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The Houthis Continue Their Push, But Is Erdogan Coming To The Kingdom’s Rescue?

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You can read this article in German. LINK

Yemen’s Ansar Allah are unrelenting in their offensive, both on positions inside the country, and in attacks on Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure within the Kingdom.

The Houthis, as Ansar Allah are more widely known, released a video showing their recent raid on positions of Saudi-backed forces in the area Rashah Al-Gharbia in Najran province. It was purportedly successful, and one of many recent ones.

The battlefield is in flux, a constant back and forth. The Houthis push in one direction, and are pushed back in another. Heavy clashes continue in the Balaq mountain area, as well as on the Ghubari mountain in the Kadha region. These are two locations that are set very far apart, Balaq is near Marib and the battle for the city continues. Ghubari is to the very south, near Taiz. It is safe to say that the fighting is happening all along the contact line, and not at just at a single location.

In what has become a regular event, the Houthis carried out yet another drone strike within Saudi Arabia’s borders. On March 15th, they attacked attacked Abha Airport and King Khalid Airport in Khamis Mushait with 3 Qasef 2k drones. The Houthi spokesman claimed that the strike was successful and hit all of its targets.

Not all, however, is always successful and goes without a hitch, of course. A missile was reportedly launched by the Houthis from the Central Security Camp in the area of Shabban, near the Ibb city center. It malfunctioned and fell on the side of the al-Naqlin Mountian on the outskirts of Ibb city. A large explosion was heard. A similar missile was launched on the previous day, in the same direction. No impact was reported. Still, the Houthi’s successes has caused waves.

There are reports that Turkey, after sending militants to Azerbaijan and Libya, is now priming to send “Syrian mercenaries” to Yemen. They are to fight on behalf of the Saudi-led coalition against Ansar Allah.

In case of emergency, Iran is likely to provide the Houthis with some more support in the form of weapons and hardware, as it has done repeatedly in the past. On March 15th, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps revealed a brand-new advanced missile site, which is essentially an “underground city”.

Iranian state media dubbed it an advanced “missile city” containing cruise and ballistic missiles able to hit targets at “multiple ranges” and with a 360-degree firing radius. As such it can support its allies from the Axis of Resistance all around.

The fighting in Yemen is showing a promise of worsening in the coming weeks and months, and the Houthis will need all the help they can get, especially if Turkey indirectly joins the fray.

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The Ziocorporate terrorist globalists have their mini-caliphate in the ISIS/SDF/US/al-Qaeda/Turk invasion areas of Syria, and that secures them a steady supply of ISlamist scum to deploy where/when needed.

Since Russia prefers to submit to Zioterrorist capitalism in the spirit of business, trade and partnership, Houthis should not just expect Turk terrorists and jihadis to be exported to Yemen, but should be assessing how much more firepower they’re gonna need to take them out.

Samuel Vanguard

turks will be humiliated by the houthis

Lost Empire

I hope Houthis will be able to do it. Turd Er-dog-gun now sends syrians militants (terrorists) in Yemen to fight Houthis for saudi money, but “the affair” will be a nightmare for them and the “Sult-ass”


The Turks are just like their zionist masters entering conflict were their potential enemies are in great disadvantage, but look out, perhaps there is another Egypt around….

Al Balog

I smell sensational bullshit. A lot of things can be said about Turkey, but I’ve been hearing about this “Turkish support to Saudi Arabia” for 3 years now and nothing ever came of it. In a pragmatic sense, it doesn’t add up that Turkey will just suddenly support longtime rival Saudi Arabia, which has different interests and an entirely diffrent style of Islam than Turkey.

Not only that, but Iran and Turkey are both aligned in the same direction regarding Yemen, which was previously reported on SouthFront. Both countries provide Yemen with humanitarian aid, and Turkish humanitarian groups in Yemen have been repeatedly persecuted by Saudi Arabia.

SouthFront article: https://southfront.org/iran-says-its-aligned-with-turkey-regarding-libya-and-yemen-announced-natural-gas-transfers/

Saudi Arabia/UAE persecutes Turkish humanitarian groups: https://www.yenisafak.com/dunya/yemenin-aden-kentinde-turk-kizilay-ekibi-gozaltina-aldi-3569975

The drone that Saudi Arabia got from Turkey was from a private company with a liberal worldview (Vestel), not one linked with the Turkish government. Sure, Abdul Malik Houthis and Erdogan might not like each other, but they have common interests and a pragmatic relationship. If you look at headlines from actual Turkish sources, the attitude towards Saudi Arabia/UAE is quite hostile. This is a good article from an actual Turkish source, which sympathizes with Yemen and heavily blames Saudi/UAE, even mentioning Libya:


Given how many Turks I see hate Saudi Arabia (it’s a deep-rooted rivalry even dating back to Ottoman and Ataturk times), I can’t imagine them in a real-life situation serving on the same battlefield. It would be the equivalent of the USA and Russia fighting as a team against Donbass on the side of Ukraine. No Russian would want to do that.

Joao Alfaiate

I agree with you. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are competing for the leadership of the Islamic world. Why should the Turks help out MbS after he made a stupid, stupid mistake? Seems like the wisest thing to do would be to let the Boy Wonder keep digging…


Turkey and Saudi Arabia are “allies” of the Zionist States of America, remember? Erdogan and MbS might vie for the number 2 or 3 spot, but they know where the real “leadership of the Islamic world” is.

Pave Way IV

I have to disagree with you, al Balog. The second largest political party in Yemen before the current war was a Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood party called Al Islah. Salafists and Shia-haters, so they got that in common with Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Turkey supports the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood and Al Islah despite the significant differences from the Turkish MB. Oddly enough, it was created by Saudi Arabia a couple of decades ago(?) as a South Yemen party in response to those damn rebellious North Yemenis. Al Islah pretty much runs Taiz.

Al Islah had a falling out with Saudi Arabia in 2017, but patched things up. Muslim Brotherhood, like all political Islam, is banned in Saudi Arabia as a threat to the monarchy. But the Saudis find them useful in Yemen (for killing other Yemenis) and hopefully for some kind of additional political foothold in the South. Al Islah has been and is allied with Hadi and his rump army, so they’re fighting the Houthis together right now. Trouble is that the Saudis, Hadi loyalists and Al Islah (or MB fighters) don’t seem to be doing too well – neither against the Houthis (Ansar Allah), nor South Yemen rebels (supported by UAE).

The ‘prize’ Erdogan is looking for is the same thing the UAE is after (and probably Israel): control of the Yemeni coasts, the Bab al Mandab Straits and Socotra. And oil. The real oil in Yemen is in the Gulf of Aden and off the Red Sea coast, not in the little oilfields on land. Combined, offshore output will dwarf the little oilfields in Yemen today. Red Sea is easy to get at oil and potentially huge reserves. Gulf of Aden reserves are probably massive as well, but will require a lot more sophisticated drilling. What do you think that’s worth to Erdogan?

Pave Way IV

Never heard of “Rabia sign”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabia_sign

Or R4BIA. Thumb in with four fingers extended, like the gesture for ‘four’. Egyptian MB used to show support for the MB victims of the Egyptian army slaughter at the MB protest at the Rabi’a square and mosque. To the MB, it represents freedom and persistence. Outside of political Islam, its meaning is something more like protesting against dictatorship and tyranny in general. So it’s rather bizarre that Erdogan has since co-opted it, claiming it represents “One people, one flag, one homeland, one nation.” I guess just so long as ‘the one’ = his New Turkey dictatorial, tyrannical Ottoman MBish Empire. You just can’t make this stuff up! Fascinating.

The Kurds should start using it to piss off Erdogan. ‘the one’ = mega Kurdistan.


Pave Way IV

The Kurd part was meant as a irony, Ali. I can’t think of anything that’s more infuriating to Erdogan than the thought of the Kurds in the east carving off ‘their’ piece of Turkey (and possibly Syria, Iraq and Iran) for a new, united Kurdistan. I don’t think that’s remotely possible, though and not suggesting the Kurds think so. I just imagine Erdogan throwing the Rabia for his Greater Turkey, and the Kurds use the same sign back, but really meaning for a Greater Kurdistan.

The real and serious question of whatever a future ‘Kurdistan’ looks like or should exist and where? Well, I’m American. I think the world is pretty damn tired of our (usually uninformed) opinions and B-52 diplomacy. I’ll let the people that live over there figure things out for themselves – that’s my opinion.


I also doubt Turks will help Saudis, especially after Erdogan’s media hysteria with Kashogi’s murder. But then who knows: Erdogan has many faces and they all are ugly….

Arch Bungle

The turks are even poking their noses in Africa.

They have their fingers in Azerbaijan and Armenia.

What makes you think they won’t poke noses in Yemen?

And if Uncle Sam and their zionist allies pay ErDOGan enough, he will send people into Yemen.

Especially since we wants to rebuild the Ottoman empire …

Pave Way IV

Is Israel planning on invading Yemen or joining the Saudi coalition of evil?* Because Yemenis most distant foreign war in the last six thousand years was within walking distance inside the Saudi border. They have absolutely no f’king intention of going anywhere or invading anyone, least of all Israel. They’re fighting INSIDE Yemen against an illegal, corrupt regime controlled by foreign powers. If IDF joins the other foreign occupiers inside Yemen, then the IDF gets the Mosin Nagant round in the neck like other invaders over the last six thousand years.

They chant ‘Death to America’ too, but you don’t here me crying like a little bitch about them invading New York and daring them to do it so we can kill them. They’re pissed off – they can chant whatever they want. Why is it that so many Israelis take that chant so f’king literally? It’s meaningless. Ever hear them chant ‘Death to Saudi Arabia and the Emirages’? I mean, EVER? If the chant was so literal, why aren’t they cursing the nations that have actually been there killing Yemenis for the last six years.

*Yeah, I know Israelis are probably setting up a giant snooping shop in Socotra, Yemen right now without the legitimate (vs. UN recognized) Yemeni government’s permission. Hope they have neck protection. And don’t block our AN-SPY radar on the mountain with your antennas. Do you know how hard it was to drag that thing up there? We hauled it up in tiny pieces by goat, and the little bastards ate some of the parts.


One would have to be mad to go fight in Yemen, it’s hell on earth for anyone seeking to oust the Houthis. Another Afghanistan for any occupier.


Arab held no future! Gulf countries let their brethren suffer from catastrophic they allowed to happen in Yemen… The Karma will come to punish those who let war taking place & supporting Israel all these time…The Houthi Ansar Allah will swipe through the arabian peninsula, just a matter of time now.

Assad must stay

doesnt matter who the hell helps sauds, even space aliens, houthis will manhandle and humiliate them just the same hhahahhaahha

Pave Way IV

Shoeless space aliens have already announced that they’re siding with Ansar Allah forces. This picture is an unfortunate one caught by the Saudis near Marib and tortured in Hadi’s prison before being Kashogi’d. CIA dude watching through window. Houthis have vowed revenge.



Yanks are defending Europe – from Europeans!

Everything they say is just the opposite: war is peace, democracy is tyranny, lies are truth, truth are lies, Iraqi Freedom = brutal conquest, and ‘defense’ is aggression…. Europe is under occupation for 70 years and USAssholes are the real aggressor.


Hi LRcaptain, I’ve been meaning to ask you, did you change your avatar from a sand cat, Pikachu or something like that to this one? I mean is this the same account (because I vaguely remember -though not sure- that the name was LR Captain) or am I talking about somebody else?

And about Ansarallah VS IDF, something like that won’t happen, Israel has a very limited resources in shape of capable manpower and in need of every single one of them (by the way, how many mountaineers the IDF has?). At most Israeli involvement in Yemen will be limited to using Emiratis to establish a control point over the Bab-al-Mandeb, sending a few advisors to train their commanders and officers and probably planning for them and more importantly milking them to “co-develop” weapons systems, giving them some out-dated and useless systems currently rusting in their warehouses and use the money to develop something that might actually work for themselves. They did it before with our Shah, so it’s not a first.

Considering the hasty withdrawal of Saudis about their demands from Qatar, re-establishing their diplomatic ties and ending the blockade, re-establishment of Turkish-Sudanese relationship and recent talks between Saudis and Erdogan brings the more probable possibility of Turkey’s involvement in Yemen, not to help Saudis but to bolster AQ and Islah (@pavewayiv explained it much better than I could) in order to resurrect the South Yemen, this time under Turkish control. Emiratis won’t be happy about this and Saudis will regret the day they decided to involve Turks, but Saudis aren’t famous for their brilliant strategic planning. So a more realistic scenario would be Ansarallah+Yemeni army vs Turkish terror brigades+AQ+ISIS, not Houthis vs IDF. The only weak point of Yemenis is a capable air defence system. If they somehow manage to get some, there’s no question about the outcome and if they don’t, it’ll be a gruesome and long fight, depending on how much Turks are willing to send hardware and manpower. Anyway, the terror coalition didn’t gain much after almost 7 years with a lot of mercenaries, lots of armour and a large airforce with virtually unlimited ordnance with intel, planning, target acquisition and even execution by US, UK and others.


Thank you.


Erdogan’s mercenaries will only be of tactical assistance to Saudi war effort – in previous years, when KSA had access to tens of thousands of Sudanese mercenaries under their command, the Saudi forces still could not break the stalemate. Unlikely to change much now, with few hundred or thousand Syrian Islamists on board. Saudi Arabia is ranked as fifth largest defense spender in the world – yet it can neither defeat the Houthi axis in Yemen, nor fully protect its military or oil infrastructure bases within KSA itself – from same opponents.

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