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JUNE 2023

The Houthis Are Pounding Riyadh’s Positions As Fighting For Marib Continues

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The Houthis Are Pounding Riyadh’s Positions As Fighting For Marib Continues
BITCOIN CASH: qzjv8hrdvz6edu4gkzpnd4w6jc7zf296g5e9kkq4lxThe Houthis Are Pounding Riyadh’s Positions As Fighting For Marib Continues

The escalation of hostilities in Yemen is a fact, as Ansar Allah are attempting to capture Marib city once again.

On September 5th, the Houthis (as Ansar Allah are known) claimed they had attacked several targets in eastern, western and southern Saudi Arabia as part of a large-scale operation.

A total of 16 missiles and drones were launched during the course of the operation.

Specifically, eight Samad-3 suicide drones and a Zulfiqar ballistic missile targeted vital facilities of oil giant Aramco at Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia’s main oil port on the Persian Gulf, in the Eastern province.

Two Samad-3 suicide drones and five Badir artillery rockets were fired at different facilities of Aramco in the western Saudi province of Makkah as well as in the southern provinces of Jizan and Najran.

The Saudi-led coalition claimed that its air-defenses had intercepted three ballistic missiles and three suicide drones, footage allegedly proving this fact was released.

Still, explosions were reported on the ground in several areas.

The usual, regular Houthi attack includes just a few missiles or one drone, but this is much more significant, after a lull in a fighting in August.

The previous such operation took place in March 2021 and also boasted more than a dozen missiles and drones being launched by Ansar Allah.

Meanwhile, in southern Yemen’s Aden, which serves as the capital of Yemen’s puppet government, a Saudi-led coalition commander was assassinated by an IED that struck his vehicle.

It is unknown who was behind the attack that killed Major General Musa Mohsen al-Mashdali on September 4. Suspicions either point towards the Houthis or the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC).

The STC is conditionally part of the Saudi-backed coalition but mostly operates towards its own interest and those of the UAE, as such clashes of interests and of forces have happened in the past.

A final option is that an ISIS attack left him killed, as a result of the poor security measures in the areas under Saudi control.

Around Marib city, fighting is almost constant, with a back-and-forth on the ground between Ansar Allah and the Saudi-led coalition.

Riyadh’s forces continue carrying out at least 10 airstrikes on various Houthi positions each day, while Yemen’s movement responds with frequent drone and missile attacks on targets within the Kingdom.

Neither are quite successful, as the airstrikes usually cause no casualties, while Saudi Arabia boasts of intercepting most, if not all of the Houthis projectiles.

It is now just a matter of time until various international organizations, as well as NGOs begin calling for the Houthis to halt their attacks as a “humanitarian disaster” is looming over Yemen each time Ansar Allah has any success.

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Chris Gr

This Najdi-Yemeni war is nothing new. It has existed for many decades. But in previous times, states like Egypt, Sudan, Kuwait and Jordan didn’t support the Saudis. Now it is different. However, Houthis can gain support from the states that border Saudi Arabia and don’t really want them like Iraq or Oman.

Icarus Tanović

‘NGOs begin calling for the Houthis to halt their attacks as a “humanitarian disaster” is looming over Yemen each time Ansar Allah has any success.’ Each time Yemeni freedom fighters against domestic traitors and Saudi aggressors make any success. Foul cries indeed. And therefore should be ignored. They were nowhere to be find when Talibani-Wahhabi Saudi created monsters took over large parts of Afghanistan, nobody was ever cried: ‘This is going to be humanitarian catastrophe.’ Now, Yemenis are about to liberate Maarib, they cry like hyenas all over the woods. Also, nowhere to be seen when savagery attacked with help and support from Australian generals, Hudaidah, and didn’t even raised their voices against all this Hell in Yemen, addressing vicious attack on Hudaidah as-‘humanitarian catastrophe. Just look at that much worst humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan, people were just like in Twilight zone attaching them selves to airplanes in hope to reach free land. They didn’t say a word. Didn’t said -‘Talibans should go back to theirs place which is Pakistan’. No matter how they adress them as Talibans, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, Al Sham, Isis, whatever, they are following the same masters, and they’re all out of Islam. They’re all Wahhabis, ladies and gentlemen. If they think that only they are authorized to address things as ‘humanitarian catastrophe’or any other frase they use, they are dead wrong. And especially if they think that only they can play with fire and make some Napalm for our souls. They’re totally wrong in thinking and talking that way. A head of Satan, evil Dragon, which is four headed is about to fall. And one head of those is Riyadh. Others are Tel Aviv, criminally violent city of London, Washington, and no less but Los Angeles-who would say so, about last one?! Long live resistance, long live Yemen! Victory is ours. Down with hypocrites and hedonism on our bones and blood. Now C-4 gettin to your door. Es selamun alyekum we rahmetullah werabekatuhu to all freedom fighters in Yemen or in Libanon. Whole World is awakening and is with you. Evil must fall for the sake of good!

Chris Gr

You are making some mistakes. First of all, Russia, China and Belarus support the Hadi government. Secondly, the red dragon is not Tel Aviv or Riyadh or Washington but Beijing! Washington is the Mystery Babylon and Riyadh has not really value.

Icarus Tanović

You must be out of your mind, you must be some kind of a fool!

Chris Gr

No I am not

Icarus Tanović

Broadmoor ward 5?

Chris Gr

No but Srebrenica you idiotic Bosniak!

L du Plessis

Pounding the US puppet regime. lol

US & EU are Zion slaves

LMFAO, fuk no, the Hadi “government” (South Yemen) is/was under Wahhabi Sunni’s balls -> Wahhabi Sunnis are under yanquis’s balls.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Ma’rib was and still is part of North Yemen, not South Yemen. The End.


Typical saudi inbred clowns have more money than intelligence. They waste billions while gaining nothing in return.

Hopefully all of aramco burns to the ground. Well deserved for a leading puppet regime which only serves to export terrorism.

anime boy halloween

¡me gusta esto! es lindo

Bonita historia y barco! Steam es fascinante.

gato 20 toneladas

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