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The EU in 2019 – the Problem of Survival


The European Union enters 2019 with a mass of unresolved problems, in addition to being torn apart by the most severe contradictions…

The first and main problem is that the EU was created as one of the mechanisms of the US’ control over Western Europe. Without the American Marshall Plan, without opening American markets for European goods, without American troops on the European continent, without NATO, eventually, the European Union wouldn’t be possible.

When it is said that the EU was conceived, among other things, as a way of removing German-French contradictions, for the purpose of preventing future conflicts that led to the First and Second World Wars, it is the truth. But it must be kept in mind that the German-French unity was necessary and favourable exclusively for the US. Great Britain, on the contrary, during all its history fought to split Europe and to prevent a situation where one state or a union of states could dominate on the continent.

The US was separated from Europe not by a strait, but by an ocean. In addition, they were much stronger than Great Britain was at the peak of its power. A strong and united Europe was needed by the US as an ally in the fight against the USSR. This approach ensured trade preferences and military protection for Europe. I.e., the US allowed the EU to earn money on their market, shared out bonuses from it neocolonial policy, and in addition it also bore the main weight of the armed protection of the EU, exempting Europe from a considerable part of military expenses. In exchange, Europe was becoming a theatre of military operations of the nuclear Armageddon being prepared, allowing the US to remain once again on the sidelines. At least, that’s what Washington thought.

In the 21st century the situation started to slowly change, and in 2017, with the coming to power of Trump in the US, it changed at once and with drama. The US faced a deficit of resources, which at first was supposed to be filled at the expense of looting Russia and China. But when it became clear that this plan can’t be realised, the US cutting its expenditure on the EU became the only way of reducing its resource deficit. Moreover, by the beginning of the 2010’s Washington started to consider their European allies as a lawful trophy. Looting the EU could also temporarily and partially solve the American problem of a deficit of available resources.

In these circumstances, the renaissance of conservative forces challenging the power of globalists started in Europe. And since globalists leaned on the US and received support from Washington, conservatives, at least some of them, started to turn their heads towards Russia.

The erosion of the foundations of the European-American union, as well as the split of the European elites and the reorientation of some of them towards Russia, led to Washington losing (fully or partially) its mechanisms that allowed it to control the European Union. The danger of the EU switching to an economic, and then military-political, union with Russia actualised for the US the old British concept of a shattered Europe. Washington didn’t and doesn’t have the desire to give Moscow a mechanism for the management of Europe that is as effective as the European Union. In this regard the US tried to start the dismantlement of the EU.

Great Britain’s exit from the EU, unrest in France and Hungary, attempts to spread this disorder to Germany (so far unsuccessfully), Warsaw’s actualisation of Polish-German contradictions, in general – setting Eastern Europe against Western Europe (Polish-Baltic-Romanian bloc vs German-French bloc). Against this background the contradictions between the rich North and the poor South, which until recently were the main contradictions for the EU, temporarily faded into the background, but didn’t disappear anywhere and at any moment can flare up with a new force.

We can ascertain that intra-European contradictions are too strong, and centripetal forces don’t have a notable superiority over centrifugal forces. That’s why the sustainable and stable development of the EU is possible only in conditions where the concept of a united Europe and its implementing forces receive political support from a powerful external ally interested in the unity of Europe. Today only Russia can be such an ally, especially since Moscow sees the advantage of an alliance with the EU not in paying Europe for a self-destructive policy, but in achieving a cumulative effect from economic interaction.

Russia has extended a hand to the European Union for more than twenty years. However, traditions of Eurocentrism, political inertia, ideological tunnel vision, and also the initial absence of trust towards Russia’s ability to revive itself as a global power inhibited the turning of the EU towards cooperation with Russia. As a result, that moment when Europe could rather painlessly, without hurrying, and quietly carry out a strategic turn was ineptly missed by Euro-politicians and Euro-bureaucracy.

Nowadays the European Union is under threefold pressure. Firstly, this is the pressure of the people at large, who don’t like the inevitable decrease in the standard of living. They got used to considering themselves as the “salt of the earth” and are sure that they are owed high social standards by their birthright. Secondly, this is also the pressure of national states pulling in different directions.

Having lost the opportunity to ensure financing for the globalist policy at the US’ expense, Euro-bureaucracy started to be uninteresting for national governments. It does a lot of squealing, but it doesn’t have enough wool. Respectively, ethnic contradictions, which in the past were softened by the all-European policy, again come to the forefront, tearing “united Europe” apart. Thirdly, the US isn’t interested anymore in maintaining a high standard of living in the EU, closes its markets to them, and tries to kill off European industry as a competitor to their own one. Washington is also interested in redistributing the resources controlled by the EU in its own favour. And lastly, seeing the danger of the in-motion (although slow) drift of the EU towards Russia, the US isn’t interested in leaving for Moscow a united European Union, which can be put into order rather quickly. The policy of Washington over the past two years is designed to destroy the EU.

What happens next depends on the European Union. Its rescue lies in accelerating the reorientation towards political-economic cooperation with Russia. American pressure cannot penetrate a Russian-European bloc. Today this reorientation is most strongly slowed down by “Euro-Atlantic structures”, which have no place in the new European world, and these are the thousands of influential politicians and military men, as well as representatives of traditional globalist bureaucracy. People who built their career over 20-30 years on the unconditional submission of Europe to the interests of the US aren’t able to change their policy. This contradicts their interests, and in addition they passed through negative selection, and it means that the features of their intelligence simply don’t allow them to realise the danger threatening Europe.

The replacement of globalists with nationalists at the level of the national states picks up speed in Europe. Even the globalist Macron was forced to implement the ideas of conservative nationalists. But it isn’t clear yet if the replacement of the elite will have the time to take place and whether or not new politicians will manage to change the course of the European ship before it will be definitively broken on the rocks.

A lot of things will depend on European Parliament elections in 2019. If nationalists are able to receive a majority in the European Parliament and then force globalists out from the leading heights of the European Commission and other leading structures of the EU, then the European Union will have a chance. If the current state of affairs will remain unchanged, then most likely we will be forced to forget about a united Europe for a long time and start building a system of unions with certain states – in particular, with Germany.



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  • ColinNZ

    The EU ship has hit the rocks and is sinking. The EU elite are saving the lifeboats for themselves but their political vassals think there will be some put aside for them …. unfortunately for them, their masters have already ensured that any spares will not float.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Refugee problems, travel to-from Brussel problems, afloat on funding problems, CO2 problems, green environmental Clima problems, Islam, women´s equality problems, and with refugees as the BIG problems.
    How do we survive all these problems? By awakening the sheeple, getting together, entering into a dialogue with each other, standing shoulder by shoulder and resolve our common problems one by one!!

  • jako

    E.U. is refusing to die.
    As long as capital of E.U. is Washington there will be no euthanasia either.
    Americans got E.U. right where they wanted …..half-live

    • Sinbad2

      The EU serves Washington politically, but serves Germany and the other northern Europeans economically.

      Having Greece an economic basket case lowers the value of the Euro, which makes that new BMW-328 a bit easier to afford.

      • verner

        germany lost the war and won the peace! in other words, it accomplished what hitler failed
        and became the most influential and propsperous country in europe through peaceful means – no small feat (and, I suspect; the reason why england couldn’t stomach remaining in the union).

        • Sinbad2

          Britain was against the reunification of Germany.
          A Russian German alliance is what Britain and the US most fear.

          • verner

            possibly but these things can’t really be stopped since life and politics always find a way for what is sought and/or required. and with the moronic states of a more or less bankrupted by the blackguard obama, it isn’t much they can do other than persevere and make the people back home continue to live in squalor, just like the bottom third in uk live in squalor but for other reasons.

        • jako

          “germany lost the war and won the peace”

          All that by Germany staying US vassal?
          If that is “winning” than yes, sure Germany “won”.
          We are on the edge of new European (and the World) conflict in Ukraine.
          How’s that going to benefit Germany I wonder?
          Maybe if war between Ukraine and Russia starts by stopping immediately Russian gas and collapsing German industry as result of that?
          The only dancing bear that dances to the US tune is not Russia but GERMANY ( E.U. ).

          • verner

            if anyone is a vassal of the moronic states it’s england. that the morons from over there are in germany is due to the ease of access to say russia/eastern europe germany affords the party and doesn’t really say a lot more than that although the people in germany and in friggin’ japan would very much like to see the moronic states of a feck off for distant shores.

            ukraine is a nothing state and no one will intervene or come to rescue its hide should poroshenko be dumb enough to do something vis a vis russia which is more than just an attempt of face-saving measures. forget european nato and no way trump would waste a penny on the twats in kiev. ukraine is and has always been dumber than dumb so you can stop worrying and spend your energies on how to discontinue israel.

            israel needs the world but the world doesn’t need israel! so how to finish off israel?

          • jako

            You are having problem with dealing with the reality that Germany is still OCCUPIED country therefore with NO true independence on all major issues!
            I understand that you have problem accepting that and I respect that if German I would have the same problem…
            The same problem goes for the Japan.

            War Russia-Ukraine
            You obviously don’t understand the problem which I have already explained to you.
            Also calling Ukraine “nothing state” will not remove that major problem.
            If that war starts ALL the exports of Russian gas will be STOPPED by U.S. -E.U. sanctions and European economy will COLLAPSE and E.U., (probably) U.S. as well, will end up in deep DEPRESSION!

            If you don’t understand that and talk about Israel as problem instead , that than you general have problem to grasp what is essential problem of Europe today.
            US is EU problem
            EU needs their own army and security agreement with Russia
            As long as US interferes there will be no peace and growth in Europe.
            If you still Israel is the biggest problem than…
            That probably comes from you being fanatical in neo-NAZI ideology or conspiracy theories or similar…

          • verner

            bla bla bla – eu does not require an army nor a fiscal capacity. eu should just revert to being a federated trade organisation and nothing more.

            israel is an existential threat to the world and should be discontinued post haste whereas you and your ilk keep harping about yeah about what – basically nada of importance

          • jako

            You can’t see further from your nose.
            You are infantile because immature (too young) or because retarded (with limited mental capacity for cognitive process)
            Or simply ideologically blinded – which corresponds to NAZI fanatical approach to excluding any logic (which is same as retarded).
            I can’t argue with people like you it is PURE WASTE of TIME.

            Write another comment like that and I will stop answering to you.
            Even better I’ll block you not to read your rubbish.

          • verner

            excellent look forward not having to read the gibberish you pollute these pages with.

          • jako

            I will not be “polluted” with your useless pointless arguments with no argument and logic!

            You are blocked you neo-NAZI loser !

          • Bob
          • jako

            “Nazi Plan For Fourth Reich”
            Thanks but where is the news in all that?
            United Europe as project was taken from NAZI Germany.
            But even though project was of NAZI origin all was orchestrated and supported from behind by Americans.
            Now that France is getting even weaker EU is creation that is totally controlled by Germany.
            And Germany in her own turn is controlled by US so it did not turn out exactly how the German NAZI’s have planed

          • verner

            churchill actually discussed a united europe as early as the first part of 1930. he was prescient in more than one issue, converting the old dreadnoughts from coal to oil before ww1 although his bef to galipoli was a fubar although he foresaw the need to break the osmans, which actually happened.

          • jako

            “Discussing a united Europe” and creating project of united Europe are 2 different levels.
            Many things are “discussed” among politicians to be quickly forgotten afterwards….
            UK after the war was never interested in the EU creation but US was interested and NATO is the best expression of that interest.
            UK did eventually entered EU just to be Trojan horse and spoil relations within EU (for US and their own interests)

          • verner

            blablabla grumpy old thing

          • verner

            bla bla bla

          • jako

            For German you are not very bright.
            must be your age or too much beer…

        • Bob

          In 1940 book ‘The European Community’ Nazi economics minister Walter Funk proposed a pan-European, economic integration policy for occupied Europe – a ‘European Economic Area’ with centralized political and economic decision from Berlin. This conceptual framework originates from within a totalitarian administration.

      • jako

        Your theory is little bit stretched.
        EU mass printing of euros didn’t happen only because of Greece.
        If Greece is the only EU problem that wouldn’t affect euro at ll (with Greek GDP hardly visible comparing to EU- GDP).
        Recession in general is another story…
        If they could choose German elites would never choose cheap euro over stability of solid euro.
        Germans car makers are hugely outsourced so any straightening of euro makes their cars produced out of EU very cheap for them to produce.
        Materials & spare parts also. So EVERYTHING is connected in today’s world of big corporations and by the finance speculated (rigged) world economy.
        Straight forward logic is completely detached from real economy today.

      • Bob

        Merkel’s recent policies toward Greece were motivated by pure national self interest – to reduce and save German banks from foreign debt exposure. These actions prove the European Union is load of bollocks – at the critical moment, the dominant nation threw a weaker nation under the bus for self preservation – there is no idealized political, economic or cultural union involved in those actions.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Romania, Poland, Nordic morons and all the puny European states are occupied by Americunt masters who have over 360 bases in Europe. Even the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa next to Libya has a NATO/Americunt base,

      • jako

        There is no point in making the list of the countries
        If Germany is occupied than whole EU is occupied (Other are not worthy of mentioning. Even France doesn’t count only Germany is important).

        They all knew that they are vassals when they have started (by U.S. ) a German NAZI project of European unification hopping that E.U. will liberate them from U.S.

        That hope was VERY NAIVE.
        If E.U. was to liberate Europe from U.S. the U.S. would never permit the creation of E.U.

  • Sinbad2

    The EU central bank owns 20% of all European corporate bonds.
    Why does the EU central bank own all those bonds, because no one else wants to buy them.
    The US and the EU have printed staggering amounts of money. Simple physics tells us the more they print, the less it is worth, but they believe they can continue to beat the laws of nature. Or may be they just want us to believe they can beat the laws of nature.

    Either way both the US dollar and the Euro are overvalued.
    That means that eventually there will be a run on their currencies.

    But there is a silver lining, a country like Brazil that has US$500 billion, or 2 trillion in reals in external debt could find its debt in reals slashed if the US dollar collapsed.

    If the US dollar value fell by half, Brazilian external debt would also halve.

    For hundreds of years global wealth has flowed to Europe/USA, the tide has changed.

    • verner

      whenecb bought the bonds issued by governments in the €-group and later by corporations in the same group, the idea was that the money made available should reach the market and stimulate consumption and thus productivity an reduce unemployment und zu weiter – but there was/is one flaw in that the money never entered the market but stayed in the hands of the issuing corporations and was used for stock-purchases, real estate purchases,and actually had little effect on the consumption of the average person, but the actual recipients made an awful lot of goodies.

      the discontinuation of this system will be that once a bond reaches maturity it will be repaid by the borrower to the lender, ecb or the fed as the case may be) who will retire the amount from the book. and after a certain while all bonds will be retired but the wealth accumulation caused by this quantitative easing will remain and we’re talking trilions.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    The EU is destined to die, it was the most stupid pipe dream to think that US occupied west European tribal states could unite. People have really short memories and amnesia as just in the last century the European tribes fought two “world wars” being manipulated by Jews. Now the Jews the up to their old evil in Ukraine, Poland and eastern Europe.

  • verner

    nah, the eu will survive but is in a desperate need of an overhaul – the present gravy train for the bureaucrats is one thing that must come to an end and all decisions by eu must be solidly confirmed by the voters in each member-state so to avoid today’s railroad techniques where decisions are taken on the double to avoid any kind of opposition to appear and the collusion between the commissioners and the parliament must also come to an end, or the eu will be something of the past. and, naturally, a greater measure of flexibility for member-states in various issues of primarily national concerns must be allowed!


  • Janne Kankaanpää-Haissoufi

    As an European I think it would be most smart for EU to make political and economic cooperation with Russia, end all sanctions and negotiate mutually beneficial trade agreements. But not to leave USA, because Europe needs USA to counter weight China and China is the real and only economic and political opponent of EU. But Europe should distance itself from USA politically. Europe has a lot in common with both Russia and US, but more with Russia. Right now US is for Europe like a stone in our shoe. And Europe should open more work immigration from Russia to Europe, open there economic projects and joint student exchange.

    • verner

      de yanks say ‘ right or wrong my country’ or ‘you’re either with us or against us’ so there is nothing half cooked in that attitude and as is well know, the eu-leadership have a problem with that kind of attitude.