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The EU Should Clean Up Its Own Backyard

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On June, 17 thousands of Greek citizens protested against the international creditors who push Greek government to impose austerity measures. The troika of lenders – the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the European Commission – rejected the proposals made by Greece, and from the other side, Greece did not accept troika’s proposals. This crisis can lead to a scenario where Greece will be forced to exit the eurozone and the EU.

People, who held the demonstration in the Greek capital, Athens, believe the EU failed them. They also brought banners accusing the EU of being “blackmailers.” Meanwhile, the US insists that Europe must help Ukraine, which is on the brink of default.

It seems the EU does not have a clear plan how to solve the problems on its own territory, so why do they show so much concern to Ukraine? Should not they first clean their own backyard? This situation could turn into disaster for the EU itself. Even Greek people do not get any appropriate assistance, so what Ukrainians hope for? How Europeans will meet millions of impoverished Ukrainians, when they knock on the door with an outstretched hand? To be precise, they have knocked already. Now it is a matter of priority, the Greeks or Ukrainians. To save both is impossible, but each of the two can bring the EU to the bottom.

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Jos Boersema

Greece is not E.U. territory or backyard, because E.U. is an Empire of treason. Greece is attacked by the E.U., just like Ukraine is attacked and even Russia, because that is all this beast knows: expansion horizontally over territory, and vertically through society. Of course you know that, but these countries should just man up, arm their people, and kick the traitors out. Some of us in the western Europe would love to see an alliance between Greece and Russia, to give NATO a nice kick in the underbelly and position better to destroy this evil if necessary. Let’s hope that the E.U. will destroy itself by Imperial overstretch, which the way it is going seems to be ensured. They can’t stop, it’s like a cancer. Once they take Earth for their Empire, they’ll be thinking of sending ships to other planets to enslave them too. Only hunger in the European Continent can wake up the People to take care of business, which means to get rid of the traitors in power. War with Russia could produce that hunger, a fitting legacy of the European project; a project We the People have rejected. To hell with the E.U., the Euro, and their treasonous treaties. Greetings from Netherland.

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