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The End of Drooling Liberal Drivel

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The End of Drooling Liberal Drivel

Originally appeared at a-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

Over the past few decades, the so called civilized democratic world is implicitly dominated by liberal ideology. According to it’s notably vocal preachers, a person has absolutely no obligations to the rest of humanity. A person is not at all obliged to be interested in the way others live, and the only thing he is supposed to think about is his own success. Hardcore liberals insist that the sum of the individual egoisms will lead to universal prosperity. Of course where on a pedestal is placed selfishness there can not grow any social vision and there can be no leftist ideas. Everything which in the least looks like it’s on the left, is ostracized and outright banned. Liberals argue that people do not need leftist parties and leftist movements, and they do not need unions because they interfere with healthy selfishness, adding that no one has the right to interfere with the blossoming of this egoism.

This foolish liberal template applies not only to Europeans, but to anyone who steps on the territory of any European country. In that way, already on arrival in Europe, hundreds of thousands, and now millions of migrants understand that they can live and act as they are used to. Because you know, according to liberal dogma, no one has the right to interfere with separate individuals to do as they want, at the service of their own egoism. In the case with migrants, to the liberal cliché is added another endlessly annoying mantra – that of multiculturalism. According to this mantra, all religions and cultures, regardless of the huge differences between them, can coexist peacefully and quietly in the same territory. Smart people have long been perplexed by such stupid statements. Indeed, how is it possible for people that consider women second class beings that must be packed in black bags and not take their eyes from the ground, to calmly observe European women who want to have on themselves, the least amount of clothing possible? For many Muslims the way the modern European woman looks is a real profanation, which must be punished.

When you tell this to multicultural liberals, they respond by telling you that you are simple and do not understand anything about postmodernism, and that if you talk for just a bit with traditionally minded Muslims, they will convert and also defend feminism and multiculturalism. I hope that what happened in Cologne and in other European cities, sobered up the liberals at least a little, and made them leave the realms of silly dreams and return to reality. Although it might not have sobered them up at all. Especially when I see some Bulgarian liberals I am almost convinced that these men and women will never be able to bring their thoughts in line with reality. These people behave and speak as if they are participating in a permanent seminar on “Red House” or the Center for Liberal Strategies. They don’t stop to drool and shed heavy tears for the “poor refugees” even though the “poor refugees” in most cases are healthy and well built 20 or 30-year-old men who would not hesitate to do some very unpleasant things, exactly to their liberal defenders. Indeed, on New Year some of them demonstrated what they would do with the women.

If despite everything there is still something nice in this so serious situation on our continent, it consists in the fact that drooling liberalism is definitively discredited. It never represented a meaningful idea and this can be seen right now in full force. The idea that selfishness is sacred and nothing should stand in it’s way is infinitely stupid. Egoism really leads to prosperity, but only for a very thin stratum of privileged individuals. All the rest looses. Playing according to liberal dogma, we don’t become any freer, or richer, or happier. We have only one chance to preserve our social rights and not allow them, to finally transform us into mindless cogs in the corporate machine. We must seek the common between us, instead of looking to succeed at any cost at the expense of others, as we are taught by liberal ideologues. Only if we are united and act together, can we successfully resist the attempts of super-rich 1%, to take away more and more of our rights. It is high time to throw the liberal multiculture concoction in the garbage and fight as did the social revolutionaries in the 19th and 20th century. It’s our only chance.

“Horizon”, BNR

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Real Anti-Racist Action

What we have is not even normal liberalism anymore. It is extreme-liberalism. Classic-liberals seem like right wing compared to the Left-Wing-Extremist these days. Such as Hillary, Bush, McCain, Obama, Biden and so on. Yes, all of these people are varing degrees of liberals. The most conservatives in America today, are simply the Amish. The Democrats, are anti-Democracy. The Republicans are anti-Republics. And both parties are Zionist-supremacist in ideology. http://conservative-headlines.com/ http://realzionistnews.com/ http://www.dailystormer.com/


Kind of bullshit though because the majority of americans who consider themselves liberal really are decent humanitarians. The political class though are really bad people and have co opted the process. .


What ??

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