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The Four Front+ War or World War III: A Sketch

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The Four Front+ War or World War III: A Sketch

Illustrative Image

The following article was submitted by John Stanton. Despite the fact that it goes a bit beyond our usual format, it will certainly be of interest to our honorable readers. the article is published in the author’s edition.

Written by John Stanton

The dysfunctional, aged President of the United States slowly made his way up to the rostrum in the US House of Representatives. All 535 Members of Congress were in attendance along with US Supreme Court justices, senior military leadership from the Pentagon, plus members of the president’s cabinet. The event was the annual State of the Union address. The venue was the US Capitol building. Tonight, on a blustery January evening, the president’s remarks would focus on the status of the 4+ front war that the United States and its proxies were engaged in, the economic crisis, and the need for sacrifice and tough decisions. Most americans were dealing with food, product and gas rationing. Wage and price controls were in effect. Antiwar protests in America’s big and small cities was a daily occurrence. Crime rates had soared: murder and theft could not be contained. The chamber was somber. No applause took place even when the president was announced by the Sergeant of Arms to the collective assembled in the Capitol building: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States.” You could hear a pin drop.

Outside on that unusually cold  and windy night stood one thousand DC national guard soldiers  who had formed a ring around the Capitol building. Machine gun emplacements were stationed at key spots around the building. Snipers from the FBI, Secret Service and the Homeland Security were assigned to the tops of nearby buildings. Missile defense systems were setup atop empty parking lots nearby the People’s House and the Supreme Court. A second ring of security was arranged and this one included thousands from the DC police force and nearby jurisdictions in Virginia and Maryland. Undercover operatives were infiltrating the crowds of protestors who braved the wickedly cold and windy night.

The security forces ringing the Capitol complex could see the glow from fires set by rioters. Those rioters were angry about shortages caused by a war which the US instigated some years back. Stores that carried any food or clothing were being looted despite armed security guard’s presence. The rioters would just shoot them and carry on with the looting. Office buildings were not immune. Groups of Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Homeless and vagabonds had formed militias to carry out their tasks. Fires were set as if to say: “The Roof is on Fire, Let the MF Burn.”

On that freezing January evening, paramilitaries stationed in the two rings ostensibly protecting the People’s House wished they could have been assigned duty to fight the rioters so they could be near the warmth that the fires provided.

One national guard member was looking up at the stars in the sky and thought it was a comet, then there were three more. “Cool,” he said. And as soon as he got the “L” out of his mouth to finish getting out the word “Cool” he noticed a stream of light heading toward one of the comets. The stream of light met the comet and exploded. But now he saw that the other comets were moving faster and towards the Capitol complex. Those in the two security perimeters who had a view of the sky were no longer cold. They knew what was in store for them. Some ran to the streets, some tried to make their way into the People’s House where an underground trolly connects the House and Senate buildings.

A few minutes before the national guard member notice the comets in the sky. The millions around the USA viewing the State of the Union were in for some real entertainment. The president was grabbed and escorted, or rather carried out, and taken to a tunnel that runs from the Capitol building to the Pentagon and White House. Screams could be heard and the elite of the country scrambled around like ants, rushing for the exits or the basement of the Capitol building. Simultaneously the millions in the USA must have been surprised when at the bottom of their television sets appeared, “This is not a test…” Handhelds everywhere began beeping with the same message being broadcast.

The National Security Agency blanked the broadcast but some feeds from the chamber still managed to appear. The floor of the Capitol was like a punk rock mosh pit. Uniformed and suited officials jumping all over each other to get shelter somewhere. Some just stayed in their seats not bothering to move. They knew what was coming. A well known US Army 4-star general, just sat there, not moving an inch. He had waved off his security detail and saluted them.

The 4-Star had protested vehemently in White House security meetings that launching US nuclear weapons at, and on, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Pyongyang and Teheran would be the worst decision in the history of US governance and would not change the situation on the 4+ fronts that the USA was fighting and losing. It was time to accept the stalemate and rush to the negotiating table before Hell was called up.

A 300 kiloton nuclear warhead had hit almost dead center on the Capitol Hill area.

The national guard member outside who thought they were comets finally realized what they were. He took out his firearm and started shooting at it. He saw a bright light, felt a slight sting and then nothing.

Path to Oblivion Over a No Name Country

The tabletop eggheads in the Think Tanks, the anti-Russian-Chinese-Iranian-Asian racists in and throughout the US government, and military, were aching for a conventional war with Russia and they got that sometime in 2023 after the Russians pushed Ukrainian forces all the way to the Dnieper crushing them as a functional military. Ukraine now had control over the western part of Ukraine. Russia had destroyed Ukraine as a viable nation in spite of the entirety of US NATO support.

“Something has to be done,” the American gangsters in Washington, DC argued. And so it was that in 2023 that the conventional war campaign began against Russia. Expecting total victory and the Russia’s government to fall, US and NATO operatives were put in place through Russia to conduct subversive operations: sabotage and inciting violence and revolution were their tasks. Already the American and Western mainstream media outlets had softened up American minds through their daily print and digital products to demonize Russians and distract Americans from the facts on the ground.  The mouthpieces of the US government and business—the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN and the like—did a bang up job at their tasks. They did so well that they turned the American public into a collective Chance the Gardner from the movie Being There.

The Beginning of the End

The attack on Russian forces in the east of Ukraine began with the Suppression of Enemy Defenses (SEAD) using electronic and networked EA18G Growlers, F-35’s, F16CJ’s who swooped in from the West and South in an attempt to take out Russian S400-500 SAM sites scattered throughout the new Russian provinces in the East. Sea launched US cruise missiles, and high flying B-2/B-21’s made for the skies over enemy territory and plied their wares. Power grids were hit, the Kerch bridge was destroyed. The American pilots in their USAF F22’s and F-15 Grim Reapers kept the skies clear for a time.

On the ground Russian T-90 and US M1A1 Abrams tanks took to battle against each other with mixed results. Accompanying Russian troops was the 9M133 Kornet while US soldiers carried Javelin anti-tank missiles. These two weapons proved to be deadly for the tank warriors on both sides.

The tide began to turn when Russians started to take out USKC135 refueling aircraft and strike US-NATO logistics chains running at sea (ships) and air to ground level (rail-road-parachute drops of gear). The Russians used long range missile fires to do the job. As they typically do, the Russians used their vast territory and knowledge of the terrain to wear down US troops coming in from Romania (101st Airborne) and Bulgaria (British, etc.) The Russian ultimately regained the initiative and began a slow push back push back the gains the US and its proxies had made in Eastern Ukraine. In short, they fought their way back to the banks of the Dnieper thanks to help of other countries unexpected actions that had the result of stretching the US to the breaking point.

It turned out to be a simple problem: The US-NATO alliance could not supply its armed forces or protect its supply chains. The countries of South America, Central America, India and Africa refused to assist anyone. They sat the war out and waited for US-Western hegemony to be defeated.

These and other factors caused the American governing elites to proclaim there was an existential threat to US hegemony and way of life.

Quick Summary: Four Fronts +

The USA had counted on the conflict being confined to Russia-Ukraine but, as usual, the armchair warriors did not think of broader and unintended consequences.

Initiazly the Russians had difficulties dealing with the US invasion. It needed time to adjust. China could read the writing on the wall and knew that it was next on the sanctions-invasion chopping bloc. China to supplied Russia with thousands of drones large and small, small weapons and ammunition. It secretly sent troops to fight along side Russians on the ground. More importantly it sent some of its aircraft and pilots to muck up American air forces in the skies. The US pilots were stellar but they could not get reloaded with ammunition and fuel quick enough to get back into the fight. Aircraft based on carriers were particularly vulnerable. The US Air Force would often return to land bases whose runways were pocked marked from Russian or Chinese munitions.

Belarus, a Russian ally entered the war from the north pounding into the cities of Kiev and Kharkiv and pushing their way south to hookup with Russian forces,

With the US bogged down in the former Eastern Ukraine, other countries decided to settle scores.

Israel went ahead and conducted air and missile strikes on Teheran’s nuclear facilities, power grids and ports.  It also hit Damascus. Iran immediately responded by launching missiles at the Suez canal and Bahrain (home to the US 5th Fleet). They caused some damage to US war ships incapacitating them in the Straits of Hormuz. They also launched missiles into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The oppressed Shia in Bahrain revolted. Hezbollah invaded Israel with its Iranian proxies. Americans and Russian ground units in Northern Syria started fighting against each either. The Palestinians went into urban warfare mode against Israeli troops and settlers. ISIS remnants took opportunities to kill and loot wherever chaos reigned, which was just about everywhere. Someone in the White House said, “Send in the Marines” to Iran in amphibious attacks. And so they went. The Marines were successful in the beginning taking some territory but Iranians can fight too, and they did. Not since the Korean War had the Marines had to fight against human waves in the thousands.

North Goes South

A blistering artillery assault took place on Seoul destroying parts of the city. The US responded with its standard SEAD air attack knocking out the aged SAMs and aircraft North Korea possessed. That was good news but the North Koreans had, for years, built an underground country under the surface. Dropping JDAMs on a mountain tops or slopes where it was thought the Korean military was hiding was a waste of time and effort. The North Koreans may not have been good fighters at first, but they were fanatical and learned fast, just like the Russians and Iranians. They swarmed in human waves over the 38th parallel breaching defense lines there. US and South Korean troops met the advance and pushed back thousands. But as was the case on the Russian and Iranian fronts, the US was running out of ammunition, fuel, food: there just wasn’t enough to kill hundred’s of millions in a conventional war. Hight tech Virginia class subs were chasing inferior North Korean subs under the ocean.

With the US on the ropes losing on the other Fronts and having to transfer fighting forces from one theater to another, China went after Taiwan. The timing was right. Neither the Chinese in the PRC or on Taiwan had done any significant war making. But with three million or more soldiers that the Taiwanese and Americans would face was a mountain too high to climb. With 1.5 billion people in the PRC,  acceptable casualty rates for China would be in the many thousands. And the sheer number of equipment that the PRC, the manufacturing center of the world, could produce was astronomical. With US assistance the Taiwanese were able to hold off most of the first amphibious wave from China, though Chinese Marines were able to establish a bridge head on the shores of Changhua County. Submarine warfare proved to be critical on this front. Virginia attack class subs had their work cut out for them. China had dozens of stealthy diesel subs and the US submariners just couldn’t get them all, particularly when they were trying to defend the SLBM’s of the US fleet. The PRC was able to easily supply its troops on Taiwan as the war progressed.

The + front was in the US homeland. The American public had no interest in having its sons and daughters called up to fight in a Four Front War. As many as 100 million adult Americans opposed the war. Besides their kids would be sent to fight against billions around the globe and for what? Another war the US instigated in 2014?

When millions of Americans heard the news about the destruction of the US leadership in the People’s House, they said, “Good.”

John Stanton can be reached at captainkong22@gmail.com


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Edgar Zetar

Great writing skills, but WWIII would never happen on that way… To start a war one of the contenders must to lose grip before a WW could start. we live in civilian world while the creators of this western world (USA Military Generals) lived in the true world of Military Might and HEGEMONY. And yes, USA saved Russia back in the 90’s just because USA Military decided to save the Russian Civilian Population (a.k.a Economics) but in the 90’s while USA helped Russia to stay alive; USA tried to bribe the Generals on Russia not only to force the entire collapse of Russia, the strategy was the Generals being the Small Rulers and Kings of Russia (LandOwners) and after bribe them, they would use them to create chaos and conflicts so they would achieve the total enslavement of Russia. The CIA Strategy failed badly because Russia Military Generals werent so naive about what will happen if they do everything USA commanded to them.

USA was so close of world total domination in the 90’s, guess USA didnt even know how to control the Entire Planet so they start to lose grip and dont think USA is going to be back as powerfull as it was in 1991 but USA is by far the number #1 and also haves Techs that nobody does have nor Russia nor China.

Last edited 18 days ago by Edgar Zetar
Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

The elite enter their nuclear-proof bunkers and press red buttons.

Then the worldwide nuclear war is underway.

The Jews believe that there should not be more than 300 million people on the globe where the ruling class should be Jews.

After 5 years they can come out of the bunkers to a green and lush planet with rich wildlife and hopefully no Islamists and other religious practitioners.

Edgar Zetar

Let me end the topic of my first comment. Guess you dont know all technologies USA developed during Cold War… USA really surpassed USSR by far, even in the Nuclear Field. But USA was clever than USSR, they keep quiet about all of their progress even in Weather Control and Planet Weather Control, Underground Earth Mineral Mining, and other well documented technologies… even now we are using 70’s network technologies developed by DARPA and its called “The Internet”… this was not a weapon and have peaceful use so USA waited 20 years before giving to the world in the 90’s… Do you know or look what kind of weapons USA developed in the 70’s 80’s? Russia lost one decade during USSR collapse, then lose one decade more to put themselves up on their feets again, well Russia loses 20 years, but do you think USA was sleeping those 20 years?… answer: NOPE, they continue developing.

Even China is very clever and not to directly opose to USA because they know who is bigger and haves better weapons… USA Pentagon even hides weapons from POTUS, do you think they would allow a Madman Civilian Politician like TRUMP or an old guy with melting brain damaged like BIDEN run the show?…

Last edited 18 days ago by Edgar Zetar

The American power described in this article does not correspond to reality, being it antiquated, and being the Americans not very combative. As far as the American home front is concerned, it is true that the population is against wars.

Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

Fat Americans are not against wars, but against food shortages.


Watch what Saudi Arabia does when Xi visits in December. What they do will mean the beginning of the end for the other guy.


If that was a prayer, you were doing it wrong.


Your subliminal objective is understood but I prefer more graphic description with “status 6” . In theory WW 3 could continue as long as someone has the ability to fight which may be longer than we think.

Ultrafart the Brave

The narrative presented in this piece has a certain level of plausibility, but also harbors some wishful thinking. It’s already a given that any attempt by the USA to stage a seaborne invasion or siege against China or Iran would be decimated in very short order. And good luck picking a land fight against Russia – American visions of air supremacy in that case are ancient history, little more than delusions at best.

About the only indisputable proposition from the article is that, should the USA elect to openly engage any, some or all of the suggested adversaries military conflict in this hypothetical “four front war”, the “decision making centres” of the Empire would be toast.


True fantasy, no nukes, who the hell involved in a ww3 would take heavy conventional licks if they’ve got nuclear? NADA


In the 11th Army Corps 9th Regiment mobilized prisoners took over a battalion and OMON was used to suppress the riot.


This is interesting speculation! I don’t think real events will go to this extreme, but this article is correct in pointing out possible pitfalls for the US/NATO. Direct war in Ukraine (as opposed to the current proxy war), war with Iran, China, etc would each be disastrous for the Western Empire. While the ruling class has some supporters, many others in the West would not mourn them.


The self-fumigated Paper Cockroach, as opposed to paper tiger USSA, will go down with a damp fart of sphincter spewed poisonous gas and will make the orderly collapse of the USSR look like the perfectly planned angloZionaZi empire of shit’s 9 11 controlled demolition. Slumville is going to burn and the destruction will be shocking and awesome to quote the Rumsfeld beast back in the day.

Karma always comes around and the poison that Slumvillains have “earned” for their centuries of genocide and consummate evil will make ever other pay back in history look like a slap on the wrist. If you are still trapped in the USSA and you have a hundred bucks…get on a bus and get to one of your borders while you still can. This Zombie crypt is going to blow and soon.


EU must not be USA slave

“US troops coming in from Romania ” will not go anywhere because Romanian will steal their fuel and food supplies 😂🤣😅


Great story, I doubt it will happen the way you described.

IMO, though, the war that brings the US Empire to an end, is not a kinetic war, but rather economic and political. Russia-China-Iran-India together seizing the Middle East choke points. With Saudi Arabia turning to China as their new defacto protector and thus dropping the USD is going to be the last nail that seals the coffin.

Paul Citro

Interesting scenario. This we know for certain; war is chaotic. It never goes its planners intend. And millions of people will suffer and die.

Tommy Jensen

Americans are warriors and ready to fight what ever and where ever it takes to penetrate a country to freedom.

yankee diddle

Yeah, people are quick to point out how many wars the US has fought,since their founding. Never mentioned is the experience gained, and hard-wired into the populace from our history. Hell even our trannies are being taught to fight!

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