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The ‘Incomplete’ Map That Has China Fuming At NBC’s Olympic Coverage

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The 'Incomplete' Map That Has China Fuming At NBC's Olympic Coverage

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Originally published at ZeroHedge.

A mere two days into the Tokyo Summer Olympic games and geopolitical controversy centering on China has already erupted. Beijing has angrily denounced major US network NBC for displaying an “incomplete” map of the country, slamming it as the news channels attempt to “play political tricks” which has resulted in ‘hurt feelings’.

NBC’s Opening Ceremony coverage on Friday featured a map generated on the screen as the Chinese team walked into the stadium which showed the outline of mainland China, but was lacking Taiwan and claimed possessions in the South China Sea.

China’s foreign ministry issued its protest and denunciation via its Chinese consulate in New York which included explanation that “The map is an expression of the national territory, symbolizing national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

As it’s “incomplete,” China is now urging “NBC to recognize the serious nature of this problem and take measures to correct the error.”

“Attempts to use the Olympic Games to play political ‘tricks’ and self-promotion to achieve ulterior motives will never succeed,” the statement added. The consulate stopped short of specifying exactly what was missing, but it’s clearly a reference to the most hotly contested territorial issue of the moment – Taiwan’s status.

No doubt adding insult to injury was also NBC’s narration at the time the Chinese team was making their Olympic debut.

The NBC anchor pointed out that China remains under “international scrutiny from human right organizations”. She then went through the litany: Hong Kong, the treatment of Muslim Uighur minorities, and strained tensions with Washington – in a somewhat unusually specific list of grievances during what’s supposedly an ‘apolitical’ international athletic competition.

Chinese state media was also quick to call it a violation of the spirit of the Olympic Charter

NBC has made no indication that it plans to backtrack or refrain from using the map during its ongoing coverage. The disagreement comes just after China retaliated against US Hong Kong-related sanctions with its own targeted punitive measures, including against former Commerce Secretary under Trump, Wilbur Ross.

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Let me have a cup of tea

L du Plessis

Dont cry China, do the same to the US !!


China can mention that : The US has killed more than 20 milion people in 37 victim nations since WW2.

The end

Exactly, next time put Texas under Mexican flag and see what happens…


In international news, every time USA is mentioned they should also mention that it’s under scrutiny for:

Illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq,
Supporting terrorists in Syria and Libya,
Illegally occupying territory of the Syrian Arab Republic and theft of their oil resources,
Illegally stealing money that belongs to Iran, Libya and ordering their British minions to do the same against Venezuela,
Committing active aggression towards Syria,
Committing active aggression towards Libya,
Committing active aggression towards Iran,
Using mercenaries and sanctions to Try to overthrow the government of Belarus,
Using mercenaries and sanctions to Try to overthrow the government of Venezuela,
Using mercenaries and sanctions to Try to overthrow the government of Cuba,
Using mercenaries and sanctions to Try to overthrow the government of Russia,
Using mercenaries and sanctions to Try to overthrow the government of North Korea,
Using mercenaries and sanctions to Try to undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China,
Supporting the zionist genocide in occupied Palestine,
Supporting the Saudi genocidal war in Yemen,
Constantly lying about practically everything,
Keeping a large portion of their own population as slave labor in prisons and having the highest % of imprisoned population out of all countries in the world,
Piracy in International waters,
Totalitarian silencing of free speech and attacks on journalism like for example persecuting Julian Assange for exposing their crimes.

Last edited 4 months ago by Ivanus59

Would however take too much airtime to mention all of their crimes.


just keep it to two words,Global Genocide.

The end

Is there any of those gawd awful ten commandments these guys are sticking to?

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