Vincent, “Our whole hotel shook and we were more than 20 kilometres away! Shit fell all over the floor like an earthquake. Thank God there was only one blast.”

All munitions and mercenaries and their drive to increase the horrors of war eastwards were vaporized, instantly. No civilians were hurt.

Despite these strikes, Lviv moves as normal. I see that the shops are open and people walk casually as the buses and trains pass by as usual. This indicates that the public here knows from these experiences that Russia has not been trying to victimize the innocent population of Lviv, instead  using precision advanced munitions for purely military targets only.

After our dinner, we are also welcomed by Antone, who, he says, has just got back from the East in Odessa. Mosha, Ukrainian and our sole woman companion on this trip translates as Antone provides us with his tales of derring-do fighting Russians. He is verbose and affable all the time as he tells us of escaping the Russians repeatedly after attacking them with rifle fire and a donated RPG.

This is the man who may have my life in his hands if I help take supplies East.

So, I pay very close attention. As to being a reporter, my colleagues have been sworn to secrecy for my protection. They keep this promise. So, as Antone continues his story I occasionally ask Mosha to translate a strategically benign question or more to him.

Listening In the wings is a short, stout, stubble-faced man quietly standing, saying nothing. As the story continues, I often look at him closely before returning my attention to Antone. There is something seemingly wrong with his ongoing tale.

But it is when this man sees me looking his way and looks back into my eyes,  blank-faced, that I know, what is wrong. It is the storyteller.

The silent man now turns and leaves. Without a goodbye, he is gone, but he looks at me one last time and for the first time on this trip, I see the most unmistakable affliction of war. Those eyes.

As Antone wraps up his tale, I ask a few more questions, no longer probing his testimony but the face of this man himself, smiling and talking so quickly. No, I will not be putting my life at risk with him. No. He has not seen war.

Unlike the man who said nothing, I do not see… those eyes.


With our business now finished in Lviv, we aid workers hunker down in the van to begin our long return journey to Warsaw. One seat is now vacant.

Suddenly, news of a new rocket strike in Lviv comes over Mosha’s phone…

It begins to snow. Strange for this being late spring in early April… a seemingly very dark natural comment levied upon us all about this God damn war!


Over the past two weeks, I have heard very much. However, I am in Western Ukraine a very different reality than the east where real war there rages town by town, hour by hour. Warsaw is plastered everywhere with Ukrainian bright yellow and pale blue flags all fervently supporting war in Ukraine. Vendors sell them on many street corners like they were fruit and their colours adorn the billboards, shops, buses, lamp posts, and subways as the radio and TV stations every ten minutes scream infomercials in support of Ukraine as part of this collective support for war.

Here in Warsaw, most refugees, with the exception of those from Kyiv, have fled due to this inspired fear, not direct conflict. Many admit this freely. Yes, they have family there and have heard much, but most are predisposed to their own opinions derived years before the war began: Anti Russia. This sentiment is not the case in the East. As I watch the evening news, my hotel night clerk translates rapidly this purely western narrative. As a counter, regularly,  my translator and friend, Andrew, who is Ukrainian texts me at odd hours with info from the east and it quickly becomes clear that the media in both Poland and Ukraine have intentionally made the reality of war muddy.

Zelensky has banned all media coverage in Ukraine, save one, and alternative views favouring peace are, as I would find out are a death sentence. War is the only sanctioned opinion allowed. Peace will get you arrested or shot.

This was shown yesterday April 14 when both Viktor Medvedchuk, a Ukrainian politician who was elected as People’s Deputy of Ukraine on 29 August 2019 and Major General Valery Shaytanov from Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU), were arrested on very specious charges of “treason.” The full breadth of Western media joined in,  falsely accusing both men of being “Putin’s ally.”

This is utter rubbish. I confirmed this with a recent US inside contact here in Ukraine (see: upcoming Part Four) in a call this morning and who knows both men well.

Their true crime is making the mistake of suggesting that Ukraine settle this war and accept peace. Both men know the truth: The Ukrainian army is taking staggering loses in men, materiel, and the ability to resupply both. Zelensky’s on going purge of peace and “anti-heroes” was preceded two weeks ago by his firing of both Naumov Andriy Olehovych, former chief of the Main Department of Internal Security of the Security Service of Ukraine, and Kryvoruchko Serhiy Oleksandrovych, former chief of the Office of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Kherson region. Both of these men, too, are guilty of merely suggesting the new Ukrainian capital crime of “Peace.”

For Zelensky and Nato their personal treason is allowing this war to be fought right down to the very last Ukrainian.


I am frustrated. My goal of getting to the East where the true stories of the atrocities there will certainly be told by those refugees has met with my own realities. The Russian embassy here in Warsaw has now closed. The staff is burning everything before they leave. Presumably, my visa application to Russia is in one of the piles.

Despite my current proximity barely a day goes by that I don’t receive videos and pictures of the horrors taking place in the Donbas and the East. My contact info is easily found and since the start of this series, I have received scores of Instagram, Telegram, Tick Toc or Whatsapp messages asking that I share these images with the reader.

But I refuse to look at any of them. Videos and pictures can be doctored and used to sway a reporter’s work in the wrong direction away from objective reporting. This war is now a media-inspired shit show and I will not be a part of it. So, I file these many solicitations away, never looking at a one, for I already know what they contain, horror. I do not need to look… or listen.

Except once.

At my first hotel, I meet Lee. English being rather rare, he has stopped me, asking for information. In turn, I parry him for the same.

Lee admits to being a US mercenary- former Airborne- paid, like James, to extract persons unknown from an area near Kyiv. He readily admits to knowing of the Nazi philosophy attached to many in the Ukrainian military but is being paid well for his service not to care. He seems to lack quality US intel since his questions are mostly about the roads and military beyond Kyiv and I cannot answer beyond Lviv.

He seems out of his league here. Interestingly, he asks if I have contacts for protective gear like flack jackets and helmets. I warn him of the dangers, not of the Russians who are mostly east of his target, but of the Ukrainians. Days before, Andrew my translator, had sent me three of the many videos I have received, telling me, “The man being tortured is speaking Russian. His killers are speaking Ukrainian,” in his effort to educate me.

But, again, I refuse to access these videos.

But Lee seems a good kid, but too full of US-inspired bravado to heed my warning. To help I tell him of Andrew’s videos, though I haven’t viewed them. He doesn’t believe me and asks me to show him. I scroll to the right spot on Whatsapp and hand him my phone and he eagerly taps the first, second and then third video to life.

Screams, the likes of which could not be faked, shriek from my phone and I close my eyes hard shut in a desperate and failed attempt not to hear.

He hands me back my phone. “Yeah”, he says, “That’s pretty bad.”


“Please, tell my story.”

As I put my boots on the ground one more time, still stuck in Warsaw I remember the guardian angel that has steered me well during my times reporting in foreign lands. Sitting and stewing in a dank hotel room does not provide the story… nor luck.

So, I return to Central Station, Warsaw. While doing a bit of photo editing and sitting on one of the very nearby concrete benches on the grounds in front of the massive soviet Palace of Culture and Science building, my glance comes up from my screen. Directly in front of me is an old man stooped and holding a cane. He is moving directly at me. He appears quite frail and he is now just a few yards away, so close I am afraid he is blind. But he stops, now close enough to speak. “You are a journalist,” he says in perfect, but heavily accented English, not as a question, but strangely as a statement. I nod, not sure how far English will take me. “Will you help me,” he offers and I assume he means a donation and reach for my red day pack. “No, no, no…” he responds, “I have things to tell you.”

I get to my feet and offer him my arm which he takes lightly in both hands as I help steer his half-bent body next to me onto the concrete bench. More than an hour later, as the snow flurries again cry in response from the grey gloom above, I bid him goodbye. What he has told me has brought a tear to my eyes, prayers to my lips and hatred to my heart.

Abram is from Markivka and has traversed the war zone of the east to meet his daughter and two granddaughters who were already here the past two weeks from just south of Kyiv. It turned out I had spoken to his daughter Taisaya earlier that morning at Central Station because she also spoke enough English. I had apparently left much too quickly since her two little girls had said they were waiting for their granddad to arrive, but trains here no longer follow a scripted schedule. The girls were full of happy smiles, waiting. I had told their Mum that I wanted testimonies from the east, but she could not help. I had forgotten their names but remembered the encounter well.

Over that next hour, as I scribbled furiously, Abram told me of being trapped in Markivka as the war began, not by the Russians but by the Ukrainian Army (AFU), what he repeatedly called the “Banderists.” Those following this series know what that means: Nazis.

Abram is a Russian Jew and proudly admits to serving in the Red Army, particularly in Afghanistan. “We did many wrong things there,” he began, “but these Banderists they hate, their hearts, full of hate. Always hate. Many years, only hate!” Stupidly I offered the leading question, “why?.” Abram, who had been looking down while delivering his thoughts straightened in a start, now looking me in the eyes like a father scolding a child, “Because we are Russian!”

Abram talked, then, about the times well before the 2014 Maidan Square Orange revolution, a time when Ukraine was certainly divided into ethnic regions, but when the Donbas, Donetsk, Luhansk and eastern Ukraine, although attracting a much larger percentage of Jews and ethnic Russians was just that, a region of Ukraine. East worked well with west. He spoke of small cases of anti-Semitism and anti-Russian sentiment but as he put it, “When we were Soviet, we were all friends.”

According to Abram that all changed quickly in 2014, “We became dogs!” he spat. “But you kick a dog once, he runs. You kick a dog again and he looks you in the eyes, asking why” But, he slowed for emphasis, “You kick a dog three times… and he bites.” He talked about the immediate attacks by the AFU after the west overturned the election of Viktor Yanukovych who was himself from Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine. Continuing he said,

“What we want then is independence. Already we were. Not to join Russia. That we wanted this is a lie. They made war from the west on us of the East. Because we speak Russian? We love Russia? Not only, this…”

and here he again glanced up from his thoughts and for emphasis,

“Because the Banderists hate Russia. Because you… I’m sorry.. your country… hates Russia. And we are Russian in our hearts! We do not hate America. We love Ukraine!  But you… I’m sorry again… your country, it hates Russia!”

His anger was understood. Abram’s wife had been killed in the indiscriminate artillery shelling by the AFU when a round in the early morning hit the shop where she worked as a clerk and when she was opening for the day. He asked me if I knew what terror was, but answered his own question, “It is to never know, any time when death will come.” He said the Banderists would go days, weeks, months without firing a shot at his village and then suddenly open fire from many miles away and at no target in particular. “For many years we could not know when who would be the next to die. And…” he added, “for seven years we beg Putin for help.”

It was three weeks before he finally left Marikiva but that was when the Russian army had forced the AFU out. According to Abram the AFU held them in the basement the whole time; a horror of its own. Little food, no toilet- buckets- far too many seeking refuge there after the AFU had commandeered his building for their safety, using it for the vantage points and firing opportunities provided by the tall buildings. When the AFU was forced out by the Russians they fired at it with RPGs while he and the more than forty in the basement screamed in terror.

He had escaped Markivka and moved west via Belarus, but his younger brother was killed as he tried to use the humanitarian corridor created not by the AFU but by the Russians. He was supposed to meet his brother Leonid in Prosian on the way to the Belarus border. He didn’t make it. It was a neighbour friend who told him.

Abram told of seeing from his windows AFU soldiers digging mines into the roads to stop people from leaving his town. “Only we walk on concrete. No mines under concrete,” he said.”But you walk on concrete and they shoot you.” His brother died when he and two family men, two women and their children stepped through a tripwire planted by the AFU as they walked through the roadside brush off the road to Prosian. A neighbour friend and others were with another group far enough behind to live. It was the Russian army that responded, not the AFU. The men, leading, died instantly. The others died at the scene.

Breaking the horrible news in Prosian his brother’s neighbour had brought to him his brother’s watch. Abram, as he reached into his pocket, his face and his hands were trembling. I knew what was coming. Shaking, he held out an old, worn but lovely golden wind up watch, the gold wrist band mostly gone, the lens fractured in uneven quadrants, but I could still make out the exact time of this horror: 5:39. Am. Pm. It just didn’t matter…anymore.

“This is what is left of my brother…”


His daughter Taisaya and granddaughters, Kristina and Alina, surprise me. They have been waiting out of sight throughout Abram’s time with me and now walk up to help their Grandfather home. I do not know if they have heard of this horror. I hug them all for no, or only one, good reason.

As I help him to his feet, placing Abram’s cane back in his hand and being sure he is steadily balanced, he struggles to straighten himself fully to properly offer his hand. I was surprised that he is almost my height. I offer my hand in return, and he takes it in his, a gentle touch, now looking at me intently as if to test my mettle for one last time.

Abram is smiling now. “My daughter said you are a journalist. Go to the east as you want. You will know what I said is so.” he says as an ending.“Then, please…  tell my story.”

“Thank you…” he adds before turning forever away. But just before he did, I saw his face clearly, and I knew his story was true.

I saw, once more…those eyes.


I will view them now. Those videos. The pictures. I feel an obligation. To Abram, to Leonid, to my Christian friends in Lviv, to Andrew and every refugee I have interviewed and those I have not, alive or dead.

Sitting on my hotels bed, pillows piled behind me, I draw these images and videos up on my laptop and access the files on my phone I steel myself with a six-pack close at hand. I have my translator app at hand only to know what language of this war is being spoken. As I ready myself I close my eyes long and hard once again remembering Lee, the mercenary’s, final comment because I know it’s going to be “pretty bad.”

It is.

The dead, the wounded writhing, their screams rising until silent, their words testimonies I don’t understand, but yet I do, the views of the barbarian AFU planting mines, shooting at civilian targets, at the occupants of the buildings, or just the buildings, the bloodied faces screaming for vengeance into the camera, the artillery strikes into buildings as white flags wave, the slit throats, the tears, the children clutching dead mothers, mothers holding dead sons, husbands, brothers for the final time or breath, the blood, so, so much blood, and all the time too, too, too much horror. There must be a better singular word to use, but I am speechless. It is simply, purely…Horror!

Each time I move to the next file, I force myself to do so, swilling beer to dull my outrage that only increases with every pull on the bottle and new atrocity. I will honour them all, must finish what I started.

More than two hours later I am spent. I am done. I am drunk. I have now seen with my own eyes…

I trip over bottles as I head for my bathroom. I must wash this all from my face. Wash it from my mind.

From the sink I splash cold. cold water over my whole head, desperate for relief. Grasping for a white towel at hand I look into the mirror, but my eyes will not focus. All I see is a kaleidoscope of those images swirling, blending all in a cacophony tinged with red that will not go away.

As the towel pulls down from my face, focus slowly comes back to view. In the mirror, I look deeply into my own ashen face, drawn, tired, weary from my two weeks, until this moment improperly afflicted by this God damn war.

And then I see them, staring back at me with pinpoint accuracy, my testimony to the brutal truth of this war. There, in the mirror, staring back at me,  I see…

Those Eyes!

                                                               – The End-

Dedication: To Matias R., Michel C., Ron U., Jeff B., Jan O., and SF. Thanks for keeping me going! Peace…

Author’s Note: This concludes Part Three of my series, “Destination Ukraine.” For further insight, please see Part One, “The Ignorance of War,” and Part Two, “Will Poland Go Rogue?”

About the Author: Brett Redmayne-Titley has spent the last decade travelling and documenting the “Sorrows of Empire.” He has authored over 200 articles all of which have been published and often republished and translated by news agencies worldwide. An archive of his many articles can be found at watchingromeburn.uk. He can be contacted at live-on-scene ((@))gmx.com


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A good read.

Ashok Varma

US and western lies, despite total censorship of Bilderberg Jew media and endless Russophobic lies, 90% of the world population supports Russia as not a single demonstration anywhere took place. One million people marched in London against the illegal racist Anglo-Ziionist American genocide of Iraq, not even dozen paid rent a crowd came out in any western city for Ukrainian pimps. Says a lot!


Even though I completely agree with you, the problem is that mentioned majority of the humanity which supports Russia earns around 2000USD per year on average. We live in a world where only money matters, and it is better for you if what people call developed world supports you. Since then you can get 50bn dollars for free like Ukraine did. While Russia is currently running out of reserves.

Last edited 1 year ago by Hey

Look at it differently Hey. For example, the average pension in West is several times higher than in Russia. But, if you look how many loaf of bread, liters of petrol, or electricity one can buy from these pensions, then the difference is very low. Ruble is very undervalued in this respect. Westen currency are big bubbles that can pop anytime


One interesting video: https ://t.me/milchronicles/286 Imagine this video shared to UK public. Clearly BJ don’t care for UK citizens. But I’m amazed at how well Russia is treating POWs.


I saw one video from Mariupol where a pensioner says her sister on the Russian side gets the equivalent of 15000 hryvnia (£390.00) whereas she only receives 1500 hryvnia per month (about £39.00) Kolomoisky, Ze and chums take the rest it seems.

Tom Bombastadillo

‘Money’ is only fake money. Material assets are real money.


Hey gimp,im better off than all you trolls posting garbage here,ever since you posted are all proven not just verified lies,and how dare you insult higher intellects who are far better off to survive not just Russia but everywhere else you demented sic homosexual bio lab hag!


I agree with you.

Mariupol was 100% liberated

Did Moskva arrived at Sevastopol yet?

hans raus

I’m paid per post to spam stupid shit here ^^^

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Ashok Varma

What is the point of childish loser trolling? Ukrainian Nazi regime is finished.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ashok Varma

Here we can see more captured Ukrainian solders than Ukrainian government want to admit: https ://t.me/intelslava/25763

Ashok Varma

What is the point of childish loser trolling? Ukrainian Nazi regime is finished.

Just a question

Does it matter? Will the loss of one ship make a difference to the outcome of this war?


Your days are numbered. Praise God




I told you gimp,you better get out of ukraine,but no you p00fs think you own the internet eh p00fta! Like i said,men right onto you tossers,enjoy the show,more to come and you can bet your life on it!


Us propaganda

Don’t worry your time will come soon.

Muhammad your Prophet

Who the fuck invited Edgar Allan Poe?

hans raus

I’m paid per post to spam stupid shit here ^^^

Join EuroMaidanfags .com and work from CIA dungeon in Poland



23.02 Ukrainians will send flowers to our solders and eastern ukrainians join us in our march against nazis

25.02 Chechens will storm kiev and kill zelensky

25.02 Zelensky fled to Poland

26.02 We have total air supremacy

26.02 that Milerovo russian air base destroyed itself

28.02 We are not storming kiev but going to encircle it

30.02 china is with us and will attack Taiwan

01.03 Mariupol was 100% liberated

03.03 the Saga of the 100 miles long convoy that missed kiev and went to Paris instead

05.03 Chernihiv sumy Karkhov and Kiev are about to fall

06.03 Mariupol was 100% liberated

08.03 Odessa will be encircle and an anphibuous landing is eminent

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01.04 what a fools we were just kidding we never wanted kiev


02.04 phase two phase two! We are so smart we will pull of north ukraine and attack donbas while UAF has interior lines to get there 3 times faster and now with help of open corridors to ressuply from the west

03.04 Mariupol was 100% liberated

04.04 Mariupol was 100% liberated

05.04 Mariupol was 100% liberated

06.04 Mariupol was 100% liberated

07.04 Mariupol was 100% liberated

08.04 NATO general is trapped and will be caught in Mariupol

09.04 Boris johnson and zelensky are making hollywood special effects movies for the new star wars

10.04 We never wanted to demilitarilize we never wanted to denazify ukrainian government, we always wanted Finland to join NATO and have armies in our borders

11.04 china please please do something

12.04 Mariupol was 100% liberated and we found a biolab in azovstal

13.04 We are winning, we are winning, we are winning, we are winning, please…

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16.04 Those 40K syrian fighters that left to join denazify ukraine did not arrive yet after a month of travel but are coming very xoon


No, it’s enough for us that the land is fertilized by 23,000 soldiers of Ukraine, and soon the rest will join them. But it’s funny that you just joked, because the offensive began in the morning. So there will be even more Ukrainian fertilizers. And you keep copying this hat. Zelenski is already sniffed again, so not peremoga =)

Last edited 1 year ago by Сергей

The one invading Ukraine is responsible for ALL the dead on both sides. Which is why the little proven pedophile jew Putin, is a proven war-criminal now, and has no options left. He eighter wins this war or will be executed. That is why he is actually throwing thousands of young innocent russian teen-boy soldiers into the ukrainian-meatgrinder, hoping to thereby prolong the war, and hindering the world from nabbing and executing him, as he deserves. But that little rat cannot hide forever. One day his sorry jewish-putler-ass will be poked onto a stick and paraded around first in Moskow and then in Brussel. See: https://bit.ly/36j476y

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Peter The Ungrateful

So you admit that Ukraine is responsible, then? Just saying, because Ukraine invaded its own country in 2014 and started indiscriminately killing its own citizens in Donbass. Russia did not start this war but it will end it.

Michigan Man

What’s that garbage you talk ? Invading own country !??? Stop smoking that psychedelic stuff man !

Ever stolen from your “own bank account” , “stolen your own pocket” etc. ? Tell me about it, please !!

Unbelievable that you even managed avoid flushing yourself down the toilet. As shit is meant to go right there. So head on you should go. As that’s obviously the part of you where the really big shitload is hiding.

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Peter The Ungrateful

Stop the semantics bullshit and sober up.


Changes nothing but you be carefull because fsb are dealing with you liars!


Perfect Russian security,there you go sentenced on the spot too!

eat shit and die

ShemaIe shiteater, you and your shit family belong in a toilet, in some particularly gruesome sewers in Detroit where you decomposed feces with decomposed manure instead of brain should stink instead of polluting this site with your foul rot and idiotic crap.

But to explain your moronic question from your shithole mouth, full of moronic shit, you utter shitty moron probably never heard of American civil war when the Union Yankee criminals invaded, slaughtered, mass murdered and genocided people of the South. Go back to Linclon’s asshole and ask him you dumb piece of shit.

Ukraine, Land of Psychopaths

Yeah, right. “I killed my mother and ate her innards because she used to wave hello to the neighbors and they heard her screams one day while I was deep-drying a few of her fingers and broke the door down to save her. I killed them first, then my mother for being a traitor to my black heart.”

Just say it out loud. It’s no secret already.


Your next pink swastika fagglet nazi piiece o sht, https://t.me/intelslava/25770


Lenin statue raised again in Kherson. Kherson is fully Russian: https ://t.me/intelslava/25766


Historical irony. Russians should destroy Lenins statues, burn his damned remains and scatter his ashes… while Ukros should worship him instead of Hitler and Bandera. Lenin was truly their father, Lenin gave them republic, Lenin gave them Russian territory (and planed to give them even more), Lenin enforced massive ‘ukrainization’ on Russians…

I don’t understand why the fuck anyone in Russia still respect that traitorous bolshevik scum Lenin, terrorist and mass murdered trained by Brits and owned by Germany. I mean Stalin won the war, he built industry, he made USSR superpower. But Lenin? Nothing but anti-Russian scum.

Peter The Ungrateful

Oh, so Stalin is the good guy now? m(


I never said he is a good guy, I sad he is better than Lenin. Learn to read.

Peter The Ungrateful

Better than Lenin, LOL. Learn to think.


You are definitely too stupid to think, you need to evolve first.

Peter The Ungrateful

Talking to yourself again?


Hallucinating and posting nonsense again?


I am against Lenin and communism too, its a fictional impossible system. And yes, Ukraine is by large a fault of Lenin and Stalin. I’m just sharing the picture for the sake of intel sharing.

Neocon Godfather & Trotskyite, Irving Kristol, Dea

Actually, it’s Trotsky that the Ukropaths should be celebrating, since the Nuland/Kaganite neocons were born of the Trotskyites.

Ukraine, Land of Psychopaths

Perhaps a golden statue of Trotsky and Bandera embracing in Maidan Square?

Simple realities

The banderites are just useful idiot cannon fodder for the American trotskyites.

They are beyond stupid. Stupid psychopaths can be dangerous but easily done away with from within.

Project for the New American Century

So, how does a Trotskyite member of the 4th Internationale go on to found America’s neoconservative movement and con American conservatives in the process? Legitimate question. Here’s the answer:

Light bulb going off in trotskyite’s head: “Hmm, instead of championing trotskyite communism and spreading it around the world, let’s pretend we’re a new breed of conservative and invite the WASP’s into our group, so that we can champion whatever America wants to spread around the world to dominate it. WASPS will jump on board anything that has ‘dominate’ in the ideology and voila! We have all of America’s military might at our disposal. A brilliant idea and most WASPS will eat it up and ask for more, given they’re not too swift on the intellectual front. We’ll just dress it up as being in ‘America’s interests'”.

GW Bush: “Gosh, anything with conservatism in the name gets my applause. Here’s a Medal of Honor for you, Irving.” Mission Accomplished!

Slick, eh?

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Ukraine, Land of Psychopaths

Never was any need to rehabilitate Lenin. Foolish gesture.



hans raus

I’m paid per post to spam stupid shit here ^^^. more shit more cookies.

Join EuroMaidanfags .com and work from CIA dungeon in Poland




5 missiles hit Lwow this morning



Let’s hope that they hit something good


Lenin back in Kherson: https ://t.me/intelslava/25766


We lost 20-30 million of our people at the hands of the fascists. The West has just decided that fascism is a toy that should hurt us. BUT the war against fascism is a holy war for us, a crusade for us. Therefore, peaceful people of the West, you would begin to purify yourself, to isolate YOURSELF from the FASCIST LEADERS YOU have CHOSEN. THEY (your rulers, for example Ursula or Borel) THEY SUPPORT FASCISTS who wash their own people with blood. And when we’re done with the scum in Ukraine, you don’t think that with your sponsors of terrorism, everything will be the same as before? We will destroy them and those who stand in our way, and you too if you support them. It’s not you on the side OF GOOD, IT’s US ON THE SIDE OF GOOD! We are Russians, God is with us!


Bullshit, you lost 60 mio russians at the hand of the Jews since 1917 ! Bolshewic jews ! J-E-W-S.. jews ! These scum caused WW2. They are the responsible for 1917 revolution in Russia, they murdered the russian Czar, they invaded Poland on 17 th Sept. 1939, they are still the masters in Russia. Putin is of jewish origin. Wehrmacht confronted the jewish megalomaniacs and gave them a beating. Sadly the Americans (because of being jewish controlled too) fell into the back of the Nationalsocialists (not faschists – that was Italy) and back-stepped them. UDSSR and USA are controlled by jews. USA since 1913 and Russia/UDSR since 1917, then since 1945 all of Europe/EU too, and in 1949 also China started falling into the jews hands. Realize this you communist degenerate. Jews are killing you since 1917 !

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Putin is not Jewish you moronic pile of feces. But Zelensky is. Stupid cunt.

Pamfil Military Academy

I don’t know about Putin. But is almost sure his mother was jew or was called inapropriate a jew. But things are not so simple. Off course Putin is a jew but ONLY if his mother was a PURE jew. That means her MOTHER being a jew too. If her father was a jew and mother no, than the mother of Putin in NOT a jew. But many can call her a jew because of her husband family being a jew. To be short: in the jew/hebrew world if your MOTHER isn’t jew, the child isn’t jew too. Besides that, Putin mother was baptized or baptized herself in Ortodox religion which speak a lot. Also Putin was baptized as an orthodox. Very, very hard to say here.

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The Truth

His mother was NOT Jewish at all. It’s 100% bullshit promoted by Ukro-trolls and neonazi morons like this Sörenshit.

Putin’s mother’s maiden name is Shelomova, which is an old Russian surname. It has nothing to do Hebrew “shalom” as Ukro-idiots trying to promote. The surname is attested in several archival registries dating back to the 14th, 15, 16th centuries. The Russian root word shelom(m) or sheloma(f) means “helmet.” Putin’s maternal grandmother, Yelisaveta Shelomova, is buried in the village’s old cemetery. And, it is an ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN cemetery, not a Jewish one. So, again, it’s 100% bullshit without any proof.

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Shelom, SHALOM, yes “old russian surname” haahha.

Unbelievable how stupid one can be. So fucking unbelievable. Man, you really deserve to die. Earth will be glad without you. Your are dumber than shit, indeed.

SHALOM IS JEWISH WORD, not old Russian. This shows that you are a full-blown idiot. Complete brainless moron, darkest shitload-dumbass, not even getting those simple facts right. Jews always switch their names, living places etc. in order to confuse stupid goyim to make them believe “everything is ok – and no danger looming”. You just need to look at Putin’s face and everything is clear about his origin. See: https://bit.ly/36j476y And you brainy fell for that old trick again. If somebody’s name is son of Juda instead of son of the Jew, then you pretend that the first one of course has nothing to do with jews, no no it is something very different, it is an old russian word for dildo, no wait old word for shoe, no wait for..for helmet, of course a jewish helmet, but that has (of course) NOTHING do to with ..äh jews. Yeah.. Now we all know. Hahah. What would we do without your enlighted hook-nosed wisedom !??

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eat shit and die

Whöreson you moronic, crazy, braindead pile of donkey shit from animal mental asylum, NO, it’s NOT “shalom” you blind and braindead imbecile, you obviously can’t even read, moron. It’s a totally different word. Stupid turd. Not just your rotten brain full of worms is dead, your mutant eyes are dead as well, you half-rotten corpse from some filthy shithole loser basement. Stupid, stupid turd.

Let me try to explain you s-l-o-w-l-y, you braindead, blind stupid turd: a monkey is one word. a moron is another. Yes, you are BOTH: moronic monkey. you are also an inbred cocksucker, insane crazy degenerate, total retard and of course an utterly worthless Stupid turd. haha. But try to focus your both tumorous ‘brain’ cells on this one: Monkey and moron is not the same word just because they look like to you blind, delirious moronic monkey. 1.Moron vs 2.Monkey. 1.Moron vs 2.Monkey.

Get it now moronic monkey stupid turd? No? Still too stupid? Well, then just take your gay moronic virus infected nazi links for pathetic loser rejects, incels and closet homos and show them into your infected bloody anus (raped by your uncle one time too many), along with your swasikas, fuhrer picture and zelensky dildo. LOL. You belong in sewers in hell with other shit, although even shit is more intelligent and more worthy than you… not just you imbecilic turd deserve to die, painfully as possible, your deformed whore bitch mother raped by 100000 dogs deserved to die before she spawned you mutated pile of diarrhea from her butthole. Pity her abortion failed so miserably so you are just a slimy excuse for a partially aborted fetus that is miraculously still drawing breath while stinking here. Stupid turd.

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“Whöreson” 😀🤣


You have some serious mental issues . Not just very stupid you are extremely mentally deficient when you fail to understand these are not just two different words but two different languages. Typical mindless drone, it must be very difficult for you to accept the truth. In fact, you’ve made all your false arguments based on one fallacy or the other. Which is why there is no point wasting time on you. No pearls before swine/sorenson .

Tom Bombastadillo

Putin has a helmet shaped head. Shaped a bit like a lemon.

Tom Bombastadillo

Well that is the legal side of it according to Judaism, but the genetic side does not recognize the legal side, so we end up with millions and millions of goyim who are genetically part Jewish. I do believe that a sizeable percentage of the US population would fall into that category. And because of the similar genetics, those goyim genetic part-Jews will tend to think and act like Jews, and they tend to ally easily because they think and act in a similar fashion.

It’s one reason why commenters spend a lot of time wondering whether so-and-so is Jewish or not. Jews don’t like to discuss this of course, because their “matrilineal exclusive” kinship system is inherently extremely religio-racist and extremely sexist as well.

Most family trees are shaped like an oak tree, whereas the Jewish family tree is more like a bean stalk or perhaps a monkey puzzle tree.

Project for the New American Century

Who the fuck cares? Give this jew thing a rest, you’re all embarrassing yourselves trying to paint with such a broad brush. You need to paint like an artisan, like I just did.


Just because you say it, it not becomes truth. You can paint your ass rose-red and make sounds like a monkey yes, but still I am so polite to doubt you to be a real pavian. Even though I fully realize your monkey mentality, and how embarrasing that must be to you… you cannot throw off your humanoid origin. Get that ? And for Putin is the other way around. He tries very hard to look human and pretends to be a russian human, but truth stays truth. He is a despictable smelly little jew. That’s the bottom-line of the whole thing. Can you prove the opposite ? No you can’t. And your monkey brain likely cannot even follow the words i am writing, let alone their meaning. So btw. how it comes you left your cage that early today ?

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Hitler Kaput

“paint your ass rose-red” what a sick, disturbed faggot cocksucker your are… It must be your every day in Zelensky’s toilet under the ZOO in Lwow where you cocksucking chimpanzee on crack paint your cheap gay ass in rose-red, black-red and and blue-yellow: you bitch swallow bananas and doing sieg heil’s while drugged tattooed nazi degenerates gang rape you and sodomize your bloody anus and your bloody throat again and again…. and AGAIN… under Hitlers picture haha… like Soviet dogs your mothers dirty cunt :D No difference between your mouth and your rectum: both are bloody, stinky, filthy shit-holes full of excrement and nazi semen, you worthless shemaIe hooker traumatized like all nazi bitches. I wouldn’t even get a dime if I sold something as asinine as you and your mutant family, not even for experiments: even monkeys have standards that you filthy roach do not posses.

Stop wasting oxygen and polluting planet with your sheer idiocy and endless shit from your dirty gay mouth; just drop DEAD. Go to hell and suck Hitlers one ball along with Goering fat anus and Bandera’s blue-yellow dick you infinitely retarded, diseased pile of animal excrement.

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Peter The Ungrateful

Could dial back on the antisemitism, just a tad? You know, people might get the wrong idea and think of you as a Nazi. I am pretty sure that you wouldn’t want that, for you are one of the good guys, right?

Project for the New American Century

Hah, you’re being manipulated by Trotskyites and you’re too stupid to even realize it. So, they let you march around with your swastikas on sticks for a while longer. You’re like two-yr olds anyway, so no surprise there. Monkeys are harder to train than you clowns.

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Pamfil Military Academy

Man, most of our ‘elected’ leaders win by CIA rigging the voting results. All our internal institutions are run by henchmen of intelligence agencies, which in theirs turn are on CIA/Mossad/other foreign spy agencies orders. They are traitors of the nation, who 32 years ago killed Ceaucesco, stole country money and made deal and business with the foreign west mobster globalist elites. For money off course ! One of this agency under uncle Shmuel order who constantly rig our elections is the STS (Special Transmission Service), a subservice of the SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service), who collect, centralize and count the votes). No one else can verify the election results because the whole system effectively become ‘privatized’. Unless a judicial power make a decision on that it’s NO ! And NO one in 32 years ever had the nuts to confront the intelligence agency because ALL knows they are ruled by US shithole ‘democracy’. Also, they managed to get rid of all nationalist opposition leaders, one by one… one who wrote the Constitution was ”radiated” and in 6 month was dead, another suddenly die by hearth attack, etc……press wrote extensively about this mysterious deaths. We are WITHOUT any hope of recovering under the phenomenal grip of the US deep state, even peoples are voting against; they rig everything.

Tom Bombastadillo

It is exactly the same here in USA. And it was exactly the same in Chile when I was there in the 1980s. The only free countries I have been to are Argentina and Mexico.

Tom Bombastadillo

‘We’ didn’t choose these ‘rulers’. They became corrupt, then they corrupted the election system, and now they choose themselves. For at least 30 years so far.


Quote from above article: ” but yet I do, the views of the barbarian AFU planting mines, shooting at civilian targets, at the occupants of the buildings, or just the buildings, the bloodied faces screaming for vengeance into the camera..”

Oh, what a bunch of lies !!! You russians went into Ukraine !!! Forgot that ??? Really ??? But they are “barbarians” ??? Because they are defending their homeland !!??

What kind of sick propaganda is that ??? Do you really think people around the world are so dumb not to get who is the invader and who the invaded ???


You are definitely dumb. also hysterical for some reason, probably PMS.


You are an ignorant moron, nothing else. Russia stepped in after Zelensky started the killing of civilians in Donbass. Now his army of Nazis is getting what they deserve, a real fight with real soldiers. Ukraine lost already, Zelensky betrayed everyone and sold them out to his fascist NATO and US buddies. You are lying to yourself not wanting to see what really happend. Your humiliation and your hate are very obvious. You better take a break and get your facts right before you embarrass yourself again like that.

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Yes, lets talk about who started ! Tell me when did Ukraine invade Russia or mass-bombarded russian territory before 2022 !?? Nah !??

You invaded a foreign country, that is the fact. Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. Not the other way around. What you claim is somehing complete different. Ukraine has bombed eastern-ukraine. Yes, so what ???

Even if Ukraine had bombed on ukrainian territory with artillery for 15 instead of 8 years. That would still be an inner-ukrainian thing. It would have been a case for international hearings, maybe the UN. Yes, maybe. But it is not russian thing. Nothing to do with it. But instead, your dumbass Chabad Lubawitch crypto leader Putin, chose to invade Ukraine and started this illegal war of aggression. And now he sits in Kremlin with his ass wide open.That’s the point ! Prove me wrong, if you can, asshole !

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Jan Hölmö

Are you the new “jens holm?”

jens holm

He is my LGBT wife: Sörenson Holm

Peter The Ungrateful

Start in 2014, when *Ukraine* invaded its own territory in Donbass.

Michigan Man

Peter, are you retarded or what ? How can a country invade itself ? That is utter nonsense. A country invading ALWAYS means another country, there is no such thing like “invading your own territory resp. country”.

Question: Did you ever steal your own pocket, or your own car ????

I hope you now get how stupid your accusation is !!! Maybe that’s already the effects of this poisonous mRNA rat-shit the people allowed to be pumped into their vains. The brain-damage it caused to you is obviously irreversible.

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Peter The Ungrateful

So, what do you call the actions of the AFU since 2014, retard? They sent their military and started killing their own citizen, who, BTW, made use of their democratic rights. So much for “the haven of democracy” that is UkroNaZistan.

Stop the semantics bullshit and dial back your drug usage.

Suk Me Kok

How Lincoln invaded 11 Southern states you moronic shithead with dead monkey brain?

Peter The Ungrateful

Elensky didn’t start the killing in Donbass, Turchinov did, and Poroshenko and Elensky only *continued* it, the latter making a U-turn on his election campaign promise to bring peace. Even in his inauguration speech he said, that he would rather loose presidency than not bring peace about in the country. Well, Mr. Elensky, I guess you are out of a job now, aren’t you?

Pamfil Military Academy

Go fuck yourself imbecile white nazi supremacist cesspool ! Nobody give a shit on your verbal diarrhea

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Michel LeBlanc


Thats why the russians stepped in, because AFU was killing Donbass civilians everyday!



Have you read the story?

Your comments make me want to vomit, what a shame you are. And when war knocks at your door the world becomes simpler, you just want to survive.

And I only read subnormals, making comments about rivals in the champions league and calling the war at THEIR DOOR….


Fuck! I have “those eyes”. And they cried reading this story.


Marlen Brando said it best in the movie Apocalypse Now. “It’s Horror It’s the Horror”.

Omas Bioladen

Man, I cannot read such long texts.


holy fuck that takes tldr to a new level


southfront show the people a map no one is trying to listen to this fake garbage

sod off

AnotherDumbComment then sod off to CNN dumb asshole



Martin Luther King

I had a dream …….and the dream was that the Gestapo had been resurrected as the SBU.

And then I woke up and realized it wasn’t a dream at all.

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Toady Hall

I hear Zelensky has made an offer to Freeland to hand over all the opposition parties’ media offices to her henchmen.

I guess once a Nazi toady, always a Nazi toady. It’s in the genes.

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You idiots! This war is not about Russia or Ukraine, it ‘s about the Demonic JEWS of the US and Israel. These filthy JEWS set up Ukraine to be a dumping ground for America and Israeli evil, now Russia is clearing the deck.

dj dd

Russia missed a very big opportunity to grab the south and east of Ukraine in 2014 with minimal human and material loss. They could have grabbed more if they wanted to. They continue to disappoint their supporters and well wishers all over the world with their inconsistencies and half-done jobs that always come back to haunt them.

Russia has been cheated many times before during negotiations to end conflicts or wars. This time it was in Turkey. Turkey wanted to host and mediate between Russia and Ukraine. And even though Russian demands to end this operation are known to Turkey and to the world, Turkish official openly held interview with CNN and said that It is not possible for Ukraine to recognize the independence of the DPR and LPR and also recognize Crimea as Russian. Ibrahim Kalin went on to say that even Turkey didn’t recognize it. But we all know that the reason why Turkey didn’t recognize Crimea as Russian is because Ukraine didn’t recognize it and asked the world not to. If Russia is able to make Ukraine recognize Russian authority in those lands, will Turkey not do the same? So you see how treacherous Turkey is.

Again in Turkey Russia was deceived into withdrawing from Kiev, Chernigov and Sumy regions. The hard fought territorial gains that cost it hundreds of lives and ammunitions were given up in matter of days because Ukraine seemingly agreed in paper drafted that it will recognize Crimea, DPR and LPR as Russians. It was agreed that as a good faith, Russia should do that and that’s exactly what Russia did and she announced that to the world. Turkey was forefront into all these deceits because it was Turkey hosting this meeting. And now as soon as Russia withdrew from these areas, Ukraine refused to honour the agreement. After this horrific deceit, how can Russia agree for Turkey to host any future meetings with regards to Ukraine?

We saw how frustrated Lavrov and Putin were, what they said about the Ukrainian behaviour.

In times like this, Russia needs to maintain a step ahead of her opponents, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be so. Russia’s inconsistencies in foreign policies cost their people and cost more lives and these happen on and on and no end in sight. It must stop!


But Russia has got no right to say anything because they are invading somebody else’s country.ruskie murderer should piss offff where they come from first then maybe negotiation starts…

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