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The End of the Market

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An Economic War Between Superpowers is Reaching a Global Scale

The End of the Market

Originally appeared at VPK, written by Tatyana Gracheva, translated by Mona Lita exclusively for SouthFront

For the U.S., the economy has long been an arena for struggle to achieve a specific goal in national military strategy – the New World Order under American rule. Russia can respond to the threat asymmetrically.

It is not a secret that the U.S. and their allies use oil prices as a weapon. “The Oil Economic War provided such a success that this same strategy is being applied today against some major geopolitical enemies with the goal of breaking their political system”, – claims John Norman. Transnational banks are equivalent to fleet because they are capable of projecting power that has a heavy destructive potential.

Something More Dangerous

Saul Sanders, an expert, testifies: “The U.S. and its allies fought with a formidable enemy for more than 40 years that was armed to its teeth, starting from nuclear weapons and their means for delivery to the world’s best propaganda subversive network. But the United States and the West secretly began to have effect on numerous vulnerable places of a soviet autocratic economy. It is possible that this is why only several people in Russia foresaw the vulnerability that led to a sudden blow up”. Looking at a growing Russian threat in the context of an economic opposition, Sanders notes: “This is not a return to Cold War, but on some level, this is something even more dangerous”.

“A global financial system should include a Weapon of mass economic destruction”

A few years ago, an article was published in an American online edition of Politico under the title of “The Pentagon is Getting Ready For an Economic War”. It was specifically talking about the first game of war, focusing not on bullets and bombs, but how hostile countries can cause targeted damage to an American economy. It also mentioned a study of global scenarios that would allow the U.S. to tip the scales in order to benefit them by having a devastating impact on opponent countries’ economic system. The representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Intelligence Community carefully studied all this.

The current confrontation is being conducted mostly in secret. This is a permanent state of being where there is no difference between war and peace that is enveloping all spheres of existence among states and nations. This is the new lifestyle. The economy and politics are becoming a weapon and are obeying the common goal of dismantling nations through destruction, including economic sovereignty.

It is conceived by the rich that separate economies must become slave parts to the Monster-nation. As the armed forces’ main objective, the U.S. National Military Strategy (NMS) notes the implantation of an open, border free market.

In the U.S., an Institute of Economic Warfare (IEW) exists and is a part of an American Center for Democracy. It is created by the neocons, and one of leading ideologist’s of which is a former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle, whose nickname is the Prince of Darkness, gave this remark: “The IEW is always ahead of the next threat”.
Since the main threat and target to destroy is declared to be Russia by the NMS of U.S., we are going to be required to defend ourselves against this type of aggression. This does not mean that we have to take attention away from focusing on traditional warfare. It is time to step outside the narrow-framed approach. We need both strategies: symmetric defensive and asymmetric offensive (preventive), based on abruptness and unpredictability. And here, the economic component takes an important seat.

In the Bloomberg editorial it says, “It is time to spread war on other fronts”. K. Morris states, “Based on how tensions between Russia and the U.S. are growing, it is becoming more apparent that economic warfare between the two superpowers has begun. This battle is currently of a global scale”.

Scales of Manipulation

A country’s defense is directly dependent on the economy. Economic Warfare is aimed at causing an irreparable blow to a nation’s potential for defense – the object of assault, rendering it helpless to resist the aggression.
The British Encyclopedia (the most complete and the oldest universal encyclopedia) gives this definition: Economic Warfare (EW) – it is the use or the threat of use of economic measures against a country with the goal of weakening it’s economy and by therefore diminishing its political and military might. EW also includes the use of relevant resources, capable of making the enemy change their politics or behavior, or break up its previously normal relationship with other nations. Those common tools include: trade embargo, boycotting, sanctions, rates manipulation, freezing of assets, suspension of aid, ban on investing and other capital transfer, and also expropriation. This should also include a denial in access to necessary physical, financial and technological resources or other means of prohibiting of receiving trade profit and capitalizing financial and technological agreements with other countries.

These are all smaller strikes. But a weapon of massive economic destruction does exist (WMED).

Sanders writes, “Russia’s weaknesses right now is a lot more obvious. Unlike the Soviet era, Moscow was reaching for and mostly accomplished its integration into the global economy… The Russian leadership ignored the advisors’ recommendations, who warned about a growing impact of EW that is being waged by the West”.

The absorption of national economies by the global system in the process of integration with the subsequent elimination of the economic sovereignty is the WMED of nations that are in the modern day of global confrontation.
A part of WMED is also the manipulation of the global financial system with a goal of blocking the enemy’s access to cash and loans for general product development and particularly to block Russia’s Defense Industry. In short, this is called financial manipulation or financial terrorism.

The including components of financial terrorism are: material support of various extremist organizations (for example, ISIL), participation in drug trafficking an other forms of contraband, which requires the involvement of banks, which specialize in money laundering. The armed forces and the intelligence agencies of the West trade with this, in order to get money for conducting covert, subversive operations.

Being Brainwashed by the Migration Issue

Mass migration that is so artfully organized and provoked by one method or other, which is called to create a reason for starting an armed intervention and gain World public opinion’s support is also part of WMED.

In this way, in order to form a reason for aggression and under the fear of death, NATO forces from the Liberation Army of Kosovo extracted Kosovo Albanians from their homes and rounded them up at the border, where Western correspondents were already gathered with cameras. The journalists were talking about a crisis, which required “humanitarian intervention”, which has begun under the support of a brainwashed world community.

That which happens today with mass migration from war zones is the same provoking course aimed at starting mass discontent of the population caused by migrant invasion. With the help of Mass Media, the situation can be brought to a boiling point, and then the public will readily accept war as a desired factor for “freedom”. Because they are always showing footage on TV how refugees are attacking the police, and are refusing food and medical aid that is being offered to them.

The main guilty party has already been appointed in this crisis – Russia. This is what, for example, Czech Defense Minister Martin Stropnicky announced, that specifically, the RF is organizing, coordinating and financing the current influx of Muslim men of military age through the borders of Balkan nations and into European countries. “The Russian Federation, – says Stropnicky, – does not wan the unity and solidarity of the European union. I do not foresee the current migrant invasion ending any time soon”.

A new Defense Minister of Hungary, Istvan Simicsko, is repeating this same fable that is being cited by unnamed intelligence sources. In his words, Russia is financing and organizing the transporting of large number of Muslims of Military age, on buses.

This probably means, Russians invent the busses that are capable of swimming on the Mediterranean. After all, it is from there, from the territory controlled by Americans and their vassals, that the main flow of migration is taking place.

Hungary and the Czech Republic have not been in confrontation with us, and on many issues they stood in solidarity. And if the leaders of the Defense Ministry are suddenly reacting sharply against Russia, this means that this migrant crisis is meant to break up our countries, and turn those who are neutrally inclined, into RF enemies.

It is not surprising that after Russia is blamed for organizing the Islamic invasion into Europe, some U.S. analysts are calling for immediate preparation for imminent military action against the Russian Federation.

Hierarchical and Network Approaches

Not only does EW consumes on a State level, but it infiltrates the public as well. In Pentagon’s strategic documents, the main target of modern warfare is proclaimed to be the nation’s public – the object of an attack. It is possible to have this lead to devastating consequences by manipulating people’s behavior, taking control of their mind and putting pressure on the situation of discontent through financial position. Economic losses and victims can become many times greater that the physical losses in traditional war, as a result of corresponding aggression.

A large-scale economic war has unfolded against Russia. A complete arsenal of sources is being used: from surgical precision type economic strikes for certain purposes to WMED’s global impact. But if Economic Warfare is being wages against us, then it is necessary that we not only defend ourselves, but also come out victoriously. Losing the war will lead to a knowing surrender.

A problem arises here, which has to do with the fact that we have two opposing approaches in understanding these types of threats. This is due to the presence of two views on the economy as a whole. One is hierarchical, and is oriented on monocentrism and the state’s leading role. The other is network oriented, aimed at fragmentation, economic separatism and polycentric governance with the primary role given to global institutions and the reduction of state involvement in the economy, because it interferes with an open market. As far as the characteristics of fragmentation and economic separatism, then their extreme manifestation has been well outlined by a Canadian expert and director of International Service of High Alert Investment Management Ltd, Ronald Holland, who listed the following objectives with respect to Russia: vassalage, territorial dismemberment and development of influence zones.

Network economics is the withdrawal of state from the responsibility of development. It is worth mentioning that the global crisis of 1929 was successfully overcome by limiting the market through a full refusal of it.

There is an enterprise that provides manufacturing and state sovereignty, which is in the center of the hierarchical model. In the center of the network model there is a bank that involves transnational financial structures, with all its ensuing consequences. This is how Holland gives an example of the situation in Greece, clearly demonstrating that even in an electoral democracy, the citizens of which are demanding change, nothing of the sort can take place, because all politicians are subject to influence of foreign banks.

The supporters of these two approaches have different representations of Economic Warfare, threats and vulnerabilities, which the enemy can use in the course of its conduct. The thing that is a threat for one is an advantage for the other. Some view something as vulnerability, and others consider it being an accomplishment.
It is impossible to defeat Economic Warfare in the face of existence of such a duality. On top of that, it will lead to defeat and surrender. A determination needs to be made. Especially since we do not just have little time, but time is now critically non-existent.

The Pledge of Victory

It can be argued that some international agreements signed by Russia will not allow for making that choice. In response, it is worth mentioning Pyotr Stolypin’s words: “The state can, the state is obligated, when under a threat, implement the most severe, the most exceptional laws, in order to protect itself from decay. This was, this is, and this will always be and will not change. This principle is in the nature of man, and it is in the nature of the state itself. When the house is burning, you break into others’ homes and you break windows.

When a man is ill, giving him poison heals his body. When a murderer attacks you, you kill him. This order is recognized by all states. There is no legislation that would not allow the government the right to suspend the law, when the state body is shaken to its roots; that would not give it authority to suspend all the rules of law. This, gentlemen, is the state of necessary self-defense… There are fateful moments in the life of a state when the necessity of the state is above law and when it must choose between the integrity of theory and the integrity of the Fatherland”.
An American analyst, Christopher Martenson writes, “The U.S. unraveled an economic war against Russia. The situation is becoming more and more tense and has a chance to grow into something much larger and more deadly than is represented in the Western press. If this looks like war, acts like war, smells like war, then it must be that it is war. And everybody should be concerned about these events”.

Of course, separate measures of economic impact were used repeatedly throughout history in military applications, but only now they were formed into a system, a theory, that became the main current global confrontation.
In order to counteract this, Russia needs a personal strategy for economic warfare. She should be offensive in nature, because the defense does not ensure victory. The offensive direction is provided by strong-willed course for the preservation of economic sovereignty through neutralizing vulnerabilities that can be used by the enemy and can become a threat.

According to Holland, president Putin and Russia can withstand this attack on the country’s sovereignty. The economic war will come to a dead end, because we will not come under submission by being invaded. Let us hope that this is what will happen.

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Could you please cite where the Hungarian defense minister said that Russia is organizing the mass import of immigrants?

I am very surprised to hear this because this is very far from the official narrative of the Hungarian government and also very far from how Hungarian people see this. The official Hungarian narrative is that jew money mafia guys like George Soros is organising the influx of immigrants.

I have never heard anybody blaming this thing on Russians.


you should go to the original article and ask this question, this is just a translation.

See the source at the beginning of the article.

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