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The Last White Helmet Of Idlib

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The Last White Helmet Of Idlib

Israeli media are celebrating.

Asghar Bashpour, a top commander in Iran’s Quds Force who was close to its assassinated leader, Qassem Soleimani, has reportedly died in battle in Syria. Bashpour, who was overseeing Iranian operations in Aleppo, was killed at the forefront of clashes against “opposition forces” on February 3, reports said.

Israel has long been on the side of ISIS and al-Qaeda freedom fighters battling the oppressive Assad regime and Iran. At the end of the day, Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly said that Iranian entrenchment inside Syria is ultimately aimed at harming Israeli security and interests, while, it must be noted, the ISIS offshoot, that has for years existed just meters away from the Israeli-controlled Golan Height, hasn’t fired a single bullet at Israeli troops. Now that ISIS is defeated, the sole democracy of the Middle East is in danger.

However, there are even more clouds hanging over the region.

Late on February 4, Assad forces broke through the defenses of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the Turkistan Islamic Party and their colleagues southeast of Saraqib and captured over 110km2, including the villages of Sheikh Edris, Balisah and Kafr Amim. Nearby Turkish observation posts observed this with tears in their eyes. Ankara just declared that its military had delivered a devastating blow to the regime with dozens of strikes. Turkish troops just did not expect such a cowardly attack from the defeated pro-government forces.

Fortunately, Mr. Recep Erdogan promised that his country would not allow the regime to gain more territory in Idlib. He is probably planning to flood the Saraqib-Tal Toqan road, Afs, Resafa and Sarmin with Turkish troops who will thus gain the opportunity to sacrifice their health and even their lives protecting innocent al-Qaeda members hiding in Saraqib from Assad’s aggression. A minor flaw in this approach is that the Syrian Army, supported by the Russians, can advance from more than one direction, and the danger may come from the north. What a cunning plan!

So, forces of law and order should unite to protect Idlib rebels and their leaders, and they are doing so. The United States, France and the United Kingdom called for a United Nations Security Council session to condemn the unreasonable aggression perpetrated against the al-Qaeda book club in Idlib. On top of that, the United States employed its most powerful weapon. The U.S. Embassy in Damascus, which incidentally is located outside of Syria, changed its cover photo to demonstrate a strong determination to oppose “the continued, unjustifiable, and ruthless assaults on the people of Idlib by the Assad regime, Russia, Iran, and Hizballah”.

But that’s not going far enough. To demonstrate solidarity with the Idlib peace activists, US diplomats, including Mike Pompeo and Kelly Craft, should wear white helmets and carry little black flags during all briefings and events related to the conflict in Syria. Mr. Pompeo himself could visit the city of freedom, Idlib, where he could take the opportunity to drink a cup of tea with leaders of all these groups and organizations which the State Department supports so fiercely. For sure, members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham will be glad to hear Pompeo’s explanations for the nebulosity of the US approach towards them. It is a bit unclear why the US officially recognizes them as terrorists, when its diplomacy is aimed at supporting them.

Last but not least, the US, France and the UK can accept as refugees all these Idlib freedom fighters whom they support so that they will no longer be oppressed by the Assad regime but can enjoy real democracy.

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

i want January 2016 war diaries please


exactly bla bla US NATO for battle d,alep november december 2016 pathetic!!! :)comment image


Wow, this writing is so funny, enjoyable, and so clear for every body. Thanks to put it.


The last white helmets should be gassed so its for real once

Smith Ricky

Tears in their eyes ?


Probably from the teargas

Elisabeth Jenders

I do so love your sense of humour – THANK YOU!

US-Navy Revert Shia

Ain’t no stopping us now, as the 1970 song says, get at them boys, its long over due. and while you are at throw one nice shot in the face of Er-Dog-An for me from [NYC-USA] the Zionist Pus-y-! Er-Dog-an lol asked Russia for help against the Great Syrian Army’s attack, when Russia was the one who Bombed the Sh-t out of the Turkish Army. Another thing all these Gangsters like trump, trump is a five time Draft-Dodger Pompeo the Obese clown never saw combat, Er-Dog-an never wore a Turkish Military Uniform. comment image

Liberal guy


Karen Bartlett

Whaaa, poor Al Quaeda-NOT!

Doctor Attitude's Wrestling

Keep going Assad, stomp a mudhole in Erdogan like its the Attitude Era again ??


Lee Vanderheiden

I couldn’t tell who was who. Assad is nothing like this. Neither is Erdogan for that matter. Hard to get on board.


I like this new voice of Southfront! :D

Liberal guy

The last of the wahhabi coward insane tyrant loserssss white helmets

Lee Vanderheiden

Wonderful framing of the events in Idlib. All those who support the terrorists SHOULD open their borders and rescue the oppressed groups from the big, bad Assad regime. Pompeo should open his home to their leader.


They have already done that we know isreal rescued 400 Isis fighters from Syria and then repatriated them in western countries

Arch Bungle

Coincidentally, no hasbara trolls commenting on this article …



Liberal guy

Ciao u scums


Pompous Pompeo in his role as a White Helmet Oscar winner , has been approached by Sultan Erdogan to star in his new movie about Democracy and a meeting has been arranged.

Erdos ‘Casting Couch’ has been suitably reinforced for the mating.


Turks are bringuing reinforcements. They are going to observe harder this time.


All the Russians have to do is close the airspace to Turkish planes as they did recently and they can have as many observation posts as they want and Syrian army can then use them as target practice

Mike B

Haha amusing stuff

Tudor Miron

Good work South Front! Lol! There are still some honest credible people among your ranks.

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