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The Elephant In The Room: No One Is Discussing On UAE Missile And Drone Defense

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The Elephant In The Room: No One Is Discussing On UAE Missile And Drone Defense

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Written by John Smith

It is quite ironic with all of the discussion and attention by the United States and Israel in regards to the Iran Nuclear Peace Deal that a more dangerous discussion has not been included. When the United States President George W. Bush and his CIA concocted the WMD scandal in order to invade Iraq, the WMD discussion should also have focused upon the Islamic Republic of Iran. Why? Because now the chickens are coming home to roost in the recent proxy war of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and its proxies, and the US and Israel, and its proxies UAE and KSA.

This discussion of WMD, specifically, chemical weapons, should bring back the tragic lessons from the Iran-Iraq War in which chemical weapons were utilized. Iran had been attacked on the battlefield by chemical weapons and suffered a large number of civilian and military casualties during the 1980–88 Iran–Iraq War. Iran was unprepared for the chemical warfare attacks and lacked sufficient gas masks for its forces.

Iran deployed chemical agents on multiple times throughout that conflict to retaliate against Iraqi chemical assaults. It has prioritized its chemical weapons program since the early 1990s, owing to its inability to retaliate in kind to Iraq’s chemical assaults and the finding of significant Iraqi efforts with sophisticated agents, such as the very tenacious nerve agent VX.

Now bring us to 2022. An Iranian aligned militia in Iraq, Awliyat al-Waad al-Haq, or the True Promise Brigades, has taken responsibility for the Febuary 2nd, 2022, attack on Abu Dhabi, UAE. Subsequently today, this same group has now threatened to continue its attacks upon the UAE until they take UAE back to 1971, which means basically destroy all the UAE has created.

So, what is the elephant in the room that no one has discussed, at least openly, concerning the missile and drone strikes on UAE? Well, that elephant happens to be a chemical weapons attack on UAE. Regardless of whether such an attack would occur or whether US and Israeli anti-missile systems intercept such an attack, the results would be devastating either way.

Nerve, blister agents, mustard gas, phosgene, and cyanide agents, among others are known, by Western Intelligence Agencies, to be in Iran’s chemical weapons arsenal in the thousands of tons. Now couple this with the close relationship Iran has with the Houthis, Hezbollah, and these Iraqi Shia militias and this can become a very dangerous situation.

A mid-air destruction of an incoming missile or drone still would likely result in the dispersal of the chemical weapon payload. Additionally, if either a drone or missile would get through the defense system, remember the Patriot Missile System is only about 60% accurate, this would definitely be devastating as well.

The questions need to be asked: why isn’t the US military preparing the UAE government and the UAE population for the possibility of a weapons of mass destruction attack, why is the UAE government not utilizing an early warning system for the attacks such as SMS and air raid sirens (the Israelis do this), and why are there no air raid shelters built for the population of UAE. Remember, Kuwait never thought Iraq would invade it and it happened. It’s better to be prepared for the worst and it not occur than to be unprepared and thousands upon thousands lose their lives needlessly.

John Smith has 34 years experience in International Relations and Counter Intelligence. He served 8 years in the Military in Special Operations, 5 years in U.S. Federal Government, and about 20 years as a private Military Subcontractor. He has a BS in Public Administration, MBA, and MA International Relations.


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Chris Gr

These tribes and states in that region are so divided. UAE, for example, likes Assad but dislikes Iran. Qatar dislikes Assad but likes Iran. Very complicated situation.

However, I see there a pro-Iranian axis and an anti-Iranian axis. The anti-Iranian axis is Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain. The pro-Iranian axis is Kuwait, Qatar and Oman. Iran is clever and it will do some manuveurs in order to be put in a position of power.

this clueless guy

these europeans tribes are so savage they fight wars for centuries against eachother only to end up ganging up to enslave and mass murder the meek of the world

Chris Gr

Which of all?

Icarus Tanović

WWII, in case you missed it.

Last edited 9 months ago by Icarus Tanović


Chris Gr

Firstly, Jews are blamed for all the wars, now Europeans are blamed. And of course this blame comes from minds infected by either jihadi paranoia or commie paranoia.

Chris Gr

I thought that you are European but you are bacha bazi in the end. There is a special punishment for traitors like you.

Cuckmander Hebrew

“bAcHa BaaZi”

Said the gayreek shitskin whose countrymen were being castrated and turned into harem guards/bumchums for turdks.

We will ethnically cleanse your mongrel shitskin race and pussy rape your women so savagely that their backs will break, you disgusting brown turd.

Chris Gr

Aussies can suck dick only. Indonesia will annex you.

S Balu

Chris Gr As usual you are make mountain out of mole hill YOU ARE UNWILLING TO SEE THAT IT IS USA AND THE WEST WHO CREATE CONFLICT BASED ON DIVIDE AND RULE AND IMPOSE THEIR WILL AUTHOR IS ALSO NOT QUESTIONING WHAT TIGHT HAS USA OR THE WEST WHO CAN OWN OR NOT OWN NUCLEAR BOMB AUTHOR IS SO RACIST THAT HE FORGETS TO MENTION fake Jews in occupied Palestine who have 300 plus nuclear bombs ets Now please Chris be proud of your Turkish DNA and start using water it is environmentally friendly to clean your smelly backside not toilet paper

Chris Gr

If they are fake Jews then you are a fake Hindu aka Paki.

S Balu


Chris Gr

Obvious troll is obvious.


Are we publishing utter lies and empire propaganda now? We thought it’s only the Dorsey guy, now we have this one too. Congratulations guys, really. With the awful state of comments because of spams and this kind of articles, you are going to successfully drive most of us from here. Is that the plan?

Dear Mr. John Smith (really?), all chemical weapons attack by Saddam army against Iran are documented, time, place, type of chemical agent used, number of victims and so on. Most of the documents are verified and confirmed by various international organizations including the UN watchdog. This led to condemnation of Iraq and Germany in the international court.

The elephant in the room is the murder of Yemeni civilians by US-backed terror coalition, including UAE and KSA, not the non-existing chemical weapons of Iran and certainly not initiation of an attack by Iran. BTW, it could be us right now getting killed by thousands under similar attacks had we not prepared our defence sufficiently.

Simply put, either bring the verified evidence of the usage of chemical weapons by Iran and other lies you vomited or shut up.

Great job, SF.

JC Denton

John Smith… lol. I look forward to articles by such esteemed geopolitical analysts like John Doe and Mr. X or dare I say it, Jens Holm. They will definitely provide only verified evidence.

You know in decent articles there are those nice underlined highlighted words you can click on, then it takes you to the actual evidence for the authors claims.


To sum it up, the guy has every quality of an unbiased source we can dream about… Based on the short “biography” (totally not made up), he: – Has a unique name, easily can be found and checked. – spent years in counter intelligence. – Spent years in special operations. – is an employee of US government. – is a private military subcontractor. – Is an authority in total BS and blah blah blah, MBA, MA, blah!

Now you are being unreasonable for asking for things like magical clicky-underlined words that takes us to places where weird things like evidence exists. I tells ya’, we don’t need no stinkin’ evidence! We just need to hear or read it a couple of times and it becomes the word of G-d.

On a side note, one random brain f@rt of an article doesn’t worry me, everybody got expenses and bills to pay. I’d be worried if I see a couple of more of it to conclude that a “crisis initiation” (false flag is such a politically incorrect term, so to newspeak) is on the menu. If that’s the case, may god has mercy on the south Asian slave-labour in their slums around Emirati towns because they don’t count as people for the “initiators” and their sacrifice has the least effect on the Emirati economy.

PS. I’m also looking forward to read an article by Jens Holm, good thinking!

Last edited 9 months ago by Garga
JC Denton

I will fill up the red bar at the top with the $ signs in a HEARTBEAT, when I see “Written by Jens Holm” (hope you see that SF)

Also, it seems that Mr. Smith sucks at math despite his MBAMABS “34 years experience in International Relations and Counter Intelligence”

> 8 years Special Operations > 5 years U.S. Federal Government > 20 years private Military

8+5+20=33 (freemason confirmed) Now what happened during that missing year?

Chris Gr

Yes, Iran will attack the UAE. Everything you are saying is bonkers.

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