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The Game Called Brexit

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The Game Called Brexit

Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

There are still three weeks till June 23. On that date a referendum to leave the EU will be held in the UK. In recent times, the Official London has been increasingly dissatisfied with the European policy led by the unelected Euro-bureaucracy. Obviously, in the UK there are two camps with opposing views on staying or leaving the European Union. A number of experts argue that the battle for the release of London from the EU is headed by the royal family group, which has positions of power. There is logic in this statement. The main reason for not wanting to stay in the EU is that London is not delighted to fall into dependency to Washington after the signing of the transatlantic agreement between the US and EU.

There is also strong evidence that behind the British resistance for remaining in the EU, stands precisely royal family. At the end of April 2016, more than a hundred leaders of major financial UK companies published a letter with many arguments in favor of leaving the EU. Much of the cream of British financial elite considers that in case of staying in the European bloc, the instability of the Eurozone is a “real threat” to financial sector development and the financial services in London.

There’s hardly any need to state whose interests the big financial business in the UK protects in the world. We are talking about the City of London, which is associated closely with the royal family and the banking group Rothschild.

When we talk about Britain we always forget about the Commonwealth. These are many countries in the world with a coordination center in London, whose management is practically the royal court. Obviously, Buckingham Palace does not want the United States to solely carry out the military-political and economic control over the rest of the world, which is not included in the Commonwealth.

Now even the most uninformed have realized that after signing a transatlantic agreement, the United States will have total control over Europe. If this becomes a reality, the geopolitical and financial weight of Britain, including of the City, will decrease dramatically. Far more reasonable for London is to enter into a separate agreement with Washington after leaving the EU, about the principles of bilateral trade, without taking into account the opinion of the rest of the continent. Thus the British will have a far greater level of political and economic independence than other continental Europeans.

In its position as the leader of the Commonwealth, the foggy London will be able to maintain its influence over a significant part of the world and claim to be a potentially equal partner of the United States. The pressure from the British, twisted the arms of Brussels and they received individual preferences at the separatist negotiations between England and the EU, which got them huge discounts from Brussels. But apparently they are not enough for British business and its desire to remain independent of the Americans. Or rather not to be in complete obedience to the Yankees.

For connoisseurs of geopolitics it is clear that the Netherlands is a sort of “spokesman” of Britain in Europe. What London does not want to say due to one or other considerations, the Hague will say loudly and distinctly to continental Europe. Holland is the most valuable ally of Britain, managed by structures of a closed type. On the eve of Barack Obama’s farewell visit in Europe, using the hands of the Netherlands, Buckingham Palace together with the isolationist in the US, made some informational strikes toward the neocon Hillary Clinton.

The first: the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia ruled for the acquittal of the leader of the Serbian Radical Party, Vojislav Seselj.

The second: in a referendum in the Netherlands, most of the Dutch people voted against the association of Ukraine in the EU. The outcome of the Dutch vote is evaluated as a blow to the neocon led by Clinton, who unseated Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and sparked civil war in Ukraine.

The third blow: The District Court in The Hague ruled the decision which obliged the Russian Federation to pay $ 50 billion to Yukos in 2014, to be unlawful.

All three informational strikes against the neocons led by Hillary Clinton, synchronized in time, inflicted a serious damage to her image. Coincidences in such cases are excluded. This was a purposeful and planned attack. It achieved its objectives in each of these cases. It is obvious that the main reason for Brexit is the reluctance of Britain to come under the legal attacks of the Transatlantic Agreement. The EU, which was one of the promising projects after World War II, turns out to be on the brink of collapse. During his last visit to London, Barack Obama stated: “The European Union increases the influence of the United Kingdom and its values ​​around the world.” Unlike the US president, the City thinks the opposite. This of course did not stop Barack Obama to add: “If a friend of ours is part of an organization that enhances his power, influence and economy, I think that as a friend I have the obligation to tell him that he must remain inside it, which will be good for both sides.” Something else is also apparent. The old continent is becoming a “laborer” and a “servant” of the Americans. Britain feels this and tries to slip out. Naturally, it is not part of continental Europe. As always, the UK remains true to its traditional foreign policy – always outside of Europe.

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Interesting article… Thanks for sharing it with the SF readership.

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