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The Last Hope For Lebanon As Collapse Approaches

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The Last Hope For Lebanon As Collapse Approaches

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A wave of protests swept “Switzerland Middle East” once again. In Lebanon, the economic, political and humanitarian crises loom large. Revolutionary sentiments, which have persisted in the country for several years, are intensifying as the crisis is leading country to collapse after the coronavirus epidemic and the explosion in the port of Beirut six months ago. At the same time, Lebanon’s neighbor Israel is taking advantage of its deplorable state.

Since the beginning of March, the streets of Beirut, Tripoli, Saida and other cities in Lebanon have been blocked by protesters who are demanding that the authorities take urgent measures to curb the rise in prices after the collapse of the national currency – the Lebanese pound.

Many Lebanese citizens are desperate. People lost their jobs and bank savings.

“We are hungry. It is that simple ”. – say demonstrators.

In response to the rallies, the head of the republic, General Michel Aoun, issued a statement in which he called protests as legitimate and just. He instructed the police forces to “ensure the safety of the demonstrators, as well as protection from pogroms of government agencies and private companies.” However, clashes with the police could not be avoided.

The Last Hope For Lebanon As Collapse Approaches

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Failed attempts to form a new government

The deterioration of the socio-economic status of the Lebanese population, political conditions and the ineffectiveness of the government machine have led to the years-long political protests in the country. Thus, the first trigger for large-scale demonstrations in 2019 were the government’s plans to introduce a tax on Internet conversation through social networking apps applications like WhatsApp, for example. As a result, the government changed twice.

On August 4, 2020, 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in the port of Beirut, as a result of which more than 170 people lost their lives, more than 6 thousand were injured, and about 300 thousand were left without a home and livelihood. The port of Beirut, which was one of the most important sources of income for the Lebanese treasury, has fallen into ruins.б иecoming another impetus for the destruction of the country’s economy, which was already in a deplorable state.

Following the explosion, massive anti-government demonstrations resumed in the country, leading to the resignation of the government of Hassan Diyab. A week after the disaster, the government resigned.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun instructed Mustafa Edib to form a new government, but all his efforts did not find a response among the country’s political forces. Edib abandoned this mission a month later and the mandate was handed over to the ex-premier, the leader of the Sunni Future Movement, Saad Hariri, who has previously resigned amid the 2019 protests due to the economic situation in the country.

Despite the measures taken, the situation in Lebanon has not been stabilized, and the country still has no government. The formation of a new cabinet has been postponed indefinitely due to the lack of party consensus. Among the last stiking points for further advance, there was the conflict between Saad Hariri and the leader of the country’s largest Christian party, the Free Patriotic Movement. The latter refused to take part in the coalition government until Hariri renounces the sole appointment of all ministers.

The prolonged paralysis of power leads to a complex crisis, and further exacerbates the ineffectiveness of the political system in general. Life support systems have collapsed for many years in Lebanon. For example, there is an acute problem of water supply, which suffers from constant interruptions and a lack of clear tariffs. Regular power outages have led to the large-scale smuggling of fuel and generators. A sanitation crisis has persisted in the country for many years, caused by inadequate maintenance of sewer systems. Last year, Lebanon was unable to cope with the spread of fires on its own because most of the equipment was out of order.

The growth of corruption, deep-rooted distrust to political institutions among the population and the incapacity to form a government make it impossible to get out of the crisis in the near future. The hopelessness of the “new-old” prime minister is evidenced by his recent statements about his readiness to leave office after a video of a mass fight for a carton of milk emerged online.

The Last Hope For Lebanon As Collapse Approaches

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Economic collapse

Lebanon is also known as “Middle Eastern Switzerland” due to the longtime being the regional financial center. The stability of the Lebanese pound, good rates on bank deposits, which led to an inflow of foreign capital, as well as the issuance of numerous international loans, ensured its prosperity. However, after the economic crisis in 2008, the situation changed dramatically and the national reserves were depleted, as well as the public debt sharply grew up.

In addition to many factors, the destabilization of the situation in the Middle East, in particular the war in neighboring Syria, led to a flow of refugees to Lebanon, as well as the of terrorist cells in the country influenced a declined the flow of tourists, while the tourism was the most important sphere of the country’s economy (more than 50 %).

Long before the outbreak of the pandemic, in 2019, about a third of 6.8 million population were already living below the poverty line. In view of the growing economic crisis, the World Bank predicted a jump in the level of poverty in the country up to 50%. With the spread of coronavirus infection, the Lebanese government imposed strict quarantine restrictions, thereby depriving a large part of the country’s population of stable income.

Video showing crowds in the departure hall at Rafic Hariri International Airport as large numbers of the Bangladeshi community is leaving due to the economic crisis in Lebanon.

The quarantine measures, including a state of emergency in the country, which were supposed not only to contain the increase in the number of cases, but also the spread of protests. However, the ever-prolonged self-isolation regime amid inaction on the part of the authorities, the absence of a support program for the poor and a reduction in subsidies has become a trigger for the population on the verge of starvation.

The local currency continues its collapse and crossed the 10,000 lira mark for one unit of the US currency the last week. As a result, there was another rise in prices for all goods. Food prices in the country have jumped by 400% year-on-year, according to official government statistics, and now 45% of the Lebanese population is on the poverty line. Since October 2019, the national pound has lost up to 80% of its value.

Joke video showing how to pay coffee soon in Lebanon.

The blow that knocked down the Lebanese economy was the explosion in the port of Beirut. According to the Governor the blast caused up to $ 15 billion in damage, which was also confirmed by Lebanese President Michel Aoun. Adding to this the general financial assistance needed to stabilize the economy during its hyperinflation, which, according to the report of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, exceeds $ 93 billion, it becomes obvious that the economic situation in Lebanon, even in spite of international assistance, is very deplorable.

Army Commander-in-Chief Joseph Aoun warned on Monday that the crisis has put at risk the existence of the armed forces, as the situation of its lower ranks raises real concerns.

“The soldiers are starving, as are the civilians,” the general said.

The crisis led to a sharp increase in crime. The number of homicides in the country increased by 91% in 2020, and robberies – by 57%, according to a study by Information International based on police data.

Inflation is skyrocketing, the currency has almost completely lost its value, the amount of cash in circulation has fallen away sharply, and banks do not give citizens access to their savings. Rising unemployment, deep  trade balance problems and the outflow of international investment, all these factors are exacerbated amid the global economic crisis, provoked, in particular, by markets glut, a change in the technological paradigm, increased trade barriers and the negative expectations among investors.

The Last Hope For Lebanon As Collapse Approaches

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Israeli factor

In addition to the national crisis in Lebanon, the situation is aggravated by regional military-political problems, primarily caused by the destructive behavior of the Israeli leadership.

Israeli warplanes are violating Lebanon’s borders on a regular basis. For example, on March 15, they were spotted flying at low altitudes over the Bekaa.

A few days ago, the Lebanese army opened fire on two Israeli UAVs that violated the Lebanese border. As reported by Al Manar TV channel, one drone was seen in the sky over army positions in the border area of ​​Mays el-Jebel, and another was moving over the village of Blida. The UAVs were forced to turn back to Israeli territory.

Several Israeli missiles were reportedly launched on the border strip near Mays al-Jebel.

The reconnaissance flights of Israeli aircraft and UAVs are a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which established a ceasefire on the border after the conflict in the summer of 2006. Nevertheless, the Israeli military justifies such flights by the need to monitor the actions of the Hezbollah.

Recently, Benny Gantz said “there are thousands of homes in Lebanon with weapons storerooms alongside their guestrooms. We have the moral obligation to protect Israeli citizens and we will attack these weapons storerooms ”

Thus, he justified potential Israeli strikes on Lebanese civilians.

Foreign aid seems to be Lebanon’s last hope. While the actions of international organizations like the IMF have not yet led to the desired result, Beirut can count on some bilateral assistance. France is the first to help the state that has been under its mandate for decades. However, today Paris is less enthusiastic as all the efforts made after the Beirut explosion came to noting. Also, Russia seems to be interested to take part in the regulatory process, largely through Hezbollah. Thus, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with Mohammad Raad, the head of the Hezbollah bloc in the Lebanese parliament on March 15.

To a large extent, the current situation in Lebanon was caused by the actions of the past American administration. Therefore, there are some hopes that the situation can stabilize amid the new policy of the White House in the Middle East. Washington has already made some steps. While Israel maintains militant rhetoric, General Kenneth F. McKenzie, Commander of the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM), visited Lebanon on same March 15.

The stability in Lebanon plays a major role for the whole region, as it is has close economic ties with its neighbors, especially Syria. The crash of Lebanese economy may lead to the destabilization in the Middle East.


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Christians gone
Muslims advance


….same procedure as every year..


What muslims advance? they are in the same shit no? or you think special treatment being given to muslims? Lebanon has been bankrupt since the 80’s. Welcome to the party.

Just Me

So you noticed …

Just Me

Hezbollah is Lebanon and its only hope.

comment image

Icarus Tanović

Yes, that’s right. They only fear Hezbollah (ziowahhabis and cia).

Just Me

Zionist child killing IDF head crapper said today: Hezbollah can now fire 2,000 missiles a day and has the capability to overcome our defences and bring destruction to our cities. Hezbollah is stronger than most NATO puppet states. Russia giving it head of government status is a sign of the future.

Freemon Sandlewould

Yeah but generals say things like this all the time to get funding increased. So it’s hard to tell.


Lebanon’s problems can not be disassociated with its sordid imperialist colonial history, the intrigues of Sykes-Picot in Balkanizing Syria, and subsequent British imperialist creation of a murderous Zionist entity in Palestine. The Zionists expelled over 1.5 million Palestinians to Lebanon in the al-Nakba that uprooted almost 7 million Palestinians now languishing in refugee camps across the region or in the diaspora. The Zionists with basically US backing attacked and invaded Lebanon several times, the final episode being the ill-fated 1982 invasion and mass destruction, that subsequently gave rise to Hezbollah resistance. Lebanon and the region will never find peace, stability or justice as long as western governments support the Zionist cancer and turn a blind eye to Zionist crimes against humanity.

Ashok Varma

Israeli war crimes are now facing ICC and let’s some some of their cowardly IDF criminals face justice.

Peter Jennings

Don’t get your hopes up over the ICC. They have been infiltrated with gatekeepers, much like most of the law process and policing.
The ICC could blow the dust off their copy of the International Law book. That might help.


The Israeli Yinon plan in action.

Just Me

Zionist cowardly a$sholes have failed miserably though.

Israel will face 2,000 Hezbollah missiles per day if war breaks out: IDF commander

Israel will experience an air raid of 2,000 rockets and missiles per
day during a future war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah, OC Home Front Command
Maj. Gen. Uri Gordin warned while addressing the B’Sheva Conference in
Jerusalem, according to The Jerusalem Post newspaper.

Such an onslaught will challenge Israel’s military and civil defence capabilities, and overwhelm our capacity to respond the senior IDF official lamented.


Challenge … not defeat Israel

Simultaneously … the Lebanon will be destroyed by IAF bombardment …. ballistic missiles … submarines using multi-warhead cruise missiles AND Special Forces attacks on prized Hezbollah leadership strongholds including ‘you know who’ … eh?

200,000 DEAD LEBANESE IN THE FIRST 48 HOURS … no one will be safe

• No bomb shelters for public
• No anti-missile defense systems

I could give a sh Xt about y’all …

Shia love death … WE ARE ALL HEZBOLLAH



Dream On. There WILL be an Invasion THIS time. A massacre of rabid dog Settlers and the Hezb will reach Jerusalem in 3 days. By then, even if you EuroTrash Zio thieves use Nukes, Haifa and Tel Aviv will be in ashes after day 4.THEN you will have your 6 million dead you have been lying about since the HoloHoax


Ahh … a f/kn shia hezbollah Holocaust denier … lol

Your ilk are gonna feel the wrath of the Jews / Zionists / Israelis up your ying-yang … lol

The survivors are to be pitied … eh?


Jimmy Jim



Again with the gas fixation … eh?

You’re irritable … it may be IBS … eh?


Peter Jennings

Those who were ‘victims’ of the holohoax didn’t mind lying to anyone who would listen and many made a good living from those lies and the gullibility of humans. However, at the end of their days, these ‘victims’ didn’t want to lie to their god.

Many people died in those camps, none by gas. Starvation and disease did 99% of the work due to allied bombing.


You seem to be in a state of hysteria just of the thought of those missiles.comment image


Bibi … Kochavi … Yossi sleep well


If your IDF is so superior why they haven’t enter Lebanon? why not go ahead and let’s see how the whole story develop, you know based on your opinion the absolute victory of your IDF forces are guarantee, I can’t wait for your IDF to have the bright idea of invade Lebanon…but i guess I won’t see that day Hezbollah isn’t Palestine that have no defense capabilities the only kind of enemies you mighty IDF are use to face.


Invade ? Why invade?

Western armies should not invade Arab / Muslim countries … full stop

Destroy them by Air / Missiles / et al

Conquer a Muslim people? Nah

They’re too primitive to … just f/k them up … kill as many as possible and let them fester … until you need to do it again

I could give a sh Xt …


Missiles? seems like you have not read the news recently, the ones scare to death of missiles are you pathethic army, how many patriot anti missiles batteries do you have gaurding your precious stolen land? Iron dome or whatever piece of crap do you have…and the nice thing about it is that they can’t intercept the rocks of the palestine children throu at you…yes, Children and unarmed people that your fearsome army faces in combat(what a F joke!), pretty soon you will learn about missiles just dare to enter Lebanon that sadly is in shambles, but not even now you can do anything about it the reason? I’ll give you a hint start with letter H….


Keep on believing your bs … your cousins are ALREADY buried … they just don’t know it yet … eh?

Nasrallah has lived underground for years and sleeps in different beds nightly … he knows his fate is sealed!


He is not an IDF soldier, I am. And better pray to God we won’t enter Lebanon again, it might be bad for us but it will be a nightmare for them, especially the ones living in SL. War is not a picnic, I should know that. It is messy, bloody and scary. But we Israelis are always our own worst enemies, never finishing the job as it should be.


I praying God for the opposite because as I just say you are used to face enemies who can’t defend themselves and always back by the US (your lapdogs) and yes, war is a total nightmare but you people deserve one hell of an ass kick to see if you still feel the rest of the world are so inferior to your “race”, the only thing your superior at is cheating stealing and backstabbing and pretty soon Hezbollah will remind you of that.


Time will tell.


Aren’t you a soldier? how come you have so much free time to scan the comments to reply to anyone who thinks defferent than you? men ask your senior officer to deploy you the the border with Lebanon, Hezbollah need some easy targets to practice.


First, I am a reservist.
Second, I hope to catch one Hezbo guy alive one day, so sure they can send me and my unit, I won’t mind.


Ask for it then, let see if you are so brave when you are deploy and face first hand a few bullets going your way…I told you they are no palestinian kids throwing stones at you….


I don’t think you understand who I am. I have already sent some terrorist scums to meet their God.
it will be my pleasure, but I don’t get to decide that. As I wrote, better hope we don’t come for them. There will be no mercy.


Terrorist? are you speaking of the kids who you stole the land from and have stones to defend themself against tanks and a full armed air force sponsor by your lapdogs? those are the terrorist you speak of? because last time you went into Lebanon you had to return with your tail between your legs and once more your lapdogs had to destroy the Lebanese economy to compensate for your incompetency


No, I talk about a full armed Islamic militans with AK’s and granades, whom by now are just dry bones deep in the ground. You will also understand what happens when we get a greenlight to act without anyone stopping us. It’s been a while since 2014, but I’m still sharp and ready.

Regarding Hezbollah, they had their chance in September 2020 to react and they did not. It’s easier to talk, not so much when an invading force of over 100,000 IDF soldiers wait for an order to enter. You fool think it will be like in 2006? there won’t be Lebanon left after we’re done with them, and I persoanlly intend to catch one Hezbo guy alive and make him talk before I blow his fucking head.


Yes, I was also deploy in the outter rim facing an alien race trying to invade the galaxy we send them back to whatever hell hole they came from…then I turn off the playstation you should do the same…,in September 2020 Hezbolla didn’t retaliate…humm I think you fary tales about been the “superior race” are taking his toll, this are unfinished businees and you know this very well, also you know if Hezbollah retaliate without your lapdogs from US and NATO you are hopeless and that day is fast approaching…men I starting to enjoy our exchanges keep it up.


On the contrary, if you follow my posts I just wait for the day Bibi is gone (next week he loses the elections). Under a new Israeli PM you will see how “scared” we are, patience.


You are hardly a soldier of any kind, but a child who seeks attention by posting delusional nonsense. Real soldiers or sane people do not glorify war, death and destruction. You are quite disturbed and need psychological assistance.


That is nonsense and not possible with conventional weaponry as the 21 year old failed US bombings of Iraq and Afghanistan has amply demonstrated. As a Vietnam veteran I can assure you that Line Backer and Rolling Thunder were some of the most sustained and destructive US bombing campaigns in history, but failed to subdue the Viet-Cong or the NVA. The Zionist regime is hardly the USAF and has barely a few planes that can sustain even a hundred sorties a day. Hasbara needs to hire at least adults, not children that can be viewed as ADHD patients.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health disorder that can cause above-normal levels of hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. People with ADHD may also have trouble focusing their attention on a single task or
sitting still for long periods of time. Both adults and children can
have ADHD.

Ashok Varma

LOL, so right.


As the loser in the war in the war in Vietnam … I will say again … the IDF do not need to win ‘hearts and minds’ for the South Vietnamese …. not ‘conquer’ territory to keep it … hello?

Israel will defeat their enemy by punishing them … inflicting egregious damage to infrastructure and the population hiding missile launchers within residential buildings … full stop

I was alive during the Vietnam War y’all lost … eh?

The USA loses wars … the Israelis DEFEAT their enemies …



Next time those Israeli gangsters get out of their cage the war will be taken to northern Israel,on the ground.


Oh, we are so scared.

Jimmy Jim



Jews historically are devious cowards that want other stronger people to do their bidding. Unfortunately, post WW2 they have found the gullible US to be their patsy.


It’s working … eh?

Wherever Iran / IRGC set up shop … a failed state is sure to arise … hello?

It’s the fault of the Jews / Zionists / Israelis … lol

The f/kn Iranian slugs need a dying host … Iran is the disease … I’m ok with it … eh?

The Future is About to Land ….


Israel is where Europeans dumped the rabid trash called Khazar Fake Jews. They are desperate that you scum do not return to Europe. At least a few thousand will, the rest will drown in the Med.



Israelis swim very well … they have lots of Mediterranean beaches and great weather … a ‘California climate’ … eh?

Your slugs will be incinerated …


Jimmy Jim



Bile is all you got … jimy

See a doctor it might be celiac disease … a simple blood test will determine … eh?


With largely US tax payers funding and the Zionist cabal that has gotten hold of our country.

Great Khan

hahahahaha Hezbollah BROTHER STRONK,,,,,Zionist ratshit in diaper,,,,khaplu mamtu soon….



Coming ta git ya …. LMAO mo

Just Me
johnny rotten

Wasn’t Lebanon also on General Clark’s famous list of 7 Muslim countries to be destroyed?


Yup – ‘…take out seven counties in five years…beginning with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing off Iran.’ Was more or less the infamous Clark quote.

So apart from the grossly over optimistic time-line, and failure to land a knock-out, regime-change, blow against number two, Syria, (although successfully sowing vast chaos, violence and devastation therein) its onto number three, for the self-grandiose, self-messianic, and self-delusional Neo-Cons. Who, genuinely believe they can forcibly change non-compliant foreign nation’s leaderships, borders, and population demographics to suit their particular will. The Neo-Cons are deeply dangerous fantasists, who think in ancient world terms – in biblical scale terms – of laying waste to the states and populations they deem their competitors and enemies.

Freemon Sandlewould

A banking cartel win is different from the type of win you are thinking. They got what they wanted in Syria unfortunately. Life there appears miserable. I only hope that Israel eventually finds itself in the same condition they put Syria in.

Peter Jennings

I’m not sure whether western cartels got what they wanted from Syria. The very beginning of the conflicts involving western gov’ts and ME countries in that region was over oil supply, and it will be the very end of it too.

Shysters in the west never did get their pipelines running through Syria, for a song, and maybe not even that. They now run them through Turkey, or did do before smugglers started to self combust in their cabs.


Zionists at work


the explosion in beirut last august was fixed by the jews in palestine for which they will rot in hell. the present struggle in lebanon is caused by the jews illegally occupying palestine in partnership with the disunited states of insufferable fools.

the one thing that keeps the jews out is hezbollah and had not hezbollah been sitting on the border to palestine, the jews would long ago have turned lebanon into their second concentration camp, thus concentration camp gaza and then concentration camp lebanon or some such name and then they, would, just like in palestine, have proceeded to steal whatever of value the could find. in keeping with their dna which onesidedly spells thievery and murder and skullduggery.

and the jews are out to get the right of way over lebanon’s seabed to build their gas-pipeline to europe and without lebanon’s seabed no pipeline for the jews.

klove and light

anybody who believes in ISRAEL + LEBANON + MASS MURDER = COINCIDENCE

is braindead.


the jews keep kicking the can down the road as temporary measure but the problem is that the distance the can is kicked is getting lesser and lesser and when the kicks do’t achieve moving the problem further down the road, they, the parasitic jews, are at the end of the rope and thus on the red list waiting to be brought on to the list of extinct species – like the dodo-bird – have a larf!


Lebanon is a failed state, that’s what happens when you let a terrorist organization control your lives. Enjoy it.


Ammonium nitrate?? Yeah right . .


It appears that ANOTHER AIR RAID is targeting IRGC / Hezbollah strongholds near Damascus, Syria … TONIGHT

The big one is coming …


All IDF missiles shot down…….again!. This is getting old doc….



Hey Pinocchio … your cousins are feeling the heat … another sleepless night for the Assad Crime Family … eh?

How do you like your IRGC General? Well done or ?

The Future is About to Land …


The way this is going…….you know what lies at the end of all this no? The shysters gotta go. …..lol


Last Hope For Lebanon is to Rejoin with Syria.


The next Zimbabwe is taking shape right before our very eyes.


and the poor fuckers don’t know that the hardship is caused by the jews in palestine together with the odious yankee-twats and if hezbollah had not guarded the southern border the jews would have started a war occupying lebanon and the world would soon have seen concentration camp lebanon full of miserable lebanese, what to like about that – better eradicate the jews from palestine the hard way.

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