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JUNE 2021

The Dutch Parliament Sneezes at the Referendum Results

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The Dutch Parliament Sneezes at the Referendum Results

Dutch Socialist Party member Harry van Bommel hands out flyers for the No-campaign.

Seventy-five of the 150 lawmakers voted against the withdrawal of the deal, while 71 voted in favor of the rejection, according to the Telegraaf daily.

The rejection initiative was proposed by opposition parties, which hold 74 mandates in the Dutch House of Representatives.

Demonstrators who support the yes vote of an EU referendum and those who support the no vote protest at the Dam Square in Amsterdam, the Netherlands April 3, 2016.

Sixty-one percent of Dutch voters rejected the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in an April 6 consultative referendum, against 38.21 percent of those who backed its ratification.

The Socialist Party deputy, Harry van Bommel, one of the main opponents of the EU-Ukraine association in its present form, said the vote was extremely disappointing.

“The will expressed by the people has relegated to the background,” the deputy, who is one of those who submitted the proposal, said.

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Daniel Rich

Politicians not listening to the people’s voice?

Next time, wake me up when something new transpires…

Back to hibernation status…, again…

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