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JUNE 2023

The German Anti-Immigrant AfD Party Is On The Rise

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The German Anti-Immigrant AfD Party Is On The Rise

The events in the recent few years, and the erratic and irresponsible policies of the ruling German party and Chancellor Angela Merkel, have led to the rise of the right-wing, anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. The recent polls suggest that the AfD is now the 3rd most popular party, while the leading two parties of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social-Democratic Party (SPD) are gradually losing popularity among the German citizens.

After the party made a huge breakout in the recent elections, their results aren’t that shocking when having in mind the growing unpopularity of the Chancellor’s “open doors” policy towards migrants.

The recent polls show that about 16% of the German population approve the AfD, while the SPD have 22% and the CDU have 32%.

The party expresses the opinion of the right, conservative traditionalists people who are against the neo-liberalism in Western Europe. As the neo-liberalism shows and continues to harm the Western societies, AfD’s popularity will grow and grow more. Similar parties in other Western European countries are also gaining popularity like Marine Le Pen’s National Front, or UK’s UKIP.

A few months ago, a video went viral as the AfD rejected a proposal in the Brandenburg Parliament in an interesting and non-traditional manner:

The resistance of the real right-wing will continue to grow in Europe, but will it be enough to save the continent is yet unknown.

Viktor Stoilov,


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He made his point and I liked it.

Yahu Savant

Sieg Heil! Deutschland fuer Deutschen!


Can U donate to AfD? Merkel is a World menace

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