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The End Of Global Internet: U.S. Seized Foreign Domains

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The End Of Global Internet: U.S. Seized Foreign Domains

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On June 22, the US Department of Justice seized a number of websites of Iranian, Palestinian, Yemeni, Iraqi news channels. According to the reports, at the moment, the list of victims of U.S. ‘democratic move’ includes:

  • PressTV (Iran)
  • PalToday (Palestine)
  • Al-Masirah TV (Yemen)
  • Al-Alam TV (Iran)
  • Nabaa TV
  • KafMedia (Iraq)
  • LuaLua TV

The seizures affected only the .com and .net domains that are under US jurisdiction.

The End Of Global Internet: U.S. Seized Foreign Domains

Click to see full-size image

The End Of Global Internet: U.S. Seized Foreign Domains

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Among the targeted websites, there is Tehran’s state media agency Press TV that is the international English-language service of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

Al-Alam is another news channel broadcasting from Iran in Arabic, Farsi and English.

Another victim is Al-Masirah that is owned by Ansar Allah (the Houthis) with headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon.

The End Of Global Internet: U.S. Seized Foreign Domains

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The US State Department is still to comment on blocking of the websites of TV channels.

“At the moment, we have nothing to say about this. Probably, the Ministry of Justice will soon provide some information on this issue”.

Until there are no official comments, the possibility of a cyber attack remains. At the same time, Washington has still a room for maneuver. If realizing the gravity of such a censorship, it may blame the attack on any “secret cyber group” and after that backpedal.

However, such a delayed response of the U.S. Ministry of Justice is a already a signal.

Probably, today, we are once again facing the new round of application of the Overton window approach regarding freedom of speech. Washington has consistently been moving towards this unprecedented step.

At first, disinformation campaigns, discrediting and blackmailing of independent media became the norm. Further, the persecution of journalists and editors became the common practice. Further, the Americans used to introduce personal and group sanctions, freezing ( in other words ‘stealing’) individual funds of undesirable persons. Further,  there were arrests and even kidnappings of those who went beyond the American agenda. Realizing their impunity, the White House started to block the independent media and objectionable news agencies. The Big Techs, controlled by the White House, began to scour the information space from content that, according to Washington, could pose a threat to the promotion of the interests of the American elites.

Since the above measures did not bring the desirable results, the Americans decided to take the next step and completely block domains of its ‘ foes ‘.

Thus, today, we can proclaim the death of global Internet. This is a signal to the whole world and an open declaration of US imperial dominance.


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Red Admiral

Yankii Bullii Boys rage against freedom of speech highlights their impotence. Their falling stars and blurred stripes reveal their spiraling decent into oblivian. Hip hip hurray ! Hip hip hurray ! Hip hip hurray! And so say all of us


The same a-holes constantly whining about (imaginary) hackers while they openly terrorize foreign sites. Anglozionist scum – liars, pirates, thieves, mass murderers, planetary war criminals and global terrorists.

Lone Ranger



Jew hate truth and control the Internet. I’ve warned that this would happen for some time, and here it is.

JC Denton

Should have used a domain that is not administered by exceptionalstan, such as the undead domain of the Soviet Union .su

Raptar Driver

The greatest criminal organization in all of history continues to show it’s true colors


Iran should seize the nuclear facility in occupied Palestine, and detonate the nukes.

A clown like you

GET A VPN YOU MFs. I can still use it without a problem, it is in the US most likely.

Arch Bungle

Now we can all shut up about Chinese censorship since The West is no better.

Freedom of Speech. As long as it serves the State.


I tried to warn me thinks here on in may best deal win,each man for themselfs.

Arch Bungle

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

― Frank Zappa

Arch Bungle

>Nice, but where is the context ???

Spoken like a true Nazi.

“You may have your freedom of speech … as long as the ‘context’ suits me …”

Ivan Freely

goto presstv.ir


“censorship reflects a society that has no confidence in itself” <== 100% true.

There was a time when the US wasn't afraid of what others had to say. That was a big part of what it meant to be American. The US could compete in the world of ideas. Now it cannot compete. So it tries to silence those that can.

That is the formula of a losing team.


Boka,bokaa cia!

PJ London

The US has lost the war. It has lost the war on the ground. It has lost the war of Propaganda and it has lost the war for the hearts and minds of the people. The last defence is to deny the US citizens any knowledge of how badly they have been beaten and how deluded they are. Censorship and denial are he last refuges of the dying totalitarian state.







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