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Foreign Minister of Luxembourg: Let’s exclude Hungary from the EU!

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Foreign Minister of Luxembourg: Let's exclude Hungary from the EU!

Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

The Foreign Minister of Luxembourg, Jean Asselborn called for Hungary to be excluded from the European Union because of “gross violation” of some fundamental values ​​of the Union. The interview Asselborn gave to the German “Die Welt” is expected to heat up the mood of the upcoming meeting of EU leaders, which will be held this Friday in Slovakia. At the meeting will be discussed EU’s future after Great Britain voted to leave.

As reasons for the possible exclusion of Hungary, Asselborn stated the Hungarian governments decisions concerning the Refugees, independence of the judiciary, and freedom of speech and press. “In Hungary they could soon issue orders to shoot at refugees” suggested the Luxembourg Minister.

He said that the European Union should not tolerate such “inappropriate behavior” adding that any country that violates the fundamental values ​​of the EU “should be temporary, and if necessary permanently removed from the EU.” This is “the only option to protect the unity and values ​​of the European Union.”

Asselborn believes changes need to be made in EU rules, to allow the freezing of EU membership, without the need for unanimity. According to the foreign minister of Luxembourg, if Hungary had to today fulfill certain conditions, it would have no chance of joining the EU.

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pfffft …. the mighty have spoken. But, anybody can share their opinon.


It would be a great thing for Hungary to leave the degenerate EU.

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