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“The EU is about to collapse” and Stratfor sees it as a “museum”

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"The EU is about to collapse" and Stratfor sees it as a "museum"

Written by N.Babic; published at AlterMainstreamInfo, translated by Mario Andrijasevic exclusively for SouthFront

The number of refugees and economic migrants who arrived in the “promised land” has reached nearly 1.2 million. After the New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany is outraged with Angela Merkel’s politics. An important ally of German Chancellor threatened to sue the government for “open door policy” towards migrants, writes Reuters and recalls that political pressure is growing for Chancellor to reduce the number of newly arriving immigrants. Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer said that he’ll make a written request to the federal government within two weeks to re-establish order in the state borders through which last year entered the country a million migrants.

“If this will not be approved, the federal government will have no choice but to file a lawsuit at the federal constitutional court,” said Seehofer for Der Spiegel.

The Prime Minister of Bavaria in the past few months sent the office of Chancellor Merkel series of ultimatums to force the immediate action to limit the influx of refugees, but eventually he always withdrew. His statements are a reflection of the growing public doubts about the chancellor’s mantra: “We can do it”, especially after the sexual assaults on women in Cologne attributed to immigrants.

“The mood in Germany is changing, and very quickly so,” admits Volker Wagener, editor of Deutsche Welle, recalling the statement by the Minister of Development, Gerd Muller, who talks about the arrival of 8.000.000-10.000.000 refugees in Europe.

The fact is that since the first barbed wires on the Hungarian borders of the European Union lacks a coherent policy on this issue and this is the biggest test for the survival of the European Union as a whole. Schengen zone is almost nonexistent and the European Union is no longer tied to nothing other than the common currency in the euro area.

Did refugee crisis mark the beginning of the end of the European Union, especially if pessimistic prognosis of the German Development Minister, Gerd Muller, who speaks about the arrival of up to ten million immigrants to Europe actualize?

Schengen zone – the beginning of the end?

There are more and more voices that predict that the zone without borders within the European Union, the so-called Schengen zone will disappear, and thus the foundation of the EU. Why is there a threat to abolish freedom of movement in that area?

The Schengen Agreement is an intergovernmental agreement between 26 countries, not just the European Union. First, in 1985 the five states signed an agreement on the suspension of internal control, so that the citizens of these countries could travel freely without showing a passport or customs control.

When a foreigner previously entered the Schengen zone and passed the first control, continued to travel without problems. But now the Schengen zone fell into the deepest crisis. The introduction of controls at internal borders could lead to the collapse of Schengen, although everyone claims “that in exceptional circumstances an agreement may be suspended.”

The fact is that freedom of movement now exists only on paper.

On Saturday Austria also announced that it will begin to monitor and control its borders and expel immigrants who do not qualify for asylum. Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann also said that his country “temporarily suspended” Schengen Agreement. In order to limit the flow of refugees, Norway, Sweden and Denmark have also introduced a “temporary” control on its borders.
Viktor Sergeyev, a political science professor at the University Of Foreign Affairs Of Russia, told RIA Novosti that the border controls in the Schengen area can cause “cracks in the structure of the European Union, which is very significant.”
Is this the beginning of the end of the Schengen zone? The turmoil in the European economy and a flood of immigrants and refugees are the two factors that most threaten the Schengen Agreement.

The Eurozone crisis

Three years ago, due to the unprecedented crisis in the euro area first appeared fears about a possible breakup of the EU. Some European politicians and political scientists talked about a possible exit of Greece from the Eurozone which would automatically lead to the suspension of the Schengen Agreement.

In April 2012, the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, said that “the situation in many European Union countries is poor and xenophobia is on the rise, the survival of the euro is at risk and threatens the openness and internal borders”.

The fact is that the euro is still unstable, which only adds fuel to the fire.

The constant flow of refugees

However, the factor that causes the most concern in the European Union is the immigrant crisis which began last summer. Current number of refugees and immigrants on European soil is over a million and a few million which would not only further ignited the streets of European cities, but would seriously destabilize all the governments and institutions of national states.

According to Frontex, a massive wave of refugees and migrants in Europe brought more than 1.2 million people who have fled from the conflict, but among them is quite a number of economic migrants. The European Commission has recognized that this is the largest migration crisis since World War II.

The current migration policy of the European Union is no longer effective and it will probably force Brussels to create a new system of border controls.

What happens if the Schengen zone collapses?

Financial Times offers four basic scenarios that could happen to Europe with the collapse of the Schengen Agreement:

1. Greek exit

The uncontrolled flow of refugees began there which in other European countries only causes a “headache”.

2. Rehabilitation of borders

The area of a Schengen zone is full of walls and barbed wire – between Hungary and Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia, Austria and Slovenia, and some countries also think about the complete closure of the borders with other countries.

3. Refugee camps

Due to the large number of refugees there is a growing need to build more and more reception centers which means it will be more and more refugee camps in bordering countries of the European Union.

4. ‘Mini zones of limitless control “

Some analysts predict that the number of closed borders will increase and that “mini zones of limitless control” will return, such as the Benelux and Scandinavian zone. This rift could mark a “dangerous and collective loss of confidence.”

Because of all these problems the appeal has been sent to all the Member States of the European Union from the European Council for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (ECRE), including the Croatian Center for Peace Studies, which the EU and the countries on the refugee route search “to overcome the differences in approaches to asylum policy , ensure the security of resettlement, facilitate family reunification, visa liberalization, and stop the practice of returning a group of refugees under various pretexts, which these days is increasingly threatened by Slovenians and Austrians. ”

Thus, in one case we have the threat of collapse of the foundations of the European Union, while the second European Council on Refugees and asylum seekers and non-governmental organizations in the Member States are looking for in this situation almost impossible.

However, this appeal should not be surprising to anyone, because in October 2014, that is, when refugees still housed in camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, at least the ones from Syria, Europe’s World published an article which stated “that it came the time for a high-road scenario that will facilitate migration, not restrict them. ”

“It is a scenario that has to be driven by a vision of migration as a process to be managed, not as a problem to be solved. In a globalized world we, if we continue to build barriers instead of links between people and individuals, just regress” for Europe’s World writes William Lacy Swing, Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and Michael Diedring, Secretary General of the European Council on Refugees and Asylum Seekers (ECRE).

So a year, maybe a little less, before a massive wave of refugees and immigrants will set off the high-road scenario is prepared for which the media and NGOs have opened the way. We all remember the warm welcomes when the first wave of refugees and immigrants started to enter the EU at the train stations in Germany and other wealthier European countries.

Almost no European government wanted to talk about the root of the problem or the wars that the West has launched on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, why did these people fled their homes, but the entire scene was reduced to political correctness and unprecedented humaneness, mostly from Germany and then from some other countries that have offered to accept immigrants.

While the Western powers declarative “made efforts” to resolve the Syrian crisis, the establishment of a functioning government in Libya and the destruction of the terrorists “Islamic state” in Iraq, on the other hand did everything that these countries do not come out of the chaos and sectarian violence.

Stratfor: “The EU is a museum where the US cannot be trusted”

Now, with hindsight the founder and CEO of Stratfor, or, as they call it, “the CIA in the shadows,” explains why the European Union is becoming “totally useless” and how Washington sees the situation.

The American political scientist, founder and executive director of the agency for strategic forecasting Stratfor, George Friedman believes that the European Union fails to make the necessary decisions and that those errors manifest themselves in “failed attempts” of European politicians to solve the immigration crisis, reports EurActiv.

Interestingly, George Friedman is well informed, perhaps he is also a strategist for interventions of NATO from Afghanistan through Iraq and Libya to Syria, and he is also familiar with the document from 2014 in which William Lacy Swing, Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Michael Diedring, Secretary General of the European Council on Refugees and Asylum Seekers (ECRE), prepares the immigrant wave, and now all of a sudden he is “surprised” over incapable European leaders and the European Union as a whole.

However, Friedman believes that, despite the growing “lack of power” to confront the challenges of the modern world the EU continues to exist as one entity, but will become a “museum”.

“While Brussels remains to enact legislations, Member States are increasingly run by its internal laws,” said George Friedman.

The founder and CEO of Stratfor believes that European politicians are able to make certain decisions to solve the problem, but then their efforts are ignored.

Based on this assessment, George Friedman predicts that the EU will not collapse, but its “uselessness” will become more and more obvious. American strategist and analyst thinks that the Europeans will not dare to change or officially vote for the dissolution of the EU, “but will simply continue to ignore.”

Moreover, the director “of the CIA in the shadow” recalls that the tensions and differences among the EU countries are also transferred to NATO, and in this respect the United States cannot see the North Atlantic Alliance as a “mechanism which purpose will be to connect Europe”.

Finally, Friedman says that the United States consider its European partners “less reliable and predictable” every time, and that, although it is not a “disaster”, it creates problems in Washington, both in the Middle East and relations with Russia.
In the end, that his review would not look only like slapping Europe in the face, George Friedman believes that during 2016 the tensions will reduce.

The American elite managed to destroy the EU with migrants!

Such statements are initially attributed to the conspiracy theorists, but as a mosaic slowly assembles, it seems that this statement is very easy to prove. In the beginning, we have a high-road scenario that will facilitate the migration, then prepare for the arrival which have been carried out by the media and NGOs. After this we have Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement: “We can do it and everyone is welcome!”, followed by the arrival of over a million immigrants and eventually organized attack of the refugee on the women of Cologne and many other German cities, as well as Switzerland and Austria. Only a naïve person can say that all this is only a coincidence.

Analyst Robert Bridge claims that the flood of refugees and immigrants in Europe, especially in Germany, is not a side effect of the American neo-conservative strategy in the Middle East, but that everything has been done consciously and deliberately.

He even claims that both Merkel and Obama are just puppets of neoconservatives, leaders who fail to lead their country, and that Russia is one of the few countries whose leadership understands what is going on and fight to preserve the integrity.

“A couple of years ago the attitudes like these would be considered as marginal, and now these are widespread in American society, as evidenced by the popularity of one Donald Trump,” says Robert Bridge.

From the US to Europe, western elites allow the mass influx of foreigners to enter their country, thus radically transform Western societies, all in an attempt to divide and conquer, with the ultimate aim of strengthening its military and financial hegemony over the planet.

Time magazine even named Angela Merkel as a “person of the year”, although it is now quite clear that her policy is the flagship for the influx of refugees that now threatens to destroy the European institutions and the European Union, cynically predicts George Friedman.

Despite the media campaign which imposes a vision of Europe that is ready to accept millions of immigrants and refugees in their conservative society, recent history provides us with a completely different picture.

Already in 2010 has German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in response to growing anti-immigrant sentiment, shocked the world when she admitted that the efforts to create a multicultural society in Germany “completely failed”.

Today Angela Merkel sings quite another song as though calling wave of refugees into Europe from around the world. Believing that the public has a short memory, the German leader has announced the welcome and said that Germany is ready to accept more than 1 million new immigrants and that was almost the same day when in Paris 130 people were killed by alleged Islamic fundamentalists.

Part of the public has softened their position and because of the suffering of refugees, especially after the tragic story of Aylan Kurdi, Syrian child whose dead body was found after overturning boats on the shores of Turkey. Of course, corporate, super-controlled media have used this tragic moment, the story and photos of a small Syrian boy were published on the front page all over Europe.

However, the same Western newspapers have ignored the tragedy of children across the Middle East who suffered and died in NATO attacks on sovereign countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria. Just read the title which was at the time of Aylan Kurdi´s death published by The Sun: “Bomb Syria for Aylan!” So, take advantage of the tragedy to manage to sell most disgusting possible agenda in the history of mankind, and that is war.

Meanwhile, the European nations in order to accept Syrian refugees by the media are declared or as “neo-fascists”, even though it is about the small number of Germans who are tolerated despite their reference to the achievements of Nazi Germany, or as the progressive nations who understand the suffering, but also that the Syrian refugees in Europe will get easy access to money and jobs.

However, it has been forgotten that the majority of refugees is not even from Syria, but it is proven that the majority of immigrants in Europe from this wave come from other war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

Refugees in Germany receive up to 345 euros a month from the state, while in Sweden their monthly salary amounts is 224 euros. Compared to places and situations where refugees are fleeing from, this temptation of free money is practically impossible to ignore.

Was this chaos planned?

Although it might seem that the Western leaders faced refugee crisis suddenly, it was in fact only part of their plan for global domination, which is described by now extinguished group of American conservatives known as “Project for the New American Century” (The Project for New American Century / PNAC).

Long before 2014 and the planned immigration wave which is supposed to strengthen the European labor market and prevent aging and extinction of European nations, like William Lacy Swing planned, Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and Michael Diedring, Chief Secretary of the European Council on Refugees and Asylum Seekers (ECRE), in September 2000, PNAC issued a document called “Rebuilding America’s Defense – Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century”.

In this document, the powerful group admitted that their aim is to establish the US military forces around the world, so the United States would stay the only and ultimate superpower.

PNAC identifies five nations which it considers as “deeply hostile to America.” These are North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Syria, but a former US general Wesley Clark later added three more countries to the list: Lebanon, Somalia and Sudan. It doesn’t come to anyone’s surprise that two of these countries have suffered US occupation, Sudan is divided into two sovereign states, while Syria is still surviving, but only because the Russian military intervention.

It seems that Moscow has come to the correct conclusion that the “Islamic State” army was created by the United States which seeks to destroy a number of sovereign states.

Judging by the extent of these awful plans it is quite possible that the United States could not predict in advance and know that there will be a rush of desperate refugees who flock to the EU in search of safety.

But again, it’s part of an overall plan that the American elite wanted, otherwise it would not be so aggressive fight for the rights of illegal immigrants which in the name of the false “political correctness” must be the same as the rights of the native population.

This makes sense if we consider the absolute wreck in which the Western elites turned some European economies into, especially the economy of the people of Greece, Italy, Portugal and others are on the brink of insolvency, and surviving only thanks to the loan of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank which they will never be able to return.

Here it should be mentioned quite “interesting” life story of Barack Hussein Obama, the first African-American president of Kenyan origin who is known for firm stance on the manner of treatment of minorities, both before and today. His policy has always been a strong abolition of national borders throughout the world, which shocked many in the United States and the European Community.

It seems evident from the fact that the American billionaire Trump sealed his candidacy among Republicans and promised nothing less than to build a “giant wall” to separate the US and Mexico.

Well, why Obama or anyone else gives a similar promise and once and for all remove Trump from the political stage? Since Obama is African-American and his colleague Hillary Clinton is also fighting for the rights of minorities, for this outage they’d never be accused of being racist or xenophobic. Simply because they do not read scripts written many years ago. Washington is convinced in its own superiority, although it is known that in American politics nothing happens without a green light from the real masters of the White House and Congress who behind the scenes pull the strings of their puppet.

According to the German sociologist Gunnar Heinsohn, millions of immigrants from Africa and Asia will come to Europe until the middle of the 21st century. 950 million unfortunate ones are already ready to migrate to the EU which will return Europe in the middle ages. So, is this what Barack Obama, a man with African roots, should achieve with his foreign policy?

It would be unfair to blame only Obama for the destruction of a once-proud European civilization, now, whether we like to admit it or not, depends on several stubborn countries like Russia, Hungary and Belarus. The culprits are all American leaders who were forced to carry out the same policy the moment they set foot in the Oval Office. There are exceptions, like John F. Kennedy who is perhaps the best example of what will happen to any American leader who is trying to make their own decisions and initiate real change in American society, says Robert Bridge.

The world you can no longer afford the luxury of being misled and did not understand what was really happening. The United States are actively and deliberately destroying the national fabric of countries in the world, regardless of whether they are friendly or hostile to Washington, Christian or Muslim, rich or poor.

The ultimate plan is to break any kind of homogeneity among the population and replace it with the US imperialist system which is for maintaining “law and order” depending solely and exclusively on the force.

Perhaps the message of the experienced strategist George Friedman is now clearer, who sees the EU as a weak US partner without any authority in which each nation state is conducting its policy.

Friedman claims that they are quite angry in America about the fact that in Brussels the NATO alliance is seen as a tool to preserve the unity of the European Union.

Wait a minute, if the fact that the European Union is collapsing, and the earlier crisis of the Eurozone and the Schengen zone now confirm that it is so, then “fears” of Washington about which the founder and CEO of Stratfor is talking about, look as the announcement of the next steps, which means that the poor European institutions will replace NATO because only the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, of course led by the United States, is able to clean up this mess in the European house.

But European nations, or at least some of them, still held to their sovereignty, therefore they will establish American hegemony over the European Union, no matter how impossible it may sound to someone, it will be much easier to achieve if people no longer have anything in common with their neighbors.

The uncontrolled influx of immigrants has already cost Europe tragedy such as cold-blooded murder in broad daylight, and Europe is behaving just like America after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Rather than to fix the problem at the root, regarding NATO suspension for helping extremists who in their name are running wars in the Middle East and North Africa, moving into new futile battle, regardless of the public outcry for illegal wars that plagued Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria . All these adventures have resulted in failed states which now provide hundreds of thousands and millions of refugees.

But what appears to be a failed state it will eventually be an old colonial power Europe, which is now struggling with the tsunami of refugees caused by Washington and is now really threatened by the collapse of the system throughout the Community.

This development was part of Washington’s game at the expense of the European nations who are terrified of a possible war, terrorism and financial collapse, and as if they are waiting for rescuers to give them a secure future and peace. When it reaches the required level of fear, then we in Europe will be happy to have our allies “saved” and we will be happy until the moment of our final destruction.

In other words, we will discover the true face of the global tyranny the moment it will already be too late for us that we could in any way still affect our future.

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